Monday, December 12, 2016

TTTTT Holiday Giveaway: ABA Cockroaches Fully Accredit the University of Massachusetts Sewer of Law

News Coverage: On December 7, 2016, the Boston Globe published a piece from Laura Krantz, under the headline “UMass Law School gains full accreditation.” Look at this opening:

“The University of Massachusetts School of Law in Dartmouth announced Tuesday that it has received full accreditation by the American Bar Association, a milestone for the six-year-old school that has struggled with growing pains.

UMass officials said they believe its new status will propel the state’s first public law school, which has faced lackluster enrollment and ongoing financial issues, toward greater success and help in its mission to produce attorneys focused on social justice. 

“For those of us concerned about protecting the rights of all residents of the Commonwealth, UMass Law will play a key role in that effort moving forward,” said UMass President Martin T. Meehan.

The school received provisional accreditation in 2012. After a visit in March and several rounds of meetings this fall, the bar association awarded full accreditation Dec. 2.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, this measure will propel this toilet to new heights, right?!?! The fact remains that this public cesspool will always be a dung heap that admits waterheads and delusional asswipes who cannot get into a real law school. At least now, it can obtain “Ranked Not Published” status by the pussies at US “News” & World Report.

Other Analysis: On December 7, 2016, OTLSS featured a post from "Old Guy," which was entitled “U Mass Dartmouth accredited; students are worth $53 per hour.” Read the whole article, but enjoy the following excerpt in particular:

“Don't accuse the ABA of letting ink encrust its rubber stamp of approval. Just months after accrediting Indiana Tech (only to see this internationally esteemed center of law & hip-hop shut its doors forever), the ABA has done the same for the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. See this puff piece that U Mass Dartmouth—call it "You Ass" for short—published yesterday:

U Mass Dartmouth rose like a phoenix (the University of Phoenix?) from the ashes of an entity called the Southern New England School of Law, which dumped its ass(ets) onto the state in 2010. The state, in exchange, felt compelled to set up its ninth—yes, ninth—law school. 

Now, the establishment of law schools at Indiana Tech and possibly soon in southernmost Texas has been justified in part by the great distance that the fine denizens of Fort Wayne and McAllen would have to travel in order to attend the nearest law school. Weak as it indubitably is for Indiana and Texas, that argument seems downright risible for Massachusetts, which can be traversed from Pittsfield to Provincetown in only four hours—even more quickly if a Masshole is behind the wheel. So that argument wasn't even proffered in support of U Mass Dartmouth. Instead, the upstart academy was justified as the state's only public law school. Eight private ones, evidently, just do not meet the needs of the Bay State. Why stop at Harvard when you can have U Mass Dartmouth? 

Like every other toilet school, U Mass Dartmouth claims a special mission: "to diversify the legal profession and expand access to justice for citizens". Ho-hum. Where have I heard that song before? 

The puff piece proclaims that "UMass Law had the most diverse entering class in New England in 2015 (35.5%) and the rate is 33% this year"… 

U Mass bears all the hallmarks of a toilet, especially its dreadful median LSAT score (148). Like so many other toilets, U Mass preys upon people who shouldn't be in law school, all the while congratulating itself for its "diversity".

What's this about "access to justice"? Just four days before announcing its accreditation, U Mass published another puff piece, this time about its students' volunteer work:

"Since the UMass School of Law was established at UMass Dartmouth in 2010 to serve the public interest, its students have delivered more than 87,000 hours of service to the community. This service has been valued at more than $4.5 million."

Pardon me? How can the "service" of students at a then-unaccredited toilet be worth that much? Because the bulk of the work, falling in the legal field (though what the students actually did is not clear), is assessed "[a]t $53 per hour (the amount paid to District Court-appointed lawyers in Massachusetts)". [Emphasis mine]

Licensed attorneys who graduated from this ABA-accredited pile of excrement would kill for a job that paid them $53 an hour. Hell, they would cry tears of joy while strangling a bum to death – with their bare hands. 

Conclusion: Obtaining full accreditation from the American Bar Association cockroaches is about as big of an “accomplishment” as getting laid by a raggedy-ass prostitute. If you pay them, then they will perform the task assigned. Lemmings, this will not greatly increase your odds of landing decent legal positions. The Univer$iTTTTTy of Ma$$achu$eTTTTT$ Sewer of Law will remain a bottom-feeding commode for the duration of its existence. Get that through your thick skull, Dumbass.


  1. Cool Beans! All they need to to do is establsih an AAMPLE program and also pledge to increase minority lawyers.

    Welcome to the ABA future MA lawyers !

  2. Come on guys. Give this school a break. This school is actually trying to help the students compared to the rest of the Law Schools is MA. Compare Boston College with tution at north of $45 annually.

    BC ranked at 24 , and this school at 193, but its about half the cost and easier to get into.

    True story - had a friend who went to BC law, graduated at the bottom half of his class, and could not find a legal job. He failed the bar twice and had to move back home with his parents and eventually found work at a call center.

    He thought.. get an easy major in undergrad - get high GPA get into top Law school and then BC law was a ticket to easy street.

    Boy was he wrong, and he was an URM and had no one to tell him otherwise. With odds like these going to the cheapest school is the only way to go.

    The HBCU's will not leave you disapointed! Famu, Southern, TSU,
    NCCU... they all have cheap tuition!

    But here is the thing, going to law school is a gamble. There are to many vaiables that will influence your future and that are out of your control.

    But you can always control cost. Eventhough the schools listed may have low employmnt rates they will get you a ticket into the bar to start practicing law. And with time you will eventually get a chance.

    Its all a gamble, do it with the least cost.

    1. "it's all a gamble, do it with the least cost"


      In other words, DON'T DO IT!

      Do NOT gamble your future with $150k-$250K+ of non-dischargeable student loan debt from law school.

      The mere thought is ridiculous on its face.

      I knew years ago that BC was over-rated.

      Rank of law school is everything. Coming out of a 193 has a 95%++ chance of yielding the same, or somehow worse result, as what happened to the guy from BC.

      95% of these people, IMO, will never make anywhere near the amount of money in law or even in their working lives otherwise to justify attending.

      The 509 shows it will cost about 50K per year, including living expenses, to attend which means $150k of debt at the end, not including opportunity costs.

      With interest on interest, they'll never pay it down fast enough.. Never. It will never be paid down or back.

      And their job ops will be lower-pay than if they had not gone at all.

      And, Tax Bomb at the end.

      The only people that succeed at schools like this are already juiced into the local community. They will either go free-ride or have a scholly and family has money and the ability to place them in a solid job after graduation. That's maybe 3% of the class at the end. The rest will get royally boned..

      The guy from BC had nowhere to go in law absent a gov't job which he didn't get because minority females are hired in those jobs or white women, not minority men. They have AA/EoE. He does not, in reality.

      As a minority male, he is also unwelcome in law.

      He has no future. Just debt for all his hard work and his 20's are gone or nearly gone.

      Law school is simply too big of a gamble to take today except for all but the most connected, groomed, wealthy, etc.

    2. Don't do it at all unless you are SURE you want to be an attorney. Don't go tolaw school unless you have the proper connections OR you have experienced working in a law firm as a non-lawyer to see what goes on and what it is like. What the clients are like. What the partners are like. What the other attorneys are like. That is the way to go about it. Then you know if you really want to practice law. Don't encourage these naïve kids to do it any other way; that is very poor advice.

  3. Here's the breakdown of MA law schools.

    Harvard...and everyone else.

    Even BC and BU are shitholes in comparison. And Yale, NYU, and Columbia will place more in Boston biglaw than those two.

    1. I agree. In the whole of New England, only Harvard and Yale deserve consideration. The other schools are all fourth-tier toilets. Yes, that includes Boston College and Boston University.

  4. UMass Dartmouth is the former the New Bedford Textile School and the Bradford Durfee Textile School in Fall River.

    I imagine that the former textile workers are rolling over in their graves over their grandchildren and great grandchildren going to law school and ending up with a lower standard of living then they "enjoyed."

  5. Tom Vu here from the University of Massachusetts School of Law, Dartmouth.

    Not everyone is fortunate enough to know my tactics to make a lot of money. My method differs from others. My system teaches you how to make money from law right away!

    I just made $215,000 representing an indigent client. What can you do with $215,000? Take 10 trips around the world! Put 5 kids through college! Look at my mansion. Do you want a mansion like me? Look at my yacht and all these beautiful women with me! You can have this too!

    My system can show you how to put money in your pocket from law right away.

    Here is the secret to making millions. Represent an indigent client. Make a small profit. Keep repeating the same process.

    If you can do 10 deals like the way I show you, you can become a millionaire. In the last 5 years, many of our students have made a lot of money. Here is one of my students receiving a check from a lawsuit for a lot of money.

    I started with nothing. In a few years I made a fortune. If you know my tactic, you don’t need credit, you don’t need money.

    A lot of your friends will tell you not to go to law school because it is a get rich quick scheme. It is a get rich quick scheme because life is too short to get rich slow! I never forget what my grandfather told me. There are two kinds of people in life. The doer and the loser. Which one are you?

    Do you have the guts to step out from what you are and achieve your financial freedom? If you are not willing to be taught by self-made millionaires at the University of Massachusetts School of Law, Dartmouth, then you deserve to be broke!

    The knowledge you will learn from our school will make you financially independent for the rest of your life! You don’t have to ask your boss for a raise anymore. Give yourself a raise and attend our law school.

    The money making strategy taught at our school will help you to get rich. You don’t need to be a genius. A lot of our students are average people who made a lot of money! Do you see yourself as a millionaire some day? Have some guts. Come to our school!

    1. Epic.

      This guy was a staple of late-night infomercials of the late 1980's along with Don Lapre in the early 90's.

      Of course, 99% of people lost money - kinda like law school today.

      Who succeeds in law school?

      The same people who succeed in real estate. Those who have a lot of money, connections, and backers.

      Those who have been consistently and constantly groomed.

      Everyone else is gambling on a very uneven playing field.

      And, of course the promoters who like the House in any casino never take any risks and never lose any money, poor business decisions aside. In fact, like the infomercial people they do very well at society's expense.

    2. Don Lapre committed suicide in a jail cell. Fitting end to a scam artists life. The lawyers scamming the educational system deserve the same.

  6. What is up with that aample HBCU pusher? TSU is a shithole.

  7. Note that that rate of $53 per hour is not for a job; it's for self-employment. Out of that paltry sum, the lawyer would have to pay self-employment taxes and business expenses.

  8. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingDecember 13, 2016 at 8:42 AM

    Like Illinois, MA has a law school gap. Does MA have billboards offering $49.00 traffic court defense?

  9. @ 5:17, very nice.

    So, this skool placed exactly zero (0) graduates in Big Law or Federal clerkships.
    One (1) each in medium-sized firms and local clerkships. (probably Daddy set those up)

    Translation: the best that can be hoped for coming out of UmASS is a spot at the bottom dregs of the already declining legal industry.

    Just try selling pagers or cassette tapes, it'll be about as rewarding.

    1. "Translation: the best that can be hoped for coming out of UmASS is a spot at the bottom dregs of the already declining legal industry."


      Nailed it.

      You have literally zero shot effectively (maybe 1%, I'll give that..) coming out of a school like this - ABSENT coming from money/connections in which case, like many "successful" law school graduates, you never needed law school in the first place.

      It was simply a finishing degree for you. But those assholes, of course, will never admit that to themselves let alone to your face.

      Coming from this school, graduates are destined for spectacular, debt-ridden lifetime failure.

      The only reason this school exists is to suck in Fed. Loan money. As much as it can to feed its administration, faculty, and staff.


    2. People with money and connections aren't likely to go to a toilet school.

    3. That's not correct. There will be people at every law school who come from money and/or have solid connections for the local market. Enough to place them in good jobs post-graduation. I know of several from my own law school as examples. Not everyone who has money or connections has connections sufficient or money sufficient for Harvard / Yale / Stanford. They do, however, have sufficient money and connections for their local market. And, honestly, no matter how much these types are prepped or groomed, their Downs Syndrome-like IQ's will prevent them from scoring high enough to push them into the better schools. So the local school will do where they can be a Big Fish in a Small Pond. Post graduation, family will get them placed into that first critical law job which so often sets the tone for one's entire legal career.

      You will encounter people from money and/or connections at every law school and this is the uneven playing field I've discussed in previous posts.

      They've already won the Game before playing it while everyone else has to be Top 10% or better - of which 90% cannot be mathematically.

      It's called: Getting screwed..

  10. Get this: Seven, count them, Seven! ABA law schools in California had a first time pass rate of 41% or less on the July bar exam.

    Four were at 31% or lower.

    These dumps aren't long for the world, I really feel like.

    1. If only. These terlets should not have existed but for the perpetuation of The Law School Scam by the scamsters looking to tap that sweet federal student loan money.

      It is typical of The Scam to tout the need for more lawyers to "serve the underserved", ignoring of course the fact that you won't last long soloing without getting paid. Another favorite of The Scam is to trot out the need for more underrepresented persons in the "profession"--caring not one bit about chaining those same persons they care so MUCH about to a lifetime of debt-ridden angst.

      Accordingly, The Law School Scam is one of the most evil, if not the most evil, fraud perpetrated in the higher education industry.

  11. A few months ago, the Wisconsin Bar published an amazing piece of fiction titled “Law School: Applications Historically Low, Alternative Job Options Rising.”

    The article illustrates what we can expect to hear from the pigs in the coming years.

    The article opened by noting that the number of applicants to U.S. law schools declined “every year in the last five years, a 38 percent decline from 2010…The economic downturn of the late 2000s triggered a drastic reduction in the number of students applying to and enrolling in ABA-approved law schools.”

    This is revisionist history. Applications dropped once the ABA finally prohibited schools from publishing fraudulent graduate employment data. When schools had to admit that most of their graduates were unemployed or working non-legal jobs, applications plummeted.

    But then the article claims not to worry about the terrible market for lawyers, because the market for lawyers is not terrible at all. Michael Keller, assistant dean for “career” and professional development at the UW Law school claims, “a number of non-law firm employers, such as accounting firms, are recruiting heavily out of law schools because, as one recruiter told me, ‘it’s easier to teach the numbers to a lawyer than the law to an MBA graduate.' Those are considered J.D. Advantage jobs.” How about that! Team AAMPLE is all wrong. Don’t waste your time opening your own practice advertising traffic ticket defense at $50 along the expressway. You want to cash in on your J.D., join an accounting firm. They desperately want you over an MBA!

    Don’t forget there are “professional” jobs hiring J.D.s too! Professional positions “include those working as nurses, doctors, engineers, or architects.” Hell, the J.D. is sounding more and more like an incredible degree!

    And if you insist on forgoing that accounting job because you really want to practice law, great news! Keller claims “the overwhelming majority of students we work with in the Career Planning Center are interested in working in urban and metropolitan areas. Sometimes it takes until six months after graduation where they’ve been trying and trying to find work in Milwaukee or Madison and suddenly they come to the realization that they may have to go elsewhere. It may not mean going to Antigo, but it may mean going to a mid-sized community like Janesville, Eau Claire, or La Crosse. I wish we could get to those students earlier. I’m hoping it’s not a generational thing, because the rural and mid-sized communities are areas showing demand. It’s really important for graduates to understand they can make a great life in those areas.”

    Hear that you entitled whiners! Stop trying to get an urban legal job. Rural areas are desperately looking for lawyers!

    1. Sure, those rural areas have plenty of need for young attorneys. They just can't pay them.

    2. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingDecember 15, 2016 at 6:27 PM

      Anon at 3:08,

      You are wrong, wrong, wrong. The billboards along the Chicago expressways do NOT advertise traffic ticket defense at $50.00. It is $49.00.


    From the recently-accredited trash pit known as the Univer$iTTTTTy of Ma$$achu$eTTTTT$ Sewer of Law:

    “Mission Statement

    UMass Law is the Commonwealth’s public law school. We are committed to providing an excellent, affordable, and accessible legal education.

    Our collegial community respects and promotes diversity in identity and ideas. Our program balances legal theory, doctrine, skills, experience, and professionalism. We strive to graduate competent, ethical, and creative professionals who exercise sound judgment.

    Our involvement in the legal community enables our students to thrive in a changing profession and to serve the needs of their future clients.

    We advance justice within and beyond the Commonwealth through our research, writing, teaching, learning, practice, and engagement with the profession.

    Core Values

    • Access to legal education

    • Individualized engagement to support the academic and professional goals and well-being of students and alumni

    • Respectful and collegial community that promotes and supports:
    o diversity in people and ideas, and
    o development of professional identity

    • Excellent education that balances:
    o legal knowledge, skills, and theory
    o ethical and professional habits, skills, and values, and
    o understanding of law in 
society through experiential learning

    • Pursuit of justice within and beyond the Commonwealth through:
    o research and practice that contribute to the development of the law and legal education
    o service to the public and partnership with the profession
    o enhancement of access to justice, and

    o contribution to social and economic development”

    If your IQ exceeds room temperature, then you will quickly recognize that all of those supposed “values” are nothing more than gibberish designed to dupe idealistic young people. Good luck trying to fight for “social justice” when your ass owes $164,921.18 in additional NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt! That is not exactly collegial, Lemming.

    1. Core Values
      -Access to legal education

      Who the hell is not getting into law school? Last year 42,300 out of 54,500 applicants were admitted to one law school. That is a 77.6% acceptance rate!

      -enhancement of access to justice

      If the pigs want to improve access to justice, why aren't they upset about all of the lemmings graduating each year and taking JD "Advantage" jobs? Weren't these students admitted to improve access to justice? No, they were admitted to transfer Federal tax dollars from the U.S. Treasury into the pigs' bank accounts. Lemmings taking JD "Advantage" jobs makes the toilet look good for attracting more student loan conduits.

    2. You hit the nail on the head. If it were about "access to justice," law schools, Deans and Prawfs would be lobbying to expand public defender offices, legal aid and other government attorneys. Governments are laying attorneys off in droves. The silence of law school is deafening.


    On December 7, 2016, the Boston Herald republished an Associated Press article, under the headline "UMass Law School earns national accreditation." Here is the full text below:

    "University of Massachusetts School of Law officials say the state's first public law school has reached a major milestone with full accreditation by the American Bar Association.

    The announcement means that the 6-year-old Dartmouth school, which has experienced growing pains, meets or exceeds all ABA quality standards. The school earned provisional accreditation in 2012.

    UMass system president Marty Meehan says the announcement means the school can better focus on its mission of social justice, public service and helping society's most vulnerable.

    The school was approved in2010 by the state Board of Higher Education, which accepted the Southern New England School of Law's offer to donate its campus and assets."

    Again with the "public service" excrement. Everyone knows that "social justice" jobs pay garbage wages. For some reason, society's "most vulnerable" segment of the population cannot afford decent legal services.

    This public trash heap charges full-time, in state students $24,466 in tuition - for the 2016-2017 academic year. Then again, the pigs ass rape full-time, non-resident victims to the tune of $34,618 - for 2016-2017. Does it seem wise to represent broke bastards in legal matters now, waterhead?!?!

  14. "its mission to produce attorneys focused on social justice."

    If this school wants to pursue social justice, they should start by not saddling their students with tens of thousands of dollars of debt in exchange for meager employment opportunities.

  15. Law is a dying industry much because the bread and butter work in wills, trusts, probate, real estate, the mundane stuff that used to nonetheless call forth an attorney's services, has been eaten up by non-lawyers.

    It's really that simple.

    All the stuff that attorneys used to look over or to conduct for people has been usurped by civilians. No one brings an attorney to a house closing anymore, let alone have him check over the unsigned purchase offer as it should be done; some real estate broker with a GED and big tits is getting a $6000.00 commish on the transaction, but a client (or would-be client) will scream if a licensed attorney wants 300 bucks to check over the deal.

    This is a dying field, kids. Think long and hard about what you really wanna do with yer life!

    1. Spot on. Folks are screaming about two bills for a court appearance. I know an attorney who was happy to get forty bucks from a client....

    2. Our county went from 95% of all real estate transactions having an attorney for each side, to about 5% according to a title company attorney acquaintance of mine.

      I used to do about 50 real estate transactions a year. Now I do about 5. Mostly sales from probate estates I am handling.

      It is fading quickly.

    3. That is spot on, regarding the property closings. I stopped doing them because people wanted to pay $150. But you are correct, the purchaser will not complain about the other fees, e.g. title company charging $9,000 for the closing. (This is the Supporter of The Old Guy.)

    4. PART 1

      I had a caller one day, who wanted me to represent him as a seller of his residence. He said that "his employer will give him $500 for attorney's fees."

      I told him that his employer does not let me set the prices of its products (his employer’s products generally start in the multi-million dollar range) and I don't let his employer set my fees. I thanked him for the call and wished him "good luck."

      A friend of mine once said to me-he was a solo landscape architect-that your client can set the price, the time frame, or the quality, but only one. The other two are set by the professional.

      Well, I never let the client set the level of quality. "Ah...I just want you to pay you to look at this little aspect of this complicated matter...."

      I NEVER undertake representation on a limited basis. You either hire me to represent you the way I see fit, or you need another lawyer.

      4 decades ago, I had a matter or two, which were something along the lines of doing limited work, but I ended up doing my typical "full bore" representation, largely out of concern of missing issues and getting sued for malpractice as a client has no idea how interrelated issues can be. So, I did the full job, and was only paid for part of it. As one can predict, the client's judgment that he need only pay for a limited engagement was CONFIRMED, and I ended up looking like a “greedy lawyer” who wanted to do unnecessary work and bill more.

      Another early anecdote: A caller said he was involved in a small claims case in another county, trial was in a day or two, and wanted some "pointers" about how to represent himself. The case concerned a couple of hundred dollars-pocket change.

      I tried several times to “send him away,” but he persisted. So, with multiple verbal qualifications and disclaimers, I ran through the basics of a small claims trial. (In my state, the rules of evidence are suspended, judges will listen to hearsay…it is all pretty chaotic. (Hopefully, you can tell by my prose in this post, that I have an organized mind and can express myself “goodly”…just kidding-there is humor in the law).

      Several days after the trial, he called back. “We had the trial-I lost-there were things you did not tell me about trials...”

      Well, that was one of those “Epiphany” moments. I instantly recognized that the caller had not understood any of the verbal disclaimers I had made. I take thorough notes of my phone conferences. I told him that he really needed a lawyer as a trial is the “fastest game in town.” (I once traded as a market maker on a national options exchange-trials are MUCH faster paced.)

    5. Part 2

      I reminded him of my disclaimers, that I had 3 years of legal education, 4 or 5 years of experience, that he was at risk as he had no legal training as was headed into an arena where he had no experience.

      The hammer-blow was I told him that there was an INFINITE number of things I did not tell him, as there are an infinite number of things that can arise in a trial and totally impossible to anticipate what will arise. That comment took the wind out of his sails.

      “You got what you asked for…and you did not take my advice and hire an attorney.”

      I learned NEVER to advise a caller on how to represent themselves. Fortunately, I learned that lesson very early.

      I just sent a tough email to a client. I am angry and tired. The client makes 2 or 3 times what I manage to make.

      A year and a half ago, my client had a huge issue. I moved it to the top of my priority list. It was terribly stressful. For a four week period, I might find that I would spend 6 hours of a day working on the client’s issue, having no idea when I left the office the night before that I would have anything at all to do the next day for that client.

      I put many other clients’ work on the back burner, while I scrambled to deal with the 6 hours of surprise work. Worrying about delaying other client’s work and the calls I would get from them is a component of the stress. (And I got those irate client calls.)

      At the end of the representation, my bill was, for example purposes “$5,000.”

      A year and a half later, the payments I have received on my bill have not yet equaled my overhead cost.

      So, the gist of my email to my client was that I JUMPED to represent him, and did a very fine job, you have made payments, but not enough to cover my overhead, so I still, after a year and a half, I have not yet received a single dollar as gross income, out of which I will have to pay income tax.

      Clients think that their bill, and the check they write, is MY INCOME. Hello-I have office rent, legal research fees, postage, phones, parking, office supplies…

      Then, I pay income taxes like everyone else.

      The bill was about $5,000. My overhead is over $3,000 of that and my overhead has still not been covered.

      I emailed: “When was the last time that you waited a year an a half for a paycheck?”
      Client has not emailed a response. Four days have passed. I probably will not be paid and will lose money for having represented this client.

      WELCOME to the real practice of law.

  16. The scam will never die, for three reasons:
    1. It's clear that the powers that be-the ABA/politicians, etc-have no interest in doing anything but keeping the scam going-this school getting accreditation is the perfect example. Don't be surprised when the south Texas law school and the Tacoma law school, ad infinitum, get built and ABA approval.
    2. It's now conventional wisdom that everyone go to college. So there are thousands of new grads with worthless BAs in history and English and sociology and political science and education debt. Other than retail, there is nothing they can do with these worthless degrees. So what do they do? Well, go to law school! They've got debt already, so what's another 250K? Besides it's the Million Dollar degree! Not sure if these people can be called lemmings; in a way it's worse, b/c they just don't care. And there are thousands of them, willing to take on the LS debt b/c it's better than working at the GAP.
    3. The federal $$$ keeps flowing, and it doesn't appear that it will stop anytime soon-or anytime, ever.
    So the scam schools will have to adjust, but that's the sign of a good con artist-always adjust to the mark. And there are thousands of marks out there.
    It appears that the good work of Nando and others has been noted by the smarter kids, as it's clear that the scammers are accepting less qualified applicants, to the point where some schools now have open admissions. And what are the powers that be doing about that? Well, nothing.
    Keep a close eye on Valpo; it's in a tough spot now, to the point where no one should attend the school and it ought to close. But it won't, b/c the aimless have nothing better to do. And how many other schools-50? 75?-need to close before supply and demand even out? But will they close? No. Too many new grads with nothing to do but go to law school.
    The scammers aren't going to give up their incredibly soft lives just b/c things are a bit more challenging. If they did, they'd have to practice law-and who wants to do that?

  17. There will always be desperate Liberal Artists trying to cure their useless BA's by topping off with a JD, without stopping to think whether or not they want to be an attorney. Since there are no barriers to entry into non-elite lol schools, the lemmings continue over the cliff.


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