Tuesday, July 5, 2016

West Virginia University College of Law Accelerates Faculty Buyout Program


Epic News!: On July 2, 2016, the Charleston Gazette-Mail published an article from staff writer Jake Jarvis, under the header “WVU invites employees to leave through ‘voluntary separation’ program.” Check out the following portion:

“Administrators at West Virginia University are using a new tactic to try to slow their spending: asking employees if they want to voluntarily leave their jobs. 

The program, called the voluntary separation incentive plan, has already been used by one college with another one on the way. Even though WVU was spared from further cuts to its state appropriations in the final state budget lawmakers recently agreed on, colleges and departments at the school are planning ahead for cuts down the road.

“We had a four- to five-year plan for adjusting the size of the law school faculty and staff through voluntary retirements and departures,” said Gregory Bowman, dean of the College of Law. “With the budget challenges that occurred in West Virginia this year, and because there will be challenges for the next several years, I realized that it would be a good idea to accelerate that time period.”

The program offers employees a one-time, lump sum to leave their jobs. 

Nine employees — a mix of two faculty members, five classified and two non-classified staff members — took an offer from the college in January to voluntarily leave, totaling $615,000 in lump sum payments.

“If it is a critical role, we may need to replace it, but many times it is not replaced,” said Jim Morris, the school’s assistant vice president for human resources.

Bowman said he is still in the process of determining what positions will be replaced, but he estimated the program will save the college $500,000 annually. He had hoped to save as much as $800,000 annually. Only employees who had worked with the College of Law for 10 years or longer received offers.

That was the first time WVU offered the voluntary separation incentive on a large scale. Prior to that, it only made offers to individual employees when funding was short, if grants fell through or it the department wanted to reallocate resources.” [Emphasis mine]

You’re welcome, bitches! Did you think that you were going to be able to keep ass-raping your students, without lubricant, forever?

By the way, “voluntary separation” is the equivalent of your girlfriend tellling you, “We should see other people.” Does that seem mutual to you, bitch?!?! She simply doesn’t want to see your ass any longer.


Other Coverage: Paul Caron discussed this development in his July 4, 2016 entry “Amidst 26% Enrollment Decline, West Virginia Law School Accelerates Faculty And Staff Downsizing With Buyouts.” Here is his contribution:

“The law school enrolled 103 1Ls in Fall 2015, down from 139 1Ls in Fall 2011.”

It’s nice to see that college grads are starting to take a harder look at whether to attend law school. After all, this is ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ECONOMIC DECISIONS in your entire damn life. Choose wisely, dumbass.

Look at this comment posted by Old Ruster from JD Junkyard, on July 4, 2016 at 6:24:21 am: 

‘"Right-sizing" -- appears to be a trend.’


Tuition: In-state, full-time law students were charged $19,008 in tuition – for the 2015-2016 academic year. Non-residents attending this cesspit on a full-time basis had their buttholes penetrated to the tune of $35,568, for the 2015-2016 school year. 


Ranking: Based on these costs, this school must have one hell of a reputation in the legal and academic communities, right?!?! According to US “News” & World Report, We$TT Virginia Univer$iTTy Commode of Law is rated as the co-97th greatest, most remarkable and illustrious law school in the entire damn country. It shares this distinct honor with Crooklyn and Wayne $TTaTTe. Yes, what a remarkable in$TTiTTuTTion!

Conclusion: In the final analysis, this trash heap is desperately trying to save money. That’s what happens when ABA-accredited toilets keep seeing declines in enrollment, despite less selectivity from admi$$ion$ committee$.  The pigs could lower tuition and accept lower salaries. After all, it’s not as though 4-6 hours of “work” per week requires an annual income of $180K. The law school swine do not care, in the slightest, that their recent graduates face garbage job prospects. They also do not give a damn about the insane levels of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt essentially required for a law degree.


  1. Even in-state tuition is a total rip-off. Not too keen on the legal job market in West Virginia, but it certainly can't be good enough to justify debt financing the cost of attendance even at discounted rates. After all, this is a NON ELITE school. Maybe a full-tuition scholarship could justify the three-year opportunity cost, but graduating with any student debt load more than $30K is most likely a recipe for financial ruin.

    1. It is not just non-élite; it is a toilet. Only about 16 schools are worth attending, even in principle, for anyone who doesn't come from big money. And West Virginia isn't one of them.

    2. I'm tired of reading this nonsense. I agree about way too many lawyers and how difficult it is for some to make it in this profession. . . but you know what, relatively smart people can get their JDs at no name schools at moderate prices, costing no more than a college degree, can pass the bar exam and can become successful practicing lawyers. The legal world does not revolve around the top law schools and big law and in house jobs, and the truth is once you get out of the cesspool in the North East Quadrant where "prestige" is so godly important, nobody really cares where you went to law school. They care how good of a lawyer you are.

      What do most lawyers do? Personal injury, divorces, wills and trusts, criminal law. There are still opportunities to make money in these fields, especially if you develop your own practice. Computers are never going to replace trial law or complex legal issue or disputed cases.

      So lets see . . . what does a person do if they don't go to law school with the typical liberal arts degree? They have a non mentally challenging, boring job where they will be forever limited to their success by working for the "man". There are no jobs out there for Liberal Arts majors either . . the difference being, they have nothing they can legally sell to others. So work at starbucks for three years or attend an inexpensive law school. Really tough decision . . . NOT.

      This is how I see it. If you can be a doctor or an engineer or scientist or an accountant and will be happy in those fields, or if you have a great idea for your own business, have it. Open up a furniture store and build it into a Nationwide business and be fabulously rich.

      If you are a liberal arts graduate with few options however, as are most, an "INEXPENSIVE" JD . . . where your borrowing is limited to Federal loans so you can assure yourself of IBR . . . opens up the real possibility of having your own practice and making decent money . . . IF YOU ARE COMPETENT. You can WORK FOR YOURSELF.

      You can go for an MBA of course, but there you are still subject to the will of your Lord and Master corporate employer. Is that what you want for yourself? Only you can answer that question.

      Old Guy wasted time and money in an Elite School and aged out of big law job market. Problem is a JD from elite school has no more value than one from a third rate but far less expensive school if you are going to be in small law anyway. The great majority of lawyers end up in small law. Most lawyers, that I know anyway, make a decent upper middle class living, and i work in a relatively small town. Some lawyers over the years get lucky and pick up a case or two that is a high value Personal Injury case.

      All is not lost if you are a young JD, and yet if you read these boards, you get the feeling you've thrown your life away. Just be smart how you do things, and avoid excess debt if at all possible.

    3. @1:37

      The problem with schools like WV is that one can't get a JD at a "moderate" price anymore. Sure, a student isn't paying $60K a year for tuition, but even $20K a year is still way too expensive. Chances are slim and none that a degree from WV is going to land a graduate a biglaw gig capable of paying back a loan balance anywhere over $50K. Maybe a grad can land a gig with the state or town and hope for IBR/PSLF, but most are going to have to hustle at a PI/DWI mill making about $30K/year with no benefits.

      I agree that it's not impossible to still make it in this shit business, but it's not fair to dupe youngsters into taking on ridiculous amounts of student debt to enter a job market where only 10-20% of each graduating class actually has a shot at a job that is capable of servicing a student loan balance in excess of $50K.

  2. West Virginia College of Law graduate here (and somewhat frequent poster). Sad to hear so many people are still attending this school (especially out-of-state students).

    I found out very quickly how much clout a degree from the school carries once I attempted to find work outside of West Virginia. Let's just say it carries very little clout compared to many other schools.

    Looking over various employment websites while taking a break from driving a cab, my situation became more desperate as Uber and Lyft were taking away business. Thankfully, I now have a call center job that pays about $11 an hour (with the occasional opportunity for overtime), but at least has fringe benefits such as health insurance.

    A school such as this should be geared to focusing on serving the State of West Virginia period ... and should only accept about 50-60 students a year to satisfy that demand within West Virginia.

    P.S.: Prayers to those back in West Virginia right now who are dealing with the tragic flooding.

    1. This article reports an estimate of 100 lawyers per year needed in West Virginia:


      But much of that demand will be met from places other than West Virginia. A degree from the West Virginia College of Law may not serve you well against an applicant from Penn or the U of Virginia. So I'd guess that 50 students per year is about the right number—if indeed the West Virginia College of Law should continue at all. Couldn't the full demand for lawyers in West Virginia be met by graduates of law schools outside the state?

    2. Most likely, yes. The law market has gotten so saturated in West Virginia, I've heard stories of Public Defender offices getting unsolicited applications from Ivy League law grads. Absolutely unreal.

  3. Well, even if entire schools aren't closing, at least some people are being squeezed out and forced out.

    At this rate, it wouldn't surprise me if some law professors start killing each other just to maintain their own positions (and big fat paychecks).

  4. The game is up for some of these lower-tiered schools. Problem is, I'll bet most of these people loathe practicing law (if they ever really did so, pro tip, it's a lousy and inefficient way to make a living). They will be poorly prepared to meet the stark realities of today's legal employment market as they try to reenter this miserably oversaturated "profession".

  5. Stop going to law school until they drop the price. We need a national effort from all students.

    Then we should model tuition after the FAMU law school annual instate tuition of 14K a year. This more realistically reflects the worth of a JD from a non top 14 law school.

    The HCBU's have a fair mission statement to increase minority lawyers and also fair tuition. The HBCU's have a model we can all stand behind!

    The closest example for comparison is another T4 school Nova Southeastern University law center at 38k per year, University of Miami for 48k per year ???

    Come on.... same state and I bet the odds of getting jobs out of all three places are the same.

  6. Why do the pigs always need a buyout? Oregon law “professor” Rob Illig claimed he could earn more than a million a year working in biglaw. These pigs should be ecstatic to leave their 6 figure jobs regurgitating the same old crap from case books in order to jump into the exciting high paying world of biglaw.

    Of course, these pigs know the truth. A cursory review of the BEA industry data at http://bea.gov/industry/gdpbyind_data.htm reveals that the legal industry is in the toilet. Take a look at value added by industry. Value added is the contribution of an industry to overall GDP. It is the difference between an industry’s gross output and cost of intermediate inputs. In 1997, the real value added of the legal services industry was $191,860 million. In 2015, real value added was $181,493 million. These values are in 2009 dollars. Real value added declined in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014. In 2015, real value added increased by a measly 0.91%. The decline is not due to the lingering effects of the Great Recession. Many industries, such as banking and finance, are growing and have overcome the Great Recession. The legal services industry is in decline because there has been a large contraction in demand. But go ahead lemmings, take on 6 figure debt in order to attend an ABA approved dump. Do you really think your ABA dump will have the same sympathy for you when you graduate unemployed as they do for the pigs they bought out? No, the ABA pigs will express shock and sadness at the loss of their peers, while proclaiming their grads working at the local Meijer will earn an extra million dollars over their lifetime.

    E-4 Mafia

  7. If any professors stumble onto this blog:

    If you are offered a buyout. Take it. Buyouts are always better than layoffs, and always better than layoffs pursuant to ceasing business. I know you're all useless in practical matters as a rule, but cash upfront is always preferable. If offered a buyout, your career is already over - no promotions, raises, good luck transferring laterally! - so, get the money now, and use it to cover your lazy, worthless asses while you figure out what kind of temp job you'd handle best.

  8. At least these bastards are getting a buyout. The law grads just get a huge fucking student loan bill. Don't shed a tear for these profs.

  9. Come and listen to my story about a man named Jed
    A poor student, barely kept his family fed,
    And then one day in this swell great nation
    He came upon a law school application.

    Third tier that is, unranked trash.

    Well the first thing you know ol Jed's in debt,
    $183,000 and more that’s set
    Bedford Stuy is the place you ought to be
    So they loaded up the truck and they moved to NYC.

    Doc review. 53 and third. Uber and Lyft.

    Well now it's time to say good bye to Jed and all his kin.
    And they would like to thank you folks fer kindly droppin in.
    You're all invited back for a 1 bill continuance
    And the kind of service that results in a grievance.

    Disbarment, that is. Bankruptcy.

    1. Very cute little ditty. What's it a parody of?

    2. X-RWU--ha ha please tell me you are being facetious and that you know that's from the Beverly Hillbillies. Otherwise I'll feel really old.

    3. X-RWU, 1:03 p.m. here. It's a parody of "The Ballad of Jed Clampett" -- the Beverly Hillbillies theme song. "The Ballad of Jed Clampett" was written by Paul Henning, and the single was played by bluegrass legends Flatt and Scruggs.

    4. The Beverly Hillbillies. Well done, 1:03 PM.

    5. Dear BamBam: I honestly didn't know it was from the Beverly Hillbillies, that's older than me. Sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel old.

      And thanks to 1:03 PM for clarifying, as well as making it in the first place.

  10. "The law school swine do not care, in the slightest, that their recent graduates face garbage job prospects." Oh, but they're about to care, if the industry keeps shedding jobs. They're either going to compete in the academic market, which is going downhill fast. OR they're going to have to actually practice law, which - horrors of horrors - will involve competing with a zillion other lawyers over PI cases or SSI claims for undoubtedly more than 4-6 hours a week (for those lawyers who are fans of food and electricity anyway). I wish them all the luck in the world!

  11. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingJuly 6, 2016 at 9:07 PM

    Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River, Mountain Momma, Take Me Home to the place, where I belong....West Virginia. Country roads.....

  12. Your website has some useful info, but do you really have to put a photo of feces on almost every single posting? Most of the visitors of this site are literate... they do not need to see such photos to understand your point.

  13. Your website has some useful info, but do you really have to put a photo of feces on almost every single posting? Most of the visitors of this site are literate... they do not need to see such photos to understand your point.

  14. American expressJuly 6, 2016 at 9:46 PM

    Your website has some useful info, but do you really have to put a photo of feces on almost every single posting? Most of the visitors of this site are literate... they do not need to see such photos to understand your point.

  15. Nando,

    Since your epic takedown of this toilet back on July 7, 2012, the number of lemmings applying to this dump plummeted from 984, for the fall 2012 entering class, down to 639, for the fall 2015 entering class. The number of students dumb enough to enroll dropped from 140 to 103. In order to stop the hemorrhaging of students, the pigs had to offer a lot more incentives. In 2012, 22.5% of students paid less than half tuition and 4.1% paid half to full tuition. Except the scholarships offered by this dump were the garbage conditional scholarships that could be taken away through section stacking. But in 2015, 45% of students paid less than half tuition and 11.2% of students paid half to full tuition. The dump has also been forced to cease their despicable practice of offering conditional scholarships. The pigs must be really been feeling the heat!

  16. http://law.wvu.edu/faculty-staff

    Take a look at this drivel on the We$TT Virginia Univer$iTTy Commode of Law website:

    "WVU Law professors will challenge your assumptions, demand well-reasoned positions, and insist that you achieve more than you ever imagined.

    Our professors bring valuable experiences and perspectives to the law school classroom. They are a diverse and distinguished group of accomplished attorneys and practitioners, outstanding teachers and scholars, and well-connected mentors. They are respected leaders in legal education.

    Our faculty members share a common mission—to prepare competent and ethical lawyers for a wide range of careers and service to the citizens and communities in the state, the nation, and the world. In our classrooms and programs, and through our clinics and externships, students and professors interact and engage in learning that’s focused and fulfilling.

    College of Law staff are equally committed to your legal education. They contribute significantly to the overall success of the law school, while their diverse experiences and backgrounds help make the law school a unique and engaging place."

    What prospective law student wouldn't want to sign on the dotted line?!?! Sadly, many fools will piss away their futures on this dung pit.

  17. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingJuly 8, 2016 at 7:31 PM

    Aren't these the guys who took down VW? It's too bad a REAL law school has to go down like this. Yet, the ABA newly accredits Indiana Dreck and Lincoln something or other.

  18. http://www.bendbulletin.com/nation/4475648-151/help-wanted-prosecutor-no-pay

    On July 3, 2016, the Bend Bulletin published an AP story entitled "Help wanted: prosecutor, no pay." It should have read "Federal prosecutor, no pay." Check out this excerpt:

    "An association made up of assistant U.S. attorneys goes a step further, saying the unpaid positions violate the law.

    Supporters point to the short duration of the unpaid jobs — most appear to be for only a year — and the experience they provide. The U.S. Department of Justice’s website in May included postings for “uncompensated” special assistant U.S. attorneys in California, Oklahoma, Maryland and West Virginia. Oklahoma’s posting was for two years, while the others asked for commitments of at most a year.

    “My view is it could be criticized if special assistant U.S. attorneys were permitted to remain indefinitely unpaid employees,” said Rod Rosenstein, the U.S. attorney in Maryland. “We view it as sort of an internship.”

    Rosenstein said his office has had 10 unpaid special assistant U.S. attorneys since 2010.

    One of them, Kiran Patel, said the experience set him up well for his current law firm job.

    “The (attorneys) who organized the program went out of their way to make sure that I got the opportunity to work on cases that aligned well with my interests and goals in terms of experience and skill development,” he said.

    Justin Lee, who worked as an uncompensated federal prosecutor in Sacramento three years after graduating with a law degree from Georgetown University in 2008, handled misdemeanor cases such as traffic violations on federal land. The office hired him for a paid position right after his unpaid stint, but he said the vast majority of the 20 or so unpaid prosecutors who have come through Sacramento since 2010 didn’t land such full-time jobs with the office.

    “When I looked at the position being unpaid, that gave me pause,” he said. “But the potential benefit far outweighed that.”

    The DOJ did not respond to repeated requests for comment about the jobs.

    In a letter to the agency in 2012, the National Association of Assistant United States Attorneys said the unpaid positions were illegal under a law that forbids government agencies from receiving volunteer services for positions that have salaries fixed by Congress and require the same work as paid employees. Congress enacted the law in part to force agencies to operate within their budgets, the letter said."


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