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Fourth Tier Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School Lowers Admissions Even Further!

No Surprise: On February 18, 2016, the Lansing State Journal published an RJ Wolcott piece, which was entitled “Enrollment up, scores down at Cooley.” Read this opening:

“After five years of declining enrollment, Western Michigan University Cooley Law School brought in more first-year students last year than it did the year before, according to American Bar Association data. 

But only by three students. 

And halting the slide seems to have come at the expense of selectivity. 

Cooley has long been one of the least selective law schools in the country, but the average GPA and LSAT scores of its most recent entering class are the lower than any class at Cooley in at least a decade. 

The median GPA and LSAT scores for new Cooley students last year were 2.85 and 141, respectively. Students in the 25th percentile had an average LSAT score of 138. LSAT scores range from 120 to 180. A score of 138 falls in the bottom 11 percent of scores from recent years. 

By comparison, Michigan State University Law School's median GPA and LSAT scores last year were 3.46 and 154. At the University of Michigan, they were 3.76 and 168. 

Cooley has not lowered its admissions standards, said Jim Robb, associate dean of external affairs. 

Students are evaluated using a complex admission formula that weighs an applicant’s LSAT scores and GPA, Robb said. In recent years, the school has placed more value on GPAs. 

“The admissions formula (allows us to compare) prior students who’ve entered into the program and their chances of success versus incoming students,” he said. 

While Cooley may have reached lower within the acceptable range in recent years, Robb said, admitted students have the potential to succeed in law school and beyond.” [Emphasis mine]

Putting the words Cooley and selectivity in the same sentence is the equivalent of mentioning Madonna and chastity in the same breath. Keep the following in mind: the 25th percentile for the most recent entering class at this commode was 138. Simply put, these jackals are accepting federal student loan money in order to enroll certified morons.

Other Coverage: Paul Caron posted an TaxProf entry labeled “Cooley Craters: Enrollment, Faculty Down 60%, Tuition Up 40%” – on February 19, 2016. Scroll down to the comments section of this article, for some insight into this $iTTTTuaTTTTion. On February 19, 2016 at 1:49:53 pm, “Unemployed Northeastern” pointed out Jim Robb’s blatant lie:

"In recent years, the school has placed more value on GPAs. ..." 

Which have also fallen, a remarkable feat in this age of grade inflation. A lot of law schools have had falling LSATs to keep enrollment up. Very few have had the median GPA drop by any measure, let alone by nearly .2 on the 4.0 scale.” [Emphasis mine]

If they are not lying, then it appears that the admi$$ion$ pigs at this notorious toilet also suck at math. A median UGPA of 3.02 in 2011 dropped to 2.85, in 2015. There was also a decrease in undergraduate GPAs in the 25th and 75th percentiles, at TTTT Cooley, over this same period.  That is quite an accomplishment, huh?!?!

On February 19, 2016 4:29:43 pm, an anonymous poster furnished the following remarks:

“Wow. O.k., I'm going to give this Robb guy the benefit of the doubt and assume that he concedes that Cooley's numerical admissions standards (both LSAT and GPA) have declined significantly. The numbers are the numbers, and even the slickest snake oil salesman couldn't get around that fact. 

Is his argument that the "quality" of student, defined as intangibles other than LSAT/GPA, has not gone down, despite those students comparatively lower numerical credentials? 

Are we to understand that Cooley has found some novel way to evaluate students and has concluded that those with lower numbers are equivalent to or better than those in prior years with better numbers, thus Cooley's admissions "standards" have not declined because the quality of the students being admitted now (which stood less chance of being admitted 5 years ago, mind you), are the same or better??? 

Why the poor bar passage and high attrition, then? Would Cooley care to share its magical assessment formula, and can it truly be said to be working???” [Emphasis mine] 

Perhaps, the Cooley cockroaches are giving more weight to the pointless written essay portion, at the end of the LSAT. Hell, maybe the desperate bitches and hags are focusing more on the prospective student essay attached to the application.

Conclusion: In sum, the pigs at We$TTTTern Michigan Univer$iTTTTy TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer will do and say anything, in order to “justify” their sinking admi$$ion$ “standards.” Street cats who haven’t eaten in two days are more selective than these rodents. As Unemployed Northeastern noted, we are in an age of grade inflation in U.S. colleges and universities. “Higher education” is Big Business in this nation, and “educators” and administrators respond to the demands of their consumers/students. The fact that Cooley is admitting college grads with LOWER undergrad GPAs speaks volumes about this dung heap’s “selectivity.” They CLEARLY DO NOT A DAMN about their students, recent graduates, potential clients, or the “profession.” These thieves don’t even care about the school’s reputation, which is already lower than crocodile piss.


  1. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingMarch 6, 2016 at 7:12 AM

    DESPERATION. I just lost a gig paying me $250 to appear in court to represent traffic violators. I lost it to a desperate COOLEY like lawyer who will be paid "well under 200" for the same work. I thought I was scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  2. Nando-did I read the chart correctly, and tuition has increased over $13,000 from 2011 to 2015? That's a greater than 1/3 increase-unbelievable! It's your and mine-and everybody's- tax dollars at work. And full time faculty cut in half?
    Soon it will be all adjuncts(desperate solos all) "teaching" loan conduits to be "practice ready." It's good to see so many law profs getting booted, but it also shows the scam has no shame: lower standards + higher tuition= scam city. The scam will live forever so long as there are federally insured loans.

    1. I bet they didn't cut administrators. How can we find out?

    2. Cooley's Dictator for Life Don LeDuc makes $650,000 a year. As long as he still gets his remuneration, the scam shall continue.

  3. What's the law job market in Michigan nowadays?

    Guess what. It doesn't fucking matter! (since most of the students at this shithole will not pass the bar or practice law at a firm there)

  4. Hard to feel sorry for the poor souls enrolling at Cooley nowadays. With all the information available about THE worst law school in the United States, it's truly mind boggling why anyone would want to have anything to do with this place.

    1. So...what you're saying is, Cooley is an even bigger piece of dog shit than Touro?

    2. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingMarch 6, 2016 at 11:50 AM

      Cooley will survive. The last ABA accredited law school closed in the 50s. Cooley has local political "juice." The community will not allow it to shut down. The typical student would not have been accepted anywhere else. There is a great cultural mystique to being an attorney at law. A student from this joint is a manager from Walmart or Wendys who attended Phoenix or DeVry and earns 40K working 80+ hours a week and on call with no regular schedule. Even being a shitty solo at 40K (Paul Campos data) and working 50 hours per week is a hell of a lot better. And you might get lucky and pick up a decent PI matter every 5 years.... And your a God Damn lawyer that nobody will mess with. You will BE somebody, not a retail flunky working at the mall.

    3. Again, I salute the captain as he is correct. Cooley is a local fixture, with way too many people interested in the scam surviving to let it expire. Only the complete cessation of federally insured loans will end Cooley-and it doesn't appear that will ever happen.

    4. Cooley and Touro are both big steamy piles of dog shit. Cooley, though, sets the standard in churning out worthless law degrees at insanely high prices. Maybe when Touro publishes their own law school rankings with them at number one will Touro win the highly coveted award of biggest piece of shit in all of Lawschoollandia.

  5. Making student loans available for this school to me is criminal negligence, and very likely fraud due to a conflict of interest, and at the least a failure to adhere to fiduciary duty to America's taxpayers.

  6. Article in today's NYT on the TJU lawsuit:

  7. So, basically all that is required for admission is a pulse

  8. You guys are missing something. Cooley is a place that does things differently and makes great contributions to the non traditional law students:

    1. They allow entrance to law school with only an associates degree. (the bar also requires a degree at this level for MI).

    2. They have weekend classes, as well as night classes.

    3. They also have multiple campuses in MI. plus a satellite campus in Florida.

    4. 1L class size of over 1,000. This is a red flag. Even though this has been reduced over the years, damn.

    This school has a purpose, it was for people who wanted access to the legal field (minus big law - but since there is an exception to every rule, there has to be a handful of Cooley grads in Big Law).

    Example, I met a flight attendant and she was a Cooley law student taking classes on the weekend. She mentioned that she was URM and that she wanted to be the first lawyer in her family. After a few conversations on a very long flight... she was deemed to not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but hey, I am all for giving someone a chance!

    Basically this is the modern day version of AMMPLE, and LEAP. High attrition rate for the first year, but lets enough pass through to year 3 in order enter the market.

    I support the Cooley mission even on the campus visit, on the law school Wall it states that Cooley grads are "Future Minister's of Justice". Be careful drinking the Kool-Aid guys.

    The only downside is that you have to pay to play and it could be very expensive and challenging, upon graduation, finding legal employment.

    But hey, at least you'll have a JD right, and at the end of the day. "A lawyer is a lawyer", I wish lawyers that swim in the Big Law pool understood that all clients care about are results..... not which school you came from.... maybe in another life time. :)

    1. "The only downside is that you have to pay to play and it could be very expensive and challenging, upon graduation, finding legal employment."

      3:40, you are a knuckle-dragging idiot. The point at which you have to state this stupidity you've lost credibility. This sort of bullshit fuels the confirmation bias of Cooley's target demographic -- mouth-breathers with only enough cognitive capacity to think they're smart, but not to understand they're, psychometric speaking, retards. (No offense to the mentally challenged intended.)

      On the other hand, if you're the same troll that continues to pimp AAMPLE scam, stop. It's not funny. Not even slightly. Sarcasm could be funny and there are plenty of opportunities to ridicule Cooley. Your comments are simply stupid.

    2. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingMarch 8, 2016 at 12:34 PM

      3:40, you are kinda naïve? Most attorneys know when somebody went to a Cooley of some other Phoenix like DeVry rank not published law school. Even Cooley knows they have a reputation problem. Cruise over to their on-line bookstore and one will see clothing with WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY and in really really small print, Cooley School of Law. Even they know it.

  9. Maybe we are pointing the finger at the wrong person here.

    Back in undergrad as a freshman there was a projected occupation study performed that projected the future needs in all college majors.

    Someone dropped the ball with this when it came to the legal industry and calculating the need for future lawyers, obviously looking at the supply and demand factor today. Maybe
    chasing the "Big" lawyer dream tipped the scale in wrong direction.

    Eugene Young from "The Practice" sure made going to law school the new intellectual fad and a ticket to the good life. Designer suits, intellectual conversations about the daily court room daily dual... and sipping on cocktails talking to the babes. That dream is BS.... and so many people drank the Kool-Aid.

    The current "Next" big occupation is Physician Assistants, projected to be in huge demand for the next 5 to 10 years.... Hope lightning does not strike twice. The only parting advice I could give is ... like the current law grads... they will also need to hustle hard..

    Old guy... do you concur???

    1. 6:00am-I suspect you are 3:40am too; any adult-and attending law school is an adult decisions-who decides to attend law school based on a fictional character from a TV show that was cancelled a dozen years ago is both reckless and immature. Why do you post this drivel?

    2. Define "hustle" as it would apply to a Physician's Assistant in practice. How does one hustle in that position, and what does that hustling consist of?



    Check out this damning article from Harrison Barnes, on LawCrossing. It is entitled “Thomas Cooley Law School Exposed (And Why Much Of The Legal Profession Is A Scam).” Read the entire lengthy piece, if you have time. Otherwise, review the following excerpt:

    “[T]he school also decided that it would close one of its campuses to new students because it had not received enough applications. I am personally shocked all of this took so long. For example, if I opened a school called "The Charles Manson School of Law," the world would understandably be shocked by the name and its reputation. If I admitted almost every applicant, charged the students $40,000+ per year to attend with the students' knowledge that they were unlikely to ever get a job, it would be great! I would hire a bunch of professors and try to grow the school. All the while, I would be saying to myself:

    • "Are these people freaking crazy?!!"
    • "Wow! Let's build a new building and increase tuition even more."
    • "Holy crap! Let's open a campus in Florida. Then we can travel down there when it's cold in Michigan."
    • "LOL! We just got ABA accredited again! I cannot believe the government is subsidizing all of these student loans!"
    • "What? We got 1,100 applications for the professor job we advertised here. We must be doing really well! It certainly does not have anything to do with the fact that attorneys hate practicing law and teaching here is so easy. With so many applicants, I don't have to hire a Thomas Cooley graduate to teach our students. I'm thinking I might hire someone from Harvard!"
    • "On second thought, screw hiring a full-time professor. I'm going to hire two adjuncts for $2,000 a semester to teach one class each. That will save us a ton of money and give us more money to hire more administrators to give people like me less to do so I can go to Florida with my family!"

    Thomas Cooley Law School is located in Lansing, Michigan. It has close to 2,500 students, making it the largest law school in the United States. It accepts 80% of the people who apply there. Students are in the 23rd-percentile of LSAT takers. Zero percent of the graduates of the school get federal clerkships, and 1% or less of the graduates get jobs with large law firms. (See The Real Reason There Are Fewer Law Firm Jobs (What No Attorney Wants You To Know))

    To fulfill the promise (or lack thereof) these statistics hold, Thomas Cooley charges an astonishing $46,500 per year. With room and board, books, and other expenses, students can anticipate the annual cost-of-attendance to be an astonishing $65,154!

    As a preliminary matter, I want to be very clear that I find NOTHING wrong with the fact that most of the graduates of the school do not go to large law firms or get federal clerkships. Providing graduates to the world to service a wide variety of people (the poor, accident victims, people with marital difficulties, petty criminals) is a noble pursuit. Not every law school can aspire to send people to work on Wall Street. For all I know, Thomas Cooley graduates may be much happier overall in their careers than graduates of a school like Columbia Law School. While my problem with Thomas Cooley will become more apparent below, the issues I have are related to the fact that the school has become a bureaucratic business reflecting the same type of paralysis as the automobile industry near it. The similarities are palpable. While some people prey on senior citizens, the poor, or the rich, Cooley preys on law students.”

    He flat out bitch-slapped this toilet. In the final analysis, this cesspool preys on young, dumb people who can’t score decently on the LSAT. Is it too much to ask that you break 150 on the damn thing?

  11. 2.85 GPA? That's about what my alma mater's football team managed last year. I wonder how these Cooley 1L's would do on the Wonderlic.

    1. Here's the thing.

      Plenty of stupid cocksuckers who couldn't get into law school in years past are now celebrating the fact that now they too can join in the law school fun. Shit, at many of these shitholes like Western New England U., Cooley and TJSL a shitty GPA and shitty LSAT score will score these dumbshits a partial scholly. Oh fun 'n games for all the retards (until the student loan bill comes due that is).

  12. I wonder what the IQs of these idiots are? Are they even above 100 anymore?

    2.51 GPA in today's bachelor's environment is basically an effort grade. You tried - here's a B- and a C+. I could've had a 2.51 GPA blowing off everything but the final and taking the final drunk.

  13. Thank you for the tip, Captain Carswell. Let’s take a look at the merchandise offered at the Western Michigan University Cooley Law Sewer Bookstore:

    “WMU Heather Pullover Hooded Tee
    Select Color:

    As you can see, this hooded, long sleeve T shirt says “Western Michigan University” is big-ass letters, while “Cooley Law School” is below the line and appears in MUCH smaller font. Yes, the pigs are truly proud of their commode, huh?!?!

    “WMU Comfort Fleece Hood

    This is offered in black, pacific, or purple. “WMU” is featured in giant font, while below “Cooley Law School” is in tiny print. Perhaps, students at this trash pit hope that they can go for a brisk walk or jog – and that drivers or other pedestrians will be able to visibly see, from a distance, only the letters WMU. You wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a TTTT Cooley moron, especially if you are one.

    “WMU Cooley Basic Tee

    This damn thing comes in black or white background. It seems best suited for wiping down your bumpers and mirrors, after you wash your car. You can also use it to pick up after your dog’s waste. Anyway, there is a huge W in gold with “WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY” – in larger font – above “Cooley Law School.” Talk about taking pride in your law school!

    There are other apparel items which follow the same pattern. As the 12:34 pm comment mentioned, even the rodents at this dung heap KNOW that the law school’s reputation is pathetic. Hell, just five years ago, the tools ranked themselves as the SECOND BEST LAW SCHOOL in the county, in their own published scheme, “Judging the Law Schools.”

  14. CBS News reports a Glassdoor report which gives lawyering as the #2 highest paid career, citing an ABA comment. $144,500 annually.

    At the end of the article it notes that there are 995 such job openings listed on Glassdoor.

    That leaves about 44,000 per year out of the race.

    The myth lives.

  15. Perhaps Cooley should merely state that it will accept any breathing mammal to its august law school.


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