Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School Experiences a 52% Drop in Enrollment, Since 2010


Excellent news!: On August 16, 2015, the Detroit Free Press re-published a Lansing State Journal article from RJ Wolcott, which was entitled “Cooley Law School enrollment drops 52%.” Take a look at this wonderful opening:

“More than 3,900 students were enrolled at Cooley Law School in 2010. That was the zenith. It’s been downhill since. Cooley’s enrollment for the 2014-15 academic year was 1,880.

That’s a drop of 52%, according to data from Cooley and the American Bar Association. In comparison, Michigan State University College of Law, which is more selective, had about 830 students last year. 

Law school enrollment has been declining nationwide since 2010, ABA data show. At Cooley, it has declined almost three times as fast. During its years of explosive growth, Cooley opened three satellite campuses in Michigan and one near Tampa. 

Last year, administrators at the school, now known as the Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School, closed its Ann Arbor campus and laid off faculty members in an effort to mitigate the losses. 

Records from the ABA show 119 full-time faculty employed at Cooley in the spring of 2014 compared to 49 in the fall. Jim Robb, associate dean of external affairs, said staff reductions were a combination of retirements and layoffs. 

Despite recent struggles, Don LeDuc, president and dean of the school, expects 2015 to be a transition year for Cooley.

He says enrollment is up since December. He anticipates that an increase in students taking the LSAT will soon result in a return to pre-recession enrollment.” [Emphasis mine]

You’re welcome, bitches! It’s great to see that full-time parasites at the TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer have been reduced by nearly 59 percent, since the spring of 2014. Cockroach Donald LeDuc is truly delusional, if he believes that his FOURTH TIER PILE OF EXCREMENT will soon experience a return to its peak enrollment in 2010. Then again, the bastard gets over-paid to say such idiotic things. 


Other Coverage: ATL posted a Staci Zaretsky entry labeled “Which Law School’s Enrollment Has Dropped By More Than 50 Percent?” – on August 17, 2015. Check out the segment below:

“According to Dean Don LeDuc, however, Cooley Law’s drop in enrollment isn’t a big deal. He says the school’s enrollment has gone up since December, and that because more students are taking the LSAT, it’ll translate into a “return to pre-recession enrollment.” Perhaps if more law school deans were as clairvoyant and optimistic as LeDuc, the rest of the nation’s legal educators wouldn’t be in such a precarious predicament. 

In an interview with RJ Wolcott of the Lansing State Journal, LeDuc went on to blame other law schools for causing Cooley Law’s enormous enrollment drop: “One of the things that schools will do is they’ll start taking students that they wouldn’t have taken in good times. [They] reach down further into applicant pool. Well, when they do that they’re taking our students, and we’re adversely affected by that.” Pardon me, but just how deep does Dean LeDuc think other law schools are digging into the applicant pool? 

Since 2011, Cooley Law’s median LSAT score had fallen from 146 to 145 and plunged from 143 to 141 at the 25th percentile. No matter how desperate they are to put paying asses into seats, not too many law schools are willing to take a chance on applicants with less-than-ideal stats like that — not if they’d like their U.S. News ranks to remain stable. 

Not only has Cooley Law’s enrollment dropped, but it’s also seen a stark drop in applications. Per the Lansing State Journal, Cooley received 4,032 applications in 2011, and 1,161 students accepted admission offers and enrolled. Last year, the school received only 1,481 applications, and just 445 students ended up matriculating. We know lawyers are supposedly bad at math, but anyone can see that those numbers are horrendous.” [Emphasis mine]

That is quite an admission from Pig LeDuc, i.e. "Better schools are starting to admit more mentally deficient potential students, and that hurts us because we rely on waterheads to fill our classrooms."  The swine acknowledged that his notorious trash pit accepts the dumbest applicants of pretty much any ABA toilet – even though the rodents ranked themselves as the 2nd best law school in the entire damn country, as recently as 2011. Of course, anyone with an IQ above 60 recognized that this was a pathetic attempt by Donald LeDuc and Thomas Brennan.

Apparently, MANY potential Cooley students have realized that they are better off personally and financially, by remaining in their dead end jobs. At least then, they will not end up pissing away three years of their lives – and incurring an additional $120K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, in the process.

Conclusion: When you think of filthy cesspools and putrid waste, the first image that comes to mind is TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer. This school is the epitome of raw sewage in legal “academia.” It is also the prime example of an ABA-accredited diploma mill that does not give one damn about its students or recent graduates. Hell, if they could, these “educators”/bitches and hags would enroll skid row bums and crash test dummies into their TTTT program.  It is great to see that people are avoiding this FOURTH TIER TRASH PIT, in droves.


  1. Cooley needs to innovate. I suggest establishing British-style press gangs that trawl college campuses and forcibly drag graduating seniors over to Cooley. Or, they could convince the local legislature to pass a "Prison To Partner" program, under which convicted felons are given the option of being sentenced to serve their sentences at Cooley.

    1. And keelhaul the slackards.

    2. Rum, buggery, and preftigious service aboard the SS Cooley - for scam and the honourable ABA board of governors!

    3. 0L's as of 8-20-15, are headed to the mess which is legal education, and none of the schools have shut down. Lambs to the slaughter. May God have mercy on their souls.

      I have practiced for several decades. I KNOW that failing businesses can "drag on" for several years before they truly collapse, but, in every case, the principals got all they could get, so I don't expect law schools to out-and-out fail/collapse for 2 or 3 more years. But then, with any luck, the cascade will begin.

  2. Thank you Nando. I went to a 4th Tier dump, and I got 164 on the LSAT but was dumb enough to attend anyways. These frauds need to be put in jail, or at the very least, have their asses shut down.

    1. 164 LSAT is pretty good; Now you can attend a T-25 school with that score--not that it matters if you are not top 20%. Basically Tier 2-4 is now amalgamated

    2. I had a 165 and went to a T2 dump and never had a law career. Basically you need a 170+ and to only go to a T5 maybe T8 if you're not connected. They might as well stop ranking after maybe 16 schools and just admit the other schools are all garbage.

    3. I work with a guy that got a 168. He went to a religious school (like a dumbass) and now he's 30 and he's been mooching off his in-laws for the past 2 or 3 years. Impressive.

    4. Your "amalgamated junk" also includes two-thirds of "T1".

      As 9:03 said, no more than 16 schools should even be considered. The others are toilets, one and all.

    5. 5:16, OP here. I graduated back in 2013 at the bottom of a 4th tier. I'm fucked. I wish I could go back in time and fix my life but now all I want to do is die. I have no career and I'm broke. Life sucks. I'm glad there are blogs like this so at least I'm not alone. It's embarrassing to tell people I'm a lawyer when I'm a fucking temp.

    6. We really need an end to self-centered chatter about "elite" schools. It's highly misleading to potential applicants. Those who propagate that mindset got into lots of trouble themselves, and need to give it a rest.

      The ONLY relevant rankings are those by employment rates.

    7. The "elite" schools are elite precisely because their graduates are actually desired in the employment market.

      The only misleading claim is to pretend prestige doesn't matter and somebody would actually want to hire some unconnected schmuck from a non-elite law school for any type of decent job.

  3. I hope the faculty at Western Michigan will work with the state legislature to disassociate with Coley.

    The reputation they save may be their own.

    1. Why the hell did they get roped in with Cooley in the first place?

    2. "Why the hell did they get roped in with Cooley in the first place?"

      Because they were too dumb to be able to work anyplace else?

    3. Six figure salary, tenure, the chance to muse about irrelevant legal abstractions with no concern as to whether a client is actually willing to pay for said musings, greed, laziness, the belief that they "won" law school and now deserve a nice job...

  4. Still 1,880 too many. What are some people thinking?

    1. ^This is the correct response.

    2. Exactly right.

  5. "Don LeDuc, president and dean of the school, expects 2015 to be a transition year for Cooley."

    Hopefully it's a transition for he & the other swine at Cooley fLaw $ewer straight to the unemployment line.

    The pieces of shit who run Cooley are the worst of the offenders in the entire law school scam. Without exception. I can't wait to hear the next round of lawsuits from former students when this shiTTTTThole goes bankrupt.

    1. Lawsuits would be nice, but I'm hoping for prison sentences.

  6. Hang down your head Tom, Cooley
    Hang down your head and cry....
    Hang down your head Tom, Cooley.
    Poor boy, you're bound to die!

  7. Cooley is such a shithole my cousin who's got an MBA knows that Cooley is a piece of shit.

  8. What's that I smell?

    Did someone take a Cooley in the toilet and forget to flush? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  9. http://tippingthescales.com/2014/08/cooley-law-new-name-new-layoffs/

    Back on August 18, 2014, Tipping the Scales posted a Maya Itah piece entitled “Cooley Law: New Name, New Layoffs.” Take a look at this opening:

    "It’s been a crazy two months for Thomas M. Cooley Law School. In July, the institution announced that it would hold off on enrolling the Ann Arbor campus’s entire fall class of 2014, and that it might even shut the campus down. Last week, it officially became the Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School. The name change will immediately apply to Cooley’s four Michigan campuses, MLive reports. It’ll have to be approved by the Florida Commission on Independent Education before going into effect at the Tampa campus.

    Meanwhile, the layoffs Cooley warned about last month are finally happening this week. The nixed employees are getting severance packages, but the school is keeping silent on how many of them it has laid off.

    Cooley Law and Western Michigan have had a relationship since 2002. They’ve partnered on three joint degree programs: a JD/MBA, a JD/Master’s in Public Administration, and a JD/Master’s of Social Work. They began planning their engagement in April 2013; now that they’ve been joined in holy matrimony, they’re preparing to launch a law minor for Western Michigan undergrads and a 3+3 program for aspiring lawyers who want to rack up a bachelor’s and a JD in six years.

    The benefit to Cooley Law is obvious. To put it lightly, the school’s reputation could use work. Along with the whole potentially-shutting-an-entire-campus-down thing, the school is known for having high tuition and low employment rates, as well as for being sued by former students for misrepresenting its employment statistics. (The lawsuit was dropped, but the fact that it existed—and garnered widespread attention—is bad enough.) In April, Above The Law named it the worst law school in America."

    Apparently, the commode keeps getting flushed. Unfortunately, the crusty nugget keeps floating back up to the top. Hell, TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer has been known as one of the foulest filth pits in the country, for years now. Many waterheads continue to enroll in the toilet.

  10. http://lawschooltruthcenter.blogspot.com/2015/08/the-triumph-in-cooleys-decline.html

    On August 18, 2015, the Law School Truth Center posted a hilarious take on this developmenTTTT, in an entry labeled "The Triumph in Cooley's Decline." Here is the full text of that article:

    "Don't buy when others buy. Buy when they're selling.

    I give you Cooley Law School, now proudly associated with Western Michigan, because it takes a special school whose prestige is enhanced by affiliating with a third-tier directional college. A very special school:

    More than 3,900 students were enrolled at Cooley Law School in 2010. That was the zenith. It’s been downhill since. Cooley’s enrollment for the 2014-15 academic year was 1,880.

    That’s a drop of 52%, according to data from Cooley and the American Bar Association.

    Will this precipitous drop mean that Cooley is only the 4th or 5th best law school in America?

    Who's to blame? Why, it's worse-but-higher-ranked schools, of course.

    “One of the things that schools will do is they’ll start taking students that they wouldn’t have taken in good times,” [Leduc] said. “(They) reach down further into applicant pool. Well, when they do that they’re taking our students, and we’re adversely affected by that.”

    But even top-notch legal experts recognize that Cooley is an excellent option for would-be lawyers.

    In accepting students other law schools shun, Leiter said, Cooley does provide opportunities for those who have the will to thrive.

    Where there's a will, there's a way. Real lawyers know this, and that's why Cooley has been the stealth choice for those confident in their inner barrister for decades.

    So Cooley has suffered a bit because people who are dumb enough to read U.S. News decide to go to places like Capital and Detroit-Mercy. Screw those people.

    Embrace being one of the bold few who bucks the trend and gets a stellar education in a half-empty room. People like Brian Leiter know that if you have the will, Cooley will provide you the opportunity to thrive.

    After all, is law school anything more than a 3-year Triumph of the Will?"

    Sadly, many waterheads still believe that THEY are exceptional – even though they could not get into a real law school. Yes, you can’t accomplish a score of 150 on the LSAT, but YOU, moron that you are, WILL CHANGE THE $Y$TEM, right?!?!

    1. “One of the things that schools will do is they’ll start taking students that they wouldn’t have taken in good times,” [Leduc] said. “(They) reach down further into applicant pool. Well, when they do that they’re taking our students, and we’re adversely affected by that.”

      How much further down the applicant pool can Cooley reach?

  11. LA Law Firm is advertising a lawyer position for $10/hour.

  12. All you guys talking about Cooley being bad, its always not about the school, its about yourself, you can go to Harvard and still be the bottom of the class and NOT get a decent job!, Cooley is ABA approved just like Harvard, Cornell or Notre Dame, engage your brains!!!!, ...and by the way, your low brained comments speaks volumes about yourselves, junkies who just dream of going to Law School!

    1. Cooley is a bottom of the barrel shithole.


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