Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Second Tier Toilet Villanova University School of Law Receives $25 Million Gift and Will Be Renamed After the Donor

News of the Gift: On January 20, 2016, the Philadelphia Inquirer published a piece from staff writer Susan Snyder, under the headline “Villanova law school gets $25M gift and a new name.” Check out this opening:

“Villanova University will rename its School of Law for a 1973 alumnus who went on to a career in investment management, marking the first time that one of the university's schools will carry the name of a donor. 

Charles "Chuck" Widger, founder and executive chairman of Brinker Capital, a Berwyn investment management firm, gave the school $25 million, the second-largest donation in Villanova's history, the university announced Wednesday. 

The money is largely to be used for scholarships for students who show leadership skills and an interest in both business and law - worlds that Widger has bridged. The funds also will endow a professor who will be based in the School of Law but work across disciplines and create an "innovation fund" for new academic programs, school officials said. 

"Giving to the law school has been on a tremendous upward momentum, and we see Chuck's gift as the capstone that will further propel us forward," said John Gotanda, dean of the law school, to be known as the Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law. 

The gift comes as many law schools around the country have coped with declining enrollment. It also gives Villanova's law school a boost as it overcomes a 2011 grade-inflation scandal that led to the departure of some administrators. 

Villanova's law school enrolls 492 students, down from 725 in 2011.” [Emphasis mine] 

You're welcome, bitches! Scroll down to this comical conclusion: 

“Founded in 1953, the law school counts among its graduates lawyers at some of the region's leading law firms, as well as former Gov. Ed Rendell. The school was rocked in 2011 when Villanova disclosed that a handful of administrators had inflated admissions data of incoming students to boost the law school's U.S. News & World Report rankings. Those administrators are gone. 

The school purposely downsized over the last few years as the market for lawyers declined, said Gotanda, who became dean in 2011. 

"We're to the point where we think we are just the right size," he said.” [Emphasis mine]

Sure, you pigs deliberately took in smaller class sizes – in the same way that losers choose not to ask out the pretty brunette in the office, i.e. the same woman who wouldn’t notice if their ass was on fire.  Quit trying to pass the drop in enrollment off as something that you jackals planned.

The Cesspool’s Press Release: On January 20, 2016, the dung heap posted a release that was labeled “$25 Million Gift Designated for the Villanova University School of Law from Alumnus Charles Widger, Esq. ’73 VLS.”

“Villanova University President, the Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD, today announced a transformative $25 million leadership gift to its School of Law from alumnus Charles Widger, Esq., ’73 VLS, founder and executive chairman of Brinker Capital. 

This investment is the largest ever to the Law School and the second largest in the University’s history. In recognition, the School will be named the “Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law.” With this designation, the Law School becomes the first named school at Villanova University.  
“Charles Widger’s historic gift recognizes the strength of Villanova’s Law School—our faculty, students and our alumni—and the unwavering belief in its future,” said the Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD, Villanova University President. “The gift will propel our Law School forward to new heights, and I am pleased and honored that the School will now and forever be connected to the Widger name.” 

This commitment will further strengthen the School of Law’s forward momentum and its position as a leader in legal education.” [Emphasis mine]

Enough with the hyperbole, morons. For your own sake, please use some breath mints, when you are done worshiping this man's ass. This large donation will not magically transform the school from a mediocre garbage disposal site to a stellar institution.

The Commode’s Ranking: Surely, this school must have one hell of a reputation, in order to attract such a big-ass donation. Well, US “News” & World Report rates Villanova Univer$iTTy Charle$ Widger Sewer of Law as the 87th greatest, most remarkable and exceptional law school in the entire damn country! In fact, it “only” shares this distinction with the following six toilets: Northeastern, Rutgers-Newark, St. Louis University, SUNY Buffalo, Syracuse, and the “University” of New Hampshire. What a tremendous accomplishment, huh?!?!

Tuition: As you can see, the bitches and hags are charging 1st year, full-time law students a total of $42,540 in tuition and fees – for the 2015-2016 school year. Somehow, I doubt that this $25 million contribution/purchase of naming rights to the trash pit’s coffers will help defray the cost of attendance for most of the students enrolled in this garbage pile.

Conclusion: This is such a great story. After all, there is such a shortage of academic buildings named after rich, white guys in this country! It’s nice to see such a large “gift” go to a “non-profit institution of higher learning,” right?! For $ome rea$on, these wealthy donors don’t shell out serious cash to have food pantries named after them. I suppose that these old fossils feel that would not be as “prestigious” as plastering their names on a law school – even if it happens to be merely ranked as the 87th “best” toilet in the nation.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Falling Standards: ABA-Accredited Law Schools Have Collectively Enrolled a Much Higher Percentage of Students with LSAT Scores Below 150, Since 2010

Welcome to Law School, Moron!: On January 20, 2016, Staci Zaretsky posted an ATL entry that was labeled “The Great Law School Brain Drain Is The Reason Why More People Are Failing The Bar Exam Than Ever Before.” Look at this opening:

“For the past two years, alarming headlines have followed in the wake of the scoring of the summer administrations of the bar exam. The first drop in nationwide bar exam scores in July 2014 prompted Erica Moeser, president of the National Conference of Bar Examiners, to declare that test takers were “less able” than their predecessors. Law school deans protested Moeser’s harsh categorization of their graduates, but when the stunningly subpar results of the July 2015 bar exam were announced, she was proven correct. Per Moeser, this wasn’t “unexpected” — after all, since the law school crisis began, students with lower qualifications who “may encounter difficulty” on the bar exam were being admitted in droves. Law school administrators were sorely mistaken if they thought that this would result in a happy ending. 

Now that the effects of the great law school brain drain are on display for the world to see, it’s time to take a look at exactly what caused this phenomenon to occur. Professor Jerry Organ of the University of St. Thomas School of Law has been tracking LSAT profiles of law school matriculants for years, and the results of his analysis are shocking. 

Research has shown that LSAT scores correlate with scores on the bar exam. Take a look at these changes in matriculant LSAT data from 2010 to 2015, and then you’ll see one of the reasons why fewer law school graduates have passed the bar exam in recent years: 

[Chart labeled LSAT Matriculant Score Changes 2010-2015] 

While the percentage of matriculants with LSAT scores between 150-159 has remained relatively stable, the percentage of matriculants with scores of 160 or greater has slowly declined, and the percentage of matriculants with scores of 150 or lower has continued to increase year after year. If that’s not scary enough for you, check out this line graph: 

[Chart labeled LSAT Matriculant Score Changes 2010-2015 Line Graph] 

This is what happens when law schools are so desperate for cash that they’ll admit anyone with a pulse.” [Emphasis mine]

The law school pigs CLEARLY do not care about admitting the mental midgets – and strapping those fools down with outrageous sums of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. They don’t even care about the residual effect this will have on future legal clients or the garbage “profession” itself. Then again, it’s not as if these “educators” practice law for a living. During Orientation, these cockroaches proclaim this as “a noble endeavor.” Yet, it should have raised some red flags – among the enrolled students – that the typical tenured “law professor” spent about 12 minutes in practice.

Organ's Analysis: On January 18, 2016, the Legal Whiteboard featured a piece from Jerry Organ, under the headline “Changes in Composition of the LSAT Profiles of Matriculants and Law Schools Between 2010 and 2015.” Read the portion below:

“In late December 2014, I posted a blog analyzing how the distribution of matriculants across LSAT categories had changed since 2010 based on the LSAC’s National Decision Profiles and on law school 50th percentile LSATs and 25thpercentile LSATs across ranges of LSAT scores. With the LSAC’s recent release of the 2014-15 National Decision Profile and the ABA’s recent release of Standard 509 data, I am posting this blog to provide an update with the 2015 data. 

At one level, this is a story that has already become well understood over the last year since my blog posting, with much discussion of the relationship between declining LSAT profiles and declining median MBE scores and bar passage rates. This 2015 information indicates that the decline in the LSAT profiles of matriculants and of law schools has continued, although with some moderation. 

Given that the LSAT profiles of matriculants and of law schools for fall 2013, fall 2014 and fall 2015 are less robust than those for fall 2011 and fall 2012 (the classes that graduated in 2014 and 2015, respectively), one can anticipate that the declines in median MBE scaled scores and corresponding bar passage rates in 2014 and 2015 will continue in July 2016, 2017 and 2018 absent increases in attrition (I discussed attrition rates in a blog posting in October), significant improvement in academic support programs at law schools, or improved bar preparation efforts on the part of graduates.” [Emphasis mine]

Scroll down for the following telling sign:

“Note that in terms of the percentage change in the number of matriculants in each LSAT category, the four highest LSAT categories are all down at least 30% since 2010, with 165-169 and 170+ down over 40%, while the two lowest LSAT categories are up, with <145 being up over 60%."

Yes, what a "prestigious" degree, right?!?!  hell, beating your neighbor's eight year old kid at chess is a bigger accomplishment than receiving an AccepTTTance LeTTTer from an ABA law school.

Conclusion: In the final analysis, only those on the payroll of ABA-accredited toilets - along with an occasional waterhead lemming who is intent on going to law school at all costs - will continue defending falling admi$$ion$ "standards." If law school truly was professional school, then morons who obtain pathetic LSAT scores would have no shot in hell of gaining admission to any approved JD program. We have reached the point now where a dunce with a 148 exam score will have his pick of several ABA commodes. When that same idiot is weighed down with $170K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - and is working at PetSmart or Costco for a living - we'll see how proud he is then of his TTT law degree.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Excellent Development: ABA Law Schools Have Shed 1,206 Full-Time Faculty Since 2010

The News: On January 11, 2016, Matt Leichter posted a Law School Tuition Bubble entry that was labeled “Which Law Schools Are Shedding Full-Time Faculty? (2015 Edition)” Check out his opening:

“Facing shrinking law-school enrollments, many law schools have responded by reducing their faculties. The phenomenon is worth measuring because faculty reductions aren’t always announced publicly, often appearing in the guises of retirements and quiet buy-outs. Consequently, the ABA’s 509 information reports can shed light on changes in law-school faculties. Here’s the cumulative distribution up until 2015. 

As with last year, I will estimate the decline in fall full-time law-school faculties among the 202 law schools that aren’t in Puerto Rico. The peak for full timers occurred in 2010 (9,093), but that estimate includes the “other full-time faculty” category (clinicians and legal-writing instructors, if I recall), which the ABA no longer tracks independently. The ABA removed that category last year, so at least the 2015-to-2014 comparison will be consistent. 

Fall full-time faculty fell by only 3.1 percent this year (-249). Last year the decline was 7.8 percent (-690), indicating a remarkable improvement. Since 2010, the cumulative decline has been 13.3 percent.” [Emphasis mine]

After performing this research, Leichter then provided charts, so we can track each commode. Western Michigan University Cooley Law School – formerly known as TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law $chool – has shed the largest amount of cockroaches at 57. Penn State Dickinson was second at 38, and George Washington came in third with 36 fewer pigs feeding at the trough. Rounding out the top ten: Florida Coa$TTTTal, 32; SUNY Buffalo, 30; John Marshall, 30; Pacific McGeorge, 29; VermonTTT, 28; Hof$tra, 26; and Arizona $ummiTTTT, 25. You will notice that private toilets have been affected the most.

Other Coverage: Paul Caron reported on this development in his January 12, 2016 post, “Law Schools Have Shed 1,206 Full-Time Faculty (13.3%) Since 2010.” Here is the full substantive text of his article:

"Matt Leichter has published the 2015 edition of his Which Law Schools Are Shedding Full-Time Faculty? Law schools have shed 1,206 full-time faculty (13.3%) since 2010, and 249 full-time faculty (3.1%) since last year. 

142 law schools have shed full-time faculty since 2010, with 21 law schools shedding 20 or more full-time faculty[.] 

49 law schools have added full-time faculty since 2010, with 13 law schools adding 10 or more full-time faculty[.]" [Emphasis mine]

Regarding the schools that added full-time cockroaches, some of these institutions have stellar reputations. I still don’t see why Columbia decided to add 54 members to its faculty. However, several of the trash pits in this category are newer, and so any hire at those dumps led to an increase. Interestingly, CharloTTTTe increased by 13, and it is an established toilet – and member of InfiLaw.

JDU Commentary: On January 12, 2016, at 8:16 pm, JDU user “massivemissive” started a thread labeled “Law Schools Have Shed 1,206 Full-Time Faculty Since 2010.” JDU accountholder “rossi” posted the following remarks, on January 13, 2016 2:47 am:

“Great news! More to come I bet. 

Campos says most law schools are surviving on support from the host uni to avoid deeper cuts. That will not last forever.”

On January 13, 2016 8:40 am, “6figuremistake” wrote this reply:

“Good point. During the law school boom, the host universities loved their law schools because they were cash cows. Now that it looks like they will become permanent burdens, there will be greater to pressure to cut costs and possibly even close down some of the least profitable institutions.

With the possibility of another recession in the near future, post-LS employment is going to become even more unattainable. The legal market has barely recovered from the last downturn, so this one should definitely sink a few ships.”

It’s about damn time that the law school pigs start feeling the effects of the prevailing job market that everyone else has been exposed to, for decades! These cockroaches have been in a protective bubble, due to federal student loans, tenure, and ABA requirements regarding the makeup of faculty. I’m sure the faculty most affected are young “professors” and old farts taking “early retirment.” By the way, faculty pay is the biggest expense for the commodes. However, I don’t see any indication that ABA-accredited diploma mills have collectively lowered tuition rates by 13.3 percent, since 2010.

Conclusion: Now these unemployed “educators”/self-proclaimed “public servants” can truly show us how they can go out and make MUCH MORE MONEY in the private sector than they “earn” in academia. After all, they are making “a huge sacrifice” in order to “educate and train the next generation of lawyers,” i.e. the next group of underemployed JDs. Surely, Sullivan & Cromwell will pay high salaries for someone who “works” 4-6 hours per week and needs a sabbatical to write law review articles on how sitcoms can affect public policy, right?!?! All they have to do now is prove their assertion - and overcome their aversion to actual work.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lawsuit Against Fourth Tier Trash Pit Thomas Jefferson School of Law Proceeds to Trial, in March

Belated Happy New Year: On January 7, 2016, the ABA Journal published a Debra Cassens Weiss piece that was headlined “Judge refuses to toss suit over law school’s employment stats; trial is set for March.” The full text follows:

“In a Dec. 28 decision, Judge Joel Pressman of San Diego allowed the students’ claims and set a March trial date, Above the Law Reports. “Never before has a law school been forced to actually stand trial for allegedly inflating its employment statistics,” the blog says. “This is historic.” 

The four plaintiffs allege the school violated California law regarding unfair business practices, false advertising and consumer protection, and committed the torts of intentional fraud, negligent misrepresentation and negligence. 

Pressman said there are triable issues of fact as to whether the four plaintiffs reasonably relied on the employment statistics in deciding whether to attend the school, and whether the statistics were inaccurately reported. 

“Plaintiffs have all stated they believed that the employment statistics in U.S. News & World Report reflected the status of graduates who either worked in a professional capacity, worked as attorneys or worked in law-related jobs,” Pressman wrote. 

“The ‘methodology’ section in U.S. News & World Report is not necessarily dispositive,” Pressman continued. “It states: ‘Employed graduates includes those reported as working or pursuing graduate degrees.’ This does not necessarily render plaintiffs’ interpretation unreasonable. A reasonable consumer would not believe employment figures included any and all employment, which would render the figure meaningless in the context of a legal education. A reasonable consumer expects the employment figure to include graduates who work in law-related jobs.” 

Lawyers for the students told Above the Law they plan to present evidence that the school reported different numbers to U.S. News & World Report and to the National Association for Law Placement. The lawyers also allege the school had a practice of reporting graduates as employed as long as they had any job at any time since graduation.” [Emphasis mine]

Don’t expect the judge or jury to rule in favor of these former students. Especially, since this is a fourth tier garbage heap. The school’s attorneys ought to be able to successfully argue that these morons should have done their due diligence, i.e. performed basic research.

Other Coverage: On January 7, 2016, Above the Law posted a Staci Zaretsky entry that was labeled Thomas Jefferson School Of Law To Stand Trial For Allegedly Inflating Employment Statistics.” Check out the portion below:

“In May 2011, Anna Alaburda, a 2008 honors graduate of Thomas Jefferson School of Law, filed a class-action lawsuit against her alma mater, alleging that the law school had commited fruad by publishing deceptive post-graduation employment statistics and salary data in order to bait new students into enrolling. When her complaint was first filed, she claimed that despite graduating at the top of her class and passing the California bar exam, she was unable to find suitable legal employment, and had racked up more than $150,000 in student loan debt. 

Almost five years later, after acquiring three additional class plaintiffs, inspiring dozens of other class-action lawsuits against law schools, and surviving several motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment, it seems that judgment day has finally come for Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Plaintiffs Anna Alaburda, Jill Ballard, Daniela Loomis, and Nikki Nguyen prevailed on all issues in the latest the law school’s latest motion for summary judgment, and the case has been set for trial in March. 

While many other law schools have been taken to court over issues similar to the ones presented in the Alaburda case, never before has a law school been forced to actually stand trial for allegedly inflating its employment statistics. This is historic. 

The operative complaint contains counts for fraud, negligent misrepresentation, negligence, and violations of various California statutes (including laws against unfair and deceptive business practices and false advertising). In considering each cause of action, Judge Joel M. Pressman found for the plaintiffs time and again, overruling each of Thomas Jefferson Law’s arguments.” [Emphasis mine]

While I do not expect much to come of this case, it is still significant. No other suit against an ABA-accredited diploma factory has made it to this stage. The law school pigs will need to produce documents during discovery. However, in the end, there is no escaping the fact that this in$TTTTiTTTTuTTTTion of “higher learning” is consistently rated in fourth tier wasteland, by USN&WR. This clearly shows that law students are not “sophisticated consumers.”

Average Law School Indebtedness: By the way, US “News” lists the average law student indebtedness - for those unfortunate souls who comprise the TJ$L Class of 2014 who incurred debt for law school - as $172,445. Hell, 91% of this school’s 2014 cohort took on such foul debt. That is THE LARGEST FIGURE of any school that furnished data to this dead magazine!

Conclusion: TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on Sewer of Law is a FOURTH TIER TRASH HEAP that charges its students/willing rape victims ridiculous sums in annual tuition. For the 2015-2016 academic year, the amount for those enrolled full-time is $46,200. These idiots then walk away owing outrageous amounts in student loans. How is that for logic and critical thinking, bitch?! These graduates are expected to compete for legal jobs in the LEGENDARILY GLUTTED California lawyer job market. Simply put, these young men and women have essentially no shot at attaining a relatively secure middle class lifestyle – while comfortably repaying their student debt. But at least the commode was able to spend $90 million on a new building in downtown San Diego, according to this San Diego Free Press article. And that’s what really matters to the cockroaches who operate this filth pit.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

No Surprise: Fourth Tier Thomas Jefferson Sewer of Law Plays the Employment Placement Game

AP Skewers the Pigs: On December 6, 2015, US “News” & World Report republished a Sudhim Thanawala article for the Associated Press under the headline “Lawsuits part of call for greater transparency about value of law school education.” Look at this opening:

“Nikki Nguyen left a $50,000-a-year job at Boeing Co. in 2006 to pursue a law degree at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, her sister's successful career as a corporate attorney providing a glimpse of the possibilities she imagined ahead of her. 

Instead, she struggled for more than a year to find a job after she graduated and watched her student loan debt of over $180,000 balloon. 

Nguyen, 34, is among 12 former Thomas Jefferson students who are suing the university in a California court, accusing it of inflating its graduates' employment figures and salaries to attract students. 

"They weren't transparent," said Nguyen, whose case is scheduled to go to trial in March. 

"People who have a dream of law school should go into it with their eyes wide open." An attorney for Thomas Jefferson, Michael Sullivan, denied the allegations and said the school was following procedures set by the American Bar Association that have since changed.” [Emphasis mine]

It’s funny how bitches and hags at ABA-accredited dung heaps like to say “Welcome to the profession,” in their acceptance letters and emails to lemmings. Then during OrienTTTaTTTion, the swine administrators and “professors” CLEARLY tell their students to start “Thinking of yourselves as lawyers, from this day forward.” After first semester, it becomes patently clear that the cockroaches only care about those in the top decile of the class. When you graduate without a decent job – due to receiving a law degree from a stench pit – then you are suddenly dismissed as “a lazy, entitled bastard.”

Skip two paragraphs down:

“Thomas Jefferson reported post-graduation employment figures that exceeded 70 percent and topped 90 percent in 2010, but did not disclose that those figures included part-time and non-legal work such as a pool cleaner and a sales clerk at Victoria's Secret and were based on a small sample of graduates, according to Nguyen's lawsuit and her attorney, Brian Procel. The lawsuit further alleges that the school routinely reported unemployed students as employed and shredded surveys and other documents that reflected a more accurate employment picture. 

Thomas Jefferson responded in court documents that the students ignored additional available employment data. Sullivan said there is "no evidence that demonstrates any effort on the part of the school to misrepresent the post-graduate employment numbers." [Emphasis mine]

These academic sociopaths and thieves never take any responsibility for their selfish, sickening actions. What beacons of integrity, huh?!?!

More TTTT News Regarding TJ$L: On December 21, 2015, Yahoo Finance re-posted a BusinessInsider piece from Abby Jackson. It was entitled “A guy with $170,000 in student loans who can't find a job in the legal profession is suing his law school and working full time for Uber.” Read the portion below:

“[Clark] Moffatt is one of 12 former TJSL students now suing the law school, which they claim intentionally inflated postgraduation employment figures and salaries in order to lure applicants. 

Four former students filed a lawsuit against the school in 2011, and Clark is one of another eight plaintiffs who filed separate suits against the school in 2014. The case filed in 2011 is scheduled to go to trial in early 2016. 

The school is accused of reporting postgraduation employment figures that topped 90% in 2010 but neglecting to disclose that the figures included part-time work, such as pool cleaner and Victoria’s Secret sales clerk, the Associated Press reported this month, citing the suit and an attorney for the graduates. 

“Mark Twain once said, ‘There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics.’ This case covers all three,” stated a recent filing in the case that was originally filed in 2011.

For its part, TJSL said in a court filing the year after the 2011 suit was filed that “at all times, TJSL calculated its employment statistics in full compliance with the [American Bar Association’s] reporting guidelines for law schools and the requirements of US News.” [Emphasis mine]

Does anyone else feel the need to puke, when they see the law school pigs hide behind this weak-ass excuse, “We were in full compliance with ABA requirements”? This is the academic version of the Nuremberg Defense. You see scum, across all industries, adopt the same tactic after the fact – as if this somehow makes their conduct acceptable or just.

Conclusion: It is beyond sad that morons keep applying to, and enrolling in, this certified pile of dog excrement. Now, you understand why paint cans prominently feature warning labels. These waterheads need to be protected against themselves. Every scam needs willing victims, as well as the ignorant ones. However, this does not absolve the filthy swine who run these “institutions of higher learning” – for their disgusting, deplorable actions. In the end, these pieces of garbage only care about one thing – getting their hands on big-ass bags of federal student loan money. They do not even give a damn about the supposed “profession.” Which means they couldn’t care less about YOU, the student and recent graduate. Wise up, fools. Forget law school and avoid the plunge to financial ruin.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Touro College Jacob B. Fuchsberg Law Center is So Easy to Get Into, the Pigs Sent Acceptance Letters to Those Who Never Even Applied

The NoTTTTice: On January 4, 2016, Staci Zaretsky posted an ATL entry that was entitled “Law School Sends Acceptance Letters To People Who Never Even Applied.” Take a look at this comical opening:

“It’s January, and you know what that means: it’s law school acceptance season. Each year at around this time, prospective law students anxiously wait to receive the important news on what their futures may hold. One law school, however, decided to speed up the painstaking process and give would-be law students even more reason to celebrate on December 31, because these lucky pre-law students were being given a chance to ring in the new year with a law school acceptance in hand. 

There was just one problem — one huge problem. 

Many who received acceptance letters on New Year’s Eve hadn’t even applied to the school. Oopsie! Can you guess which law school committed this embarrassing mistake? 

The law school in question is none other than the Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center, a school that was once selected by the Above the Law readership as the runaway winner of the dubious accolade of “Worst Law School in New York.” Here’s the congratulatory email that prospective law students received from Touro Law on New Year’s Eve at 6:36 p.m., entitled, “Message from Dean Salkin – Touro Law”: 

“A Message from Dean Patricia Salkin 


Congratulations on your acceptance and welcome to the profession. Touro Law is an exciting and welcoming place to study law with an active, vibrant community of passionate students and faculty working and learning on our unique “court house campus.” I hope you will take the time to learn about many of our cutting edge new projects and programs such as our nationally recognized disaster law clinic, our new clinics in criminal law and in immigration law, and our new institutes in aging and longevity law and land use and sustainable development law. In the last six months we have added almost 20 new endowed student scholarships as a demonstration of our continued commitment to providing an affordable and accessible quality legal education. I encourage you to experience our warm sense of community by visiting our state-of-the-art facility and by speaking with faculty, students and alumni. Please follow me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay connected and to learn more about Touro Law in the coming weeks and months. I look forward to greeting you in August.” [Emphasis mine]

You KNOW that you are attending a certified trash pit, when your school is sending out acceptance letters and emails to those who did not even bother to apply! I understand that the initial message was sent out in error. However, TTTTouro Law CenTTTTer’s reputation is so low that it does not really surprise anyone with knowledge of the law school scam that it occurred at that pile of moist feces. In addition, legal employers do not give one damn if your students are "passionate" - nor do they care about "cutting edge" clinics.

Tuition: As you can see, full-time tuition for economic rape victims at TTTTouro College Jacob B. Fuch$berg Law Cesspool amounts to $45,630 – for the 2015-2016 academic year. For $ome rea$on, the pigs felt that listing this massive cost on a per semester basis would make the figure seem less daunting. Then again, this toilet relies on morons for its enrollment.

Average Law Student Indebtedness: US “News” &World Report lists the average law student indebtedness - for those unfortunate souls who comprise the TTTTouro Law Class of 2014 who incurred debt for law school - as $154,855. Fully 85% of this school’s 2014 cohort took on such excrementitious debt. 

By the way, that total represents the 7th largest indebtedness sum from all individual schools that furnished this data to the dead magazine. That is extremely impressive, huh?!?! To be fair, roughly one dozen ABA-accredited diploma mills did not bother to supply this info to Bob Morse. Remember that this figure does not even include undergraduate debt – and it also does not take accrued interest into account, while the student is enrolled.

Ranking: Based on the sickening cost of admission to this pristine “institution of higher learning,” it must have an incredible reputation in the legal and academic community. Not so fast, Lemming. You see, USN&WR doesn’t only list schools by debt totals. It also rates them by their overall, supposed strength. According to that source, TTTTouro College Jacob B. Fuch$berg Law Cesspool is ranked as a FOURTH TIER TRASH CAN! In sum, this commode is the Cleveland Browns of U.S. “legal education.”

Conclusion: Yes, Cockroach Patricia Salkin was correct in her $elf-$erving assessment of the toilet as “providing an affordable and accessible quality legal education,” right?!?! Looking at the facts above, terms such as expensive, prohibitive, and garbage do not come to mind – perhaps for those with an IQ in the 70-80 range. Who the hell wouldn’t want to incur OUTRAGEOUS SUMS OF NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for a TTTT law degree. In fact, this is the only current fourth tier dung heap located in the state of New York! Now, that’s how you spell pre$TTTTige. Good luck getting interviews at decent law firms, with a diploma from this cesspit. When you send in your pathetic resume and cover letter, you will make the hiring partners and their secretaries laugh until wet themselves.

Friday, January 1, 2016

News Flash: Admissions “Standards” at ABA Commodes Sunk Even Further in 2015

The Numbers Tell the Story: On December 28, 2015, Dybbuk posted an excellent OTLSS entry that was entitled “Tracking the dramatic decline of LSAT scores at the 25th percentile for incoming law school classes, 2010-2015.” Look at this solid opening:

“The ABA recently published the fourth annual "509" disclosures of accredited law schools, which include the 25th percentile LSAT score of each school's most recent incoming class. As well, National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) Chief Erica Moeser published each school’s 25th percentile LSAT score for the year 2010 in last December's edition of "The Bar Examiner." (p. 7-11) Therefore, we now have five years of LSAT data, covering the five-year long decline in law school applicants (87,900 in 2010 to 54,130 in 2015) and One-L enrollment (52,488 in 2010 to 37,058 in 2015). 

The charts below show the distribution of changes in scores at the 25th percentile for classes entering law school between 2010 and 2015 and the number of schools where the 25th percentile score dipped below 150. I also list the schools that lowered their 25th percentile score by four points or more during that period, a dispiritingly long list. I assume that this data will be published shortly at Law School Transparency, but I wanted to get it out there as soon as possible given that the application season is in full swing. 

I note specifically the staggering 10-point LSAT decline experienced by Brooklyn Law School (BLS) at the 25th percentile, placing it in a two-way tie for the steepest decline of any law school in the country. BLS Dean Nicholas Allard has led the effort to place the blame for falling bar passage rates on Moeser and the NCBE, rather than on law school admissions practices. Allard’s noxious fog of bluster and accusations can be dispelled with the following three words: "Ten point decline." 

A few years ago, Paul Campos wrote a book called "Don’t Go to Law School (Unless)." A possible alternate title for this blog post might be "If You Must Go to Law School, For God’s Sake Don’t Go to ( )." "( )" would include the vast majority of those schools that reacted to the dropoff in applicants by substantially lowering their admissions standards, especially those where the admissions standards were pretty low to begin with. The Deans and unprotesting tenured faculty at these schools have displayed a level of greed, recklessness, and contempt unworthy of professionals.” [Emphasis mine, internal citations removed]

Anyone with an IQ above room temperature can see that ABA-accredited law schools collectively lowered their admi$$ion$ “standards” in order to put asses into seats. This is especially the case, when the cockroaches had fewer applicants.

Welcoming Idiots: Back on August 25, 2015, Paul Campos authored a Lawyers, Guns & Money piece that was labeled “Has the decline in law school applications bottomed out?” Check out how easy it has become to gain admi$$ion to ABA schools – in the span of one decade:

“Since the ABA Section of Legal Education saw fit to approve 17 (!) new law schools over the past decade, increasing the number of ABA law schools by nearly 10%, the ratio of total applicants to ABA law schools has declined even more, from 535 to 1 to 262 to 1. Total 1L enrollment this fall, if we assume that last year’s 80% acceptance rate can’t go any higher, will be around 37,200, meaning that first year enrollment will be down 30% from its 2010 peak, despite a sharp drop in admissions standards. Here’s the percentage of applicants admitted to at least one ABA school over the past ten years:

2004: 55.6% 
2005: 58.6% 
2006: 63.1% 
2007: 66.1% 
2008: 66.5% 
2009: 67.4% 
2010: 68.7% 
2011: 71.1% 
2012: 74.5% 
2013: 76.8% 
2014: 79.8%” [Emphasis mine]

Imagine, for one moment, if nearly 80 percent of those who wished to practice medicine or dentistry gained admission to at least one AMA or ADA accredited educational institution. Who would be thrilled to see a physician or dentist then, people?

Falling Standards Continue: Back on December 14, 2012, Paul Campos authored one of his best ITLSS entries. It was simply labeld “Endgame.” Review the following portion:

“What are the economic implications for law schools of an admissions cycle that ends up attracting only 53,000 applicants? To answer this question, we have to estimate how many matriculants such a cycle is likely to yield. This is a function of two factors: how many applicants end up getting admitted to at least one school to which they apply, and how many admitted applicants actually end up enrolling. 

As to the first factor, the percentage of applicants being admitted to at least one school has been rising for several years now: 

2004: 55.6% 
2005: 58.6% 
2006: 63.1% 
2007: 66.1% 
2008: 66.5% 
2009: 67.4% 
2010: 68.7% 
2011: 71.1%

In other words, law school applicants were 27.9% more likely to be admitted to at least one school in 2011 than they had been seven years earlier.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, what a “prestigious and honorable profession,” huh?! Hell, the law school pigs are approaching beauty school levels of “selectivity.”

Conclusion: In the final analysis, the law school swine do not give one damn about YOU, the applicant, student or recent graduate. They do not care about the reduced need for attorneys. The excrement-covered rats merely want to admit and enroll as many people as possible, so that they can get their claws on more federal student loan money. Try not to be a chump this new year. Avoid the lure of a “legal education.” No one will be impressed with your TTT law degree, especially when you owe $145K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt – while earning a paltry salary.
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