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Profiles in Academic Handkerchief Headedness: Tamesha Keel, Assistant Dean for “Career Services” at Pennsylvania State University Dickinson Law


Idiocy on Display: On May 27, 2015, TTTamesha Keel wrote a Huffington Post article entitled “Diversity in the Legal Profession Begins With Law School.” Look at this weak-ass opening:

“Title VII of The Civil Rights Act of 1964 created the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission to ensure equal, employment advancement for all and makes employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin illegal. However, substantial progress in increasing the number of diverse attorneys within the American legal profession has been abysmally slow since the Act's passage. 

Diverse attorneys have faced incredible obstacles in advancing professionally when compared to their non-diverse counterparts. Consequently, attorneys within the American legal profession do not adequately reflect the diversity of the current population. The legal profession severely lags behind other professions when it comes to diversity and inclusion, which is ironic considering the nature of the profession. Unfortunately, this trend will continue unless something is done to reverse it.”

Are you still awake?! If you fell asleep while reading this nonsense, that’s okay. Hell, many high school freshmen have stronger writing skills – and are not quite as naïve as this moron. The tool then continued: 

“The good news is that minority students are applying and being accepted into law schools more than ever before. For example, during the 2013-2014 academic year, minorities comprised 26.9 percent of total J.D. enrollment and 29.1 percent of first year enrollment. While these stats show a promising trend of increased diversity within law schools, more significant gains must be made because law school is a crucial gateway in the legal profession's diversity pipeline. 

In the midst of declining enrollment, some schools are looking to diverse candidates merely as a means to fill potentially empty seats in their first year classes and replace lost tuition revenue. However, the better and more honorable practice would be to actively enroll promising, diverse students, coupled with diversity and cultural competence programming, to enrich the educational environment for all students. 

Diversity not only makes good business sense, it is also paramount in demonstrating that fair representation and equal access are necessary for justice, a foundational tenet of the legal profession. Developing a diverse and inclusive law school community is critical for creating a richer experience and maintaining relevance. This experience translates into better lawyers with deeper understanding of the profession's global realities, more capabilities in representing a diverse client base, and heightened cultural intelligence - skills that are absent without multicultural experiences. 

Law schools are the legal profession's pipeline, and should set the tone for the profession's future.” [Emphasis mine]

Does anyone with an IQ above room temperature want to argue that enrolling more minority law students is going to proportionally result in more minority practicing attorneys? Biglaw firms will continue to hire those who graduate from real law schools, i.e. Yale, Harvard, Stanford and similar institutions. The typical brown or black law grad earns his law degree from a regional toilet or pathetic cesspool. What the hell is the point of incurring an additional $120K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a chance to represent broke bastards?!?!


Other Coverage: On May 29, 2015, the Law School Truth Center featured a piece that was brilliantly entitled “The Diverse Slaughterhouse.” Here is my favorite portion of this hilarious entry:

“Don't mistake me, though; I'm not being ironic. It's awesome that law schools are enrolling more minorities, regardless of what caused it. 

Imagine a slaughterhouse. Let's call it Dickinson Farms. For years, Dickinson has been almost exclusively been buying prime Hereford cattle. Due to some unsavory, yellow-journalism news articles ("50% of subsidized beef winds up in dumpsters"), the fortunes of the beef industry look significantly worse; ranchers find other areas to sell their best Herefords.

Left with a severe shortage in higher-rated stock, the slaughterhouses turn to purchasing more Black Angus than they had in previous years (for whatever reason, Herefords generally are rated higher than Black Angus, and ratings mean everything). Obviously, they would rather have the higher-rated Herefords.

But is this a bad sign for the slaughterhouse?” [Emphasis mine]

The author nailed this situation down perfectly! This dumbass, female Uncle Tom does not give a damn about “diversity” – or for the actual men and women that she claims to champion. It is ALL about the money. Remember, these cockroaches will do and say anything, in order to avoid real work.

Conclusion: In the final analysis, Tamesha Keel is worse than the typical white “law professor” or dean. She is attempting to use her status as a black woman and academic to wrongly convince others that increasing the number of minority students – at overpriced ABA-accredited trash heaps – is an “honorable” undertaking. This is morally reprehensible. 

Handkerchief Head Keel knows that minorities – most of whom are from humble backgrounds and have few real connections – will find it MUCH harder to break into Biglaw, federal clerkships or academia. Yet, now that smarter college grads are avoiding law school in droves, she wants black, brown and yellow students to make up the difference and support the “educator” pigs. What a beacon of integrity, huh?!?!


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  2. The Dutch were the first, apparently, to import black slaves into North America, but black slaves had already been employed all over the world, including South and Central America. We tend to focus on what happened in North America because the United States would eventually fight a war over slavery (and it's in the U.S. that large sectors of the population would start condemning slavery, contrary to the indifference that Muslims and most Europeans showed for it).
    Even after Europeans began transporting black slaves to America, most trade was just that: "trade". In most instances, the Europeans did not need to use any force to get those slaves. The slaves were "sold" more or less legally by their (black) owners. Scholars estimate that about 12,000,000 Africans were sold by Africans to Europeans (most of them before 1776, when the USA wasn't yet born) and 17,000,000 were sold to Arabs. The legends of European mercenaries capturing free people in the jungle are mostly just that: legends. A few mercenaries certainly stormed peaceful tribes and committed terrible crimes, but that was not the norm. There was no need to risk their lives, so most of them didn't: they simply purchased people.

  3. Saddling minorities with huge debt and poor job prospects is exploitation. Why are the shittiest law schools always the ones that tout diversity the loudest?

    1. Absofricken-180-lutely.

      But to have the temerity to raise these kinds of real issues to the Great and Powerful Oz is akin to "sanctioning racism and rationalizing hate" and further loosing the Libby Dogs of War with torches and pitchforks upon your head.

      Check your privilege, mister, and don't let actual externalities get in the way of "progress."

      Or Law School funding.

    2. @833,

      Yeah, no shit. They summon the lily-white race agitator John Koch, and he invades the poor guy's mom's house. Hides in the walls liek a fucking cockroach, he does.

  4. Nando,

    The link you so kindly posted on the right hand side really reinforces your message:


  5. This lady and her fellow travelers crack me up with their faux naivete: they've gotta say this stuff as they're vested in the system as it is. The smart kids got the memo some time ago to STAY AWAY from law school outside the T-14, full stop. As to these other hapless kids, they're just prey and more grist for the mill. Ugh.

    In a couple months, a new wave of hapless lemmings will crack open the shrinkwrap on those heinously overpriced casebooks, boot up their laptops for some heated note-taking, and commence their voyage down the road of America’s most overrated, miserable, and saturated industry: the practice of law. A pompous, overpaid professor will saunter in and begin blathering and bullying them about some obscure case, reveling in her power like a college calculus student picking on the 4th grade arithmetic class. So begins another bumper crop in this endless harvest of shame.

    Remember those days? The boundless excitement at joining an “elite” profession, envisioning oneself captivating jurors with soaring oratory and seating “surprise’ witnesses like Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird? Or maybe flexing those legal muscles as a powerful DA a la Jack McCoy, cruising around crime scenes and picking up spent shell casings with a pencil tip? Sending rapists and murdering scum up the river and then meeting “the boys” for a well-earned victory beer before firing up the Ferrari to head home?

    Sadly, for most incoming 1 L’s that isn’t how this dreadful mistake will play out, despite propaganda to the contrary in those glossy admissions brochures. Instead, most will cold-send bales of resumes into a dead chasm of silence, eventually scrounging for document review temp-work at rates lower than a truck driver, bricklayer, or garbage man earns. Or there’s the “networking” farce, where you print reams of resumes on that creamy, ivory cotton-weave Staples resume paper and shove them in the face of every gray-haired loser at an alumni cocktail reception. I attended one of these once, and the first older-looking guy on the scene was gang-rushed and sent to the hospital as a horde of recent grads bum-rushed him with an avalanche of cover letters! I believe he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter, having choked on a peel-and-eat shrimp during the melee. I later learned he wasn’t even a lawyer, but instead a catering director merely there to inspect the buffet.

    Such are the risks one runs when overseeing events for desperate law school grads. Just posting a craigslist ad for an entry-level lawyer is like strolling into Ethiopia with a box of Dunkin’ Donuts and saying: “Hey, anyone here got the munchies?”

    In NYC as I write, the rates for most temp projects are $20 to $25 an hour straight time for admitted attorneys, with no health benefits, no paid leave, and zero opportunity for advancement. Packed elbow to elbow in stifling broom closets and windowless backrooms, these “losers” (many of whom are laid-off graduates of so-called “elite” schools) stare into the alkaline glow of their monitors and click thru reams of the dullest, driest, most pointless shitpaper mankind has ever produced. Many arrive home at night with their eyes weeping blood. The fun quickly wears off after the twelfth hour of scanning a Global Broker-Dealer Bilateral Sub-Agreement to see if Paragraph 14(b)9vii contains the word “if” as opposed to “shall.” Picking fly shit out of black pepper would be a more intellectually stimulating (and probably better paying) job.

    Juvenile and petty rules, often arbitrarily applied, dominate these projects. Internet access is strictly forbidden, with most case managers disabling the web browsers. Cell phone use and texting are limited to emergencies only. Of late, even talking to one’s neighbor is taboo, since clients are getting more cost-conscious and every second of billable time is haggled over and hard fought. The desks are littered with rotting Chinese take-out containers, festering cups of day old instant coffee, Ramen noodle styrofoams, and the other sundry cuisines of the dirt-poor.

  6. Most law grads are little more than over-leveraged liberal arts losers, who compounded the mistake of a worthless bachelor’s degree with an equally worthless (and much more expensive) JD. Unfortunately, many of these kids end up victims of people like Ms. Keel (see above.) Often paying half (or more) of their after-tax income in student loans, I’ve witnessed the utter desperation and hopelessness that many are suffering: single moms stealing milk from the coffee fridge to take home for their children, working 80 to 90 hours a week when bone-tired to make the rent on a shithole studio in Queens, enduring endless degradation and abuse by the sociopathic, greed-fueled scum who operate these modern day sweatshops, and the occasional outburst of pent-up anger that ends in security escorting one off the property. The project’s over- for you! Quickly replaced, there is an endless supply of desperately indebted losers just dying to take these miserable jobs, since no alternatives exist.

    Hell, even craigslist ads for paralegals and secretaries are now expressly stating “No JD’s need apply.” Gee whiz, Wally, why would a lawyer apply for a paralegal job? Here’s a hint: how many nurse or paramedic ads do you see that state “no licensed physicians please?” How many stewardess jobs warn “no pilots need apply?” The AMA and other legitimate professions are experts on the iron laws of supply and demand, and regulate their professions accordingly.

    Bad as they are, these temp jobs (even with the recent plunge in rates and overtime) still pay far better than small ambulance-chaser firms, many of whom have cut salaries into the low 30s (annually) in this gruesome bear market. The supply of lawyers outstrips the number of available jobs by an absurd ratio, and this problem continues unabated since the ABA will accredit anyone who opens up a law school in the spare bay of his garage.

    At Paul Weiss, for example, they crammed 120 people into a basement room that NYC fire code rated for 80. This was way back in 2005. Like steerage passengers on the Titanic, we labored in the bowels of the building, right alongside the boilers and HVAC equipment. Lacking air conditioning and adequate ventilation, many came down with colds that went untreated due to the lack of health insurance. A cockroach problem soon erupted due to the crumbs and food garbage strewn about the cellar floor, which was treated with multiple Raid roach fogger bombs. The morning after the exterminators finished, dead roaches littered our keyboards and even crawled, stunted but still living, from the floppy drives and servers!

    We were paid $21 an hour, straight time, and required to work from 9 am to 11 pm seven days a week. Forbidden to use the firm’s lavish upstairs restrooms, they had all 120 of us split a pair of airplane sized-bathrooms that were on the Concourse level under the Rock Center, open to the public and a favorite bathing spot for the homeless. One affable homeless chap named “Bones” would use the lone toilet in there as a foot bidet, rinsing his diabetic ulcer in the excrement-caked shitpot and yelling “I’m in here motherfucker!”every time one of us coders needed to relieve himself. Most of us just went next door and used the Heartland Brewery’s bathroom (did I mention that restroom breaks of over six minutes had to be deducted from one’s timesheet? As a coder, bowel movements can quickly cut into the bottom line).

  7. How the fuck are poor unconnected students supposed to make a living when owing such large student debt. She just wants more bodies in seats so the school can make more money.

    1. Exactly. Keel already acknowledges that it's happening, but I guess we are supposed to believe that Dickinson Law is somehow "different" from the rest.

      My a$$.

  8. I wouldn't hesitate to go $200,000 into debt to provide Tamesha with an exciting, glamorous, and prestigious job for the rest of her life. It's only fair to do so. Just look at how happy and confident she appears in that picture!

    I can only hope that hundreds of potential students will realize that her quality of life is vastly more important than their own quality of life. That's called social responsibility, and it's really all that matters in life.

  9. I know it's not germane, but the inactivity on Law School Lemmings is really making my fucking eyes rain!!!

  10. Each state and U.S. territory needs, at most, two accredited law schools. One public, one private or whatever. That is approximately 115 law schools.

    There are currently 205 ABA-accredited law schools, to say nothing of unaccredited schools, all pumping out graduates as fast as they can with obscene amounts of debt.

    QED, 'nuff said, close half of the law schools down, end of story. You want to talk "social justice?" Start there.

  11. You guys kind of have a point here.....the minority trap..

    A good friend of mine had a "master" plan to major in an easy major for undergrad - psychology, he graduated with a 3.4 and then applied and got into a top 20 law school Boston College(back in the early 2000's).

    We both were minorities and both did not know any lawyers and blindly believed what was fed to us via TV, College advisor's, and glossy Law school brochures.

    Long story short, he graduated over $120,000 in debt,
    was in the bottom half of his class, and he could not find a job. Moved back home with his parents and at point asked ne to get him a job in my field(business).

    He ended up hanging a shingle as criminal defense attorney (after a very short time at the PD's office---
    (they did not pay well). And due to the financial pressure
    and bad decision making, he got caught smuggling Oxycodone into one of his clients (someone dropped a dime on him)

    He has been disbarred since 2003 and still has to pay back the mountain of debt. I wish This movement was around back then. Nando..... I salute you, thanks for spreading the word. Life is all about making good decisions...

    1. Regardless of what a lot of Boomers would say (who tend to blame people in hindsight), your "master" plan was a rational-economic-actor response to a messed-up system of overpriced higher education.

      HigherEd holds itself out as a paragon of virtue, and with many professions they also hold the keys to the kingdom. You wouldn't think they would have to embellish their wares in order to hawk them, given their advantaged position, but they do and they charge high prices while pulling out the rug later.

      I don't see how young people can be held accountable for bad-faith, predatory behavior, especially where education is concerned, but then again all bets are apparently off where there's money. Just look at all the yearly lawsuits and resulting bank fines on Wall Street, for example.

  12. Paul Weiss also blocked the fire exits with box upon box of the corporate shit-paper that arrived daily by the truckload like grist to a mill. Had a fire broken out, we would no doubt have burned to death in a modern day Triangle Shirtwaist incident, engulfed in flames while helplessly beating on box-blocked doorways. To work there was to truly feel expendable, utterly worthless and really just downright sub-human. The partners should all be ashamed of themselves.

    As an aside, the few partners we met were decidedly unimpressive. An assortment of combed-over, potbellied schmucks and used-up old broads with skin like an alligator’s neck, they’d occasionally summon us coders upstairs for an ass-reaming. The “gals” were mostly snarling old chain smokers; voices like sandpaper of a single-digit grit. Nicotine oozed from their iron-gray hair. The men were milquetoast and gutless, too socially inept for sales and clearly too stupid for a serious profession like medicine. Most probably never spoke to a woman without first forking over their credit card number (did I mention Eliot Spitzer once worked here? Enough said). Hence they masqueraded as “elitists” in the also-ran world of make-work paper pushing that is law. One used-up old partner who looked like that guy from Jake & the Fatman once read to us verbatim for 3.5 hours straight from the training manual, probably assuming that as second-tier grads we were all functionally illiterate. His breath smelled like hot garbage.

    To be sure, there were some good times down in the gulag. Romances bloomed, and occasionally one would enter the box-stacks to find sweaty limbs tangled in flagrante delicto. Working 14 hour days, it wasn’t long before many donned the “coder goggles” and began to pile-fuck people they wouldn’t have made eyes with in the outside world. There were also some fascinating characters who this temp will never forget. One coder whom I’ll call “J”. soon earned the affectionate nickname “fade out.” A 40-something Yale Law grad, he had apparently suffered some kind of nervous breakdown at another Biglaw shop, and shortly found himself broke, blacklisted, and eternally condemned to the doc review circuit with the rest of us losers. He was eccentrically intelligent, speaking in bizarre philosopher jive like Jack Kerouac coming off a hard bender on acid. He’d launch into some long-winded dissertation and then, realizing that his audience (as it were) had long since departed, would simply mumble “right, right, that’s right” while nodding incoherently and returning to face his monitor. Hence the nickname “fade out:” like a song without a proper ending, he wound down as if an engineer simply lowered his volume until he’d exhausted his supply of words. This would happen like 20 times a day. I often wondered whatever became of the poor bastard. The last time we spoke he was washing his tube socks in the break-room sink and saying that “Big Cotton” was solely responsible for the assassination of JFK.

    1. What the f*ck dude, you're killing me...lol

      the word pictures you paint are incredible - you should be a writer...

  13. The next stop on my vagabond coding career was Sullivan & Cromwell, that whitest of the white shoe firms. This dump has three levels of sunless, underground bunkers where the temp attorneys and their documents are warehoused, far away from the skyline corner offices where the serious shitpaper gets pushed. It’s like those alternative communities of urban legend that one reads about online: the subway’s “mole people” and such. You are instructed by your temp agency pimp to meet in the lobby of 125 Broad Street at 9 am sharp, where you assemble as a group to be marched upstairs and “processed” like that busload of inmates from The Shawshank Redemption. Told to dress in a “suit and tie” for the first day, they soon march you downstairs to the dungeon where the “coders for life” toil in pajamas and sweatpants, chanting “new fish, fresh fish, we got new fish today” at the suit –clad newbies who are starting the first day of the rest of their lives. Many start openly weeping into their spiffy leather Perry Ellis portfolios, some even freshly monogrammed as recent law school graduation gifts. Many start bleating mindlessly for the mothers, returning to an infantile state as the overwhelming sadness and abject disappointment slowly seeps in. As I said, welcome ye to the first day of the rest of your life!

    It’s not too bad there, after you get “on the beam,” as they say in prison. Sullivan is to disorganization, chaos, and complete systemic dysfunction what Elvis was to rock n’ roll: the original master.

    So goes a document review project at Sullivan. Due to their colossal ineptitude, complete lack of common sense, and probably outright billing fraud, squads of coders arrive for the mandatory 14 hour “workdays” only to be kept idly waiting for hour upon endless hour as documents are loaded, clarifications are sought, software is configured, the moon rises in Taurus and Capricorn descends into autumn, etc. It’s rare to squeeze more than 45 minutes of actual coding time into a 14 hour day. Not knowing the Sullivan drill, many newbie coders turn down Sullivan gigs because the long mandatory hours rightly terrify them. But us veterans know the old “Clownshop” (as the temps call it) all too well. The waiting coders nap, play cards, vandalize the workstations and so on while waiting for documents and instructions that rarely arrive. Some even operate wire fraud scams and lotteries on the S&C computers, thus “double dipping” and making real bank. A cool Nigerian coder even once used the break-room hot plate to cook us all an authentic African ox-tail stew, which ended with a dessert course provided by raiding the partner’s pantry freezer and ripping off a case of ice-cream sandwiches that were meant for some lame Merrill Lynch client meeting or whatever.

    1. These anon posts of the doc review gulag reminded me of one of the classics of the scam blogs -big debt, small law. I was laughing so hard reading these I was crying. Post again soon.

    2. You've got real writing talent. Great stuff.

  14. One can be brown and a racist predator too.

  15. Subject: Recent Update from the Annuals of Toilet Law

    An attorney who was assigned to a document review project for Drinker Biddle & Reath, L.L.P. was recently suspended from the practice of law for a period of two years by the Pennsylvania Office of the Disciplinary Counsel. Benjamin Hart Perkel recently received a two-year suspension for allegedly padding his timesheets with extra billable hours while assigned to a year-long document review project at the Philadelphia office of Drinker Biddle & Reath. Court records indicate that he also agreed to financially reimburse Drinker Biddle & Reath for compensation received in connection with the “fraudulent timesheets” that he allegedly submitted.

    Just ponder that for a moment and let it sink in—a two-year suspension. Looking back at the comments section from posts on "Third Tier Reality" dated April 17, 2015, April 23, 2015, and May 2, 2015, we can see just how pathetic these document review gigs really are. Just disguising, deplorable work that was not contemplated as a career path by the average first-year lemming enrolled in an ABA accredited toilet. Now this poor loser, Benjamin Hart Perkel, has been suspended for two years.

    The same ethics board, the one that suspended Benjamin, has completely failed to investigate or punish the law school swine who fraudulently induced impressionable young Americans to incur thousands in non-dischargeable debt. I cannot think of a single law school dean or professor who has been investigated or disciplined in connection with the fraud surrounding the law school scam, and no disciplinary action will ever be taken. After all, these law school swine are all from elite Ivy League law schools like Yale and Harvard; they are members of the untouchable class.

    To no avail, I have petitioned the Philadelphia Bar Association to request that it form a committee devoted to establishing a picket line around Drexel University School of Law. I recently proposed that the next 37th Annual 5k Run/Walk to support the Center for Child Advocates be staged around Drexel Law School instead of being staged in Fairmount Park. In that manner, the charity run/walk could bring attention to the law school scam. The Philadelphia Bar Association, as a trade union, seems completely disinterested in the plight of its membership. We need to form a real union that can stand up to the law school swine and end the J.D. diploma mill industry for good in the United States of America.

    Nando, thank you so much for all of your work. You have been incredibly valuable in exposing the scam. Anyone reading this, please write the Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association and request that the 37th Annual Run/Walk be staged around Drexel School of Law instead of in Fairmount Park (use a ghost name if you don’t want to sign your real name). Just like the one step program, we can cleanup this industry one school at a time. Just like the famous Johnny Cash lyrics, we can do it one school at a time and it won’t cost us a dime.

    1. For some good news re the death spiral of another Philadelphia area toilet law school--Villanova, check out recent comments on Nando's profile of that school. Among the worst employment metrics, one of the largest declines in applications in the Country among all law schools... Villanova law is also included in the bottom problematic sub-tier by one Academic researcher. Yup, not even a regional player, but a bottom tier pile of garbage.

  16. http://www.americanlawyer.com/id=1202718142382/Minorities-in-Big-Law-Few-and-Fewer?slreturn=20150503231304

    On February 17, 2015, Vivia Chen wrote a Careerist piece labeled “Minorities in Big Law: Few and Fewer.” Take a look at this opening:

    “If you think minority lawyers at elite firms are rarities now, brace yourself: They could be virtually nonexistent in the near future.

    Am I being alarmist in making this dire prediction? Maybe. But recent research by Saint Louis University School of Law assistant professor Aaron Taylor shows some troubling trends. Analyzing LSAT scores and enrollment statistics for 2010 (when enrollment hit a historic high) and 2013 (when enrollment declined by a quarter), Taylor examined how the drop in law school enrollment is affecting minorities.

    The upshot: Blacks and Hispanics are filling low-ranking law schools, but fewer of them are entering the top schools. As for Asian-Pacific-American law students, there's been a 30 percent drop in their first-year student rates.

    Here's how The National Law Journal summarizes Taylor's research:

    He found that law schools at the bottom of the prestige ladder—those with the lowest median LSAT scores for incoming students—have relied disproportionately on African-American and Hispanic students to fill their classes. That shift may have served as an economic lifeline for law schools during a difficult period, but bolstered the racial stratification that already existed. Elite law schools with higher median LSAT scores actually saw a proportional decrease in African-American and Hispanic students between 2010 and 2013, Taylor found.”

    Even, Chen mistakenly refers to racial minorities filling in seats vacated by smart students who have avoided law school in recent years as a benefit. Hell, her article notes that fewer minorities are entering Biglaw – and they were not in large supply at those firms to begin with, people. Then again, it does benefit the law school pigs. And that’s what matters, right?!?!

    The piece then continues:

    “The most positive spin on all this is that there might be more African Americans and Hispanics overall in the legal profession—particularly those who will serve the community. But here's the rub: Graduates of low-ranking law schools are least likely to pass the bar, so many of them might never practice. "But even if all of those people pass the bar, they will still have different careers," says Taylor to NLJ.

    To me, "different careers" means that there will be a new underclass in the legal arena—and blacks and Hispanics will fill it. Indeed, it's seems that low-ranking schools are contributing to this underclass. Consider these findings by Taylor:

    - Bottom-ranking private, for-profit law schools "played an outsized role" in increasing African American and Hispanic students.
    - "Only in the tier with the lowest median LSAT scores was there an increase both in the actual number of minority students and in their proportion of students overall."

  17. http://www.abajournal.com/news/article/only_3_percent_of_lawyers_in_biglaw_are_black_which_firms_were_most_diverse

    Back on May 30. 2014, the ABA Journal published a Debra Cassens Weiss piece entitled “Only 3 percent of lawyers in BigLaw are black, and numbers are falling.” Read the full entry, but focus on this portion:

    “BigLaw has few African American lawyers and the numbers are declining, according to a new survey.

    Only 3 percent of the lawyers at large law firms are African American, and only 1.9 percent of the partners are African American, according to the American Lawyer’s Diversity Scorecard.

    Though the percentage of all minorities slightly increased last year at the 223 reporting large law firms, the number of African American lawyers fell, the American Lawyer says. The New York Times reports on the findings, summarized in this press release.

    The problems began during the economic downturn.

    “The recession was a disaster for lawyers of all minorities at large firms; they were almost twice as likely to be laid off as their white peers,” the story says. “Between 2008 and 2009, the number of minority lawyers at the nation’s largest firms dropped by 9 percent, mostly associates. But while the numbers of Asian-American and Hispanic lawyers have since rebounded past prerecession levels, black lawyer head count has continued to slide. The percentage of black lawyers at the largest firms is now at a level not seen since 2000: 3 percent of all lawyers, down from 3.1 percent in 2012.”

    Asian-Americans are the largest group of minorities in law firms, amounting to 6.3 percent of the lawyers and 2.7 percent of the partners. Hispanics account for 3.2 percent of the lawyers and 2.3 percent of the partners.

    The numbers were even worse in the American Lawyer’s statistics on equity partnerships at America’s largest 100 law firms. Out of 77 Am Law 100 firms that reported minority numbers for equity partnerships, 31 either had no African American equity partners or just one. Only one firm, Jones Day, had more than 10—it had a dozen, which amounts to 1.8 percent of its equity partners.”

    How do you like those facts, Stupid Aunt Jemima Bitch Tamesha Keel?!?! Is that handkerchief around your head cutting off circulation to your brain, dumbass?! No amount of spin or snakeoil salesmanship is going to change hiring patterns in large, corporate law firms. Those offices represent the wealthiest criminal entities, and the partners and cockroach clients prefer graduates from top law schools. Don’t be foolish enough to believe that “hard work” is going to trump connections, academic pedigree, and social class.

  18. From the National Law Journal, February 16, 2015 "Lower Tier Leads in Diversity; Minorities Gain as Less Prestigious Law Schools"

    So basically the TTT and TTTT schools are just preying on minorities. This level of indentured servitude ought to be illegal. They sucker these people in. All of them to "be a voice for those who can't speak for themselves" or some other rhetoric. Hey, if law school wasn't 6-figures of crippling debt, I'd fully support you. But, how are you going to pay this stuff off?

    the article complains that schools are making LSAT scores and undergrad GPA's a priority instead of diversity. For shame, actually taking people that admissions think have a realistic shot of making it.

  19. The unfortunate Ms. Keel represents one of the most dastardly and pernicious examples of those perpetuating THE LAW SCHOOL SCAM. She puts the friendly face on the scam itself; the false notion is put out that "we care about you as a student" and that we want you to succeed. Never mind the fact that most of these kids will be sucked in to lower-tiered programs from which they will emerge with high debt and few options. Yes, there will be good outcomes, there always are. But that will not be most who graduate from these questionable "schools."

  20. Anyway, back on the subject of my coding days at S & C.
    Of course, the clients are billed regardless, since firms of this caliber are as immune to the ethics rules as Typhoid Mary was to disease. It’s always some solo ambulance chaser who ends up disbarred for screwing up a $1500 fender bender whiplash case, while Sullivan and the other white-shoe thieves rip off Fortune 500 client’s cash by the wheelbarrow load with time-wasting make-work and pointless re-reviews of the same irrelevant documents. A few weeks at this place really removes any doubt about what the “practice of law” has devolved into: a soulless, money-grubbing scam that is socially toxic, utterly pointless, and rife with insecurity and adolescent pettiness. Did I mention that licensed attorneys below the associate level are not even referred to as “attorneys” by the insecure dolts who run this glorified sewer? The sub-associate level lawyers are called “case analysts” and are essentially perma-temps, installed to babysit the coders and squeal on them like the “straw bosses” of 19thcentury coal mines. Chosen more for their ass-kissing and willingness to rat out slackers than any legal ability, some of these folks are notorious on temp message boards, like the dreaded geek “Clovester” and well-fed “Big Mama.” Keep an eye out for them. Another SullCrom scam is to fill the temp ranks with minority lawyers, thus tooting the “diversity” trumpet and looking good on paper to their corporate, hand-wringing whore-masters. Naturally, the partner-level ranks are as white as a wedding dress soaked in Clorox.

    The true gutter “temps” pimped there by the staffing agencies are officially called “JD Temporary Document Coders” and you are warned at S&C’s orientation that it’s strictly forbidden to list the firm’s name on your resume. Instead, you must write only the name of your pimp-daddy temp agency and the term “Temporary JD Document Coder” even if you’re admitted to the New York State Bar. Name, rank and coder number! God forbid some hapless future shitlaw employer would mistakenly think that a Tier 2 grad was actually an “associate” at the Sullivan & Cromwell! The horror!

    1. An old voice from the bowels of TLS! Hope things are going well. Your posts have provided countless hours of enjoyment and absolute terror. (assuming you are the former TLS poster I think you are)

  21. Most potential 0L's should know by now of the existence of the scam; nevertheless, people like this who continue to shill for law school should be ashamed of themselves for pushing ANYTHING below the T-14, perhaps the T-8, unless the student is going absolutely for free.

    Even then...drop the hell out if your 1L grades are subpar!

  22. Nando, check your mail for potential article material.

  23. It's hard to have too many blacks in positions they aren't qualified for because you are trying to be diverse. Look at the leadership in Baltmore and the Obamas. Blacks are simply the most under qualified race of people for most anything professional besides basketball.

    1. LOL, summon the Civil Rights Roach. You are sooooo busted, 7:03.

    2. Your comment is absurd. Obama was editor of the Harvard Law Review; he got there on his own merits, not because of affirmative action.

    3. I tend to be much more comfortable with black people when they're not shilling for bottom-feeding law schools.

    4. There are plenty of intelligent blacks that also get crushed by the system. And part of that is by pointing to the affirmative action hires.

      The largest beneficiaries of affirmative action are actually whites, in the form of white women. Standards are always lowered for them and they have preferential hiring for them. Yet not a peep about that from these people that are quick to insult minorities. And those insults are usually primarily reserved for the males of those minority races, as for the most part minority females also get the same pass their white female counterparts get when it comes to affirmative action.

      There is no crisis of black men in positions they aren't qualified for. Black male employment is in a pathetic state. For law they're more likely to be underemployed in doc review if anything.

    5. 515am that is scary you believe that.. Obama is the poster child for affirmative action and the damage it causes.

    6. 1251 there are plenty of smart blacks that get crushed but it's because of them supporting liberal policies and speaking out against conservative blacks who try to achieve on merit and not look for advantages based on skin color. Black women being unfairly hired and promoted is even worse. Just look at that mayor and da in Baltimore and Michele Obama. Professional dolts.

    7. 515...Obama went to Occidental Community College, before transferring to Columbia for his last two years. How many Columbia or Harvard Law grads do you think have "Occidental Community College" on their resume. Do you think that a white person with "Occidental Community College" on their resume would get into Harvard Law?

  24. Hey check out her eyebrows! Theyare not even close to symmetrical.

    Whatis up with that?

  25. Another law school, another pig.

  26. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/aia/part4/4p1535.html

    Here is an honorable and great black woman, i.e. the opposite of Tamesha Keel. Take a look at this portion of her PBS bio:

    “Harriet Tubman is perhaps the most well-known of all the Underground Railroad's "conductors." During a ten-year span she made 19 trips into the South and escorted over 300 slaves to freedom. And, as she once proudly pointed out to Frederick Douglass, in all of her journeys she "never lost a single passenger."

    Tubman was born a slave in Maryland's Dorchester County around 1820. At age five or six, she began to work as a house servant. Seven years later she was sent to work in the fields. While she was still in her early teens, she suffered an injury that would follow her for the rest of her life. Always ready to stand up for someone else, Tubman blocked a doorway to protect another field hand from an angry overseer. The overseer picked up and threw a two-pound weight at the field hand. It fell short, striking Tubman on the head. She never fully recovered from the blow, which subjected her to spells in which she would fall into a deep sleep.

    Around 1844 she married a free black named John Tubman and took his last name. (She was born Araminta Ross; she later changed her first name to Harriet, after her mother.) In 1849, in fear that she, along with the other slaves on the plantation, was to be sold, Tubman resolved to run away. She set out one night on foot. With some assistance from a friendly white woman, Tubman was on her way. She followed the North Star by night, making her way to Pennsylvania and soon after to Philadelphia, where she found work and saved her money. The following year she returned to Maryland and escorted her sister and her sister's two children to freedom. She made the dangerous trip back to the South soon after to rescue her brother and two other men. On her third return, she went after her husband, only to find he had taken another wife. Undeterred, she found other slaves seeking freedom and escorted them to the North.

    Tubman returned to the South again and again. She devised clever techniques that helped make her "forays" successful, including using the master's horse and buggy for the first leg of the journey; leaving on a Saturday night, since runaway notices couldn't be placed in newspapers until Monday morning; turning about and heading south if she encountered possible slave hunters; and carrying a drug to use on a baby if its crying might put the fugitives in danger. Tubman even carried a gun which she used to threaten the fugitives if they became too tired or decided to turn back, telling them, "You'll be free or die."

    If she was alive today, she would rip the law school pigs worse than I do, on a daily basis. Hell, Harriet Tubman would likely go into a TTT dean’s office and toss his sorry ass out of his window – and then beat a few “professors” senseless with a thick broom.

  27. It'a a hopeless battle; this was on yahoo today
    Read it an weep-TJU Law as a top anything-all one needs to do is read its ABA employment stats.
    But this seemingly "objective" article says it's a great place to "network"
    Sometimes it appears the scam is so ingrained that it will never be eradicated.


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