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Brooklyn Law School Crooks Offer to Repay 15 Percent of Their Loot: Generosity/Desperation in Action


TT Smells of Desperation: On July 12, 2015, the New York Times published an Ileana Navarro piece entitled “Brooklyn Law School Offers a Safety Net for New Students.” Take a look at this opening:

“Shelley Friedman, 21, who recently started a two-year program at Brooklyn Law School, is not too concerned about how she will fare in the job market after she earns her degree — and not just because she won’t begin looking for work until she approaches graduation in May 2017. She is simply confident about her prospects. 

But she also knows that — just in case — the school is prepared to provide her with a safety net of sorts. 

Beginning with students entering this year — whether in two-, three- or four-year programs — Brooklyn Law School is offering to repay 15 percent of total tuition costs to those who have not found full-time jobs nine months after graduating. That, according to school officials, is how long it typically takes graduates to get such jobs and, if necessary, to obtain the requisite licenses. 

“Knowing you have a little extra security is very comforting and helpful,” said Ms. Friedman, who is from Fair Lawn, N.J. 

The introduction of the program, called Bridge to Success, comes as law school graduates across the country face increasing competition in a depressed job market that is only slowly recovering from the economic downturn. 

This builds on the overall approach that we’ve taken to be very student-centric, to listen to what students need,” said Nicholas W. Allard, dean of Brooklyn Law School. He said it was the school’s strong financial standing, including an endowment of $133 million as of May, that made the program possible.” [Emphasis mine]

This trash pit is offering two year law degrees, and now the pigs are offering to repay 15% of out of pocket, total tuition costs to those who have not found full-time employment within nine months of earning their Crooklyn diplomas. Notice how the bastards did not specify the type of jobs. Apparently, if you graduate from this certified dung heap, and land a full-time position at Allstate or as a car salesman within nine months of receiving your degree, then you do not qualify for partial repayment. 


The TT AnnouncemenTT: On July 13, 2015, the Crooklyn cockroaches issued a press release labeled “Brooklyn Law Announces ‘Bridge to Success’ Program.” In the sewer rats’ own words:

“Brooklyn Law School (BLS) today announced the launch of Bridge to Success, a new program designed to support graduates who may take longer in their job search to find meaningful, full-time employment. Under the program, if graduates have not found jobs of their choice nine months after graduation, they will receive a lump sum payment of 15 percent of their total tuition costs paid while attending BLS. The program takes effect beginning with the entering class of 2015.

Bridge to Success builds on Brooklyn Law School's nationally recognized career preparation and job placement success and is a further enhancement to the school’s comprehensive plan to support graduates as they begin their careers. Bridge to Success serves as both a boost while graduates conduct their job search and as a safety net if the process takes longer than anticipated. 

“Our students invest a lot of time, effort and money earning their law degrees; some students need more time and support than others to find that all-important first job to start a worthwhile career,” said Nicholas W. Allard, president and dean of Brooklyn Law School. “Bridge to Success is designed to ease the pressure for some students to settle for any job to pay for living expenses and pay off loans. We are determined to provide the counseling and financial support needed in some cases, to buy extra time, in order to land the job that fits a graduate’s talent and passion.” [Emphasis mine]

Whenever you hear an administrator or “law professor” talk about “passion,” you KNOW that their school is a trash heap. Save that sentiment or excitement for the bedroom. The legal "profession" is a garbage business, not a romantic notion of how things should be done.


Other Coverage: JDU user “napoleone” posted a comical thread, which was titled “Brooklyn Law will get you a job, or give you a partial refund!” – on July 12, 2015 at 10:19 pm. Accountholder “ibrslave” provided this brilliant response 39 minutes later:

“Ha, ha! A 15% refund is like pissing on a forest fire. Brooklyn can shamelessly look like they give a damn and keep 85% of the ungodly tuition from those suckers who cannot find a job 9 months after graduation. These graduates are doomed, period, with or without a token 15% refund.”

This is merely a PR move, designed to attract more lemmings – and to make outsiders believe that this as a benevolent institution. Would you celebrate a mugger as a hero, if he stole your car, watch, wallet or other property – and then later gave you 15% of what he took from you?!?! If not, then don’t treat the swine at Crooklyn Law any differently.

Conclusion: In the final analysis, Brooklyn Law Sewer is desperate for asses in seats. The place is a notorious, noxious stink pit that burns your nostrils from a distance. It is currently ranked as the co-78th greatest, most phenomenal and amazing law school in the entire damn country – by US “News” & World Report. Yet, the pigs will charge full-time law students $45,780 in tuition – for the 2015-2016 academic year. 

According to the same publication, the average law student indebtedness for those members of the Crooklyn Law Class of 2014 who incurred debt for law school was $114,953. Since a good portion of that amount is due to living expenses, the commode will not repay 15 percent of the total figure. If you received a partial scholarship/tuition discount, the jackals will only pay back a fraction of the tuition costs to you. In other words, you will still be in financial hell. Does that strike you as a good deal, Dumbass?!?!


  1. "jobs of their choice" haha

    If you break down and start flipping burgers to pay your rent, Allard will claim that was the job of your choice! Only those enjoying parental subsidies can hold out long enough to collect the 15% refund.

    1. The new economy. Looks a lot like the economy of 500+ years ago. You work if you're poor and born into a crappy family. Otherwise you get to live it up and just inherit from your parents.

  2. Does anyone else suspect that Brooklyn Law will actually raise tuition by 15% to pay for this generous initiative?

  3. My mind imagines Glengarry Glen Ross remade as Glen Brooklyn Law School, changing Allard to Blake.


  4. Hey, I will give ANYONE 15% money back in four years, for every $50,000 you give me, you don't even have to give me any proof of your status. Heck, I'll be super generous and give the first one hundred people that sign up 20% of their money back. Law students are bad at math, maybe it will work.

    If you are so screwed that you qualify for their 15%, 15% will be like giving a starving person a cracker.

    When do the law school late night infomercials start?

  5. I honestly believe anyone that goes to a non-T5 lawschool in 2015 sans full scholarship or privileged connections should be sterilized so they at least do not reproduce, and banned from all social safety programs for life.

    Since we're not going to stop giving out the student loan money, and it's also not going to get paid, then that's it, that's the one bite at the apple these people are allowed. I'm willing to write off the $150k or so, but no medicaid and welfare and the rest on top of that. Enough is enough.

    It's 2015, it is far past the time anyone goes to these garbage law schools.

    1. Let's start by sterilizing you, fucko. You bug the shit out of me.

    2. Hi yadroc!

      Still refuse to work and pay any student loans, eh? You're exactly who I was thinking of!

    3. Huh? Who is that? I made the post at 9:44 and I have no idea who (or what) you are talking about.

      I still think we should sterilize you though.

    4. Outside observer here.

      Sterilization will be standard policy everywhere in the world within 30 to 40 years. However, it will generally be used for demographic purposes, not to punish advocates of sterilization. They will actually be quite popular, and highly preferred for responsible positions within society.

    5. Who is we? The vast majority want you to work and pay off your student loans, you lazy deadbeat.

      When are you going to get a job and pay what you owe? I see you've still got your hand out demanding more of course, and throw a fit if someone tells you to get a job.

    6. I pay my loans gribble. Near paid in full. I just don't like you. I have seen your sanctimonious bullshit posted on other sights and saw the reasons you were banned (rightfully) from JDU. You are an asshole and should not be allowed to reproduce.

    7. Haha too bad society, especially women, actually like people such as me who pay their loans off, make money, and contribute to society. And not people like you, who don't work and always beg to leech more off of my and taxpayers' tax money.

      You can sit there and jack off in a pool of your own tears some more while I laugh at you. The more you cry the more I laugh at you.

      BTW, the word you are looking for is "sites" not "sights" you stupid pleb.

      And yadroc, everyone knows it's you, and everyone knows you don't pay your loans and don't want to work. The writing style is the exact same, the same whiny bullshit, the same preoccupation with a lame site of angry losers that always bans all its intelligent and capable posters.

      On the link to the right, you'll see a site called JDJunkyard. Nando obviously agrees with JDJunkyard since he links it. At that forum they trash JDU for banning all the good posters and leaving only garbage psychopaths such as yourself yadroc.

      JDU is all about racism and hatred. I don't play that lame game. I was probably banned for standing up for minorities actually, if anything. I'm frankly glad I was banned, along with allord and all the other contributors to society. I have no interest in communicating with deadbeat, racist, psychopath losers.

    8. Then why do you keep responding to me here? Is it that important to for you to get the last word? You and your daddy issues? You were banned from the JDU SITE because you tore into someone about them not paying their loans when all they were asking for was advice on their current situation. Women love you....ya right. All this coming from a dude who corrects the syntax of others....You wouldn't know what to do with a pussy if it sat on your face and started to wiggle. I don't even know who yadroc is, nor do I care. I have a great paying job, wonderful family, and I pay my debts so for you to assume I am someone else with the tiny bit of information you have about me makes me question your intelligence. As far as the errors, I am typing on a phone, and not proofing. Done with this convo, you loser.

    9. Are you now? I doubt it. You've consistently whined and tried to get the last word.

      Go ahead, type another moronic post riddled with errors, and then pretend it's "syntax" (a word you don't even understand the meaning of).

      Mental deficients such as yourself are incapable of contributing to society. All you can do is leech, whine, whine, whine, project and contradict yourself.

      I DARE you to not respond. It's impossible for you. I'm going to just keep laughing at you.

    10. If anyone deserves to be sterilized, stripped of all wealth and worldly possessions, AND thrown off the social safety net, it's the "deans" and "professors" and other scammers (and maybe their sycophantic apologists). Combine that with their inability to get a job or generate any more income... well, they'd be truly screwed then, wouldn't they?

      And, ah yes, gribble... I've heard about you, and I've seen you an action. I think I actually saw that JDU thread where you chased away the OP who was just looking for some help and advice. Oh yes, you're a real boon to society... NOT!

  6. There is no depth to which these con artists will not sink-but the truly unbelievable part is that anyone, anywhere, thinks that getting 15% back is "comforting."
    Here's a better deal: don't go at all-that way you'll keep 100%!

  7. Brooklyn Law School is shittier than shit...even if they give you 15% back.

  8. The term for this proposal in the business is the 'reach around'

  9. Too bad Nando's old nemesis, Mr. Infinity aka Joshua Adams can't take advantage of the 15% rebate. He is a day late and a dollar short of such a wonderful opportunity.

  10. I am a lawyer who has been forced to drive a cab between document review jobs because of the glutted market for lawyers and the inability to get a job outside of the legal industry with a law degree because of the "over-educated, underskilled" label placed on lawyers by recruiters outside of the legal industry. I drove a Brooklyn law grad the other day who made it in a top firm but refuses to contribite to BLS when they call him asking for donations because the class size there is now double what it was when he was enrolled, and they are contributing to the lawyer glut.

  11. http://money.cnn.com/2015/07/13/news/brooklyn-law-school-tuition-refund/

    On July 13, 2015, CNN Money featured an Ahiza Garcia piece, which was entitled “Brooklyn Law School to give unemployed grads money back.” Check out the following portion:

    “Brooklyn Law School said Monday that it will refund graduates 15 percent of the total they paid in tuition if they are still searching for a job nine months after receiving their degree.

    The program is called "Bridge to Success" and will begin with the incoming class of 2015.

    The payment will be made in a lump sum and is meant to act as a safety net that will help give students more time to find "meaningful, full-time employment," the school said in a statement.

    According to the law school -- which has total enrollment of about 1,100 -- its job placement record in the last two years has been approximately 90 percent.”

    The lump sum payment is a small fraction of what the thieves took in, from the federal government and debt-strapped fools. The author then continued:

    “The partial tuition refund program is the latest in a series of initiatives undertaken by the school in an effort to help students and alumni.

    Last year, Brooklyn Law announced a 15 percent tuitin reduction. And the year before the school created a 2-year J.D. program, the first of its kind in the New York City area.

    "We have our ear to the ground," Brooklyn Law School President and Dean Nicholas Allard told CNNMoney. "Rather than continue to march over the cliff when a new direction is appropriate, we pay attention to what students want and need. The conventional legal education was passive and standardized. We've adopted a student-centric approach."

    The Crooklyn Law $chool pigs are CLEARLY desperate for asses in seats. Look at the measures they have taken so far, people. Hell, I’m surprised the cockroaches don’t throw in some Brooklyn Nets courtside tickets to any waterhead who decides to enroll in the dump. By the way, Nicholas Allard’s use of the contrived word “student-centric” is a prime example of meaningless drivel and academic filth.

  12. Law schools are desperate for tuition $$$ and will do anything to attract the shrinking pool of student loan conduits.

  13. http://college.usatoday.com/2015/07/17/brooklyn-law-school-offers-partial-tuition-refund/

    On July 17, 2015, USA Today published an a piece from Trent Crabtree, which was “Brooklyn Law School Offers Partial Tuition Refund to Unemployed Graduates.” Look at the following excerpt:

    “At a time when many college graduates are facing mounting debt and limited job prospects, Brooklyn Law School is now offering to alleviate this burden — by offering graduates a refund.

    As part of the Bridge-to-Success program, the school will begin refunding graduates 15% of their paid tuition if they are still searching for a job nine months after receiving their degree, the school announced on July 13, 2015. According to the school’s website, the program is designed to serve as “both a boost while graduates conduct their job search and as a safety net if the process takes longer than anticipated.”

    To qualify for the refund, graduates must be actively seeking employment and working closely with the school’s career services center. They must also be planning to take the bar exam.

    [Cockroach] Nicholas Allard, president and dean of BLS, says that the program was created because of the long and expensive process that many law school graduates endure on their way to becoming lawyers.

    “When they graduate, law students typically have to pass the bar and in order to do that they often have to often pay for an expensive bar review class and forego working in many cases,” Allard says. “And then when they take the bar exam, they have to wait months to get the results.”
    As this process drags on, the debt begins to add up as well.

    “This length of time makes it challenging in many cases to pay your bills and to find jobs, so some people just need more time than other people,” Allard says. “We want our students to not only have the counseling support, but have the financial support they may need in some cases to find a good job that they feel is worthwhile and a good way to start their career.”

    Based on statistics presented by the school, the program likely won’t affect many graduates. BLS — which has a total enrollment of 1,119 — states on its website that it had a 90% job placement rate in 2014.”

    Apparently, the piece of garbage known as Nicholas Allard doesn’t realize the DIRECT ROLE role that he and his toilet play in saddling thousands of law students and grads down with soul-crushing sums of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. It is odd that mainstream news sources still cite to law schools’ published employment “placement” rates. Those include non-law, legal, part-time, full-time, short term and long term posts. Plus, those students outside the top 10% of their classes must hustle their asses off – in order to land decent employment upon graduation.

    Instead of being a man, Allard chooses to point the finger at expensive bar review courses as the main reason why MANY of his commode’s grads are unable to find jobs sooner. The name on the degree makes a difference, douchebag. Just as most single men would rather date a woman who is attractive and fit – over one who is a fat pig with a dog’s face – most good employers want applicants and workers with strong credentials and skills. They don’t want to take a chance on a loser with a TT law degree. They realize that hiring such dunces reflects poorly on them as a firm.

    1. Bitching about the cost of bar-review courses is rich. First, the cost of bar review pales in comparison to the cost of attending law school. Second, the ubiquity of bar-review courses only shows that law schools do not prepare people for the bar exams, still less for practice.

    2. You can get loans and not have to worry about saving up for law school, while bar review courses cost hard physical money that loans do not cover. If you could not get guaranteed federal loans for law school, then your argument would be valid old man.

      With that said, law school is a mistake, and I am glad I dodged that bullet.

  14. Here is the rest of the Crabtree article, for USA Today:

    "According to CNN Money, the maximum cost of full tuition at the school is $130,000, which means that the most the school can refund unemployed graduates is $19,500 — assuming students paid completely out-of-pocket.

    And Allard says that he isn’t worried that graduates will try to take advantage of the program to receive a refund even after finding a job, adding that he believes that his students will take a job over a check.

    “Our students are our paying customers,” Allard says. “My concern is not that the customers rip us off. My concern is that we do everything within our power to make sure that our students graduate and believe they got value from the legal education and that it empowers them to get meaningful jobs.”

    Bridge-to-Success is the latest initiative in a series of steps that the school has taken to help its current students as well as its alumni. BLS recently announced a 15% tuition reduction that will go into effect this year for all students. Last year, the school introduced a 2-year J.D. program — the first of its kind in the New York City area, according to a report by CNN Money."

    Nicholas Allard is a sick pig. Look at this one quote, and you will see everything you need to know about this rat's "character":

    “My concern is not that the customers rip us off."

    Yes, this is a real fount of integrity, huh?!?! This piece of trash has the temerity to charge his students $45,780 in annual tuition, offer a paltry 15 percent refund on tuition costs alone, and then turn around and say that he is not worried that his victims/customers will rip him off - by collecting the money.

    That speaks volumes about these academic sociopaths who run ABA-accredited diploma mills. As I have said dozens of times on this blog, “law professors” and administrators DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN about you, the student or recent graduate. In fact, they want you to go away the minute you receive your diploma. The sole exception is for the few successful grads who contact the cesspool, in order to donate to the swine. When they are done ramming a NYC phone book up your ass, while you are bent over a coffee table and without a lube, they move on to the next group of victims, i.e. first year law students and prospective lemmings.

    1. In my experience, thieves are always obsessed with being ripped off. They hate to lose whatever it is they've ripped off themselves.

    2. Who is ripping whom off?

      All Lard is an economy-sized douche.

  15. Its a scam, Allard is a criminal and all he cares about is getting his fat face on the news which is the only reason for this BS program. BLS is scam, do not waste your money, that rat Allard will find some way to weasel his way out of paying back the 15%


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