Friday, November 11, 2016

Fourth Tier South Texas College of Law Changes Its Name Yet Again, for Second Time Within the Last Five Months

What’s in a Name?: On November 7, 2016, the Houston Chronicle published a piece from Gabrielle Banks, under the headline “Another new name announced for Houston law school.” Check out this opening:

“The dean of Houston's 93-year-old law school announced Monday morning the school will henceforth be known as South Texas College of Law Houston, on the heels of an injunction by a federal judge barring the school from using the name Houston College of Law while a trademark suit played out in court. 

The new name is designed to avoid confusion with the University of Houston's Law Center while still helping potential students find the Houston-based law school. 

Just after South Texas College of Law announced its Houston-focused name in June, the University of Houston regents sued for trademark infringement.

UH attorneys argued that those interested in their institution had become confused about with school was which when viewing the new branding at college fairs and online.

In mid-October U.S. District Judge Keith Ellison found that UH had a strong likelihood of prevailing at trial on the grounds that the new law school name prominently featuring the words Houston and Law along with a new red-and-white color scheme were likely to confuse consumers in the marketplace. The judge upheld UH's motion for an injunction.

At a subsequent hearing before Judge Ellison, Houston College of Law's attorneys acquiesced, agreeing to take down billboards and banners and revise Internet and letterhead branding. The attorneys said the school would share its new name confidentially with lawyers for UH Friday, and the parties complied with that agreement. If UH didn't see the proposed name as problematic, the downtown law school would move forward.

"We agreed to it and we don't have any problems with it at all," said Dona Cornell, general counsel for UH. As for the lawsuit, Cornell said, "I totally anticipate its going to be over in very short order." [Emphasis mine]

Who wouldn’t want to attend a cesspool named $ouTTTTh TTTTexa$ Commode of Law Hou$TTTTon?!?! Hell, senior centers are more selective in who they admit than this steaming pile of excrement! Furthermore, the bathroom stalls at old age homes smell better than a degree from this toilet.

Prior Name Change in June 2016: Back on June 23, 2016, Above the Law featured a Kathryn Rubino entry labeled “Law School’s Name Change Sparks Ire, Potential Lawsuit.” Take a look at this portion:

“Just yesterday we told you about South Texas College of Law’s decision to change its name to Houston College of Law. The only problem? A little less than four miles away there is already a University of Houston Law Center, and they share the same red school color. 

Tipsters and folks on social media had an immediate reaction, nearly all of it negative. Changing your school’s name after 93 years is bound to be controversial, especially when there is a good chance the school could be confused with one significantly ahead of it in the U.S. News and World Report Rankings.” 

And now, the University of Houston Law Center is weighing in on the issue. They are not pleased. From Dean Leonard Baynes: 

It has come to the University of Houston’s attention that South Texas College of Law has announced that it is changing its name to Houston College of Law. The University of Houston Law Center has an established history of nearly 70 years in the City of Houston. The University of Houston is concerned about the significant confusion this creates in the marketplace and will take any and all appropriate legal actions to protect the interests of our institution, our brand and our standing in the communities we serve.” [Emphasis mine]

I’m sure it was a mere set of coincidences the pigs initially changed their name to Houston College of Law – and amended the school colors to match those of the University of Houston. What are the odds? Then again, I suppose the $TTTTCL cockroaches felt they could claim that this was an “error.”

Ranking: As you can see, $ouTTTTh TTTTexa$ Commode of Law-Hou$TTTTon is rated as a FOURTH TIER TRASH CAN, by US “News” & World Report. What a great distinction, huh?!?! Perhaps, the dolts only wanted to change their name to Houston COL in order to be placed earlier in the Rank Not Published section – since those garbage pits are listed alphabetically.

Conclusion: Avoid this cesspool at all costs, despite whatever name changes it undergoes in the next several months or years, lemming. In the final analysis, a TTTT law degree isn’t worth the paper it is printed on, fool. Case in point: full-time tuition at this ABA-accredited dung heap stands at $30,600 – for the 2016-2017 academic year. Have fun trying to repay back massive amounts of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, when you are relegated to jobs making $45K or less, per year, Bitch! Does that strike you as a wise investment, Stupid?!?!


  1. South Texas College of Law is a pathetic shithole.

  2. I remember reading where the band "Brownsville Station" chose its long and unwieldy name so as to crowd out the names of any other bands with which it might be sharing a bill, e.g. on a marquis.

    Perhaps they hope "South Texas College of Law Houston" will do the same.

  3. Why not rename themselves the Harris County Law School?

  4. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingNovember 11, 2016 at 9:21 PM

    After ValuJet crashed into the Everglades, killing all aboard, they changed their name to Air Tran.

  5. I graduated from STCL last year. Still don't have a job. And I've been looking everywhere. I'm still proud of going there. So without further ado, Fuck you! Ya got that? Fuck you.

    1. Dude, the school's name is STCLH now. Maybe your problem is you haven't updated your resume with the exciting new name change? The pigs said you can do anything with a law degree. You can open your own practice like Honest Abe. Your degree from STCLH is the ticket to business management, consulting, politics, and countless other jobs! Why would the pigs make any of this up? It's been proven a JD is worth ONE MILLION DOLLARS by a law professor. You really made the right decision going to law school when you did. It's never been a better time to have a JD from a TTTT!

    2. What is there to be proud of?

    3. If you are a nasty woman, I am a bad hombre. I like the way you talk dirty to us.

  6. 7:25a is most likely a troll, but if not it's the perfect example of why the scram survives and will continue to survive. This scam victim, rather than joining in the fight to defeat the scam, instead seeks to silence the messenger. If you're unemployed 18 months after graduation, how could anyone reasonably be "proud" of attending this(or any other) TTTT? At best, it's a case of the Stockholm Syndrome, but defending the indefensible makes no sense at all.

    1. When I was a kid I knew someone who got a Sega Saturn. He defended his decision even though the Saturn had a comparatively shit selection of games because his parents wouldn't drop a few hundred dollars on another, better system. He was all in and thus had to convince himself that the Saturn was the best system even though it sucked. I think some TTT-TTTT grads are the same way.

  7. Never attend a law school with name changes. Texas Southern law school leaves this place in the dust.

    - Cheaper tuition
    - Higher qulity grads
    - Better job prospects

    If your looking for value and a salary north of $50k a year TSU or nay of the HBCU's are the way to go!

    Big law might be out of the question if you graduate out of the top 10 percent, but you will still have other legal employment options!

    Go Rattle Snakes !

  8. If you ever had a dream of becoming a lawyer, you should not let debt stand in the way of your dreams.

    Plenty of lawyers have went into to debt and graduated and persue decent legal careers.

    Your JD will enable you to hang a shingle, and own your own business. Or perhaps you have always had a desire to influence / change public plicy. Or maybe practicing criminal defence is your thing.

    All which require some kind of educational investment. You can do it, becasue you only have one life to live. Dont let not having money hold you back from being the best "You" that you could be.

    1. Grammar mistakes notwithstanding^^^^, the debt is soul crushing. After 25 years and compound interest, my law school debt has ballooned to 210K. Criminal defense is only lucrative these days if you are a Public Defender with pension, health care, and benefits. Otherwise, how many drug, gun, domestics and traffics does one need to sustain a middle class income? Dozens of NEW clients every year paying thousands. You are lucky if you get two calls per week for new matters. Even PI, Real Esate and Family guys are taking criminal because it is a few dollars. You can't make a career at it today. I know.

    2. And plenty of law school grad crash and burn, so burdened with debt and lack(or no)income that they can never move forward in their lives, and simple middle-class things-like buying a car or owning a house-are impossibilities.
      So take the advice of the troll who posted at 4:18 and 5:41-take on massive debt in the slim hopes of getting a job-he doesn't care-after all, it's not his debt. He's just shillin' for the Law School Scam.

    3. Your JD will enable you to hang a shingle, and own your own business.

      A quick trip to Home Depot and an LLC filing fee would allow you to own your own small contracting business. Hell, for the price that law school charges, you could start as an equipment owner/operator and do site work. 80 grand will buy you a NEW excavator in the 6 ton range, 120-150 grand buys a brand new 9 ton. Vastly easier to find work, and if you can't find enough work to keep going, you can always sell the machine and recoup most of the investment. What's the resale value on a J.D. again?

    4. @ 5:41,

      Blow it out your ass, dumbshit.

    5. @5:41

      You forgot to mention..

      - The JD degree is portable and work wonders in the business world. (When you land the corporate gig, you will be the smartest person in the room)!

      - JD = over 1 million dollars over the span of your career. (take that college drop outs).

      - Just remember no one has it easy, if getting a JD was easy... everyone would have one. Take the long term view and know after about 5 years, you can bill more with the gained knowledge and will be ready to compete with the big boys.

      - Telling someone that you are in law school or a lawyer gets you instant intellectual cred.

      - Big law is not reserved for the T14 schools, try your best to end up in the top 10% at any school you attend and you have a shot at landing a six figure job.

      (Even Famu law school can get you access into Holland & Knight law firm----- you just have to hustle).

      -Above all do not forget to network and look into the JD/MBA combo. More education = more money!!!

      After all we are a knowledge based economy now!

    6. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingNovember 14, 2016 at 7:20 AM

      Not everyone has a JD because of its costs and folks know that there is not enough work, fees, clients for 1.8 million lawyers and growing. Folks know the market is grotesquely oversaturated. I don't know a single lawyer who encourages anybody to go to law school.

    7. Practicing law is one of the most inefficient ways to make money in existence. If a kid wants to own his own business/be his own boss, do something like invent or provide a new app, or some less-complex product that makes people happy. At the very least, don't go into law unless you actually WORK IN A LAW FIRM FIRST. See what it's really like; don't listen to some non-practicing fool on the internest telling yo to "follow your dreams" or some other such nonsense. Find out the truth instead.

      You people who encourage these naive kids to go blindly into law soloing without benefit of proper mentoring don't know what you're talking about. As a surviving ex-Sh!tlawyer, I do. Are you telling these hapless solos-to-be to make sure they have their malpractice premiums paid up?

    8. "Your JD will enable you to hang a shingle, and own your own business."

      Strange how graduates of elite schools never pursue this supposedly high paying and rewarding route. Take U. of Penn, the 7th most amazing magnificent law school according to U.S. "News." Not one 2015 graduate of Penn "hung a shingle" and became a business owner. The job stats put toilets like STCLH and even the TTs to shame. 65% of graduates obtained employment with firms of 101+ attorneys. The actual number is higher than reported, because 11% of grads obtained Federal Clerkships. How many toilets wish they even had 65% of grads in FT, LT, bar passage required jobs? How many toilets wish 65% of grads even passed the bar?
      90% of 2015 U. Penn grads obtained FT, LT, bar passage required jobs. You say you can do anything with a JD, like go into business or consulting. But only 4% of 2015 Penn grads chose this lucrative use of their JD!

      If your dream is to be a lawyer, then you should spend your time "hustling" in undergrad to maintain a high GPA and to score high on the LSAT. Listening to the team AAMPLE idiot will leave you broke and unemployed.


    On November 7, 2016, Houston ABC affiliate KTRK published a piece aptly entitled "South Texas College of Law Changes Name Again to Avoid UH Lawsuit." Here is the full text below:

    "The South Texas College of Law has changed its name just slightly in an apparent effort to avoid a lawsuit by the University of Houston.

    The school, lately known as Houston College of Law, agreed to change its name to avoid a federal trademark lawsuit with the University of Houston.

    The new name is South Texas College of Law Houston.

    The University of Houston asserted the school's name and red-and-white color scheme was confusing.

    "We believed we were acting in the best interest of our law school and its students when we made only one change to our name: we replaced 'South Texas' with 'Houston' to acknowledge our birthplace in the heart of downtown," said J. Ken Johnson, chairman of the South Texas College of Law Houston board of directors.

    However, the school said in a press release today, "out of respect for a federal court opinion following a request for preliminary injunction by the University of Houston, the board of directors has decided to proceed with the South Texas College of Law Houston name."

    "Given that time was of the essence, by promptly changing our name to South Texas College of Law Houston, the board of directors made the only responsible and prudent decision for the law school," said Johnson.

    The school said it also plans to feature the color navy in its future marketing efforts. While the school's official colors have been - and will remain - crimson and gold since the board approved them in the 1960s, this change will further differentiate South Texas College of Law Houston from other colleges, the school said.

    "We have a 93-year heritage of educating some of the nation's top litigators and transactional attorneys, and we confidently stand on our own award-winning reputation," said Donald J. Guter, president and dean of South Texas College of Law Houston. "Our name change stemmed from a desire to make certain that people knew we were in Houston and not South Texas. We have great pride in our law school and what we have accomplished as a unique educational institution."

    Look at the gall of the $ouTTTTh TTTTexa$ Commode of Law Hou$TTTTon pigs, i.e. "out of respect for a federal court opinion following a request for preliminary injunction by the University of Houston..."

    By the way, if you cockroaches have a "93 year heritage" of educating some of the nation's most amazing and magnificent litigators, then why the hell did you want to change your toilet's name and color scheme in the first place?! Apparently, dean and "president" Donald J. Guter wants you to ignore the fact that his law school is firmly in the gutter of ABA-accredited diploma mills.



    The history of South Texas College of Law Houston dates back to 1886, when the local YMCA drafted its constitution, which called for the organization to engage in educational endeavors. In 1923, the YMCA made the decision to establish a law school with a focus on offering night classes for working professionals. So began a tradition of educational excellence and relevant career preparation that has now spanned almost a century.

    South Texas School of Law, as it was then known, opened its doors on Sept. 24, 1923, with seven part-time instructors and a first class of 34 students. Classes were held in a single room in the basement of the YMCA, with wooden fans suspended from the ceiling and chairs with arms that served as desks. But by 1945, when it changed its name to South Texas College of Law Houston, enrollment had surpassed the University of Texas School of Law for the first time.

    The years that followed were marked by consistent growth in faculty, students, educational quality, and visibility. Reflecting this, South Texas received provisional accreditation from the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates in 1959 and went on to earn the ABA’s full accreditation in 1969. During that decade, it became the first law school in Texas to award a J.D. degree to graduates and ranked 35th nationally in size among all ABA-accredited law schools.

    A key moment in the College’s history came in 1974 when the first Spurgeon Bell Moot Court Competition was held. This was a critical step in establishing South Texas’s reputation in advocacy—a reputation that has only grown stronger over time. Four years later, Professor T. Gerald Treece became director of the College’s advocacy program, and under his leadership it developed into a national advocacy powerhouse. In 1979, the program was for the first time named one of the best in the country."

    So the trash pit changed its name to South Texas Commode of Law Houston back in 1945 - and not in October 2016?!?! Anyway, it took this dung heap 46 years to gain full ABA accreditation. That's the equivalent of an ugly, fat chick finally relenting and agreeing to go out with your ass the 10th time you ask her. And nobody gives a damn that this school was once ranked 35th nationally in size - or that it had a "powerhouse" advocacy program!

    Scroll down for the following excrement:

    "As it continued to grow, the College also earned a reputation as one of the nation’s most diverse law schools. Enrollment would increase significantly among women and minority students, eventually leading to high rankings from The National Jurist, Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, and Diverse: Issues in Higher Education.

    In the final years of the 20th century, the College continued to underscore its commitment to provide a high-quality, relevant legal education that prepared graduates for a career."

    Law firms don't care about your toilet's diversity. Also, it's pretty hard to start a career as an attorney, if you can't pass a bar exam. Furthermore, the school is a FOURTH TIER TRASH CAN. For $ome rea$on, the cesspool omitted the fact that this "proud institution" has changed its name twice this year. Must be a mere oversight by the pigs, right?!?!

  11. Another TTT making the news: good old Valpo:


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