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Charlotte Sewer of Law Apparently Thrilled About Pathetic North Carolina Bar Exam Results for February and July 2016

Celebration!: On September 7, 2016, Staci Zaretsky posted an ATL entry that was labeled “Law School Celebrates Worst Bar Exam In Nearly 10 Years.” Check out this opening:

“Last week, in a surprising twist of fate, we learned that the national mean score on the July 2016 administration of the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) hadinched up higher than it had been in recent years. In July 2015, at 139.9, the national MBE mean was the lowest it had been in nearly three decades. This summer, the national mean MBE score is 140.3, four tenths of a point higher. 

But does that mean that law students, on the whole, passed the exam in greater percentages? Absolutely not, as the results from North Carolina seem to suggest.

North Carolina’s bar exam results are usually shrouded in secrecy. The state does not publicly publish the number of people who have taken its exam, much less its overall passage rates, but thanks to one law school’s emails to students, we’ve been able to gather some of that information. For example, we know that in July 2015, the overall passage rate for first-time takers in the state was 67.1 percent, and that in July 2016, the overall passage rate for first-time takers in the state was 65.9 percent. 

Last summer, for-profit InfiLaw institution Charlotte School of Law, the very law school whose emails we rely upon for statistics on the North Carolina bar exam, displayed test results that were so subpar — only 47.1 percent of the school’s first-time takers passed — that Dean Jay Conison blamed Charlotte’s graduates for “not do[ing] the work” needed to pass the exam. This summer, an even smaller percentage of graduates from Charlotte Law passed the exam — 45.24 percent — but Dean Conison seems to be relatively thrilled about the results. Why on earth is he so pleased? We’ll allow him to explain himself.

Here’s an excerpt from an email Dean Conison sent to all students late last month: 

Our 45.24% first-time pass rate, although not at the levels we wish, marks an increase of 11% from the February 2016 pass rate, and signals that our improvements are having an impact. Our ultimate bar pass rate over the past five years has been approximately 78%, and we expect many more of our graduates to pass the North Carolina bar examination in coming administrations.

According Charlotte Law, North Carolina’s pass rate in February 2016 was just 51.1 percent, and now we know that approximately 34.7 percent of the school’s graduates passed the February 2016 bar examination. We don’t how many Charlotte Law graduates took the February 2016 test, nor do we know how many of them took the July 2016 test, so Dean Conison’s talk of the school’s “improvements … having an impact” is a bit like comparing rotten apples to spoiled oranges.” [Emphasis mine] 

Hell, throwing darts at a board would likely yield one with better than 34.7 percent odds of winning. Plus, it won’t cost you an outrageous sum. In contrast, law school typically results in the student amassing disgusting amounts of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. Why the hell does anyone enroll in such an atrocious stench pit?!?!

Tuition: Perhaps, people attend this specific commode due to its affordability. Actually…this excrement pile charges $44,284 in full-time tuition – for the 2016-2017 school year. At least, the pigs “only” set part-time tuition at $35,822, for the 2016-2017 academic year. How decent of them!

Ranking: As you can see, the CharloTTTTe Sewer of Law is rated as a FOURTH TIER TRASH PIT, by none other than US “News” & World Report. Yes, what a prestigious program – even by for-profit $tandard$.

Law School Transparency Report: Let’s see how “selective” this toilet is in its admi$$ion$, people. Head to the Key Stats tab. For brevity, we’ll focus on the first year class of 2015:

25th percentile LSAT: 140
Median LSAT: 142
75th percentile LSAT: 145
25th percentile UGPA: 2.51
Median UGPA: 2.85
75th percentile UGPA: 3.17

Here are the respective figures for the entering 2013 cohort, i.e. the morons who took the bar exam in 2016: 141, 144, 149, 2.59, 2.91, and 3.25. You will notice that the numbers are even weaker now. At what point will this cesspit become as selective as community colleges, which typically feature open admissions?!?! This is beyond embarrassing.

Conclusion: We are well aware that law school is a terrible gamble for the vast majority of students. There are over 200 ABA-accredited diploma mills, and only a handful – at most - are worth attending at full cost. A school ranked 26th or 41st “best” is often not good enough to land you a really good job. Plus, no matter how you slice it, only 10% of the class can end up in the top decile. Furthermore, that is not going to land you a decent position – at many in$titution$ of “higher learning.” If you have an IQ above room temperature, then you will not even consider CharloTTTTe Sewer of Law. Working as an assistant manager at Wendy’s is better than being a TTTT law student.


  1. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingSeptember 11, 2016 at 8:49 AM

    Nando, the last line of your story says it all. These schools will stay in business for precisely that reason. An assistant manager, manager or zone manager for Wendy's or any retailer earns you 35-45K large per year. But you work 60-80 hours per week with NO overtime and on holidays with little time off. You graduated from Central Baptist Torah Tech State with a 2.4 GPA in Art History. Even if you know you will not qualify for a BIG LAW or even government job, you still attend these Law School high schools. Why? You at least have a shot at becoming a LAWYER and even if you are a shitty solo, you can probably bring down 35K and don't have to work 40 hours. Might get lucky and get a PI case...You are a millennial. What do you want to be, a Retail Monkey or a LAWYER??? Do you want to ride around town during the winter on a bicycle or a Yugo with a heater?

  2. Nice spin on the results :-)

    Even though they have an AAMPLE program, tuition is to damn high.

    I hope they eventually get treated like ITT.

    Step one - Pull Gov. backed federal loans

    Step two - Students can no longer afford the ridicules tuition.

    Step three - People stop attending, and the school closes ... or forced to reduce tuition ??

    We need more minority lawyers, but not at the current tuition price points !

  3. Law school pigs: Oh, but our school needs to churn out more student loan conduits, er graduates to fill the critical shortage of minority lawyers, local lawyers, and lawyers dedicated to helping indigent clients!

    Critics: That’s interesting, because your graduates can’t practice law if they don’t pass the bar. So what you are telling me is that elite schools are not recruiting enough minority students, are not producing enough lawyers to meet local demand, and are not producing enough lawyers to serve indigent clients. Where is your data backing this up? It seems like you are just trying to justify your open admissions. Most of your graduates end up working in part-time, short-term, and non-legal jobs. How does that even justify the exorbitant cost of your school? An objective observer would conclude that you care more about getting your hands on student loan dollars and getting paid 6 figure salaries than you do about student outcomes. In fact, the Department of Education is catching on to your scam.

    Law school pigs: It has been proven in a peer reviewed study that a JD alone is worth ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Our grads can easily pay back their debt. Plus there is IBR. And our graduates don’t just go to law school to practice law. They go to our law school to enter business and politics, like Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and President Barack Obama. You can do anything with a law degree! If you can’t find a legal job, move to Nebraska. And as for our graduates that take part-time and short-term jobs, they do so because they have family obligations.

    Critics: You tout all of your graduates “choosing” to go into non-legal jobs and “choosing” to take part-time jobs. But this goes back to your main justification for existence. You claim there is a critical shortage of minority lawyers, local lawyers, and lawyers serving the indigent. Why aren’t you angry that your graduates are “choosing” to take non-legal jobs instead of meeting that critical shortage you always proclaim? You can’t be serious about moving to Nebraska or using your garbage TTTT degree to work in business management or enter politics. Why do you cite one flawed study and ignore objective government data about the state of the legal profession? Your logic makes no sense. Again, all of your actions indicate that you do not give one damn about your graduates.

    Law school pigs: You are an entitled loser. We gave up making a million dollars a year at Cravath to teach you ungrateful losers. We don’t have time for this. We have a week-long conference in Miami. One of the speakers will discuss hip hop and the law!

  4. There is no shortage of local lawyers serving low cost clients in criminal, PI, Wills, Family. There is a terrible glut as evinced by the average Solo bringing in 37K according the BLS/Paul Campos data. Even at that lower level, there is not enough work to go around. I know. I am living through it right now as I type these words in a house that is kind of ramshackle. If I had work, I wouldn't be here on this blog. Don't tell me to "try harder." What do you want me to do? Poach cases from a fellow struggling practitioner? Yes, the legal profession can do better at attracting a more diverse crowd. However, if there is no work for them as well, what is the point? In any event, my jurisdiction is very diverse. I don't know any lawyers who attended these unranked toilets. Most folks I know attended T-1-T-2 Schools--- and that includes historic discrete and insular minorities, like I did---we are all in the same work. No money does not discriminate. It sucks, man.

  5. Is the whole fucking class there on AAMPLE? Those numbers are shit.

    1. Hey D-Bag.... nothing wrong with AAMPLE grads....

      The struggle they had to overcome to pass the artificial barriers to enter the legal profession will serve them well as lawyers, but also in life.

      I would put my money on an AAMPLE grad going up against a T1 grad in court any day of the week.

      Just remember torts will always be torts, contract law will also be the same, no matter what law school you go to. (except for La.)

      Dont put to much weight on the Tier of school. Proof below, and this guy was a top 20 grad !!!

  6. Ok, the high tuition is not reasonable given market conditions.

    But you guys fail to consider "Some" Law students end up graduating and end up on the good side of the employment stats.

    These include the low GPA/LSAT types, that were able to land $60k to $80k year legal jobs. THEY TOOK THE GAMBLE AND LIFE ENDED UP OK!!!

    Its a shame you would encourage someone from attempting to be the best them, --even though they may end up ok--.

    Not EVERY law grads ends in unemployment. You have to try harder. And if your a hot female grad, trust me, it makes life a lot easier.

    If your not making over $32k a year on a schedule C, then your not trying hard enough !!!

    1. 60-80k for a lawyers isn't ok, it just isn't a disaster. That's less money than a Chicago call dispatcher or a New York sanitation worker, both of which have enormous retirement packages and no student loans.

      The bar has been set so low that you consider a steak house waiter's income to be an acceptable outcome for people with a decade of post high school education and thousands of dollars in student loans. It isn't.

      Now, we may agree that the guy who dropped out of the tenth grade and is going to retire with six figures in pension and health care is smarter than people who follow your advice, but my tax dollars shouldn't be subsidizing it.

      I shouldn't be subsidizing failure at this level, it's a lose lose for everyone (except the law schools). If there are AAMPLE grads out there making 60-80k in shit law, then they 100 percent, without question, would have been earning double that as civil servants in the big cities. Instead, they are going to be lower middle class (at best) for the rest of their lives, and tax payers like me are going to foot the bill. And we haven't even talked about the majority of these people, who aren't going to make more than a parking attendant working for a major NYC parking garage. That situation isn't merely failure, it's a catastrophe.

      The NYPD went on strike last year because they got a 1 percent raise. Top salary for a regular beat cop is 90k with no overtime, and their union flat out said that isn't anywhere near enough of what is required to live a decent life in NYC. And you want to sell 60-80k with student loans, no pension, no job security, and a decade of lost opportunity as a success? ROFL, you fucking troll.

      60-80k is good for the trust fund babies working at the DAs office, not people that want to experience social mobility, which is why most people go to law school.

    2. Mixing stupidity and sexism-Mr AAMPLE, you've covered all the bases-you've hit a home run-you've reached for the stars.
      YOu're an absolute doofus. Turn off the TV, get off the couch, get out of your parents' basement and get a life. "Some" TTT grads may actually make a living; many will crash and burn, crushed by debt. It's morally wrong to encourage such people to "gamble" and maybe succeed, but more likely ruin their lives.
      Your moral compass it totally skewed; go read some ethics-start with Aristotle's Ethics-and then come back here when your views are ethically supportable. Until then, just go away.

  7. 45% is embarrassing and blatantly out of compliance with the ABA's toothless standards.


    Seton Hall Law School - 95.4% grads employed after 9 months. Which is amongst the highest rates in the country!

    In your face!!!

    Not all doom am gloom. A good living in law is still out there for those that are willing to hustle, and work hard!

    Old Man.... do you concur ??

  9. A moron wanting to open another law school in El Paso, TX.

    "The median income for a household in the city was $32,124, and for a family was $35,432. Males had a median income of $28,989 versus $21,540 for females. The per capita income for the city was $14,388."

    Who is going to pay for legal services?


    Check out this page from the Charlotte Sewer of Law:

    "AAMPLE® Alternative Admission Model Program for Legal Education

    The Alternative Admission Model Program for Legal Education offers determined individuals with lower traditional applicant criteria (e.g. lower LSAT scores) the opportunity to earn a place in the classroom.

    This performance-based admissions program rewards students who demonstrate the desire, commitment and level of achievement necessary to manage the rigors of law school.

    The program consists of two law school courses taught by law school professors. While success in this program earns you admission to Charlotte School of Law as a degree candidate, the American Bar Association does not allow the school to count the grades earned in AAMPLE® courses in your law school grade point average or count AAMPLE® participation towards the 90 credits required for graduation.

    Success in this rigorous program is by no means guaranteed and there is no fixed percentage of students who successfully complete the program. We believe everyone we accept into AAMPLE® has the potential to succeed if they have the determination to do so, can act on that determination and devote full attention to this program.

    There are no quotas involving admission and there is no maximum number of students who can join Charlotte School of Law's entering class. Everyone admitted to AAMPLE® has the opportunity to succeed.

    All AAMPLE® results are final and non-appealable. Neither the professors nor the school's administration can change grades once they are posted. Unsuccessful candidates will not be granted admission to the law school or AAMPLE® until two years have passed."

    Notice that there are "no quotas involving admission and there is no maximum number of students who can join Charlotte School of Law's entering class." Surely, those two courses will be thorough and "rigorous."

    By the way, look at their entering class profile stats again. If you are admitting cretins with 140 LSAT scores and 2.51 - this was the 25th percentile for CharloTTTTe first year enrollment in Fall 2015 - then who in the hell needs an alternate path to admi$$ion?!?! Are they taking in students with cerebral palsy, through this program?

  11. So what you're saying is pathetically low entrance numbers mean the students will have a tougher time passing a bar'zam? Who'd a thought.

  12. We are all familiar with the reputation of foreign medical schools. DeVry University, a for profit school under investigation by the Federal government for publishing misleading employment statistics, operates two Caribbean medical schools. The medical schools have received a lot of attention because students are eligible for Federal loans. Critics contend DeVry accepts desperate students rejected by U.S. medical schools. They also claim that despite the shortage of physicians in the U.S., DeVry leaves the students worse off because the schools saddle them with more debt than the average U.S. medical school and the schools have much higher attrition rates. Another issue faced by DeVry medical students, DeVry is not associated with a teaching hospital like a typical U.S. medical school. So the school has to pay hospitals across the U.S. to take their 3rd and 4th year students and train them during the clinical rotations. DeVry’s actions have drawn the ire of the AMA and politicians. States are now passing laws prohibiting foreign medical schools from sending students to their state. And some members of Congress tried to pass a bill that would make foreign medical schools ineligible for Federal Loans.

    Take a look at the DeVry numbers. According to DeVry, students at the Ross School of Medicine have an average GPA of 3.22 and an average MCAT of 24 (about the 43rd percentile). Students at the American University of the Caribbean have an average MCAT of 25 (about the 49th percentile). Ross reports that 97% of their students passed the U.S. medical licensing exam administered after the second year of school. AUC claims that 93% of their students passed. Ross reports that in 2016, 86% of their students applying for U.S. residencies for the first time obtained a residency. AUC reports that 84% of their students obtained a residency in 2015. Most of the residencies that the graduates obtained were in primary care such as Family Medicine and Internal Medicine. Typically, physicians in these specialties earn a salary comparable to a Big Law associate. The graduates of these schools were much less likely to obtain residencies in competitive specialties that pay significantly more money.

    So compare unaccredited, for-profit, scam Caribbean medical schools to the ACCREDITED scam ABA dumps. CharloTTTTe Sewer of Law admitted a first year class last year with an average GPA of 2.85 and an average LSAT of 142 (18th percentile). Keep in mind, many of these students enrolled at CharloTTTTe were taking easy liberal arts courses, not more difficult science courses such as organic chemistry which can put a dent into your GPA. The dump had a bar passage rate of 45% this summer. 26% of graduates last year obtained a full time, long term job requiring bar passage. Almost the same number of graduates were unemployed 10 months after graduation. These numbers are disastrous and speak volumes about the ABA. A for-profit, unaccredited scam Caribbean medical school is more selective, and produces better results, than an ABA approved toilet.

  13. From the commode's web page:

    "Application Requirements

    We have no application deadline, rather, we have rolling admissions for both fall and spring matriculation. You must possess a four-year undergraduate degree and have taken the LSAT. We incorporate bar admissions standards into our curriculum and encourage consulting the National Conference of Bar Examiners website."

    The pigs have rolling admi$$ion$. That speaks volumes about their supposed "standards."

    "It is essential to serve our community

    The Charlotte School of Law believes strongly that tomorrow's leaders must reflect and interact effectively with an eclectic collective of people and cultures. Consequently, the school places strong emphasis on serving the underserved through community service and pro bono work in an inclusive environment that fosters a demanding yet supportive educational setting for a diverse community."

    If you owe $135K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, and you have a TTTT garbage law degree, try serving your community then! Good luck, Idiot.


    "3+3 Accelerated Legal Scholars Program

    Charlotte School of Law and Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU) offer a dual degree program that allows students to earn an undergraduate degree and a law degree in six years.

    High-performing students at JCSU will be recruited for the program. Students will follow a schedule that allows them to complete their JCSU degree requirements minus major electives. All general education and all major specific course requirements (approximately 92 credit hours) must be completed by the end of the student's junior year. At the completion of that year, qualified students may enter the law program at Charlotte School of Law.

    Students who meet the qualifying LSAT and cumulative undergraduate GPA are presumptively admitted to the Charlotte School of Law; however, they must complete their application no later than February of their junior year at JCSU. JSCU will assist with the LSAT fee for qualified participants.

    Students will be accepted to the Charlotte School of Law program prior to beginning their senior year at JCSU and remaining general elective credits will be taken as a first year law student to satisfy the remaining requirements to obtain at B.A. OR B.S. degree from JCSU.

    Full credits required for graduation at JCSU must be completed by the end of August following the students' first year of law school."

    You can now earn two worthless-ass degrees in six years, rather than in seven. What in the hell is a "Johnson C. Smith University"?!

    1. A historically black college in Charlotte.

  15. I have a friend who is an African American woman in her early 40s with 3 kids (one in an expensive private school) who attends this school. I tried to persuade her to stay away from law school but she gave me a sob story. She was a teen mom and the first in her family to go to college so she wanted to continue on her lifelong dream of becoming an attorney after taking the LSAT multiple times.

    Her only saving grace is that her and her husband are huge government contractors. This fact alone allows her to not work and attend this piece of crap. Now she wants to divorce her husband.....not too bright.


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