Thursday, May 12, 2016

Third Tier Cesspool Pace University School of Law Receives Large Gift and Undergoes Name Change

A Turd by Any Other Name: On May 5, 2016, Jacob Gershmann of Wall Street Journal Law Blog reported the name change in a piece labeled “Pace Law School Gets Mega-Gift, New Name.” Here is the full text of that article:

“It’s the season of giving in the legal education world. 

Pace University’s law school outside of New York City is the latest school to benefit from a burst of largesse. A German family has donated what the university says is the largest gift in its history. 

The law school is announcing the donation Thursday along with news that it’s renaming itself after the donors’ late matriarch, Elisabeth Haub, a philanthropist and businesswoman who championed environmental causes. 

Pace isn’t saying how much it received — at the donor’s request. But school officials say it’s comparable to recent donations made to law schools at George Mason University and Villanova University. Those schools announced gifts of $30 million and $25 million, respectively. 

Pace says the money will establish a law school endowment and fund a scholars program within its top-ranked environmental law program. The gift will also endow chairs in environmental law, public international law, the school said. The new name of the school will be the Elisabeth Haub School of Law. 

The money comes from the son and daughter-in-law of Elisabeth Haub, who died in 1977. The Haub family owns the Tengelmann Group, a retail conglomerate. 

The money comes at a pivotal time for Pace, which has been buffeted by the nation-wide downturn in the legal-education market. Law Blog recently reported that its faculty and staff were forced to take pay cuts to save money for a tuition-matching program. 

“We are enormously thankful for the Haub family’s support of our distinctive ‘path to practice’ model of legal education,” the school’s dean, David Yassky, said in a statement. “At a time when many law schools are retrenching, this gift allows us to strengthen our program, especially the in-the-field learning that we believe is so crucial for students’ success in practice.” [Emphasis mine]

A law degree from this dung pit still isn’t worth a puddle of warm piss. Sadly, some lemmings may see a law school endowment and a TTT $cholar$ program as proof that this institution is a viable option for them. A few endowed chairs in garbage such as environmental law and “public international law” WILL NOT LEAD TO JOBS in those areas, Dumbass! When you end up selling insurance premiums for Allstate or stocking shelves at Best Buy, your employer will not be impressed with your legal TTTraining.

Other Coverage: On May 9, 2016, Bloomberg Law provided a story entitled “Pace University’s Law Dean on Name Changes and the State of Legal Education.” Take a look at these excerpts from this interview with TTT dean David Yassky:

“Big Law Business: There have been a number of donations to law schools lately. Do you think it’s a sign of turbulence in the business of legal education that administrative officials are seeking outside funding like this? 

Yassky: I think there is a bit of a myth that took hold in the past few years that law school isn’t what it used to be, and maybe the value to the students isn’t what it used to be. I think that’s clearly wrong. Part of what you’re seeing with these investments is that donors recognize that having first rate legal education available to students isn’t just important and valuable (to the students), but also is (important) to society… I feel very strongly that the law school “turbulence” was the story for a while, but I think it’s the past. To me, this gift and some of the other recent ones, rather than being signs of turbulence, I think they are more signs that the turbulence has passed. Someone making a big investment is doing so because they believe that there is a bright future ahead and they are confident that we will be able to use that investment to turn out terrific law students. I think gifts like this are a sign of optimism and confidence.” [Emphasis mine]

Pace and “first rate legal education”?!?! Scroll down to find the following nonsense:

“Big Law Business: Tell us more about Pace’s recent donation and what it will bring to the school.

Yassky: It’s a thrilling milestone for the law school. We have had a longstanding partnership with the Haub family, particularly focused on our environmental law program. This gift will allow us not just to expand that program but, I think, to take our overall program to the next level. It will fund a Haub scholarship program, so the best and brightest environmental law students will get substantial scholarships to go out and do environmental law without the debt burden that can narrow your options. It will expand our variety of classes into international law fields, and expand our experiential learning and clinics. We are really working to craft a kind of legal education that suits today’s practice world. Law firms can’t just devote a year or two years training people. They need graduates who can practice right away.” [Emphasis mine]

Listen, Bitch: Biglaw is still not going to hire Pace Law grads – and that is the only route for potentially practicing “international law.” Furthermore, no one just “goes out and does environmental law.” These relative few jobs are typically provided by Big Polluters, so that they can continue to leave a gigantic-ass footprint.

The Commode’s Ranking: As you can see, Pace Univer$iTTTy Sewer of Law is currently rated as the co-136th greatest, most remarkable and amazing law school in the entire damn country - by US "News" & World Report! What a TTTremendous accomplishmenTTT, huh?!?! Hell, it “only” shares this distinction with the following toilets: Akron, Arkansas-Little Rock, and Chapman “University.”

Conclusion: Pace University Sewer of Law is a pathetic dung heap that would change its name after Jeffrey Dahmer, if his family donated enough money to the school. If you are still considering attending this trash can, then do yourself a favor and first schedule an IQ test with a psychologist. You are not capable of choosing fast food from a drive thru window, moron. How can you be expected to take out an additional $160K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a TTT law degree? Good luck repaying that amount, waterhead.


  1. Keep the updates coming, Nando!

  2. Call it "Liz Haub Skool O' Lawl" or "Pace Picante Sauce Skool O' Lawl" it's still the same crappy school in a dying industry.

  3. Some random German family donated something, possibly in the tens of millions of dollars (that would be an 8-digit figure), to some crummy American law school such as this? Why would they do that and what the hell are they getting out of it?

  4. Environmental and international law? What in the fuck are these idiots thinking? This is the epitome of liberal stupidity. There are no other areas of law as fucking scammy as these.

    Good for Pace for having people who want to donate (that's not intended to be sarcastic). But does Pace do with the money? Did they reduce tuition? Did they help any of the thousands of the recent grads who couldn't get lawyer jobs with Pace's tainted "JD"?

    Fuck no. Why not? There's no money in fixing the evident problem; the money is in pretending to fight the percieved problem. This is why liberals never actually fix anything that they whine about. When they receive a windfall they don't fix the problem law schools create--debt--they double down on bullshit that doesn't help students avoid soul-crushing debt. (After all, why should an individual fix its own problem when, after enough bad behavior by the collective--law schools as a whole--the collective can coerce government to unfuck the dilemma it's created?)

    Now I know what you're thinking: "Are you saying that Pace shouldn't cash the Haubs' check?" That misses the point. It's one thing to take money in an endowment. It's another to change your curriculum based on a donor's wishes. Here, the change is detrimental to students. There are no jobs in the Haubs' pet legal fields. But did Pace tell the Haubs that they'll only cash the check on the condition that the donation is put toward their students' best interests? Did they say "we can make theses changes to curriculum, but we won't rename the school unless you give us this money without strings attached"? Did Pace have so little leverage that it had no choice but to "grab its ankles"?

    If the Haub family wants to give a bunch of money to a shiTTThole like Pace, more power to 'em. I question their judgment, but this whole donation could be done right--providing students better opportunities and/or lowering debt load. But Pace should know better than to rename itself while attempting to appease the whim of a donor whose intentions are contrary to the students' best interests.

    TL;DR: Pace gets a donation with strings attached. Pace doesn't bother to ask what's in its students' interests, it just does what its told. Good job, Pace.

  5. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingMay 13, 2016 at 8:03 AM

    Nando, where did you get that photo? Maybe that "sculpture" will be exhibited at the Rham Emanuel George Lucas Musuem of Narrativve Arts. Maybe the artisit can give daily demonstrations. The symmetry and line tell a story!!!

  6. Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be Pace-University-Law-Schoolers.
    Don't let 'em be $200,000 in debt and a clerk at at Kay jewelers.
    Let 'em be doctors and plumbers but not foolers"

    (With apologies to the Bruces.)

  7. if this does start a new trend of donations towards LSs, then at least it's the wealthy donors who lost money when the applications drop off.

  8. Pace just got an eleventh-hour reprieve from the electric chair, and instead of being greatful their pride is spiraling into the stratosphere.

    That's to be expected though. A certain amount of narcissism is a BFOQ for being a ScamDean or a LawProf.

  9. I can think of at least ten law schools who could actually improve their national reputation by changing their name to the Jeffrey Dahmer School of Law.

  10. If Pace is first-rate, just imagine how badly a second-rate school would stink.

    What sort of fool would dump tens of millions into a toilet (median LSAT score of 150) to be named after herself?

    Note how yASSky pretends that students are opting out of "environmental law" because of high debt. He implies that graduates enjoy the luxury of choosing between a job in "environmental law" and a job that pays the bills. He is wrong on both counts. First, few graduates of his toilet get well-paying jobs. For the graduates (one in three) who reported this information, the median salary was $55k per year—not much in tony White Plains, particularly if one owes a couple of hundred thousand on non-dischargeable student loans. In addition, one graduate in six is not employed in any way. Second, there is no such field as "environmental law".

  11. Nice post, Nando. Sometimes I can see where a large donation to a low-ranked institution benefits both the school and students more than a comparable donation to Yale. That's probably not the case, here.

    Can't wait until someone researches the Haub family and finds a high-level Nazi or two.

    1. I looked....there aren't any. These guys ran food stores during both World Wars, nothing more.

    2. That fed the German army in WWII...


    The trash heap’s press release is now featured prominenTTTly on the front page. It is labeled “Pace Law School Renamed Elisabeth Haub School of Law.” Hold your nose, while reading the following:

    “Pace University announced today that its law school has been renamed the Elisabeth Haub School of Law in recognition of its long-standing partnership with the family of the late Elisabeth Haub, a tireless environmental advocate and philanthropist, and a generous donation from the Haub family. The gift, the largest that Pace University has received in its history, will establish an endowment for the Law School, strengthen the school's renowned environmental law program and fund innovative teaching initiatives.

    "Pace University is thrilled to deepen and broaden its partnership with the Haub family, bolster our environmental curriculum and continue leading the progress of environmental law and regulation," said Pace University President Stephen J. Friedman. "An extraordinary gift of this kind occurs when donors and institutions come together in support of a shared vision. We are deeply grateful to the Haub family and look forward to building on Elisabeth Haub's admirable legacy at Pace University."

    "The Haub's very generous gift to the Pace University Law School underscores the family's twin passions for environmental sustainability and education," Pace University Board of Trustees Chairman Mark Besca said. "We are deeply honored to have the name Haub associated with our law school and will remain fervent educators and advocates for the issues they hold close to their hearts."

    "Our family has enjoyed a longstanding and successful relationship with Pace Law School, working with its world-renowned environmental law programs. We have come to admire the high-impact environmental work done around the globe by graduates of this law school, as well as the school's deep commitment to innovation in teaching and its strong record of delivering value to its students," Christian Haub, grandson of Elisabeth Haub, said. "We want to continue the legacy of my grandmother, Elisabeth Haub, who was a pioneer in environmental protection, and endowing this Law School in her name ensures her vision will continue to impact future generations."

    "We are enormously thankful for the Haub family's support of our distinctive 'path to practice' model of legal education," said David Yassky, Dean of the Elisabeth Haub School of Law. "At a time when many law schools are retrenching, this gift allows us to strengthen our program, especially the in-the-field learning that we believe is so crucial for students' success in practice."

    In the final analysis, rich pigs love to donate large sums of money – in exchange for renaming a building, endowed chair, or an entire school – because it somehow reinforces the wealthy donor’s importance. Hell, it kind of extends their influence – even from beyond the grave, as in this case. Plus, I'm sure this "gift" provides the family with a huge write-off. For the graduates, it will not make a damn bit of difference with regard to employment prospects. Now, when hiring partners and HR departments laugh at seeing these TTT resumes, the name of the commode will be longer.


    Back on January 13, 2015, at 9:56 pm, JDU’s “ichininosan” started a hilarious thread that was headlined “David Yassky (Pace) Joins the Scam.” Enjoy the full original post below:

    “Pace Law School, a school with abhorrent employment results in recent years, is teaming up with the College of Saint Rose in Albany to "help" college students go to third tier law schools with their 3 for 3 program -- three years of college + three years of Pace Law tuition.

    Here's the sales pitch:

    1. "'[T]he demand for lawyers is quite high. We still have [a] large need for lawyers to serve especially middle-income and lower-income people.'”

    Ah yes, the middle-income and lower-income people and their need for lawyers. This is what lawyers know as the "pro bono market" -- the lawyers for people who cannot afford them. People who serve this market are compensated not with money but knowledge that their deeds will perhaps someday be recognized.

    Go to Pace!

    2. “I think this partnership is terrific because it works well for both parties,”

    "Parties." In this case, the "parties" are the College of Saint Rose, and whatever benefits they receive and Pace Law School, which receives $45,376 per "student."

    Go to Pace!

    3. “'It’s really a twofer, less debt and you begin working earlier to start paying off that debt,' says Yassky"

    Who doesn't love "twofers?" Job and less debt are guaranteed. When one takes out $180K in debt to attend Pace, obviously they'll have a job. Pace reports (because it must) the following (grads / Biglaw placement / unemployed + status unknown):

    2013: 294 / 12 / 53
    2012: 230 / 3/ 37
    2011: 222 / 10 / 40

    Go to Pace!”

    The school has been a third tier cesspit for a lengthy amount of time. It had to partner up with something called the College of St. Rose. Then, there was the news that Pace Law was forcing “professors” to take pay cuts, in order to save cash on a tuition-matching program. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yassky got Elisabeth Haub’s name tattooed across his neck.

    1. Nor would I be surprised if Yassky had the words "PROPERTY OF" tattooed directly about Elisabeth Haub's name. (Cue snare-roll.)

  14. For some reason I got pace mixed up with fordham. Oh well, they're both pieces of shit.

  15. Anyone read this from last year? Pretty frightening since he went to Columbia Law.

  16. We have all read about the Pace Law school "graduate" who had her $16,000 bar loan dismissed in bankruptcy.

    While important, people are missing the real lesson of the case, namely, that a poor student who "graduated" from Pace in 2009, when admission "standards" were much higher, incurred hundreds of thousands of student loan debt in addition to the bar loan and, well, let's let Paul Caron tell the story:

    "The case involves 36-year-old Lesley Campbell, a 2009 Pace University School of Law graduate who had asked the court to cancel the unpaid portion of a $15,000 loan she took out from Citibank to study for the bar. Ms. Campbell, a Brooklyn resident, didn’t pass the bar exam after graduating in 2009 and took a secretarial job with a $49,000 annual salary at a hotel management company, she said. She filed for bankruptcy in 2014."

    Don't follow her steps, lemmings. Don't take on $200,000 in nondischargeable debt to get a job as a secretary, and be in a posiiton where you have to file for bankruptcy.

    Don't. Do. It.

    (If it is not clear to you waterheads, Ms. Campbell never argued her educational/law school loans were dischargeable, and she remains current on those.)

    (Also, if it is not clear to you all, it probably wouldn't have made a difference if she passed the bar exam career wise, with the possible exception that might not have gotten as good as job as she did, given the reluctance to hire JDs.)

  17. As we learn quickly in law school, its easy to mistake appearances. Colleges and universities are businesses, and just like all businesses, they can only survive by making money. When law schools make smart business decisions, and flow those benefits through to their students, more people benefit than this feed seems to think. Smart students take advantage of the financial opportunities available to build their careers. Some of us don't grow up with "college funds"; some of our parents can't afford their mortgage, let alone college... and don't even think about law school... Some of us have larger aspirations than our financial status. How sad a society it would be if the brightest minds were never known, simply because they couldn't afford an "education." (Because let's face it, standards are not standards if there's variability). And some of us are extremely thankful for the opportunities our schools have given us. After all, everything is what you make of it. Environmental law at Pace is expanding at the most critical time in the history of our environment. Students from Pace ARE going on to top environmental firms, state and federal government agencies, and environmental non-profits. You can't tell me the Commissioner of NY's DEC regrets his decision to go to Pace. It obviously got him somewhere:

    And that's just one example. But it's an example of the kind of students who are succeeding at schools like Pace, entering the vast realm of environmental law, and *trying* to do their part in fighting the environmental fight. Because you know, there won't be any "top tier" law firms when rising sea levels consume New York City or Boston, or you know, we just can't breathe. But that's a whole other conversation. All I'm sayin is, some people are really benefiting from schools like Pace, and those people are contributing to a better society for everyone, so maybe we shouldn't be so quick to hate. Just a thought!


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