Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fourth Tier Anal Blowout: Valparaiso University School of Law Censured by the ABA


Pigs Up Against the Wall: On December 3, 2016, the Chicago Tribune published a David Rutter piece that was entitled “Valparaiso University’s law school might face bleak choices.” It alludes to the trash pit recently being censured by the gutless, ball-less, spineless American Bar Association. Enjoy the following excerpt:

“According to its gloomy forecast for budding lawyers, the New York Times reported that, as of this April, fewer than 70 percent of Valparaiso law graduates from the previous spring were employed and fewer than half were in jobs that required a law license. Only three of 131 graduates worked in large firms, which tend to pay more generous salaries. 

Law school student debt is an ever-deepening ravine, from about $95,000 among borrowers at the average school in 2010 to about $112,000 in 2014, according to the advocacy group Law School Transparency. 

Every number is pointing down, particularly jobs. While law school applications have slid by nearly 40 percent nationally since 2010, enrollment has dropped by only about 30 percent and full-time faculty members have decreased by less than 15 percent, according to ABA data. 

VU's applicant pool is also down, which is why the school cut 21 faculty members and expects its law school population to drop by a third within two years. 

VU's law school might be facing two unpalatable choices. Admit more unprepared students, which fulfills goals for diversity and inclusion, but damages graduation rates and quality. The school apparently already tried that model without success.” [Emphasis mine]

When will the jackals start admitting bums, prostitutes, and drug addicts?  By the way, it’s always great to read about ABA-accredited dung heaps getting rid of some members of their worthless-ass faculty. If you ever feel sorry for these bloated cockroaches, just think of all the young lives they have helped ruin over the course of their greedy tenure. To them, the students and graduates are merely collateral damage. 


Prior Coverage: On November 17, 2016, the Indiana Lawyer posted an Olivia Covington article headlined “Valparaiso Law public censure puts admission policies to test.” Take a look at this opening:

“Only weeks after Indiana Tech Law School suddenly announced it would be closing at the end of the academic year, another Indiana law school found itself in the news, dealing with a public censure from the American Bar Association over past admissions practices. 

How much the sanction will impact that school, Valparaiso University Law School, depends on who you ask. 

The ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar posted the notice of public censure Nov. 15, after the ABA Accreditation Committee found the northern Indiana law school had not demonstrated compliance with Standards 501(a) and 501(b). Those standards require that “a law school shall maintain sound admission policies and practices” and “shall not admit an applicant who does not appear capable of satisfactorily completing its program of legal education and being admitted to the bar.” [Emphasis mine]

Keep in mind that the ABA does not take this action often, even though dozens of member schools have reputations lower than alligator piss. Later on, the author includes this gem:

“Kyle McEntee, executive director and co-founder of Law School Transparency, does not see an easy way forward for Valparaiso. The 2016 entering class had a median LSAT score of 147, which is a modest improvement, he said, but not enough for the law school overcome this new obstacle.

Valparaiso is already having trouble meeting the current ABA’s standards for bar passage and those requirements could get more rigorous, McEntee said. A proposal from the Council of the ABA for the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar would close some loopholes and mandate that law schools post a 75 percent bar passage rate for graduates within two years of graduation.

The proposal is scheduled to be presented to the ABA House of Delegates in February 2017. Even if the delegates do not give their approval, McEntee expects the ABA legal education section will adopt the new standards anyway.” [Emphasis mine]

As you can see, the swine are happy to admit and enroll waterheads with pathetic LSAT scores. What a bastion of “integrity,” huh?!?! Still want to roll the dice on your financial future, Dumbass?! If so, then you do not have the mental fortitude to order from a drive through window. 


Ranking: According to US “News” & World Report, Valparai$o Univer$iTTTTy Sewer of Law is rated as a FOURTH TIER TRASH PIT! Yes, what a prestigious insTTTTiTTTTuTTTTion of higher learning!

Conclusion: Avoid this certified cesspit as if your life depended on it, lemming. I don’t care if the desperate fools throw a full scholarship at you – or throw in a set of steak knives and some movie passes. It is not worth the opportunity costs or lost time and energy. Plus, decent law firms have no interest in hiring the typical TTTT graduate. You will not be served well by incurring an additional $145K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a garbage law degree.  Look for this pile of excrement to continue to admit mental midgets, and I would not be surprised if LSAT scores, for subsequent first year classes, even drop a little further.


  1. Admit more unprepared students, which fulfills goals for diversity and inclusion, but damages graduation rates and quality.

    They set those "goals" for one reason and one reason alone: They need to put asses in seats in order to keep the cushy jobs going. Dumb white kids were bailing on them, so they needed to tap into another vein to keep drilling for federal loans. Poor minorities, who probably have no family connections in the legal field, are much easier marks. Sell them law school as a foolproof way to get a solid income, claim that school gives them some class/status ("Now you're EDUCATED"), and watch the dollars flow in.

  2. —— Admit more unprepared students, which fulfills goals for diversity and inclusion, but damages graduation rates and quality.

    How, exactly, does the admission of unprepared students fulfill goals for diversity and inclusion? By definition, the unprepared should not be included. And there's very little diversity in a class of Valpo-style chuckleheads, irrespective of race, gender, age, and the like.

    Diversity cannot be used as a fig leaf for the self-serving admi$$ion of morons.

    Imagine a law school 30+% of whose graduates find themselves unemployed ten months after graduation. That's more than six times the unemployment rate for the general public.

  3. Ok so you've got the NYT article, and now this-why does anyone apply to this TTTT, let alone attend. It makes no sense but that's what keeps the scam alive.

  4. Got a pulse? Welcome to Valpo!

  5. Meanwhile, UMass-Dartmouth has just been fully accredited by the ABA. Maybe it was the stellar 34% of graduates who got jobs which require bar passage? The 20% of graduates who were learning about the woes of the poor through an advanced clinic in being unemployed? The 1 (that's right, 1) graduate employed at a firm of over 25 attorneys?

  6. Ok, but if you can get a full scholarship, steak knives, movie tickets AND a Wrench Set,
    could that be enough to bend over the barrel?

  7. I take issue with this. Just becasue the barrier to entry for ABA schools is lowered does not mean less capable people are becoming lawyers.

    As time passes and rhe historians chime in you will see that the lsat and even passing the bar on the first try are not very accurate indicators on what type of lawyer you will be, not good indicators of future success / results.

    There are multiple ways of becomong a lawyer with non traditional / alternative cheaper and some shorter ways of getting that bar card (depending on your state)

    1. NY, just sit for one year of law school and you qualify to sit for the bar (Best to double down on that Bar/Bri)

    2. Cali - read for the bar program, under a supervising lawyer, pass and qualify to sit for the bar (Best to double down on that Bar/Bri)

    3. Michigan - All you need is an associates degree and you can enter law school, graduate, sit for the bar (Sill, better double down on that Bar/Bri)

    4. Go to a non accredited / on line law school and qualify to sit for a fraction of the price of the ABA schools, then sit for th bar and (double down on the Bar/Bri)

    5. Get a foregin LLB (undergrad level) and sit for one year and get your LLM, qualify to sit for the bar (in most states) and you guested it -- Double down on the Bar/Bri.

    So do not be fooled by people telling you lower credentials = less of a lawyer. Once you get that bar card you will be competing against lawyeres who all traveled different paths but still arived at the same destination.

    But I can garuntee one thing...... No matter what journey you took to become a lawyer BAR/BRI was the GOLDEN key to getting your bar card. (just a recap of all courses you took that are on the bar).

    so master this and you will do just fine. And rmember there is more to life than just making money, being a lawyer is a calling.

    1. This idiot troll is hilarious. At least they stopped pimping AAMPLE and Seton Hall. A study came out a few years ago that examined JD graduates from the class of 2000. In 2012, 24% of grads were not even practicing law. The study also found, not surprisingly, that graduates of top 10 law schools earn $73,500 more than graduates of 4th tier toilets. Keep in mind, many of these top tier grads washed out of big law. So much for this idiot trolls claims that all JDs are equal. The market certainly does not agree.


      The ABA also reports that legal malpractice claims are on the rise.


      It appears less capable lawyers are being admitted silly troll.

    2. Glad to see you're finally using spellcheck, 1:53-but there's a bigger issue-why do you post this stuff? Forget the Bar, forget the LSAT-the bottom line is that there are too many lawyers and not enough paying clients.
      Anyone following your inane advice would be setting themselves up for lifelong financial disaster. Just look at the job numbers for the TTTs.
      So why do you do it? Do you get some sort of perverse pleasure out of misleading strangers? Do you work for one of the scam schools?
      And your Fruedian slip-"double down on Bar/Bri" shows that even you don't believe your drivel-and that at best, law school is a gamble. And what's Rule #1 of gambling? The house always wins; in the case of the the LS Scam, it's the law schools that always win.
      The law students? The schools couldn't care less what happens to them.

  8. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingDecember 7, 2016 at 2:38 PM

    I don't get it. Valpo is part of the Chicago market. There's plenty of work for thousands more attorneys. Just erect more
    billboards along the expressways advertising $49.00 traffic court defense. If it worked for one schlepp attorney, it will surely work for YOU! More, Work, fees, clients!!!!!

  9. Off topic, but I thought it was worth mentioning this because some of the commenters practice around Chicago, like the good Captain. According to the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, the July 2016 Illinois bar passage rate dropped to 72%. The bar passage rate has dropped 17% since 2009, when the state posted an 89% passage rate.

    The total first time passage rate on the July 2016 exam was 77%. Inexplicably, graduates of #12 ranked Northwestern posted an 84% first time passage rate. Graduates of the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois outperformed Northwestern, achieving 97% and 91% first time passage rates respectively. A few years ago, the Dean of Northwestern claimed he was not going to lower admission standards so that the school could preserve its reputation. I am curious if the school admitted less qualified transfer students to rake in more cash.

    Loyola University Chicago, a second tier toilet ranked as the 72nd most amazing law school in the country, achieved a 77% first time passage rate. Loyola was surpassed by another second tier toilet, #86 ranked IIT Chicago-Kent (83% first time passage rate). And most surprising of all, Loyola was surpassed by fourth tier Northern Illinois University (81% first time passage rate), a school tied for 144th and dead last among the ranked schools in the US “News” rankings! That tells you the value of the US “News” rankings. Southern Illinois posted a putrid 57% first time bar passage rate.

    Dean Harold Krent of IIT Chicago-Kent told the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin this whopper: “it’s hard to determine what exactly is causing the decline in recent years, but there’s been a national discussion over whether the drop has been due to changes in exam grading versus testers’ performance. That’s a national debate and it’s hard to prove one thing or another.”

    Pig Interim Dean Michael Kaufman of Loyola Chicago Sewer of Law claimed that the declining bar passage rates are a “really complicated and multifaceted issue that really calls for some careful analysis of data.”

    A copy of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article can be found on U of I’s website: http://www.law.illinois.edu/news/article/4717

    1. All of those institutions other than Chicago and Northwestern are fourth-tier establishments, because they don't yield a reasonable chance of an acceptable outcome. The only schools in Illinois that are worth attending are Chicago and Northwestern—and I'd be very cautious about Northwestern.

      The U of Illinois is greatly overrated. Recall that just a few years ago it landed in the soup for reporting false data on admissions, year after year. Its dean of admi$$ions gloated of a program by which he would "trap about 20 of the little bastards with high GPAs that count and no LSAT score to count against my median".

    2. Old Guy, you are right about Illinois. Last year only 65% of grads obtained long term, full time jobs requiring bar passage. 13% of the class was unemployed 10 months after graduation. That number would have been about 20% if the school didn't hire graduates. Also worth noting, the U.S. "News" reports tuition at U of I's law school is $41,328. But tuition at the medical school is $35,442. How in the hell is it more expensive to train law students than medical students? Medical schools need cadaver labs, histology/pathology labs, and microbiology labs. The medical schools need physicians and PhDs from all specialties to train students. But a law school merely needs a lecture hall and a courtroom (a law school doesn't even need a courtroom, the school can use the local court house). What he hell are law students paying for?

    3. So, now to the meat of the matter.


      PART 1

      So, now to the meat of the matter.



      I am a graduate of the U of I. It was ranked about #22 when I graduated about 4 decades ago.

      I was just in top 25% in my graduating class, not law review, not Order Of The Coif. Seemed like a decent performance as I was admitted on the Friday before classes started, from the reserve list, and therefore, clearly, at the bottom of my class academically.

      So, admitted as the #1 dreg of the dregs, I should have graduated LAST in my class.

      I did much better, but of no consequence. The law is “prestige built.” It is all smoke and mirrors.

      That Pissed Me Off.

      No computer is going to tell me how I will do.

      I graduated in 5 semesters with one summer school session just in the top 25%.

      No matter. The legal market was trash. I had an interview with a recruiter from a Chicago firm of about 125 attorneys. He looked at my resume. He looked up at me. Then he said, "I am ashamed."

      (So, me, taken aback…Ah, excuse me, what???)

      He continued: "Five years ago, we would have hired you by return mail without an interview, but the business climate is such that we have 5 teams going to Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford...and we are hiring 3 attorneys nationwide."

      And THEN I KNEW my future was trash. And it has been so.

      I got a job later, after 2+ years searching, with a 4 person firm in a small town, with no benefits. My youngest sister, 7 years younger than me, with only a B.S. degree, at the same time I finally found a law office job, started as a computer analyst

      I was the 2nd highest fee producer in that firm in my FIRST YEAR.

      (Seriously-as all the other attorneys in the firm had at least 7 years of practice ahead of me. The firm was billing my time at $45 per hour, the next highest rate was $75, and the senior partner was $95. I had no clients of my own and was the second highest fee producer at the lowest hourly billing rate working on the “dregs” of the firm’s work.)

    4. PART 2

      I later learned that I would have been made partner after one and a half years but that the associate ahead of me had not made partner until 2+ and some years, and was unwilling that anyone would make partner quicker than him. So, I was blackballed by a third rate idiot.

      I ultimately turned down partnership when offered it a year later, as I was going to be paid a salary of $25,000, (a jump from my prior $14,000 by far), but I would assume a share of the partnership liabilities which I knew I could not cover, and I had no idea how I could earn that salary based on the firm’s fee structure, considering that the firm made NO effort to acquire new clients. And, I had no confidence in the viability of a firm that would make no effort to acquire new clients.

      So, I worked there a few more months, and progressed to a series of office rentals, a brief partnership, and office sharing arrangements, for a few years until I went entirely on my own in about 1982, and have been solo ever since.

      I once applied to a lawyer for a job. I respected the lead attorney very much. I still do. He asked what I wanted as an income. I modestly said $25,000.00, back in 1982 or so. I never received a response.

      Thank God.

      WHILE WAITING for a job offer, I netted $175,000 that year. So, I was $175,000 ahead of what I would have accepted as a salary of $25,000, and the attorney I respected and still to, lost $150,000. (Not every year has been like that, unfortunately.)

      I have posted a number of times about the inefficiency of the legal education, particularly identifying of the limitations of the Socratic method.

      As graduate of the College of Law of the University Of Illinois, I would rank it as near worthless to prepare a student to practice law.


      My children will not go into the law, and none of them have. I told them that I will not support them and if they do, “It is their own God Damn fault” if they do, and that if they do, I will not help them. Thank God that none have. (Sorry John Cribbet.)


    5. Excellent posts thus far from people who have actually been in the trenches from what I can see. Refreshing relief from the usual trolls. Keep up the good work and give the kids a realistic view of this "profession", for better or worse.

  10. Valpo sounds like a Dr. Seuss character.

    Meet the starving lawyer Valpo
    Who's favorite food is cans of Alpo
    He shares his meals with a mouse
    And they both live in an outhouse

    But it's only tempo-rary, you see
    For Valpo has a fabulous ol' law degree
    He been saying this since 2003
    But he'll just make it in law, you'll see.

  11. I have to wonder - why Valpo specifically? It's a shitpile, but there are at least 100 other schools, or more, equally deserving of a slap from the ABA. Maybe Valpo admin pissed off the wrong people, or one of them fucked the head of the ABA's wife or something.

  12. http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/post-tribune/news/ct-ptb-valparaiso-law-censure-st-1119-20161117-story.html

    Back on November 17, 2016, the Chicago Post-Tribune featured an Amy Lavalley piece entitled "Valparaiso law school under fire; dean says remediation underway." Enjoy this opening:

    "The American Bar Association has censured the Valparaiso University School of Law because the school is not in compliance with the association's admissions standards.

    The ruling, made in late October and released Wednesday, was in response to the law school's request for the appeal of a June finding that the law school was not in compliance with ABA standards and had to take specific remedial actions.

    "Everything they asked us to do we were doing long before they asked us," said Andrea Lyon, who took over as dean of the law school in July 2014.

    At the time, she said the school had just undergone an accreditation review by the ABA, done every seven years.

    "It was very positive, then we got a notice that our admission standards were not in compliance with the rules," she said, adding the school appealed the ruling because they were already making changes.

    In the face of declining enrollment, Lyon said her mission when she took over the law school was to "right-size" the department. Toward that end, the school announced faculty buyouts in late February.

    By early June, 12 faculty took the buyouts, two retired and seven positions were eliminated, she said.

    Lyon said in February that at its peak, the school had 600 students and while the number of students at law schools nationwide has been dropping for 40 years, the decline became precipitous with the recession several years ago. The number of students taking the LSAT, a standardized test required for law school admission, has dropped 50 percent nationwide since 2009.

    The law school currently has about 375 students."

    You're welcome, bitches! Enjoy your forced retirement, pigs. I know that you cockroaches did not miss a wink of sleep, when you financially ruined legions of students and graduates. Now you can try hand at a real job.

  13. Valpo has been a fourth tier shithole since I can remember. Just close the place down already.

  14. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingDecember 9, 2016 at 6:32 PM

    Carrier notwithstanding, Valpo comparatively speaking, was a breath of fresh academic air, intellectual actually for Indiana. Indiana is a dump. This is the place where a coach is celebrated who has major anger issues and throws chairs around stadiums. It's a flat dystopian landscape of cheaply constructed CVS stores, diabetes clinics, pawn and ammo shops, fireworks outlets, new jails, Dollar stores and Cracker Barrel. I-65 and I-69 are rutted and never plowed during the winters. For entertainment, you can go to one of the casinos and choke on cigarette smoke.

    1. You are a jackass. The fact that half the state is rolling hills leads me to believe you've never even stepped foot in a majority of this state. Like any other state, we have good and bad. I would love to know what spectacular state you hale from.

    2. I just climbed off your mother after I got done fucking her in the asshole. So I hail from her.

    3. Whatever loser. You probably never graduated law school, passed the bar, or practiced. The lack of intelligence in your response only solidifies such assumptions.

  15. https://www.insidehighered.com/quicktakes/2016/11/22/aba-censures-law-school

    On November 22, 2016, Inside Higher Ed published an Andrew Kreighbaum article simply entitled "ABA Censures Law School." Here is the full text:

    "The American Bar Association, whose accrediting arm oversees law schools across the country, announced this month that it has censured Valparaiso University School of Law and placed the Charlotte School of Law on probation.

    According to the ABA's archive, it's the first time the organization has censured a law school since 2013 and the first time it has placed a law school on probation in at least five years.

    A censure is one of several possible sanctions the ABA may impose on a law school program, ranging from fines to withdrawal of approval.

    Amid criticism this summer from the federal body that oversees higher education accreditors, the ABA has taken a tough stance in several recent oversight decisions. In August, its accrediting arm recommended against approving the new University of North Texas Dallas College of Law (an announcement last week said UNT Dallas would get another chance to earn accreditation). In the same month, it found the admissions practices at Ave Maria Law School in Florida out of compliance with standards. The ABA, however, said those actions were not taken in response to the criticism of its oversight practices.

    The notices for both the Valparaiso University and Charlotte schools of law cited lack of compliance with standards requiring that a school only admit applicants who appear likely to succeed in the program and pass the bar. The probation notice for the Charlotte School of Law also cited a standard requiring a school to maintain a rigorous program of legal education.

    The Charlotte School of Law responded to the ABA decision in a statement on its website."

    One passage stands out to me: "it's the first time the organization has censured a law school since 2013 and the first time it has placed a law school on probation in at least five years."

    Yes, what an accomplishment, huh?!?! How is that school pride working out for you, Valparaiso Law graduate?! And make sure to ask your customers if they want large fries with their Big Macs or other meal deals.

    1. Let's correct one error right away: the ABA has never "taken a tough stance" in its whole wretched existence. Look at _UNT, mentioned above: the ABA backed down from its decision to deny accreditation to the toilet, yet back-pedaled a few weeks later, even though nothing material had changed.

  16. Indiana is home to two good law schools. And that's it. If you're not at ND or IU Bloomington, then you're look at shitlaw. At best.

    1. I disagree. Indiana doesn't have even one good law school. Despite its prestige, Notre Dame yields unacceptable outcomes for most graduates. That fact alone qualifies Notre Dame for the fourth tier, which includes about 190 of the 205 or so ABA-accredited law schools. And the other law schools in Indiana don't hold a candle to Notre Dame.

  17. Hey, Nando! Jackass Marshall is at it again!
    Hm, can this even be compared to what happens to your typical law school scam victims here in the USA, or is it another "apples-and-oranges" kind of thing?

    (Oh, and another great post, Nando; interesting news about Valpo.)

    1. In the words of Nando, Jack Marshall is truly a pathetic, ball-less, spineless, brainless, eunuch. The narcissistic sociopath is off his SSRI again (yes it causes sexual dysfunction, anorgasmia, and decreased libido, but Marshall is a eunich) and set forth an illogical argument for the sole purpose of attacking the victims of the law school scam. An Oxford graduate is suing the university in short, because he did not graduate with honors. Ball-less Marshall claims that this lawsuit is a prelude to "lawscam" lawsuits against colleges in the U.S. This British lawsuit has nothing to do with lying to students about post graduate employment like the law school pigs. Interestingly, the eunuch left out the fact that deceitful colleges are already being sued. The Federal government settled with DeVry for lying to students about graduate outcomes. Either the eunuch doesn't know how to use Google to research, or the eunuch is a deceitful, lying sociopath. We know it's the latter. I would love to see Nando take down this filthy, disgusting, piece of trash again. But I’m horrified by the thought seeing this eunuch’s face again. A face that is more disgusting than a person with untreated tertiary syphilis.

  18. http://www.valpo.edu/law/prospective-students/p-applying-to-valparaiso/p-discover/p-about-our-students/entering-class

    From the ABA-accredited trash pit's page "Valparaiso Law Welcomes the 2016 Entering Class." Enjoy:


    Members of Valpo Law’s Class of 2019 have work and other experiences that exemplify the School’s commitment to service. Almost half of the new students have experience working in the legal field, including positions as paralegals and law clerks, law firm or government internships, and a wide variety of support positions in public defenders’, prosecutors’, and other law-related offices. Furthermore, several students have worked in law enforcement, and the entering class has nine students with military service.

    Students in the entering class also have a wide range of other professional experiences, including those that have worked in banking, coaching, compliance, healthcare, insurance, real estate, sales, tax, marketing, and teaching experience at the elementary and secondary levels. The entrepreneurial students have owned and operated businesses such as a video game entertainment company and a family-owned brewing company. Other professional accomplishments include sporting instructors, a pastry chef, a licensed scuba diver, caretakers, a pastor, a CEO, an electrician, radio and news reporters, and a three-time beauty queen winner.

    Also in line with Valpo Law’s commitment to service is the vast amount of volunteer work performed by the entering class. Class members have coached numerous teams, including baseball, football, soccer, softball, and cheerleading teams. Many have volunteered on mission trips, in homeless shelters and food pantries, crisis centers, and with organizations such as the American Red Cross, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity, Humane Society, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Salvation Army, Special Olympics, and the United Way. Others have volunteered as tutors, at music and summer camps, and on human rights and political campaigns.

    As undergraduates, several students participated in groups ranging from political and religious interests to theatre, college newspapers, mock trial, fraternities and sororities, and intramural sports teams. Many in our entering class also participated in varsity undergraduate athletics, including baseball, basketball, cheerleading, football, hockey, soccer, tennis, and track and field.

    Many members of the Class of 2019 achieved undergraduate academic honors: Over half the class are recipients of merit and academic scholarships, and the class includes multiple members of honors societies, deans’ list recipients, and presidential award recipients."

    Here is something more important than your students' volunteer activities: your median LSAT score of 147 and median UGPA of 3.02. Also, you only have 102 idiots enrolled full-time, along with two part timers.

    No law firm or potential employer will give one damn about you coaching a Little League baseball team or serving food to bums in soup kitchens. They care about where you went to school, your intelligence, and track record of getting things right in an efficient manner. Good luck trying to convince them to give your ass the time of day, with a TTTT degree from this dung heap, bitch!

    1. Well, I dunno, Nando.

      There are a number of jurisdictions where the pay is so low, judges live under bridges, and they consider soup kitchens "a night out on the town." So, law students hand-feeding judges might have a "leg up."

    2. Students do "service."

      That is, "work for free."

      Administrators tout the (compelled) "generosity" of the students, and tilt the mirror to make free work look like "meaningful experience" thereby drawing in more suckers.

      "Service" is simply free work.

      (I have no issue with doing free service for the community. I DETEST the idea that grown adult professors and administrators sucker in innocents to do free work and the adult professors and administrators aggrandize their incomes thereby. That is ABUSE.

    3. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

      Notice how the scammers make sure they are taken care of. And they seem to have no qualms indebting their students and you don't actually see them doing any of that work they say the students need to do.

      Typical predatory liberals. Do what I say, not what I do, and give me all your money while you're at it.

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