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Profiles in Cowardly Paper Lions: Athornia Steele, Adjunct “Professor” at Fourth Tier Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center

Here is Steele’s bio. You can tell that this rat hasn’t missed many meals – off the backs of debt-strapped graduates and students. If you dare try to warn lemmings of the law school scam, he cites to lousy musicals in LSAC publications that are worth less than single ply toilet paper.


Academic Small-Mindedness: In the May 2015 issue of the LSAC Report newsleTTTer, Cockroach Athornia Steele wrote a column labeled “The Leadership of Admission Professionals in the Land of Oz.” Look at his opening paragraph:

“Legal education, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, has been caught in an ill wind. Negativity about the value of a law degree, ethical dilemmas in the admission process, questions about the qualifications of the applicant pool, declines in the legal job market, increases in student debt, and the resultant decrease in applicants to law school has made for a tumultuous ride. You, the admission professionals, are like Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodsman, and the Lion courageously in search of a way home, a feeling of stability, and a sense of forward momentum. We are all hoping that there IS a Wizard of Oz, or at least a Good Witch, who will help us in our quest.” [Emphasis mine]

In his little Tin Man mind, $TTTTeele thinks that a declining applicant pool, the weak-ass JD employment market, and increases in student debt are no big deal. That’s because this bastard isn’t the one who has to face today’s prevailing job outlook. In fact, it is in his be$t intere$t to enroll as many morons as possible – regardless of their chances of ever practicing law!

Now, scroll down to Steele’s last “substantive” paragraph:

“I have always loved the story of the Wizard of Oz and believe it to be a story directed to adults as well as children. If you go to your library’s catalog or Google any combination of the words leadership and/or personal development along with Wizard of Oz, a number of books and articles written on the leadership and personal development lessons of the Wizard of Oz appear. Of course, many of you have long ago observed that the Scarecrow complaining of no brain, the Tin Woodsman lamenting the absence of a heart, and the Cowardly Lion crying about his lack of courage each possessed and demonstrated that which they thought they lacked…Legal education in general, and admission professionals in particular, are engaged in a journey. It may take a bit more than clicking our heels together to overcome the wicked witch of the scam bloggers, rankings, negative media stories, declining applications, and pressuring deans, but at least at this annual meeting and educational conference, we can take some time to consider possibilities, recharge our internal strengths, and bask in the support of our friends and colleagues (and some lovely beaches and sunshine).”

Yeah, it’s always great when a 60 year old man publicly proclaims how much he loves a children’s story, right?!?! It is clear that these “educators” have too much free time on their hands. When reading his reference to beaches and sunshine in San Diego, you can tell that this rodent doesn’t miss a wink of sleep at night, thinking of the legions of students who have been FINANCIALLY RUINED as a direct result of their decision to attend law school. 


Other Coverage: On June 12, 2015, dybbuk wiped his ass with Athornia Steele’s little mustache, in a OTLSS entry entitled “Athornia Steele, Nova Southeastern Law Prof. and LSAC Board of Trustees Chair, compares scambloggers to the "wicked witch" from the Wizard of Oz.” After berating the cockroach, here is his conclusion:

“Now, Dorothy did say that there is no place like home, but a fancy resort vacation is still pretty good, especially when LSAC or one's employer is picking up the tab. And, of course, there is also law school - there is definitely no place like that. 

It may be presumptuous to criticize a children’s fantasy classic, but it really is a shame that the story did not end on a more uplifting note. There should have been a joyous concluding scene where Dorothy mortgages the family farm to attend law school so that she can address the obvious crisis of unmet legal needs in her small Nebraska, I mean Kansas, rural community, as well as elevate her own leadership skills and personal development. In solidarity with Toto, she could then go on to obtain an LLM in Animal Law, the better to critique the legal system's species-based hierarchy. 

Lacking that, it is fortunate that we have great and powerful legal intellectuals like Professor Athornia Steele to tease out the similarities between Oz and law school recruitment. Which scambloggers can do too, of course, but our perspective is tainted by wicked witchery.” [Emphasis mine]

You can see that these “educators”/swine view the students as a mere mean$ to an end, i.e. big piles of federal student loan dollars. Anyway, let’s take a brief look at the commode where Steele “works.” 


Rank of Steele’s Toilet: According to US “News” & World Report, Nova $ouTTTThea$TTTTern Univer$iTTTTy $hepard Broad Law Cesspool is rated as FOURTH TIER TRASH PIT! Yes, what a remarkable achievement, huh?!?! 


Average Law Student Indebtedness: The same publication provides an even more meaningful metric, regarding student debt. US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those members of the Nova Southeastern University JD Class of 2014 who incurred debt for law school - as $136,450. Hell, 86% of this school’s 2014 cohort took on such toxic debt. Don’t forget that this amount does not even include undergraduate debt. Nor does it take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.

Conclusion: In the final analysis, Athornia “Dorothy” Steele is mad because others – with brains, balls, and a backbone – have informed legions of people about the law school scam. As a result of our efforts, along with major help from mainstream press articles, enrollment continues to drop at ABA-accredited dung heaps. Now this cockroach and his fellow academic piles of waste are not able to reap as much federal student loan money, with so little effort. Steele has less honor than the old man behind the curtain. After all, he DOES NOT GIVE ONE GODDAMN ABOUT YOU or your job prospects, coming out of his garbage in$TTTTiTTTTuTTTTion.


  1. And to top it all off, his name sounds like the pen-name of an author who writes trashy bodice-rippers.

    1. Sounds like a pickpocket to me.

    2. http://news.vin.com/VINNews.aspx?articleId=27460

      Nando and others, this is the best inside academic's explanation of how schools close, using the dental school closing example in the 1990s.
      At that time, dentistry lost prestige and the quality and number of apps fell to 1.2:1, in addition to expensive accreditation standards (e.g. dental clinic).

      other than the lack of expensive accreditation standards, why have more law schools not closed, already in the red? Is society just that more perverted/harder to make an honest living since 1992?

  2. I would like to see Dorothy's house land on one of these evil law faculty.

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  4. The law school admission’s counsel and all their affiliate enablers—the undergraduate prelaw advisors—should be ashamed of themselves. To the extent that enrollment at all but the T-13 hasn’t imploded even further, these shills deserve partial credit. The only honest career function of prelaw advisors is to vehemently discourage anyone with below an 85% ranking on the LSAT to even consider applying to law school, and even then only on a full scholarship if not T-7. The best thing a prelaw advisor can do is to give lemmings a copy of Paul Campos’s Book: “Don’t go to Law School Unless”.

    1. No one should go to law school. Even if you are 85 percentile of test takers you will end up in a big law hell hole just trying to pay off your loans so you can quit. Why not just skip the whole thing?

    2. 85th percentile is low. Even 95th percentile won't get you anywhere. You're looking at 98th or 99th percentile, which is honestly just luck and literally only a few questions difference from 95th.

      But if you are capable of 95-99th percentile, you should just go into another field, sans incredible family connections that guarantee you serious cash and the upper echelon jobs normal proles will never have access to. And in which case, you also could have just done anything else as well.

      It's probably easier now with a 95th percentile score to get into the bottom of the T14, but that's seriously pretty useless. HYS still has high standards, it's that everything below that has been dropping because smart people aren't going to go.

      I wouldn't go now, I would simply just go to medical school. That is the competition at the higher levels. There should only be maybe 20 law schools max in the entire country, and even that would require probably a decade to work through this ridiculous glut and due to the fact that people don't seem to age out of this profession.

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  6. "Looking good, Billy Ray."

    "Feeling good, Louis."

    Isn't that what it really is all about for the "professors?"

    Work a month or two of hours a year, rehashing and regurgitating the same, dog-eared material outlined a decade ago when non-tenured, with an occasional sabbatical, cushy trips to conferences and symposia, cashing in on soon-to-be-forgiven university mortgages for second homes, and writing (publishing) scholarship few ever read.

    The Emperor's new clothes have never looked better.

  7. This whole nightmare of the legal education industry and the horrific damage done to children reminds me of the song, "Master Jack," from the 70's or so.

    One pertinent stanza is:

    You taught me all the things the way you'd like them to be
    But I'd like to see if other people agree
    It's all very int'resting the way you disguise
    But I'd like to see the world through my own eyes

    I think it fits the law school-academic industrial complex.

    OL's are sold an engineered, pre-packaged vision, playing to their "Special Snowflake" bias-essentially adults robbing children.

    The Federal government is complicit in the scam, and children are RUINED.

    Today, on the news, was a segment on how the FTC is pursuing retailers who "mark up" products, then advertise the "big write-down" to entice customers to grab a bargain.

    And how is this different than law schools (and undergraduate institutions) advertising a huge tuition, then offer huge discounts to folks who have weak academic credentials?

    My son #3, a mediocre student in high school, was offered a $7,000 "University Scholarship" to attend a private university. Turns out, EVERY STUDENT IN THE UNIVERSITY was "awarded" that scholarship. So, what has "scholarship" got to do with EVERYONE getting the same scholarship. Of course, the school only admits residents of Lake Wobegon -all above average…

    Well this son is no match for my academic record, and in 1974, I received NO scholarship-I was top 10% of my H.S. class. I am no genius-but far from stupid.

    So, son #1 and son #2 went to the same school. Tuition has increased during that time, yet the cost to me remained constant, due to the increases in the "University Scholarship."

    Son #3 is going to a junior college for his first 2 years. Hopefully, he will do well and get into the "University."

    "University" tuition is $31,000 a year. Jr. College tuition is about $6,000.

    The Jr. College has a table of convertible hours from the Jr. College to the "University" and my son #3 can do a program to transfer all of his Jr. College hours to the "University."

    We shall see how this works.

    Several observations:

    1. If I, as an attorney, billed clients on this basis, I would hope that I would be disbarred. My state, however, REQUIRES that attorney trust accounts pay all their interest to some state fund to pay legal expenses for the impoverished. Noble thought, but state sanctioned theft in my opinion.

    2. I normally charge $350 for a "simple will." (I usually lose money on an hourly basis at that price.) I am considering charging $90,000 for a simple will. Giving a $60,000 "scholarship," giving the client a new Porsche, and pocketing the $350. Tell me, how is this different from what law schools do?

    I need help-explain it to me. Thanks.

    1. can you break down how you are losing money on the 350/simple will? This may hel the layperson that may not now.

    2. PART ONE


      Brace yourself.

      I always insist on meeting with my clients twice, first

      to get a full family tree,

      to discuss their existing Wills, if any,

      to find out if any children or descendants have any special needs, requiring a special needs trust,

      to determine if everyone in the family is getting along, or if there are outliers who are estranged,

      to determine if there have been any disproportionate loans to anyone that the client may want to be equalized in an estate setting,

      to pitch the value of Powers Of Attorney over a Guardianship proceeding,

      to determine if there are any specific bequests,

      to determine the approximate value of the taxable estate to determine if any Federal or State estate or inheritance tax liability issues,

      to determine if there are any divorce judgments or settlement agreements requiring specific testamentary or trust provisions,

      to determine if there are business interests that may be operating that require some measure of protection,

      to discuss the duties of an Executor, and the suitability of the available family or acquaintances for the job, the state of residence of everyone to judge the practical feasibility of serving as Executor, the education and occupation of all prospective Executors so I can suggest folks who may be more suitable for the job,

      the approximate relative wealth of children and Executor-sometimes this affects folks' mindsets in dealing fairly with others,

      the demeanor of spouses of children-some "snipe" in the background and create great measure of trouble, having no interest in the game.

      I never trust obituaries for a statement of "heirship." My favorite was the guy who had 8 kids in the obituary. In truth, none of them was a legal child, but all children of his second wife. His ONLY natural child, was not named in the obituary. Surprise.

      I prepare a flow chart family tree, one for me, and one for my client. I update it at ever opportunity so I know who is who from the horse's mouth, and not from an interloper.

      38 year solo

    3. PART TWO

      I always prepare a table of testamentary documents. Another flow chart. It shows testamentary documents which predate my work, to the extent I can determine their existence, and the work I do currently, and I update it if they come back to amend the work I have done. It is a ready reference for me, my client, and their family in the event of death.

      I get as good an inventory of assets as I can, so if they die suddenly, and are the last of the husband-wife couple to pass, I have some idea of the assets we are looking to locate.

      I LISTEN to what my clients say. Sometimes they say things that change what I would recommend, or belie a fundamental misunderstanding on how the law works, which I explore and correct.

      I advise on the various options and techniques available in structuring testamentary plans.

      I review any existing Wills and Powers Of Attorney the bring to me, for sometimes, nothing need be done but review the existing documents and reassure them that their current wishes are met by existing documents.

      It takes an hour to an hour and a half to get through the initial office conference.

      It takes about an hour to an hour and a half to do the Wills.

      The Will execution conference takes about half an hour to an hour, depending on the client, the questions they ask, if changes are made at the last minute (only minor for I do not do major changes on the "fly.")

      So, we are at 2.5 to 3 or 4 hours or so. I charge $215 per hour, though many attorneys, some of whom I mentored charge $275 per hour. I charge what I hope will be paid.

      38 year solo


      Even at the low end of hours, I lose money on an hourly basis. I do better if I do Wills for a husband and wife, and Powers Of Attorney for both. Generally, those documents are “parallel” documents, with few changes between them, so preparation on computers is quicker. The real value of my work to my clients is advising them and making them aware of potential changes in their lives which warrant a call to me for a quick consultation.

      I try to keep my hourly at a rate I will be paid, instead of constantly discounting bills by hundreds of dollars.

      I do very careful work. It has to be that way. If you make a mistake, you will find it ONLY AFTER YOUR CLIENT IS DEAD and not much of a witness at that point. You will be left defending yourself against angry heirs-and you will look DEFENSIVE. Bad day.

      38 year solo

    5. PART FOUR

      Actually, my personal view is that I never charge "attorney's fees." I charge "premiums." What is the risk I will be sued for this work?

      A person wanted me to do a couple of prenuptial agreements regarding assets worth $11,000,000. Person wanted to pay $2,500 for them. Well, on my claims made malpractice policy, I am sure that coverage for that value would far and away exceed the $2,500 "premium" for one year, and I would have to pay the premium every year until I quit, and then pay a "tail coverage" premium.
      I declined the work.

      I make a copy of all signed documents for my file so a Will presented someday by a family member, if prepare by me, had better have IDENTICAL signatures to what is in my file.

      I programmed a database program to I could enter data about every “testamentary” document I prepared, including Wills, Powers Of Attorney, Trusts, Declarations of Living Will (Illinois), Revocation of (whatever), and so on, and critical data for every document executed in my office is entered in that database.

      I also insist that every document Will be executed in my office, so that the witnesses’ names and notary’’s name is recorded, as insurance against fraud. Only ONE Will was not executed this way, and I know which one.

      I am sure this is not all that floods though my head when interviewing a Will client, and preparing the documents they want, but it is a start.

      38 year solo

  8. So, maybe, I'll charge $5.6 million for a simple Will, give a $1 million "discount, give the client a $4.5 million Lear jet, and pocket my $350.00.

  9. I am concerned about two items:

    1. Virtually NO OL's comment here.

    2. Law school applications/enrollments have not seemed to drop appreciably.

    As a 38 year solo--is anyone listening???

    1. Get yourself on the website Top Law Schools, but be warned they'll kick you off for truthiness. I think AutoAdmit has waned in popularity. But those two are lemming stomping grounds. Go forth. Not many older attorneys around those parts, and your word would carry there.

    2. Thanks. Will check it out.

    3. One would think, in a rational world, that the bottom 60 law schools would have NO APPLICANTS next year.

      Could we just make that a reasonable goal, folks. Just the bottom 60? Just don't go apply. Just don't go.

      Buy yourself a new (or used car) or a hot fudge sundae. Of a kit to lance blisters. Even a root canal??? Something enjoyable and useful. But don't go to the bottom 60 law schools.

      Think of it as a sabbatical for yourself where you are paid. Skip law school for one year. Make a few bucks doing something fun. See how this mess turns out. Your target school rises to fame, go ahead. If it has collapsed, you are ahead.

      There is no rush. The precipice looms always.

    4. I have checked them out.

      The Third Tier format is much more amenable to communicating to many with a single post.

      On Top Law Schools, I would have to make dozens of posts to establish a presence in each thread.

      How can we entice Lemmings to Third Tier Reality where it is easier to communicate with them?

      38 year solo

    5. Hi 38 year solo, just to let you know you are reaching some 0L's. I turned down numerous good scholarship offers (on average around ~66% of tuition) from good schools (top 20 - 50). But not without first trying to negotiate and get scholarship increases (which I did, but not sufficient). In large part, turning down these offers was due to the numerous testimonials and anecdotes on places like this website, jdunderground, paul campos blog and others. Plus general dissatisfaction with the way that deans / professors / current students answered questions pertaining to the job market and the financial sustainability of law school debt. Also the info on Law School Transparency was very helpful.

      The job market is just too weak to justify taking on the debt right now. It's sad for me because I believe I'd be well suited to the work, and this may have been my last cycle to realistically attend (I'm already older than the average law grad). I'm still following the situation in hopes that the apps and matriculants absolutely collapse this year, then maybe I could reapply. But LSAC data indicates only a minor drop in applicants. Although the drop off was higher among the higher LSAT scorers, of which I am one.

  10. And, if you do not care about YOUR LIFE, why should I????

    I do, for I know the PAIN.

    1. And, being older, though my eyesight is fading, I can see farther in time than you, with my mind-my eyes are not needed.

      And you should listen.

      You have much more to lose than you know.

      (Oh, and not a single purported professor has posted to counter anything I have written all these months. I don't believe they have an answer. Not the ABA for that matter.)

      38 year solo

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  12. I could get into law school...if I only had a brain.

    (Oh wait. You don't need one to get in now?)

  13. Nando did you see this?!

    The Obama administration said it would forgive federal student loans owed by Americans who can show they were lured to colleges by fraudulent recruiting. . . . Officials said that under the emerging plan, the government will consider forgiving any loans made directly by the government—those held by the majority of the 43 million Americans with student debt—so long as the borrower can document a school persuaded him or her to take out the loan under conditions that would violate state laws. . . . such as by using false advertising or other deception—to lure them to apply and borrow funds. . . . Under Secretary of Education Ted Mitchell said the agency realized the move could invite applications from across higher education, whether from community college students or law-school graduates. The agency said it would hire a “special master” to figure out many of the details, including what standards the department should use to determine whether a school had violated state law. The department also would likely hire additional personnel to handle the applications.

    Google "Obama Administration Opens Door for More Student-Debt Forgiveness" for the WSJ story.

    1. The state should take that money out of the scamsters' asses.

  14. Fact is, most of the lemmings that will come out of a school like Nova, unless they're at the top of the class, would be LUCKY to get doc review in today's environment, just to keep the lights and heat on in their studio apartment!

    There are doc reviewers in their 40s and 50s making $25 an hour in these dungeons. Lawyers with experience you wouldn't believe: solos who once ran their own lucrative practices, former partners at small firms that split up, ex DA and public defenders, etc. The idea that everyone on doc review is a 2.0 GPA type from a Cooley/NYLS type TTT school is absurd, and I hope none of you have to learn this the hard way.

    For example, a good buddy of mine from a project once was a partner in a small personal injury firm. Back when these cases were easier to settle, he made as much as 200 K a year. But the carriers started cracking down and making every case into a dogfight, revenue slowly dried up, and eventually they had to close up shop. He tried getting into insurance defense, but those jobs pay so poorly (45 K a year is not unusual, even for people with experience) that he had nowhere else to turn but the doc review dungeons.

    Another gal I know was a NJ assistant DA who was let go in the budget cuts. She tried for months to get a job in private practice criminal defense, but sadly those jobs pay even worse than doc review (she was offered 25 K plus a 50/50 split of cases she brought in) by one DWI defense mill, and that was her only offer. Very few shitlawyers can make a living in crim. defense since 95%+ of all criminals just get the public defender.

    I had to stop doing doc review largely because seeing (and working in) such an utter & complete waste of human capital gets depressing to the point of suicide after a few years. Understand that in document review you are treated and reminded every working minute that you're a worthless, expendable loser due no courtesy, respect, or treated with any professionalism whatsoever. The firms and agencies will lie about hours, lie about pay rates, lie about project length, and provide you with working conditions so abysmal you'll dread getting up in the morning.

    Understand that many doc review jobs get cancelled before they even happen: Skadden, at least back in the day, was/is notorious for this. They used to staff thru an agency called Clutch Group, and the pay was often above market.

    But 9 of 10 times the projects would never happen. I suppose Skadden wanted to have the coders lined up while settlement talks were ongoing so they could "call the bluff" of their adversary and start discovery rolling along quickly if need be.

    Way Back in 2007 I was strung along for 2 weeks waiting on a gig to start: first it was Monday, then Wednesday, then Thursday, then the following Monday, then BAM: the case settled= no project period. So all that time wasted sending resumes, filling out conflict forms, and worst of all turning down other projects in the interim: all for naught. Do you know what it's like to have rent/student loans due and turn down 2 other projects while waiting for Skadden, then find out the rug was pulled out from under you? Then you have to start scouring craigslist all over again and calling all the other agencies begging them to put you on the fist gig that comes in.

    Also after you do doc review awhile you start getting "conflicted out" of projects. I conflicted out of nearly every pharma project in 2008-9 because I worked on the huge Seroquel case. So you're stuck either lying to get on the gig, or turning it down and being broke. Some choice, huh?

  15. http://nova.lawschoolnumbers.com/

    Let’s take a look at the LSN profile for ATTTThornia $TTTTeele’$ trash pit, Nova Southeastern “University” Shepard Broad Law Cesspool:


    Nova Law School is considered a Somewhat Competitive law school, which accepts only 51% of its applicants. Comparatively, Nova is Higher than the average cost for law school.

    Class of 2019

    Applications: 2044
    Offers: 1033 (50.54%)
    Matriculated: 369 (18.1%)

    25th percentile GPA: 2.93
    Median GPA: 3.14
    75th percentile GPA:3.38
    25th percentile LSAT: 147
    Median LSAT: 150
    75th percentile LSAT: 153”

    Yes, what an extremely selective school, right?!?! After all, the pigs “only” accept SLIGHTLY MORE THAN HALF of all applicants! Hell, crack addicts are more discriminatory in their tastes.

    Scroll down to the “placement” data for this commode’s graduates:


    Deciding to attend law school requires a large financial investment with the goal of securing employment upon graduation. The Nova Southeastern University class of 2014 had an employment rate of 81% with 3% pursuing an additional degree.”

    Keep in mind that these figures take the following positions into account: part-time, full-time, legal, non-law, long-term, and short-term. If you are employed as an insurance adjuster or you stock shelves at PetSmart – within 10 months of earning your TTTT law degree – then you are considered “employed” for the purposes of this survey. Imagine if U.S. medical schools resorted to such measures!

    1. To its credit, I was visiting Ft. Lauderdale one time and took a stroll through Nova. Hot girls abound! Of course, you might get more bang for your buck at a whorehouse.

    2. To tell the truth, I'm surprised that the figures are that good. Median LSAT score of 150? Acceptance of only 51% of applicants? I had expected quite a bit worse.

      Close to 20% of the class is unemployed—meaning no job at all, not even a day a week at McDonald's. And how much did it cost to attend this filthy toilet?

  16. From JDUnderground:
    "dtejd1997 (Jun 18, 2015 - 12:17 pm)

    Hey all:

    I've been in doc review now for a while...too long...
    I've notice some interesting things:

    A). The only way to get in is when there are big "cattle calls" and they need all hands on deck for big projects. They have a stable book of reviewers that get call backs for smaller projects.

    B). Once you get your foot in the door, it is relatively easy to get steady work within a few months. Show up, do your work, keep your head down, be friendly, and your going to get all the work you want.

    C). The state of legal industry is truly SHOCKING. A lot of people are waiting to get INTO doc review...A lot of people are "big law" lay offs. There are people in their 50's and 60 and 70's working doc review. There are people that come to doc review for the "big money". I can't tell you how many people were working with low level firms that quit because after 3-6-12-18 months they got burned out and were tired of making $9-$12 an hour.

    D). A lot of people at doc review that are young live at home. They live at home not because they want to, but because they HAVE TO.

    E). Most of the women are WAY overweight, broken down, and dress poorly. Not at all what I think of when I think attorney. To be fair, there are some middle aged women that dress very sharply, but they all got let go from more lucrative careers.

    F). A lot of women are married/living together with boyfriends. Very few single women, even fewer single good looking women. There are some...but they are rare. One of the problems they have is they are in an impossible situation. What type of guy is going to get into a relationship with a doc reviewer living at home, and buried under a mountain of debt?

    G). A lot of young people are buried so far under debt, they couldn't get out even if they wanted to. There was a guy at work who was living at home at 40, and had been paying off student loan debt for 4.5 years. He had another 4 years or so to go. The whole time he is living like a pauper. Always brought his lunches, didn't go out, didn't date, etc. etc. Skool was a great investment for him!

    H). Perhaps most shocking of all...A lot of young attorneys here are like battered wives. They went to low level skools and they don't regret it! They frequently say they knew the job market was bad, and they don't have a problem with it...They don't have a problem with their skool's 50% bar passage rate. They don't think there is a scam going on. They even bristle at the mere suggestion of a law school scam!

    I). Some of these people are k-jd, and this job is the MOST money they've ever made by FAR. Their other jobs were fast food, or low level retail. They just have absolutely no grasp of math or finances. No experience.

    So those are some of my observations..."

    1. This is a poignant description of the far-reaching effects of THE LAW SCHOOL SCAM!

  17. http://abovethelaw.com/2014/04/yet-another-law-school-is-offering-buyouts-to-its-tenured-professors/

    Back on April 14, 2014, Staci Zaretsky posted an ATL entry regarding faculty payouts at Nova $ouTTTThea$TTTTern “University” $hepard Broad Law Cesspool. The piece was entitled “Yet Another Law School Is Offering Buyouts To Its Tenured Professors.” Here is the full text of the article:

    "Today has been quite the roller coaster. Layoffs here, layoffs there, rescinded offers everywhere. It certainly looks like the legal profession has a case of the Mondays.

    To cap off this day of negative news, we’ve got word of yet another law school that’s offering buyouts to its tenured faculty. Yes, tenured faculty, oh my.

    Which law school put this offer on the table, and how many professors are expected to take it?

    Nova Southeastern Law, whose rank is not published because U.S. News is far too kind, sent letters to all of its full-time faculty members back in March to announce the buyouts. The school hopes to cap acceptances of the offered buyouts at 20 percent of its tenured faculty.

    The school has unique eligibility standards for the buyouts, according to the Daily Business Review:

    To become eligible, professors must achieve a “point” rating of 60, which combines age and years of service. For example, [Bruce] Rogow is 74 and has taught at Nova for 40 years, so his score is 114.

    The faculty has until May 25 to decide whether to take the buyouts….

    Per Rogow, the faculty is “delighted” by the specifics of the offer (e.g., its inclusion of three years of health insurance). The buyout is still optional, so “it’s hard to think of it negatively,” said one law professor.

    Nova Southeastern is using this as an opportunity to bring new intellectual lifeblood to its faculty, and that’s not a bad thing. If anything, the school is reacting rationally to its downturn in applicants. It’s only when the voluntary buyouts turn into not-so-voluntary buyouts and straight-up layoffs that things go sour.

    Also on the bright side, the Nova Southeastern law profs who decide to take the school’s retirement offer don’t even have to travel down to the state that doubles as America’s nursing home. They’re already there."

    In the end, this law school is a notorious pile of dog excrement. It has earned its garbage reputation, since its inception. If this is the best school you can get into, then that is pathetic. In the event that you are enrolled in this dung pit, it speaks volumes about your “critical thinking” skills. Why would ANYONE want to hire someone as moronic as you – to represent them in important legal matters – when you cannot even look out for your own personal best interest?!?!

  18. http://lawlemmings.tumblr.com/post/122825827292/wicked-witches-and-the-cowardly-law-prof

    Check out this permanent page, when you have a chance. On June 29, 2015, the brilliant Law Lemmings website wiped its ass with Athornia Steele's snout, in a piece entitled "Wicked Witches and the Cowardly Law Prof."

    The picture alone is epic. Now, scroll down to the concluding paragraphs below:

    "What the hell? Is this real? Yep, legal education as we know it is indeed engaged in a journey. It is a journey toward irrelevance. And while you and your goons skip along the Yellow Brick Road holding hands, your graduates struggle with massive debt, horrendous job prospects, and three years wasted so you can blather about the Wizard of Oz at a beach resort.

    Want to know how many emails I received from suicidal law school graduates while you “basked in the support of colleagues” and sipped rum drinks on the beach?

    I don’t need the Wizard of Oz to describe you, professor. Your former students make it clear what your priorities are."


    The article provides a hyperlink to this douchebag's Rate My Professors review page. Apparently, his reputation - as an "educator" - is lower than whale excrement. What an accomplishment, pig. Go sip a Mojito, Bitch.


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