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Further Breaking Down the Drop in Pass Rates on the July 2015 New York Bar Exam


Leaking Toilets: Back on November 20, 2015, the New York Law Journal published an Andrew Denney piece, under the headline “Most New York Law Schools See Decline in Bar Pass Rates.” Look at this opening:

“Ten of New York’s 15 law schools had their pass rates decline from last year on the July 2015 bar examination, according to figures that the law schools provided to the Law Journal.

Three institutions—Touro Law School, New York Law School and Albany Law School—had a double-digit or near double-digit slide.

The exam was administered on July 28-29. There were 3,291 candidates who sat for the test for the first time, down from 3,740 first-time test takers a year earlier. 

The statewide pass rate was 79 percent, down from 83 percent last year and the lowest since 2004, when the New York State Board of Law Examiners began breaking out the pass rate for first-time test takers who graduated from American Bar Association-accredited schools. 

Touro Law Center recorded a 15-point slide, from 67.5 percent to 52.5 percent, the largest of any of the state’s law schools.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, what an eliTTTTe in$TTTTiTTTTuTTTTion of “higher learning,” huh?!?! According to US “News” & World Report, TTTTouro College Jacob B. Fuch$berg Law CenTTTTer is a FOURTH TIER TRASH PIT! By the way, the name fits perfectly. Several paragraphs later, the article continued:

“New York Law School's pass rate for its 245 first-time test takers was 60.4 percent, down from 71 percent last year. In 2013, the school's pass rate was 83 percent. 

The [dung heap] declined to comment. 

Albany Law School, which had 151 graduates sitting for the test, had the third-largest decline, dropping almost 10 points to 68.2 percent. 

Alicia Ouellette, dean of Albany Law, said that this year's pass rate is "deeply disappointing." 

"We can and we will do better," Ouellette said. "We are analyzing exam results, meeting with our students, and developing a short-term response for the current 3Ls, and a long-term response for future graduates." [Emphasis mine]

How exactly are you going to improve your bar exam pass rates, when you continue to enroll waterheads, douchebag?  Are you going to sprinkle fairy dust on these dolts?  These swine have no plan and no real answers.


Other Coverage: On November 20, 2015, ATL featured an entry that was labeled “Stats Of The Week: New York State Bar Exam Results By School.” Read the text below:

“The recent precipitous drop in the New York State bar exam passage rates (70% for first-time takers) has been earliernoted and discussed here on ATL. The state’s overall passage rate (61%) was the lowest in “at least” 35 years. There’s plenty of blame to assign for this sad state of affairs: the schools’ increasingly laxadmission policies, the latest crop of students’ general endumbening, and, of course, foreigners. 

Recently, the New York Law Journal broke out bar passage rates by law school and found that 10 of the 15 New York state law schools saw their pass rates decline from last year. Three schools had declines of (roughly) 10% or more: Touro (-15%), NYLS(-10.6%), and Albany (-9.8%).” [Emphasis mine] 


USN&WR Ratings for New York Diploma Mills: Here are the 2016 law school rankings, for Empire State commodes, as furnished by US “News”:

First tier: Columbia 4; NYU 6; Columbia 13; and Fordham 34. Second tier sewage pits: Cardozo 75; Crooklyn 78; St. John’s 82; SUNY Buffalo 87; and Syracuse 87. Third tier toilets: CUNY 113; Hofstra 122; NYLS 127; Albany Law School 138; and Pace University 138. Touro is the only TTTT in New York State.

Now, look at the chart on this entry. You will notice that bar pass rates essentially reflect the tiers. Law grads from Cornell, NYU, Columbia, and Fordham had the highest success. Syracuse, St. John’s, CUNY, and Brooklyn Law Sewer are in the next group. Cardozo, Pace, and SUNY Buffalo JDs collectively came in at 9th, 10th, and 11th “best” on the July 2015 New York bar exam. Albany, Hofstra, NYL$, and TTTTouro featured the lowest pass rates, which the single fourth tier pile of excrement at the very bottom. It seems that the only diploma factories that fell outside their ranking were CUNY, SUNY Buffalo, and Pace, with CUNY and Pace JDs exceeding expecTTTaTTTions.

Conclusion: If you plan on attending law school in this state, and your are not admitted to Columbia or New York Univer$ity, and perhaps Cornell, then you are a moron of monumental proportions. Do you think – for one damn second – that YOU are going to be able to survive on $37K per year, after living in the most expensive area of the country for three years and paying insane amounts of tuition for a TTT law degree?!?! This is your life, cretin. The law school pigs are not looking out for your interests. They simply need your ass in a seat, so that they can get their filthy hooves on more federal student loan money. The cockroaches do not give one goddamn about YOU, the student or recent graduate. They don’t care what happens to your or your family, after you receive your garbage diploma. You are a mere means to an end, chump.


  1. Even if you pass the bar in NY, you'll soon find out that the job market is completely flooded. If you don't land something at OCI, then chances are you're screwed. Even $25/hr doc review gigs are difficult to land.

    But even shitty pass rates dismal employment opportunities for their graduates won't stop the law schools from churning out thousands more graduates than the market can absorb.

    Meanwhile, the sound of crickets continues to echo through the illustrious halls of the ABA Section on Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar...

    1. Law-skule scamsters don't give a tinker's damn about the students or the graduates; they care only about bolstering their institutions' images (percentage that pass the bar exams, that get a job, and so on) so that they can draw their obscene six-figure salaries and cushy benefits for another year. The students, present and past, are just pawns to be manipulated in the game of self-aggrandizement.

    2. I agree. This is really a non-issue other than it proves the schools are admitting students who, perhaps, have lesser aptitude and this Bar Exam passage rates are falling.

      Passing the Bar will not - and does not - create a job for a graduate. So, in a sense, the issue is irrelevant.

      There are only "Y" number of jobs out there for JD's with "X" being a relatively small number of what are considered good legal jobs, jobs that allow the JD to repay their loans and provide a reasonable chance at higher earnings and a decent legal career.

      Other than that, pass or don't pass. It doesn't matter. What always mattered was the law school name on the resume and having a lot of backing and solid connections.

    3. Ain't that the fucking truth 5:03. Prestige and connections, and nothing else matters.

  2. Hi Nando:

    I can't find your e-mail address but wanted you to know about something going on a St. Thomas University College of Law. They have now entered into a six year JD program with Lynn University. This will really make this TTT dung heap a valuable degree. But what really caught my eye was when I clicked on the ABA Disclosures link on the St. Thomas Web Page. It showed the number of scholarships given and then the number of scholarships revoked. It showed that almost ALL of the scholarship given to incoming 1Ls are taken back. Seems to be a trap. You keep your scholarship if you end up in the top ten percent of we pull it from you. We know how hard that can be at any law school if a TTT. What a joke. You are so much better at analyzing data then I am but I really thought this was an amazing piece of information. I'm sure that they think that once you get there, you won't leave after the 1st year and they have you at full tuition from that point on. I would really like to know what you think. Thanks and keep up the good work!!!

  3. Mein Gott!

    Car-BOZO's pass rate is bad enough, but the stench emanating from Touro is disturbing, to say the least!

    Unconscionable, these terlet law schools, they hath no shame. These kids have no chance out there.

  4. Which law school is a bigger piece of fucking shit, Touro or NYLS?

    1. About sixteen law schools may, under certain conditions, be worth attending. The others—including Touro and New York Law School—are pieces of fucking shit. Debating their relative shittiness obscures that point.

  5. Christ, I barely studied for the bar and I still passed. I was too busy installing toilets to spend all day studying the Rule Against Perpetuities. Just what kind of dunces are these schools admitting?

    1. Yes, I was the same way, I thought the bar exam was actually simpler than your standard law school exam, especially since on law school exams you were aiming for an A, while to pass easily on the bar all you really needed were C exams. You can get Bs without much effort, so it was kind of a foregone conclusion.

      The only reason law school exams are harder in the first place is because of arbitrary grading and hiding the ball. The bar exam can't do that, you have all the information there for you and it's the same test for everyone with the same grading.

      But then none of that mattered. Because if you're not connected, you have no career, so it matters not. I suppose maybe the bar exam is in fact somewhat rigorous for the average current law applicant, or for the lazy connected that float through life on their birth-name. But you aren't them, so it doesn't matter.

  6. Come on guys. This is a state that allows anyone to sit the bar with only one year of Law school or with an LLB and LLM. These above results mean nothing. The bar should be scrapped.

    To many lawyers who "Pass" the bar and still are walking malpractice law suits waiting to happen. So what is the point of the bar? Another artificial barrier? Just like the LSAT.

    case and point: Young lawyer: Judge wanted to embarrass me - article.


    You guys are putting to much focus on the LSAT & Bar. If this really measures the ability to pass the bar then why do so many AAMPLE student pass the bar despite the contradicting LSAT indicators.

    The Legal field is such a sham, artificial barriers established to keep a certain type of people out, and then when you dig a little deeper it sometimes comes down to closed door deals sealed with handshakes based on relationships all while charging excessive fees to the little guy. True story.

    1. 10:06 Sorry, but don't understand your argument. If there are over twice as many grads each year that can be absorbed by the profession, there has to be some objective rationing mechanism.
      Lets start by denying any federal loans to law school applicants with below 160 LSAT scores.

    2. Hello Again, InfiLaw Fucktard at 10:06!,

      10:06, you must be too stupid to find http://www.lstscorereports.com. But that doesn't mean you should spread false information.

      The point of law school is to get a job as a lawyer. The argument about the industry "putting to[o] much focus on the LSAT [and the b]ar" doesn't change the fact that someone has to be, in psychometric terms, retarded in order to need AAMPLE. Seriously, someone has to be a complete fucking moron to require tentative admission as an "individual[] whose [LSAT/GPA] may not reflect their potential to succeed in law school" at a school with NO SUBSTANTIVE ADMISSIONS STANDARDS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

      Lemmings who believe your bullshit are the types of morons who fail the bar. A monkey could understand the simple correlation between the InfiLaw sewers that use AAMPLE and terrible career prospects.

      Because your goal is apparently to mislead ignorant people, let me dispel your "AAMPLE career prospects aren't bad" directly once and for all.

      Arizona SummiTTTT $ewer of student loan suicide: 38.7% get real lawyer jobs.
      CharloTTTTTTTTe Trashpit of permanent indebtedness: 28.8% get real lawyer jobs.
      Florida Coastal Cesspool of Sallie Mae IOUs: 33.5% get real lawyer jobs.

      All of these will statistically lead to LIFE-CRUSHING DEBT. Worse yet, the majority of the class who can't get real jobs have a "overqualified and don't want to work here" stain on their resume for the non-legal jobs that they will need to repay the $240,000 in loans that they will take out to pay for their worthless InfiLaw diploma. And when you're better off omitting a degree on a resume, that's your sign--it's not worth paying $240,000 for in the first place.

      You are effectively advocating for the financial suicide of any lemmings who are stupid enough to need AAMPLE.

      You have said this same false narrative in prior posts. Readers have called you out repeatedly for your past lies. You have never given a valid response. You are an idiot and your opinions are invalid. Go post your stupidity to Brian Leiter's sites.

    3. Occam's Razor applies; law schools admit more students who score poorly on a test that measures many of the traits needed in a good lawyer and they consequently fail to pass a test on material relevant to the practice of law.

      Issue is, these kids should not be practicing law; the Bar Exam is doing a favor to potential clients everywhere by keeping them out. The further issue is that 4:36 is right: we should not be throwing away federal loan dollars to send these people through law school when they are extremely unlikely to have real careers as lawyers.

    4. No,not a "true story" but more drivel from Mr. AAMPLE. Yes, both the MCAT and the Bar are "artificial" barriers, as the entire process of education, for what it's worth, is "artificial". But please enlighten me-does your view extend to all professions? Should we do away with medical/dental/nursing/pharmacy licensing exams? Are you willing to be treated by a nurse/physician/dentist/pharmacist with no license? Please enlighten us all.
      You're a doofus 10:06pm; stop trolling and set up your own blog extolling the virtues of AAMPLE and with eliminating the LSAT, Bar exam-the whole process of professional licensure for ALL professions. And you're a toxic doofus; anyone listening to you is assured of one thing: life crushing debt.

    5. Please discard repetitive comments from people who just want to use this site as a vehicle for scam propaganda and won't even respond to criticism of their monologues. We've seen this tiresome shit about "hustle" and "artificial barriers" in response each of the past several articles. It's nothing but clutter.

  7. Touro is a complete and total shithole. What kind of people are they admitting? I mean, just look at that passage rate. It's shit. That school should be closed down immediately.

    1. Why don't we try to identify the law school with the shittiest bar pass rate? So far it may be John Marshall Atlanta. 35% pass rate for July 2015 GA bar exam (50% for first time takers).

  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/LawSchool/comments/3qvd6o/touro_july_2015_nys_bar525_pass_rate/

    Reddit user “GoOrange888” started a thread labeled “Touro July 2015 NYS Bar-52.5% Pass Rate,” one month ago. Here is the original post.


    Just got a school-wide email from the Dean with this figure. I know that some dummies go to my school, but jeeze, that is ridiculously low.

    Curious to see how the other schools in the area did.”

    Read the following remarks:

    "jack_johnson1 [Esq.] 1 month ago

    What are the LSAT and gpa medians for that class?

    GoOrange888 [S] 1 month ago

    148 3.11

    That class (of 242) also had 51 transfers

    Jasonk43 [Esq.] 1 month ago

    51 Transfers out, I assume?

    GoOrange888 [S] 1 month ago

    Yes, with 8 transfers in."

    Scroll down to the see the following comments:

    "FauxPsych [3L] 1 month ago

    That is just irresponsible.

    jack_johnson1 [Esq.] 1 month ago

    Holy moley, that is ... terrible! 52.5% seems impressive with those numbers, and most likely the top 25% of the class transferring."

    As you can see, TTTTouro Jacob B. Fuch$berg Law CenTTTTer truly is a putrid, steaming pile of waste. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature recognizes that a law degree from this cess pit is worth less than a bag of stale piss.

  9. Hey Nando, Old Guy help!!! I am posting on The Faculty Lounge and I need help! All of these law academics are attacking my real world legal experience and telling the world that the legal profession has a "NOW HIRING" sign in the door! Old Guy, I forgive you for calling me a pettifogger as long as you back me up.

  10. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/-100k-in-debt--1-semester-left-and-no-cosigner-in-sight-190859531.html

    While this article addresses a 100K debt for UNDERGRAD, it shows why the law school scam will never end: student's "dream school" is American U(!?), so she had to go there, cost be damned(sound familiar-"I've always wanted to be a lawyer so I'm going to go, even if it's not a top school").
    She wants to work for a non-profit...and she clearly has paid zero attention to the cost of school. In light of her having to take repeated leaves from school to earn money, she's had plenty of warning. But she didn't pay attention, she had a goal, etc etc. Now she's 100K in debt and may not even get her degree.
    There are literally thousands out there just like her who will go to a TTT law school, regardless of ranking and regardless of cost, b/c they've always wanted to be a lawyer. They, like this student, are totally oblivious to reality.
    The scam won't end until the money ends. Period.

  11. Nando how about profiling the big law firms and how they treat not just the lawyers but the rest of the staff as well as sub and subsub contractors. Yes, I worked for a temp agency who was hired by a famous copy company who was hired by the law firm. Nice of them huh? Instead of hiring people out right. This was back in 06.

  12. From Indiana Tech's website:


    Just take a look at their website; doesn't look like a place that's going to close up anytime soon.
    The money flows; the scam lives.

    1. How much money is flowing to Indiana Tech? This year tuition at that toilet was reduced to ZERO. And still only 13 new students enrolled.

      Income is close to nil, but expenses certainly are not: André "Dougie Fresh" Cummings costs Indiana Tech more than $200k per year in salary alone, not to mention benefits and other costs.

    2. Correct-but why would IT's parent school dump so much money into this dump? It's either a. they're really stupid or b. they already know accreditation is coming.

  13. Check out the average law school indebtedness figures, published by US “News” & World Report, for all 15 ABA-accredited diploma mills located in New York State. These numbers are for those members of the Class of 2014 who incurred debt for law school. The totals on the right side indicate the percent of grads with debt, for each commode.


    New York Law School: $166,622; 83 percent
    Touro College (Fuchsberg): $154,855; 85 percent
    Columbia University: $154,076; 76 percent
    New York University: $147,744; 74 percent
    Hofstra University (Deane): $143,646; 80 percent
    Fordham University: $140,577; 67 percent
    Cornell University: $135,000; 83 percent
    Albany Law School: $130,184; 85 percent
    Syracuse University: $129,249; 79 percent
    Pace University: $122,180; 86 percent
    Yeshiva University (Cardozo): $121,644; 70 percent
    Brooklyn Law School: $114,953; 79 percent
    St. John’s University: $111,959; 80 percent
    CUNY: $82,415; 78 percent
    SUNY Buffalo Law School: $76,010; 81 percent

    Look at the outrageous sums of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt incurred by students at atrocious trash pits such as TTTTouro and NYL$. Keep in mind that those figures do not include loans from undergrad. Who wouldn’t want to pay such steep prices to attend these festering toilets, right?!?!

    TTTTouro College Jacob B. Fuchsberg Law CenTTTTer has a PATHETIC bar passage rate. It’s students and grads also have weak-ass job prospects. These losers would be happy to make $40K per year, upon graduating with their TTTT law degree. Yet, they take on sickening levels of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for the garbage product. In 2014, the average law grad at TTTTouro incurred more student debt than their counterparts at Columbia, NYU and Cornell! Let that sink in for a moment.

    What type of person is enrolling in this dump?! It seems that the dung heap is relying on liberal arts majors who don’t want to make $11 an hour as a barista and who also want to “change the world.” These morons are not even in the discussion for Biglaw or decent federal positions. The only area they are competing with Columbia Law is in arena of student loans incurred. Too bad these waterheads don’t realize that this is not the objective of going to law school. Hell, that is the equivalent of playing chess with the deliberate intent to give away all your pieces – while your opponent smokes your ass.

    1. You're 100% correct-and that's the problem. There's no question that they are waterheads, but they really aren't lemmings. They've got worthless college diplomas and don't want to work at the GAP for $10/hour-instead, why not go to law school, maybe "change the world", maybe get one of those 160K jobs they've heard about-but in any case, take another three years of avoiding reality while using taxpayer money. These people are also willfully ignorant of the financial mess they are creating for themselves-but that's no big deal. Attending one of these dumps avoids facing the real world-and what's another 150K in debt when you've got 100K from college? They know perfectly well they'll never pay any of the debt off-but they don't care.
      No, the scam is becoming a joint venture-lying law schools and complicit college grads with zero prospects. Joining together, three years of the real world can be avoided-with taxpayers funding the whole mess.


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