Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Early Results Show Another Big-Ass Drop in Bar Passage Rates: MBE Scores Reach 27 Year Low


Test Scores Sink Further: On September 17, 2015, BloombergBusiness published a Natalie Kitroeff article entitled “Bar Exam Scores Drop to Their Lowest Point in Decades.” Take a look at this epic opening:

“American law graduates are increasingly getting a taste of failure before they start their careers. Performance on the bar exam has continued to slip, early results show.

The average score on the multiple-choice portion of the July test fell 1.6 points from the previous year, reaching its lowest level since 1988, according to data provided to Bloomberg by the National Conference of Bar Examiners. The mean score on this summer's exam was 139.9, down from 141.5 in July 2014. 

"It was not unexpected," says Erica Moeser, the president of the NCBE, which creates the multiple choice part of the test. "We are in a period where we can expect to see some decline, until the market for going to law school improves."

Law schools have been admitting students with lower qualifications who "may encounter difficulty" when taking the bar, Moeser says.

About a dozen states have published their pass rates, and the numbers are even worse than last year, when graduates performed historically badly. Pass rates for students who took the test in July were down in most states that have reported results.

“The decline in student quality continues to affect the results,” says Derek Muller, a professor at Pepperdine University School of Law. As fewer people apply to law schools, the programs have started filling their campuses with students who aren’t as qualified as they used to be. That strategy produced a crisis in 2014, when scores on the multiple-choice portion of the test registered their largest year-over-year drop in four decades.” [Emphasis mine]

What could have possibly led to these lower bar exam scores, for the past two years? Surely, the law school pigs cannot be blamed for admitting morons and waterheads with 148 LSAT scores, right?!?! After all, the “educators” are merely trying to open the doors of the “profession” to histrorically under-represented groups – even if it means saddling these men and women down with crushing levels of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt.


The Role of Lower Admissions Standards: Back on January 16, 2015, CBS News featured a story, from Jonathan Berr, labeled “Are law school admission standards slipping?” Take a look at the following segment:

“Good news for aspiring lawyers: It's getting easier to get into law school, and the legal job market is showing some signs of improvement. The bad news: Many experts worry that unqualified entrants will have little chance to pass the bar exam and will be saddled with unaffordable levels of debt.

According to an analysis by Jerome Organ, a professor at the University of St. Thomas, 33 percent of law school entrants had median LSAT scores of 160 or higher in 2013, compared with 40.8 percent in 2010 (the LSAT is scored on a scale between 120 and 180). Conversely, first-year students with scores of 149 or lower rose from 14.2 percent to 22.5 percent…

In an interview, Organ said his colleagues at other schools have noticed a decline in the quality of their students, though he hasn't noticed it at his university, which is in St. Paul, Minnesota.

"It is a refrain that I hear with some frequency," he said. "The quality of students isn't what it was two or three years ago." [Emphasis mine]

As you can see, the cockroaches decided to lower their admi$$ion$ “standards” even further, in response to fewer applicants. What beacons of integrity, huh?!?! Hell, in the span of three years, the swine accepted 58.45% more waterheads, i.e. those with 149 LSAT scores or below. While lawyers supposedly suck at math, the formula is easy, i.e. (22.5-14.2/14.2)100. Imagine if accredited medical schools engaged in this conduct, in order to keep up enrollment. 


Other Coverage: Staci Zaretsky pointed out the following, in her September 19, 2015 ATL entry, “As Bar Exam Scores Continue To Plummet, Early Results Reveal Worst Performance in Decades”:

“As we’ve discussed ad nauseam, many law schools have lowered their admissions standards to combat the nationwide decline in applicants and fill their seats, but now administrators are shocked their less-qualified graduates are unable to pass the bar exam.”

This observation is spot on and gets to the heart of the matter.  Clearly, "law professors" and deans are charlatans.  I guess they would rather play stupid than admit that they have enrolled weaker students than they have in past cycles.

Conclusion: The law school pigs KNOWINGLY and WILLINGLY lowered their admi$$ion$ “standards” – for the purpose of putting asses in seats, while receiving fewer applications. Again, these academic thieves DO NOT GIVE ONE DAMN about these students’ job prospects. The bitches and hags are only concerned with one thing, i.e. getting their filthy hooves on large sums of federal student loan dollars. Now that the easily foreseeable has occurred, the swine are feigning astonishment and confusion at the results. Don’t buy their garbage, people. These whores attended the best law schools. They knew that bar results would likely decline. Look for these “legal scholars” to push for in-state waivers and easier exams.


  1. American law graduates are increasingly getting a taste of failure before they start their careers.

    Gee, and I thought the first taste of failure was when they spent 3L year sending hundreds of resumes out into a black void of silence.

    1. I did that in the late 1970's. Top 1/4 grad, 5 semesters and 1 summer semester, Land Grant University.

      The pomposity and limited opportunity of the profession became apparent to me. Took 2.5 years to find a job with a 6 person firm. Offered partnership 1.5 years later as the second highest producing lawyer in the firm, working on the other attorneys' cast-off work at half the senior attorneys' rates. Went out on my own a couple of years later, essentially been solo ever since. Miserably hard job.
      Good luck.

    2. Thanks but I'm already out of the legal field and back in the trades. Nobody asks if I was top 25% of my class and on Turd Review at a Top 10 plumbing school before they are willing to pay me to install a toilet.

      I'm glad I had trade experience before law school and didn't do the K-J.D. thing. The latter will disqualify you from many entry-level trade jobs. For entry and/or day labor, a new J.D. is markedly inferior to any random Mexican guy I can pick up at a Home Depot contractor dock. Who would hire a law nerd with enormous debt, no physical strength, no work experience, and no applicable skills on a crew?

    3. Original poster here.

      I do know how to design, frame, build, and finish a house. I like hands-on work. I built the furniture for my law office. I re-wired my first house. I re-plumbed my first house. I wired and drywalled my new garage at that house. The guy I hired to mud and tape the drywall in my house did a worse job than I did in my finished garage which I did. I am very good a drywall, though I admit it only to close friends. I would have been much happier as a trades person, though I have made more money as a lawyer. But I have total respect for folks who make their living by their hands and physical labor. Many of them are quite sophisticated and capable folks. So, you made a great decision, and dodged a total nightmare.

  2. Now keep in mind, these abysmal scores are for students who applied in 2011 and started in 2012.

    Just imagine what the 2017 bar will look like.

  3. "It's all the fault of the bar exam, not our open enrollment policies...right guys?...right?....hello...?"

    - Dean Allard, Crooklyn Law School

  4. The writing has been on the wall for well over five years now. If you go to a shitty law school, graduate up to your eyeballs in student loan debt, and can't even pass the bar exam; then you have no one to blame but yourself.

    Law is a shit business, kids. Find something better to do with your lives.

  5. Not only are the MBE scores the lowest since 1988, I'd bet that students today get a ton more bar prep than those in 1988 did. It's bad and it's going to get worse. In the coming years, we may well see a law "school" with a sub-25% pass rate.

    1. "A ton more bar prep" would cancel out, so that completely irrelevant. A ton more prep just separates the gap between people with a legitimate chance of passing the bar with some extra prep and people that need to have their prayers answered to pass the bar regardless of how much they prepare.

      Numb3rs are hard.

    2. It doesn't make a difference for the mouth-breathers attending Cooley or Florida Coastal, but there is a certain middling demographic that could genuinely benefit. Granted, the demographic is rapidly shrinking as everyone with multiple brain cells to rub together is saying no to law school.

  6. Law is not a profession. A profession cares about practitioners and the public. These fucking law schools just pump 'n dump as many grads as they can. They don't give a shit if the kids can pass the bar or if they're going to be competent lawyers.

  7. Since many law schools are lowering their standards, it would seem inevitable the bar exam will have to be easier in the future.

    1. You would think instead with less barred attorneys, employers/clients would have to hire the huge glut of previous grads and maybe actually start bidding salaries up. That's kind of the idea behind a free market and capitalism, allegedly.

      But we know that won't happen. It doesn't particularly matter whether these morons pass the bar or not, they're still going to be broke and un or underemployed.

  8. Professors hate legal practice and lawyers, their classes reflect that, so this is not surprising.

  9. This is the sort of article that shows just how out of touch the legal academy is with reality. Unfortunately, it also shows how much their bullshit drives conversation.

    OK, sure, scores are going down...but is a 1.6 point drop actually bad? OK, how bad? WTF does this drop even mean? 1.6 points relative to what? Is it a 1.6% reduction in passage? (FWIW, it can't be--too few states have published their results.) Is it a 1.6 percentile drop from the previous year's normalized results?

    To be honest, I choose not to care about this headline. It's a distraction.

    Meanwhile, at the same time that the academy laments the "1.6 point drop OMFG!!!!1!!," the ABA has chosen to effectively eliminate the consequences threatened upon perennially poor-performing schools.

    What am I getting at? THE LEGAL ACADEMY IS PULLING A THREE CARD MONTE with this headline.

    How do you distract from your decision to not punish demonstrable failure? (See, e.g., Ave Maria passage rates.) Change the subject, stop talking about the prior standards, and hope that everyone forgets--not unlike that pesky "red line" in Syria.

    Just an example: the “interpreted” standards for bar performance. Have you ever noticed that no schools have had their accreditation revoked for failure? No school has even been publicly reprimanded for failure to comply the ABA's interpreted standards. (Again...see, e.g., Ave Maria.)

    The bar passage interpretation can be found at http://www.americanbar.org/content/dam/aba/publications/misc/legal_education/Standards/2013_2014_standards_chapter3.authcheckdam.pdf.

    Ultimately, unless the ABA is willing to revoke accreditation for TTTTs, these "1.6 point" drops are meaningless. There will always be an oversupply of lawyers as long as the ABA is unwilling to punish schools for accepting mouth-breathing window-lickers. (See, e.g., Ave Maria.) The "1.6 point" drop in scores isn’t the problem – the real problem is the absence of any consequence for the failing schools.

  10. Bring us a diverse group of low score people that qualify for student loans, so we can continue to get paid and work 3-4 hours a week.

    Sincerely, Law Faculty

  11. Cluck. Cluck. Bok-bok-bokow!

    That's the onomatopoeia for the sound of chickens coming home to roost.

  12. A 1.6% drop is all?

  13. http://excessofdemocracy.com/blog/2015/9/july-2015-bar-exam-results-again-show-declining-pass-rates-almost-everywhere-outliers-or-a-sign-of-more-carnage

    On September 11, 2015, Derek Muller – an associate “law professor” at Pepperdine University Sewer of Law – wrote a brilliant entry entitled “July 2015 Bar Exam Results Again Show Declining Pass Rates Almost Everywhere: Outliers, Or A Sign Of More Carnage?” Check out this excellent opening:

    “Many speculated that the July 2014 bar passage results were anomalously low on account of some failure in the exam, either because of software glitches or because of some yet-undescribed problem with the National Conference of Bar Examiners and its scoring of the Multistate Bar Exam. Last October, I was among the first to identify the decline in scores last year, and my initial instinct caused me to consider that a problem may have occurred in the bar exam itself. Contrary evidence, however, led me to change my mind, and the final scores showed rather significant declines in all jurisdictions, in all likelihood, I concluded, based on a decline in law school graduate quality.*

    It's quite early for the July 2015 bar exam results, but they are trickling in. In most of these jurisdictions, only the overall pass rate is available, even thought it's usually better to separate first-time test-takers from repeaters (and, even better, first-time test-takers who graduated from ABA-accredited law schools). In other jurisdictions, I use the best available data, which is sometimes second-hand (and I link all sources when available). Worse, many of these jurisdictions only list pass and fail identities, so I have to do the math myself, which increases the likelihood for error.

    But looking at the NCBE statistics from last year, we can see another overall decline in scores almost across the board. And even in places where there was an uptick in pass rates--which, perhaps, suggest that things are not as dire as they appeared last year, where--they remain low compared to recent history. Assuming last year's exam was not an anomaly but the beginning of a trend, which I eventually came to agree was the best explanation given the evidence, these results are consistent with that assumption--with no ExamSoft fiasco to blame. The problem of lower standards at many law schools that began about four years ago appears to be coinciding with the decline of bar pass rates, in many jurisdictions to recent-past lows, and several jurisdictions experiencing double-digit drops in the pass rate.”

    Unlike the vast majority of “professors,” Muller at least understands that the bar exam is not the culprit. Hell, he even mentions that he initially thought that was the case – and then was persuaded these passage rate declines are due to the drop in JD quality. Then again, it has been established that the pigs started lowering their admi$$ion$ “standards” – in order to combat the decrease in applications. Regarding 2015, the swine cannot point to a glitch in exam software, which was a weak-ass excuse anyway.

  14. Not to mention it just shows how passing the bar has nothing to do with the so-called legal education system and overpaid law sloths (profs). Smart kids can pass the bar with zero law school and just taking a good prep course.

    Three year tiresome years of browbeating by arrogant, bullying shitead professors is worthless. Law School could be done in a 6 month community college course, with a certificate instead of a JD. Three years is just utter usury and a major WOFT.

  15. http://jdunderground.com/all/thread.php?threadId=95635

    Take a look at this JDU thread from user "therewillbeblood." It was labeled "Is the Bar Too Law To Get Into Law School." The comments are contained below:

    "therewillbeblood (Sep 24, 2015 - 11:09 am)


    Nick Allard says no, shockingly, though he refrains from mentioning that the median LSAT at Brooklyn has plummeted 7 points in the past 5 years, which is kind of insane.

    stuckinlife (Sep 24, 2015 - 11:18 am)

    How did Allard become the go-to spokesperson for the scam deans? Do any Brooklyn grads really think this is good for their degrees or the school's reputation? They should bring back Joan King. She was equally out of touch and delusional, but at least she kept a lower profile.

    3lol (Sep 24, 2015 - 11:49 am)

    Haha, I wonder that as well. It's like being given a dunce cap in class and, instead of being ashamed like you should be, you wear it proudly as a badge of honor.

    qdllc (Sep 25, 2015 - 6:06 am)

    The issue can go both ways. Due to so many trying to get into law school, the exam could have been made tougher. Likewise, maybe the "smart" people are choosing not to pursue law school and that leaves the "dumber" ones who are still willing to go.

    Frankly, the legal profession desperately needs a "culling" of the herd so that pay and opportunities improve. Too much supply and not enough demand right now."

    The pigs are grossly overpaid for minimal amounts of "work." They will do and say anything to keep the gravy train operating. After all, law schools are run for the benefit of the "professors" and administrators - with the students as a mere mean$ to an end.

    1. "How did Allard become the go-to spokesperson for the scam deans?"

      There is something terribly perverse about someone who is or become the "go-to" person for a scam.

      I figure we are about only 1/4 or 1/3rd the way in to the collapse of the law school industrial complex.

  16. http://www.jdjournal.com/2015/09/22/bar-exam-scores-plummet-to-lowest-point-in-past-several-decades/

    On September 22, 2015, JD Journal published a Noelle Price article, which was entitled “Bar Exam Scores Plummet to Lowest Point in Past Several Decades.” Look at the last several paragraphs of that piece:

    "Last year’s abysmal scores triggered a battle between the NCBE and law school deans, who stated that the test was unfair and that a software glitch made it more difficult to submit test results, likely hurting some students’ scores. Moeser retorted that the schools were simply admitting students who did not have a chance at passing the bar exam.

    This year’s scores are vital, as they will demonstrate whether lower scores last year were a fluke or the beginning of a bad trend. So far, things don’t look good.
    In Mississippi, the pass rate dropped 27 percentage points on the July exam, from 71 percent last year to 51 percent this year. In New Mexico and Oklahoma, the rates dropped by 12 percentage points and 11 percentage points, respectively.

    Muller explained that the bad results will continue so long as admissions standards continue to be lowered. He explained, “There isn’t a lot that schools can do. You can only train students so far and so much, a lot depends on ability.”

    According to Excess of Democracy, even in places where pass rates increased, they were still low overall. Lower admission standards that were created at many schools around four years ago seem to coincide with the decline of pass rates.

    Sadly, many more mental midgets will continue to incur an additional $100K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, in order to enroll in ABA-accredited trash pits. Even with dropping bar passage rates, these dolts will consider themselves to be the exception.

  17. All you muts love to yank each other off by beating down the under privileged dont you. The bar exam is nothing more than a test of like thinking. It has nothing to do with intellect. It's a way for the establishments to cling to their last stronghold. Too scary for you is a future of truly free thought.


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