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TTT Smells of Desperation: Albany Law School and University of Albany Move Toward ParTTTnership

The TTT AgreemenTTT: On June 4, 2015, the New York Law Journal published an Andrew Denney piece entitled “Albany Law, University Move Toward Partnership.” Look at this opening:

“Albany Law School and the University at Albany announced they are finalizing an agreement to affiliate. 

Alicia Ouellette, who becomes dean of Albany Law on July 1, and Robert Jones, president of the University at Albany, posted a joint letter online stating that the two schools have signed a memorandum of intent and plan to complete an agreement by the end of October. 

"It is clear to us that our students and faculties have much to gain from a stronger affiliation between our two schools," the letter states. The schools have been discussing a possible affiliation since last summer.

The letter said the affiliation is not a merger, as both schools will remain financially independent and there are no plans to change their names.

Additionally, the schools would retain their respective accreditations and continue to issue their own degrees. 

But affiliation would allow the schools to jointly pursue grants while giving students at both schools an expanded offering of courses. 

For example, a future scientist at the University at Albany could study legal issues surrounding environmental contamination, or a future attorney attending Albany Law could learn more about cybersecurity.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, future scientists will be blessed by attending Albany Law Sewer, and learning about IT security from a TTT, right?!?! Data breaches occur all the damn time, and spending $43,248 in tuition – the current rate for 2015-2016 at AL$ – will not make you more marketable, or less susceptible to such occurrences.

At this point, no one with a functioning brain stem buys the pigs’ filth. When you see a PR blitz from oil company cockroaches - usually following a recent spill - you KNOW that they don’t mean a word of what they say. They are simply trying to cover their asses and limit damage to the firm’s reputation. Whenever you hear the phrases “We are doing our part to be a responsible corporate citizen” or “We care about our community,” your gut instinct is to smirk and change the channel. It is the same with the “higher education” swine. When you hear or read, “Our students have much to gain from this affiliation,” you likewise just laugh to yourself and move on with your day. By the way, this commode is ranked as the 138th greatest, most remarkable and sensational law school in the country – by US “News” & World Report.

Chronology of a Toilet Merger: Back on February 10, 2015, the Times-Union published a Cathleen F. Crowley article, under the headline “Momentum building for schools to partner.” Check out the following excerpt:

“A partnership appears to be blooming between Albany Law School and the University at Albany. Neither is calling it a merger, but that doesn't stop others from using the term.

"The law school and the university are approaching this carefully, with graduated steps, which I believe will eventually culminate in a merger of the two institutions," said Laurie Shanks, an Albany lawyer and professor emerita at Albany Law who thinks merging is a win-win for both schools. 

UAlbany President Robert J. Jones said talks are going "extremely well." 

"We are going to be much stronger in this partnership than we would be separately," Jones said. 

Jones spoke about the partnership with the law school in an interview broadcast on SEFCU's big screen during halftime of a basketball game this weekend. 

He has briefed the chancellor of the State University of New York on the discussions and said he plans a presentation for the SUNY board of trustees.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, Cockroach Jones is an extremely busy man, huh?!?! Apparently, he has enough spare time to take in college men’s basketball games, in person. A few paragraphs later, the reporter noted the reason for this garbage merger:

“Enrollment at Albany Law School, as at most law schools, has dropped dramatically. 

In 2003, the school had 821 students. Today it has 475, a 42 percent decrease. A $1 million deficit is expected in the 2014-15 school year.” [Emphasis mine]

You’re welcome, bitches! Cockroaches can only swim short distances, so you vile, lazy academics are in desperate need of a flotation device.

Conclusion: In the last analysis, you morons who are enrolled at this ABA-accredited dung heap are mere pawns in the pigs’ endgame. Then again, you were always a mere means to an end, i.e. big-ass bags of federal student loan money. Notice how Cockroach Laurie Shanks said that this is "a win-win" for the two “institions of higher learning.” What part of that statement leads you, dumbass, to believe that the students’ interests were even a consideration?!?! Remember, these “educators” do not care about you, in the slightest! The thieves will do an say anything to keep their cushy “jobs.” This merger is an attempt to keep these two turds afloat. Saddling you down with huge amounts of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt was a happy afterthought.


  1. So I set out a trap the other day and caught a cockroach that was hiding under my sink. I told the roach I would let him go if he got a job. But he refused to look for any work, and he called me an anti-Afro-American racist 500 times. But he won't work.

    Oh, I almost forgot! Three times each day, two ancient roaches (both of them covered with long grey hair) bring food to the roach in the trap so that it doesn't starve. With its needs provided for in this manner, I can see why it refuses to climb out of its trap and get a job.

    This is all a rather good analogy for something - but for the life of me I can't remember what it is right now.

  2. Cockroaches can only swim short distances? Then how the really big ones in NYC manage to live in sewers?

    1. Some of them live in their parents' house. It might SMELL like a sewer - but it's a house.

      The roaches watch YouTube and Turner Classic Movies all day instead of working.

      Supposedly the infestation is particularly horrible in Oyster Bay.

  3. If you want to "study legal issues surrounding environmental contamination", go to the fucking library. You'll get no benefit from institutional collaboration with a law school—especially a toilet like Albany.

    1. sadly too many young retards think they need a bunch of degrees to be considered a success.

      In the real world, people have more respect for a city garbageman making $85K per year (with full pension and bennies) than some loser asshole with a law degree from a shithole who can't get a legal job if his life depended on it. Just saying.

    2. @ 5:46,


  4. What's the benefit to UAlbany to "partner" with this law school which is running a significant deficit? Someone please explain...

    1. Someone is sucking somebody off in this transaction....

    2. The announcement above is just for public consumption. You can bet that the U of Albany is getting $omething out of this deal.

      It seems that not much is happening: people enrolled at the one institution will be able to take courses at the other with relative ease, presumably for credit. In other words, this agreement doesn't amount to much.

      Will the U of Albany eventually acquire Albany Law Skule? It's hard to see what the U of Albany would gain from that transaction, unless Albany Law Skule happens to have some land that the university might want to snap up under the signboard of a "merger" leading to the quiet shuttering of the law school.

    3. Old Guy, I think you're right. U at Albany will get the land and ALS will get lower bond rates. They'll be some swig and swap and money will change hands if a U at Albany junior goes straight to ALS. I don't think that the schools can actually merge as Albany Law School would have to charge like a state law school.

  5. Are these schools actually afraid of the ABA? Are they pulling a "Corinthian" - i.e. when your program starts to be out of compliance for accreditation, you buy a school with accreditation.

    Fun fact: the ABA is only the official accrediting agency for something like 26 law schools - only the stand-alone ones.

    Every non-stand-alone law school has accreditation that gets them the federal funds through one of the six regional accreditation agencies.

    I would not be surprised if the recent enthusiasm for 'affiliating' with another kind of institution, has to do with getting accreditation through someone other than the ABA.

    1. "I would not be surprised if the recent enthusiasm for 'affiliating' with another kind of institution, has to do with getting accreditation through someone other than the ABA."

      This is an interesting idea, but it would only *really* matter (assuming that the goal of these schools is to keep collecting the bounty of Sallie Mae) if the ABA were to lose its accrediting authority from the Department of Education. If that were the case the law schools would need to leverage their new parent institutions' accreditation in order to pull student loans.

      I'm not saying you're wrong, and I don't know anything you don't already know, but how plausible is ABA having its accreditation privilege revoked? Obviously the ABA's standard are minimal, but many employers see that as the standard (as opposed to the trashpits with only state bar accreditation).

      I'd guess affiliation has to do more with either marketing/rebranding, or having a lender (i.e. the parent institution to-be) with reputation to lose by not floating a loan.


  6. Man I could have fallen for this scam. Bernie Madoff has nothing on these law school deans and professors.

    I feel for many of my college classmates. I graduated in the late 90's from a school of the same caliber of some of the lower ivies, and we churned out plenty of hard-working "book smart" kids who went to law school, many of them non top 10.

    I hate to think what has come of them.

  7. If you think you need a bunch of fucking letters behind your name in order to make a difference in this world, then you're a fucking loser to begin with. There's plenty of people making good money with just a college degree. Most companies (including a lot of the really good ones) don't much care what your major is. Or the name of your school. If you have even a few connections and can land an interview (and let you nail it and show concrete examples of your success), you'll land a good job somewhere.

    Now here's where it gets tricky. So listen up. Once you get in, that's just the start. Just. The. Start. You have to keep working hard, put your nose to the fucking grindstone and get results. Once you do that, you can move up. You do that, and you start making better money. I've seen too many fucking people walk away from good paying jobs because they think they want to 'do something meaningful' with their lives. My ex walked away from a corporate manager job where she was making $80k a year, so she could go to a shit tier law school in Chicago. She thought I was just a bitter loser and she would be successful at legal shit work. Last I heard, she was making half her old salary.

    I and a lot of other motherfuckers have put in our time in the legal field. (I left this shit behind years ago) I can tell you that legal work is boring and tedious. You think representing an angry wife in a divorce case is 'meaningful'? Think representing criminal scum who don't have any respect for you or the fucking law is 'rewarding'? Is working on cut 'n paste wills meaningful? In what universe? You can do a lot of good and make good money without going to stupid law school and financially ruining yourself.

    1. ^ Well, that all sounds good in theory, but the truth of the matter is that many of us just don't WANT to work. We want to be taken care of, and for OTHER people to work and support us financially.

      But I want you to know that I'm going all out to do MY part for the economy. I run out and spend every dollar the taxpayers give me, so that the money will circulate in the economy. YOU on the other hand would probably have just let the money sit stagnantly in a bank account.

      It's like we're a superhero economic rescue team: you earn the money, and I spend it to help the economy.

    2. True--I don't even want to breath, but I do, to collect my government check.

      Not really.

    3. Good call, 11:10. I'm sure that you and Paul Krugman would get along well.

  8. the value of a degree is plummeting stemming from decades of off shoring, increasing series of visas and non-visa illegal work, automation, and ballooning college grads (particularly graduate students).
    however, what's teh alternative? Yeah, dont' go to law school, but what else?

    1. Look, sometimes doing nothing is better than going down the road in front of you. Being adrift personally with little or no debt is better than being on a Debt Death March.

    2. Engineering, or medical.

      Yeah, you have to know something, but if you know nothing, you are an amoeba.

      38 yr solo

    3. The alternative is doing what people did for most of human history: go out on their own and try to make something happen.

      There are still a lot of companies that started with nothing and are names now. Like Nathan's hot dogs, Ben&Jerry's Ice Cream and many more. The key is they didn't have debt and didn't waste years and years getting educated when they still had the vitality of youth to do something else with their lives.

      And there are so many other no names. This over-education thing happens at the end of an empire's cycle. Somehow at the start of an empire, and through most of it, something like 3 universities can serve an entire population, and this is also where most of the major advances happen and when achievement is highest.

      Then things start slowing down and there is a university on every block, and worse yet these grad schools like law school, all to "educate" people for things that didn't require it when people actually could achieve things.

      The problem with law school and that debt is by the time you're done with the education and getting rid of the debt, you're too old and too risk averse to really do anything either. An 18 year old that's adrift without debt, and even a 22 year old, is far different than a 32 year old.

      There are some major structural issues right now. But still, the number of people going to law school is a minority of the population, so it's still a stupid decision. Going to an in-state college won't screw you as badly, and maybe not really at all if you do it right. But going to law school, there is never a justification for it.


    Back on May 12, 2014, the Albany Times Union posted a Brian Nearing article entitled “Law school chief chides faculty; buyouts reached.” Check out this great opening:

    “An undisclosed number of professors at Albany Law School are willing to leave in exchange for buyouts as school leaders deal with an increasingly restive faculty that may soon be facing possible pay cuts or unpaid leave.

    The school targeted eight teaching positions for buyouts earlier this year to cut expenses, but on Monday a school spokesman was unable to say how many professors had sought the voluntary offer, how many had accepted it or any other details surrounding it.

    "We intend to work closely with those individuals as part of a confidential process designed to address their needs and enable a smooth transition. At the same time, we are reviewing the financial implications, with an eye toward minimizing disruptions in programs and service," according to a statement issued Monday by Daniel P. Nolan, chairman of the school's board of trustees, and board Vice Chairman Jim Kelly.

    In a confidential April 15 memo to the faculty, Nolan rebuked them for waging a "smear campaign" against Dean Penelope Andrews as part of "mudslinging" and "vitriolic attacks" that were bringing "dishonor" to the law school.

    He wrote that the faculty messages delivered to trustees by the Faculty Long-Range Planning Committee were "filled with many statements that are inaccurate or unfairly taken out of context" and "filled with distortions and untruths by anonymous posters. It contains personal attacks and questions the good faith of many actors."

    As you can see, the bitches and hags at Albany Law Sewer have been in financial trouble, for quite some time. In a just world, these cockroaches – along with deans at all ABA-accredited trash heaps - would receive the following severance package: a SEVERE and savage beating with bamboo sticks, plus being tossed into a small cage with fierce pitbulls for 5-10 minutes. If you put it on pay-per-view, I’m sure TTT law grads everywhere would watch – at least for a little while.

    By the way, notice how Cockroach Daniel P. Nolan mentioned wanting a smooth transition. Too bad the piece of garbage doesn’t seek the same thing for the students and graduates. Then again, the lemmings are a mere mean$ to an end. Heaven forbid that the toilet experience any disruptions in “programs” or “service.”

    Lastly, Pig Nolan: you bastards bring dishonor to yourselves. Law schools are run for the benefit of faculty and admini$trator$, not the students and grads. Anyone operating an ABA stench pit deserves all the scorn they get, Bitch. You have no honor or integrity. “Good faith” is a sick joke, you thieving rat.

  10. I mention the cost, the indebtedness, the low bar passage rate, and the low rate of J.D.'s getting full time, J.D. required jobs, and the income they start out at, and every person has asked:

    "Why does anyone go to law school?"

    Good question.

    "Just say no!"

    38 year solo.

    (My 3 sons will NOT be lawyers--I INSISTED.)

    For those of you, never having attended law school, and never having practiced law for 38 years, and you decide YET to go to law school, you must know something, or have been told some believable lie, that I do not know. Oh, and I graduated from undergrad from a Land Grant University in 3.5 years and from the College of Law at that University in 2.5 years in the top 1/4 of my class in 1977, and it took 2.5 years to find a shit law job. It has been Hell ever since. Please do not become a lawyer. Please, do not enroll in law school unless you are a REMARKABLE student, top 3 or 4 in your high school, and top 5 percent of your undergraduate education.
    BUT, if you can do THAT, why not get an engineering degree and make real money and benefits with a mere Bachealor's degree???
    A law degree will LOWER your marketability, as you will be seen as over educated and a "flight risk" were the employer to hire you.

    Also, everyone in the company with lesser education but more seniority will be intimidated by your education and thwart your advancement as it may cost them their job.

    38 yr solo

    1. That's the problem. Everyone thinks they're remarkable.

  11. I believe the link between Cooley and WMU has diminished Western Michigan's reputation.

    Similarly, I think a link between ALS and SUNY-Albany will hurt the University at Albany's reputation.

  12. Nando,

    I ran here to post this email I just got from Loyola Law School.

    Interested in fine-tuning a practice area or learning a new one?

    Loyola Law School, Los Angeles is offering LLM Specializations in five practice areas:

    Civil Litigation & Advocacy
    Criminal Justice
    Entertainment Law
    Intellectual Property
    International Business Law

    The LLM degree (Master of Laws) can be completed in one year, from August 2015 to May 2016. The program is open to attorneys with at least three years of practice experience, as well as foreign law students and attorneys.

    Info session: June 11, 2015

    LLM Program Director Joel Mosemann will answer questions about the application process, program requirements, course selections, special waivers for Loyola Law graduates and more during an information session at 7 p.m. on Thursday, June 11, 2015 in Founders Hall Room 236 on the Loyola Law School campus. To register for the information session, please visit

    For more information about the LLM program, please see Anyone with questions may contact Program Director Joel Mosemann at or 213-736-1446.

    LOLOLOL do they have any shame? Now that American college grads are figuring out the bullsh*t that is law school, these toilets are starting LLM programs to prey on naïve foreigners. Could you imagine some poor kid in China taking his parents' life savings to attend Loyola's "international business law" LLM program? THESE SCHOOLS HAVE ZERO, ABSOLUTELY ZERO SHAME.

    1. What the hell does anyone at Loyola Law School know about practice? How much "Civil Litigation & Advocacy" has the entire faculty there done? What percentage of the professors there have "at least three years of practice experience"?

      Professors in general look down their noses at practice. I wonder who exactly is going to lead these bullshit LLM programs.


    On June 1, 2015, Noelle Price’s article, “University of Albany, Albany Law to Finalize Affiliation,” appeared in the JD Journal. Look at this portion:

    "The University at Albany and the Albany Law School predict that an affiliation agreement will at least be outlined by the end of October, the Albany Business Review reports.

    Last summer, the schools began discussing a possible affiliation. In a previous article, the Albany Business Review reported that the law school had hired Graham Thornton, an accounting firm, to serve as a consultant through the process. Leaders at the Albany Law School, which is independent, and the public university recently signed a memorandum of intent to continue their discussions of the affiliation process. By the fall, they expect to have the memorandum of agreement finalized."

    Isn’t it just wonderful when two filthy pigs can get together – in order to feast on the bones of lemmings?!?! Now, scroll down to the conclusion:

    "The letter also included some details about the prospective affiliation. The schools will remain separate entities and will be financially independent. Students may receive a number of benefits from an affiliation, such as cost-savings, an expanded course catalog, and dual research and funding initiatives.

    In November, the president of the University at Albany was optimistic about the potential affiliation.

    Albany Law School enrolls 477 students, whereas the University at Albany lists over 17,000 on its roster."

    Yes, this is an affiliaTTTion made in TTT heaven – for the perpetrators. In the end, the cockroaches LOVE to look at the number of prospective victims. I’m sure that the dean of the third tier commode is thrilled to have a large pool of potential casualties. After all, the sick bitches and hags MUST make $180K+ per year, for minimal amounts of “work,” right?!?!


    Back on November 14, 2014, the Albany Business Review printed a Megan Rogers piece entitled “New World, New Pacts for Higher Education.” In fact, it was the cover story for that issue. Look at the portion below:

    “Robert Jones had been president of University at Albany for just over a year when the school lost the prestigious nanocollege that had been the fastest-growing part of the university's campus.

    One of Jones' first actions after the nanocollege split from UAlbany was to call Albany Law School president Penelope Andrews and board chair Dan Nolan.

    That phone call set into motion a series of conversations that may lead to an alliance of sorts between the state university and the independent, private law school that has educated a president, U.S. Supreme Court justices and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

    "He said, we think being affiliated or having a law school would be a terrific plank in that strategic plan [to take UAlbany to the next level of excellence]," Nolan says.

    Leaders at the law school were receptive to Jones' offer. It was not the first time Albany Law had been approached by universities interested in absorbing the law school. But, like its counterparts across the country, the 163-year-old school has been struggling in recent years.

    The scope of the affiliation remains unclear. It would be deeper than existing transfer programs between the two schools. And while the affiliation is expected to align the academic programs of the two schools, it would allow Albany Law to maintain a separate governance and finance structure. That arrangement could be the end point for the partnership or just a stop on the road to a merger between the two schools.”

    I’m sure the law school pigs were incredibly receptive to the offer from Jones. I only hope that they used protection. At any rate, you can bet your ass that the cockroaches will look at enrolling top undergrads at SUNY Albany into the TTT law program – without requiring them to take the LSAT. Other schools have figured this out, including the rodents at the Univer$ity of Michigan Law $chool.


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