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Perk Central: SUNY at Buffalo Law School Still Paying Former Pig Dean Makau Mutua His Full Salary

The News: On March 9, 2016, the Spectrum, the student newspaper at SUNY, published a Tom Dinki piece that was entitled “UB still paying former law school dean Makau Mutua full salary despite his new job.” Look at thiz excellent opening:

“Law professor Makau Mutua has been on leave from UB for nearly a year and recently took a job in Washington D.C., yet the university is still paying the former law school dean his full salary – a salary that nears $300,000. 

Mutua is working as a human rights adviser for World Bank, an international financial institution that provides loans to developing countries. Such consultants in Washington, D.C., where Mutua’s Twitter account shows he spends most of his time, make an average salary of $90,000.

World Bank would not confirm if Mutua made such a salary or his exact position, but on his social media accounts he calls himself a World Bank human rights adviser. 

Mutua did not respond to Spectrum email requests for an interview about this story.

According to SUNY policy, the university president has to approve outside income for a faculty member earning salary while on sabbatical. The president also can choose to lower the faculty member’s salary if that member receives outside income while on leave. 

That did not occur in Mutua’s case.

UB officials say this is because Mutua is on a special kind of leave, known as Title F leave, which doesn’t require faculty members to get approval for outside earnings. 

President Satish Tripathi, and all SUNY university presidents, can grant employees Title F leave with full salary, reduced salary or no salary. UB officials confirmed Mutua is being paid full salary.” [Emphasis mine]

What the hell do you expect from swine? When have these “legal scholars” ever shown integrity or common decency?! By the way, Pig Mutua is being paid – while employed elsewhere – despite MAJOR cuts to faculty. So much for belt-tightening, huh?!?!

Mutua and His Wife’s Salaries: The Empire Center provides salaries of public employees. On the left hand side of the screen, go to Subagency/Type and enter the letter S – and then select SUNY Buffalo. This is the quickest way to pull up the following information:

“Name: Mutua, Makau W. 
Employer/Agency: SUNY 
Total Pay: $293,443 
Subangency/Type: SUNY Buffalo 
Title: Dintinguished Professor 

Name: Mutua, Athena D. 
Employer/Agency: SUNY 
Total Pay: $151,559 
Subagency/Type: SUNY Buffalo 
Title: Professor (Law)” [Emphasis mine]

As you can see, the law school pigs look after their own. After all, it is only federal student loan money they are playing with, right?!?! Plus, they are performing a “public service.” They are providing students with a “legal education” – and who can place a price tag on that “benefit”?! Some of these TTT grads might even have an extremely remote chance of becoming future human rights lawyers or advisers.

Other Coverage: On March 10, 2016, Paul Caron wrote a blog entry labeled “SUNY-Buffalo Law School, After Reducing Faculty By 50% Through Buyouts, Pays Former Dean $300k While He Works For World Bank.” Head to the Comments section for the following insights.

An anonymous poster provided this remark on March 10, 2016 6:07:46 AM:

“Golden parachutes for some, belt-tightening for others. America in 2016.”

A user with the handle “Dad of law student” wrote the following, on March 10, 2016 6:48:56 AM:

“$300K a year for doing nothing, paid for by students who will be working off their share of his one-year benefice for maybe 30 years. Who's the slave here? Who's the master? Speak!” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, these academics are so honorable!  Prostitutes on the street have higher ethics and more integrity than their counterparts in law schools.

Conclusion: In the final analysis, it is ALL about the money! Do you think for one damn second that these “educators” care about YOU, the student or recent graduate?!?! As long as those federal loans clear and are in their hooves, they wouldn’t notice if you got hit by a city bus and ended up in the cemetery. It was never about “educating the next generation of lawyers,” idiot. The cockroaches who run and operate ABA-accredited law schools know that the U.S. attorney job market is GLUTTED. They are well aware of this fact. However, they have continued to admit too many students, and then pumped out an excess of law grads, because they want to be paid fat salaries for minimal “work.” YOU, lemming, were a mere mean$ to an end. Now have fun repaying $135K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, on your weak-ass $41K salary.


  1. Multidimensionality Is to Masculinities What Intersectionality Is to Feminism

    Athena Mutua
    State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo, SUNY Buffalo Law School

    May 16, 2013

    Nevada Law Journal, Vol. 13, p. 341, Winter 2013

    Committed to intersectionality theory in her feminist work, the scholar Juliet Williams expressed the sentiment that “multidimensionality is to masculinities theory, what intersectionality is to feminism.” She did so in the context of a debate about whether intersectionality theory might capture the complexity of men’s lives, particularly men of color’s lives, as well as does multidimensionality theory, given that the latter is based in large part on the former. This paper, briefly explores the intellectual history of multidimensionality theory, concedes that intersectionality, a powerful analytical tool that has matured and gone global, could easily be used and is in part used to explore the lives of men as gendered beings. However, it argues that early interpretations and applications of intersectionality theory limited, for some, its initial intuitive power in analyzing men and masculinities. With the emergence of masculinities studies in the legal academy, these perceived limitations propelled the further development of multidimensional theory, which has informed and been informed by masculinities theory, such that, multidimensionality theory may well be to masculinities studies what intersectionality is to feminism.

  2. more on SUNY Buffalo Law School:

    (i) It has dropped from 87 to 100 (three way tie) in the latest U.S. News rankings. It once ranked in the top 40.

    (ii) In 2009, former-Dean Makau Mutua promised in the Law School alumni magazine that the goal of his deanship was to return the Law School to the top fifty. He doubled tuition and doubled the size of the faculty at a time when first year enrollment was dropping from 240 to 140. The result is that only 27 of 51 full time professors were teaching in fall 2015. They are getting paid, on the average, $150,000 for cashing their paychecks in absentia.

    (iii) The former-Dean is being paid his full salary, along with his wife's – she is also a law professor – for a three semester sabbatical at full pay. Over the past five years, they have collected over three million dollars (according to See Thru NY), while the former-Dean has traveled to Europe, Africa, and South America dozens of times at the University's expense. In addition, he is collecting a full time salary of $90,000 for "consulting" at the World Bank in Washington, D.C., where he now lives. This arrangement is unlawful under the SUNY Trustees' Policies. (These stories were both documented and reported in the Spectrum - the University newspaper - in the past month.)

    (iv) President Tripathi is blocking any in-house investigation of the perjury allegations that have been filed against former-Dean Mutua in the Grievance Committee of the Eighth Judicial Department by eleven tenured law professors. The matter is also pending in a civil lawsuit in the form of a Rule 11 motion in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of New York.

    (v) President Satish K. Tripathi is also blocking any consideration of the offer by the federal government and a private developer to donate the Dillon Courthouse as well as free office space in the Statler Towers for a new downtown campus for the Law School.

    (vi) Satish K. Tripathi was promoted from Provost to President without any of the review procedures required by SUNY Central, which call for on-campus interviews with faculty and campus constituencies for at least five candidates. Last year, President Tripathi approved the renaming of the $375,000,000 medical school to "the Jacobs School of Medicine," in exchange for a donation that is far less than the customary payment for naming rights to an entire school. Mr. Jeremy Jacobs, billionaire owner of the Boston Bruins and Chair of the NHL Board of Governors, is the long-time chair of the UB Council, which appointed President Tripathi. The University, in fact, does not have an Office of Legal Counsel to advise the President on such matters. Likewise, the Law School faculty has not been allowed to nominate its own dean since 1998. Both former-Dean Mutua and Interim Dean James A. Gardner were imposed on the faculty by President Tripathi. Former-President Simpson and then-Provost Tripathi rejected a no-confidence vote against former-Dean Mutua in November 2010. When former-Dean Mutua was abruptly removed from office after the perjury scandal was reported on the front page of the Buffalo News, on September 27, 2014, Professor Gardner was installed as "Interim Dean." Three full semesters have now gone by with James A. Gardner in the Dean's Office and the University still has not allowed a dean search to begin.

    1. All this effort and money wasted trying to increase UNS rankings. A dean who declares its his main job to get the ranking to the top 50 again.

      Why so much effort devoted to these objectively stupid and meaningless rankings? They are a zero sum game. The only way to win, really, would be not to play.

      Unfortunately the current flock of dullards who still go to law school are so obsessed with these rankings and their fake prestige, and so price insensitive (thanks to easily borrowed money) that ex-Dean Mutua's strategy is probably the one that the market rewards most.

    2. The US News rankings are the key to securitizing the crushing debt behind the law degrees. Top 20 and Top 50 loans can be resold at lower yields than No Longer Rated loans.

  3. I wonder what the "F" in "Title F" stands for?

  4. I wouldnt be so rough on State U at B Law. They have a Monday Munchies for law students. The 50% plus foreign national (and out of state tuition) of the greater school, don't get that hand out, lol.

    Feather nesting and scratching is par for the course at UB. A pharmacy school dean, Karl Fieblekorn, doesn't even have the terminal degree in pharmacy. He is a petty tyrant, bullying students and faculty, and is known as a laughing stock, presenting posters on ethics as scholarship because of his lack of credentials.

  5. Smart man. He got in on the human rights lawyer bullshit scam too.

    1. I wonder if part of his job description as a human rights adviser is channeling refugees to Law programs across the US, paid for by the World Bank of course.

  6. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingMarch 23, 2016 at 5:58 PM

    Some Pig. Is that Wilbur?

    1. Nah, Wilbur took a sabbatical from his acting career is now a pre-law advisor, although he's living handsomely off his Green Acres residuals. He's also contributing editor of the Animal Law Journal at UB.

    2. Wilbur was the human on Mr. Ed. Wilbur was also a pig in Charlotte's Web.

      Arnold Ziffel, Esq., was nearly the star of Green Acres. Oliver Douglas, having graduated from a T 14 law school was the star. Mr. Ziffel, a TTT graduate, got the role of the pig.

      Some things never change.

  7. Question:

    What do you call 10,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?


    A good Start !

    Karma is finally catching up with the legal field. At least minorities are getting their foot in the door now.

    No one likes lawyers until they need one- "Eugene Young" - The Practice

    1. Troll: there's no proof, at all, that minorities are "getting their(collective, I guess) foot in the door." In fact, the evidence is just the opposite:

      Truly, the length, breadth, and depth of your inanity is amazing-and Eugene Young was a FICTIONAL CHARACTER in a TV show that was cancelled a dozen years ago. Get a life and stop trolling.

  8. Unfortunately, TJU wins:

  9. But how does this reconcile with the TJU verdict? It's the same scam:


    The Spectrum piece by editor in chief Tom Dinki also contained the following text:

    “As part of the Title F application, the professor must explain the value of the work the professor will do for the university. The Spectrum requested Mutua’s Title F application early Tuesday morning, but UB officials could not produce it by press time.

    Mutua, having recently stepped down as dean, taught one class in the spring of 2015 and was on leave for the fall of 2015. Still, UB paid him a salary equal to that of what he made as a dean. He made $292,443 in 2015, according to SeeThroughNY, which compiles salaries of New York state employees. He had a base salary of $255,500 and the rest was bonuses.

    World Bank’s human resources department said it cannot provide compensation related information, but Glassdoor, a website that allows employees to anonymously review and post salary information of large companies, reports that the average salary of a World Bank consultant in Washington D.C. is approximately $90,000.

    A World Bank human resources representative did, however, confirm that all consultant positions are paid and short-term appointments, meaning not permanent, only as of June 2015. Mutua is scheduled to teach law school classes at UB this fall, according to a professor in the law school. The law school has yet to release its fall 2016 course offerings to students.

    Mutua announced his position as a “consultant” at World Bank on Facebook in October, but later specified his position as a human rights adviser.

    The law school has reduced its size in recent years. The school announced in March of 2014 that it planned to shrink its incoming class from 200-225 students to fewer than 200 and to reduce its faculty from 48 to 40. Although the school has a total of 51 full-time faculty members employed, only 27 were teaching classes last fall – exactly half the amount that were teaching five years prior.

    According to the UB Law School budget from the 2014-15 school year, $19.6 million of the school’s $23 million in expenditures went toward salaries and fringe benefits for employees.

    Mutua receiving full salary despite being away from the school and taking on outside work is troubling beyond just the former dean’s individual case, a professor in the law school said. The professor said it raises questions about how UB regulates pay of faculty once they downgrade in positions.

    Mutua resigned as dean of the UB Law School in December of 2014 amid a lengthy legal battle with a former professor who claims Mutua wrongfully terminated him and committed perjury in the legal proceedings.”

    Does anyone with an IQ above room temperature – and even a modicum of ethics – want to defend the law school cockroaches or this filthy conduct?! Hell, prostitutes have a better moral compass than these bitches and hags.

  11. That Mutua guy is a filthy parasite. It breaks my heart that a wonderful, generous American couple donated money to hire a "scholar" but he looted their money without performing any work.

  12. Just don't go to law skule and incur all of those student loans to begin with. ;)

    "Woman who faked being a lawyer for nearly a decade was in line to be named partner when her fraud was discovered."

    Read more:

    1. This story highlights one reason clients show little respect for lawyers: Allegedly, the impostor "practiced" for 10 years and no one could tell. Why should client respect and pay for advice from someone who appears to be indistinguishable from a non-lawyer?

      A friend sent a picture of a coffee mug with the following on it:

      "Please do not confuse your Google search with my Law Degree."

      Folks think that an internet search makes them a lawyer.

      Her write-up via Wayback Machine.
      Talk about not doing due diligence, a simple call to the state bar would have shown she was a fake.

  13. Law schools thieves are gonna keep thieving.

  14. The problem with law is even if you DO get to practice, many if not most law "careers" are, to paraphrase Hobbes, "...nasty, brutish and short."

    1. Oh, were Hobbes only correct on the "short" point.

      "Nasty, brutish, and interminable" is the typical reality.


    Back on September 24, 2014, Sara Dinatale wiped her ass with Mutua’s bald head and mustache, in a Spectrum piece entitled “Law School Dean Makau Mutua Resigns.” Check out the following portion of that article:

    “Law school Dean Makau Mutua has resigned. The resignation comes amid allegations that he lied in federal court and in a state administrative proceeding.

    The alleged lying under oath stems from a 2011 case filed by Jeffrey Malkan who says the dean wrongfully terminated his contract as a clinical professor. Malkan had signed a contract in November 2006 that stated he could only be fired for cause in accordance to the law school accreditation standard. Two months after becoming dean, Mutua terminated the contract.

    The suit also alleges that Malkan was denied due process under the 14th Amendment.

    Mutua, who has been dean for seven years, will step down officially on Dec. 19, but he will continue to teach at UB as a SUNY Distinguished Professor and Floyd H. and Hilda L. Hurst Faculty Scholar. Mutua is a Harvard graduate and a well-known leader in international human rights.

    Provost Charles Zukoski sent an email to faculty Monday announcing the resignation. He did not mention the lawsuit in the email, but focused on Mutua’s accomplishments as dean, which include recruiting 22 new faculty members, offering more experiential learning opportunities for students and fundraising $23 million.

    “I decided to step down because it was the right time: A seven-year tenure is twice as long as the typical tenure for a law dean, and I’ve accomplished what I set out to do,” Mutua said in a written statement to The Spectrum.”

    You can always count on these academic thieves to put a spin on the news. After all, it’s not as though these cockroaches are busy working. They have all the time in the world to read the WSJ online in their offices – and to come up with excuses for their own sickening behavior and conduct.


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