Thursday, March 5, 2015

First Tier Crusty Outhouse: University of Colorado Law School

We finally visit the campus where Paul Campos teaches. The man has done a great service in hammering away at the law school industrial complex, from the inside. Feel free to break out your Birkenstocks and tie dye T-shirts, and trek over to Boulder, Colorado.

Tuition: In-state residents attending this public toilet on a full-time basis are being hit with a big-ass tuition bill of $31,824 – for the 2014-2015 school year. Non-resident, full-time law students at the Univer$ity of Colorado face a gigantic bill of $38,610, for 2014-2015. To be fair, these figures include fees as well. Isn’t it wonderful to see that these state schools offer such affordable prices?!?!

Total Cost of Attendance: Based on this same document, living expenses will add $19,286 to the big-ass tab for in-state students. Everything remains the same for nonresidents, except for an additional $724 in transporation. Apparently, the gigantic Jeeps, 4 Runners and Range Rovers driven by Colorado residents get better gas mileage than the cars driven by those outside the state. This brings the total, estimated COA to $51,110 for Colorado residents and $58,620 for out-of-state victims enrolled full-time. What a bargain, huh?!?!

Remember, ABA-accredited diploma mills make this assessment on an academic calendar. Seeing that actual law students will require costs over 12 months – and not just nine months out of the year – we will prorate the following items: rent, utilities and food; personal expenses; and transportation. Doing so, we reach the following, more accurate, total COA figures: $56,153 for in-state resident, and $63,904 for non-resident, full-time law students. Who wouldn’t want to pay this amount, in exchange for a prestigious “legal education”?!

Ranking: At such prohibitive costs, one would expect this “institution of higher learning” to have one hell of a reputation in the academic and legal communities. According to Bob Morse and US “News” & World Report, the Univer$ity of Colorado Law Sewer is rated as the co-43rd greatest, most illustrious and marvelous law school in the entire damn country. It shares this distinct “honor” with Wa$hington and Lee $chool of Law. This is the equivalent of being the 6th best member of your junior high school chess team.

Published Employment Placement Statistics: Let’s take a look at the outhouse’s Employment Summary Report for 2013 Graduates. You will note that there were 176 members of this graduating class. Of this amount, a total of 159 JDs were employed in some capacity. Two grads did not provide their employment status to the school. This leads to a “placement” rate of 91.4%, i.e. 159/174.

Before you heap praise on this commode, keep in mind that only 140 of these positions were full-time and long term. Here is the best part: a total of 18 graduates were hired in law school or university-funded positions. Of this amount, only seven of these jobs were full-time and long term. Yes, the trash pit is looking out for the students, and not its ranking, right?!?! This tactic alone artificially boosted the “placement” rate by more than 10 percentage points – as it would have been 81% flat, i.e. 141/174. 

Furthermore, scroll down to the section labeled Employment Type. You will notice that only 51 members of this large cohort reported working in private law firms. This is from the 43rd “best” law school in the nation! That should tell you something about the supposed quality of this dung heap. People typically attend law school with the intent to practice law, not to write screenplays or sell insurance policies.

Anyway, here is the breakdown of those in private practice: one desperate solo; 17 in firms of 2-10 lawyers; four more in law offices of 11-25 attorneys; seven hired by firms of 26-50 lawyers. One grad landed a job in an office with 51-100 attorneys, while five others found employment in firms with 101-250 lawyers. One person reported working in a law firm of unknown size - presumably in his mother’s basement. Only three JDs were hired by firms of 251-500 attorneys and 12 landed in offices of more than 500 lawyers. Do you still want to take the gamble, Lemming?!

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Univer$ity of Colorado JD Class of 2013 who incurred debt for law school - as $115,866. Somehow, only 77 percent of this trash heap’s 2013 cohort took on such toxic debt. Don’t forget that this amount does not even include undergraduate debt – and also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.

Conclusion: Avoid this trap school/public cesspool, unless you are seriously connected or wealthy. This is a school for spoiled, rich kids masquerading as hippie scum. It is expensive to live in the city of Boulder. As this Forbes piece points out, the cost of living there is 18.4% higher than the national average. How does that sound to you, Dumbass?!?! Still want to sign on the dotted line?

Look at the law student indebtedness figure noted above, for those graduating from this toilet in 2013. Did you notice that nearly one quarter of the class earned their law degrees, without taking on any student debt? Colorado is home to some exclusive enclaves such as Snowmass Village, Vail, and Aspen. Do you think that perhaps they have connections to the hiring managers and other employers? While YOU are depriving yourself of sleep for the next three years, these kids can skate by – knowing that their fathers can make a couple of phone calls and secure excellent jobs for them. Good luck “competing” against those odds, chump.


  1. You have to be perpetually high to pay that outrageous tuition rate at Colorado Law School.

    While I admire Paul Campos for helping expose the law school scam, he is employed by the same nuthouse that granted tenure to Nancy Leoung, whose claim to fame was authoring a ridiculous law review article that bears a silly title (i.e., "The Open Road and the Traffic Stop: Narratives and Counter-Narratives of the American Dream"). I can't blame Nancy though. Colorado Law also employs her seemingly hapless husband who apparently had to rely on his wife to get him a job.

    Colorado Law is not a prestigious school. But hey, if you want to throw away 3 years and good money so that you can subsidize social leeches like Ms. Leoung, by all means go to Colorado.

    Here's a protip: If you go to Colorado Law, you must also factor in the cost of 3 years worth of marijuana because you are going to need it to make sense of the garbage law review articles spewed by these ivory tower hacks.

  2. I think Leoung (sp?) teaches/taught at Denver U., while Campos is at U. of Colorado. But you're right -- the stated budget might not include adequate funds for Colorado-specific recreational activities.

  3. Starting a legal career in this shit job market in excess of $50K in student loan debt is no longer a stupid decision. It's plain suicidal. And even $50K is somewhat excessive given that you're paying twice the interest of a standard home mortgage.

    If you can get a full scholarship, or if your folks can afford the tuition and costs, then it's probably a good school. Otherwise, the cost of debt financing an education here makes this an awfully poor investment.

    Law is a losing bet unless you're already among the ranks of the privileged, protected and connected classes. Don't think for a minute that there's actually a level playing field, or even a hint of meritocracy, in this "profession."

  4. Anybody that would teach at this law school is a pig.

    1. If you cared to inform yourself, you'd find that Colorado was once a decent law school. It was the academic greed and arrogance of the last 20 years that turned it into a scam, both financially and professionally. The real pigs are the law professors who still encourage their students to become unnecessary professors at unnecessary law schools, and consistently lie about law school outcomes in order to keep unnecessary law schools open for few more years.

      If all the third-tier toilets, especially Denver Sturm, would quit lying to their students and just close down, then Colorado would be a decent law school again.

    2. Ahh the Lance Armstrong defense. Everybody else is doing it so we should do it too.

    3. I'm not sure what I think is worse. Someone benefiting from a scam and then claiming it's not a scam, or someone benefiting from a scam and then selling a book and making more money off of telling everyone it's a scam.

      At the crux of it, both parties benefit greatly from it, and neither is willing to give up the gravy train. Certainly I don't think either is worthy of praise. Perhaps one is not worthy of derision, but I have a hard time really separating that out too much.

    4. Since you're too much of a coward to mention the name "Campos," let me do it for you. When Campos got his job at Colorado, there wasn't an obvious scam. Several things are different now, especially the inflated tuition rates to which Campos continually takes exception. Someone who goes into law teaching now, or even worse someone who receives a large salary to encourage others to go into law teaching, is making a much clearer decision to benefit from the misery of others and should be condemned.

    5. Law has been a scam from the 70s onwards. The cost is greater now, but it was always a lemon.

      Actually they probably could have kept skating by, but they are pigs that couldn't help themselves and just kept raising tuition to ridiculous levels, and pumping out more and more students. I'd say the scam got really bad from around 2000, that's when the tuition REALLY began to spike up. 2005 when bankruptcy protection was removed became a true feeding frenzy. The pigs knew they could really charge a lot of money at that point.

      If Campos started at Colorado after the 70s, which he surely did, he was complicit in the scam for decades. And certainly the last 10-15 years, nobody, especially someone within the system itself, could possibly have been ignorant.

      Campos is no hero. And he certainly doesn't need zealous defenders for his lily white honor. What a joke. Are you going to go wax on about Jaime Daimon being victimized next? These people are defenseless and don't have a voice, better speak up for them! For good measure, find a way to blame some random brown orphan kids in some third world shit hole for the failing world economy. Those third world orphans don't need a voice to speak in their favor since they're highly educated, sophisticated, and have platforms to speak their message you know.

    6. Sure, campos should be a martyr and resign, just so you would be happy with him.

    7. Tuition in the 2000-2001 was 6500/year for in-state, and everyone was granted in-state after first year. UCLS was late to the scam game.

    8. @ 10:31 PM

      Unfortunately, I am coming around to your point of view rather rapidly, and here's why.

      Law professors do have some power. They could be a powerful lobby for the restoration of bankruptcy protection; they could advocate that IBR, PAYE be counted as a 'default' against the schools under the Code of Federal Regulations; they could speak out against the treasonous behavior of the ABA, but they don't.

      The most you'll get is a sort of self-defensive, well, I think bankruptcy should be restored.

      No law review articles, no organizing of students, no amicus curiae, no conferences, no clinics to bring strategic litigation, etc.

      They don't vigorously advocate for these things, because if bankruptcy were restored, their schools would close. They go only so close to the cliff and no further.

      None of these professors wants HIS law school to close even though he knows it would be for the good of society if it closed.

    9. The point is -- Paul Campos is benefiting from the law school scam, just like other law professors. If you're going to give Campos a pass, you should give them a pass, too.

    10. i do give most professors a pass. They were hired to teach law, not lead a revolution. They owe absolutely nothing to law students other than that of being good professors. You have all targeted the wrong people
      It is the boards of trustees that allow this to go on, and the presidents of these organizations. Professors are merely low level employees for the most part. And of course they are intetested in their jobs. Thats why your attacking these people have never resulted in any changes.

    11. Colorado was never a "decent" law school 11:01. No one ever cared much abou it. No one ever will.

  5. Nando, thank you for your years of dedication in exposing this pernicious and filthy industry. I used to be a lawyer but got out of the profession because my life was in jeopardy. I am inspired to write this comment in light of the recent news coming out of Massachusetts, where an attorney was recently attacked with a hatchet by a client's ex.

    Back in 2006, I used to be a solo in a small town. I did every type of law, from real estate closings to divorces. I had been practicing as a solo since 2003 and realized that there were times of feast followed by famine. Although real estate was booming in 2006, I knew "famine" was around the corner so I decided to pick up a divorce case that cost me my career. I was retained by a woman who was abused by her husband. I filed a domestic violence complaint and also for divorce on her behalf. I should have done some research because I later found out that my client's husband was the son of my town's police chief. Within weeks of taking this case my local police began a harassment campaign against me. The first time I was pulled over, I asked why I was stopped. The officer said, "you have a busted tail light." When I said "no I don't," his partner smashed my rear tail light with his billy club. I was given 7 tickets, including a bullshit seatbelt ticket, careless driving, failure to exhibit insurance papers (I gave it to the officer but he "lost it" and claimed I never gave it to him.

    Throughout the course of the divorce proceeding, the judge was really nasty to me. I later found out that the judge and the chief of police belong to the same Elks club and play golf together. Several times, my car was mysteriously vandalized, e.g. slashed tires, broken windows, side mirrors removed, etc.). Later, I began receiving death threats via telephone. When I complained to my local police, they ignored me.

    During one of the divorce mediation hearings, my client's ex cornered me in a room and grabbed my throat. He proceeding to choke me while saying "You are out of your depth counsellor. You better withdraw from this case or I will fucking kill you." It was a scary incident but I felt somewhat comforted knowing that my client's ex committed an dumb mistake by threatening me in a room that was monitored by closed circuit TV. Well, surprise surprise, no one saw the incident and the recorder was broken so I had no way to corroborate my version of what happened.

    In the course of almost a year, my home was burglarized 4 times. I was the only house on my block that was burglarized. I guess the burglars thought I was the only house in my neighborhood that had enough valuables to make worth burglarizing. I knew my client's ex was involved in the burglaries since there was a stench of cheap cigar smoke behind. My client had told me that her ex smoked Te amo cigars on a regular basis and those cigars have a distinct odor. I stopped complaining to the police when the desk sergeant threatened to arrest me for filing a false report.

  6. (cont.)

    Anyway, I closed up shop in Nov. 2007 and moved away. By that point real estate had dried up and I felt that a dead man walking. I sought therapy and was placed on multiple kinds of medication.

    Today, I am better. I abandoned the practice of law and now own a moving and storage company. I write this comment because TV and Hollywood does not show the nasty side of the law. They sell the law as if a typical day in law is equivalent to what happens on a typical episode of "Suits," "How to Get Away with Murder," or "Boston Legal." The fact is I was driven out of this profession and it almost cost me my life. Anyone who considers law school should invest in time deliberating this decision. Law school is not like "Legally Blonde" and you certainly won't be making beaucoup bucks practicing law out of the backseat of a Lincoln while accompanied by a security detail of your local Hells' Angels MC ("Lincoln Lawyer style").

    I find it crazy for anyone to consider going into so much serious debt for a chance to play what I consider Russian Roulette.


    1. You should have gone to the Justice Department or US Attorney. These people who did this to you should be in jail and publicly put in a position where they cannot ever get jobs because they are hardened criminals.

    2. I actually considered taking this route. In fact, when I went to the police station, I told the desk sergeant I would go the USDOJ Civil Rights Division. He gave me a veiled threat when he told me "Do you think they would believe a convicted drug dealer? Whose to say the police won't find a pound of weed in your car tomorrow?" I couldn't take the chance of being criminally charged and railroaded by planted evidence and a corrupt police department.

      I have accepted that being a lawyer in the long run was not in the cards for me. My student loans (including undergrad and bar exam loans) was $35K. Law school didn't break me, the legal profession did. When I read kids breaking Uncle Sam's bank for $200K to go to law school, it is a losing bet.

      For example, back in 2006 I was doing about 25 real estate closings a month. I was charging between $800-$1,200 a closing. Nowadays, title insurance companies act as settlement agents; thus, attorneys, i.e., the middle men, are no longer needed as title companies charge no more than $350 for a closing. It is hard to make money as a lawyer today. At least I provide a needed service and my customers pay good money for moving and storage needs. When I was a lawyer, every other client tried to nickel and dime me on my fees. And you cannot try the canard of suing a client for fees because the internet has taught clients to countersue for malpractice and file for fee arbitration which will drive your malpractice premiums through the roof. Good luck taking a client to small claims court for $500 when such bonehead move will cost you thousands of dollars in lost time, legal defense costs and increased insurance premiums.

      Of course, the law schools don't divulge this aspect of "law practice." They would rather paint the Biglaw rosy outcome, which in my opinion, is also a losing proposition. I know many Biglaw associates who suffered mental breakdowns and relied on drugs to get by. Believe me, there is nothing glamorous about this fucked up profession.

    3. Lol. You went into the wrong profession from the start. You should have been writing fiction for a living.

    4. No one would publish his work, it's all cliches. The busted tail-light thing has been in several movies.

  7. ^See that kids?

    Still wanna practice in this piece of shit profession (which quit being a profession decades ago)?

    Here's a personal and small example of how law sucks. I was in court today wearing my typical threadbare shitlawyer suit from JC Penneys. (My right shoe has a small hole in the sole too.) While stealthily adjusting my balls over my pants I tore a small hole over the crotch of my JC Penneys pants. I was in fucking court when this happened. On a small claims court matter for a temp agency being sued for backpay. The client looked at me like I was the world's biggest dummy. The guy suing us laughed to himself so hard afterward I thought the motherfucker was hyperventillating. And he lost the case. Thanks Temple Law.

  8. The time is RIPE for anyone with below a 150 lsat!!! This exam was always an artificial barrier to the entry of law school. Join now and wait for the market to re-bound. And don't forget you can discharge student gov. loans after 20 years ( not private). Or join public service work for 10 years, and do income based repayment... or marry rich. Don't stop chasing the dream of being like the team of lawyers on the practice. LAWYER = FUTURE MINISTER OF JUSTICE !!!!! go Cooley !!

  9. To any prospective Colorado law student: be smart. Skip this pile of dung and get a job in a pot dispensary.

    1. Curiously enough, but I think a long, criminal, drug record is actually a plus, for such a job.

  10. Not too many working in law firms from this school. Even with a wealthy segment of students. It's a shit school.


    Let’s take a look at the commode’s “world-renowned” American Indian law program. Here is a partial description:

    "The American Indian Law Program at Colorado Law

    At Colorado Law, we believe that American Indians deserve the very best lawyers and that we have an obligation to train them. Our American Indian Law Program faculty, including the nation’s top scholars and practitioners in the field, offers a full slate of introductory and advanced classes in the field to prepare students for all aspects of Indian law practice, and we now have dozens of successful alumni practicing Indian law in tribal government, federal agencies, and at law firms. Colorado Law graduates are equally prepared to work on impact litigation, economic development, policy advocacy, individual legal services, and tribal governance in Indian law. Our American Indian Law Program also appeals to many students with broader practice interests in natural resources, public lands, property, museum and art law, technology, entrepreneurship, family law, and beyond. Indeed, because American Indian law raises questions regarding the rule of law and legal pluralism, the contours of sovereignty and governance, cross-cultural representation and minority rights, and interdisciplinary study and practice, it offers important intellectual development opportunities for all Colorado Law students.

    Drawing from the legacy of some of our earliest alumni, including the famous legal advocate and intellectual Vine Deloria ’70, and our relationship with the Native American Rights Fund, founded by the late Dean David Getches, our approach to American Indian law is deeply grounded in Indian Country. The American Indian Law Program at Colorado Law provides students with opportunities to gain practical experience and serve Indian people and tribes through the American Indian Law Clinic; externships at NARF, the Ute tribes, and Denver Indian Center; and clerkship opportunities at law firms and tribal courts. In conjunction with the Colorado Indian Bar Association and other sponsors, we have a new annual Speaker Series and Conference, allowing Colorado Law to serve as the region’s convening institution for tribal leaders, advocates, scholars and community members to address the most pressing challenges in Indian law and policy."

    Yes, this is a highly lucrative area of practice, right?!?! I’m sure those clients are stashing big bags of cash under their trailers or in their 1991 Ford pickups. Hell, law grads have a hard time choosing between Biglaw and representing broke-ass indigents in tribal courts. Get real, idiots. You can pack your annual speaker series up your bloated rectum, pigs.

    Honestly, the school’s description above just makes you want to vomit. These bitches and hags KNOW that this will entice many young progressives and well-meaning fools to their law school. However, it’s not as though a few conferences, or having more recent grads practicing Indian law, is going to somehow alter the $y$tem or “balance the scales.” This is merely a pet project for left-leaning, academic lightweights/policy ass-hats. Do YOU want to incur an additional $130K-$170K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a chance to represent piss poor clients in tribal court?!?!

  12. The only hope these clowns have would be trying to represent the red skins in setting up some kind of land-based casino for the tribe.

    Scalp-um poor people and make much wampum.

    But I doubt they would use Colorado grads for this. As with everything else, probably a HYS grad. In fact, they would. Often these tribes send their own on the 'diversity' card to a HYS and then they come back and do the dirty/leg work required.

    1. Seriously? I can't even...

    2. Can't even what?

      Finish a sentence because you're a fucking PC idiot?

      Thanks for posting! Message Discipline Troll!!

  13. Law School=Depression

    1. Law School = Suicide

    2. It's what you make of it.

  14. Wtf?! How many of these dumps are there? It seems there are more TTT shit schools than Subway franchises.


    The Univer$ity of Colorado Law Sewer offers several TTT publications. For instance, as a student at this dung heap, you can write onto something called the Colorado Natural Resources, Energy & Environmental Law Review! Check out the following descripTTTion:

    “The Colorado Natural Resources, Energy & Environmental Law Review provides a forum for natural resources, energy, and environmental law and policy on local, regional, and global scales. Formerly known as the Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law & Policy (CJIELP), the Colorado Natural Resources, Energy & Environmental Law Review published its first issue under its current name in the summer of 2013.

    CJIELP was founded in 1989 by an enterprising group of law students interested in creating a publication that focused on the then emerging field of international environmental law. As the great environmental issues of our times have been increasingly addressed at multiple levels of governance through disparate bodies of law, CJIELP gradually broadened its scope to include these approaches without changing its title. The Board of Editors believes that the new title will not only reflect this broader scope, but will position the publication to attract articles about the most pressing issues related to natural resources, energy, and the environment for years to come.

    The Colorado Natural Resources, Energy & Environmental Law Review continues to publish articles about public international environmental law and global environmental problems. We anticipate featuring an international article or note in every issue of the Colorado Natural Resources, Energy & Environmental Law Review.”

    You don’t even need to open an article link – or thumb through the old hard copies of this journal – in order to fall asleep. By the way, the portion above is only a partial description from the law school.

    Regarding how being an editor on this thing will increase your career prospects, you can wipe your ass with this damn publication. That is all it will be good for, dolts. If you include it on your resume, be prepared for hiring managers and HR directors to laugh their asses off. Hell, even their unpaid interns will chuckle at your expense, Dumbass.

  16. Which law school is a bigger piece of shit, Touro or Pace?

    1. Does it matter? This has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

    2. @650,

      Haha! GET 'im, Message Discipline Troll!

      Of course, Koch's YouTube roach-links and poems about banjos and turd face-painting have EVERYTHING to do with "the topic at hand," right?

  17. Dear Philadelphia Bar Association:

    The most pressing threat to the integrity and public image of the legal profession is the epidemic of the diploma mill law school. These institutions of “higher learning” threaten the reputation and integrity of every lawyer in America by producing more lawyers than the economy can absorb. Any discussion about the rules of professional conduct or ethical duties must consider current competition and market forces in the legal market place. This competition creates tremendous pressure that causes members of our profession to make ethical decisions based on economic necessity rather than professional integrity.

    Since the American Bar Association seem incapable of confronting the ethical threat created by this saturated legal market, in which a degree in jurisprudence is virtually worthless, the Philadelphia Bar Association needs to step in to fill the void. It cannot sit idly by and wait for the federal Department of Education to confront the current problem by limiting the number of available seats that ABA accredited institutions can offer. Furthermore, the members of the Philadelphia Bar Association better not hold their breath waiting for the Department of Education to intervene while these institutions of “higher learning” destroy young lives with crushing student loan debt.

    I propose that the Philadelphia Bar Association take a move out of the playbook drafted by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Over the last few years, the IBEW Local 98 has staged a number of protests in and around the Philadelphia area. During these protests, the IBEW has inflated large plastic rats wearing shirts that display the name of the target they are protesting. The IBEW Local also sets up a sound system and plays a recorded message in the street while picketing outside locations. The recording states, “Your community is crying for jobs, participation and fair wages. [Then the sound of a crying baby]”.

    The Philadelphia Bar Association needs to form a committee that will institute a picket line around area law schools that are currently saturating an already flooded legal market. It should start with Drexel since it just recently gained accreditation when its administration clearly knew, and were fully aware, that the Philadelphia legal market was oversaturated. Unemployed and underemployed Philadelphia Bar Association members should march over to West Philadelphia with several inflatable pigs wearing Drexel shirts and the crying baby recording. That noise should play from nine till five everyday outside that law school until the administration gets the point.

    1. What a great and creative idea! I have been in the Philadelphia commercial real estate business for a long time, and know that the growling supersize inflatable rat is one of a building owner’s biggest nightmares. Giant inflatable law pigs should adorn all of the regional toilets, including Rutgers Camden, Villanova, and possibly Temple. The Villanova pig should have a big fraud sign affixed to its snout to commemorate the shenanigans with the faked LSAT admissions data that were submitted to the ABA. In addition, perhaps a big blow up doll to memorialize the former Villanova dean’s proclivity for hookers.

  18. I enjoy your articles, but I think many of the comments posted are extremely immature, which is a real shame, because it takes so much away from your point. Many of the comments tell me that the posters have no life and would have failed at anything they went to school for.

    1. I get a very cynical/defeatist vibe from this entire blog. It banks on a gloom and doom mindset of the legal field that looks to bring everyone down. We get a biased view that offers no positive aspects of the legal field. Why don't we ever here from the 70% who did get jobs? Do you know why? It's because they aren't the ones who go on blogs to bitch about whatever problems they have. Yeah it's a tough ride, its not going to be easy, I think most understand that. Ever thought that some people don't want to work in Biglaw selling their souls to big firms? 80 hrs a week? Yeah, fuck that shit.

  19. We should give some credit to this school for employing Paul Campos, one of the few examples of benign use of faculty tenure. His great book, Don’t go to Law School Unless… Is the most succinct and articulate piece of writing I have seen on why the overwhelming majority should not go to law school. I have recommended this to several young people and it very effective in shaking lemmings out of their blind naivety. Too bad this book is not recommended by every undergraduate prelaw advisor. Had I read it before I attended a useless second tier toilet 25 years ago, I would have bypassed law and gone straight to a business career.

    1. There have been other books like that. I read a book before law school myself back in 2004, where in the first few pages the writer essentially stated if you didn't get into a top law school you wouldn't have a career in law.

      The problem is finding these books. The scam bloggers like Nando brought attention to the scam and with their tireless effort legitimized it over time. Prior to that, any attorney (and I'm sure that person was an attorney) would be shouted down or shamed by the law school cartel. The law school cartel attacked the scam bloggers with everything they had after all, just imagine how it must have felt being alone and not having that public feedback to see that you were having an effect.

      Law school is an incredibly toxic scam. It's sad that it's still going, it really goes to show you how worthless the DOE and the Federal government are in general. If we know it's a scam, and have been beating the drum so long, they have even better information that indicates it's a scam for even longer, and yet they do nothing. It's hard to have faith in any level of the government when you see how little they've done in this case, and in fact how they've created a lot of the problems themselves.


    Look at the Law School Numbers profile for the Univer$ity of Colorado Law Sewer:


    Colorado Boulder Law School is considered a Competitive law school, which accepts only 35% of its applicants. Comparatively, Colorado is Higher than the average cost for law school.

    Class of 2018

    Applications: 2802
    Offers: 953 (34.01)
    Matriculated: 152 (5.4%)

    25th percentile UGPA: 3.35
    Median UGPA: 3.65
    75th percentile UGPA: 3.79

    25th percentile LSAT: 159
    Median LSAT: 164
    75th percentile LSAT: 166

    That is not a great yield on the numbers of students accepted. Apparently, this commode isn’t that prestigious after all.


    Deciding to attend law school requires a large financial investment with the goal of securing employment upon graduation. The University of Colorado Boulder class of 2013 had an employment rate of 90% with 0% pursuing an additional degree.”

    Then again, as I pointed out in the main entry, the cockroaches hired 18 of their own graduates in university or law school-funded positions. People don’t attend law school so that they can end up in temporary jobs that will artificially boost their trash pit’s “employment” placement figures. However, the pigs know that broke-ass, unemployed JDs will jump at the opportunity, because they have MASSIVE student loans to repay.

  21. For 38 years the solo practice of law has damaged my adult life-income, benefits, vacations, family time…-all have suffered.
    And today, the damage continues. 6 more years to go.

    My children will NOT be lawyers. (And they are not.) How else can I convince anyone that lawyering is a bad deal?

  22. The President of Bradley University (Peoria, IL- a bit South of the North Pole) which started "pre-lawl" program just a few years ago, (Bradley founded as a horology (watchmaking) school, now a regional engineering school, has resigned at the end of the school year. A professor I met said "BU has no business starting a law school." How right he was. Probably no law school starting up at BU at this point.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.


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