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Third Tier Desperation: Albany Law School Offers Two Year JD – and Will Only Charge for Two Years of Tuition

TTT AnnouncemenTTT: On July 12, 2016, Albany Law Sewer furnished a press release, which was labeled “Albany Law School Announces 2-Year J.D. Program.” Check out the following portion:

“Albany Law School today announced the launch of an accelerated program for highly motivated students to earn a law degree in two years, eliminating tuition costs for the third year. The program begins January 2017. 

Along with saving a year of tuition, another major advantage of graduating in two years — rather than the typical three — includes entering the workforce sooner.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, starting a job at State Farm or Costco a year earlier will really help out these poor bastards, right?!?! At least, these young men and women will save one year of tuition – if they take this route.

Can You Smell That Stench?: On July 12, 2016, the ABA Journal published a Stephanie Francis Ward piece that was entitled “New 2-year law program will get grads to job market quicker, save them tuition costs, dean says.” Here is the full text below:

“Albany Law School has announced a two-year JD program that shaves a year’s worth of tuition off the price. 

The 24-month program is scheduled to start in January 2017, according to the school’s website. It includes two summer terms, and students need 87 credits to graduate. Annual tuition at the school is $44,546.

“There are applicants who are driven to obtain a legal education and apply it to the job market as soon as possible,” said Alicia Ouellette, president and dean of Albany Law School, in the press release. “This particularly applies to older students who left the workforce to pursue their passion for the law. Many of these students tend to be well-qualified and excited for a rigorous learning environment. By reducing their time in law school—and tuition by one year—the law school will put them in a favorable position as new graduates.” 

According to employment summary information released by the ABA’s Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the bar, out of 183 graduates in Albany Law’s class of 2015, 119 had full-time, long-term jobs that required bar passage. Twenty-five of the graduates had full-time, long-term, JD-advantage type work.” [Emphasis mine]

This is a desperate measure by an ABA-accredited dung heap. By the way, ass-clown: save the passion for the bedroom. While this will help reduce the anal swelling, from the ass-pounding you take from law school, this is the equivalent of cheap lubricant. Students will save a year in time and money, however this will not help them land lawyer jobs. If there are not enough available positions, and your law degree reads “Albany Law School,” then good luck beating out applicants with better credentials.

Other Coverage: On July 14, 2016, the Times Union featured an article from reporter Robert Gavin, under the headline “Albany Law offers 2-year degree.” Look at this opening:

“Don't want to pay for three years of law school? Pay for two years and still earn a degree.

That's the latest program at Albany Law School under a plan geared to get law school graduates into the profession sooner than later.

Tuition at Albany Law School, the oldest independent law school in the country, is $43,248 a year. The student body is listed as 414.” [Emphasis mine]

After quoting Cockroach Ouellette, the author continued:

“The program, announced Tuesday, starts in January.

Students who enter it can choose their starting time as January or May. They will have two years of intensive study to be ready to take a bar exam in either February or July. They will need to take classes over two summer terms to earn the 87 credits required to graduate.
The school said the accelerated students are allowed to participate in law journals, moot court competitions and field placement.” [Emphasis mine]

Here’s another hint – and one that will not cost you $43,248: competing in moot court, i.e. fake court, and garbage law journals will not help you land decent legal employment upon graduation. Try not to be seduced by this TTTT offer. Just because some halfway decent looking chick throws herself at you, it doesn’t mean that you should take the bait. This two year deal is on par with a case of genital herpes. Walk away, dumbass!

Ranking: As you can see, US “News” & World Report lists Albany Law Sewer as the 129th greatest, most remarkable, and amazing law school in the entire damn country! It only shares this distinct honor with $anTTTa Clara Univer$iTTTy. What a TTTremendous accomplishmenTTT, huh?!?!?

Conclusion: Albany Law Sewer is a certified cesspit. Hell, it is ranked in the bottom 1/3 of third tier commodes. Still want to sign on the dotted line, moron?!?! In the best case scenario, you may land a low-paying job in toiletlaw or for legal aid. Your resume will have the stench of dog excrement, and that smell will stick with you. It will not go away anytime soon. You DO NOT NEED to piss away your future, so that you can contribute to the lifetsyle afforded to underworked, overpaid “law professors.” Let other cretins support the academic scum. If you have a decent-paying position, you should not even consider this pile of rot!


  1. Something's not right..

    The credit load is not reduced and 2 summer terms seem not enough to make up for the difference unless.. you are "overpacked" completely for the 2 years.

    This is only further harming the students who are dumb enough to go for this trick. Course overloads are brutal and this is the only way, along with 2 summer sessions, to complete the required number of credits in 2 years.

    The only entity benefiting here is the school.

    They are banking on "turnover" - just like a casino with bad rules. Get their money quicker. It has *nothing* to do with the students. Get enough idiots into this type of program and you'll get more money, faster. Which is all that matters to this shithole and, btw, it is a shithole.

    Perhaps the following will clarify the ranking for your readers:

    Counting from the *bottom*. Below this are unranked schools, Albany is: 15 SPOTS from the bottom.


    Enter the workforce sooner?

    Uhh.. Doing what and - you Wish!!

    1. ... Which gets me thinking: 2 summer terms. Meaning you CAN'T be in BarBri Bar Review for that Summer - Y1 (summer) Y2 (summer).

      Which means: Not taking the July Bar Exam which means: They are sticking you with the Feb. Bar Exam which always seems to be about 10-15% lower in terms of passage rate *because* the sick fucks like to put little-tested subjects on that administration and/or more difficult ones for whatever reasons. It is a harder exam to pass for all intents and purposes.

      So, let's say you fail that (easier to do)

      You are NOW taking the repeat BarBri class back in the summer with the class you WOULD HAVE BEEN IN had you simply done the standard 3-year program.

      So.. Entering the workforce sooner, I fucking think not..

    2. Whether your graduate from this trash pit in 2 years or 3, the chances of legitimate legal employment are slim, so I agree that the entering the workforce sooner pitch is BS. As for the February bar exam, most of the people taking the exam have already failed the bar at least once. Thus, they are more likely to fail again compared to a first time taker. That's why the February pass rate is always lower than July.

  2. To add:

    This is a poor gimmick.

    The only thing that matters with law degrees is prestige and law school ranking.

    The books for Property may be the same at Albany and Cornell but the outcomes are not. That is .. the way it is in law.

    2 years will still be more than enough to set someone back over $100 grand + living expenses from 2 wasted years at this stye - all for nothing.

    An accelerated program and all that work - for nothing. The degree will forever be a stain on the resume.

    And, I guess that SUNY Pipeline thing isn't getting enough money for the school like they were hoping..

    Fuck you, assholes.

    This is just another cheap Carnival Trick from the shysters at that shithole.

  3. Finally, here's something interesting:


    What the hell does anyone think the unemployment prospects are for a school 15 spots from being "unranked"?

    And they are targeting older students who have recently left the workforce?

    Because we all know that older students, no matter how well they do, are welcomed with open arms in law..

    Again, this is yet another school seeking to exploit people at their most vulnerable.

    They don't care where the sweet, savory, Fed. loan dollars come from.



    "..enter the workforce sooner..."

    Gee, Wally.. that's a little tough to do when your Bar Passage Rate is 11 percent below the statewide average of 79% and.. lol, there's Cornell with a 96.6% passage rate on the July administration.

    This trashpit isn't even prepping it's victims to pass the Step #1 entrance test REQUIRED to enter that workforce as a Bar-admitted JD.

  5. A Classic JDU thread. Enjoy!!

  6. Two year degrees from a third tier toilets will end up flooding an already oversaturated job market.

    What an awesome profession!

  7. Well, if they can make it work, it will keep the deans/admin in cushy jobs. And if they make it work, there will be fewer full time profs and more adjuncts. Smart scamming move. So do other TTTTs watch and wait, or go to 2 year programs also?
    Per the ABA's inflated stats for class of 2015 for Albany: of a graduating class of 183 ten months after graduation, 119 were in JD required jobs-and 22 were "unemployed-seeking". That's really, really bad. Can you think of any other profession with schools with greater than 10% unemployment 10 months after graduation?

  8. What a shitty profession. Just when you think these assholes can't sink any further...

  9. This is all an attempt to keep the money flowing long enough for the professors to reach retirement.

    Once that goal has been achieved, Albany will SHUT DOWN its doors, and its professors can begin to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

  10. But...b-but...William McKinley went here. So did Gov. Andrew Cuomo. It can't that big of a piece of shit. Can it?


    On July 15, 2016, Paul Caron published a TaxProf blog entry labeled “Albany Is 16th Law School To Offer 2-Year J.D., But First To Charge Only 2 Years Of Tuition.” The sewage pit is clearly desperate. Check out this comment from Old Ruster from JD Junkyard, posted on July 15, 2016 at 7:20:49 PM:

    “Looks like a combination of price discounting and offering a new version of a dying product line, in an end game of attrition.”

    He nailed this down perfectly. The swine are aware that fewer people want to enroll in their garbage program, so they are now offering a large discount for their TTT product or “service.”

    Hell, even a source called LLM Guide has covered this filthy toilet. On July 13, 2016, that site posted a story simply entitled “Albany Law School to Offer a 2-Year JD Program.” New York's Albany Law School will launch a two-year JD program next year.” Take a look at this excerpt:

    “The new program, which cuts one year off of a traditional three-year JD, will save students both time and tuition money.

    According to the school, the program will hold a particular appeal for older students.

    “There are applicants who are driven to obtain a legal education and apply it to the job market as soon as possible,” says Alicia Ouellette, Albany Law's dean. “This particularly applies to older students who left the workforce to pursue their passion for the law."

    Students can start in either January or May. The program is 24 months long and includes study during two summer sessions.

    The new two-year JD is set to launch in January. International students are welcome to apply; application details and criteria were not immediately available.”

    Notice how the pigs are welcoming international students to apply. Yes, they are truly concerned about those men and women, right?!?! Of course not! They don’t even give one goddamn about students who are from upstate New York. Apparently, they need more marks – and they don’t care where they originate.

    1. gravy train doesnt stop rolling until LSs have 100% ABA-approved online courses.

    2. Someone tell these lemmings applying to Albany that they're not going to become the next Megyn Kelly.

  12. Has Simkovic updated his numbers yet for future Albany grads? Saving a year on tuition and starting work a year early at the local Meijer or in document review has to bump up the premium of an Albany JD at least 100k.

  13. The mandatory summer terms mean these grads will have zero clerking or internship experience when they graduate. Way to send your students into the workforce prepared, right?

  14. So, Albany is charging for 2 years, with 2 free Summers?

  15. Law skools are still shilling JD's the way colleges are shilling BA/BS degrees.

    The value of all of these degrees is in the tank because of several factors, including oversaturation and perhaps even more importantly the failure of the (service) economy to seemingly generate anything much more than hamburger-flipper jobs.. And even those go to the LCD applicants and beyond that people who work underground and/or are underpaid by businesses who invest heavily in powerful lobbying efforts (Wal-Mart).

    The fact that any JD degree is priced at 40-50 grand is simply ridiculous but for the fact that this is what the market wants and will bear thanks to meddling by the bought-off, bribed Fed. Gov't.

    Privatize the gains, Socialize the losses. That's modern America's credo.

  16. This is like trying to sell a bucket of warm spit by advertising "1/3 off -- Bucket of Warm Spit!"

    If doesn't matter if it is 1/3 off or 2/3 off or even if it is free, you are worse off acquiring a bucket of warm spit -- and you are worse off acquiring a law degree from the 128th ranked institution in these United States.

  17. @ Nando: Thought you might want to take a look at this fairly recent article - maybe you can devote a post on this?

    There are a lot of parallels between this article and the cogent points made within your blog. Keep up the great work.

    "Put down that law school application before it’s too late"

  18. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingJuly 21, 2016 at 5:52 PM

    Never heard of this law school. Where are they located? Did Trump go there or something


    On July 14, 2016, Albany Business Review published a Robin K. Cooper story entitled "Albany Law School starting 2-year program." Here is the full text:

    "Albany Law School is trying to make it easier for engineers, doctors and health care administrators to earn a law degree through a new two-year program.

    The private school in Albany, New York, is creating a program that will allow students to save one year of tuition while completing a juris doctor degree. The program is scheduled to begin in January.

    Law school president and dean Alicia Ouellette said the program was developed to give students a way to obtain a law degree and avoid being out of the workforce for three years.

    "We recognize that the world is changing and potential students have different needs," Ouellette said.

    The program was created after the school heard requests from prospective students who are searching for more flexibility in earning a law degree to assist with careers in health care and patent law.

    The school, which had an enollment of 415 students last fall, announced late last year that it also is creating on e-year graduate certificate programs for students who are not lawyers. Those programs are expected to focus on health care, entrepreneurship and emergency preparedness to attract professionals who need legal training.

    Ouellette said the two-year program will look to attract 22 students, but it may take a year or two to reach that level.

    The program will be highly-selective, Ouellette said, accepting candidates with a strong undergraduate record. Preference will be given to students with at least two years of work experience. The 24-month program will include two summer sessions. Students are required to complete 87 credits to graduate.

    Tuition will increase this fall by 3 percent to $44,546. It is the first tuition increase at the school in four years. Ouellette said students who are accepted into the new program will not be eligible for school scholarships as students in the school's three- and four-year law degree programs are.

    Ouellette said she is aware of at least 15 law schools that offer two-year juris doctor programs. What is unique about Albany Law's program is that it will not require students to pay for the third year, she said."

    Here is the main question: why in the hell would engineers, doctors or health care administrators want a JD? It might make some sense, if the employer will pay for the degree. However, the short timeline makes it so that these professionals will not be able to work for two years.

  20. Here are a few more articles, equally brutal in different ways:

    And this one really caught my eye:

    And finally:


    Back on September 29, 2015, Albany Law Sewer furnished a press release labeled "University at Albany and Albany Law School Announce Deeper Affiliation." Take a look at this filth:

    "The University at Albany and Albany Law School today announced a deeper affiliation that creates important new academic opportunities for students, novel research and grant prospects for faculty, and advances the Capital Region’s role as a leader in higher education and innovation.

    The announcement marks the natural next step in a 20-year collaboration between the region’s public research university and the nation’s oldest independent law school. That relationship already includes a “3+3” program in which students can receive an undergraduate degree and law degree in six years (instead of seven), and multiple joint graduate programs.

    “This agreement strengthens both the University at Albany and Albany Law School, providing tremendous opportunities to our students and faculty across many disciplines,” said UAlbany President Robert J. Jones. “Today marks an extraordinary accomplishment—both as a model of collaboration and in establishing a powerful academic portfolio in our region.”

    “This partnership makes both institutions stronger,” said Albany Law School Board of Trustees Chairman Daniel P. Nolan, both a UAlbany and Albany Law School alum. “With more than a dozen collaborative programs launching now, and in the coming months, our affiliation will offer unprecedented opportunities for Albany Law and UAlbany students, while enhancing the region’s economic growth, public service and access to justice.”

    In addition to allowing expanded academic and research opportunities, the affiliation creates powerful synergies that can help tackle issues critical to our local community, our state and our increasingly complex world.

    “An understanding of the legal landscape is crucial to numerous fields across UAlbany’s academic footprint,” UAlbany Provost James Stellar said. “Deepening our affiliation with Albany Law School will enable UAlbany students to incorporate legal education into their knowledge base, whether they are studying biology, business, mathematics, atmospheric science, political science, social science, public health, fine arts, psychology or countless other fields.”

    “Together, Albany Law and UAlbany will now be able to offer more innovative and robust educational programs to undergraduate, graduate and law school students,” said Alicia Ouellette, President and Dean of Albany Law School. “We will also be able to strengthen the research and collaboration of the faculty at both institutions, while providing access to law school to a more diverse population.”

    As you can see, the pigs are desperate for asses in seats. That is what "legal education" in this country is all about, people. These "scholars" don't give a damn about the "profession" or their students. They sure as hell don't care about potential clients or the "rule of law." The cockroaches simply want to continue the scam, so that they can keep making good money - for "working" 4-6 hours per week - on the backs of debt-strapped graduates and the taxpayers.

  22. I have a question that readers in this group may be able to help with. I'm 36 and fairly successful in my business life. I make about $90,000-$110,000/yr, depending on sales and commissions. I had a unique offer recently and I think this blog may have some advice. A very close relative owns his own law firm, it's a small one man show with a legal secretary. He is successful and brings home about $175,000/year, as his business is pretty well established and has some nice name recognition. Short story long, he wants to retire in 4-5 years and sat me down and said if I went to Albany Law(as it's the only law school close enough) he would train me after for 2-3 years after and then hand me the business. It is tempting to be my own boss, run my own firm..but a difficult decision as I already have success in sales and am comfortable. My wife thinks it's a much smaller risk than most would have, b/c of the guaranteed fruitful business right after graduation. I'm really stuck on what to do, as I want to make a decision soon. Thoughts? Advice?


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