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Other People’s Money: UNT Dallas Law School to Purchase Historic Building, With Taxpayer Funds


The TTTTT Nerve: Back on October 19, 2016, North Texas Daily published a Tiffany Ditto piece that was entitled “UNT unaccredited law school to buy Dallas building where Lee Oswald was shot.” Take a look at this opening:

“UNT Dallas is paying the city of Dallas $1 for the city’s former municipal building with plans to house UNT’s law school there. But the building will cost $56 million to renovate, and UNT’s law school is still not accredited, officials said. 

The university has been negotiating the deal with the city for the last 10 years, Law School Chancellor Lee Jackson said. The city of Dallas is donating the building, the land it sits on and $16 million worth of restorative work. 

“We believe the location is ideal for a public law school because of the many courts and law firms in the downtown Dallas area,” Jackson said in an email. 

After a decade of planning and gaining the state’s approval to issue $56 million in bonds, UNT is finally able to acquire the building, Jackson said. The long-term bonds will be issued by UNT but the state of Texas will reimburse the debt and interest. 

The city of Dallas has already invested $16 million into restoring the building’s exterior walls, stabilizing the structure and demolishing of the interior of the building. 

Renovation of the inside is set to begin January 2017 by UNT’s architects. The goal is to modernize the inside so that it can function as a 21st-century law school while keeping its old charm. James Maguire, vice chancellor of the law school, will oversee the architectural changes made to the interior of the building, but he could not be reached for comment. 

The building, at 106 South Harwood Street, was erected in 1914 and was home to Dallas’ city government for over 60 years. The building gained fame when Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested and jailed there after assassinating President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Two days later, Jack Ruby shot Oswald while he was being lead out of the municipal building. 

With millions of dollars being poured into the new law building, UNT hopes it will be able to acquire the accreditation needed from the American Bar Association to graduate students that can go on to be lawyers.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, this deal reeks of a foul stench. Apparently, the pigs at the Univer$iTTTTTy of NorTTTTTh TTTTTexa$ Dalla$ Commode of Law believe in their vision so much that they have to rely on taxpayer funds to make their dreams come true! Sadly, state legislator idiots agreed to this scheme. 


Other Coverage: Back on September 26, 2016, the Dallas Morning News featured a Robert Wilonsky story that was labeled “Despite accreditation woes, UNT ready to buy historic City Hall for downtown Dallas law school.” Make sure to read the following portion:

“Dallas' first public law school, in the heart of downtown, remains at risk of not being accredited by the American Bar Association. But that isn't stopping UNT Dallas College of Law from proceeding with long-standing plans to buy the old Municipal Building from the city.

On Monday morning, Lee Jackson, chancellor of the University of North Texas System, went to Dallas City Hall to outline its purchase plans for the 103-year-old landmark, which served as the city's fourth city hall until 1978. UNT plans to renovate the building, which is across the street from Main Street Garden, using $56 million in tuition revenue bonds approved by the state Legislature last year. 

The city agreed to turn the building over to UNT at no cost but with an agreement that the historic structure be restored. 

UNT first expressed interest in the old muni building a decade ago, and the City Council has repeatedly passed resolutions in support of planting a law school downtown. There was just one problem: Until it received the Legislature's blessings, UNT didn't have the money to make its dream tangible. 

In the interim, the city is spending some $14 million in bond money to rehab the building's exterior, especially a rotting roof, and other pieces of the Beaux Arts building gone to seed because of deferred maintenance.” [Emphasis mine] 

Of course the pigs expressed interest in more freebies.  Was the old Texas School Book Depository building not available to lease, on the public’s dime?!?! What about the Texas Theatre, where this bastard was arrested? You couldn't get the city to shell out some cash to you for that location?!?! Perhaps, you could set up shop in an abandoned warehouse or homeless shelter. After all, these seem to be places where you can find your future grads.

Conclusion: As noted on the trash pit’s website, the Univer$iTTTTTy of NorTTTTTh TTTTTexa$ Dalla$ Commode of Law is currently not accredited by the American Bar Association cockroaches. Hell, these dolts typically approve any potential law school that has running water, bookshelves, a library, and a fax machine. It seems that the ABA cretins will eventually give their stamp of approval. However, YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE PART of a school that has no alumni base – and a garbage reputation. In the final analysis, only a moron would even consider attending such a pathetic in$TTTTTiTTTTTuTTTTTion.


  1. The Joe Bob Briggs-Texas Wesleyan Redux-Texas A&M Redux-Hamline Redux-Indiana Tech Redux-Oral Roberts Redux-Not South Texas College of Law Houston But The North College of Law Texas Dallas-School of Law.

    Thanks taxpayers. Thanks UNT undergraduates crammed-in-mass-lectures-with-600-of-your closest-friends-and-paying-full-freight. Don't forget to make your alumni contribution.

    Scam on.

  2. Yes, Dallas needs another law school to meet the critical shortage of lawyers in the community. SMU school of law, a top 50 law school in Dallas, is not meeting the needs of the community. Only 76.6% of SMU grads from the class of 2015 obtained FT, LT, bar passage required jobs. If 23.4% of the grads from SMU aren't going to take jobs to meet the legal needs of Dallas, then dammit, a new TTTT must be opened! Hell, 8.8% of SMU grads let the community down and pursued lucrative JD advantage jobs. 3.8% of greedy grads pursued "professional" jobs. 7.5% of grads were unemployed! If those unemployed grads aren't going to put their JDs to use and cash in the ONE MILLION DOLLAR premium, then it's time to open a TTTT with no admissions standards to produce grads who will go to work! How long until this toilet changes its name like STCLH?

  3. Sigh, Indiana Tech, all over again. I'm sure the feasibility study indicated a severe need for another law school, what with SMU and TAMU (formerly Wesleyan) both down the street, and Baylor in Waco, and UT and Houston, and...

  4. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingNovember 15, 2016 at 9:49 AM

    It's as if every Tom, Dick and Harry has a law school. Never heard of 'em. What don't these people understand about a grotesque oversaturated legal market? Even stupid GM was bright enough to let Saturn, Pontiac, Hummer, Saab, and Oldmsmobile go. Toyota killed Scion for the same reasons. Too much already.

  5. Man... they were doing good... now tuition is about to go sky high !

  6. Check out the compen$ation paid to the faculty and staff working at UNTTTT Law:

    Dean William Furgeson - $250,000
    Associate Dean Ellen Pryor - $165,000
    Associate Dean Reynaldo Valencia - $160,000
    Professor Cheryl Wattley - $125,000
    Assistant Dean Edward Hart - $113,300
    Assistant Professor Thomas Perkins - $109,000
    Assistant Professor Michael Maslanka - $105,000
    Assistant Professor Jonathan Bridges - $105,000

    According to the Wall Street Journal, a salary of $105,000 places you in the 93rd percentile of wage earners in the United States.

    Business Insider published an article last year on the decline of the solo practice. According to Business Insider, the average solo practitioner earned $49,130 in 2012 (that is not the starting salary of a solo, that is the average for all solos). For comparison purposes, the average starting salary of a 2012 college graduate was $44,000.

    Despite the fact that colleges and universities are deemed non-profit organizations, they are certainly great organizations to work for to earn a fat paycheck!

  7. Just another shittier than shit law school getting taxpayers to pay for their buildings and programs.

    1. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingNovember 16, 2016 at 6:03 AM

      And this is in a Red State. Thought Texas was the Rick Perry miracle responsible for their money and taxpayers. Maybe this is the best law school in the nation? They convinced Red State politicians to throw cash around like big gub'mint socialists.

    2. http://jdunderground.com/all/thread.php?threadId=119131


      anon23111 (Nov 15, 2016 - 1:45 pm)

      I don't know if someone put a curse on me but this semester I was notified from two different DA's offices that they will not be able to extend my internship. How the hell do you get rejected to extend your unpaid internship? I was shocked because I've always received compliments and I go above and beyond to get stuff done. I have no idea why they would reject me. I still have the experience on my resume but I feel like there goes my dream of being an ADA. And the really sad part is that I have no idea why. I sat down with them during the exit interview and all they would tell me is that I was a really good intern. One of the ADA's even stated, "We love you."

      I live in Texas. I seriously feel like I'm eventually going to end up unemployed and homeless. I live with my parents but obviously they're not going to be around forever. Why does it feel like the end of the world? I didn't even take the bar exam yet.


      jdcumlaude (Nov 16, 2016 - 8:35 am)

      ditto...It took me 6 months...siiiixxxxx monnnntthsss...to find an UNPAID gig in a DA's office as a LICENSED ATTORNEY...yeah....the market is bad....unemployed attorneys are no longer uncommon.


      And finally, this laughable horseshit to cap it all off:


      nighthawk (Nov 16, 2016 - 9:33 am)

      If you believe you are hopeless then you are hopeless. If you believe that it is just a small setback in the grand scheme of a whole career then you can bounce back. It is up to you. If you let others dictate these things to you then get ready for a long career doing doc review at $11 an hour.

      Reply Like (0)
      mrtor (Nov 16, 2016 - 11:11 am)

      This. JDU is plagued by people who have succumbed to hopelessness. If you follow suit, you will have as miserable of a career, and life, as many here attest to. Misery is not inevitable though. You can bounce back if you adopt the right attitude, plot new courses, and embrace success in whichever forms it takes.


      Now, get out there and go pay $250-300K to lower-ranked, essentially night-school law schools but at today's ridiculously inflated prices, bolstered and because of easy Fed. Student Loan money.



      (* and have fun paying off that NON-DISCHARGEABLE student loan debt when you can't even get a paid position as a JD and you come out of school with your 20's fast-approaching or already in the rear-view mirror.)

      P.P.S. -- Fuck you. You deserve it for going in the first place and not listening to others or doing easy research.

  8. .. Oh, and somebody should tell that idiot: Don't forget to give back when your law school comes calling asking for an alumni donation.


  9. Actually, this is the perfect union of two different scams: The Law School Scam and the Political Porkbarrel scam. Instead of building airports or bridges, politicians now spend taxpayer money on worthless buildings for publicly funded TTTT law schools.
    This ranks right up there with Alaska's Bridge to Nowhere.
    And yes, the BigLaw firms in Dallas are going to snap up those UNT grads....

  10. Off topic. It’s that time of year when the toilets beg for money. When my toilet sends a letter asking for money, it often includes the stories of “bright” young student loan conduits, er, law students who have amazing futures ahead of them thanks to their TT education. The special snowflake that the toilet pimped this year is going to become an educational lawyer! According to this special snowflake, “juvenile offenders and wards of the state…[don’t] see education as a way to supersede their circumstances…education is the best way to overcome your circumstances.” That is why the special snowflake wants to work in education law. But that’s not all. Because this special snowflake’s “ultimate goal is to become secretary of education.”

    The statistics are indisputable that law schools lowered admissions standards in recent years to get their hands on student loan money. But apparently the toilets now accept applicants with psychiatric illnesses. I am very concerned that this special snowflake is suffering from psychosis. He is attending a low ranked TT toilet and he has delusions of becoming secretary of education. The current U.S. secretary of education, John King, has a BA from Harvard and a JD from Yale. The previous secretary, Arne Duncan, has a BA from Harvard. He believes that education is a way to supersede your circumstances, yet he chose to attend an expensive TT toilet with very poor job prospects. 12% of the class of 2015 was unemployed 10 months after graduation. Only 51% of grads obtained FT, LT, bar passage required jobs. Psychosis is a distorted perception of reality characterized by delusions, hallucinations, and/or disorganized thinking. The special snowflake has such a distorted perception of reality that I hope he seeks mental help.

    1. Shit, they can't even use the word supersede correctly.

  11. Funny is some dumbshit applicant might stumble on this entry and picture and use the caption to justify his enrolling in this shithole. You miss every shot you don't take.

  12. http://www.dallasnews.com/news/education/2016/11/16/unt-dallas-law-school-gets-second-look-seal-approval

    Last night, the Dallas Morning News published a Holly K. Hacker piece entitled “UNT-Dallas law school gets second look for seal of approval.” Check out the following segment:

    “Students at Dallas' first public law school still don't know if their campus is going to get a much-needed seal of approval, but school leaders remain hopeful.

    On Wednesday, school officials said the American Bar Association — which accredits the nation's law schools — is sending UNT-Dallas' application back for review.

    Royal Furgeson, the law school's dean, called it a positive development. He met with students Wednesday at the downtown campus, which opened in 2014, to give them the news.

    Accreditation is a big deal. Only graduates of accredited law schools can take the Texas bar exam. And students must pass the bar to practice law in the state.

    In August, an advisory committee at the ABA said the UNT College of Law shouldn't win accreditation, citing worries about the school's finances and qualifications of some students. In October, school leaders made their case before an ABA council that has the final say. The council decided to send it back to the advisory group.

    Furgeson said UNT has already tackled some concerns. For instance, the advisory group faulted UNT for admitting several students who'd flunked out of other law schools. UNT made it tougher for those students to get in — now it takes a supermajority of the admissions committee to say yes. Before, it was a simple majority.

    The University of North Texas System has also committed an additional $1 million to the law school, school officials said. Taxpayers have invested more than $100 million to date.”

    As you can see, this cesspool admits SEVERAL STUDENTS WHO HAD FLUNKED OUT OF OTHER LAW SCHOOLS. The pigs have “rectified the situation” by making it supposedly tougher for these waterheads to get into their commode. Apparently, the dolts think that getting a “supermajority” of the admi$$ion$ committee to approve is significantly more difficult to obtain that a simple majority. It seems that these groups are small in size, and they are always staffed by law school officials. Since they all know each other – and they need to get more asses in seats – it is not going to be that hard to get another cockroach or two to change their little mind.

    Also note that Texas state taxpayers have already DUMPED MORE THAN $100 MILLION into this stink pit, to this point. So much for “small government,” huh?!?! It’s not as if there aren’t tons of better ways to spend those funds. Look for the ABA dimwits to approve this toilet. After all, the state “needs” a public law school so badly.


    1. If the committee has only three or four members, the "supermajority" is equivalent to the majority.

      You can bet your sweet ass that dissenters don't last long on that committee. They'll appoint a bunch of yes-men.

  13. To all future law students:

    In the great state of Texas, forget this law school and instead consider Texas Southern law school.

    - cheaper tution
    - established alumni base (good for networking to land a gig)

    - higher caliber of students
    - school named after a pillar
    of the legal community

    Plenty of law grads graduate and land gigs in Houston. If your looking for a salary north of $50k a year, this is the place to attend.

    The best part of the legal educational program is that the JD you earn will change your life for the better.

    I have seen first generation college and law grads literally experience an increased / better quality of life beacuase of a JD.

    Do not get blinded by big law dreams, there is plenty of of money and opportunity outside of big law.

    - Network
    - Work hard
    - Rember when you grauate, your in the top 10 percent of highly educated people in the USA..... act like it!!!

    1. Nando, it may be about time to ban this cocksucker (9:22 AM).

      He's just trolling and has continued to do so across multiple entries now.

      Worse than those fools Painter and Mr. Infinity.

      It's become tiresome at this point.

    2. Rember when you grauate, your in the top 10 percent of highly educated people in the USA..... act like it!!!

      Shit, consider a couple PHDs on top of your JD. As one of the top .1% of highly educated people in the USA, you might even be able to write English correctly!

    3. 9:22 am has clearly never practiced law. I have asked repeatedly and courteously about his major area of practice with no response. Anyone with real experience would willingly show that, at lest up to a point, to establish some sort of bona fides. The kids can, and should, realize he knows not of what he speaks.

  14. A HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS and counting, for this FifTTTTTh-TTTTTier TTTTToilet. As a taxpayer living in Texas this infuriates me. http://www.dallasnews.com/news/education/2016/11/16/unt-dallas-law-school-gets-second-look-seal-approval

    "UNT's law school has taken a maverick path in recruiting students who may not have the highest LSAT scores or undergraduate grades, but who have made their mark in other ways, such as starting a business or leading in the military."

    Okay, if these geniuses were so successful before they got into law school, why are they matriculating in a co$tly program that is going to offer them little, if anything, in terms of employment opportunities in the legal profession after graduation.


    1. "Maverick", my ass! Scores of other law schools do the same thing. They do it for the easy money, not on any "maverick" quest for diamonds in the rough. And "not ... the highest LSAT scores or undergraduate grades" is a shameful understatement. We're talking about LSAT scores that would embarrass a clever iguana.

      And what does starting a business (successful or otherwise) or leading a few shit-kickers have to do with potential in the legal profession?

  15. That $100 mil down the hole. Fucking incredible.

  16. Fed Chair Janet Yellen testified today about the state of the economy and the labor market. Yellen made a comment that is particularly relevant to anyone considering law school. Yellen said the economy is “operating reasonably close to maximum employment…”

    Here is a brief economics lesson to explain what Yellen is talking about. Maximum employment, also known as full employment, is the macroeconomic principle that there is an acceptable level of unemployment in the economy. Economists argue that an economy can never have 0% unemployment because there will always be frictional unemployment and structural unemployment. Frictional unemployment refers to people who are unemployed because they are changing jobs. Structural unemployment refers to the mismatch between the skills of workers and the jobs available. So, the Fed Chair is saying the current unemployment rate of 4.9% will not decrease much further because of frictional and structural unemployment.

    Check out the NALP 2015 survey. 10.9% of 2015 law school graduates were unemployed 10 months after graduation. That is TWO TIMES the U.S. unemployment rate! 1.4% of grads were working in non-professional jobs and 4.2% were working “professional” jobs (these numbers include part time jobs). Of the grads for whom an employment status was known, only 64.3% obtained full time bar passage required employment.

    The poor employment prospects of law grads are not due to problems in the economy. The economy has been expanding for years since the great recession. The struggles faced by law grads are due to the fact that law schools churn out more graduates than jobs available each year. If you fail to obtain a full time legal job like 1/3 of grads last year, you face the problem that the “skills” taught to you by your toilet law school do not match the needs of non-legal employers. Do not enroll in these toilet law schools. You are only enriching greedy law professors counting on you to support their six figure salaries.

  17. Hopefully this law school will be the second thing put out of it's misery in the basement.

  18. Just think about it - all those hysterical social justice warriors pitching massive fucken tantrums about the election, who don't even have the mental fortitude to stay off of Interstate highways. Perfect students for toilet schools! The legal education crisis is over! It's time to fight fascism or sexism or that Syrian guy or whatever! Sign the promissory notes and fight for justice!

  19. http://www.dmagazine.com/frontburner/2016/11/unt-law-school-has-been-granted-a-reprieve/

    On November 17, 2016, D Magazine featured a Kathy Wise article headlined "UNT Law School Has Been Granted a Reprieve." It is slanted towards the unaccredited toilet. Read the portion below:

    "The University of North Texas Dallas Law School has been granted a reprieve. The American Bar Association decided yesterday to give it a second chance and passed the issue of accreditation back to the bar committee for further review. This is important because if a law school is not accredited, its students cannot take the bar exam. And if students can’t take the bar exam, they can’t become attorneys. And if they can’t become attorneys, they’ve just acquired student loan debt for no real reason, except to be able to explain International Shoe at cocktail parties. And no one wants to hear about International Shoe.

    The school’s accreditation has been at risk because the ABA is concerned in part about the school’s “lenient” admission policies, which refers to the fact that UNT’s median LSAT score for incoming students is 146. The median LSAT score at the University of Texas, one of the top law schools in the country, is 167. Interestingly, the average LSAT score for students at all accredited law schools is around 150. But while that number seems to be holding steady over the past decade, according to the National Conference on Bar Examiners, national bar passage rates have dropped from 79 percent in 2007 to 74 percent in 2014. So it seems logical that if you drop the LSAT score for incoming students, you’re going to have even fewer students pass the bar. Which starts to sound like you’re letting students in to take their money under the false impression that they will come out with a law license. In that respect, the ABA has a valid point. There are too many law students nationwide and not enough law jobs these days. There are 95,000 licensed attorneys in the state of Texas, more than twice the number of doctors.

    But UNT also has a valid point. There’s an under-served population out there that wants affordable legal services. They want cheap wills, and guardianships, and uncontested divorces, and revised custody agreements. They want to incorporate businesses, and evict problem tenants, and get their landlord to turn their heat on, and get rid of traffic tickets. We need defense attorneys and prosecutors and Legal Aid attorneys, who work for the public good and not the pay. Lawyers who have spent six figures and more on a law school education often can’t afford to do that work even if they wanted to. So there’s a need for an affordable legal education, with flexible hours for people who already have day jobs, that offers opportunities to students who may not have had the resources to take multiple Barbri courses (I just looked it up and gasped out loud—they cost more than $2,700 a pop now, almost as much as I paid for a semester of law school at the best state law school in Ohio in 1994)."

    The idiot who wrote this piece forgot to mention that even if the toilet is accredited – and the morons enrolled here can sit for the bar exam – they still will likely not get hired as attorneys. That would mean that even then the graduates would have pissed away a tidy sum – and three years of their lives. What is the point of going to law school, and incurring substantial amounts of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, other than to practice law?!?!

    Unless you attend an elite school, or have excellent connections, you are NOT going to get a federal job, work in public policy, or become a big power broker. It is not in the cards for your ass. The fact that you enrolled in an unaccredited cesspool should have told you that, simpleton! Now that the state has spent more than $100 million, there will tons of pressure on the ABA cockroaches. Expect these bitches to fold, but the grads will almost certainly not perform well on the bar exam.

    1. There’s an under-served population out there that wants affordable legal services.

      UNT charges a mere $16,000 annually. So throw in some living expenses and opportunity costs, and you're probably talking about spending a mere $75,000 to $100,000 to get a JD here. Are you seriously going to go that far into the hole to charge tiny fees to bickering poor people?

    2. Nobody wants "affordable legal services" that are worthless: a will that is invalid or defective or likely to be contested, a botched criminal defense. And those are exactly the sorts of "services" that the brainless graduates of _UNT would be likely to provide.

      So, no, _UNT doesn't have a valid point.


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