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Indiana Tech Law School Had One Damn Student Pass the July 2016 Indiana Bar Exam

Rousing Success: On September 13, 2016, the Indiana Lawyer published a Jennifer Nelson piece that was entitled “Lone Indiana Tech Law student passes July exam.” Enjoy the monumental full text below:

“The inaugural graduating class of Indiana Tech Law School in Fort Wayne set a goal of a 100 percent bar passage rate, but a review of the names of successful July applicants reveals only one Indiana Tech student passed the Indiana Bar Exam.

Twenty students graduated from Indiana Tech in May, the first to do so from the law school that opened in its doors to students 2013. The students wanted to prove to the legal community and doubters that the state needed another law school and that Indiana Tech will be around for many years, according to one student who spoke with Indiana Lawyer shortly after graduation.

An Indiana Lawyer review of the names of successful applicants for the July 2016 Indiana Bar Exam released Monday only includes one student from Indiana Tech. A spokesman for Indiana Tech would not confirm or deny that student was the only one who passed the test, but did clarify that a dozen graduates sat for the exam.

“We had 12 graduates sit for the July bar exam. As is the case everywhere, we had a mixture of passage, failure, and those within appeal range. So we won’t know our pass number until that process is done,” wrote Brian Engelhart, vice president of university relations for Indiana Tech, in an email.

Engelhart did not respond to a follow-up email asking why only 12 graduates sat for the July exam and if some planned on waiting until February to take the test. 

Messages left for comment from law school Dean Charles Cercone, Associate Dean andré douglas pond cummings, and members of the board of trustees, were not returned by IL deadline. 

Under Indiana Admission and Discipline Rule 14, those who want to appeal must make a written request to the Board of Law Examiners within 14 days of the issuance by the board of the eligible examinee’s results.” [Emphasis mine]

How presTTTTigious, huh?!?! Hell, you would be better off trying to land a career, with a degree from DeVry “University” or ITT Technical Institute. This is beyond pathetic!

Other Coverage: On September 14, 2016 at 2:59 pm, JDU denizen “abazungu” started a thread that was labeled “Indiana Tech Law has student pass bar exam.” Take a look at his original post:

"We had 12 graduates sit for the July bar exam. As is the case everywhere, we had a mixture of passage, failure, and those within appeal range. So we won’t know our pass number until that process is done,” wrote Brian Engelhart, vice president of university relations for Indiana Tech, in an email. 

If all goes well, they might have another student pass the bar in February. Sky's the limit for this academic citadel.” [Emphasis mine]

Now check out the following gems, first 123fakestreet, from September 14, 2016 3:45 pm:

“Yay diversity. If this law school did not exist that one person would never had the opportunity to be a lawyer. 

"If you have to screw 20 to possibly slightly benefit 1 then its worth it" -- Thomas Jefferson” [Emphasis mine]

Next, user “6figuremistake” takes a swing at this big, ugly-ass piñata - on September 14, 2016 at 4:07 pm:

“Sounds like each of these 12 proud alumni have a cool million in additional life time earnings awaiting them! Just think of how much dough that one guy who actually passed the bar is going to make.”

Accountholder “3lol” blasts this toilet with this zinger, on September 14, 2016 5:06 pm:

“This makes Infilaw schools look positively elite, what with their *multiple* bar passers. Fancy stuff.”

If you have a functioning brain stem, then you will not even consider this rancid trash pit. Sadly, this school proudly enrolls waterheads.

On September 14, 2016, Staci Zaretsky posted an ATL entry headlined “Worst Bar Exam Results Ever? Only ONE Person From This Law School Passed The Bar Exam.” From that source:

“According to the Indiana Board of Law Examiners, of the 508 people who sat for the Indiana exam, 414 of them were first-time takers, with a pass rate of 68 percent. The overall pass rate for the Indiana exam was 61 percent. The overall pass rate for Indiana Tech School of Law graduates was 8.33 percent (12 graduates sat for the state exam).” [Emphasis mine]

Conclusion: It’s impressive that this cesspool’s bar passage rate was within 60 percent of the state’s overall success rate for first-time takers. Then again, this was a rather small sample size from Indiana Tech Law Sewer. From the excrement pile’s “About Us” page, “Indiana Tech Law School is a new kind of law school dedicated to preparing students for success in law, leadership, and life.” Yeah, how’s that working out for your students and graduates, cockroaches?!?!


  1. And the ABA "regulators" are nowhere to be found!

  2. No one is perfect and they are only human!

    There are several fine lawyers practicing law who took the Bar more than once. No shame in that.

    Shame only enters the picture if they give up hope and stop trying. They just need to "double down" on the Bar/Bri study.

    The school should also consider "teaching towards" the bar and stop allowing all those silly electives that do not appear on the bar exam.

    You can do it guys ! Keep your head up!
    and if you see any fellow lawyers that are a law school ranking wh%ore, just pay them no mind.

    At the end of the day, you both have a JD.

    1. The problem with your thinking is that profession, like most others, counts credentials. You want an ITT Tech grad designing a sky scraper? Would you rather drive a Yugo or Honda/VW/Buick/Toyota? Everybody knows when you say Marsahll, Cooley, Jefferson, Vaplop High School. You bought a Yugo because you had no other choice.

    2. 10:08:IT was supposedly doing what you recommend and teaching for the Bar. These results clearly indicate that the ABA isn't doing its job, and that not everyone ought to go to law school. Enough of filling the pockets of greedy/lazy deans/professors,etc; many TTTs need to close, and IT would be the perfect choice to be #1 at something.

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  4. Old Guy...

    Can you drop some encouraging words of wisdom for all the current law students out there? Nando seems to be a little critical/ off here ????

    Let's provide solutions, not bring them down!

    1. The best solution is to drop out now, like 7:19 did below.

  5. Hi pigs at Indiana TTTTTech,

    Cheer up! You may be down because only one lemming passed the Indiana bar exam. But there is one thing I have learned over the years, law school pigs could sell Yersinia pestis infected rats to lemmings. And your sales pitches, such as moving to Nebraska or the ONE MILLION DOLLAR premium, are pretty funny. Hell, Cooley paid to have their name slapped on a minor league baseball stadium and created their own law school rankings (putting themselves at #2 behind Harvard).

    So please come up with an entertaining way to spin this. I’ll help you out. Some people see only one graduate licensed to practice law. But if that person stays out of trouble over the next year, think of the possibilities. How about, “with the rising rates of drug and alcohol abuse in the legal profession, consider Indiana TTTTTech. Our graduates who practice law are less likely to become addicted to drugs and alcohol to deal with the stress of the (crumbling) legal profession.” Or, “our commitment to producing ethical lawyers has resulted in no bar complaints against our graduates within the last year.”

    And as for job prospects, think of all the hilarious ways you can spin this. The New York Times and critics only see graduates working at the local Meijer and Starbucks. But, “at Indiania TTTTTech, a higher percentage of our graduates go into business than any other law school in the nation!”

    1. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingSeptember 15, 2016 at 7:50 PM

      What's wrong with Meijer? I like Meijer. They have a good bakery, they sell cheese from Win Shulers, turkey legs from Marshall, Michigan. That's where I go grocery shopping. To put my grocery store in the same posting as Indiana Tech Cooley Jefferson Summit Costal Marshall High is blasphemy.

    2. I think 5:55 is referring to the woman in the NYT article on Valpo. She failed the bar twice, has major student loan debt, and now works at Meijer.

    3. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingSeptember 17, 2016 at 11:33 AM

      Unlike a lot of us solos stuck with no work, she has a pay check every two weeks, benefits if she becomes full time and she can work up the corporate ladder. She has a college degree. No reason she can't be a store manager or better!!!

  6. I dropped out of law school my first week. And I go back to my old job on Monday. My heart wasn't into law school. A part of me is worried how my old coworkers will view me. Wish me luck.

    1. Fuck your coworkers. They wouldn't pay your student loans in three years.

      You did the RIGHT thing!!!

      Wish I'd had the same common sense 15 years ago...still regretting not dropping out on a daily basis. On antidepressants. Broke. Still got 100 in debt to pay off and unemployed. My JD is a shit stain on my resume, as is my few years working in law.

    2. 12:30am

      A dose of bad medicine:

      Your not trying hard enough! Your the kind of guy who would be unsuccessful in any job field you would enter.

      You have to be a real retard in order to not understand how to monetize your JD. Think outside the box.


      As for the guy that dropped out. No one likes quitters. You should have powered through. You should not have let these posters influence you future.

      All you have to do was show up to class, get canned briefs, Emmanuel outlines master IRAC for the exams, and study / memorize the material day and night. Wash, rinse, repeat and before you know it 3 years would have passed by and you would have graduated.

      I know it can seem intimidating but trust me the professors play hide the ball, class mates are competitive and can be D-bags .... but out of the 100% focus on the 40% most critical and you can be successful.

      Everything happens for a reason. There is always next year for you.

    3. Don't feel too bad. I'm a recovering ex sh!tlawyer glad to be out of law. Wish I'd have done what you did.

      Law works out for a certain segment of the law school population--EVERYTHING must line up just right, everything. If not, you're quickly out in the cold, and, for most, if no job is lined up between years 2 and 3, you're outta luck kid. In that instance, try the Peace Corps.

    4. Hold your head high. You obviously should have investigated law school more carefully before signing up, but it's too late to worry about that. You did the right thing. Never mind what other people think; it's none of their goddamn business.

    5. 7:19, you did the right thing. In anything, the best thing to as soon as realize you making an error is to stop what you are doing, let the folks who you impacted know, ask for forgiveness, and move on.

      And here, with $250,000 in non-dischargeable debt at stake, with your mental and physcial health at stake, it is even more important to act quickly.

      You may not know it now, but in a few years you will realize that you just saved yourself and your future.

      So, just be prepared for a week or two of good natured ribbing and a rare pang of regret, and know that these will pass quickly, and know that you are the smart one.

    6. @ 5:30 am

      I'm glad I dropped out. And glad to go back to making $80,000 a year at my old job.

      I try to be polite to everyone. But you are a fool.

    7. 1:39- 5:30a is the AAMPLE doofus, who usually strings together multiple cliches("you should have powered through...everything happens for a reason" etc etc) and he mixes these cliches with poor grammar and spelling. He's never practiced a day of law in his life, and preaches a brand of deplorable Social Darwinism, e.g. highlighting that 60% will make it(whatever that means)-as for the 40% destroyed financially he makes no mention, b/c he's incapable of abstract reasoning and addressing those injured will damage his feeble construct. What he writes is indefensible, but that doesn't stop him from appearing here, again and again-for this thread alone he's posted three times. He's easy to spot-just look for the writer who is absolutely detached from reality.

  7. Vaya con Dios; you made the right decision.

  8. The 8% bar pass rate just reaffirms the old wisdom: Garbage In, Garbage Out.

  9. What difference does it make? Pass or don't pass, a lifetime of underemployment at best at slave wages and conditions awaits.

    It's easier than ever to get into a top law school because nobody with a brain wants to go anymore. I got caught in the bubble myself, my numbers now are an easy T-7, probably T-5 with some luck. But I wouldn't go to those today knowing what I know now.

    For someone to not even be able to get into a T1, where T1 is top 50 with a sizeable scholarship, they have no business going to law school. They clearly can't function on an intelligent level, so how can they hope to represent someone else?


    On September 16, 2016, the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel featured a Kevin Leininger article that was entitled "Only 1 Indiana Tech Law graduate passed latest state bar exam." Here is the full text below:

    "Just one member of Indiana Tech Law School's first graduating class passed the Indiana Bar Exam in May, according to a review by Indiana A top student insists the school shouldn't get all the blame, however.

    The school, which opened in 2013 and received its provisional accreditation by the American Bar Association earlier this year, graduated 20 students, with 12 taking the test to practice law.

    "As is the case everywhere, we had a mixture of passage, failure, and those within appeal range. So we won’t know our pass number until that process is done,” Brian Engelhart, vice president of university relations, told the legal publication.

    But Jon Olinger, one of the top graduates and a former Fort Wayne Community Schools Board member, said the number of Indiana Tech students taking and passing the test may be misleading. "I'm stunned, but of the top three students, only one took (and passed) the test," said Olinger, who did not take the test and said a lot of middle-ranked students didn't, either — often for personal reasons. Olinger, whose wife has been recovering from a serious medical condition, has been working in real estate to pay off bills.

    "I'm not without fault," Olinger said, adding that he hopes to take the exam in 2017. "But we were prepared well (by the school)."

    Indiana Tech announced in August 55 law students had enrolled for the current academic year — an increase officials attributed to accreditation."

    It speaks volumes that only one out of the top three graduates - from a paltry class of 20 - even took the bar exam. And only one damn person passed the test. Yet, 55 morons enrolled at Indiana TTTTTech this semester. These people are the reason why paint cans come with warnings.

    1. There will always be suckers out there I guess. Hopefully there will be few enough falling for the TTTT scam now, though, that running such schools becomes unprofitable.

      At the very least, I can't possibly see any new schools opening with the things are going, unless they're opening them in garages or basements or something.

    2. Um, Mr. Olinger, we're not talking about the 8 who didn't take the exam; we're talking about the 12 who did. Is your point that the result might have been 2 or 3 out of 14 if all three of the top students had taken it? That's still appalling.

      Some students may have in mind to take the bar exam in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, or another jurisdiction, rather than in Indiana. Let's just see how they fare.

  11. You are SO wrong! Seton Hall has an employment rate over 93% within 9 month of graduation ---- Recent Stats--!

    We use the same books as tier 4 law schools. Torts will always be torts!

    There is still money to be made in Law, you just have to go the right school.

    New Jersey has a bad reputation of being the "Arm Pit" of America. But Seton Hall, is cleaning the reputation up! One law grad at a time. ...

    Nando... Look at the bar pass rate at Seton Hall and you will know there is hope for new grads!!!!

    1. 4:54: Why are you posting here; this is about IT, not SH. If someone attended IT, the stats at SH aren't going to make a difference to them-so what you post makes no sense, at all. And you do it every time Nando lists a new scene of law school horror. Please, just go away.

    2. @4:54 PM

      Check out these more accurate numbers:

      One year of tuition at Seton Hall (ranked #65 by USNWR) stands at 51K, just a few thousand dollars less than Yale, Harvard, and Stanford. Despite its high price tag, the school only sent 8.8% of its 2015 grads to firms of more than 100 attorneys and only 0.5% to federal clerkships. That means only one SH grad, looking at the class size, managed to wrangle a federal clerkship. That's fucking miserable for a school that charges so much. I went to a "cheap" public university in-state that has way better numbers than that, and I still feel like I got badly ripped off. I'm sure plenty of SH grads end up in small firms, state government, and legal aid clinics in NJ and maybe NY, but how the hell are you gonna pay nearly 200K in student loans on that?

      Also, Seton Hall's LSAT medians and class enrollments have both fallen in recent years, indicating that despite cutting its class size, SH can't increase the quality of its classes going by the raw numbers.

      If you're a Seton Hall 1L or even 2L right now, it's not too late to get out.


    On September 14, 2016, the OTLSS team posted an entry labeled "Indiana Tech Law School Charter Class grads achieve impressive 8% bar passage rate." Take a look at this impressive opening:

    "Some scambloggers were disappointed, even surprised, by the ABA’s accreditation earlier this year of that grotesque parody of a law school, Indiana Tech. However, as applied to Indiana Tech, the scamblog critique is unwarranted in one respect-- this particular newly-accredited JD mill will not exactly be making a significant contribution to the overproduction of lawyers, at least any time soon.

    21 persons graduated in May with the law school’s Charter Class. Though the grads got an encouraging sendoff from commencement speaker Jerry Mathers, there was unfortunately no "Leave it to Beaver"-style happy ending after the bar exams were graded, though there was perhaps a wholesome lesson learned. According to the school, a dozen of these grads sat for the July, 2016 Indiana bar exam. The Indiana Lawyer reported that only one of those 12 passed, i.e. about 8% of its bar takers and 5% of the overall class.

    On Indiana Tech's 2016 commencement program, three law graduates (all from Indiana) are listed as having made law review, and two of these three earned magna cum laude honors. The cream of the Indiana Tech crap, I mean crop, and yet none of these three names appear among Indiana's list of successful examinees. A total of seven grads, all from Indiana, are listed on the program as having participated in moot court. However, none of these seven names appear among Indiana's list of successful examinees. I mean, even Charlotte Law, with by far the worst bar passage rate in North Carolina, was able to boast that practically the entirety of its moot court board passed the bar.

    You would think that even the world's fastest gyroscope couldn't spin its way out of this disgraceful mess, but Indiana Tech VP for University Relations Brian Engelhart gave it an audacious whirl, commenting to the Indiana Lawyer that "As is the case everywhere, we had a mixture of passage, failure, and those within appeal range."

    Perhaps so, but the nature of the "mixture" counts for something. I await the professional baseball player who gets one fluke hit during his rookie season, but strikes out every other time at bat. Could he not defend his performance by saying: "As is the case with every other pro ballplayer, including every hall-of-famer, my performance involved a mixture of hits, outs, and questionable calls"?

    By the way, the overall bar passage rate for the July exam in Indiana was 61% for all takers and 68% for first-time takers. So Indiana Tech grads underperformed the State average for first-time bar takers by a trifling 60%, and its publicly announced goal by 92%.

    I note that Indiana Tech's accreditation is technically "provisional," one of only four schools that hold that status. There is a special ABA standard for withdrawal of provisional accreditation where there is a reasonable likelihood that the school will be unable to comply with ABA Standards. See ABA Standard 102(b): "The Council may withdraw provisional approval if the Council determines that the law school. . . is no longer able to demonstrate that there is a reasonable probability that the school will achieve full compliance with each of the Standards."

    Does anyone think - for one second - that the American Bar Association cockroaches will take action against this commode?! There's a better chance that your cat will make breakfast, and bring it to your bed.

    1. Yes, I think that the ABA will have to take some sort of action, probably limp-wristed.

    2. Sorry Old Guy, the ABA will do nothing. They are too incompetent, too worthless, too incestuous.


    On September 20, 2016, ATL’s Staci Zaretsky posted a follow up story on this TTTTT developmenTTTT. The piece was entitled “Worst Results Ever? The ONLY Grad From This School To Pass The Bar Exam Speaks Out.” Take a look at this juicy excerpt:

    “Last week, the legal world found out that Indiana Tech School of Law’s debut class posted an overall bar exam passage rate of 8.33 percent. Twenty students earned a degree from the provisionally accredited law school in May, twelve sat for the July 2016 administration of the Indiana bar exam, and only one of them was able to pass the test.

    When we first covered Indiana Tech’s bar exam results, we wrote: “With such a poor bar exam passage rate, the administration at Indiana Tech must be praying that its lone graduate who passed the test is able to find a job working as a lawyer — he or she will quite literally make or break the school’s employment statistics.”

    It was perhaps this sentence that prompted a source close to Indiana Tech’s lone passing graduate to email us, if only to let us know that despite passing the exam, this grad had not yet found a job. This source then put us in touch with the law school’s sole passing graduate, Brooks Ledger, for an interview to discuss the results and his job search. Here’s a (lightly edited and condensed) write-up of our conversation.

    SZ: Nice work on the bar exam! A friend of yours contacted me — she says you don’t have a job yet. Is this true?

    BL: She’s right about me finding employment. I am still on the hunt.

    SZ: What’s your dream job as a lawyer, and how is Indiana Tech helping you to find that job?

    BL: Because of my passion to practice business and corporations law, my dream job as a lawyer is corporate general counsel. I understand that I will need experience to land a job like this, and the school is very actively helping me find a position. The Career Services Dean sends us positions to apply for as they become available and he’s made aware of them. I have pursued some of these leads but none have led to employment. I am scheduled to meet with the Career Services Dean this week to discuss local firms and an employment plan.

    SZ: What do you think your job prospects will be like, all things considered (e.g., Indiana Tech’s provisional accreditation, Indiana Tech’s poor first-time bar exam statistics, etc.)?

    BL: I would like to think that all that means nothing. I passed the same bar exam that all the IU and Valpo students passed, I had a 3.79 GPA, and I have excellent work experience. However, it would be naive of me to think that Indiana Tech’s track record will not impact my job prospects, especially in the local community.”

    This dolt wants to work as corporate general counsel. What a cretin! That is the equivalent of a fat, hairy pig of a man – with a tiny bank account – telling people he would like to date a Laker girl. You have NO SHOT IN HELL of that happening, with your garbage degree from Indiana Tech Law Sewer! This stooge also would like to believe that his job prospects will not be affected by his choice of cesspit. Moron, you graduated, passed the bar – and your ass is still UNEMPLOYED! Great choice, genius.


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