Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Toilet Closure: Indiana Tech Law School to Shutter Its Doors in June 2017


Booyah!: On October 31, 2016, the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel published one of the most beautiful and poignant news articles in the history of print media. The piece from Kevin Leininger was entitled “Indiana Tech Law School to close next June; losses at $20 million.” Take a look at this glorious opening:

“Indiana Tech's law school, which opened in 2013 with far fewer students than expected, failed in its first attempt at accreditation and graduated its first students this year — only one of whom passed the state bar examination — will close, The News-Sentinel has learned.

The school on Maumee Avenue just east of downtown built its $15 million law building to accommodate up to 350 students and expected 100 in its initial class but attracted 28. At the time, some critics doubted the need for the school, saying first-year law school enrollments had dropped 28 percent since 2010 to their lowest level since 1973. 

Indiana Tech [president] Arthur Snyder said the university has lost $20 million on the law school and, given projected enrollments, expected the deficit to continue. “This was an extremely difficult decision for all involved," Snyder said. "Over the course of time it has become apparent that the significant decline in law school applicants nationwide represents a long term shift in the legal education field, not a short-term one. Specific to Indiana Tech, the assessment of the Board and our senior leadership team is that for the foreseeable future the law school will not be able to attract students in sufficient numbers for the school to remain viable.” 

Indiana Tech Law School currently has a total of 71 students, and Snyder said they will have the option to complete the year, with those in their third and final year having the ability to graduate from the law school in May. First and second year students will have the option to transfer to other law schools at the start of the January 2017 semester, or to complete the year at Indiana Tech Law School and then transfer for the start of the fall 2017 semester. 

Chris Mackaronis, a Washington, D.C., attorney representing one of the faculty members affected, said the university’s Board of Directors had recently voted unanimously to close the school at the end of the academic year in June 2017. The vote, he said, conflicts with years of representations to the students, faculty and the American Bar Association regarding the university’s commitment to pursue full accreditation and long-term success for the law school. 

“Most of the faculty accepted their appointments at great professional risk (based on that commitment)," Mackaronis said, calling the closure a "complete betrayal of what the university and the Board of Trustees represented to the faculty, staff, and students repeatedly over the last few years . . . By all measures, the plan was working,” he said.” [Emphasis mine]

Sure the plan was working, douchebag. Out of your inaugural class of 20 graduates, only three damn former students managed to eventually pass the Indiana bar exam – including on appeal. Yes, those are excellent results, right?!?! Then again, the academic bitches and hags were paid up front, in full.


Other Coverage: On October 31, 2016, Above the Law posted a Staci Zaretsky entry labeled “Indiana Tech Law School To Close, Citing $20 Million Loss.” Enjoy the following, joyous segment:

“Indiana Tech School of Law opened its doors in 2013, amid cries that the state had no need for another law school. In its first year, only 30 students enrolled, despite the school’s goal of an inaugural entering class of 100. After being denied accreditation in May 2015, the school was granted provisional accreditation by the American Bar Association in March 2016. Shortly thereafter, the 20 remaining students in the school’s charter class graduated, and 13 of them registered to take a bar exam. Only three of them were successful, for an overall passage rate of 23.1 percent. This fall, the school enrolled 55 students, its largest class ever.

Today, Indiana Tech Law School is announcing its closure. 

At a meeting this afternoon, Indiana Tech University President Arthur Snyder is expected to tell faculty, staff, and students that the Board of Directors, citing $20 million in losses, voted unanimously to close the school at the conclusion of the academic year. Its final day in operation will be June 30, 2017. Faculty members are understandably upset, as many of them “accepted their appointments at great professional risk,” according to Stone Mattheis Xenopoulos & Brew partner Christopher G. Mackaronis, who represents a faculty member who prefers to remain anonymous.” [Emphasis mine]

The author also includes some advice to the idiots still enrolled in this cesspit, i.e. do some research on closed school loan discharge. [Read: do not attend another ABA-accredited trash pit, as you will be in worse shape completing a law degree.] Sadly, most of these morons will continue their pur$uiTTTTT. 

Conclusion: The greedy pigs at the Indiana Institute of Technology failed to perform basic research, regarding the need for another garbage law school in the state. Hell, Paul Campos and several other critics warned these dolts not to start a fresh toilet. Yet, the academic thieves willingly ignored reality. The prevailing job market for law grads was already in the gutter, but the swine decided to open a new in$TTTTTiTTTTTuTTTTTion in August 2013. Yes, that was a brilliant decision! 

The university heads finally woke up and stopped the bleeding. Of course, the law faculty are now upset. However, they will not be on the hook for outrageous sums of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt – while armed with a TTTTT law degree. These “scholars” should have no trouble at all commanding a high six-figure salary and a corner office in any law office of their choice.


  1. Organizations exist to perpetuate themselves. The stand-alone schools will hold on to the death. The ones attached to a larger (or more important) organization will hold on until they threaten the existence of the larger organization, as in the case of Indiana Tech.

  2. Nando: All the work and speaking truth to the powerful porcine legal educational complex is finally paying off. Hopefully other cesspits will close in short order and the unemployed professoriate will have the opportunity to see how competitive they are in the real legal services market. This is a great day for all law school scam victims.

  3. Nando, you do not know what your doing.

    Today you have just contributed to the weakening of a great nation, and the demise of a future pillar of the legal educational establishment.

    I hope you sleep well at night. If they only had an AAMPLE program, maybe they would have been around longer....

    1. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingNovember 1, 2016 at 1:37 PM

      AAMPLE is a construct of FOR PROFIT Arizona Summit, Florida Costal and Charlotte chain of law schools owned by private equity Sterling Partners out of Chicago. They care about that government tuition money flowing into their bank accounts. The duty is to the Share Holder, not you the student or the legal profession/nation. They would have been around longer if DEMAND was there. People enrolled. Demand is slacking off because there are 1.8 million lawyers and growing and per capita income is down and the profession has not retuned to pre-2007 levels, nor is it even close. The average Solo earns around 37K according to IRS data. Who wants to be a lawyer under these circumstances? Demand is down for that product.

  4. One down, at least 100 more to go....

    1. Technically, it's two down, at least 100 more to go...

  5. Well I guess the self absorbed lamperello will have plenty of time for writing volume 2 of the sad story of his life.

    And dre Cummings will prepare to teach hip hop and the constitution at Harvard next year. Hope coursera offers it.

  6. To all who took part in the law school scam blog movement,

    Congratulations! The collapse of Indiana TTTTech School of Law is a tremendous accomplishment. I still feel euphoric knowing that this steaming pile of crap will soon be tossed onto the ash heap of history. The TJLS default, Cooley’s layoffs of 50% of their worthless faculty, the abysmal bar passage rates, and the recent collapse in applicants was nothing compared to this.

    All of you showed tremendous courage when you took on these vile pigs. It’s hard to publicly admit that law school defrauded you of $100,000+ and left you unemployed with a worthless degree. You even exposed the pigs’ other vile schemes, like the conditional scholarships combined with section stacking. You stood up and told the truth so that others would not suffer your fate. At the beginning of the movement, bloggers and commenters were viciously attacked by these academic pigs for telling the truth about the law school scam. Anyone who dared to challenge the pigs was labeled an entitled loser or worse. But you fought back. One of Nando’s best takedowns was when he responded to that pig Jack Marshall.

    What you have accomplished over the last several years is truly incredible. All you had were computers and an internet connection. You took on vile pigs that belonged to the top 1% in this country. These pigs haul in six figure salaries every year and hold “prestigious” positions. At the infancy of the movement, these toilets had millions of dollars at their disposal to drown out your message. The pigs had connections in the media to write op-ed pieces and go on television to sell their worthless JDs. And in the end, you won! You toppled an ABA law school created solely to transfer cash from the U.S. Treasury into the coffers of the law school pigs. A few more should follow over the next couple years.

    And the kicker to all of this, one of the worthless soon to be unemployed Indiana TTTTech faculty hired a lawyer! Last time I checked, the law school pigs said that JDs need to network to get a job, the JD had a million dollar premium, you can do anything with a JD, law faculty could be making one million dollars a year at big law firms, you can move to Nebraska to get that legal job, and we are on the verge of the greatest legal market in history! Strange that the faculty at Indiana TTTTech are more worried about suing their employer rather than putting their million dollar degree to good use. It’s nice to see some more law school pigs put into the same position as their victims. Have fun working the document review circuit or working at Starbucks you vile pigs!

  7. Is this the first law school that shuts down? Have there been others in the past? If so, which ones?

    1. There was Mitchell/Hamline, formed by combining two struggling toilets.

  8. Nando is a fucking National hero. He is Rogue One Leader and he just took down the Death Star. Seeing Indy Tech implode is one of the pinnacles of Nando's blog, which he has kept going at it for over 6 years. I commend you Nando and I ask that you never give up the fight. There is more work to do in this fight against the evil law school cartel.

  9. To be honest this is hard to believe.

    According to Law school numbers, I thought a school received around 300 apps minimum a cycle, and only allowed less than half to get accepted, then only a small number actually attend.

    They did not get the formula down right.

    They did not run the numbers right from this perspective???? They could have and should have accepted more people (unless demand was not there... which is hard to believe)...

  10. Did you have a bottle of champagne saved for this occasion?

  11. http://www.indystar.com/story/news/education/2016/10/31/indiana-tech-shut-down-law-school/93063296/

    On November 1, 2016, the Indianapolis Star featured a Fatima Hussein piece entitled “Indiana Tech will shut down law school.” Enjoy this opening:

    “With nearly four years in operation, Indiana Tech Law School officials announced plans Monday to close the school in 2017.

    The school's board of trustees voted unanimously to cease operations of the law school, according to a letter signed by the school's president sent to students and faculty.

    The Fort Wayne law school could not attract enough students to maintain operations, President Arthur E. Snyder said in the letter.

    "We are not experiencing or projecting enough of a corresponding increase in demand by prospective students for the law school to remain viable into the future," Snyder said.

    The news comes after reports that three Indiana Tech Law Schools student passed the July 2016 Indiana bar exam.

    The school, which currently has 71 students enrolled, faces at least $20 million in losses on the closure, according to a news release on the school's website.

    City of Fort Wayne officials did not respond to IndyStar requests for documents relating to tax incentives the school may have received from the law school's construction.

    The private, nonprofit institution is the state's fifth law school, after Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis, University of Notre Dame, and Valparaiso University.

    The school was built despite widespread criticism that the state did not need another law school, considering declining law school enrollment."

    The idiots ignored reality, and now have had to cut their losses. Scroll down to see the mentality of the cretins who enrolled here:

    Genna Hilgenbrink, a 23 year-old first-year law student spoke with IndyStar as school officials held a formal schoolwide meeting on the announcement. Hilgenbrink received a full scholarship to attend the school.

    "A few people warned me about going here — but I will be transferring to the University of Toledo," said the former television reporter.

    "I just hope no one tells me 'I told you so.'"


    As you can, see the Univer$iTTTy of TTToledo is rated as the co-144th "best" law school in the country, according to USN&WR. Yes, what a great choice, dolt.

    1. I told you so, Ms. Hilgenbrink.

      And the Univershitty of Toledo is another mistake. Yes, I told you so.

    2. Regarding the aforementioned Ms. Hilgenbrink... I REALLY hope she gets smart and uses the legally-allowed "Get Out Of Jail Free" card and escapes this trap.

      If not... well, then I guess she deserves whatever happens to her.

    3. Perhaps Ms. Hilgenbrink will reconsider her decision to attend Toledo. There's always a seat available at TTTTouro if she can't transfer to Columbia.

  12. Close every law school opened after the year 1901. That would be a start. Good job, Nando, cheers to you Sir.

  13. Check out what sources from Indiana TTTTech told Above the Law.

    One faculty member called the toilet “a diploma mill at best” and said “the school is a scam.”

    Here is another great quote that sums up the scam:

    Admissions professionals were pressured us [sic] to admit anybody with a pulse to the law school. They were frequently asked to admit people with LSAT scores of 132, 135, 138, 140. The law school felt that its dedication to quality over numbers was compromised. It almost seemed like getting butts in seats was more important than complying with ABA standards, along the lines of, “Fuck the ABA, fuck the students, we want revenue.” We said, “You know, we’re going to become another Cooley and we’re going to lose accreditation,” but they didn’t care.

    Does any of that language sound familiar? Law school scam bloggers have said for years that law schools were “diploma mills” that admitted anybody with a pulse. This anonymous Indiana TTTTech faculty member even sideswiped Cooley, one of the biggest targets of the law school scam movement! It’s nice to know that the pigs have been reading the blogs over the years. I applaud law professors and faculty for coming forward and finally admitting the truth. But they are only coming forward now, anonymously, after their ass has been kicked to the curb by a toilet law school. That says a lot about their integrity.

    Here is the link:


    1. While it's nice that we finally have more law professors admitting to the shit nature of most of these law schools, it's fucking absurd for them to pretend that they were somehow tricked into accepting a job at America's newest law shithole, an unaccredited one in northeast Indiana no less. Surely they knew what was going on and just wanted a break from the stressful life of practicing or whatever else they were doing before in order to get an easy and fat paycheck. Amazingly, even federal appellate judges and Supreme Court justices associate their names with these black holes of loan money - Easterbrook spoke at the opening of Indiana Tech Law, and legendary shitpile Thomas Jefferson SOL announced in January that Scalia would be teaching at their study abroad program in Nice, France (this was one month before Scalia died, so I assume they got another justice to teach instead.)

    2. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingNovember 3, 2016 at 6:44 PM

      Dean Wormer paid the Mayor an Honorarium to host the Faber College parade through his town.

    3. It's impossible to get someone to accept they are part of a scam when their paycheck depends on them not accepting it.

  14. Hold up a goddamn fucking minute here. When I was in law school, these motherfucking windbags would constantly brag about how they left million dollar salaries and equity partnership opportunities at Cravath and at Sullivan & Cromwell just to engage in the "noble" pursuit of "teaching" the law. Why are the Indy Tech law professors hiring lawyers to concoct some bullshit wrongful termination lawsuit? Assuming the law prawfs win, they still have to prove damages. The school's attorney would then call former students to testify about how these law professors would emphatically brag about their Biglaw opportunities, etc. The defense counsel can also introduce Scamkovic's "A JD is a MILLION DOLLAR degree" research paper to counter any claim of damages. Can the defense counsel seek rule 11 sanctions against the law prawfs for such an absurd lawsuit?

  15. I could be wrong of course, but if she was a tv reporter, she's likely attractive and probably connected. She is therefore one of the few who will probably do ok.

  16. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

  17. There are alternatives to education and debt...

    California BART janitor grossed $270K in pay and benefits last year


    1. Those are the kinds of jobs oppressed minorities should be getting. Let the trust fund babies go to law school and work the unpaid internships and shitlaw for prestige.

      Hard working, sharp and poor kids of every stripe and color should be targeting these kinds of jobs. They can use the money and retirement benefits to acquire an ownership stake in the economy. This guy is beating out at least half of law grads from the T14 who aren't rich by birth. It's beautiful. There is still a path in America for the poor, humble, and hard working. It's beautiful.

      Don't be a fool, drop out of school.

    2. .. And this guy's ASIAN. He's probably a LOT smarter than the majority of people, or at least by 5 IQ points (The Bell Curve) but in America he's discriminated against because he probably has language difficulty and the color of his skin and slant of his eyes.

      BUT - he's showing us. The tone of the article is critical but I say good on him for finding a way up. No one was going to do it for him. He had to do it on his own. No EoE/AA for Asians.. Especially male ones. Just for overprivileged man-hating white women.

      As far as the dolt who's going to continue on out of Indiana Drek, this is a perfect example of someone who doesn't understand what a "Get Out of Jail Free" card is.

      She only lost one year of her life. No debt. But damnit.. she's going to follow her dream to be a lawyer from the 144th greatest Trash Can Pit in 'Merica. No one, not Nando, not the Internet, not bitter anonymous "keyboard jockeys" are going to dissuade her otherwise.

      It's also a perfect example of why I don't bother anymore.. The info has been out there since 2007 and prior but these Lemmings - "sophisticated consumers" - cannot think nor research for themselves.

      There's a light at the end of the tunnel, they just know it.

      Then you find out that, yes. There WAS a Train attached to it when the six-figure non-dischrageable debt smacks you full-on in the face..

    3. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingNovember 4, 2016 at 2:56 PM

      There are school cafeteria workers earning 50-60K in my area. Teachers and Coppers earning 80K. Folks with half my education as an attorney earning twice my income. Truckers hauling home 70K....finding a Law Job at 70K today is the Holy Grail. If you do luck into it, don't expect to only work 40 hours a week. It is simple...Supply and Demand. Don't drop out of school. Don't go to Law School until the market corrects itself, if ever.

    4. Captain,

      Respectfully disagree. Drop out period unless you go super IVY or are rich.

      If you don't have the money by birth, you need a job where you have political support. Anything with a white collar doesn't have that. If you go STEM, your job will eventually go overseas or H1B1ed. If you go accounting, in a decade or so, you'll have to deal with lawyer style over supply as more people enter that field. If you go Medicine, you'll get cracked at some point by some form of insourcing or government control (it's happening now, but I expect it to accelerate). If you go liberal arts or law.... nuff said.

      If you get a city job, your pay isn't based on the market. It's based on political power. In New York, ADAs make 60k (with student loans). Cops make 100k and they are threatening to strike. You think there is a shortage of people willing to do the job? No. They demand and acquire. Same thing with this janitor. We can't find someone to do this job for 100k? Ofcourse we can. However, his union has power. They vote. He gets paid. That's what you need if you aren't born wealthy.

      If someone gets a city job and then they want to go to a cheap state school for kicks (or the state pays for it), by all means. Otherwise 1) rich or 2) super IVY (and never law).

  18. This should be interesting in light of the ATL article:


  19. http://www.abajournal.com/news/article/indiana_tech_law_school_will_close_after_20m_loss

    Other Coverage: On October 31, 2016, the ABA Journal posted a story from Debra Cassens Weiss, under the headline “Indiana Tech Law School will close after $20M loss.” Here is the full article below:

    “After suffering a nearly $20 million loss, Indiana Tech Law School has announced it will close at the end of June 2017.

    Indiana Tech president Arthur Snyder said the school’s board of trustees and its leaders concluded that the law school will not be able to attract a sufficient number of students to remain viable, report the News-Sentinel, 21Alive and WANE.com. The school had opened in 2013.

    The board vote to close the school was unanimous. Above the Law posted a school Q-and-A about the closing here.

    The school had earned provisional accreditation from the ABA, which allowed its students to take the bar exam. Twelve of the school’s 20 graduates took the July 2016 state bar exam, and initially only one passed.

    After an appeal, a second graduate passed, and a third graduate passed a state bar outside of Indiana, Above the Law and the Indiana Lawyer reported in early October.

    The school’s $15 million law building is expected to be used for other university purposes, according to the News-Sentinel.”

    Apparently, "law professors" truly suck at basic math. Did they expect the university to continue to incur losses, and carve into their endowment, to support these academic leeches?


    According to this chart from something called the National Association of College and University Business Officers, Indiana Institute of Technology, Inc. had an endowment of just over $41 million – as of fiscal year 2011. This was before the dolts decided to dump a bunch of money into a useless law school. The precise figure is on page 17 of the PDF, entry 618. There was little room for error back then, people.

    The univer$ity had reported endowment funds of roughly $41,065,000 in FY 2011. This represents a percentage change of 27% from the fiscal year 2010 figure of $32,332,000. You can bet your ass that the board of directors regrets their collective, idiotic decision. Let’s see if the law school pigs – who admit that they took on their faculty appointments “at great professional risk” – proceed with a suit against the parent school. What a bunch of ingrates.

  20. And the most pathetic and disgusting development in the story is that some of the faculty are planning to sue the school for misrepresentation!

    Yes, after students for years have been told to go fuck themselves by judges and faculty alike - the "sophisticated consumers" argument - the faculty are now crying to the courts claiming they were scammed.

    The best thing to happen next would be for some judge to throw out their case by citing how students made the same arguments years ago and were denied relief.

    Odd how we're deemed too sophisticated to sue schools for misrepresentation and fraud, yet our wiser teachers are now claiming they are merely simple academics who didn't know that INDIANA TECH LAW SCHOOL WAS A SCAM FROM THE VERY BEGINNING!


  21. http://insidethelawschoolscam.blogspot.com/2012/10/ive-gotten-three-emails-in-past-week.html

    Back on October 8, 2012, Paul Campos authored an excellent Inside the Law School Scam piece labeled “Indiana Wants Me.” He refers to a discussion on TLS, and then copied over a letter on that board from Indiana TTTTTech Law Sewer founding dean Peter Alexander. By the way, that jackass later stepped down from his post, after one year at the helm of that stench pit.

    “Indiana, which contains 2% of the US population, already has four ABA-accredited law schools, including two "top 30" institutions,both of which feature legal unemployment rates for their grads of around 40%, and which are currently placing only 20% to 25% of their graduates in firms of more than ten attorneys.

    Chutzpah has been defined as murdering your parents and then pleading for mercy because you're an orphan. How about setting up another legal diploma mill in a hyper-saturated market, while claiming that what will set your school apart is its emphasis on "ethics" and "professionalism?"

    Of course none of this is going to keep the ABA Section of Legal Education from accrediting this absurdity after the requisite site visits and other bureaucratic hoop-jumping. And until something changes nothing is going to stop the school from trolling the internet for victims future lawyers paying customers, who will fund this latest foray into professional school carnival barking via a combination of the generosity of the U.S. taxpayer and their endlessly naive willingness to believe people like Peter Alexander, Dean and Professor of Law.”

    Of course, the tools who run Indiana Institute of Technology ignored those warnings. Apparently, they felt that adding a garbage-ass law school would add to the univer$ity’$ “prestige.” How did that work out for you dunces?!?! Did you honestly think that your graduates would have a shot in hell competing for legal jobs against JDs from Notre Dame and Indiana-Bloomington?!?! Valpo and Indiana University Robert H. McKinney Sewer of Law grads would get jobs before your victims/students. But you didn’t think about that, did you, pigs?! You only thought about all those federal loan dollars going into your TTTTT coffers.


    From the Indiana Lawyer contributor Marilyn Odendahl, on June 4, 2014. The article was entitled “Indiana Tech dean’s exit shocks backers.”

    “Indiana Tech made the announcement May 23 that Alexander had stepped down as vice president and dean of the law school May 21. The university did not reveal the reason behind Alexander’s departure, but in a statement Alexander said he has achieved the goals he established for the institution and he has a desire to pursue other employment opportunities.

    Although he also resigned his tenured faculty position, Alexander will remain with the school in a consulting role. The school did not detail what his specific duties would be going forward.”

    Yes, you “accomplished” plenty at that trash heap in the single academic year that you were there, cockroach. Hell, you must have blushed when reflecting on all your triumphs at Indiana TTTTTech Law Sewer.

  22. Indeed, this is glorious news.

    We can certainly all celebrate now, but I'll definitely save the fine wine and champagne for the last day when it officially closes its doors.

    Hm, maybe I can or should travel to Indiana to see their curated art collection before it's gone? And on a related note, too bad we all can't get together in real life and throw a "law school closing party" or something in the area, like renting out a room from the local hotel.

    Oh, and I have a special message for all the idiots who fell for this scam, from the overconfident faculty to the foolish students...
    "Drink it in, pal. That's how failure tastes."

  23. This is off topic, but the worthless US “News” has just released an article providing “analysis” of law schools that “offer students the best chance of paying off their student debt.” The article is titled “10 Law Schools Where Starting Salaries Exceed Debt.” The lazy reporter ranked law schools by ratio of median private practice starting salary to average student debt. The winner, according to US “News,” is the University of Texas-Austin. You see, the median private practice sector starting salary of a UT grad is $160,000! And the average student debt is only $100,868. Thus, with the highest salary to debt ratio among all law schools at 1.59, UT is the most amazing wonderful law school to pay off student debt. What a bargain! The worthless reporter used 2014 statistics.

    Here are some numbers the worthless reporter left out that take 5 minutes to find using Google. For the class of 2014, 36% of UT grads obtained employment at a law firms of 101+ attorneys, the only type of firms capable of paying grads a salary anywhere near $160,000. That number declined to 33% in 2015. For the class of 2014, 7% of grads were unemployed and 7% worked in school funded positions. In early 2015 when UT compiled class of 2014 employment statistics, the state of Texas had a 4.4% employment rate. For the class of 2015, 9% of grads were unemployed and 4% worked in school funded positions. In early 2016 when UT compiled class of 2015 employment statistics, the state of Texas had an unemployment rate of 4.3%.

    So the US “News” concluded that the best school to pay off student debt, is the school where only about 1/3 of students obtain jobs earning the salary used in the ranking. After all these years, they still continue to churn out dishonest garbage. UT would have double digit unemployment if not for temporary school funded positions. Hey US “News,” it’s kind of hard to repay your student loans when you are unemployed. But that doesn’t stop the US “News” from recommending UT to lemmings.

    1. Yep, times sure have changed. In the late 1970s and very early 1980s, tuition, fees, and books for Texas residents came to about $300/semester. About $800/semester for non-residents. Non-resident tuition was often waived. Apartment rent was cheap. The law profs actually practiced law for extra money and/or wrote casebooks, treatises, and hornbooks. (Think of Wright on Federal Courts, Keeton on Torts, etc.) The alumni supplemented faculty salaries by establishing endowed professorships. I guess that was the golden age (funded by black gold).

    2. You Ass News depends on the law-school scam, without which there would be no market for its bullshit annual tallies. So of course You Ass News is going to frame law school as a financially sound undertaking.

  24. Congrats Nando: You contributed significantly in making this happen. My only hope is that this is the beginning and not the end of closures. How many other law schools are losing money now and borrowing from their main campus budgets? It is morally unacceptable to
    indebt students with non-dis-chargeable loans when when they can't pass the bar exam and there are very few jobs. Alleluia!

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  26. The statements and opinions propounded in these comments are astonishing in their zeal, considering the evident lack of solid information by many contributors. It reminds me of religious propaganda wherein speakers make audacious claims at high volume and expect to be believed. Everyone has an agenda.


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