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ABA Cockroaches Deny Provisional Accredition to Indiana Tech Law School But Approve Concoria University School of Law

Indiana TTTTTech Temporarily Flushed: On June 10, 2015, Noelle Price’s article, “Provisional Accreditation Denied to Indiana Tech Law School,” appeared in the JD Journal. Look at this opening: 

“According to the Indiana Lawyer, the American Bar Association has denied provisional accreditation to Indiana Tech Law School. Without accreditation, students will not be able to sit for the state bar exam, according to the Journal Gazette

On Tuesday, the Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar explained in a memorandum that the application for provisional ABA approval was rejected. The school is just two years old and is located in Fort Wayne. The school received notice of the decision prior to the publication of the memorandum. 

Dean Charles Cercone said, “While we are disappointed not to receive accreditation at this time, we were encouraged that the Council narrowed the issue we need to focus on, and we believe that the Council has provided us with good feedback as we begin the reapplication process.” According to, the school is optimistic that it will receive a vote from the ABA next year. 

Cercone was named dean in November. 

On June 5 and 6, the council heard a presentation by Dean Cercone and other officials from the school. Indiana Tech said that the presentation was productive, but details have not been revealed. 

The school’s first dean stepped down after less than one year.

The school has 30 days to appeal the decision. If the appeal is filed properly, it will be considered by an appeals panel, and the council’s current decision would be stayed pending the final decision.” [Emphasis mine]

Perhaps they should have had Vice Dean andrĂ© douglas pond cummings make the presentation in spoken word/hip-hip format. Frankly, this appears to be a temporary setback for the Indiana Tech Law Sewer pigs. Every now and then, the American Bar Association cockroaches need to show that “they take the accreditation process seriously.” You can bet your ass that this stench pit will appeal within 30 days. Hell, the morons didn’t shut down operations after having enrolled 30 students in its first year entering class.

Concordia “University” Fares Better: On June 9, 2015, KTVB reporter Kim Fields presented a segment labeled “Concordia Law Earns Provisional Approval.” Check out this comical portion:

“Concordia University School of Law in downtown Boise has received provisional accreditation from the American Bar Association. 

Earning provisional approval from the American Bar Association means the school's graduates will be able to take the bar exam. It also demonstrates the school's compliance with ABA Standards for Approved Law Schools. 

The school's students are busy studying for the bar exam scheduled this July. 

Dean Cathy Silak says earning the provisional approval is a very exact and strict process that takes several years, and it was a key milestone the school set out to accomplish when it first opened. 

"This is truly exciting. We have such a high-quality student body, faculty and staff. And so now these students will be eligible to take the bar exam here in the state of Idaho. So we're just so excited for them too," said Silak. 

Another big milestone for Concordia Law is its first commencement ceremonies in Boise scheduled for August 8 with some 27 graduates.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, Cathy, gaining provisional accreditation is a super exact and strict process. According to the ABA, there are currently 205 institutions with ABA approval – including five commodes with provisional status. Hell, skid row bums are more strict and discriminating when it comes to their choice of cheap vodka.

By the way, look at the 0:31 second mark of the video. You will see a bunch of old guys with laptops, listening to a boring-ass law lecture. It’s funny that they are all dressed up in slacks and dress shirts. I understand that the swine want to make a good impression, but this is artificial. At any rate, being eligible to take the Idaho bar exam is not a big deal. It does not mean that you will land a lawyer job – especially if you’re a 45 year old white guy with a big-ass mustache who just graduated from a provisionally-accredited dung heap.

Conclusion: Don’t feel sad for the bastards at Indiana TTTTTech Law Sewer. The ABA has denied other trash pits initially, and then later approved their application for accreditation. Plus, the mental midgets running that place chose to ignore reality – by choosing to open a law school in the midst of a fundamental restructuring of the U.S. legal job market. 

Cathy Silak – who should invest in a new hairdo, wardrobe, teeth whitening, and makeup – acts as though she is happy for the law students. This decision is MUCH better – and much more important - for the school. This means that they can continue to operate, and take in more bundles of federal student loan money each year. After all, the students and grads are a mere means to an end. Don’t feel too bad for the lemmings. If you are dumb enough to enroll in such a dump, then you deserve your fate. My only concern is for the families of these dolts, especially after seeing pupils who appear to be 35-50 years of age.


  1. Nando keep up the great work, it's a shame what these people are doing to their students. Professional responsibility only exists in a vacuum for them, they just want as much free money they can get from the federal government until the train collapses.

  2. Because Idaho NEEDS another law school. Grads from the University of Idaho Law School were drowning in a sea of job offers from lucrative firms specializing in ranching-law. Hell, they could open another law school while they're at it.

    1. Recognizing the sarcasm, TITCR.

      I have nothing against the University of Idaho...except for the fact that, ya know, 1/3 of their students incur substantial debt but can't land the sort of job that law school is useful for...but it is clear that even the lone law school in the state provides more JDs than the state needs.

      But, as for Concordia selling their academic snake oil? Any "law school" selling the pipe dream that their worthless diploma is worth debt because somehow their matriculants can't go elsewhere (i.e. a school with an alumni network and reputation) to take advantage of "The Baby Boomer factor" whatever the fuck that means, and "a shifting market [that] has led to a positive future for law school graduates" is a worthless shit-heap.

      I can't wait to see this place close its doors in a few years. I won't even feel sorry for the idiots who enrolled.

    2. I think she was channeling LeDuc there. That's what those lines immediately reminded me of.

      This program seems to attract a majority of non-trads. The school might offer a decent education but I'm doubtful of the employment prospects.

  3. This is great news. I CANNOT WAIT until this school officially becomes unaccredited and its first graduating class can't sit for the bar exam (except I imagine in Indiana, where the school will lobby for an exemption if there already isn't one.)

    I'll truly pop open the champagne when I receive news that shITLS fails and guzzle the whole bottle, then buy Nando a bottle too.

    And the inaugural class of shITLS can stick their 1L "ethics pins" in the ends of their dicks or into their nipples - probably the most useful thing they could do with that gimmicky piece of trash.

    Fucking retards!

    1. Let's go easy on those poor ITLS students. They were deceived by shockingly immoral sociopaths like Dre Pondscum who preyed on their natural trust of authority figures. I don't wish them any physical harm at all.

      There's got to be some sort of natural market for those Oath of Professionalism lapel pins. I'd love to have one. I hope I can get one on eBay for $20 some day.

      Although I doubt that someone who paid $200,000 for that lapel pin would be willing to sell it so cheaply, it's possible that one of them will break down under the unbearable pressure of life-destroying debt. I would get my lapel pin for $20, and he or she could buy a whole case of 40s. That's enough to forget about Indiana Tech for at least one night, isn't it?

      I wish all those pathetic victims the very best in life. I pray that there won't be any more of them.

    2. You mean dre pondscum. Never capitalize his name !

  4. We want to know the allegedly narrow issues that kept that leadership-inculcating outhouse on the Wabash from accreditation. If I were ass enough to be a student at Indiana Tech, I'd demand a copy of the ABA's report.

    As far as I can tell, Indiana Tech does not have even one person nominally dedicated to helping students or graduates to find work (in law or otherwise), although it does have a dedicated "Recruitment Coordinator" (lemming hunter). At least at the outset it had a curator for its art collection, too. Such are the priorities of that Hoosier cradle of opportunity.

    1. You don't exactly need someone dedicated to helping the unemployable (in the legal field) find work. Most of those fucking idiots will end up back in their old dead end jobs. You know, the kind that don't require a fucking law degree.

    2. True. Still, it says a lot that Indiana Tech hasn't even set up a one-person office for this purpose. Indiana Tech simply doesn't care.

    3. How about dr. dre "Dougie Fresh" pondscum, the former dean of that sewer trap of a law school? He's pretty good at networking, especially with chicks. I'll bet he gets offers all the time. Maybe he can spread the wealth as part of his social justice routine.

  5. Please, someone help me-why would anyone, even for free, attend either of these schools? Wasting the three years is beyond comprehension-and some are actually paying to attend. In what universe does this make sense?
    One can only conclude that the scam will continue so long as Special Snowflakes("those stats you cite about jobs, salary, etc don't apply to me; I'm going to get one of those $160K jobs coming out of Indiana Tech so debt won't be a problem") exist, and America apparently has an inexhaustible supply of Special Snowflakes.

    1. Clearly the people going are not intelligent enough to represent their own interests, forget representing others'.

      But this is precisely what the government exists for. It is supposed to protect the public, especially where an information gap exists and where unsophisticated or vulnerable populations are getting ripped off.

      Yet, not only does the government refuse to carry out its purpose, it actually works AGAINST the very people it is supposed to protect in favor of the groups it should be protecting them against.

      Ultimately nobody is going to care about these law grads and they are on the hook for their mistakes. But I argue that the DOE itself should be held criminally liable for the fraud perpetrated by the law schools.

      Of course that won't happen. Not only will the actual direct fraudsters and criminals not be punished, but their accomplices in the government also will not be. Everyone walks away richer except the dopey students and the more general public that is on the hook for most of it.

      Now I state this as someone that has paid off his loans, and certainly would never have gone to a dump like this school. But they are all dumps outside of HYS. The rest of the T8 just might be a slightly higher end dump, and everything outside of that is like a septic tank or the lowest level of refuse in any dump.

      If the government will not do its duty, and worse will actively work against it, what need is the government? The DOE serves no function whatsoever. Time to strip it of any authority and fire all of its employees. Although the same is true for most of the government.

    2. Almost all of them are paying to attend. Only one student last year got a full "scholarship"—actually, more than full tuition. Who wants to bet that it's David Felts, the shameless shill who as recently as a few months ago appeared on the home page saying "If the current Circuit Court Judge for Allen County recommends a certain law school, it is definitely a school to consider and attend" without mentioning that the Circuit Court judge in question was his father?

    3. And that's the problem-the scammers will keep lying, but at what point do the Special Snowflakes wake up? How is $150K in debt worth it for Indiana Tech? The information's out there, but the fact that anyone would enroll at a place like Indiana Tech is telling-clearly nothing will convince these students not to attend.
      And that's the problem-no amount of reason seems to affect this debt-riddled decision making.

    4. It is like buying a car for $150,000, having to sign a promissory note each month for $4,545.00 for 33 months, working 12 hour days during those 33 months for no pay, only to find out, 30 days after the 33rd note is signed, that the car will not be delivered, yet you still owe the debt. And it is non-dischargeable in bankruptcy.

      At least, if you buy a $150,000 car instead of law school, you will have something to drive until it is repossessed, and the debt is dischargeable in bankruptcy.

      It will be repossessed within about 90 days of default in payment, so you save 30 months of your life.

      Why not strike a blow for improving employment of current attorneys by hiring one for an hour to advise you on the advisability of going to law school. You want to be a lawyer, so go trust one, and ask them about their daily routine, and whether they would become a lawyer AGAIN.

      Ask them if they know any graduates of the schools you are considering, and about the types of jobs and incomes those attorneys earn.

      Ask them if they are encouraging their children to become lawyers. Ask them if THEY can afford law school tuition NOW as a practicing attorney

      Take your parents so they can hear the words. And understand that the law is an abyss.

      An hour should cost about $250. A pittance compared to $150,000, or even a casebook or two.

      Do something to save your own future.

      38 year solo

  6. I had that clown Circone for Civil Procedures when he started teaching at Cooley Law sewer in 1996 before he became an assistant Dean at the dung heap. He seemed to be a rat that jumped ship from there after the lawsuit and the fact they are laying off half their faculty. Closing one of their campuses after an ill-fated expansion. I don't know how much responsibility he had for the Cooley fiasco.and the role he played for their disastrous decisions. But he went from the frying pan into the fire going from Cooley to Indiana Tech. Now Indiana Tech did not even get provisional accreditation. Hell, online law schools such as Taft or Concord have at least a DETC national accreditation that graduates from there can say they are at least able to take the California bar once they pass the baby bar. Certainly better than what Indiana Tech students can do with their degree.

  7. I think that "Dean" Cathy Silak's hair style is good enough for academic work, but it appears as though she never washes it. She must be a very busy woman, trying to run a failing law school and everything. She probably has fewer assistant deans than most of her peers, maybe four instead of twelve.

  8. How may practicing attorneys here actually kept their membership with the ABA? I signed up during 1L, but never paid them a dime after graduation. It would be interesting to find out the number of struggling solos/shitlaw firmers who have given the ABA the middle finger as a result of not being able to afford the dues.

  9. Check out this story from last year, regarding Concordia “University” Sewer of Law:

    Back on August 4, 2014, JD Journal publised a Noelle Price piece that was entitled “Concordia Law School’s Third Year Students to Sit Out Fall Semester While the School Awaits ABA Accreditation.” Look at the summary first.

    “Summary: Third year law students at Concordia Law School will not attend classes this semester while the school’s credentials are reviewed by the American Bar Association to determine the school’s eligibility for provisional accreditation.”

    Yes, those students had tremendous faith in their TTTTT selecTTTTTion, huh?!?! Too bad the dolts did not initially realize that attending a then completely unaccredited cesspool was about as wise as sticking one’s head in a lion’s mouth.

    The author then continued:

    “As the third class at Concordia Law School gears up for its first year of law school, the third year law students are preparing for a break this fall, Boise State Public Radio reports.

    Concordia Spokesperson Madeline Turnock stated “Approximately half of our third year law students are taking a break for fall semester while they await information on the accreditation process.”

    For $ome rea$on, losing HALF OF ITS FIRST GRADUATING CLASS before third year did not affect the toilet’s ability to gain provisional accreditation from the American Bar Association cockroaches. Hell, I’m sure if you purchased a bunch of trailer homes and furnished some desks, running water, several bookshelves, and a fax machine, then you could gain approval from the ABA – and then charge mentally deficient young people $32K per year in tuition. In that case, make sure to tout your “affordable program.”

    Fat chicks who haven’t been out on a date in years are more discriminating than the ABA dung beetles. They might even have some standards, such as not going out with a 30 year old loser who lives in his mother’s basement. Hell, they may not want to date some moron with a law degree, because he owes $212,308.43 in NON-DISCHARGEABLE student debt!

    1. Devastating. Do not attend Concordia under any circumstances.

  10. Here is the rest of the article:

    “Concordia, located in Boise, Idaho, is still trying to get provisional accreditation from the American Bar Association (ABA). The ABA has postponed provisional accreditation while it more closely examines the school and its credentials. The ABA is sending a fact finder to Concordia this fall. The absence of third year students should not impact the ABA’s review of the law school. Turnock is optimistic about the process. “The accreditation process continues to be on track. It continues to move forward in positive steps toward provisional accreditation,” she says. Spring graduates still have a chance of sitting for the bar exam if the provisional accreditation is granted in time. The ABA has not told the school when the accreditation decision will be made, however.

    This can pose a major problem for the students set to graduate: according to Idaho state law, students of law schools that have not been at least provisionally accredited by the time of graduation are not allowed to take the bar exam. Therefore, they will not be able to become lawyers after undergoing three years of rigorous coursework.

    For a law school to be accredited by the ABA, the school must undergo an approval process than can take several years. Students at new law schools take a huge chance when they enroll before the school has been at least provisionally accredited. It takes roughly two years for a law school to earn provisional accreditation, and full accreditation comes a few years after that. Graduates of provisionally accredited schools and graduates of fully accredited schools are viewed equally in the legal profession. Students of provisionally accredited schools can usually be rest assured that they will be able to take that state’s bar exam and practice law upon graduation.

    The ABA has been busy in the past few years determining the accreditation of several schools. Belmont University’s new law school was provisionally accredited in 2013, just in time for the first graduating class to take the bar exam. Both University of Massachusetts—Dartmouth and La Verne University in California were both accredited in 2012. Interestingly, graduating from an accredited school is not mandatory for California attorneys. La Verne has been in operation since the 1970s. The school formerly had provisional accreditation but later lost it for not meeting ABA requirements. The University of California—Irvin was provisionally accredited in 2011, and four other law schools obtained full accreditation. Lincoln Memorial University’s Duncan School of Law was denied provisional accreditation the same year.”

    Notice how these stories focus on the IMPACT ON THE SCHOOLS, not the students. You can see that they are a mere afterthought. Now, Concordia “University” Sewer of Law grads can sit for the Idaho bar exam. Wow! Yes, they’ll be raking in the big bucks soon, right?!?! By the way, even if you are licensed, until someone pays you – at a professional rate – for your legal services, then you are not really a lawyer.

    Hell, the other day one of my coworkers said “Everyone has a JD. It used to be that way with MBAs. Now I guess it’s that way with lawyers.” Apparently, lemmings don’t understand a damn thing about supply and demand. There are simply FAR TOO MANY graduates for the available number of attorney positions each year. There is already a huge GLUT of lawyers in this country. Furthermore, the old farts who are doing well in practice will not retire – at least not until they approach 80 years of age. Technology has beaten the hell out of this “profession” – and will continue to do so at an even faster pace in the years ahead. For instance, take a look at Dragon voice recognition software.

    1. Yes, back in the 1980s, everyone and her pet gerbil got a fucking MBA. But at least the damn things didn't cost $250k.

    2. Old Guy, you must've seen the decline in value of all academic credentials, maybe with an exception for medical.... BA's are worthless, MBAs, JDs, MAs, all of them.

    3. Although "worthless" is a bit of an exaggeration, you're quite right about the sharp decline in the value of academic credentials.

      Forty or fifty years ago, even a high-school diploma was still considered a respectable credential. By the 1980s, however, it was no longer even proof of literacy. People flooded into the universities for a bachelor's degree—the new high-school diploma. But once everyone had one of those, it too lost its distinctiveness and merit. So people went after master's degrees and professional degrees…


    Let’s head to the Financial Aid page of Concordia UniversiTTTTTy Sewer of Law:

    “Admission & Financial Aid

    Calling all future lawyers

    Concordia University School of Law is a new breed of law school for a new generation of lawyers. We are a 21st century law school designed from the ground up to help you succeed – on the bar exam and throughout your career.

    Here are a few reasons why Concordia Law is worth your consideration:

    Affordable tuition. Tuition is $10,000 below the national average for private law schools.

    Generous scholarships. Scholarships range from $3,000 to $14,000 – and they're automatically renewable for students who remain in good academic standing.

    Guaranteed grant. Every full-time student receives a service grant of $5,000 per year – guaranteed. Part-time students receive the same grant, pro-rated over four years.

    Mentorship program. Every incoming law student partners with a practicing lawyer or judge who serves as a mentor throughout your time at Concordia Law. These mentors know what you're experiencing and can provide insight, knowledge, and advice – not to mention real-world, on-the-job training.

    Location, location, location. Our campus is in the heart of Boise's legal community, within walking distance of Idaho's federal court, Supreme Court, State Capitol, and key law firms. And Boise is known for its high quality of life and lower cost of living.

    Concordia is a Christian university preparing leaders for the transformation of society. For Concordia Law, that means helping our students become positive agents of change, ready to provide service to a society in desperate need of affordable legal services. We hope you're up to the challenge, and we welcome your questions and application.”

    First of all, prospective students should realize that a brand new law school/diploma mill does not have an alumni base. This will further limit your ability to make connections and land a job, even from an unranked trash pit. Next, private law school tuition is ridiculously high. Why in the hell should an unproven toilet charge only $10K per year less than these other in$titution$?!?! A small “grant”/tuition discount is merely designed to make you feel that you are special, sucker.

    When a garbage heap located in flyover country touts its location – i.e. proximity to state government, federal offices, and court buildings – you KNOW that the school is a pile of excrement!! You don’t see high-ranked law schools make this sales pitch. Lastly, who gives a damn if the “institution of higher education” is Christian?! By the way, bitches: the ONLY way you are going to “transform society” is by flooding the local job market with even more debt-strapped, FINANCIALLY RUINED law grads. Yes, that is noble and honorable conduct, right?!?!

    1. The top "merit scholarship" of $14k per year (based solely on undergraduate GPA and LSAT score) wouldn't cover even half of the toilet's fees.

      Most toilets eagerly buy a high scorer in order to drive their dreadful averages up. But Concordia is so goddamn stingy that it expects to get away with offering a discount below 50% to someone whose only moderately high credentials would be good enough for a 100% discount at many much more respectable (though still lousy) institutions.

  12. And since it was unaccredited until recently, there are no employment statistics to review.
    Nando, your work is superb-but the fact that this school is accredited by the ABA, and that people actually enroll, is both puzzling and infuriating. The students would be better off taking their student loan funds and heading to Vegas; they'd have a much better chance at success.


    Story about attorney that is crushed by his law school loans

  14. Though I have escaped the indelible stain, the fetid stink, and unmitigated shame inherent in my TTT JD, a lot of these kids aren't going to be able to escape easily into non-law.

    You see, the JD, like the herp, is forever. Non-law employers will be highly suspect when you, the JD, arrive on their doorstep desperately seeking that job selling cars; they will look at YOU, young lemming, as to why you're passing up the "lucrative" practice of law; at Thanksgiving, your Boomer Uncle Ed will be asking YOU, young lemming, why you haven't yet bought your first new Mercedes or why you don't just "hang a shingle"; at Christmas, your parents will be explaining in hushed tones to Aunt Nora why you haven't yet found gainful employment, and why you're still living in the room you did back in high school. Just with a hell of a lot of debt this time around.

    Wanna go to one of these schools outside the T-14? By all means, go ahead. But if you're unconnected (or not a chick that's at least "law hot") be prepared to do a realistic self-assessment when your 1L grades come out.

    Drop the hell out if they're not outstanding. Your future will depend on it.


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