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The Gravy Train Rolls Along: Fourth Tier Trash Pit Thomas Jefferson School of Law Wins TTTT Court Case

The Expected Result Happens: On March 24, 2016, ABC News published an Associated Press story by Julie Watson, under the headline “California Jury Rejects Graduate’s Suit Against Law School.” Look at this opening segment:

“A jury found Thursday that a San Diego law school did not mislead a graduate who sued on the grounds she was lured to the school by false promises that her degree would land her a job after graduating. 

The San Diego Superior Court jury rejected Anna Alaburda's claim against the Thomas Jefferson School of Law on a 9-3 vote that was reached after about four hours of deliberations over two days…

Alaburda, who filed her lawsuit in 2011, argued that Thomas Jefferson used inflated data to bolster the success rate of its job-seeking graduates. The 37-year-old woman graduated near the top of her class in 2008 and says she has been unable to find a full-time job as a lawyer. Meanwhile, she said has been saddled with $170,000 in student debt. She sought $125,000 in damages. 

The trial came amid growing debate over such promises by schools competing to recruit students. The lawsuit was among more than a dozen similar ones filed in recent years against law schools, including Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco and the University of San Francisco School of Law. Though most of the lawsuits have been dismissed, critics say they point to a need for greater regulation and transparency for law schools, so prospective students know their employment prospects, the debt they will incur and their chances of successfully passing the bar.

Michael Sullivan, an attorney for the law school, acknowledged "isolated mistakes" and "clerical errors" in data collection but said there was no evidence that the school lied. He said the verdict set no precedent but may send a signal to other students who sue. "Having an opportunity where it's fully litigated, and depositions and documents examined, to see the hype, the chatter about that did not prove to be the truth, as found by a jury, I think that's a helpful message," Sullivan told reporters after the verdict.” [Emphasis mine]

It’s uncanny how these “institutions of higher learning” ALWAYS manage to make errors that benefit the school, huh?!?! The fact that juries are comprised of people who are too damn dumb to get off of jury duty seems to have benefited the commode. Now scroll down to this comical conclusion:

“Thomas Jefferson representatives noted broad efforts to improve reporting at all law schools and expressed regret about any stain that the lawsuit inflicted on the school's reputation. 

"This is not, you know, Trump University," Sullivan said. "It is so not that. It is such a really excellent law school."

This inarticulate fool comes across as a frat boy. One wonders whether he wore khakis, JC Penney loafers, and a cheap blue blazer into court. Anyway, it is damn near impossible to hurt the reputation of a certfied dung heap. If this is the best school you can get into, I seriously question if your IQ is in the 90-95 range. As you can see, TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on Sewer of Law is once again ranked as a FOURTH TIER TRASH PIT – by US “News “ & World Report

Other Coverage: On March 24, 2016, Law School Truth Center posted an OTLSS entry that was labeled “Alaburda v. TJSL and the Grand Pyrrhic Victory.” Scroll down for this nugget:

“But at the end of the day, consider where we were prior to the litigation compared to now. The New York Times' marquee article on the so-called "scam" didn't hit until 2011. LawProf's first post didn't hit until August of that year. While there was a solid trend of "scamblogging" prior to that, the denial on the institutional side was significantly stronger. In five years, applications and bar exam scores have plummeted and the institutional position has changed radically. While the courts have been hostile to claims of shenanigans, the market doesn't lie. That many of the students who applied in droves in 2010 would not be caught dead applying to law school in 2016 is a sign of progress - and not for the law schools. Awareness about the true state of the job market has spread, and I would it to you that the lawsuits have been an instrumental part of that process. 

While the law schools, like many large institutional actors, figured out how to comply with the letter of the law without regard to the spirit, they are unable to counter the truth. And from a combination of books, blogs and websites, and - yes - these lawsuits, the truth is now more well-known than ever. These institutions can claim that the Frank McIntyres of the world are experts and that law degrees are worth a gazillion dollars, but the buyers - sophisticated consumers, right? - seemingly aren't taking the bait like they used to.” [Emphasis mine]

Enjoy your Pyrrhic victory, cockroaches. As noted in this OTLSS piece – from December 28, 2015, and based off 509 disclosure forms – TJ$L’s 25th percentile LSAT score went from 149 in 2010 down to 141 in anno Domini 2015. You can count on even lower bar passage rates for your graduates, in the next several years.

Conclusion: In the final analysis, the average person does not have much sympathy for broke-ass lawyers or debt-strapped JDs. When people hire attorneys, it’s usually out of necessity – and it is typically not a pleasant experience. Divorce proceedings, custody hearings, land disputes, and depositions don’t bring out the best in people. Why should they then feel sorry for the men and women who were unable to crack into this GLUTTED U.S. legal job market? After all, even many of the idealistic dolts thought that they were going to represent the downtrodden – while driving around in a Jaguar XJ R-Sport and wearing Brooks Brothers suits. 

The best way to avoid financial ruin is to avoid applying to, or enrolling in, garbage law schools. Once you are attending, ego and pride may compel the simpleminded to complete the TTTT journey. You are MUCH better off remaining in your current job, working your ass off to make management, and developing real connections in your workplace and industry than you will ever be by racking up $140K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a putrid academic “credential.” Don’t even think of going to cesspools such as TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on Sewer of Law!


  1. Unfortunately, this verdict is a big deal. From this point forward, it's very unlikely that any schools will face lawsuits, as the likelihood of success is pretty low.
    So kids, please listen to Nando: Just don't go. It's a trap that will ruin your future.

  2. We were never going to win this fight in the courts anyway. Nobody gives enough of a fuck about lawyers to award damages to them.

    We ARE, however, winning the fight in the court of public opinion and with hard facts. Pretty much nobody applies to law school anymore other than low-IQ dolts and special snowflakes.

    1. You are correct, and that's the problem-these dolts/special snowflakes are enriching the scammers with OUR tax dollars. If Uncle Sam ever got out of the loan business, at least one-third of the scam schools would close almost immediately, But with your and my tax dollars funding it, the scam survives. Until the gravy train stops, the scam-perhaps downsized-er "right sized" a bit-will continue. You'll note that while there was a precipitous drop in LS applications, that has since leveled off; there are plenty of gullible/dolts/special snowflakes to apply and attend these TTTTs. And basically we're paying for it, since they never will.

    2. 3:41 has it right; federal loan money is the problem. The problem is not that some retards enrolling in the fall of 2016 are able to get a "JD" that isn't worth the paper it's written on. The problem is that it's debt-financed to the tune of six-figures, with an additional 5-6% tacked on that has to be paid over decades, and non-dischargeable (even for poor schmucks like Tetzlaff).

      Ms. Alaburda wasn't anymore a dolt than someone who buys a car from a used car lot. Most people know there's some slight risk of an inferior substitute (for you TJLS supporters at home, that's economist-speak for "TJLS is a shitty excuse for a legal education"). But most buyers don't anticipate objective deception and sales tactics bordering on fraud. After all, that’s what the ABA is around to protect matriculants from, right?

      I feel sorry for Ms. Alaburda. Honestly. Sure, she may not have the greatest sob-story for a jury. But the legal issue was about intentional misrepresentation - not cost or quality of “education.” As an outsider looking in, deception was UNEQUIVOCALLY present. I’m not sure what those idiots on the jury could have possibly interpreted from the Sixth Amended Complaint ¶ 77(a) “Graduates whose last names stated with A through N were ALL employed; graduates whose names started with S and T were ALL studying for the Bar Examination; and graduates whose last names started with W were ALL unemployed. (TJSL recently admitted that its purported data for the Class of 2006 was inaccurate)” (emphasis added) which presumably meant this data was an inaccurate representation, intended to induce matriculation, AT THE TIME THE PLAINTIFF ENROLLED. This is a binary analysis: either (1) the data was fabricated or (2) it wasn’t. There is no (3). And the likelihood of (2) is smaller than the likelihood of winning the lottery a few times in a row since TJL$ shat out a few hundred grads in its class of 2008. (According to my back of the envelope math it’s well over 1 in 10^200).

      I’m not sure why anyone would hire a TJL$ grad. Maybe TJL$ employers are so fucking stupid that they hire employees based strictly on alphabetical order. Who knows? But I highly doubt it. Either way, by that same alphabetical logic utilized by TLJ$, Ms. Alaburda would’ve been hired by those employers…so it’s approximately 100.0% clear that TJLS was coking the books.

      Sophisticated consumer or not, easily quantifiable damages or not, this is a text-book case of the “intentional misrepresentation.” Here’s to hoping a casebook editor includes Alaburda v. TJL$ in 1L contracts right next to Vokes v. Arthur Murray, Inc. That might send a thinly-veiled message to self-aware matriculants that their $chool’s encouragement to stick around for 2L could very well be deceptive.

      Back to 3:41’s point, this problem wouldn’t happen if not for federal loans. The problem is not that profit motive or capitalism is inherently bad. The problem is that education is inherently inefficient (how could lecturing on abuse of interpleader to break diversity jurisdiction to 1Ls ever be considered productive? That crap pure academic masturbation). Profit has no place in education – whether that’s profit by Sallie Mae or by InfiFlaw.

      P.S. I will assume the Sixth Amended Complaint ¶ 77(a) part was never disputed. If it actually was I’d happily adjust my stance, but I don’t think that’s the case.

  3. With California raising their minimum wage to $15 an hour it means all those 4T's graduates whose only hope was landing a lousy $20 an hour doc review job will only be making 30% above minimum wage without any long term job security. Heck, even construction and landscape workers will probably make more money, and they get to work outdoors! Those were some well spent $170,000 in interest accruing and non-dischargeable loans for this cohort of sophisticated consumers. But don't worry, I'm sure everything will be much easier once they start making mortgage, healthcare and other family related payments.

    1. Maybe they'll just drop law altogether and go be minimum wage retail workers in California?
      Nah. Maybe they'll either try to tough it out in law to maintain prestige and get that Biglaw job they always wanted, or they'll try to apply to some fast food job and get rejected because of the JD on their resume.

    2. Fast food jobs are becoming automated. Try street food vendor in a third world shit hole.

  4. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingMarch 28, 2016 at 10:05 AM

    After 26 years as an attorney, Nando is correct here. It has been a constant fight behind the eight ball scrounging for work and fees against a tidal wave of other attorneys doing the exact same thing. I never thought in law school that I would ever again work a minimum wage job and punch a clock. I am back doing it on weekends to make some "gas money." Even if you some how land a gub'mint job against all odds and hundreds and hundreds of applicants, they can still let you go.

  5. You are correct about NO sympathy for underemployed lawyers. I asked a political guy I did free legal work for if he could "hook" me up with a law job. He bristled and said, "Ain't you rich?" "What do you need my help?" Your a LAWYER. He then told me he saw an armored car driving in town and asked me if it "stopped at my house to drop of your money."

  6. Nice pic.

    But as a TJSL grad I can tell you TJSL is an even bigger piece of shit than depicted.

  7. I can't sympathize with those little bastard law students any more. I grew up in the country, and it is plain to see that middle-class suburban kids will do anything - literally anything - for a chance to avoid manual labor. My legal career went nowhere and I work in a factory, where I get the privilege of doing repetitive manual labor to earn money to pay my own student loans, as well as the tax revenue to cover the looming IBR-created budget hole as well as the useless, taxpayer-funded "jobs" being demanded by the middle class suburban kids who think socialism is an ATM card hooked up to the Magic Rainbow Bank of Free Money. Embrace the suck, and STAY OUT OF LAW SCHOOL.

    1. They all feel entitled to live in Northbrook driving a Lexus to Whole Foods with a minimum amount of work, effort, and paid dues. Then their connected fathers get them PD of District Attorney gigs and after a couple of years, dad gets them with his corporate buddies....

    2. These same little shits believe that with a tiny bit of computer mastery and manipulation they can become "outstanding," "well regarded" attorneys just by a ginned up 10 AVVO rating. I see kids who have 10 ratings that have bar beefs and likely have never tried a case. If the legend becomes real, print the legend.

  8. I never believed Alaburda would win this case. You see, the judicial system will not allow the law school education system to be indicted. Those jury instructions guaranteed TJSL would win. In the end, the law school scam has been exposed in the court of PUBLIC OPINION and that is all that counts. College grads should read the lines between the lawsuits against the law schools: your legal career is a sham built on a house of cards and your money is only subsidizing the lavish lifestyles of hackademics who couldn't cut it as actual lawyers.

    1. The pigs at TJSL and the other diploma mill down the road CWSL could care less about the "Court of Public Opinion". As long as there are hopelessly naïve fly-over schmucks, financially desperate wannabe actors/actresses/singers/musicians, ADHD/ADDers, substance abusers, marginally functioning mentally retarded, abused single mothers, foreign students and refugees who want to live in San Diego, they can always scrape together 80-100 of these poor souls and keep the scam going.

    2. ^^Oh, and military personnel on the free gravy train, I forgot about those. There's a bunch of those in San Diego.

  9. Team AAMPLE:

    The system is rigged. But one outstanding source of legal education still continues to be the HCBU's. No
    one is sung them.

    Go FAMU Law !

    1. Uh, it's HBCU...
      and 25% of FAMU's graduating class were UNEMPLOYED per the numbers supplied to the ABA.
      AAMPLE is an infilaw program-why do you keep citing FAMU as a measure of this program? The term is even trademarked.
      Seriously, get off the couch and maybe learn something.
      oh-and how long have you been a lawyer?
      Mr. AAMPLE: "I've got lots of opinions, so don't confuse me with the facts."


    On March 12, 2016, the Los Angeles Times featured a story from Gary Warth, under the headline “Trial raises questions about San Diego law school's claims on graduates' success.” Check out the following portion:

    “[Plaintiff’s attorney Brian] Procel will try to convince the jury that Alaburda, 37, decided to quit her $30,000 job in the pathology department at USC and move to San Diego because she believed that a law degree from Thomas Jefferson was a pathway to a better-paying career.

    "She would not have gone there if she knew the truth," Procel said of Alaburda, who he said graduated with honors in 2008 and passed the state bar exam on her first try but has never worked in a full-time, salaried job as an attorney.

    Michael Sullivan, the attorney representing Thomas Jefferson, said in his opening statements that the school wasn't responsible for how data were compiled in national rankings and employment statistics. He further questioned whether the information even played a role in Alaburda's decision.

    "The reason she went to Thomas Jefferson School of Law was that it was the only law school she was admitted to," he said.

    Alaburda began questioning the school's tactics after reading a 2011 article about law school graduates struggling with student loan debts, Procel said. The article focused on a Thomas Jefferson alum who had $250,000 in student loans and no full-time job and recalled seeing promotional material that boasted about the high employment rates of graduates.

    Alaburda had seen similar statistics about employment rates when deciding which school to attend, Procel told jurors. He said an analysis of the numbers has revealed they were overstated.
    Procel focused on the annual report of law schools compiled by U.S. News & World Report, which he said Alaburda researched before choosing Thomas Jefferson. The 2005 edition of the report said 54% of the school's graduates were working in law firms and 22% were working in the legal field. Overall, the school had an 84.1% employment rate for graduates, just below the national average.

    Procel said those employment figures included jobs as bartenders, waiters and pool cleaners. "You don't want to go to law school and spend $100,000 for one of those jobs," he said.”

    In the end, no one – not even the biggest simpleton admitted to law school – seeks a “legal education” with the intent to become a bartender or waiter. You can also add the following garbage jobs into that category: doc review monkey, barista, insurance salesman, cashier, or customer service representative.

    Looking back, this was the expected result. Do you think politicians in black robes want to see law schools beaten to a pulp? The “profession” already has a reputation that rivals that of used car salesmen. Plus, once the pigs denied class action status, it became clear that even a long shot victory would only benefit Alaburda and her attorneys. Anyone else seeking damages would need to file their own case. I still give her credit for the effort. Now, others will see that TJ$L is so putrid that even some of its graduates are reviled by the in$TTTTiTTTTuTTTTion, to the point that sued the damn place.

  11. Per the ABA stats, of a class of 293, at least 106 were unemployed at the 9 month mark. And TJU has either the highest or near highest average indebtedness. Why does anyone attend this school-it seems to be the perfect recipe for life-long misery.

  12. Nando, did you see where the WSJ reported that a NY Judge dismissed a Bar loan in bankruptcy? (I think it was in yesterday's paper, page C-3).

    The plantiff's fact situation (Pace graduate who couldn't pass the bar and now is some $300k in debt, if I recall correctly) is just as interesting.

    1. I keep getting targeted ads from Sarah Lawrence College for their MA in Women's History. I have no idea why. I'm a man and wouldn't be welcome in their pseudo-academic program. And I think I've been clicking like a man, not a woman. lol

      One of their inducements to incur life-changing debt to obtain their worthless MA is the availability of a joint JD/MA program with Pace University Law School. I wonder how many passionate, world-shaking feminists fall for that particular scam?

    2. Maybe they think you are a hermaphrodite or some kind of other anomalous specimen. I bet that this expensive elitist institution has a dean of sexual minorities as well as some kind of deviate sexual studies major if not a full department...

  13. I've never seen this Alaburda gal, but I bet anything the sister, the one that got the high paying legal job, is the hot one in the family.


    Let’s take a quick look at the garbage heap’s admi$$ion$ page:

    “At Thomas Jefferson School of Law, your success as a law student is our most important priority. Our supportive campus culture and hands-on academic program are set up to help you do just that.

    Our world-class faculty is accessible and dedicated to you succeeding in law school. Our curriculum is on the cutting-edge of traditional and emerging areas of law. And, our student body is diverse – culturally and geographically.

    Visit our JD Programs page to see our rich variety of academic programs, including Clinical Programs, the Legal Writing Program, the Criminal Law, Intellectual Property and the Sports Law and Policy Fellowships, our Academic Specialties, the JD-MBA degree and Study Abroad programs.

    The versatility of a J.D. degree has opened the door to a wide spectrum of interesting and satisfyingemployment opportunities for our more than 7,000 alumni. They live and work both internationally and nationally, using the quality education they received at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in both the public and private sectors. They are at leading law firms, corporations and non-profits. They are judges, elected officials, sole practitioners and business owners. We are proud to shine a spotlight on some of Thomas Jefferson’s alumni and students whose career paths are representative of the many exciting employment options to which a law degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law can lead.”

    No legal employer gives a damn about your “specialty” area that you studied in law school. This also applies to non-law entities. They want someone with a brand name degree, not a JD from something called Thomas Jefferson $chool of Law.

    When law firm hiring managers and HR directors see a bunch of internships, “externships,” or clinical program excrement on your resume, they immediately think that you are a loser. In their eyes, if you were a winner, you would have been a summer associate after first year – and then landed a good legal job after graduation and passing the bar exam in your state.

    For $ome rea$on, this trash pit – along with all other ABA-accredited diploma mills – does not “shine a spotlight” on its graduates who are pouring coffee, serving pizza, or working at PetSmart for a living. Then again, they recognize that even waterheads will not want to incur an additional $160K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for such putrid outcomes.

    1. ^^In TJSL's case, it's $172,726 to be exact, plus previous undergrad and bar prep loans, that puts you easy over 200K in just three years.

  15. Guys come! do not feel sorry for this chick nor the other countless of law grads.

    90% of them went into the legal field for the money. They thought hmmm... well if the education cost a lot, then the salary on the back end must justify it and be high.

    Market conditions changed and they got left holding the bag of debt, most of the time without the high salary job. Greed can sometimes get the best of you.

    Back in the day "All" student loans were able to be discharged by filing for bankruptcy. To many Dr's, Lawyer's, and higher educated professionals were racking up student loan debt and walking away with "Free" advance degrees, with just a smack on the wrist (stain on their credit).

    Someone had to stop the abuse. If this old practice is reinstated there will abuse all over again.


    How do you get a group of lawyers to smile for a photo?


    Just say, "Fees!"

    1. I have trouble with even remotely comparing law to medicine; not too many MD's/DO's out there (that I know of at least) managing a Radio Shack or selling cars.

  16. It really makes me wonder if stories like this will deter special snowflakes from attending fourth-tier trash cans like TJ$L. If anything, the snowflakes of today cannot say that there wasn't ample information about these student loan debt black holes.



    When you enter the campus of the new Thomas Jefferson School of Law, you are stepping into the future of legal education. There is no other law school like ours. It represents the best experiences in law school architecture.

    Our innovative new building is designed to integrate cutting-edge learning technology and sustainability with a welcoming and collaborative environment to facilitate optimal academic achievement and student success.


    • The eight-story, 305,000 square-foot law school facility in downtown San Diego includes a three-level, 90,000 squarefoot
    subterranean parking garage with 176 spaces.

    • The facility serves the needs of 1,000+ students and nearly 200 faculty and staff with 15 teaching spaces, 2 learning
    centers, 2 recording studios, 5 conference rooms, a moot courtroom, an executive board room that seats 30, a 40,000 square-foot library, an on-site café (opening in 2012), a public law clinic, and much more.

    • The most striking exterior feature of the new Thomas Jefferson School of Law is its chevron roof. The iconic design has
    made the law school an instant landmark in San Diego’s East Village neighborhood."

    As you can see from this document, the pigs chose to build themselves a $90 million monument to greed. How many scholarships could that have funded? Remember, the students are a mere mean$ to an end.

  18. Yes, typically, these lower-tiered, non-prestige schools tout the physical size of their respective libraries as if that had a blasted thing to do with learning how to practice law, which, of course, they have yet to teach.


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