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Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law Sewer’s Median LSAT Score for First Year Students is Now 141

ABA 509 Required Disclosures: Head to this link and select Thoma$ M. Cooley Law $chool, year 2015, and then hit the Generate Reports button. You will then be able to review the Western Michigan University 2015 Standard 509 Information Report in PDF format. Please do not eat or drink anything while looking over the following figures:

“GPA and LSAT Scores

Total # of apps: 1,222
Full-Time: 919
Part-Time: 303
Total # of offers: 1,072
Full-Time: 807
Part-Time: 265
Total # of matriculants: 448
Full-Time: 41
Part-Time: 407
75th Percentile GPA, Total: 3.19
75th Percentile GPA, Full-Time: 3.23
75th Percentile GPA, Part-Time: 3.19
50th Percentile GPA, Total: 2.85
50th Percentile GPA, Full-Time: 2.93
50th Percentile GPA, Part-Time: 2.84
25th Percentile GPA, Total: 2.51
25th Percentile GPA, Full-Time: 2.57
25th Percentile GPA, Part-Time: 2.50
Total # not incl. in GPA percentile calc.: 10.00
Full-Time # not incl. in GPA percentile calc.: 0.00
Part-Time Total # not incl. in GPA percentile calc. 10.00
75th Percentile LSAT, Total: 147
75th Percentile LSAT, Full-Time: 155
75th Percentile LSAT, Part-Time: 146
50th Percentile LSAT, Total: 141
50th Percentile LSAT, Full-Time: 149
50th Percentile LSAT, Part-Time: 141
25th Percentile LSAT, Total: 138
25th Percentile LSAT, Full-Time: 145
25th Percentile LSAT, Part-Time: 137” [Emphasis mine]

The numbers speak for themselves. The toilet had an 87.7 percent acceptance rate, i.e. 1,072/1,222. One wonders about the profile of the 150 applicants who were denied admission. There seems to be an error under the Matriculants section, regarding full-time and part-time students. Perhaps the numbers were mixed up, since “only” 303 students applied for part-time enrollment.

LSAT Scores by Percentile: Let’s review the LSAT Percentiles Table furnished by Cambridge LSAT. Unfortunately, the most recent data is for the 2011-2014 cycle. However, this provides a clear picture of competence as the numbers have been consistent recently. According to this source and chart, an LSAT score of 141 – Cooley’s TOTAL MEDIAN for 2015 – would have placed one in the 16th percentile. A 138 on the exam, which was the garbage heap’s 25th percentile score for this year, would place you firmly in the 10th percentile of test-takers in 2014. That is BEYOND PATHETIC!!

Bachelor’s Degree Not Required: This notorious trash pit has posted the following info on a page labeled “Applying Without a Bachelor’s Degree”:

“Please note: Some state bars require a bachelor's degree; however, the State Bar of Michigan does not. Please check the educational requirements of the bar in the state in which you plan to practice law. 

Most WMU-Cooley students have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. Yet, under court rules adopted by the Michigan Supreme Court, an applicant may also attend if the student has completed at least 60 semester hours or 90 quarter hours either toward an undergraduate degree from an accredited school or from an accredited junior or community college.

WMU-Cooley Law School welcomes inquiries from individuals with associate's degrees or 60 to 90 credits at a four-year institution. 

Students who have completed from one-half to three-quarters of the work necessary for a bachelor's degree must meet the admission requirements outlined in the next two sections to qualify for admission. Please call the Admissions Office at (517) 371-5140, ext. 2244 if you have any questions about your particular circumstance.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, what a TTTTruly pre$TTTTigiou$ in$TTTTiTTTTuTTTTion of higher educaTTTTion, huh?!?! Hell, this school is approaching the admi$$ion$ “standards” of most community colleges, i.e. open enrollment. I wouldn't be surprised if the pigs offered remedial reading and writing courses.

Conclusion: In the final analysis, in the game of law school admissions, TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law $chool is the equivalent of a $5 prostitute who is twitching and jerking due to extensive meth use. This sweltering pile of excrement will admit damn near ANYONE WITH A PULSE! Does anyone with an IQ above room temperature believe that U.S. taxpayers should be financing these morons’ “legal education”?! With the information above, and given the toilet’s reputation, those who failed to gain admission to this toilet must have had serious criminal backgrounds or other huge red flags.


  1. C+ students who can't read well enough to score a 150 on the garbage LSAT. Here's a gang of ambitious leaders of tomorrow!

  2. Who can post Cooley's recent bar pass numbers, and the student debt load?

    1. Cooley's bar passage is consistently 15% worse (or more) than the state average. I won't give state pass numbers since I don't want Cooley's prospective moron applicants overly-confusing numbers to analyze (i.e. more than one) for each year. The following bar passage numbers show Cooley's objective worthlessness:

      2015 (Michigan-specific): 45.9% passed the bar.
      2014 (aggregate): 52.7% passed.
      2013 (aggregate): 51.5% passed.
      2012 (aggregate): 55.3% passed.

      Debt: Since no two Cooley lemmings' situations are alike, it's difficult to put a number on this. However, because 41% of the class receives no tuition discount (which is the statistical mode for lemmings' cost) that's a fair number to use.

      A rough estimate would be $250K at graduation, including tuition and cost of living in Lansing. It is reasonable to assume that these costs would increase for a part-time lemming, due to travel costs or additional years paying tuition.

      Assuming this debt is paid over 20 years, that is approximately $450K over the life of the loan.

      For further reading:

  3. The scam is almost there: genuinely open admissions. Soon they'll be admitting people without a pulse.
    These numbers are beyond pathetic, and it would be almost humorous but for the fact that everybody who reads Nando's blog is paying for this through their tax dollars with the guaranteed federal loans. It will be interesting to note how many actually enroll/attend, what the drop out rate for 1Ls is, and how many "scholarships" are offered/renewed.
    This single post proves what Nando has always said: these guys will stop at nothing to keep the scam going.

    1. Eh, the government runs a debt, and for student loans actually the government generally claims it as an asset. Apparently the interest rates are so high that even with IBR and the deadbeats it turns a hefty profit---larger than what all the Big Banks put together report in profits.

      Our tax money probably goes to pay Wall St. directly, or government employees. If there was an actual accounting, I'd expect student loans would probably still be around but many other things would get cut off. And they'd probably fire the lower level unconnected employees as well.

    2. Apparently the interest rates are so high that even with IBR and the deadbeats it turns a hefty profit

      But how are they doing their accounting to determine profitability? If they are accumulating hundreds of billions worth of loans that will eventually be written off, the "profits" from today's interest payments may not be enough to overcome losses on that scale. Counting worthless assets as being worth their full face value may be good enough for government accounting at the moment, but it isn't gonna save the taxpayers.

  4. Sad part is that way too many lawyer types still believe that by not going to Cooley their shit stinks a little less.

    News flash: If you didn't get into a top 8 school, then you might as well have went to Cooley. You're most likely going to end up in shitlaw like the rest of us.

    1. Lots of scambloggers think that Cooley is a miserable toilet, and that's one way to look at it. But consider, with LSAT scores for graduates declining at almost every law school, and even bastions of prestige like the University of Texas willing to admit people with a score of 128 Cooley might actually be exhibiting Leadership.

      Think about Third Tier Reality's previous post ( where we see how much of a force in Leadership the Jacob Fuchsberg Law Center at Touro College is in New York legal academia. Where Touro's bar passage rates were three years ago is where other august schools; like Albany's, Hofstra's, and New York Law School's bar passage rates are today.

      Just as Touro exhibits Leadership in the New York law scene Cooley is exhibits Leadership nationally. Where Cooley is today in quality and standards your school will be tomorrow!

    2. That's why I say that the top three tiers combined comprise only 16 schools, maybe fewer. All others—about 190 of them—are fourth-tier toilets. And even the first tier (Harvard and Yale) may not be worth attending.

    3. To me, this is the whole "Third Tier Reality" scenario post graduation and post bar exam. There are only a few institutions, by their name alone, that can land a graduate a job that will actually train someone in the art of lawyering and provide a salary capable of servicing a student loan balance. Law schools continue to misrepresent and obfuscate this important, dare I say, critical metric.

      Couple that with the fact that technology has virtually eliminated most entry level legal work, and a graduate from a non-elite institution is left with very few options other than attempting to go solo or learn the business in some shitlaw shop for a salary that could easily amount to something less than minimum wage with no benefits whatsoever. And every year, the market becomes even more oversaturated with more new lawyers than the market needs or can even handle.

      And instead of tightening up admissions and closing down obvious degree mills like Touro and Cooley, the ABA continues to turn a blind eye on what can only be perceived as a scam since more and more information about law school admissions and a dismal job market becomes available to the public.

  5. There's no doubt about it.

    Thomas M. Cooley Law School is a piece of motherfucking shit.

    1. Yes, but so are scores of institutions that are widely considered respectable.

    2. Cooley is good enough if you are "somebody somebody sent." Think about it in Mayor Daley terms.

  6. Good fucking god. A median of 141? What a disgrace!

    The ABA should at least investigate Cooley as a candidate for loss of accreditation. But it won't.

    What exactly is the point of requiring the LSAT without setting a threshold of admissibility? Only a few years ago, a 147 resulted in rejection just about everywhere. Nowadays a 140 might bring a "scholarship" at numerous toilets. And scores in the 120s are found even at fourth-tier institutions, such as the Univershitty of Texas, that You Ass News places in the "first" tier.

    1. God having sex? Kinda cool actually. I guess that's why there is Christmas. He didn't use protection and Roe hadn't been decided yet.

  7. With an LSAT score of 147, the Cooleyoids at the 75th percentile of the entering class were in the bottom third of all people taking the LSAT last year. That's worse than lousy.

    Just a few years ago, Cooley conducted mainstream admissions strictly on the basis of the "Cooley score", a combination of LSAT score and undergraduate GPA. The formula was published on Cooley's Web site. Funny, that formula has disappeared, and Cooley now claims to consider a range of factors. I suspect that they withdrew the formula from public view because they could not bear the embarrassment of showing the world that they'll admit damn near anyone with a pulse.

    1. "that they'll admit damn near anyone with a pulse."

      That is completely unfair. Cooley does not discriminate against the non-living. As long as you can pay you're in.

  8. Cooley grads are ministers of justice!

    I was represented by a Cooley grad and he slammed dunk the case, without breaking a sweat. I guess he was right. It really doesn't matter what law school you attend (there were over 150) they teach the same curriculum.

    What really counts is the hustle and what you do with your legal education. A shining example of the under dog. I tip my hat to you Cooley and AAMPLE grads. One size does not fit all.

    Keep up the good work of the people!

    1. Shoot for the moon, and if you miss...slammed dunk your client's case on the way down!

    2. What was the case? An appeal of a rejection letter to Cooley?

    3. What was the case? An appeal of a rejection letter to Cooley?

    4. Ironically, I only know of one Cooley graduate, and he is a multi-millionaire.

      Yes, miracles can happen, but they are very rare. Most Cooley graduates do not enjoy anywhere near this type of success, provided they are able to enjoy any success at all.

      You cannot defy the laws of probability. Most of these AAMPLE students will end up in the gutter.

    5. Mr. AAMPLE, this one's for you:

      just let him know that he, too, despite the debt and no job, is also a "minister of justice."

    6. Now, what you might also wanna do is open up a copy, any copy, of the Michigan Bar Journal, and flip on over to the disciplines and suspensions.

      Just for the heck of it.

      Then take a gander at how many of them, as a percentage, are desperate, incompetent, frazzled and now troubled attorneys forced by their circumstances (e.g., attending a terlet like Cooley) to solo it before being ready. The results are catastrophic, as the State Bar, owned and operated by the major firms, has always had a target on the hapless solos' backs.

      I'll show ya ten of these for every one of yours.

    7. Do the Hustle!

  9. What does it take to get a rejection letter from Cooley?

  10. Nando, keep up the great work. Check this out:

    Clark Moffatt, 35, says he dreamed of a career in criminal justice when he graduated from San Diego's Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 2006.

    But since graduating, he says he's never held a job in the legal profession, or earned more than $25,000 a year. He lives in a rented mobile home and receives food stamps to provide for his wife and two children, he says.

    1. Well outside of debt, that might not be a big deal, considering the average household only makes about $50k a year. If the wife has an average income, they're somewhere around there.

      I always wonder about these marriages though. My high years are six figure years, but I've never had any sort of "real" legal job and no job security. Marriage isn't even on my radar, only survival.

      But it seems like people just don't worry about it, get married, pop out a couple of kids and then demand everyone give them money because "I'm married and have kids."

      Mr. Infinity is probably going to do the same. I think we need to start sterilizing these types of people instead.

    2. Fortunately for Mr. Infinity, he has choices. He is a complete nut case and can and should plead that for all it's worth.

  11. Slightly OT,

    "A guy with $170,000 in student loans who can't find a job in the legal profession is suing his law school and working full time for Uber"

    Advance apologies for double post with OTLSS.

  12. I attended a real law school and currently live a lower middle class lifestyle and income as a Solo. I know two people who attended Cooley and are doing very well, with an Upper Middle Class income from their public employee Union legal positions. They have Cadillac health plans, paid holidays and vacations, pensions. They have the last laugh. The started as gub'mint attorneys when it wasn't so great and they stuck with it. Me, I look kinda dumb. I have to go now and figure out if I have enough money to put gas in the car. No new clients in several weeks...The Cooley guys will get a check next week...

    1. It hasn't been easy to get government jobs for decades.

      Decades ago it didn't matter what you did. If you entered the work force in the 90s or earlier, you were set.

    2. Decades? Since about 2003. I recall for years and years seeing the bulletin board posting for the Public Defender's office. It was curled and creased. You could just talk to a Supervisor who you knew, and they could get you in. Public Defenders jobs were plentiful and their was a high turn over. One could jump into private practice and easily double a salary. Today, they are the best gigs around and its solos like me who are viewed as "not making it." I had a shot at a Federal Job in 2002. I turned it down because I was earning the same money as a solo and I wasn't pigeon holed into monotonous assembly line legal work apply the same statute day after day. I could sure use the income and health care today.

    3. This is credited. They would never get those guvmint gigs today coming out of Cooley. Maybe in the 80's or 90's.

    4. You say guvmint, I say gub'mint.

    5. Well 2003 or not, that's still over a decade ago. So these jobs have not been available for grads for a long time.

      And yes, that's what's most galling about the absolutely insane compensation packages the public sector has now. A federal government employee makes 78% MORE than the private sector.

      And now these same people are also rewarded with PSLF, ridiculous pensions and great benefits along with their low hours and plentiful holidays.

      The private sector is dead, but rather than cut taxes and cut public sector, the government just keeps strangling the private sector more.

      Everyone was forced into recession back in 2008 except the government, and that's one of the major reasons there is still no real recovery. Any possible recovery is skimmed right off and handed to the public sector, public sector and Wall St. fat cats.


    im just laughing


    Check out this page from Alphascore. If you prefer, here is the hyperlink to their LSAT conversion chart.

    “48-49 147 33.0%
    46-47 146 29.5%
    45 145 26.1%
    43-44 144 22.9%
    42 143 20.5%
    40-41 142 17.8%
    38-39 141 15.2%
    37 140 13.4%
    35-36 139 11.4%
    34 138 9.6%”

    This range contains the trash pit’s 75th percentile LSAT score, 147; pathetic median, 141; and its garbage 25th percentile score of 138. Based on this graph, correctly answering 34 questions on the exam will give you a 138 result. Hell, a housecat could seemingly get that many correct answers on the LSAT.

    To be fair, this chart contains the following disclaimer:

    “Scores represent the analysis of LSAT score percentages of test scores in the 2007-2010 testing years.”

    However, this graph provides good insight into the competence of test takers. Frankly, ANYONE who scores a 138 on the LSAT has no goddamn business in law school! After all, such a moron has the potential to represent legal clients. Could you imagine – for one microsecond – if accredited U.S. medical schools admitted waterheads into their educational programs?!


  16. Cooley's enrollment has gone down a lot in recent years. Wasn't it ranked 2nd best in its own rankings?

  17. Coolio sez

    Don't be no foolio
    And go to no law schoolio

  18. If you attended Harvard and have no connections or decent network, you will be stuck like most of us bloggers and posters with no work. If you attended Cooley and have connections, friends and a network, you will do incredibly well. If you are "nobody, nobody sent" they don't care if you went to Yale. Cooley is good enough!

    1. If you have connections, why are you going to Cooley? Wouldn't you use those connections to go to a better school? Remember, Cooley doesn't hire Cooley grads to defend themselves in a lawsuit.

    2. Because you graduated from EIU with a 2.6 in exercise physiology and your corporate counsel dad got you a gig as a claims adjuster denying claims. You then settle a soft tissue low speed rear ender for 1.7 million. You screwed up. Dad now sends you to the only law school that will accept you. When you graduate from Cooley, he throws you insurance defense work as a solo.

  19. Cooley is good enough!

    For starting a solo firm in Michigan! With zero equity and over a hundred thousand in debt! With no law firm work experience!

    Don't be an AAMPLEtard, kids. If you are a no-connections schlub and don't make it into a Top 3 law school, you'd probably be happier working at the city dump. You'll get a regular paycheck and a pension. Meanwhile, Captain Solo Justice will be foraging in the compactor looking for partially-eaten Happy Meals.

    1. I call myself a schlepper, schmoo solo for chasing 3 bill retail thefts...that my boys is what it has come to. Captain Solo Justice...I love it. Instead of the trash compactor looking for Happy Meals, on days where I was hungry and hadn't had a new client in several weeks, I just grab half the donuts they sometimes serve to courtroom staff brought in by an employed (ie Paycheck Public defender)


    Back on March 7, 2010 on 10:19 pm, some deluded moron using handle Hackson_McJackson started a Top Law Schools thread labeled “Cooley Law?” Here is his idiotic original post:

    “I am planning on attending Thomas M. Cooley law school in May. I am being straight up when I say that I realize Cooley is not a prestigious school, and it is deservingly a tier 4 school. I had too good of a time during undergrad and graduated from UNC Charlotte with a 2.9, and I did ABSOLUTELY nothing to prepare myself for the LSAT but sign up to take it... Went in to the test with the least clue on what the test was about, etc... I managed to score a 145... I did score an 1100 on the SAT with a few hours preparation the week before the test... So I know I would have scored at least ten points higher had I taken the time to prepare myself... However, is it really THAT bad to attend? I mean, all I want to do is have my own small criminal and civil practice. I want to focus on being a criminal defense attorney, but also do trusts, wills, personal injury and other torts... EVEN IF all I get is court appointed cases, I BILL THE STATE OUT @ 75 HOUR!!! Do the math, (75x40)x52 = 150 some thousand! Haha, that is more or equal to the money balling ass law firms pay first year harvard students... AND THAT IS NOT EVEN COUNTING ANY PRIVATE CLIENTS I MIGHT OBTAIN... Think about it, 1500 for a DUI here, 1500 for some weed charges there... I could very well be making 200 k within 5 years out of school.. AND IM MY OWN BOSS... I don't have to answer to any high power partners, etc. I set my own hours, I tell myself what to do, when to do, and how to do... ALL U NEED IS TO PASS THE BAR! Soooo... what is wrong with going to cooley if this can be achieved, and, in turn, make more money than a top 5 LS grad? PLEASE, I'm begging to hear some responses in rebuttal”

    Check out this classic response from “romothesavior” – one minute later:

    “Ran here, popcorn in hand.”

    On March 7, 2010 10:24 pm, “iShotFirst” wrote:

    “oh god...”

    It is beyond sad that ANYONE feels that they will be set financially after graduating from Fourth Tier Trash Pit Thoma$ M. Cooley Law $chool. As you can see, the tool in that thread had his tiny, little mind set on attending law school. He is likely making less than $42K per year now.

    1. People who are that stupid should not even be allowed to register for the LSAT.

    2. I did court-appointed work for a while, and you're lucky to get 15 billable hours per month.

  21. First off, the appointed work is way way down too. Appointed work is being spread too thinly among thousands and thousands of lawyers thinking the same way. Additionally, Judges are wise to OVERBILLING and MILKING a file. It is unethical and dishonest to boot. It will show up immediately when you bill out a retail theft at 1500. You will not be able to "milk" 40 hours. Additionally, Public Defender offices have strong public employee unions and will not allow the "outsourcing" of their work. I have observed Public Defenders object to appointing outside counsel. They just set up conflict units. They protect their members. Try 5 bills for a DUI and 3 bills for a weed charge. My buddies and I have solo practices and can't seem to get above 40 K on our schedule "Cs" Paul Campos said as much. You are dreaming, pal.

  22. Everybody, HELP ME. Go to the Faculty Lounge.ORG blog...the professors are trying to shut me down from posting there. They can't handle the truth that the legal profession is over saturated with lawyers.


    On December 21, 2015, Paul Campos authored a Lawyers, Guns & Money post that was entitled “Cooley Law School and the collapse of standards in American legal education.” Check out this epic opening:

    “45 years ago Thomas Brennan had an idea. At that time Brennan was the youngest chief justice in the history of the Michigan supreme court. Brennan already had an extensive background in Michigan law and politics: back in 1955 he was the GOP candidate in a special congressional election to replace John Dingell, Sr. Brennan, who was just 26 at the time, and had already unsuccessfully run for Congress twice, was defeated by Dingell’s son John Jr., who went on to have the longest tenure of any member of Congress in US history (he retired this year).

    Brennan was something of a protege of George Romney’s, which is how he ended up on the state supreme court at the age of 37. But then he got his idea, which was to found a new law school. It was a canny move, as the first baby boomers had just started flooding into legal education, and in addition women began to attend law school in significant numbers. Enrollment exploded, nearly doubling between 1968 and 1979. Thirty new law schools were approved by the ABA between 1969 and 1980. Cooley was part of this group, starting operations in 1972 and gaining ABA accreditation in 1975 (Brennan resigned from the supreme court at the end of 1973; I’m curious regarding whether he was forced to do this as a consequence of his educational adventures).

    But Cooley wasn’t just any new law school. Even though the enrollment boom ended soon after Cooley got approved (the total number of law students nationally was barely higher in 2000 than it had been twenty years earlier), Cooley grew and grew. Brennan’s ambition was to create the largest law school in the country, and by 1995 Cooley’s total JD enrollment of 1,711 had it on the verge of achieving that questionable distinction.

    Cooley maintained its remarkable growth rate via a simple strategy: it made itself the law school of last resort, for applicants who were unlikely to be admitted to any other ABA school. Between 1995 and 2005 it nearly doubled in size, and did indeed become the nation’s largest law school, by a wide margin. But — and this is the part of the story that highlights how much has changed in the last decade — it would have been quite inaccurate to characterize Cooley as a quasi-open enrollment institution.

    What has happened is that, especially over the past five years, applicants with credentials which would have precluded them from getting into any ABA law school, including Cooley, suddenly have found themselves with dozens of options. Until about four years ago, an applicant with a 145 LSAT score — the 27th percentile on the test — would almost certainly be rejected by every ABA school but Cooley. Today, no less than 37 ABA schools are matriculating classes in which at least a quarter of the students have an LSAT of 145 or below.

    Cooley, which for reasons that will become evident had followed a long-standing policy of rarely dipping below 144 for marticulants, suddenly saw its traditional applicant pool raided by close to 20% of all ABA schools. While the total number of applicants to law school declined by 35% between 2008 and 2015, the total number of applicants to Cooley fell by no less than 80%[.]”

    What a TTTTremendou$ TTTTrend$eTTTTer in “legal education,” huh?!?! It’s nice to see that this pile of excrement’s enrollment has dropped heavily, over the last several years. However, the fact that people still apply to this cesspool speaks volumes about the mindset of lemmings.

  24. It's kind of depressing looking at the blog roll and seeing so many blogs are dead.

    Are there more law school scam blogs and Nando just isn't finding them and putting them on there, or is this scam movement just pretty much dead now?

    I bet the law school scammers are hoping for the latter with glee.

  25. The most likely circumstance is they've mostly found positions outside law which are time-consuming enough that they've just moved on out of necessity. Or, being forced to solo, they are busting their asses and have no time to blog, another possible scenario.

    That, and the fact that since the scamblogs have been at this for a while now, kids coming up really can't plead ignorance of The Scam like they could pre-2008 or so.

    It's out there, it's been out there, and those who have proceeded into law school since have done so at their own peril...


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