Friday, December 26, 2014

Worthless-Ass Third Tier Horse Excrement: University of Wyoming College of Law

Tuition: In-state, full-time law students at this dung pit will be charged $13,842 in tuition – for the 2014-2015 school year. Full-time, nonresident lemmings will be hit with $27,192 in tuition, for 2014-2015. Who wouldn’t want to attend such a prestigious in$titution of “higher learning” at those prices?!?!

Total Cost of Attendance: According to this same document, books will add another $1,200 to the tab, while living expenses are all lumped together into one figure. The rodents at this public outhouse estimate this sum as $14,670. This brings the total amount as $29,712 for Wyoming residents and $43,062 for out-of-state law students. 

Keep in mind that ABA-accredited piles of excrement base these costs on a school year. Seeing that actual law students will require expenses, we will prorate that number to reflect reality. Doing so, we reach the following, more accurate total COA numbers: $34,602 for in-state, full-time law students and $47,952 for nonresident, full time idiots. What a tremendous bargain, huh?!?!

Ranking: As you can see, the Univer$iTTTy of Wyoming Commode of Law is rated as the 129th greatest, most remarkable and amazing law school in the entire damn country – by US “News” & World Report! Hell, it only shares this distinction with the following five toilets: Drexel; Maine; North DakoTTTa; University of St. Thomas; and VermonTTT Law Sewer. Their mothers must be very proud of this “accomplishment.”

Published Employment Placement Statistics: Let’s take a look at the dung heap’s Class of 2013 School Report to the NALP, to see the job outlook for graduates. Apparently, there were only 76 members of this cohort. However, only 65 of these dolts landed employment within nine months of receiving their TTT law degree. This equates to a mere 85.5 percent “placement” rate.

Now, look under Employment Type. You will notice that only 33 members of this class reported working in private law firms. Here is the breakdown: two desperate solos, 18 grads employed in firms of 2-10 attorneys; four JDs hired by offices of 11-25 lawyers; two in firms of 51-100 lawyers; and seven supposedly working in offices of unknown size. Do you still like your ends of not ending up in toiletlaw or scratching out a living while representing dirt poor sons of bitches?!?!

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Univer$iTTTy of Wyoming Law Class of 2013 who incurred debt for law school - as $67,733. In fact, 91% of this garbage pit’s 2013 cohort took on such toxic debt. While this figure does not seem that daunting, don’t forget that this amount does not even include undergraduate debt – and also does not take accrued interest into account, as the student is enrolled.

The Cesspool’s World-Renowned Rural Law CenTTTer: Check out this TTT description, courtesy of the commode:

“Rural Law Center

Thank you for visiting the University of Wyoming Rural Law Center. The Rural Law Center is meant to further three general missions: 

• Provide service to rural communities and lawyers who practice law in rural areas. 
• Help prepare students for rural practice and service. 
• Facilitate scholarly research concerning the law relevant to rural areas and issues.” [Emphasis mine]

The entire state is a rural dung heap. But it’s nice that the taxpayers can support a foolish center focused on rural law. Hell, according to this source, Cheyenne, Wyoming has a total population of 59,466 – as of 2014. Yes, go ahead and open up your own legal practice in this thriving metropolis. You will be sure to make a financial killing!  Plus, small time farmers and businessmen must be thrilled to have a center that will produce top notch academic research into their issues, right?!?!

Conclusion: Avoid this third tier commode at all costs. If you do not mind incurring an additional $80K-$110K in NON-DISCHARGEBLE debt – for a chance to practice law in destitute areas – then go ahead and sign on the dotted line, Dumbass. Hopefully, you don’t plan on getting married or starting a family anytime soon. Spouses tend to like when you make more than subsistence wages. Children appreciate having several meals and snacks a day, not to mention necessities such as shoes, clothing, heat, etc. 

Also, good luck trying to land a mortgage with a putrid debt to income ratio. Again, women eventually want a home; it shows stability and security. Plus, these creatures don’t like pissing away large sums of money on rent. While you may be content to scratch your ass, pick your nose, and play video games all day long, you will not attract any decent partners with those habits. This is especially the case if you owe a total of $100K in student loans, while “raking in” $35K-$45K per year.


  1. I gave up on marriage a long time ago. The funny thing is that by all accounts I look like a man that should be in high demand. I'm a good age, I am educated, I am I guess attractive. But my career is completely dead in the water and even if a partner would want to overlook that, I certainly don't think it is the right environment for a happy marriage or family.

    So I am constantly questioned by relatives, friends, acquaintances and pretty much any older person at any social gathering about marriage. Normal people get married, and in the social circles that I am in, the community tries to go to great lengths to match "good" men and women together. I've been dodging and evading as much as I can about my financial situation and career, and sidestepping that stuff, but it is obvious I've created issues for myself. I think a few more years though and the questions should stop, pretty much everyone I know is married and the next generations are beginning to start, so I will be overlooked soon enough.

    Law school was a stupid idea. I don't know what the future holds, but I've really given up so it doesn't matter too much. I plan on just getting by somehow until it's my time to go. But it appears I will be alone for this journey. Thanks law school.

    1. quit dogding and evading. Just answer honestly. own it.

      See what happens. might be positive. People can't help you out if they don't know you're in a tight situation.

      Also: men are trained from infancy to not ask for help. In today's world there isn't much reason for that, like there was in days past. Try it out.

    2. Those sort of questions stopped for me a long time ago... they know better than to ask me about that sort of stuff now. I'm not particularly handsome, but I have - had - a nice personality and all that. Maybe when I'm 60 and start inheriting things.....

    3. @12:09: I did do that for a number of years. It either resulted in people outright mocking me, or people just giving me "resume advice" or telling me to "apply for government jobs" or "start your own practice (with a lot of debt, no experience, and no startup capital)."

      So I learned it's better not to say anything. While people will go to great lengths to help women, and that's why it makes sense for them to ask, the reason men don't ask is because they are humiliated or find nobody wants to help them anyway, so they stop asking.

      Better to keep your dignity, what little you have of it, than open yourself up to more attacks and giving up any bit of defense you may have had.

      Besides, everyone "knows" a person's situation. They can always ask your parents or other relatives and it's common knowledge. At some point I forbid my parents from talking about my financial situation. And thanks to that a lot of the questions DID stop.

    4. @1133,

      You sound, um, FAMILIAR. Are you sure you aren't in "high demand" because you REFUSE TO FUCKING WORK?? Maybe if you spent a little less time at "social gatherings," you could get that government job and bring your debt under control. But no - I suppose it's much easier to just live off of your parents forever.

    5. I wonder how many people fit that description now that it's "familiar." With 90 some odd million men out of the workforce, I guess it really is "familiar" to people.

    6. @737,

      You aren't fooling anyone, dude.

      Is that "thousand dollars" you offered also subject to interest, penalties, late fees, etc? I only ask because you are kind of "taking your time" paying it.

    7. @6:28: Grandpa, it wouldn't be much of a scam if there were jobs for the law grads. Government jobs are in high demand and very difficult to get for the past several years.

      People aren't working because they "REFUSE TO FUCKING WORK" they aren't working because nobody will hire them.

      Even doc review can afford to turn away 5 reviewers for every open seat these days. Doc reviewers are obviously working when they're employed, just to survive, and that's another reason doc review is collapsing too. Too many people desperate to work no matter how low the wage and how crappy the job.

    8. @830,

      Well, it depends on the person, right? There are some people who very definitely refuse to work. One such person stands out particularly on this site in his many, many comments.

      You sound like you have an informing touch of laziness in your own outlook. There are plenty of government jobs out there - the problem for a lot of you assclowns is that you think the only government job someone with a JD should accept must either (1) pay at least $200,000 per year, (2) allow you to sit in an office and goof off all day, or (3) both of the above. That whole "work" thing is just a deal-breaker for a lot of people. They may want a "job" - but they certainly don't want to work.

      Did you know that someone with a million dollars in student loans could have all his debt discharged, if he just worked for ten years as a high school janitor? LOL, I guess there is some fierce competition for janitor jobs, though - right? Nope! Some people would just rather be in debt than get your hands dirty.

    9. All right, 628/948. Tell us about your own job. You wouldn't be refusing to work, would you? Tell us what you do all day long, big man.

      It's an observed fact, almost a law of psychopathology, that the people who shout the loudest have something to cover up themselves.

    10. @104,

      Once again, you sound very, ahem, FAMILIAR. There's this one lazy character who lives with his parents and used to comment on this site all the time. He flat-out refused to work, and was also a lot more interested in finding out information about his critics than he was in responding to what they had to say.

      An amazing coincidence, no doubt. Obviously. On a completely unrelated note, do you have any YOUTUBE links for us today? Better yet, why don't you just keep your promise and stop posting here?

    11. You psychopath, you are responding to several different people with pretty idiotic posts.

      The original OP didn't state anything about not working, it's a fact that law grads struggle to have stable, rewarding careers.

      Your suggestion for someone to be a janitor does not make any sense. Are janitors high demand mates? Of course not, that's utterly absurd. I doubt those jobs are easy to get either.

      As someone that HAS paid off their student loans, I think people like you are a total joke. More than likely you are a Boomer, graduated 30 years ago with less than a tenth of the student loan debt and with far less law grads, and with the law degree not being the stain it is now on non-legal employment.

      You sound like the typical law school pig, blaming the victims, using ad hominem and a lot of strawman. I personally have no idea who you're even talking about, I assume Mr. Infinity, but that guy always identified himself as such. There are at least 3 different posters above, just by writing style and the tone of their comments, all of whom you've tried to insult in the same tired manner.

      Basically, STFU you freak. Worry about your own life as the other poster stated. It does seem WEIRD that you are attacking everyone pretending they are all one poster, and a very extreme poster at that. Nando already told you to lay off as well. I have mentioned before many times how the field of law is filled with sociopaths and undesirables. It is best for someone never to enter the legal landscape at all, but if they've gone to law school it's best for them to get out of it. People like Nando do a great service by exposing the scam and dealing with psychos like you, it's more than I personally am willing to do. But I'll call it out I guess when I see it.

      To the OP: you are definitely not alone and good luck. It's really rough and all you can do is just keep moving forward. Ignore the psycho's comments, and get the hell out of law if you can. A lot of people do get married later on in their lives.

    12. Which character is that? I've read this site for years and have no idea who you're referring to. I thought it was Mr. Infinity, but he is married and doesn't live with his parents, he just lives off student loans.

    13. @824,

      Talk is cheap, Lazybones. Yeah, I suppose you graduated from Yale with a 4.0, clerked for Roberts, etc, etc. I'll bet you paid off your debt - by giving nickel blowjobs, right?

      Your stupid claim about there being 3 different commenters is relevant, how? Those COMMENTS (which you keep referring to as "posts" for some reason) all say the same thing, right? Your point is?

      By the way, thanks for confirming what I said about how deadbeats like you would rather keep your debt than get your hands dirty with manual labor or janitor-type work. I'd like to "shine a light on" THAT little characteristic of yours. That way, the taxpayers could see the type of jetsam they are being asked to give a bailout to. The too-educated-to-work crowd. Doesn't exactly tug at the heartstrings, does it?

    14. @824,

      Oh, I can do a lot better than that!

      To the original OP: you should turn your nose up at any job that doesn't pay you $2 million a year to goof off all day. Resist the temptation to take a job that is "beneath" your exquisite educated ass. And whatever you do, DEFINITELY don't ever try to get a government job. It doesn't forgive your debt after ten years. That's a big lie. If you work for the government, they actually magically increase your debt one hundred-fold at the end of that period. Take it from 824, he says that he paid off all his debts, so he DEFINITELY must know what he's talking about. So just sit on your ass and wait for someone to kick down your goddamn door and whisk you away to a no-work $2 million job. It might take a while, but I'm sure it's bound to happen eventually.

    15. Hmm, yes, it's very obvious who is projecting, and who is a part of the law school scam.

      Nando, you really should erase this guy's posts and just ban him outright.

    16. RE: 854's request to erase/ban the hurty comments.

      Clearly the statement of someone who realises that he won the argument, amirite?

    17. Ban him, Nando. Permanently. He's a parasitic freerider on your effort and credibility. A hate-filled psychopath without a job who can't wait to call someone else lazy. lol

    18. RE: 8:47,

      You know what would REALLY add to this site's "credibility"? An endless diarrhea-stream of poems, banjo songs, and YouTube links to movies from the 1940s! Funny how our little "message discipline" troll never gets upset when he sees stupid shit like that, isn't it? Hey "message discipline" troll, if you get upset whenever you read any criticism of deadbeats like yourself, why don't you just skip over those comments, hm?

      Still waiting for our "message discipline" troll to list all the comments that he has made against the law schools. LOL

  2. Isn't everything in Wyoming shitlaw?

  3. My older brother went to a top 35 law school and one with a good reputation locally. Last year, he made $30K as a lawyer. He worked on mortgage and bank deals. The biggest deal he worked on he said was worth $120 million. And he made $30K.

    The idiot said he doesn't regret his decision. He lives with my other brother and his wife and kids. Dumbshit has his own wife and child. And he's living at his brother's house. I'm 8 years younger than him and I made $60K last year. If I'm not mistaken he scored a 170 on his lsat test. Honestly, I don't think I could score that high on the test but I'm doing a lot better than he is.

    1. It is hard to make good money in law unless you are willing to shed all of your ethics and happen to be a good liar. This is simply the truth. Brains do not have a whole lot to do with it. Common sense that keeps you OUT of law school is a lot more worthwhile.

    2. Haha you're better off becoming a community organizer. Pay is better and the potential is better. All you have to do is be a sellout with no ethics and you're set.

  4. Remember that Wyoming is supposedly a "bargain:" a heavily subsidized state school with low tuition for residents. The problem is that many students will have to borrow for living expenses. That alone is more debt than most legal jobs in Wyoming can justify.

    1. These 'legally under served' areas are where law grads are told by a segment of the elites to go forth, roll up their sleeves , get some humility, and serve the common folk. This advice comes from people who feed off the big law and/or university trough. The problem as noted is that, among other things, there is not enough paying client demand to support more than a very small number of lawyers-not only in places like Montana but really everywhere .

    2. That's one of the major things that is annoying about the scam. The law schools clearly are priced for Big Law, no matter where they are located. They have no rational connection to employment prospects or their physical location. It's absolutely absurd. The law profs and admins want to live the high life and want big numbers for their paychecks no matter what. In fact it's probably even cushier in those schools in the middle of nowhere because they'll keep even more of their inflated salaries.

      You would have to be a local, have rich parents, and have mentors for that to work, in which case you can work anywhere and you wouldn't have the student loan debt no matter where you went either. Most rural areas are very insular, and gossip is a way of life too. If you're not part of the network you probably won't be allowed in.

      Also, with the advent of cars and telephones, lawyers increased their geographic coverage areas. So even if you're in one physical area, there are probably attorneys in a bigger area a few counties down that will travel and do whatever work it is that needs to be done in your area.

    3. As I explained recently at Outside the Law School Scam, the law schools nowadays are overpriced even for people who end up in Big Law, to say nothing of the rest of us.

      Old Guy

    4. The in-state tuition at this school is tolerable at $14k provided there is employment, but there isn't. The law schools charging $40k+ a year for tuition are on the other end of the spectrum where the monthly interest is $1k+ after graduation. One often wonders if there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. Everything in America is a scam. And that's the truth.

  6. Anonymous 6:04PM makes a brilliant point regarding the irrelevance of location to both the law schools and , to a degree, 'coverage' of 'under served' areas by lawyers close enough to advertise and physically reach the clients. When I applied to law schools 25 years ago I naively thought that there would be some kind of ' local orientation' that the schools would cultivate . Instead, at my Big Ten flagship state school most professors had the supercilious attitude of elite mercenaries slumming it in this inferior place and never letting anyone forget that they went to Yale Law, 'practiced' for six months at Skadden, etc. which wouldn't have mattered if there were enough jobs EVEN in the early 1990's. A small sliver got Biglaw and state/ local government but many like me went out as solos. Now over half are out of law altogether,I went through our class roster over several nights of insomnia and checked. That seemed shocking even to a veteran scam watcher like me. But actually my class statistics was right in line with the Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers. And as far as the 'rural utopia' of 'under served ' rural and disadvantaged America goes, even counties an hour and a half from my large metro area are now flooded with city lawyers trying to get on court appointment lists which pay typically $35 per hour and no billing allowed for drive time etc. Any good/lucrative PI cases and other stuff is nabbed by the boutique -shitlaw firms here, to put it that way. They go out to the rural client or-guess what? The clients drive here. There is absolutely no untapped 'under served' untapped pool of business. None. And don't even get me started on the bloodbath that is small law here in this 'vibrant' Midwestern city. Divorces ( for the 10 percent or so that don't represent with the assistance of the local clerk's office) are going for $250....

    1. It's best to avoid law school altogether.

    2. My state instituted EDMS, (Electronic Document Management System) so you can file court docs and pleadings online, just like in Federal Bankruptcy Court. Now, you can file anything, any time, from anywhere.

      The Captain Capitalism guy covered that pretty well:

    3. I too am a state law school grad from 30 years ago, and 7:26 has it precisely; at this point the majority of my law school classmates are doing just about anything but practice law. Why? There was not way to make a living.

    4. 7:26am here-isn't it amazing?? All the horrible employment statistics/stories that have been brought to light in the last few years here and other places really are/were not 'new'-we 'old timers' didn't have it much better.

    5. I actually enjoyed some of law practice, but realized that to make serious money at it I would have to bend over like the most worthless whore, and that nothing is worth that. Truly, being a private detective would be a lot more fun and interesting than what 90% of lawyers do in today's practice environment. And probably more lucrative as well.

    6. It's obvious things were better 30 years ago, with less grads, far less debt, and a far stronger economy.

      This is a pretty stupid set of comments. I'm guessing all the bad comments are from that one schmuck that's probably just a law school pig looking to sabotage the comment section.

      The tactics are pretty clear. A ton of ad hominems, assuming things, and then playing double jeopardy in every accusation: no matter what the answer, the poster will argue and insult the outcome, even if they are diametrically opposed.

      "Go pay off your debt"

      "You didn't pay off your debt, it's impossible."

      "Go become a janitor."

      "Janitors are losers being subsidized by the taxpayer, if you have real ambition you would be a lawyer."

      Give me a fucking break. Nando clean up your comments section.

    7. Even the "under-served" areas want HYS grads. The judges are going to be probably T14 guys even in bumbfuck Ohio.

      It's like "My Cousin Vinny." You either have the pedigree or you have to somehow fake it, and these days it's going to be a lot harder to get away with having someone send a fake fax.

    8. Seriously, Nando, you can do without some twisted, unemployed law school dropout who vomits his hatred all over anyone who managed to graduate.

      Remember, this is the racist "black booty" troll who tried to discredit the scamblogs by leaving racist messages on your site. You leave them up, and he accuses you of being racist. That's how sick he is.

    9. @907,

      Um, actually, the only two people I ever see flinging around accusations of "racism" are (1) YOU and (2) a certain notorious blackmailer from Oyster Bay who is literally trying to suck his superannuated parents to DEATH.

      Oddly enough, our "message discipline" troll doesn't appear to be writing anything about the law schools. On the other hand, he LIVES to defend Painter. I wonder why?


    Let’s take a look at the Law School Numbers profile for the Univer$iTTTy of Wyoming Commode of Law:


    Wyoming Law School is considered a Competitive law school, which accepts only 46% of its applicants. Comparatively, Wyoming is Significantly Lower than the average cost for law school.”

    Hell, easy women are more selective than this dung heap. Then again, in the world of law school admi$$ion$, I suppose this acceptance rate is considered “competitive.” Review the following numbers:

    “Class of 2018

    Applications: 574
    Offers: 262
    Matriculated: 77

    25th percentile GPA: 3.16
    Median GPA: 3.43
    75th percentile GPA: 3.58

    25th percentile LSAT: 149
    Median LSAT: 153
    75th percentile LSAT: 156”

    Considering that MOST law students majored in soft sciences and the humanities, these undergraduate GPAs are not impressive. I suppose scoring a 149 on the LSAT would be an achievement – if you turned in your exam without even attempting the last section, and took a nap during the test.


    Deciding to attend law school requires a large financial investment with the goal of securing employment upon graduation. The University of Wyoming class of 2013 had an employment rate of 79% with 4% pursuing an additional degree.”

    Yes, who doesn’t go to law school with the intention of later pursuing an additional graduate school degree?!?! Furthermore, these “placement” rates also include those working in non-law positions.

    To the commenter at 6:28 am, 8:29 am, and 9:48 am:

    That particular law grad hasn’t posted on this site in some time. It is best to focus on the real culprits of the law school scam, i.e. the administrator cockroaches and “law professors.” Attacking those who have had their financial lives ruined by the pursuit of “higher education” does not serve that purpose.

    1. @759,

      Alright, fine. It is your site, after all.

    2. Yes, 3:46. It is his site. And it's dedicated to exposing the law school scam. You've never, ever in your life written a single thing against the law school scam. You have no right to be here.

    3. 3:46 is promoting the scam, it's pretty obvious the way he posts is designed to just shut people up.

      I'm out of the law game, and I'm glad it's a distant memory for me. This type of human garbage is all too common in all phases of the legal field, they are the majority.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. This type of human garbage is also all too common OUTSIDE the legal field. Some pervert ranting about "nickel blowjobs." Could very well be an inmate who hates his overworked public defender.

  8. Wyoming doesn't need a law school. Alaska doesn't have one, yet it still manages to exist. I appreciate what you're doing, Nando, but why insult the entire state?

  9. Nando, you want to hear how outrageous the law school scam sucks taxpayers money? In 2008 the New York State department of education gave a small Catholic college called St. John Fisher a $2 Million grant to study the feasibility of opening a law school. All that money wasted when today all one has to do is read your blog for free to realize it is not feasible. Look it up yourself on Google.

  10. Wyoming is a great state but the vile ho's and pimps who run this law school should be freaking ashamed, as should any fool who borrows money to attend this diarrhea infested tub of putrid excrement.


    Check out some of the clinical program offerings at the Univer$iTTTy of Wyoming Commode of Law.

    “Student Legal Clinics

    Student Legal Clinics are a program offered to UW Law students to expose students to a wide range of real experiences in the practice of law. Caseloads are actual cases, and students work with approved Law faculty and the client to work on the case. It is not a simulation.

    Six student legal clinics are offered in:

    Defender Aid
    Legal Services
    Domestic Violence
    Prosecution Assistance
    International Human Rights
    Energy, Environmental and Natural Resources”

    I’ll focus on the InTTTernaTTTional Human RighTTTs clinic:

    “The Center for International Human Rights Law & Advocacy at the University of Wyoming College of Law provides opportunities for students to engage with global human rights issues. Since the Center’s founding in August 2010, Wyoming students have represented individuals fleeing persecution in asylum proceedings, promoted the rights of women and girls in Mozambique and Cambodia, and advised lawmakers in Uganda on best practices relating to oil governance, among other projects.

    The Center facilitates internship opportunities, coordinates speakers, and houses the law school’s international experiential learning program. The Center also incorporates course offerings at the College of Law, including: International Human Rights Law, Public International Law and Immigration Law. The Center features the only experiential learning program in the Mountain West focused on international human rights protection and promotion. Under the supervision of experienced lawyers, Wyoming students have the opportunity to apply what they are learning in the classroom to real life problem-solving and to contribute to human rights education, research and advocacy through select partnerships with leading organizations and institutions around the world.”

    Does anyone with an IQ above room temperature believe – for one damn millisecond - that the U.S. State Department or Biglaw firms that have international law practices are looking to hire graduates from this third tier toilet?!?! As an alum of this garbage heap, the closest that YOU will get to practicing “international law” is representing broke-ass migrant farm workers in toiletlaw proceedings. Have fun making $35K per year as a legal practitioner, dumbass.

  12. Gotta ask: is 2015 the year an ABA accredited law school closes?
    Or are these guys so set that the scam will continue for years?

    1. I don't think any school will close any time soon. If no new schools open in 2015 that's at least a positive step.

      The way the system is setup, and how these things usually work, first the pigs will all set themselves up somewhere else, then replace themselves with some sacrifices. The sacrifices get the rug pulled out and get openly vilified, while the people that actually set everything up and benefited the most are long gone.

      These types of parasites come up with their exit plans long in advance.

  13. Estimado/Dear Don Nando,

    Happy holidays. I wrote to you years ago and discuss my nephew who was scammed by American law school in Ohio. He is now teacher English in Venezuela. He was teaching English in Colombia before but he find out that his student loan creditors cannot reach him in Venezuela. My nephew is very happy. He met a beautiful Venezuelan woman and he bought a house in the outskirts of Caracas. The morale of the story is you can start fresh again and rid yourself of the chains of the scammers.

    I am proud of my nephew. He beat the system with limited means. America is no longer no. 1 in the world. I hope you are doing well Don Nando.

    Keep up the good work.

    Su fiel amigo en el Sur,

    Vicente Rojas

  14. This is an unbelievable line of unprofessional and completely ludicrous comments. I normally do not take the time to respond to commentary such as this, nor do I allow myself to stoop to what I consider to be a lower level. But seriously - who in the heck crapped in your bowl of Cheerios? You and you alone are responsible for your own success and happiness - not the UW College of Law nor its administration. Every situation is what YOU and YOU ALONE make of it. Whether you are ultimately employed as an attorney upon graduation or go into another sector, this legal education is by far the best decision I have ever made to further myself down an already successful career path. This institution has some of the finest professors and individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Go to Harvard and get into huge debt. Or, come to Wyoming where you are taught by top Harvard graduates who CARE about the profession and the ultimate success of the student FIRST. Go to Yale and hope that one day you get to clerk for a judge and offer comments or possibly work directly with the AG's office. Or go to UW and do this all the summer of your 1L year. This law school is a hidden gem, filled with professors who have written the text books other law schools are using. It costs roughly 16K a year to go here, $500 a month for a single apartment, and you can walk to school. It's a safe campus, you have the mountains within a 20 minute drive if you like to hike, rock climb, ski, etc. The experiential learning clinics give you time to actually practice before you graduate, so you have a leg up on your other fellow graduates across the country. And there's a joint degree program where you can get your MBA, MA, or MPA all at the same time for considerable cost savings. I encourage anyone who is looking for a law school to check out UW College of Law - especially if you are interested in energy, environment, or natural resource law. Don't listen to the negative comments on here - this person is seriously out of line and has no clear notion of Wyoming, the College of Law, and the tremendous benefits this school offers. And sure, not everyone likes lawyers and agrees with the practice. So what. Not everyone has the ability or skillset to make the tough decisions attorneys have to make when it comes down to it. With great responsibility comes great honor and I'm proud to be a future attorney. And you're welcome for ultimately making your environment better, for ensuring nobody takes away your personal rights, and for representing you to the best of my ability even when I know you are morally wrong.

    1. Clearly written by a UW Law sycophant who drank the Kool-Aid. When you drink the UW Law Kool-Aid, you don't come back (without herpes)

  15. The University of Wyoming College of Law is not a place where the rule of law applies. When I was there Law Review Editors were having sex with each other in succession. Kind of a ritual, sexual handing off of the torch.

    Want that hot "A" exam outline? Be prepared to have sex with the right person (probably on law review, though there was a public professor/student indiscretion at the 3rd Street Bar I am aware of).

    There was an incident of mass cheating on one of Professor Welle's Contract exams. One of those "hot" outlines was going around. Class of 2010. These students were not expelled for dishonesty under the Honor Code. I imagine they are making a great deal of money now on the outside and just as unethical.

    If you're a person of color, be prepared to play the stereotype otherwise you don't exist. One of the few persons of color in my class, I was hazed and then Dean Parkinson did nothing.

    Stay away minorities, people of color, and be prepared to sleep your way to the top if you're a woman. "You only get one reputation" takes on more than one meaning at UW Law. A sleazy place full of sleazy people.

    Jerry Parkinson, one time Dean and current Professor Emeritus, was a Federal Agent involved in American Indian Movement Massacres of the 70s and 80s. Native Americans are not welcome at UW Law (unless they play the Mexican or can pass for white).

    They even put Parkinson's name on a plaque outside the Annex because he was so good at raising money from other white racists. You'd think in Wyoming they'd be able to recruit some Native Americans. Not with remnants of white nationalism like this sticking around.

    Steer clear from UW College of Law unless you plan on fucking and cheating your way to the top. If you're not white and don't want to play the stereotype, don't bother. You're a second class citizen here.


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