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ABA-Accredited Toilets With the Lowest Percentage of Employed Grads Who Practice Law

Thanks for Playing, Lemmings!: On February 8, 2016, Staci Zaretsky wrote an ATL entry entitled “The Law Schools With The Most Graduates Who Aren’t Using Their Law Degrees.” Enjoy the following segment:

“Why go to law school if you aren’t going to use your degree? If you’re going to accumulate up to six figures of student-loan dollars, you may as well bite the bullet and start practicing law. Thanks to the vagaries of the entry-level job market, however, try as they might, many recent law school graduates simply aren’t able to work as lawyers. Finding a job as an attorney after graduation wasn’t as easy as they were led to believe, and many of them are now working in positions where bar passage isn’t a requirement and having a law degree isn’t even considered an advantage. 

Graduates of some law schools have been hit harder by this depressing trend than others, and thanks to a new ranking from StartClass that’s sure to make law school administrators cringe, we now know which schools are pumping out the most graduates who’ve been unable to make the transition from would-be lawyers to practicing lawyers. 

Using the most recent jobs data compiled by the American Bar Association, StartClass pulled information on graduates of each of the 205 law schools accredited by the ABA, finding the percentage of graduates who were employed, but not in positions where bar passage is required or a JD served as a demonstrable advantage. For the purposes of this ranking, “[t]he percentage of graduates not using their law degrees includes those who are employed in professional, non-professional and undeterminable positions.”

Here are the top 10 law schools where graduates aren’t using their degrees: 

1) Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico School of Law (51.3 percent aren’t using their degree) 
2) Interamerican University of Puerto Rico School of Law (45.5 percent aren’t using their degree) 
3) Florida A&M University College of Law (29 percent aren’t using their degree) 
4) Lincoln Memorial University Duncan School of Law (27.9 percent aren’t using their degree) 
5) University of Puerto Rico School of Law (25.4 percent aren’t using their degree) 
6) Appalachian School of Law (23.9 percent aren’t using their degree) 
7) Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School (23.3 percent aren’t using their degree) 
8) Widener University School of Law (Wilmington) (22.2 percent aren’t using their degree) 
9) Thomas Jefferson School of Law (21.7 percent aren’t using their degree) 
10) Widener University School of Law (Harrisburg) (21.2 percent aren’t using their degree) 

Three ABA-accredited law schools in Puerto Rico that our readers have likely never heard of all landed in the top 5 of the StartClass ranking, followed by some of the usual suspects, like Thomas M. Cooley Law School and Thomas Jefferson School of Law.” [Emphasis mine]

Is anyone surprised to see excrement piles such as TTTT Cooley, Widener, Appalachian Sewer of Law, and TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on $chool of Law on this decrepit list?! Hell, this lineup would be suspect if it didn’t include these certified dung heaps.

Other Coverage: On February 4, 2016, the ABA Journal published a Debra Cassens Weiss piece that was headlined “These law schools had the highest percentage of employed students not using their degrees.” Take a look at this opening:

“Two law schools in Puerto Rico top a list of schools that produced the largest percentage of graduates who aren’t using their law degrees in their jobs. 

The schools were ranked based on the percentage of their employed grads who don’t have positions in which passing the bar is required or having a JD is an advantage. StartClass created the list using ABA data on students who graduated between Sept. 1, 2013, and Aug. 31, 2014. Its findings are reprinted by the Arizona Daily Star.”

For some reason, the Arizona Daily Star article cited no longer appears online. Perhaps, the pigs threatened to open a fourth law school in the state, if the paper did not remove the story. By the way, even these pathetic numbers are skewed somewhat, since they pertain to employed graduates and include supposed “JD Advantage” positions. 

Honestly, how many non-law employers truly consider a law degree as a plus in a job candidate?! The fact remains that most companies view a Juris Doctor negatively, because they perceive lawyers as combative and more likely to sue if they are later terminated. Hell, a quick search for JD Advantage positions on Indeed pulls up 748 results – and many of those are attorney jobs. The first page currently includes sales representative, financial and senior consultant, and collections account manager. In fact, the sales rep gig pays $50K per year and the collections post offers $14-$16 an hour. Yeah, you’ll make everyone – including yourself – so proud of your $150K TT law degree, for a chance to make such princely sums of money!

Ranking of This Group: As you can see, every member of the bottom 10 is a member of fourth tier wasteland, as rated by US “News” & World Report. Yes, that is quite an accomplishmenTTTT, huh?!?! The only commode that doesn’t appear is Lincoln Memorial University, which only has provisional accreditation from the ABA. Do you sense a pattern, moron?!?! Has it sunk into your tiny brain yet?! Would you wilingly pay $42K for a 1983 Subaru that doesn’t start?

Conclusion: In the final analysis, if you do not understand that attending an expensive-ass fourth tier trash pit is foolish, then you are too damn dumb to order food for yourself. If you do not land an attorney position, as graduate of one of these toilets, then what are you going to do in order to repay $130K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt? Do you think – for one second – that corporate America is actively looking to hire TTTT grads, and place them in high-paying jobs?


  1. "Pontifical Catholic University" in Puerto Rico? I'd never even heard of that place before (and I'd been reading your blog for more than 2 years now, Nando, reading about all these obscure sh**holes which I never would have heard of otherwise)!

    I'm actually rather surprised that the University of American Samoa wasn't on this list. :P Didn't they have at least one graduate who made quite a name for himself in New Mexico...?

    1. The Puerto Rican law schools should be left out of most of these comparisons. They generally have the lowest LSAT scores (although lately that hasn't been true!), but that's primarily because most of the students take the test in a second language. Puerto Rico's legal system, like Louisiana's, combines civil law and common law. Very few people who apply to the other ABA-accredited law schools would consider a law school in Puerto Rico; not many would speak Spanish well enough to study there.

    2. Good points, Old Guy, but I was just commenting more on how this is the first time I've ever seen Nando mention a law school located outside of the 50 States.

  2. I'm a student at the Appalachian School of Law. Perhaps one reason a lot of our graduates are not using their law degrees is because we are being taught in part by literal criminals.

    ASL's Spring 2016 class schedule is on the law school's website here: (

    That schedule shows that Greg Baker is currently teaching two courses: Virginia Civil Procedure and Virginia Bar Studies. (Interestingly, Mr. Baker's name is not displayed on ASL's faculty webpage, despite all other adjunct professors' names being displayed on that webpage: (

    Mr. Baker is the same Donald Gregory Baker who was previously convicted of soliciting a prostitute, and who then lied about that conviction on his application to be a Virginia judge. As a result, in 2003 he lost his position as a judge and had his law license suspended for 2.5 years: (

    In 2010, Mr. Baker was appointed to be the School Superintendent for the Scott County, Virginia, School Board. In that position he reportedly engaged in the sexual harassment of Ms. Kellie Johnson, a former school principal Mr. Baker promoted to Assistant School Superintendent upon becoming the School Superintendent. That harassment is detailed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia's Opinion and Order found here: (

    To give you an idea of the degree of harassment Mr. Baker engaged in, on March 3, 2011, according to the above Opinion and Order, Mr. Baker sent Ms. Johnson a text message regarding an upcoming conference in Williamsburg, Virginia, which read as follows: “Want to take you drinking and dancing and fucking!!!!! 3 things I’m great at.” (Johnson Dep. 44-45, Ex. 1).

    After the court denied the Scott County School Board's Motion for Summary Judgment, the School Board settled the case with Ms. Johnson by paying her $80,000 on the eve of trial. (

    So ASL currently employs and has teaching us an individual who: (a) was convicted of soliciting a prostitute; (b) lied about that conviction on his judicial application; (c) lost his judgeship; (d) had his Virginia bar license suspended for 2.5 years; (e) sexually harassed a female employee under his direct supervision in a very extreme manner; and (f) thereby caused his employer to have to pay $80,000 to settle a federal sexual harassment lawsuit.

    I don't want to say whether I'm currently a student in Mr. Baker's classes, but let's just say I've "heard" that in addition to being a serial sexual predator he's also a shit teacher.

    If anyone wants to see what a self-proclaimed champion backwoods drinker/dancer/fucker looks like, a photo is here: (

    1. At your toilet school, they call it Virginia Bar Studies. At Indiana Tech, they call it Foundations of Legal Analysis. Most of the rest of us call it bar review.

    2. to be fair, soliciting prostitution should not be a crime. your LS is still a shithole though.

  3. Being from Puerto Rico and living here. It is TRUE. I have 4 friends that graduated from those schools that you mentioned and NONE work in law. Let me tell you THEIR LIVES as of NOW.

    2 of them live in the mainland U.S. and CAN'T get a job because they tell me people freak out seeing that they studied law and can't even get a job in a supermarket.

    2 of them live outside of the U.S. (1 lives in Colombia, the other lives in Mexico)

    They do not have any more money from their student loans to go study another area because they used it all up at the law schools.

    I speak with 1 of them regularly, and I asked him "Do you regret law school?"

    He said "I wish I stayed in my master's degree of computer programming"...

    The majority DON'T use their law degrees because more than 60% do not pass la revalida (the bar exam) Even though we are part of the United States (since 1898).

    The professors here do not care either. They just want the train to keep going. We are actually in a financial crisis of over 7,000 billion dollars that we can't pay here in Puerto Rico.

    Universities are desperate to stay open here…

    it's very sad the situation…bieeeen triste mis hermanos.

  4. I don't believe for a second that the numbers are even that "good". Law schools are cooking the books hard.

  5. This is kind of a weird stat in that it only counts those grads who are actually working - but not in a legal or JD advantage job. If you were to count the grads working non-JD jobs as well as unemployed grads, the numbers would look much worse (and lets face it, if you are unemployed, you are not using your JD). If you were to eliminate the bogus JD advantage jobs, the numbers would be worse still. Also, I would love to see the jobs that these non-JD users are actually working. At a place like Appalachian, that probably means the local Waffle House or a fucking coal mine.

  6. Those data are deceptively low, as they exclude unemployed graduates. Obviously unemployed people are not using their degree for jobs in law, so they too should be counted.

    For example, the data above show that 23.3% of employed graduates of Cooley are not using their degree. But 34.1% of last year's graduating class is unemployed. That makes at least 57.4% that are not using their degree.

    By the way, how much does that unused degree cost? A person who borrows the full amount will owe upon graduation the tidy sum of $265,642. Yes, a worthless degree from Cooley goes for more than a quarter of a million dollars.

  7. How dare you slam one of the finest HCBU's of all time. FAMU law is one of the remaining law schools at an affordable price. It serves the purpose to increase minority lawyers. (only one in every four lawyers is black in the state of Florida) sheesh! Something had to be done to level the playing field.

    They also contribute to neutralize the artificial barrier known as the lsat by offering an alternative admissions program called LEAP. This program surpasses AAMPLE!

    So jobs are harder to get, the economy has changed, and you have to hustle hard. Why can't you people see that out of law schools at least this one is not trying to rob you..... compare to the other 11 or so law schools in Florida and this is the cheapest.... best bang for your buck.

    Every law school across the nation has lacking employment numbers and FAMU never lied about their stats.

    This school will make the next generation have a better future as they rise from poverty and get
    Legal opportunities their parents never could.

    It reminds me of Eugene Young from the show called "the practice". Provides inspiration to being a man of color and help contributing to the criminal justice system, where 80% of the people
    Look like me and do not get a fair chance in life.

    Lastly hustle hard you can still make a go of law, the smart ones will always find a way. The other type will give up, complain, and play the role of victim and blame everyone else but the man in the mirror.

    They need to pull themselves up by their boot straps and realize and education was never a guarantee it ALWAYS represented an opportunity... the opportunity to be successful or the opportunity to fail.... forget the conditions of the economy.....

    ATTITUDE will always determine your ALTITUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rattlesnakes for life!

    1. FAMU is a shithole.

    2. They need to pull themselves up by their boot straps

      That is physically impossible. When you graduate from that sweltering stink pit, and are forced to work in a job where you actually have straps on your work clothes, try it.

      ATTITUDE will always determine your ALTITUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      No, altitude is determined by pre-existing position, modified by velocity. Preferably upwards. A fourth tier law degree is like one of those embarrassing Cold War test launches where they blew up the rocket on the launch pad.

    3. Mr. AAMPLE routinely appears here, engaging in what psychiatrists politely call "attention seeking behavior". He knows every word is nonsense and that following his advice would lead most if not all to permanent ruin, but he doesn't care. Anytime anyone cites a TV show as inspiration to be a lawyer-let alone a show off the air for over a decade-it's clear that he's locked into some sort of fantasy world. So I for one will no longer respond to his posts.

    4. 1:58 PM: What is your particular practice area?

    5. 1:58 PM here

      My particular practice area is breaking into little old ladies home and raiding through their panty drawers.

  8. I went to a first tier law school and graduated fifth in my class. Then I had a clerkship with a federal appellate judge and got a job at a large firm. What was it about YOU that prevented you from doing that?

    1. For some a lower IQ. For others, substance abuse, mental conditions, troubled family backgrounds, etc.

    2. 3:48 is a lying sack of shit. Most likely he went to Cooley and graduated in the bottom 10% of the class. And now works at Walmart.

    3. Part of being at the top is that many, many others are not at the top. The Top 10% at a first-tier trap still get good jobs, but there's another 90% that get nothing.

      Even before the law school brain drain, you had many overachievers jockeying for a small handful of good positions. Intelligent young adults would be left holding the sack simply because there were a few folks who were smarter or just luckier.

      Blaming 100% of the people for not being at the top ignores the extent to which it is a crapshoot, limited in its availability. The Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl, what is it about YOUR team that prevented them from doing the same? Many teams are just not that good, but some had the tools at their disposal to win it. They just didn't because the nature of the game is that space at the top is restricted.

    4. Look, the simple answer, 3:48, is that you're smarter and better-really just a better person than all the rest of us.
      And you really must have some kind of pathetic life to appear here, in any case.

    5. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingFebruary 12, 2016 at 11:35 AM

      Mazel Tov to you!!!! So what brings you to this blog in our company?

    6. Why didn't you become a doctor?

      Heck why doesn't everyone just become a doctor?

      I know this guy is lying, and he's just trolling, but it really is dumb.

      Oh, and for all the asshole Boomers that babbled about personal responsibility and paying back debt and all of that crap? Turns out the Boomers have the highest debt out of everyone, and now they're all screaming for sympathy.

      Typical BS, the people who are the worst talk the biggest game and attack everyone else. A form of deep projection. Probably this guy graduated bottom 5 and has never worked in his life.

    7. 3:48 pm- I know plenty of people like you who are unemployed or underemployed in their 50s and later. High ranking in your class and federal appeals clerkship loses meaning in later years. Plenty of top, top lawyers are out of work or underemployed.

      One point of this blog is that credentials like yours do not guarantee you work as a lawyer.

      You can rest on your laurels now, but it's not over till it's over. You can not make partner, can get fired from a partnership at a major firm, can end up in small law or in house positions that are not stable and can be out of work for much of your 50s and 60s.

      Harvard Law with honors is meaningless today, as is a federal clerkship and having worked at Cravath. You can still end up out of work, with no one wanting to hire you.

      This is has been going for many years now, only it is getting worse and worse. Many more top lawyers out there with ruined legal careers.

      Once someone does you foul, you are ruined. You are not going to recover. Harvard and the Second Circuit or Ninth Circuit clerkship won't save damaged merchandise. Damage merchandise stays on the shelf - permanently - because there is so much non-damaged merchandise to chose from today- all younger and more desirable to employers than you will be after age 52.

    8. Actually, I agree with 3:48. Graduating from a top law school with top grades and a stellar career means nothing when it comes to you ability to successfully practice law. For example, I went to a TTT thirty years ago and graduated maybe in the top 1/3. (actually at the time I went, there were no rankings . . . and I selected the worst school reputation wise because it allowed me to go part time).

      Those who graduated at the top of the class . . or the tier one law school down the street . . many ended up with good jobs with top firms . . but most of those people ultimately ended up with their own firms, small lawyers banding together and/or solo practitioners.

      And you know what, at that level, your resume is totally irrelevant. Its what you know, what you can sell to the public, what you can sign up and what you can accomplish in trial.

      The very most successful lawyers I know are not lawyers who graduated from top schools or top of their classes, they are lawyers who can try a case and consistently get excellent results. I know several lawyers who went to what would be considered dung heaps and they are making, literally, millions per year because of their inherent abilities to try a case before a Jury.

      I've done pretty well myself . . . I learned to try cases. . I was dogmatic, I specialized in certain areas of the law . . and yea . . . I earned that one million dollar plus premium and more by going to law school.

      Bottom line is that top schools, top grades are meaningless. In the end, its what you can do,what you know and how well you sell yourself that matters. Nobody gives a damn where you went to law school, leastwise a Jury determining your case.

    9. 0.05% of the wage earning population of America makes 7 figures. And that 0.05% encompasses bankers, doctors, pro athletes, singers, actors and everything else under the sun.

      Mr. AAMPLE telling lemmings to go to law school to make that cash is an old throw back law school dean scam from 10 years ago. Even the shameless law school scammers dropped that particular bit a good 3-4 years ago.

      Once again, if the odds are going to be so bad for law, you're better off doing something else, anything else.

      Become an athlete, actor, singer or heck a gigolo. All of those are more fun to do, have better odds than law, and don't set you in life crushing debt while stealing your prime years for nothing.

  9. News Alert! The Worst is over, say's University of Minnesota's outgoing dean:

    BUT, look at the paragraph under the Chart:

    "Dean David Wippman said he expects that by 2020, the law school can end its reliance on year-end financial injections from the university to balance its budget, totaling about $16 million since 2012."

    Losing TONS OF MONEY!

  10. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingFebruary 11, 2016 at 8:27 PM

    Burger King is always hiring!

    1. At least two Burger Kings in Brooklyn where I live have closed in recent years.

  11. @ 1:5pm

    Well stated. You have very valid points.
    The legal field has went down the toilet, but at least FAMU is not screwing their student with high tuition.

    Also we need more minority lawyers for a fairer system. You would not believe the racism that is being uncovered about the current justice system, from crooked cops, judges, and prosecutors.

    What happens in the darkness will always come to the light! Keep going FAMU, their is more work to be done.
    There will not be fair justice until we have more people of color penetrate the system. We just want a fair shake at justice. Lady liberty with the scales and blind fold depicting that justice is blind????

    Tell that to the African American who is being tried with an ALL white jury.

    FAMU is the better of two evil... Old guy... do you concur????

    1. If your goal is to practice law, then going to an unranked shithole like FAMU isn't going to help. They may be graduating minorities with JDs, but they're hardly making a dent in the racial gap of the legal profession.

    2. I certainly do not concur. Stay the hell away from FAMU. I do want to see more racialized people in the legal profession, but I don't want to see anyone—especially racialized people—ruined by going to a toilet law school.

    3. This is the outright racism of the liberal left.

      Plenty of minorities attend T8 law schools. The establishment still refuses to give them a decent career.

      So why would it be a benefit to anyone, and what type of sick racist would you have to be, to want to ruin legions of minorities with awful back breaking debt and no opportunity to even pay it back?

      At least the minorities at the top law schools can pay off most of that debt in the 3-4 years they have a career. Or some can at least get government employment which is even better.

      A minority from a low ranked school is doomed. Even a minority from a top ranked school has a tough time getting government work, 80% of federal government employees are white. This despite the fact that with current demographics 80% of the population is not white.

    4. 8:19- I agree with your point on minorities. One thing you can do is to comment on proposed revisions to the new Form EEO-1. If the Form had an age group disclosure as well as minority group pay disclosure, the big law firms would be doomed by dual age and minority status discrimination. The absence of the age disclosure keeps minorities hugely underrepresented in senior positions in large law firms.

      The proposed pay scale additions to EEO-1 will not help. Minorities earn over the highest pay level listed. Problem is that they are almost all associates and will be replaced by other associates. The older minorities will be earning less than six figures a few years forward.

      If you actually comment on the absence of age disclosure and the absence of senior level minorities in most large law firms in relation to the proposed revisions, at least your comments will be heard by governmental officials in a position to change the required disclosures.

    5. I agree. Disclosure of both age and race will help to expose discrimination and tokenism.


    On February 8, 2016 at 3:13 pm, FindLaw published a piece from Jonathan R. Tung, under the headline “What American Territory Graduates the Most Non-Lawyer JDs?” Here is the full text of that story:

    “Think one territory: Puerto Rico. According to data collected from the ABA and put together by Startclass, the territory of Puerto Rico takes the crown for graduating JDs who don't eventually put their degrees to work as attorneys.

    Not to say that there is a causation issue here, but if you really want to practice law, might we suggest that you avoid the schools that made it to the top 25 list of non-lawyership?

    How the Data was Gathered

    The data was, albeit a little narrow so far as time goes, but the fact that all three of the Puerto Rico Schools ended up in the top five of schools that graduate JDs who don't use their degree is probably not just a coincidence.

    Specifically, Smartclass took the data provided by the ABA and ranked all the ABA approved schools based on the schools' percentages of employed grads who were in positions requiring not requiring bar passage or not in "JD-advantaged" positions. The students included in the ranking graduated between September 1, 2013 and August 31, 2014.

    The "Winners"

    1. Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico School of Law -- Approximately half of the grads here use their JDs ... or half don't. You pick.
    2. Inter American University of Puerto Rico School of Law -- A little less than half of grads are not using their JDs in their work.
    3. Florida A&M University College of Law -- Approximately 30 percent of grads here are not using their JDs
    4. Duncan School of Law, Lincoln Memorial University -- About 28 percent don't use their JDs from this law school.
    5. University of Puerto Rico School of Law -- About a quarter of grads from this school do not use their JDs in their work.

    Honorable Mentions

    The much-written-about Thomas Jefferson School of Law also made it in the top 10 of "why even bother with getting a JD" schools. The school is embroiled in legal disputes over supposed lack of transparency over its employment numbers, including a controversy where "Victoria's Secret Sales Clerk" was included within its employment numbers. Another student has found full employment all right -- as an UBER driver.”

    It’s sad – and beyond pathetic – that waterheads will continue to apply to, and enroll in, the garbage law schools on this list. The “educators” and administrators at these toilets are only too happy to consign morons to a lifetime of soul-crushing, NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. Yes, these jackals truly are performing a “public service,” right?!?!

  13. I'm surprised no one mentioned it yet. But I can see someone trying to cash in and open the Antonin Scalia School of Law.

    1. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingFebruary 15, 2016 at 10:34 AM

      That's a great idea! Most law schools charge roughly 35-35K per semester per student. We could charge 10K per student and enroll 100 students and take in 1.0 Million or 2 Million per year. See, even if I take a salary of only 100K, I am still far better off than my 37K Schedule C as a solo. Teaching is an easy gig. We can get in the money game!!!! Just like Sport Clips. I calling the ABA on Tuesday...get my law school starter kit....


    Average Law Student Indebtedness: The bitches and hags at US “News” & World Report now list this metric by alphetical order of the state in which the school is located and then by alphabetical order by school name – and then after Wyoming, several more are added, in no specific order. Nice trick, cockroaches.

    Under this new categorization, only 184 commodes provided their figures to USN&WR. Below are the average student indedtedness figures for 2014 graduates who incurred law school debt for a “legal education” at the toilets listed in the top 10 of this garbage category, along with the percentage of the class that took on such debt:

    Widener: $139,229; 89%
    Thomas Jefferson School of Law: $172,445; 91%

    For $ome rea$on, the pieces of trash who run the following dung heaps did not furnish their data to this dead magazine: Lincoln Memorial “University” Duncan School of Law, Florida AgriculTTTTural & Mechanical UniversiTTTTy College of Law, Appalachian Sewer of Law, Cooley Law Sewer, Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico SOL , Interamerican University of Puerto Rico School of Law, and the University of Puerto Rico Sewer of Law.

    Is it time to apply hot wax to Robert Morse’s vagina again? In the end, the bastard had made it harder for potential applicants to find average student indebtedness figures for ABA law schools. How admirable, right?!?! Perhaps, we will need to rely on Law School Transparency for these numbers.

  15. I work for DHS/Coast Guard and I would say ninety percent of the attorneys who work throughout DHS are white men and women. That includes all branches including CBP, TSA, and DHS itself. Minorities should not look to the Federal Government as the "go to" market when they cannot find a job in the private sector.

  16. According to the ABA's inflated job stats for TJU for 2014(most recent year available) of a class of 293, 82 were flat unemployed, not seeking and another 28 were status unknown.
    The madness has got to stop-average debt of $172K+ and over 1/3 of the class is unemployed? That's over 100 lives financially ruined, probably for life. It's got to stop-thanks Nando for your work in publishing this blog. It's unbelievable the debt the TJU students take on-and I'd love to see the true salary range of those TJU students who are employed.

  17. Speaking of debt-this guy's got a good salary but even so income based repayments are a tax time bomb:


    Check out this October 13, 2015 Hustle piece from Max Tucker. It was entitled "Why You Shouldn't Go to Law School." Enjoy:

    "At some point in their life, everyone who attends college thinks they should go to law school.

    They’re wrong.

    For the overwhelming majority of people (>99.9%), law school is the wrong choice. How do I know this?

    Because I’ve been that person – I went to law school for the same reasons everyone thinks they should go – and I was wrong. I never should’ve gone to law school, if you didn’t go you made the right choice, and if you are thinking about going now, you shouldn’t.

    Let me repeat myself: YOU SHOULD NOT GO TO LAW SCHOOL.

    If you’re still thinking about law school start by asking yourself one simple question:

    “Why do I want to go to law school?”

    It’s an obvious question, but almost everyone overlooks or avoids it. So answer it, right now, to yourself. Then compare this reason to the list below.

    These are the six wrong reasons I hear most often. See if your answer is in this list."

    Now look at his chart of idiotic reasons to go to law school:

    1. “I like arguing and everyone says I’m good at it.”
    2. “I want to be like Jack McCoy from Law & Order [or insert your favorite legal TV show character].”
    3. “It’s the only way I can think of to use my humanities degree.”
    4. “I want to change the world/help homeless people/rescue stray kittens/do something noble.”
    5. “I don’t know what else to do.”
    6. “I want to make a lot of money.”

    You can add a 7th listing: "I want to go to law school and I don't want to practice law."

    People attend medical school to become doctors, or they go to dental school so they can later be licensed to work on people's teeth. How many fools go to law school with the intention of not practicing law?


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