Thursday, December 11, 2014

Plug Your Nose: ABA Cockroaches Release Standard 509 Information Reports

Epic Coverage: On December 10, 2014, Paul Caron posted an entry labeled “ABA Releases 2014 Law School Standard 509 Reports.” Take a look at the meaty portion below:

“The ABA Section of Legal Education and Admission to the Bar has released the2014 Standard 509 Information Reports for all ABA-accredited law schools. The reports contain a wealth of data for each school, including: 

Tuition and Living Expenses 
Conditional Scholarships 
• J.D. Enrollment and Ethnicity 
Admissions (applications, offers, matriculants, 75/50/25 GPA and LSAT Scores) 
• Grants and Scholarships 
• J.D. Attrition and Transfers In 
• Curriculum 
• Faculty and Administrators 
• Bar Passage Rates” [Emphasis mine]

Now, you can look up each ABA-accredited trash pit – and find a treasure trove of information on the bastards. In a just world, any school that accepts applicants with 145 LSAT scores or UGPAs of 3.0 or lower would be immediately bulldozed and razed to the ground. Hell, it's not as if the building is serving a public good.

Look at this comment, from user “Jojo” on December 10, 2014 at 1:46:54 pm:

“My goodness, the data are bad this year!

Ave Maria's 25% LSAT percentage is a 139? So, 1 in 4 students has an LSAT score below 139 at Ave Maria? 

At what point does the ABA step in to stop the hemorrhaging here? When do the law faculty urge reform? When you start to dip below 145, you're not getting people whose lives will be improved from knowledge of law. You're getting students who are debt-funding a life altering burden sold in the guise of a dream. Come on, guys. That's not right.” [Emphasis mine]

This commenter makes a brilliant observation that cuts right to the heart of the matter. These pigs are accepting and enrolling LEGIONS of fools who basically have NO CHANCE of ever practicing law. If you cannot muster a 150 on the LSAT, then you likely cannot pass the bar exam.

Plus, if you perform so poorly on the exam, then your options are severely limited, i.e. you can only attend third tier cesspools and fourth tier trash cans. In such cases, even if you do manage to become licensed, no decent law firm will even consider hiring you - because they will view you as a loser.

Look Up Your Commode: Enter the name of your favorite dung heap, including the in$titution where you earned that reserve stock of toilet paper known as a law degree, in the search box and hit enter. By the way, check out this pathetic-ass disclaimer:

“The data reported here are submitted by law schools to the ABA. The ABA assumes no responsibility for inaccuracies or for changes in such information that may occur after publication.” 

What beacons of integrity, huh?!?! Way to stand by your product, dung beetles!  I suppose the law school swine could submit information, “in error.” Anyway, let’s review the figures for TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer – for 2014. A total of 1,481 morons applied to this pile of excrement. Of that amount, the rodents offered admission to 1,265 of these waterheads. That represents an acceptance rate of 85.4 percent! Don’t forget that Cooley is choosing among the dumbest law school applicants, each year.

Now, look at the numbers for the matriculants. For the current first year class at this garbage heap, the overall 25th percentile UGPA was 2.53 – with a median of 2.90 and a 75th percentile score of 3.28. Keep in mind that most law students had soft undergraduate majors. An LSAT score of 141 was good enough to land you in the 25th percentile for this “school.” The median LSAT score was 145 and the 75th percentile LSAT was 149.

LSAT Percentiles Table for 2013: Review this chart from Cambridge LSAT Test Prep. For example, if you scored 141 on the LSAT, then you placed in the 16th percentile – as only 15.8% of test takers for that time period scored worse than you, Idiot. However, this is good enough to gain admi$$ion to TTTThoma$ M Cooley Law Sewer. In fact, seeing that this is the 25th percentile score for matriculants at this filth pit – and there were a total of 445 first year students enrolled there – then a total of 111 waterheads scored at or below this figure.

Conclusion: In the final analysis, the law school pigs DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN about their students, applicants, or recent graduates. The fact that the sewer rats continue to accept mouthbreather candidates proves this, without a doubt. These bitches and hags will gladly financially ruin countless numbers of young people, in order to keep the scam going. There is no moral justification for the federal government to back and issue student loans to such foul “institutions of higher learning.”

Lastly, it is CLEAR that the American Bar Association cockroaches do not care about those low-paid members of the “profession” – or the general public. After all, thousands of people will end up being represented by corrupt, incompetent, and worthless lawyers – a direct result of allowing such low admi$$ion$ “standards” for member schools. Could you imagine – for one damn millisecond – if the American Medical Association permitted similar conduct by approved med schools?!?! Of course not! In stark contrast, that is a real profession that looks out for practitioners, future members, hospitals and the paying public.


  1. Last year the faux-prestigious Univershitty of Texas admitted someone with a 128. And it is regarded as a "first-tier" law school—except by me (I say that it is at the bottom of the third tier or the top of the fourth tier).

    Old Guy

  2. I poked around the ABA site and the numbers are grim. Just by way of example, the respective 75%/50%/25% LSAT numbers for the entering classes at Ave Maria and Charlotte are 148/143/139 and 146/142/138.

    1. Two interesting questions I"d love to the know the answers to:

      What's the highest LSAT score in Charlotte's 1L class, and What is the average LSAT/GPA for their full scholarship students?

      I wonder if they have a single 1L with an LSAT above 152?

  3. When I went to law school in the mid nineties (1996-1998), I paid $11,000 a semester. I thought at the time that this was stratospheric. My starting salary out of LS was $80,000, The tuition for that same school last year-- $27,000 A SEMESTER! ($54k a year). Starting salaries out of LS aren't much higher than what I made right out of law school.

    How is that right. Sure, my school has some shiny new buildings, but tuition has been raised more than 100% over 15 years?

  4. TTTTouro is losing ground in the race to the bottom; but a 66% bar passage rate for 2013 (and last July's scores didn't show much improvement) still keeps this illustriou$ instiTTTTution high on the list of ABA approved death traps to avoid at all costs.

    Meanwhile, the sound of crickets chirping is the only thing we hear from the ABA $ection of Legal Education.

  5. These numbers are abysmal. When I attended law school (several decades ago), acceptance rates at ABA accredited law schools was less than 50%. I cannot fathom anyone who scored in the 16th percentile on the LSAT gaining acceptance in an ABA accredited school in my day. The fact that law schools have dramatically lowered its standards show two things: 1) The schools have and will always be about the money. They don't care that their efforts have ruined the profession as long as the fat student loan checks fund their ivory tower lifestyles; and, 2) We have reached the rubicon where the legal profession is no longer a profession. It is a full-blown scam and any charlatan who claims it is a ticket to a good life is a mendacious asshole who is trying to suck you into a miserable life of failure. Law school deans and professors are as trustworthy as used car salesmen or child molesters.

  6. I looked up Thomas Jefferson for fun.

    Bar passage rates:

    2013 = 48.94%
    2012 = 53.63%
    2011 = 36.57%

    Am I missing something? How does this school have ABA-accreditation? Aren't they way below the threshold to maintain accreditation?

    I.e. Pass one of the following tests:

    in the last 3-5 years at least 70% sitting for the bar with a bar pass rate of 75% OR

    in any 3 of the last 5 years, the average first time bar pass rate was not more than 15 points lower than the average first-time pass rate for ABA schools in the same jurisdiction.

    Why is this school allowed to suck federal funds to pay its creditors when it has already defaulted and when its bar passage rates look like they're way out of compliance?

  7. We are seeing the rise of a new exploited underclass in the law school context - students with LSAT scores below 148 or so that have about a 50/50 chance of passing the bar, almost no chance of getting hired at a full time, long term lawyer job, and an even slimmer chance of having a successful, fulfilling career as a lawyer. It is plain, open exploitation of these poor kids for all to see.

    These kids could have perfectly successful fulfilling careers in something other than law, but thanks to the scamsters they will be stuck with no job skills and life ruining debt. It's limousine liberalism at its finest - pay lip service to diversity while exploiting minority students as much as you can.

    The old scam was about qualified, intelligent students who simply couldn't get jobs. The new scam is about poor dopes that should never have been admitted and stand no chance of success.

    The good news for the profession is that these people aren't really "competition" for lawyer jobs.

    1. Spot on.

      Unfortunately, the profession is mostly rotten too.

      But the poisonous, sanctimonious, shrill, lying devils who engage in the law school scam are truly the lowest of the low. The magnitude and depth of harm they do is breathtaking, and it doesn't end when they send their "students" away ruined. As an industry, law schools are the worst offenders in the 400 billion of outstanding grad school debt.

      Eventually this nonsense simply takes out the government itself, which would sound extreme except excessive debt is toppling governments all over the world right as we type.

    2. I declare RACEISM!

      Raceism aside, you're entirely correct. There are also two other groups of exploited students that are forgotten and harmed by the scam:

      (i) A lot of the lowest 50 or so schools heavily cut their first year classes through attrition. Many of the sub-150 LSAT scorers will fall into this category. The result-- No JD, no chance to take the bar, but usually, $25-50k in student debt.

      (ii) Transfer students-- lots of students who get scholarships at Triple T"S transfer to higher ranked schools. The often have to pay full freight, but don't get the benefit of their good grades from their 1L class, because they're transfers.

      Finally, no, none of these folks are "competition." In fact, anecdotes suggest younger (under 35 years of age) folks are leaving or being forced out of law in droves.

  8. At Washington and Lee Law the median lsat is 161 and the median gpa is 3.37 for fall 2014 compared to 164 and 3.51 for 2013. That's a huge drop in lsat. Expect W & L to fall out of the US NEWS top 50 next year.

    1. Why did W & L lose 20 students from its second year class? This is very strange.

    2. Washington and Lee's gpa of 3.37 is pretty low too, like a third tier school. Third tier law schools: Buffalo 3.43, Hawaii 3.41, Miss 3.47, St, Johns 3.48, Akron 3.44, Hofstra 3.35, Texas Tech 3.45, etc.

    3. Here's the scoop. W & L lost 20 students because the 1L's started talking to the 3L's.

      That is all.

  9. Look at North Carolina Central, one of the worst schools in the country based on LST employment score. How the fuck is their part time LSAT higher at ll quartiles than the full time?

    1. Part time students are more likely to have a career and family and thus cannot move to attend law school; basically they have to attend the nearest one, no matter how odious it is.

  10. It is obscene how these modern day robber barons (law school deans and professors) are getting away with consumer fraud at the taxpayer's expense. In any other regulated industry, these scam artists would be in shackles on the way to the federal pen. It is disgusting how these hucksters are getting away with raping our youth's future.

    1. I disagree friend. If you look around, the scam artists are ripping off the unconnected in every sector of the US. That is the norm.

      Maybe law schools are doing it in a more epic fashion, but that is expected since they are leveraging the education, hopes and dreams message to the youngest and most vulnerable groups of people.

      It's also actually illegal to rip off seniors, but they used to run those scams too. There are lots of bad people in the US. And these bad people usually rise in ranks to the the most powerful or lucrative positions.

    2. No the OP, but while it's true that scams are pervasive (when's the last time your ISP delivered its guaranteed minimum speeds to you such that it wasn't in substantial breach of its contract with you???), this one is special.

      First, only certain players get to offer a legal education. The regulatory entity is literally run by the same people who run the institutions. Second, you have to have a legal education to be allowed to sit for a licensing exam. The state governments insist. Third, you have uncapped federal loans (GradPLUS), the removal of bankruptcy, and the simultaneous institution of IBR / PAYE (default programs) from the federal government which allows the few institutions to price-fix the market. Fourth, the governmental entities involved, both state bars and the Department of Education profit form this arrangement. Then, on top of all that there's the fraud by schools.

      What you have is discrimination in legal rights, price-fixing, regulatory capture, government acting as for-profit, and fraud. You have the explicit, ongoing, blessing of the government on this scam. They could cause schools to share risk on bad job outcomes / bad loans / price inflation tomorrow. All they have to do is count the IBR/ PAYE enrollees as a "default" against the school's eligibility to take federal student loan money under the Code of Federal Regulations.

      So, it's not that lawmakers turn a blind eye to the fraud and the death and suffering it causes, it's that they want it this way, because they profit, they know it's a bubble, and they refuse to prick it and let the losses be counted. They own the loans. They won't let the rot be seen. The federal government cannot take a 1.2 trillion dollar hit in loan forgiveness.


    3. What are you talking about. Loan forgiveness is built into the system. Just takes 10 or 20 years to get there.

    4. Haha! First, how much of the principal has been repaid how many times over after 10-20 years? Forgiven loan balances are taxed as regular income...welcome to your outstanding balance and payment program with the IRS? Nothing is forgiven; they just refuse to call it a loss until you're dead.

      Second, this year, in April, the government did protest that its losses on Public Sector Loan Forgiveness exceeded its expectation by 90%

      If the loans are bad, in default TODAY, why do we need to wait 20 years while way above-market, way above the risk-free rate, interest accrues? Is it logical to think a loan in default today will rehab in 10-20 years as it is simultaneously growing larger??? Of course not.

      Today, the federal gov't cannot take a 1.2 trillion dollar hit, and they cannot tomorrow either. 18 trillion and counting and another god knows how many trillion in unfunded liabilities.

    5. I wonder if there will even be any PSLF. They could just as easily turn around and insist there was no "detriment" for public employees so there is no need to forgive those loans, and then shove them onto the 20 year plan to kick the can down another 10 years. I still don't know how the government can justify forgiving public sector loans when the employment picture is so much worse in the private sector, and those public sector jobs are generally coveted (especially at the Federal level).

      If even with solid salaries, raises, benefits and all the rest PSLF is 90% above estimates, one wonders just how bad the overall loan picture is.

      We always see conflicting information. A lot of people say everyone they know is doing great, others complain the loans are too high and they have poor employment prospects and salaries. I do wonder where the truth lies, because it's pretty significant when it comes to how forgiveness would work.

    6. Oh, you don't have to guess; the DOE publishes this information, although they segregate the information between parent / student loans, so here are the LOW estimates, followed by links.

      40 million total borrowers of fed loans.

      3.65 million are in IBR / PAYE / income contingent or a specially tailored alternative repayment plan.

      7 million loans have defaulted.

      5.4 million are in deferment.

      4.2 million are in forbearance.

      TOTAL = 20.25 million of the 40 million is not currently being regularly repaid. Without the alternative repayment programs, you'd simply have right now a 50% default rate!


      Nando, this is really something no scamblogger does, but someone should do: see what info we can turn up about how bad the portfolio of just federal law school debt is. That will tell you way more about employment and salary than any other source of information.

      Here are links:


  11. At what point are law schools gonna start taking in anyfuckingbody that applies? Got a 132 lsat? Come in. Got a 2.1 gpa in Gender Studies from Bumfuck U? Welcome. Beat your landlord to a bloody pulp 3 years ago? Come aboard.

  12. If these idiots enrolling in fourth tier law schools with sub-3.00 GPA's and below-median LSAT's aren't smart enough to do the research necessary to realize that going to law school is a horrendous decision, it's probably a good thing that they will never pass the Bar and practice law.

    I've also read that one of the largest groups of LSAT takers that has declined in the last several years are the kids scoring 170+. They must realize how insane it is to aspire to work in Biglaw - and are probably only motivated by money anyway. Good riddance.

  13. Hello all. I'm Thaddeus Scammenfordough, the Dean of Shitepile School of Law!

    Great news! We have so thoroughly butchered our recent graduates, with insane debts and no job opportunities, and a degree that stigmatized them from alternative employment, that they are now consigned to the economic margins for all eternity, and thus the way is open for YOU, the brilliant lawyers of the future with 145 LSAT scores and 2.5 GPAs with Sociology degrees. Those bitter losers with 15 point-higher LSATs who graduated in 2010 are working in telemarketing and are no threat to you at all!

    Come to law school now!

  14. Let’s take a look at a few other ABA-accredited dumps. First, we will check out the numbers for Third Tier Drake:

    GPA and LSAT Scores

    Total number of applications: 496
    Total number of offers: 385
    Number of matriculants: 106
    75th percentile GPA: 3.53
    50th percentile GPA: 3.25
    25th percentile GPA: 2.97
    75th percentile LSAT: 156
    50th percentile LSAT: 152
    25th percentile LSAT: 148

    Tuition and Fees

    Full-time: $38,106

    Conditional Scholarships

    Matriculating in 2013-2014
    Number entering with: 68
    Number eliminated: 29

    Matriculating in 2012-2013
    Number entering with: 71
    Number eliminated: 26

    Matriculating in 2011-2012
    Number entering with: 81
    Number eliminated: 40

    The bar passage figures are high for this third tier commode. For February 2013 and July 2013, 108 out of 114 first time test takers passed the Iowa and Missouri bar exams. Combined, this is 94.74 percent. However, we all know that obtaining a law license does not equal employment as an attorney. MANY of these “successful” applicants are now working at non-legal jobs at places such as Home Depot, State Farm Insurance, Buffalo Wild Wings, etc.

    Good luck getting hired by decent-sized firms, with a TTT law degree. If you open your own office – even if you team up with some of your loser classmates – how the hell will you compete against lawyers and firms with decades of experience?!?! Hell, you won’t even be able to secure a business loan. Have you run your own company before, dumbass?!

    According to this 509 report, the numbers are down for this school – as is the case at MOST toilets outside the top 10 or so. It speaks volumes that the law school cockroaches KNOWINGLY provide too many scholarships – and that they will later revoke many of those offers. Here is a great article, which mentions “section stacking” in the conclusion:

  15. WhiTTTTier Law Sewer is on deck:

    GPA and LSAT Scores

    Total number of applications: 1352
    Total number of offers: 997
    Number of matriculants: 239
    75th percentile GPA: 3.18
    50th percentile GPA: 2.90
    25th percentile GPA: 2.62
    75th percentile LSAT: 150
    50th percentile LSAT: 146
    25th percentile LSAT: 143

    Tuition and Fees

    Full-time: $42,400

    Conditional Scholarships

    “The school does not award scholarships that may be reduced or eliminated based on law school academic performance other than failure to maintain good academic standing. Therefore, the school does not complete a 'conditional scholarship retention chart.”

    How honorable, right?!?! How can anyone in admini$TTTTraTTTTion here claim that they are looking out for their students – or the general public?

    Remember, MOST law students – including those attending high ranked ABA diploma mills - have Humanities or Social Science backgrounds. If you have an IQ above room temperature, you should be able to score AT LEAST a 3.1 UGPA from an accredited U.S. college or univer$ity. We also live in an era of grade inflation. There are many undergrads who will bring in their parents to talk to a “mean professor” who insists that they competently do their assignments on time.

    The bar passage figures are high for this fourth tier trash can have improved drastically. Even so, only 64.43% of WhiTTTTier Law grads passed the California bar exam in February and July of 2013. Based on this form, this rate is 6.66 percent the rate for other first time test takers.

    “For on August 9, 2005, the American Bar Association imposed a probationary period of two years regarding the accreditation of Whittier Law School. The American Bar Association cited the very low bar passage rate of Whittier Law School graduates on the California Bar and the lack of a substantive writing requirement for Whittier Law School students.”

    By the way, the school is rated as a FOURTH TIER PIECE OF GARBAGE – by US “News” & World Report. Congratulations, ass-hats!

  16. Everyone should read paul campos's comments on the recent 509 disclosures. He points out another way that higher tier scools are gaming the system to keep $$$ rolling in without lowering lsat scores: they take transfers from TTTT in the second year. So the $$$ comes in without having to record sorry lsat scores. But there is another aspect of this that must be considered. If the TTTT keep losing 2nd years they will have to either drastically increase class sizes in the first year to compensate for those who leave or they'll have to close. Seeing that these places are like the proverbial cornered rat I can see 100% acceptance rates in the near future.

    1. No question: so long as the federal dollars come along with the hapless applicants, very very soon many of these places will have open admissions.

    2. Many of them already do have open admissions. Sure, they reject a handful of people—possibly for formal reasons, such as failure to send in a transcript. But when law skules are awarding "scholarships" for a 2.0 GPA (at most schools the lowest GPA with which one can graduate) and welcoming applicants with LSAT scores in the bottom 10% or even the bottom 1%, it is plain that standards of admission have lost their meaning.

      Old Guy

    3. I'm aware of a "Top 50" school that took in 3 transfers in 2010--and 44 transfers in 2013!! Good work guys, and I mean that seriously. The surest way to strip the TTTT schools of their remaining luster is to siphon their best students into somewhat better schools. Not to mention the lost tuition from 2L and 3L students who went on to better things. That's got to hurt, and it should.

  17. What would be interesting is to see the history of college and LS tuition before and after the federal government got involved in higher ed loans. Once the taxpayers were kicked dragging and screaming into this mess, tuition was bound to shoot way up.

  18. We have looked at the numbers for a third tier commode, as well as at a fourth tier trash can. Now, we will review the figures for a first tier toilet and a second tier sewer – each selected at random.

    Boston College Law Sewer

    GPA and LSAT Scores

    Total number of applications: 3,717
    Total number of offers: 1,633
    Number of matriculants: 230
    75th percentile GPA: 3.64
    50th percentile GPA: 3.52
    25th percentile GPA: 3.32
    75th percentile LSAT: 164
    50th percentile LSAT: 162
    25th percentile LSAT: 159

    Tuition and Fees

    Full-time: $46,970

    According to this page, the sewage pit also does not offer scholarships that they plan on pulling later. To wit:

    Conditional Scholarships

    “The school does not award scholarships that may be reduced or eliminated based on law school academic performance other than failure to maintain good academic standing. Therefore, the school does not complete a 'conditional scholarship retention chart.”

    The bar passage rate for this school’s grads on the Massachusetts exam is high. Out of 180 BC Law graduates who sat for the state bar, 170 passed. This equals a 94.4% rate. By the way, is anyone else not impressed by the UGPA and LSAT scores of this commode’s 2014 entering class?

    Vagina Bob Morse at USN&WR lists Bo$ton College Law $chool as the 36th greatest, most amazing and remarkable law school in the entire damn country. With falling “standards” and fewer applicants, soon a 156 LSAT and a 2.95 UGPA will be enough to gain admi$$ion there. What an “honorable profession,” huh?!?!

  19. Time to flush the Cardozo Sewer of Law at Ye$hiva Univer$ity:

    GPA and LSAT Scores

    Total number of applications: 2,913
    Total number of offers: 1,452
    Number of matriculants: 339
    75th percentile GPA: 3.67
    50th percentile GPA: 3.47
    25th percentile GPA: 3.25
    75th percentile LSAT: 162
    50th percentile LSAT: 159
    25th percentile LSAT: 155

    Tuition and Fees

    Full-time: $53,570

    Conditional Scholarships

    Matriculating in 2013-2014
    Number entering with: 160
    Number eliminated: 14

    Matriculating in 2012-2013
    Number entering with: 146
    Number eliminated: 13

    Matriculating in 2011-2012
    Number entering with: 130
    Number eliminated: 11

    For February 2013 and July 2013, Cardozo featured the following numbers: 326 out of 385 first time test takers passed the New York state bar exams. This is an 84.68 percent passage rate, slightly below the state average. Remember, bar passage does not equal employment as lawyer. Dozens of these “successful” applicants are now doing things such as managing a Holiday Inn, selling insurance policies, tending bar, and serving pizzas.

    Car-Bozo Sewer of Law is ranked as the 64th “best” law school in the United States, by US “News” & World Report. In fact, it shares this garbage distinction with three other ABA-accredited diploma mills. What a terrific accomplishment!

  20. I looked at some of those information reports. I know by this point that law schools are scum bags, but it is still surprising to see such low LSAT and GPA scores and such high acceptance rates. Thomas Jefferson Law School, 85% acceptance rate, Charleston School of Law, 77% acceptance rate, New England Law Boston, 80% acceptance rate. The worst schools, with the weakest applicants, have the highest acceptance rates. Congratulations, you have been accepted to pay us $45,000 a year! You talented winner.

    Pure exploitation.

  21. Unfuckingbelievable. At least 50% of all matrics will never practice law - even at the level of shitlaw. Horrifying.

  22. Masturbatory fantasies. That is what these schools sell. The practice of law is like having to listen to others expel their filthy diarrhea all day long in the form of client lies and bogus legal arguments and then having to lick them up and digest them and then re-expel in a somewhat less foul excremental fashion.

    There are few less honorable ways to make a living. At least the hookers at Mustang Ranch are honest about what they are doing.


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