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TTTT Smells of Desperation: Fourth Tier Trash Pit Thomas Jefferson School of Law is Offering Merit Scholarships to Idiots with 2.0 Undergrad GPAs and 140 LSAT Scores

Hilarious News: On October 29, 2014, dybbuk posted a funny OTLSS piece labeled “Bottom-of-the-barrel Thomas Jefferson School of Law offers academic merit scholarship to applicants with 2.0 UGPA/ 140 LSATs.” Look at this portion, from the opening:

“Let’s say a person squeaks through college with the minimum GPA needed to graduate (2.00, i.e. a "C" average) and then completely bombs a standardized test designed to measure reading comprehension and analytical and logical ability, scoring in the bottom 13 percent of test-takers. A euphemism for such a person, suitable for this touchy age, might be "intellectually disinclined" or, certainly, "academically challenged." But at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, that person is referred to as a “recipient of an academic merit scholarship.”

Consider the “matrix” of UGPA/LSATs used by Thomas Jefferson School of Law, beginning this fall, to award guaranteed renewable academic merit scholarships. A kid with a 2.0 GPA /140 LSAT (i.e., a "C" average in college and a 13th percentile score on the LSAT) gets a merit scholarship of $1,000 a year. And $7,000/ yr. if that kid can boost his or her LSAT performance to 145-- the 26th percentile.

What is even more striking than the small merit awards provided to the, uh, intellectually disinclined, are the quite substantial ones provided to the utterly mediocre and sub-mediocre. Thomas Jefferson will provide a $44,000/ yr. renewable scholarship for an incoming law student with a 3.0 undergraduate GPA and a 153 on the LSAT (i.e., a "B" average in college and a 55th percentile score on the LSAT)—essentially a full-ride, since the school’s annual tuition is $44,900. A half-tuition scholarship is available to students with a 2.5 undergraduate GPA and a 148 on the LSAT (i.e. a "C+" average in college and a 38th percentile score on the LSAT).” [Emphasis mine]

Hell, apparently anyone with a full scale IQ of 70 or above can get a merit scholarship to attend this festering pile of excrement. One wonders whether the offer would be reduced if such an “accomplished” student reached these alleged milestones, but had a few felony convictions on his record.

Link to the TTTT Matrix: Check out this text from the commode’s maTTTTrix:

“Entering Student Merit Scholarships Beginning with the class that enters August 2014, TJSL has adopted an exciting new scholarship policy. Thomas Jefferson offers guaranteed merit scholarships to first time entering students based on the students highest LSAT score and undergraduate grade point average (UGPA). An entering student is guaranteed to retain his or her scholarship as long as he or she remains eligible to continue enrollment and is enrolled at the law school. Full-time students receive scholarships for six semesters. Part-time students receive scholarships for eight semesters. There is no need to submit a separate scholarship application; awards will be based on the highest LSAT and UGPA as reported on the student's LSAC CAS Report. Applicants from undergraduate schools that do not use a traditional 4.0 grading system and applicants who received an undergraduate degree from a foreign school will be awarded a scholarship consistent with the matrix using an individualized assessment of the applicant’s complete file.” [Emphasis mine]

Did you see that, lemming?!?! It was mentioned by the toilet more than once. I even highlighted it in bold text, twice. Who are we kidding? Since your reading comprehension skills are lower than those of a typical housecat, I will point it out to you. Quit sticking your finger in the light socket - and stop drinking from the paint can - for a moment and listen. Even if you score terribly on the LSAT, it’s okay. The pigs and cockroaches at TJ$L will only consider the highest score you attain.

Don’t feel bad about your 141 result the first time. Go back and take it again, waterhead. Maybe you’ll get lucky and reach a 148 next time. That will increase your “merit” scholarship significantly. "Earning" a supposed merit scholarship with such weak-ass results is the equivalent of allowing a kid with Down syndrome to "score" a touchdown in a high school football game.

Ranking: Did I mention earlier that US “News” & World Report rates TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on Sewer of Law as a fourth tier pile of excrement? What parent, spouse or significant other wouldn’t be proud of their loved one, for gaining admission to such a presTTTTigious in$TTTTiTTTTuTTTTion of “higher learning”?!?!? After all, it is ABA-approved!  And that "professional" organization must have standards, right?!?!

Average Law Student Indebtedness: USN&WR lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the TJ$L Class of 2013 who incurred debt for law school - as $180,655. In fact, 92% of this cesspool’s 2013 cohort took on such foul debt. By the way, dolts: this represents THE HIGHEST damn figure among all diploma mills that reported this data to the defunct magazine. Keep in mind that this amount does not include undergraduate debt – and also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.

Conclusion: If you are even contemplating applying to this fourth tier dung pile, then you are an ideal candidate for a brain shunt. As such, you should be declared unable to enter into a contract. This would save taxpayers a lot of money, and you would not be financially ruined for life. No one in their right mind would even think – for one microsecond - about taking on an additional $200K-$240K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a TTTT law degree. Again, if you are considering TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on Sewer of Law, then you are a mental midget. Stick to coloring books and large Lego blocks, moron.  


  1. If this includes a stipend for living expenses this would be the only reason I could think of to go to law school. San Diego is a great city. I'd use the living expenses to fund a three year vacation at the expense of tj. I'd go to class when I got bored and would drop out just before graduating so I didn't have the stain of jd on my resume. I'd list this as general studies on my resume or myybevsay I tried to be a screenwriter or something. I think this would work if u got full ride and living expenses

  2. Lake TJ: where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the students are above average

  3. Law schools should not be allowed to use the word "scholarship" unless the money is actually provided by a donor, endowment, or other third party and paid to the school as tuition.

    A 2% discount sounds a lot less impressive.

  4. Damn! I got a 139! Just missed it!

    Do you think I should retake for big bucks?

  5. I don't think the "scholarship" includes living expenses, but you can borrow that with Grad Plus. So, you could graduate from this dump with "only" around $75,000 in debt.

  6. Scoring a 140 on the lsat is embarrassing. You could guess on all 101 questions and still get more than 30 right. Fuck, you could answer B on all answers and get more than 30 right.

    1. No. Answering B throughout would typically yield about 20 or 21 right answers, for an expected score of 125.

      Old Guy

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  8. All it takes is a very mediocre college GPA/ LSAT to get a full-ride or an 83% percent discount, aka scholarship, under the TJ matrix.

    So where is TJ going to get enough revenue to pay the 5 million per year rent on its ugly new law building, plus six figure salaries for the dean and the professors? A look at the matrix answers that question.

    I didn't think I could have a lower opinion of the law school scam. But the scam, which only a couple of years ago targeted bright but naive liberal arts nerds, has now pivoted to target those who are not intellectually suited for the profession, and who may not have the resilience to find another path when their misbegotten legal careers hit an inevitable dead end.

    These kids may not be especially bright. But most, I assume, are decent and honorable people who do not deserve to be deceived and ruined by scammers. I hope their parents and other influencers are listening to us, and judging by the page view numbers here and at OTLSS, I think they are.

  9. The public perception of lawyers will go from bloodthirsty shark to gullible dunce in about another 10-15 years. Shame on these "schools." The world does need new lawyers, just far fewer than we're getting, and it deserves to get lawyers that are actually qualified to practice and manage their client's needs.

  10. ^People are already starting to figure out a lot of lawyers are dunces. It was bound to happen with lawyer overproduction. Now HR guys and coworkers are growing familiar with rising numbers of lawyer coworkers doing shit work for the same amount of shit pay everyone else is getting.

  11. I'm seriously impressed with their recruiting ability.

    That said, I'm more surprised that the unethical admissions scumbags who work at TJ$L wouldn't move on to the San Diego real estate market or a more lucrative career with their sales abilities.

    Think about it: They're selling a product that is wholly irrational to buy. This shithole isn't just TTTT, this "law school" would be below 200 of the 203 if rankings went that low. That's straight TTTTT. Strangely, the admissions scumbags haven't moved on to greener pastures. What gives? Clearly TJ$L pays senior administration well (see for yourself: ), but what about the peons doing the hard work in the admissions office? They're the ones selling something that the market shouldn't have a demand for (to quote a great movie, the proverbial "ketchup popsicle to a [fucking moron] with white gloves"). How can TJ$L keep these skilled—yet clearly unethical—sales reps?

    This boggles my mind.

    1. I don't know how much they are selling, and how much the lemmings are jumping off the proverbial cliff into their arms, I think a large portion of their new 1Ls are folks of average intelligence but poor street smarts that see the law as a guaranteed ticket to respectability and comfortable living that it hasn't been for 40 years. but I like your comment. If you can sell a TJSL law degree, you can sell anything. Not only is it selling ice to Eskimos, it's selling defective ice.

      Maybe it's some sort of secret training ground for Satan's sales staff?

  12. The whole legal system is a fraud. DUI and PI firms have customer service reps (making $10 an hour) take the calls and do the initial legwork. The claims get settled quickly and the pigs get their fee. (The ones that might require some actual work get tossed.) Great system there.

  13. Where is this broke shithole coming up with the money for this?


    On November 6, 2014, Paul Campos wrote an excellent Lawyers, Guns & Money piece entitled “The usual suspects.” Check out this portion:

    “Jeff Toobin has a piece in the New Yorker pointing out that increasingly stratified economics of the legal profession reflect larger social trends:

    In the legal world, the haves are doing better than fine. In 1985, average profits per partner in The American Lawyer’s list of leading law firms was $309,000 ($623,000 in current dollars); today, the profits per partner for roughly the same group is about $1.5 million. These numbers hide an even greater disparity. Those at the very top of the pyramid—firms such as Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz; Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan; Cravath, Swain & Moore; and a handful of others—are thriving as never before, with annual profits per partner in the multimillions.

    But those at the bottom of the pyramid—recent law-school graduates—are struggling. A recent article in The Atlantic recited the grim numbers . . . [Yet] law schools have continued to cycle students through their doors and load them up with debt, in spite of the reduced demand for legal education (and for lawyers). Eighty-five percent of graduates now carry at least a hundred thousand dollars in debt. Even dubious operations, like the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, in San Diego, have kept their doors (and palms) open.”

    It’s always nice when your TTTT is specifically called out in the New Yorker, by a well-known legal analyst, right?!?! Hell, Jeffrey Toobin went out of his way to wipe his ass with the Thomas Jefferson Sewer of Law. He wrote the quip about the pigs having their hands out. How do you like that, bitches?

    The post continued:

    “It’s clear that the nation needs fewer law schools, for many that remain are only offering their students false hopes of employment in exchange for big debt. These students are getting the legal-education equivalent of the subprime loans that helped sink the national economy. In this case, though, the risk to the broader public is small, while the indebted students may struggle with the burden for the rest of their lives. (The vast middle of the legal academy—at the big state schools, for instance—is doing only a little better than the schools at the bottom. For a full view of the depressing facts, see the superb Law School Transparency Web site.)

    As with law firms, the top law schools are doing fine. Graduates of the most highly regarded institutions may not have the cornucopia of options that their predecessors enjoyed a few years ago, but few, if any, will go jobless. These students have large loans, too, but they’ll be able to repay them. As in days past, they will migrate to the big firms, where, by and large, their prospects are bright. And the cycle will continue: the rich (in credentials, at least initially) prospering, and the poor struggling. So it goes for lawyers—and, it seems, for everyone else.”

    TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on Sewer of Law is one of several dozens of ABA-accredited trash pits that provides its students and potential applicants with FALSE HOPE. Furthermore, the bitches and hags do so on the backs of the federal taxpayer. It always makes me laugh when deans and “law professors” talk about “running a business.” Of course, these cockroaches couldn’t operate a hot dog stand without a constant stream of taxpayer dollars.

  15. Fuck this school.

  16. TJ has been the playing the part of "Corky goes to law school" for some time now. But even for these depraved foos this appears to be an even insanely desperate, foolhardy decision.


    On October 29, 2014, BusinessWire published a story labeled “Thomas Jefferson School of Law Announces Debt Restructuring; Achieves Major Reduction in Bond Debt, Interest Expense.” Take a look at the following segment:

    “The Thomas Jefferson School of Law has signed a Restructuring Support Agreement (RSA) with nearly 90 percent of its bondholders that reduces its debt by two thirds ($87 million), reduces annual cash flow obligations by half ($6 million) and ensures continued operations of the school in its state-of-the-art campus in downtown San Diego.

    Thomas F. Guernsey, president and dean who was recruited in July 2013 to turn around school operations, said the restructuring agreement was needed to address the $127 million in bonds that were issued in 2008 to build its new campus at 1155 Island Ave.

    “This restructuring is a major step toward achieving our goals,” Guernsey said. “It puts the school on a solid financial footing and will enable Thomas Jefferson to continue to fulfill its mission serving a diverse group of students in a collegial, supportive learning environment.”

    As part of the transaction, the bonds will be cancelled. In exchange, the bondholders will become owners of the building and lease it back to the school. In addition, the bondholders will also receive $40 million in new notes at an interest rate of 2 percent. Interest rates on the previous outstanding taxable bonds were over 11 percent, with non-taxable bonds at over 7 percent.

    The agreement cuts the school’s debt by nearly $87 million, from $127 million to $40 million, and results in a significant improvement in cash flow. Previously, the school was paying about $12 million a year in principal and interest on its debt. Under the restructuring, the school will pay $5 million in annual rent and about $1 million a year in interest expense, cutting its annual payments to the bondholders by almost 50 percent to a total of $6 million.

    Guernsey said school operations continue unchanged under the new agreement. The bondholders have expressed confidence in the school and its future plans.

    “We agree with the bondholders that this restructuring is in the best interest of the bondholders and Thomas Jefferson,” said Gavin Wilkinson, senior vice president of UMB Bank, the trustee for the bonds. “The restructuring significantly reduces the debt and interest burden on the school.”

    Isn’t it nice how a FOURTH TIER PILE OF RUBBISH can attain relief, and students and graduates are left holding the bag?!?! After all, we wouldn’t want this in$TTTTiTTTTuTTTTion to bear a heavy debt burden. What a great country, huh?!?!

    At least, Cockroach Thomas Guernsey finally shaved off his patchy, ratty-ass beard. It can be seen here, at the 0:20 mark of this old Albany Law Sewer video/sales clip. For $ome rea$on, that toilet decided to use a cute blonde tour guide. Unfortunately, most men would only be interested if such a trek led to this chick's bedroom.

    1. Yeah, academic beards are the worst. And academic grooming in general is terrible, especially at law schools.


      Here is the link to the Albany Law clip that I mentioned in the prior comments. As you can see, the sewer decided to have a cute blonde coed - clad in tight yellow Polo T-shirt, Capris-style pants, and pink flip flops – lead the virtual TTTour.

      At the beginning, this girl states ”Why did I pick Albany Law? Because it’s in the heart of NewYork’s state capital. And you get to come to this amazing building every day for classes. So come on. Follow me and I’ll take you on a tour.”

      Then the cameraman gets a few nice shots of her ass, as she is walking to the garbage pit. At the 0:42 mark, the pigs cue weird porn music and you can see Ashley’s perky breasts pressed against her shirt. I’m sure that was just a "coincidence," right?!?! She is then reclining and sTTTudying in a red lounge chair. Hell, I’m half surprised that the school didn’t record her in the shower, while she was reading an outline.

      On second viewing, this is a hilarious video. This chick goes off on the SBA "being the closest thing to student government" that you will see. After talking about the toilet's vaunted courtyard, Blondie is working the treadmill at the 3:45 mark. At that point, she says “Need to burn a little steam off after class? Come to our fitness center, where students come all the time to work out.”

      Frankly, I would rather head to her bedroom to burn off some steam. I’m guessing that would be a pretty nice workout. Plus, no one – not one single, solitary soul – gives a damn about prestigious alumni who graduated from this cesspool more than 100 years ago. How many applicants even recognize the name William McKinley? Also, no one cares about moot court, i.e. fake court.

  18. Happy VeTTTTeran'$ Day everyone.

  19. Correct me if I'm wrong, but what this matrix is implying to me is Thomas Jefferson School of Law is admitting people who have scores worse than a 2.0 GPA and a 140 LSAT score. Just not giving them scholarships.

    But I can't see how that can be true since 140 is such a low score, lower in fact than TJSL's 25 percentile LSAT score for 2013.
    But that would mean that they are running some kind of weird scheme where everyone's a "winner" for a "scholarship" at this "school". Therefore the tuition has actually been lowered by $1000 but instead of just lowering the tuition they play shell games with "scholarships".

    The absolute weirdest part is that essentially nobody going to Thomas Jefferson School of Law has any reason to be in law school at all.
    I hear that being in the top 10 percent is important when going to law school. According to mousing over that LSAT score graph on Law School Transparency 164 or above is the top 10 percent. I also hear that it is actually getting 170 that is important if you really want to make it. TJSL's 75th quartile LSAT score in 2013 was 149, which is 2 points below the median of all test takers.
    TJSL's top 10 percent is going to struggle to even get doc review gigs once they get out of school. The rest of them have no chance at all.

    1. With respect to scholarships, this is necessarily a shell game.

      A 2.0 is necessary to graduate undergrad—with the slim exception of those people who fit into the "special snowflake exception to undergrad completion" (or whatever the ABA formally calls it, clearly not applicable to these morons), or if the matriculant transferred to a second undergrad and graduated with a LSAC GPA weighed down by the first (which is more theoretical than likely).

      What that really means is that receiving a "scholarship" depends solely on scoring a 140—above the 13th percentile. Clearly, it doesn't take much of a "scholar" to pull that one off.

      The biggest problem is in the deception of the 2% discount. If these non-stellar grads can brag that they're "going to 'law school' on scholarship," TJ$L is just preying on naiveté or pride; this is plainly unethical.

      Why the ABA doesn't pull approval for an institution that has to—HAS TO—know that they're making false promises about their graduates' probability of ever practicing law is very questionable.

      Sure, the ABA has to worry about antitrust claims if revoking approval without a protracted process, but revoking approval is still more defensible than permitting the operation of a diploma mill that only places a quarter of its graduates into actual attorney jobs.


    The girl from the vid was Ashley Weiss. She's only been licensed 2 years and she's got 3 peer reviews on Avvo. I know good lawyers with 5-10 years of experience and they don't have more than 1 review. And look.Her rating is Average. But she has 3 nice reviews. (They're all from men, btw.)

  21. are "bad"?
    Letting people avoid debt is "bad"????



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