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Provisionally-Accredited Trash Pit Concordia University School of Law Set to Ramp Up Recruitment Efforts

TTTTT News: On June 23, the Idaho Statesman published a Bill Roberts piece, which was entitled “Concordia law school launches media campaign to attract students, inform community.” Take a look at this opening:

“Boise’s Concordia University School of Law is raising its profile just weeks after the American Bar Association gave it provisional approval, which means graduates are eligible to take the bar exam. 

Over the next couple of months, Concordia law, which has about 100 students, will use social media, newspapers, billboards and local radio stations to encourage students to enroll and to better acquaint itself with the community. 

“We wanted to make sure we reached all the key stakeholder groups,” said Madeline Turnock, a spokeswoman for Concordia University, based in Portland.” [Emphasis mine]

If you want to reach the full extent of your potential applicant pool, make sure to post billboards in the following locations: homeless shelters, soup kitchens, Wal-Mart, Burger King, welfare offices, etc. You should also smear your advertising feces all over park benches and buses throughout the area. After all, your graduates will end up riding the damn bus or sleeping in the park – after you’ve financially raped them in the ass.  Later on, the author continued:

“A new billboard along Interstate 84 near the Orchard Street exit encourages students to apply. 

Concordia has room to grow, said Turnock, but school officials say they don’t have a specific enrollment number in mind. Concordia’s law school can take 75 students in each of its three grade levels. 

Concordia says it is looking carefully at the quality of its students, since passage of the bar exam is regarded as one indicator of the school’s quality. 

The media campaign will continue until August, when approximately 17 students are expected to graduate, Concordia officials say.” [Emphasis mine]

Wow! This commode will have a total of 17 graduates in its first year class. What a terrific accomplishment, huh?!?! Hell, if a 6’8” transvestite was offering its services for free, there were be more than 17 people huddled around.

Other Coverage: On June 24, 2015, Noelle Price posted a JD Journal entry labeled “Concordia Law School Working to Attract Students.” Read the following excerpt:

“The school opened its doors in 2012. In August of 2014, it began the process of seeking accreditation from the American Bar Association. The ABA, however, delayed rendering a decision at that time, and sent a team of professionals to the school to gather additional information. Earlier this month, it received provisional accreditation. The National Law Journal adds that the school will be eligible for full accreditation in 2017. 

However, due to the delay in provisional accreditation, 55 second- and third-year law students transferred to the University of Idaho’s law school so that they were eligible to sit for the bar exam. According to Boise Weekly, the Idaho Supreme Court refused to give the school a waiver that would allow third-year students to take the exam.” [Emphasis mine]

Maybe by 2017, the pigs will have a graduating class with more than 30 members. In that case, you can bet your ass that the American Bar Association cockroaches will grant full accreditation to this pile of moist excrement. The fact that that the University of Idaho Commode of Law accepted 55 of these dolts speaks volumes about that school.

Tuition: Full-time students/victims will be charged $28,500 in tuition, for the 2015-2016 academic year. In the pigs’ own words:

“Tuition 2015 - 2016

After careful research, analysis, and budgeting, Concordia University set the tuition rate at $950 per credit hour. 

This rate results in a full-time (30 credits per year) tuition cost of $28,500, an annual cost that is more than $10,000 below the annual price point of the average private, nonprofit law school. 

In addition, students who enroll for the fall 2015 incoming class will receive a Transformation Through Service Grant of $15,000 ($5,000 per year for full-time students and $3,750 per year for part-time students). Students may also be eligible for additional scholarships.” [Emphasis mine]

Yeah, who wouldn’t want to shell out $28,500 per year – even if offset by a partial tuition reduction, i.e. “scholarship” – to attend an unproven, barely-accredited dung heap?!?! This is the equivalent of purchasing a broken down 1991 Ford Tempo for $20K.

Conclusion: If you are even considering attending a provisionally-accredited stink pit – such as Concordia “University” Sewer of Law – then you are an ideal candidate for a brain shunt. In fact, such morons should not permitted to order their own meals off the McDonald’s menu, since they don’t have the mental capacity to make these types of big decisions. 

Does anyone else think that this cesspool should post fliers in convenience store and truck stop bathroom stalls, advertising its “legal education” program? Hell, they might be able to get a few dumbass truck drivers to take the bait. Certainly, some meth addicts will jump at the chance to become lawyers, right?!?! Just post some Concordia Law magnets next to the condom dispensers or right above the rolls of toilet paper.


  1. Nando, you've really gotten to the heart of this scam institution. Sure it's in Boise, which is more than the other Idaho garbage dump can claim for itself. But it costs too much.

    1. I think you missed the point entirely

    2. So costs are irrelevant? Very few potential students can afford to take that position.

      I suggest that you read up on the law school scam.

  2. Who is opening another law school? They have no heart just a wallet. Crooks with a permit.
    Who is going to that school? Idiots with a permit.

    1. I go to the school. Even though you think I'm an idiot, I will do my best to serve you when your legal life hits the fan. Cheers

  3. 4,000,000 pageviews soon. Nando rocks!

  4. Law schools are run for the benefit of law faculty. There is zero leadership at law schools or the ABA for change. The system is broken, but as long as there are easy student loans, law schools will chase those tuition dollars. It does not really matter to law schools if people learn how to practice law, go into huge debt, and cannot find jobs. Law schools are lowering standards to admit ANYONE that can get the student loans to them. From the law school perspective, the crisis in legal education is that they are having trouble filling seats and raising tuition prices, they don't give a hoot about admission standards, quality, individual outcomes, and the health of the profession. They lie and spin the truth, trying to sell twenty somethings into taking out six-figure debt. They are EVIL.

    The ABA, law faculty, and law schools are all enemies of the practice of law.

    1. But it never stops-more lemmings, more student loan dollars, year after year. Even with all facts-huge debt, poor job prospects, evidence of years, even decades, of lying by the schools-not a single ABA accredited law school has closed. It's unbelievable.

    2. None of them are going to close because the DOE doesn't have the balls to tie federal money to employment outcome and prestige.

      In what world does it make sense and can you spin that a TT or even the 10th ranked school should cost the same as Yale and Harvard? HYS can have access to loan money, although even that should be capped, and everyone else should be set to a percentage of HYS's federal loan allowance.

      Law schools are unique in that the worst product costs the same as the best product, no matter how worthless it is. Imagine if all automobiles cost the same as a Lamborghini. Who in their right mind would buy a Hyundai for that price? And why would society be handing out financing for it?

  5. 1:31 AM, the University of Idaho now allows 2L and 3L students to study in Boise, so Concordia has no reason to exist.

    I wonder how much they had to pay the ABA to get provisional approval...

    1. I'm not sure that any law school in Idaho has a reason to exist.

  6. Nice welcome mat.

    Price? 100K.


    Back on August 24, 2014, the Oregonian published an ass-kicking piece from reporter Jeff Manning. The article was entitled “Concordia Law School suffers mass defection after it fails to gain accreditation.” Look at this epic opening:

    “Nearly half of the third- and second-year students at Concordia Law School in Boise, Idaho, have left the school in the last three weeks after it failed to get provisional accreditation from the American Bar Association.

    Without accreditation, Concordia Law grads cannot take the Bar exam in Idaho, and most other states, necessary to get a license. At least 48 of the school's 102 third-year and second-year law students have withdrawn, transferred or taken temporary leave from Concordia, school officials said Thursday.

    Concordia Law is the high-stakes diversification effort launched two years ago by tiny Concordia University in Northeast Portland.

    It was perhaps the biggest gamble in the Oregon school's 105-year history to open a law school just as the law business was downsizing and law grads facing six-figure student loan debts were struggling by the thousands to find decent jobs.

    The troubles have led to an unprecedented decline in law school enrollment. From a peak of more than 52,000 nationally in 2010, enrollment fell short of 40,000 last year, the lowest level since the 1970s.

    But Concordia was undeterred. It opened with a class of 75 in 2012. Full-time tuition at the law school is $29,043, with the total cost of attendance about $43,000 annually. Concordia said scholarships offered by the school lowered the effective tuition to $15,750 a year for the 3-year program.

    The situation provides a glimpse into the business of higher education.”

    $omehow, the American Bar Association cockroaches still chose to grant provisional accreditation to this dung heap one year later. It’s amazing how that worked out, huh?!?! Hell, I suppose as long as half your first year class remains enrolled after such a temporary setback, then the bitches and hags will reward you quickly. Yes, these pieces of garbage really care about YOU, broke-ass law grad, as well as the “profession.”

    1. I notice they didn't do a follow up piece with how many students went back. Also, the top performers at UofI were all transfers from Concordia, that somehow missed the print too...

  8. Hey all you need is to take the Idaho bar exam. And you're career is set after that. Shit you can go into constitutional law. Look at the big week last week. The Roberts court ruled on Obamacare and gay marriage. See? Divorce lawyers are gonna see a real windfall down the line. Bam! You can just picture the big dollars rolling in when you're a constitutional lawyer sitting around your office, thinking about big important shit, waiting for constitutional cases to come in. Yeehaw!

  9. Concordia has run radio ads seeking students. Classy.

    1. If it were worth attending, it would not have to advertise at all.

  10. These are the types of people enrolled in this trash can:

    Here is student Marcus West. Based on the amount of gray hair on his head, this man is apparently in his early 30s, at least. Here is his description of his “legal studies” at Concordia “University” Sewer of Law:

    “Uh, my classes are tough. Uh, there’s, there’s, there’s, a lot of work to be done. There’s a lot of reading to prepare for the classes. They’re extremely fascinating. The topics are interesting. The conversation is dynamic. And, uh, the atmosphere is really energetic. So it’s, it’s a great environment. The, the energy is, uh, the energy is great. Because everybody wants to succeed. Everybody wants to be a lawyer. And, um, they want to learn. And there’s a sense of pride with being the, you know, one of the first few classes of Concordia University School of Law. And, and so it’s, it’s, it’s a very, it’s a very fun environment to be in. I’m, I’m, I’m extremely proud to be one of the first, in one of the first classes of Concordia. Because Concordia’s gonna be around for, it’s gonna be around for a long time. And this is a legitimate law school. And, and, this going to be a staple of Boise. So to be part of that, and to be part of this movement, is extremely exciting.”

    Here is a summary of this video: reading is hard, the classes are fascinating, and there is great energy. It’s exciting to be part of a brand new pile of garbage.

    By the way, nice way to stutter your way through a brief video. I’m sure that you will have a wildly successful legal career.

    Check out this video from pupil Brit Kreimeyer when you have a chance. Nice hairdo, lady. Am I the only one who thinks she resembles an animated meth head with too much mascara?

    Here is a video, regarding “quality legal education” at Concordia. Go the 2:43 mark of this clip, and you will see some blonde chick talk about the affordability of this excrement pile. According to this student, it is is a great value. Also, Boise provides a tremendous urban setting.

    By the way, how can an unaccredited trash pit that charges about $10K less per year in tuition – than the average private law school – still be considered a great value?!?! Would you be happy if a restaurant charged you $5 less on your dinner, if you found cockroaches in the main course?

    Concordia Sewer of Law – from a veteran’s perspective. I’m sorry that you served two tours in Iraq and you were not smart enough to get into a real law school. Here is my favorite remark from Justin Volle, at the 1:26 mark: “You’re smart enough to know how dumb you are.” And the toilet posted this video on Youtube. Yeah, great choice there.

    Apparently, these dolts believe that a school’s energy is important. It seems to have been a determining factor in their decision to attend a then-unaccredited trash heap. When you listen closely, you can see that this may be an attempt to convince themselves that they made a wise choice. Who gives a damn about energy, morons? This isn’t a basketball arena or the bedroom.

    1. Mr. West is a babbling fool. Just imagine him as a litigator.

      Boise looks huge next to the town where I grew up. But "a tremendous urban setting" it is not. People in Boise used to drive eight hours to Portland, Oregon, once a year just to shop.

  11. ^Wow

    They're enrolling people who have no business being in law school.

  12. A shocking fraud. A shocking scam.

  13. Do they have a space law LLM?

  14. Here are the top 10 reasons for not attending Concordia University Sewer of Law:

    1. It merely has provisional accreditation;
    2. The first class just graduated, which means that there is NO ALUMNI NETWORK in place;
    3. Tuition will amount to $28,500 for 2015-2016;
    4. According to Economic Modeling Specialists Inc., there were only 128 estimated, annual attorney openings for 2010-2015;
    5. The ABA Employment Salary for the University of Idaho Commode of Law shows that the dung heap had 123 members of its 2014 graduating class;
    6. With provisional accreditation, Concordia Law grads can only sit for the Idaho state bar exam;
    7. What out-of-state employer is going to want to hire your sorry ass, with this garbage degree?;
    8. Boise's population cannot support a glut of attorneys;
    9. Non-law employers will not be impressed by your ability to be suckered by a brand new, barely-accredited trash pit; and
    10. You will graduate with large sums of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, and your degree will not remotely attract decent companies.


    Here is the Forbes profile on Boise, Idaho:

    “Boise, ID
    Boise City-Nampa, ID Metropolitan Statistical Area
    At a Glance

    Metro Population: 650,400
    Major Industries: Technology, Tourism, Mining, Farming
    Gross Metro Product: $26.5 B
    Median Household Income: $51,072
    Median Home Price: $162,800
    Unemployment: 4.8%
    Job Growth (2013): 3.3%
    Cost of Living: 7% below nat'l avg
    College Attainment: 29.7%
    Net Migration (2013): 1,780"

    The cost of living is not that much lower than the national average, and medium household income is listed as $51,072. Do you think that YOU will make a financial killing representing these “deep pockets,” Dumbass?!?! If the answer to that question is No – and that is the correct response – then why in the hell would you willingly piss away three years of your life, and accrue a huge load of student debt in the process?!

    If you are a glutton for punishment, I’m sure you can pay a hooker to humiliate you. Hell, you can probably shell out $10,000 for some brute to kick you in the forehead with steel toe boots. At least then, you will not be financially ruined for life.

  15. After the mass marketing campaign detailing every minute of their Bacchanalian, self-congratulatory revelry, they enrolled a 1L class of 17 students! And their first bar results were only 55% pass rate. They had 18 students walk in their first graduation, but only about 12 were actually done. The others still had at least a semester yet to complete so they are not even honest about the size of their graduating class.

    As mentioned, University of Idaho already has a 2L & 3L program in Boise and announced earlier this year that they will begin offering 1L classes in Boise in 2017 taking away the sole marketing niche the Costa Concordia Sewer of Law was banking on - being the only provider of a law degree in Boise. The Costa Concordia Sewer of Law is nothing but a carpet-bagger enterprise of the CU-Portland mothership institution. They need to go away so that their beautiful building can be put to a productive use.

  16. Do you like apples?

    80% passage rate on the UBE, b*tch.

    How do you like them apples?

    1. That is a tiny sample size, Bitch. How is life in Meridian, Idaho, pathetic cockroach? Good luck finding a decent lawyer job. Bar passage is not the same as gainful employment as an attorney - especially when one graduates from a stench pit such as Concordia "University."

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