Friday, November 21, 2014

Thomas M. Cooley Law School’s Milestone: For the July 2014 Test, 55% of the Commode’s First Time Takers Pass the Michigan Bar Exam!

The results: Here is the table from the State Bar of Michigan blog. Overall, 769 people took the Michigan bar exam for the first time in July 2014. Of this amount, 73% passed, i.e. 563 men and women. In total, 953 souls sat for the exam, with 604 – or 63 percent - passing.

Now, let’s look at the fourth tier cesspool’s numbers. Seeing that this filthy excrement pile has such large classes, no one should be surprised that 199 Cooley grads sat for the July 2014 Michigan bar exam. Only 55% passed, however. A total of 89 idiots failed the exam. What do you expect from a noTTTToriou$, noxious piece of waste?!?!

Overall, 317 TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer grads sat for the July 2014 state bar exam. Only 140 of them became eligible to be licensed in the state of Michigan. That represents a total bar passage rate of 44 percent! Why is this sickening garbage heap still accredited?!?! Could you imagine if any U.S. medical school featured similar results on board exams?!

Moving On Up, to the East Side: As embarrassing as these numbers are, they actually are a major improvement over last year. Apparently, the law school pigs have put some effort into teaching to the exam. 
According to the State Bar of Michigan blog entry from November 1, 2013, entitled “Michigan Bar Exam: Pre-Appeals Pass Rate is 60 Percent,” Cooley did much worse last year. Read the following:

“The Michigan Board of Law examiners released its complete list of pre-appeals statistics for the July 2013 exam this afternoon, and 60 percent of exam-takers passed. More precisely, 1,007 people took the exam, and 600 passed, while 407 failed. 

A breakdown of pass-fail rates by law school was included. 

Thomas M. Cooley: 43 percent passed, 57 percent failed. 
Michigan State University: 74 percent passed, 26 percent failed. 
University of Detroit Mercy: 52 percent passed, 48 percent failed. 
University of Michigan: 94 percent passed, 6 percent failed. 
Wayne State University: 67 percent passed, 33 percent failed. 
University of Toledo: 65 percent passed, 35 percent failed. 
Others: 72 percent passed, 28 percent failed.” [Emphasis in original]

What was your immediate response, reader? Perhaps, you thought to yourself “How in the hell was this worthless pile of buffalo dung not at least placed on probation by the ABA?!?!” Well, it has long been established that the American Bar Association cockroaches are only concerned with Biglaw, i.e. they don’t care about small-time attorneys, solo practitioners, or students.

Cooley’s numbers for the July 2013 Michigan bar exam were very impressive, huh?!?! Hell, I’m surprised that the “school” didn’t strut its stuff in a big-ass news bulletin on its TTTT website.

Tuition: The “We$TTTTern Michigan Univer$iTTTTy” TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer stills sees fit to set its full-time tuition rate at $44,950. As you can see from the pass rates above, this bill is in no way tied to the job prospects for recent graduates of this commode.

The Campaign: Check out this piece, from Cooley student newspaper staff writer Dalton Carty. It was labeled “Assessments: The New Standard at Cooley and Perhaps All Law Schools.” From the opening:

“In January 2014, Thomas Cooley Law School implemented a change that may have shocked some people. Cooley’s leadership decided it was time to require multiple term assessments for all students. The decision affected students on all Cooley campuses and was conveyed to many on the first day of class leaving some to wonder why they were needed. This article attempts to address that question. 

In a February 2014 interview, Dean of Faculty Charles Cercone and Dean of Planning, Assessment, and Accreditation Laura LeDuc said Cooley had been contending with increased low bar pass rates and diminished student GPA’s for some time. The assessments were initiated to combat those concerns with the hope that students who practice more will ultimately do better not only on the bar exam and in law school, but also as lawyers. They stated this was the purpose of the assessments and hoped all students understood the assessments were to help them achieve their goals.” [Emphasis mine]

Evidently, the trash pit did institute some measures to improve bar passage rates. And of course, the rodents did so not out of $elf-intere$t – but to help student reach their professional goals. Yeah, sure that’s the case – and Sofia Vergara just locked her ankles around my waist.

Conclusion: Do not even consider applying to this particular school, morons! If you want to be a lawyer so badly that you will even attend the school with the worst reputation among all ABA-approved institutions, then you clearly have severe problems. This is not the NBA, where playing for the worst team signifies a real accomplishment – not to mention making bank. 

In the final analysis, YOU need to look out for your best interests. No one else will do that for you. Do you think – for one damn millisecond – that the “law professors” and administrators at Thomas M. Cooley Law Sewer or any other law school care about you or your future?!?! They simply want more asses in seats, so that they can get their grubby hooves and snouts on all that federally-backed student loan money. If you died in a car accident after your last final, the pigs would not be concerned – as long as you signed the promissory note beforehand.


  1. When more than half of test takers fail there is no further discussion necessary. The results speak for themselves. If the aba does not act on this the silence will be evidence that it too is a scam and it's own existence and purpose should be questioned.

    For the faculty this should be humiliating. It is clear that the students admitted to this school can't make decent decisions for themselves let alone advise the hapless client who might hire them about complex legal issues. Anyone taking money from the suckers erh I mean students is no different from the Nigerian prince scammers.

  2. Proof-positive that "The Cooley Experience" does not prepare their federal student loan conduits for the bar exam.

    No, wait! It has nothing to do with Cooley preying on niave students as part of their business model! It's the NCBE's fault...! Clearly...!

  3. If 57% of students at Bobbi Jo's Cosmetology Institute failed state licensing requirements, won't there be outrage and wouldn't it be investigated?

  4. Remember that this is after they fail out the bottom 15% of every 1L class - look at their ABA 509 report.

    Cooley has to be the worst law school in the nation.

    1. It gets stiff competition from Thomas Jefferson, Indiana Tech, Nova Southeastern, Appalachian…

      Old Guy

    2. Actually, failing out these morons is probably the most ethical thing Cooley does.

      Think about it: 2L and 3L years cost $137,208 (reincorporating the cost of the other 4 months that were removed) by Cooley’s own admission – this does not factor in an opportunity cost of lost income from a job. Then, assuming the diploma mill’s graduate even passes the bar – which should not be considered a feat by any means, but that’s how much the goalposts have been moved when trying to find ways for Cooley to be anything less than worthless – FT/LT placement is 22.9%. This is beyond bad.

      Bottom line: Though Cooley may be merely an irrational choice for 1Ls who fail out, it is financially catastrophic to its graduates. The people hit the hardest are the ones who stick around for 2L and 3L. Their chance of any reasonable return on investment is negligible. At least 1Ls won’t have the scar of Cooley on their resumes.

    3. You are right that the students who fail out the first term are better off than the ones who continue. It happened to me because my first roommate was from my home city and he flunked out the first term while I went on to graduate and even pass the bar the first attempt coming back to my native city. My ex-roommate is actually better off by miles than I am financially. The jobs I got after passing the bar were all non-member lawyers jobs only needing high school diplomas. First worked at a restaurant that I worked at prior to law school, than worked at a Hess gas station a few years b/c I knew the manager from the gym and I was cashier, then worked at a Hyundai car dealership for a while selling cars. Had to let my law license lapse because just paying the dues for continuing education would be a complete waste of money. Never joined the lawsuit against the various law schools b/c instinctively I knew that the plaintiffs would lose since the courts are corrupt. The plaintiffs in those suits now have their named on the internet as lawyers and that is something I always kept off job applications. Just included my college degree and that is it. Basically my pay before law school was minimum wage and after law school was minimum wage. My diploma is in the basement collecting dust. Complete waste of money and time.

    4. @ 10:45, The point is that they shouldn't be admitting these kids in the first place. You're right that they are less damaged by only having one semester's (or year's) worth of debt, but what Cooley is doing is saying . . .hey, thanks for that year of tuition, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  5. I am finished with my arguments about why Cooley should close. I'd say that these bar results make the prima facia case for closure. Now will someone pose the rebuttal argument as to why this place should remain open (and allof the unfortunate consequences that come from it including massive student loan burden for those who will never practice law).

  6. Complete shame. I am an alumnus of Cooley and remember while attending there in the 90s they actually once had a bar passage rate of nearly 90% and Cooley came in first place for Michigan bar passage that time. They hung a big banner over the entrance to the school proclaiming they are # 1. That was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. I myself took the New York Bar after graduating and passed the first time. But regardless if you pass or fail with a Cooley degree, the results are just the same. You will not find a job with a Cooley degree unless you have connections as I learned the hardest. So what does it matter if you passed and still are jobless? I wonder how those grads are doing that passed the bar exam at the time when Cooley was gloating about having the highest bar passage in Michigan, they are all probably doing doc review or solo practice anyhow. You want to learn practical law at a much lower price then call Nolo legal publishers and ask them how much it would cost to buy every one of their books and read them in your spare time over three years. You will learn a lot more that you can apply in the real world rather than arcane theory from law school. When was the last time you fought with a hunter about who owns a fox that one chased and the other shot? Wikipedia's Cooley page says Cooley grads average student loan indebtness is now $263,000 including undergrad.
    You want to risk that kind of money for. a possible chance to practice law especially with major law firms imploding today? And never buy into the NALP or ABA diversity and inclusion crap too. Just mere rhetoric.
    Both those organizations are a disgrace and rackets. The reason why this scam continues is because more law school lemmings equates more due paying fees from members of the bar. No different from the Teamsters Union sending union money to the Mafia to build Casino's in Vegas.

    1. Suppose that Cooley turned itself into a three-year prep course for the Michigan bar exams. Maybe a lot more of its dipshit students would pass. So what? They'd still be dipshits unsuited for the practice of law.

      Old Guy

  7. Graduates of Bobbi Jo's Cosmetology Institute are more qualified to practice law than graduates of Cooley Law School. I'm thinking 9 out of 10 of Bobbi Jo's grads would score higher on the lsat than the dumbshits that go to Cooley.

  8. 55 percent?!?

    God, that is sooo fucking "WINNING!!!"

    No wait..

  9. 43% from last year.

    And not a fucking peep from the ABA.

    Tell's you all you need to know about this cocksucking legal profession.

  10. Hey Cooley grads!

    Cheer up if you didn't pass the bar this time around. You can get 20% off any order over $50 at the ABA wine store this weekend.

    Sure, they're not looking out for you or the public at large. But you can be sure to enrich yet another ivory-tower schmuck while drowning your sorrows, and lo they are many, away.


    Take a look at Pig LeDuc’s November 7, 2012 TTTT Cooley commentary, labeled “Are the Bar Results for Real?” From the Cheesy Mustache’s opening:

    “The July 2012 Michigan bar examination results for Michigan's law schools are shocking, as were the February 2012 results. Compared to the results in the past five years, these outcomes are so low that they deserve serious scrutiny. There are only two possible explanations for this precipitous downturn—either all of Michigan's law schools have experienced a sudden and common decline in their admissions standards, in the nature of their educational programs and assessment practices, and in the quality of their graduates; or there is a problem in the 2012 examination process itself.”

    You can see it coming, people. This bitch is seeking to place blame on anyone but himself and his fellow “educators.” Apparently, the swine have figured out that blaming their stupid-ass graduates for their failures will further hurt the commode’s reputation.

    Now, to the toilet’s plunge:

    “Thomas M. Cooley's first-time rate of 57% was down 25% overall in 2012, down 23% in February, and down 27% in July, compared to the 2011 figures. 2012 is the lowest rate in the past five years, which averaged 80% and ranged from 75% to 85%. The 2012 results were 23% below the five-year average.”

    Later on, near the TTTT conclusion, the mustachioed lady wrote:

    “While it is possible that an individual Michigan law school might have sudden, deteriorating quality among its graduates or that the quality of all schools might deteriorate over a five-year period of time, it defies logic and experience that all Michigan's law schools would suddenly and simultaneously experience a decline in results of the magnitude represented in 2012. The only other possibilities are that the quality of the examination questions has altered or that the evaluation and scoring of the examination answers have declined.”

    As you can see, Cockroach Don LeDuc has been trying to pass the buck for some time. Yes, this piece of garbage is the embodiment “leadership,” huh?!?! If you admit morons – and they turn out to be too damn dumb to pass the bar exam – then it must be the bar examiners’ fault! Hell, if the thieves/subhumans who run this in$TTTTiTTTTuTTTTion of “higher education” have such reasoning “skills,” then why should anyone be surprised that the students are waterheads?

  12. As I have posted a number of times, the ABA is the deviant element. The ABA needs to be politically targeted, overwhelmed, and discredited.

    I am sorry, strike that.

    I have started a law school class of 8. We meet in my hot tub, well, once tuition dollars arrive and we can afford a bottle of wine. Just as soon as we have enough tuition dollars, we will double the size of the incoming class from 8 to 16.

    Oh, delight! Where will all this end. I could be an admired Dean!


  13. Nando, once again, is spot on; the ABA will do nothing because it cares nothing about anything but Big Law. If the Wikipedia numbers are correct, the level of student debt is heart-breaking. These students are ruining their lives; there's not way to pay $263,000(and counting with interest) of debt on a job a grad could scrounge after graduating from Coooley. This is a human disaster; I have no idea how to save these Special Snowflakes from themselves(really, why does ANYONE attend this school?) but it really comes down to the fact the ABA just doesn't care. It will not close a law school: period full stop. Only the market will do that, and when it comes to the educational industrial complex, the market is slow indeed. Isn't Indiana Tech still open? Once one fails others will follow-but that one hasn't failed yet.

    1. An Indiana tech grad will probably have less debt and a better chance at getting a job than a Cooley grad.

      Cooley's massive class sizes are prima facie proof that they just don't give a f*** about their students' job prospects.

    2. The bad thing is that these kids aren't special snowflakes. They just can't think of anything else to do so with open enrollment and all u can eat student loans why not law school? At least a special snowflake has a plan that is based on the fairy tale sold by the recruiters. These Cooley kids with 140 lsats just get by day to day. The loan repayments are as close as their next life. As spikoly would say party on dude.

    3. ^ 1030,

      Sell any of your, ahem, SCULPTURES lately?


    4. 10:30am-if you're right-and it appears from the fact that people keep enrolling despite these deplorable numbers-then what's the point? I've got to give Nando and the others credit, but these numbers are so bad-the debt/bar fail rate/no jobs for grads, etc, ad nauseum, ad infinitum-how can anyone attend? So if you're right, then nothing will reach these applicants; they are just hopeless.
      So the only way to end the scam will be to end the loans-and with the current state of politics-I'm not sure they could agree the sun rises in the east-that's hopeless too.

    5. It's definitely mostly the DOE's fault for putting these massive loans out, and not having any checks in place.

      This is what always gets me with how money is paid out in the government. The connected people just get it as a matter of right with no strings attached, and usually it's kept fairly quiet too. All the corporate welfare, TARP, student loans etc.

      But when regular people get any money, even for things they paid into like UI, there are all these reporting requirements and other BS to jump through, claiming it every week etc. And then criminal penalties threatened and probably prosecuted if someone defrauds on their $400 a week or whatever UI check for 6 months, which is further taxed anyway.

      But the peanut gallery always wants to talk about things like that, and completely ignore how Wall St. and Higher Education just collect far larger sums of money with zero checks whatsoever.

      This system is so unfair. Anyone can succeed if they are just handed money and can make up whatever they want about what they're doing with it. It's far harder to actually build something yourself and follow rules.

      Honestly I'll be surprised if organized crime doesn't make a comeback. When organized crime is more fair than the system in place for the regular person, rational thinking indicates it's better to at least take your shot.

    6. I don't know how nobody has worked out yet that student loans only work when tuition is set by the government, which only happens when every university is public.

      For-profit education is to blame for this.

      Obviously, if you give everyone free money (or at least guaranteed loans), prices will rise if institutions want a profit. Why charge $2,000 when you can charge $20,000? It's all guaranteed by the government anyway.

      I currently pay $2,850 per year in tuition and I have student loans. The tuition is set by the government, so of course it isn't raising unless they want it to. The student loan system works here. In America, there's a huge bubble that will soon burst and it won't be pretty.

      The government is there to safeguard the welfare of its people, to protect them and allow them to live as decently as possible. Corporate welfare has no place in government, neither does for-profit education. I'm so tired of reading how giants like Wal-Mart are actually subsidized by the government, how they pay their employees a pittance and burden Medicare and food stamp offices with SALARIED workers. I mean this is crazy, no one who has a job should have to supplement his income with welfare. No one should be $150k in debt for trying to educate himself either.

      And everyone should definitely be protected from dirtbags like the deans and administrators of Cooley. Even in my country, we know about it, and we know it's a huge joke of a school. I don't know why anybody goes there.

      Law school is a Ponzi scheme. If the government had any balls or integrity, they'd legislate to stop this madness before it's too late and ANOTHER set of bad debt explodes and triggers a new recession.

  14. Cooley grads, you are all fucked.


    This is your future, dummies.

  15. I've seen Cooley grads that have been better lawyers than Harvard grads. The whole system needs an overhaul, including the schools that graduate the grade-inflated top tier elitists.

    1. Yes, there are plenty of idiots even at the élite law schools, including my own.

      Old Guy

  16. It's only a matter of time before this happens to medicine, too. Lawyers were doomed as soon as the ABA stopped enforcing the unauthorized practice of law. Counties are putting out "self help" legal forms by using taxpayer dollars to pay for publicizing court documents that a small subset of the population needs. The ABA is in bed with LegalZoom and "independent paralegal" certification programs that let non-lawyers everywhere, including document reviewers in India, do legal work. Of course the profession is worthless.

    The AMA is slowly succumbing to the same thing that's hitting you guys. Nursing standards are being lowered so that "Licensed Vocational Nursing" students from night school can offer patient care that used to be reserved to Registered Nurses. "Nurse Practitioners" gained the power to issue prescriptions (!) and perform very minor surgeries. Medical schools are still trying to maintain salary levels by artificially limiting applicants, but the slow bleed has begun. In fifty years, being a doctor won't mean shit, anymore than being a lawyer does now.

    The death of the "middle class" continues on purpose. Before long, you'll be able to issue your own prescriptions with WebMD as long as you have a letter from some "medical technician" who took 15 credits at the local adult education annex.

    If you want to save law, get the ABA to come down as hard on "unauthorized practice" as the AMA does when some kook claims to be a board-certified physician on their website.

    1. Nurse practitioners can also prescribe simple medication where I live, but they have to get a master's degree in nursing before they can. I can agree with that. For example, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to prescribe antibiotics to someone with a run of the mill, common infection, or penicillin to someone with syphilis.

      It's worrying to read that the ABA supports the outsourcing of even mundane, rote document review work to lawyers in India, and it's even more worrying to read that the ABA doesn't punish unauthorized practice. Why bother with law school if you can just pretend to be a lawyer?

      It seems that in every aspect, American education is on a continuous free-fall. I've been following the law school debacle for years. When education is for-profit, we have to expect that unscrupulous college administrators will try to pad their bottom line at all costs, the students be damned. That's capitalism, after all. A problem in America that my country shares is the over-compensation of deans and administrative personnel in colleges. What does a dean even do, in fact? To me, it seems they only attend parties and mingle with the other administrative academic pigs, and apparently, they also occasionally write inane letters full of holes, willful blindness and self-serving, steaming piles of turd. Why do they deserve $250k+ salaries with insane perks such as an allocation to buy a freaking car?

      This is why higher education NEEDS to be in public hands and the administrators need to be reined in and taught their actual value. I hope Americans will learn that lesson once the student loan bubble explodes. We have to recognize that the goal of institutions of higher learning is not to turn out a profit but to instruct students. A well-educated population is necessary for the country's workforce to be as competitive as possible. If that's not a goal in the public interest that would justify fully public college education, with the government fixing tuition prices, I don't know what is.

      America used to be such an innovative country. The Declaration of Independence itself was something almost never seen before at its time. Now, they are backwards on so many issues, especially when it comes to quality of life. A proud giant is falling and I don't know if there's any way to stop this decline. Once it's down though, it's gonna make a Hell of a shock wave.

      All of this for the almighty dollar. Is it really worth it?


    The honorable profession in action.

    1. Hey. Even lawyers gotta get paid and laid.

  18. Does this shithole ever get audited? Not only are the attrition numbers messed up which might defensible due to mixing part-time and full-time students (e.g. 134 out of 582 not returning for a second year is 23.0%, not the claimed 10.7%), but the place can’t even tally offers and matrics properly. This is simple stuff; does the ABA even pay attention?

    That stuff is just administrative error; Cooley has bigger problems.

    ABA Standard 501 (b): “A law school shall not admit an applicant who does not appear capable of satisfactorily completing its program of legal education and being admitted to the bar.”

    What a shitty admissions department! Not only is Cooley annually saying “oops, 15% of the knuckle-draggers we let in aren’t smart enough to meet our own shitty standards,” but the ones stupid enough to stick around a way off the mark. Cooley habitually graduates a class that regularly fails the bar 10%-15% more frequently than other takers. Hell, in states other than Michigan, the number is more like 40%. This isn’t an anomaly. Look over the 509s. In all, roughly half of their admits admitted will fail the bar.

    I suppose seeing this headline isn’t so surprising after all.

    1. A programmable pocket calculator could take the place of Cooley's admissions department, since the decisions are based solely on LSAT score and undergraduate GPA. For that matter, so are Cooley's discounts (dressed up as "scholarships").

      Old Guy

  19. Cooley sucks, they need to diversify and offer: tractor trailer truck training, massage, web design, and medical coding training. The above courses could all be electives and it would provide better job opportunities for their current students.

    1. And Indiana Tech can offer to transfer the courses in "leadership" to the programs in welding and hairdressing.

      Old Guy

  20. Cooley claims to be one of the diverse law schools in the nation. One thing to have a diverse student body but quite another to have a diverse body of alumni practicing law b/c that is the ultimate proclaimed ultimate goal of the ABA: A diversified lawyer pool in the legal arena. Yet when only a fraction of Cooley grads find FT/LT legal jobs then in reality it harms the promotion of an inclusive society. You think being an unemployed black, woman, disabled, or any other category that defines diversity helps when they have $263,000 in non-dischargeable debt? A graduate who cannot get a mortgage and home after graduating and being unemployed is simply harmed. The only inclusion and diversity is diversity in the debt class. Just so readers know, there is still discrimination in the legal field but it is very subtle rather than overt. Diversity is the last refuge of law schools like patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. The legal profession is still a Good Old Boys club and will be that way for years to come. Law Schools NALP pledges and their alleged protocols is at complete odds with the realities. Nando even admitted his law school never even sent him a post graduation survey which violates ABA and NALP guidelines. A Thomas Jefferson former associate Dean claimed the employment numbers were manipulated. These are the transgressions we only know about....
    how much more will be exposed in the future. Law school Grievance procedures usually applies to current students only if you read the various law schools grievance procedures on their websites. Alumni are excluded giving a blank check to career services to do what they want, even discriminate by simply ignoring certain alumni.

    1. In this context, "diverse" just means that it's a dumping ground for all sorts of people who couldn't get in anywhere else.

      Old Guy

  21. Cooley is the biggest piece of shit in American legal education. Bar none.

    1. The entire legal profession is a piece of shit. Ya got that?

  22. These law schools are no different from For-Profit career colleges like Corinthians College's Everest University that just went bankrupt because the Federal Government determined they were lying about employment prospects to students and massive lawsuits were filed against it. The only difference were the law schools were more sly and subtle in manipulation of employment data. Were Everest was much bolder and blatant with their outrageous lies, law school deans knew how to manipulate the numbers much more effectively than Corinthians and hide behind Big Daddy the ABA and simply claim they conformed to the ABA loose standards. Gave them an aura of legitimacy.


    On May 20, 2013, Elie Mystal posted an ATL entry entitled :Michigan Continues To Make Passing The Bar Difficult.” Here is the full text of that article:

    “After the July 2012 Michigan state bar exam, we noted that Michigan seemed to be tightening the screws on the people taking its bar exam. The overall pass rate for the exam was 55%, and it was only 62% for first-time test takers.

    As people gear up for the July 2013 Michigan bar exam, it looks like the degree of difficulty on the test isn’t a blip, it’s a trend. The February 2013 numbers suggest that Michigan wants to keep its test hard and its test takers nervous….

    The February 2013 results aren’t much better than the July 2012 results. The overall pass rate was 58% — 65% for first time takers. Here is the breakdown by school:

    Thomas M. Cooley: 61%
    Michigan State University: 71%
    University of Detroit Mercy: 59%
    University of Michigan: 87%
    Wayne State University: 90%
    University of Toledo: 67%
    Others: 76%

    Man that’s rough. Tipsters still complain that the essay portion isn’t curved, which tamps down the passage rate.

    But it’s not all bad news. Thomas Cooley Law School got its pass rate over 50% after last July’s embarrassing performance. In a lot of states, the February pass rate is lower than the July rate, so maybe kids signing up to take the bar this summer can hope for more improvement.

    The takeaway though is that people should take the Michigan bar seriously. Clearly, the state board of law examiners have ratcheted up the exam.”

    For the February 2013 Michigan bar exam, there were a total of 722 applicants – including the 311 losers who re-took the test. Of that total figure, TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer accounted for 405 of these dupes.

    Perhaps, the Michigan bar examiners are tired of seeing so many sub-standard applicants from one FOURTH TIER TRASH HEAP. I hope that these men and women keep the exam at this level. After all, who is served by admitting waterheads to the “profession”?!?! Unfortunately, these morons have typically accumulated insane sums of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. Those federally-backed funds go into the pockets of the law school pigs.

    In a just world, if an ABA-accredited law school cannot achieve a 65% bar passage rate for each and every single damn class that earns a JD, then: (a) that money would be returned to the treasury; and (b) the “professors” and administrators at such in$titution$ would be publicly flogged senseless with a horsewhip. That is only fair, seeing that the students and graduates are financially ruined for life – by attending these dung piles. Plus, a LARGE PORTION of those who do pass the bar exam will still NEVER practice law. What a great $y$tem, huh?!?!

  24. A hard enough bar exam would at least deal with the oversupply issues. If some of the Yale legacies were forced to be impartially graded by people who didn't know they were legacies, they'd start flunking the bar, and then their future Senatorial careers would be over before they began--which would be good for all of us.


    On November 19, 2014 at 9:10 am, JDU user “officerfarva” posted an original thread labeled “Michigan bar results are out. Cooley bloodbath.”

    Now, check out this epic response from “roadkingrider” – on the same day:

    “roadkingrider (Nov 19, 2014 - 11:02 am)

    How the federal government allows this school to continue to receive federal student loan money is beyond me. This is a huge financial boondoggle! Look at the repeat takers failure rate, they will never pass the bar.

    sjlawyer (Nov 20, 2014 - 8:49 am)

    I clerked with a Cooley grad who's now taking aim at attempt #5.

    raskolnikov (Nov 19, 2014 - 10:15 pm)

    Soon they will be out of compliance with the ABA bar passage standard. It will be interesting to see if the ABA enforces their standards and strips Cooley of its accreditation. I'm betting it won't. They'll probably put them on "probation", "double-probation", and then they'll just change the standard so Cooley can comply.

    jstalin (Nov 20, 2014 - 9:16 am)

    They won't be out of compliance because their February bar takers do better, keeping them within the 15 point average for the state.


    scammersgunnascam (Nov 23, 2014 - 9:21 pm)

    Unless they don't. Lots of re-takers in February, and their re-take pass rates is worse than their first-time pass rate.”

    Does anyone with a full scale IQ above 70 – and a shred of integrity – want to defend this rancid cesspool?!?! Only the cockroaches and pigs on the payroll will tout the supposed "benefits" of this fourth tier trash pit/law school.


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