Thursday, January 5, 2017

Excrement Runs Downhill: Saga at Fourth Tier Charlotte School of Law Continues, as Pigs Halt New Spring 2017 Enrollment

Power Flush: On January 3, 2017, the Charlotte Observer published a Michael Gordon piece entitled “Lawsuits grow over Charlotte School of Law woes; students plan Wednesday rally.” Enjoy this opening:

“The legal challenges continue to mount against embattled Charlotte School of Law, which had a deadline Tuesday to appeal the federal cut-off of tens of millions of dollars in federal student aid. 

CSL is the country’s first accredited law school to lose access to student loans and other money administered by the U.S. Department of Education. The agency’s decision has left hundreds of students scrambling to find other means of paying for tuition and fees of about $60,000 a year. 

Government documents last month accused the school of misleading students and the public about its graduates’ performance on the state bar exam, their success rate in finding jobs within the legal profession, and CSL’s troubled standing before the accrediting American Bar Association. 

Education officials said it cut off the money because the school’s admission policy and curriculum left students unprepared for legal work and saddled with heavy debt that they have little chance of paying back. That leaves taxpayers footing the bill for unpaid loans. 

The ABA put the school on two years’ probation in November. The Department of Education announced last month it was revoking the school’s access to loans and other taxpayer supported dollars, effective Dec. 31. 

Two groups of students already have filed class-action, federal lawsuits accusing the school of deception and fraud, among other violations.” [Emphasis mine]

In the end, federal student loan dollars are the lifeblood of the law school scam. Let’s see how the cockroaches operate, when they need to rely on big-ass donations, tapping into their endowment, wealthy students, or enrolled chumps who receive private loans.

Later on, the author continued:

“In their last statement to students and alumni on Friday, CSL leaders said they remain “cautiously optimistic” that the money will be restored and classes will resume on schedule this month. However, the school also said that because of the “uncertainty” over tuition loans, it will not be admitting new students in January. On the surface that appears to be another financial blow against the for-profit school. 

The DOE has cut off money to more than 40 schools over the past three budget years. Only four of those institutions have successfully appealed and reversed that decision, government spokesmen say.

CSL President Chidi Ogene and Jay Conison, the law school’s dean, also said school leaders are working on a transfer plan with Florida Coastal School of Law, an arrangement that Ogene and Conison say “would protect our students and ensure that they can complete their program of education.” The Florida school and CSL are part of the InfiLaw group, which also operates a for-profit law school in Arizona.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, the pigs are confident of obtaining access to Department of Education loans, huh?!?! How many of the dolts will make the TTTT move to Jacksonville, Florida – in order to continue their garbage “legal education”?!

Other Coverage: On January 3, 2017, the Charlotte Business Journal featured a piece from the handsome Jennifer Thomas, under the headline “Charlotte Law: New spring 2017 enrollment halted among financial aid ‘ambiguity.’” Take a look for yourself:

“Charlotte School of Law won’t enroll a new spring 2017 class amid ongoing uncertainties tied to its federal financial aid. 

The for-profit law school says it has notified those incoming students of that decision.” 

Now, scroll down to her conclusion: 

“The law school also is working with Florida Coastal School of Law on options to facilitate transfer opportunities for students effective for spring 2017.

It is preparing what is known as a teach-out plan to be considered by the bar association when it meets in March. That relationship with another ABA-accredited institution would help protect students and ensure they can complete their education.” [Emphasis mine]

How thoughtful of the bastards, right?!?! They ought to shove that "teach-out plan" up their portly asses. [Read: the “relationship” would help ensure that the swine at InfiLaw can continue to get their greedy hooves on bags of federal student loan money.]

Conclusion: If you are a student of this ABA-accredited trash heap, why not just abandon this sinking TTTT ship? Hell, this is a glaring red flag that you should not be attending this law school. In fact, if this is the best commode you can get into, then you should have questioned your decision long ago. Then again, that would require an IQ above room temperature – and you idiots don’t meet that threshold. Instead, those enrolled in this certified pile of rancid waste will bemoan their possible fate of “not being able to complete their law degree at Charlotte Sewer of Law.” You had no decent employment prospects coming out of this cesspit anyway, genius.


  1. Another one bites the dust - hopefully. At the very least, if all the for-profit trash cans are denied federal loan dollars and shut down, that will be some kind of positive. Not nearly enough though.

  2. Remember this article from 2014?

    And Charlotte wants to shovel its "students" into this cesspit?

    Of course it does. This would keep the money flowing into the Infilaw system which is *all* they care about - not leaving money on the table. And that's all any of these law schools fucking care about. Not that your future is wrecked for 25-30 years and beyond, so basically your entire life, etc. Just and only the bottom line.

    As far as Charlotte continuing, those odds aren't good.. 10% chance and they know it. Also, as I've said previously, this system is now being specifically targeted for elimination. They are not wanted in the current hyper-competitive environment concerning Fed. student loan money.

    The "non-profits" aren't any different. Make no mistake. These 3 are simply the worst of the worst of the lot.

    But the dumb-ass Lemmings continue to enroll thanks to the Horatio Alger and Follow Your Dream Americana myths, with tuition increasing 3-5x faster than inflation on into the stratosphere.

    Stupid is as stupid does. You can't convince these people. I no longer try. They *will* figure it out the hard way. That's how most people seem to learn - after the colossal fuck-ups have been made and there's no going back.

  3. I am seriously concerned that many lemmings out there suffer psychosis or delusional disorder. Check out the delusional thinking of one Charlotte Law Sewer Lemming:

    3L Charlotte Law Sewer student Andrew Howe, a 31 year old former teacher, was interviewed by Charlotte’s NPR. Howe said regarding his decision to attend Charlotte Law Sewer, “I think there were some rumblings that their bar passage rate wasn't as good as other schools, but everything from the school, everything I read said they're still a law school. They're still accredited. There's no issue."

    Let’s take a look at what Howe read when he was applying to law schools in the Fall of 2013/Spring of 2014. Charlotte Law Sewer had a July 2013 North Carolina bar exam first time passage rate of 57.8%. I’m not sure how you characterize that terrible bar passage rate as “some rumblings” unless you have an IQ below room temperature or suffer delusions. The state average pass rate was 71.01% (probably brought down because of Charlotte Law Sewer). The graduating class of 2013 had an unemployment rate of over 15%. 2% of graduates were working in non-professional jobs. Only 36.9% of graduates obtained full time, long term jobs requiring bar passage. Many of those graduates were solos. The class admitted in 2013 had a median GPA of 2.91 and a median LSAT of 144.

    Given Howe’s background as a teacher, I don’t think he has an IQ below room temperature. He should have known that those numbers are terrible. Nevertheless, Howe quit his job as a high school teacher and used federal loans to support his family while attending Charlotte Law Sewer. This kind of delusional thinking indicates psychosis or delusional disorder. People with delusional disorder can still function normally despite their false beliefs.

    Sadly, Howe still suffers from mental illness. He said, “I think the worst case scenario is, after looking at all the options I just decide to walk away.” If you think that walking away and having your student loans forgiven by the Federal government because your law school was a scam is the worst case scenario, you should seek help from a psychiatrist immediately. The best case scenario is he walks away, has his loans forgiven, and he returns to teaching. Howe is endangering himself and his family with his false belief that finishing law school with massive amounts of student loans is the best case scenario.

    1. His view is typical of a Lemming but a few things really trouble me:

      1) His age. 31 is squarely non-trad and age is a major factor in hiring for associates. It's just never spoken of.

      2) His comment about Charlotte as simply another accredited law school, etc. shows he is unaware of the importance of rankings, etc. In other words, he believes all law degrees and law schools are equal, etc.

      3) Can he "walk away" via a closed school discharge. Can he "walk away" back to his old profession etc? These things need to be fully explored.

      At his age and beyond, the consequences of poor decision making are often compounded.

    2. "everything I read said they're still a law school."

      Good, I am glad that he wasn't planning on getting his legal education from a blender. That would make slightly less sense.

    3. 31 is old as fuck for a first year associate at a law firm. Especially a good one. You know, the ones that represent corporations and legit business owners and not dangerous criminals.

    4. Going into law at an even older age, I learned that the hard way. Age-based discrimination is unfair and irrational but very real. It has impeded me—and I finished at the top of the class of an élite law school.

      Do not start law school past the age of 28. And do not go to a toilet school under any circumstances.

    5. Agreed that 31 is squarely non-trad. The firms want kids who will bust ass 80 hours a week. They will look askance at anyone outside the mold.

    6. Yep. This guy needs to run, now. I know exactly where this guy is coming from, and the lack of "K-JD training" and guidance allows him and many, many more like him to make these kinds of terrible mistakes.

      He's not stupid, just uninformed. People going to law school to work at mom or dad's firm get the low-down and insider guidance to not make these mistakes. It's sad that people operating in good-faith can result in such carnage, while the cartel continues to laugh all the way to the bank.

    7. I'm not so sure that stupidity doesn't play a role here. He admits to knowing that his toilet school's graduates fare poorly on the bar exams, yet he justifies his continued enrollment on the grounds that Harlotte is "still a law school".

      I'm sorry to have to call someone stupid, but what else can I say? Even Harlotte's own published data, readily available because the ABA requires their publication, showed the students' abysmal outcomes. More than one-third of the students last year failed out. More than a quarter of the graduates in 2015 were unemployed ten months after graduation, and nearly half of those who reported employment were working in "Business & Industry" (a category known to include everything from high-ranking managers to unskilled workers—and a lot more of the latter than the former). Harlotte was plainly a bad choice—for anyone, of any age.

      Had Howe enrolled at an élite school, or even a highly regarded school that nonetheless turns out badly for most graduates (only 16 of the 200+ ABA-accredited law schools see even 40% of their graduates get the sorts of jobs that give them a fair chance of paying off a typical burden of student loans), I would have felt more sympathy. In this case, though, his mistake cannot be put down to unawareness of the pervasiveness of age-based discrimination. Harlotte was a bad choice for everyone, irrespective of age.

  4. Harlotte's median LSAT score of 144 is at the 23d percentile. In other words, more than three-quarters of the people who took the LSAT outscored most of the students at Harlotte. Perfectly dreadful.

  5. More great news on Charlotte! The school is expected to announce the fate of spring classes in the next 24 to 48 hours. Students were told in a private meeting that the school needs at least 500 students – about 2/3 of its current enrollment – to commit to taking classes this spring. The students were also told that the school cannot afford to offer free or reduced tuition to finish out the year.

    One student that attended the private meeting with school leaders said, “There was a lot of blank staring at me. If I’m being honest, it was if they were shocked that someone could be intelligent enough to break through the cloud of BS they’ve been putting out.” Another student said that when he challenged the school’s admissions policies, the meeting “became kind of adversarial. The president of the law school, instead of just defending what the school is doing, came back at me in an aggressive manner, like, ‘What would you have done?’”

    The Charlotte Observer story is available here:

    When these lemmings enrolled at Charlotte, they knew exactly what they were getting into. The 3Ls enrolled in the Fall of 2014, a time when the law school scam had been extensively covered. They should not be surprised the school does not give one damn about them. When I applied to law schools 15 years ago, I wish I had half of the information that these lemmings have now. There was no information contradicting the claims that 99% of grads obtained jobs making six figures. There was no data on the bimodal salary distributions, no studies on the elitist hiring practices in law, no news stories on the high number of lawyers working retail and other non-legal jobs, no Congressional investigations into conditional scholarships and section stacking, no information on grading curves that ensured students would have low GPAs so they would lose their scholarship and would be hindered from transferring, no data on the high number of JDs not practicing law years after graduation, and no stories on the exorbitant pay of law professors and faculty. The lemmings at Charlotte had access to all of this information and enrolled anyway.

    The collapse of Indiana Tech and Charlotte has come at the same time when law professors like Ted Seto and others had predicted there would be a shortage of law grads and jobs would be plentiful. Law professors like Michael Simkovic and Steve Diamond squealed a JD alone was worth 1 million dollars, yet the Federal government denied student loans to Charlotte law school. If the million dollar study was true, private lenders would swoop in to loan Charlotte students money. But the federal government and private lenders are not lending to Charlotte students, because the million dollar study has less integrity than the big tobacco studies. Simkovic’s work was a piece of hot garbage funded by Access Group to keep the law school scam going. We are seeing the true extent of the intellectual bankruptcy of law professors. Law schools are nothing more than intellectual ghettos designed to transfer money from the Federal treasury into the coffers of law school faculty and professors.

    I look forward to celebrating the collapse of a second law school.

  6. Big whoop. This school is shittier than shit.

  7. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingJanuary 5, 2017 at 7:10 PM

    I took a poop like that ^^^^ pictured above after I passed that billboard in Chicago. advertising $49.00 Traffic Ticket Defense.

  8. Charlotte Law is bottom of the barrel. Why does anyone attend these schools?

  9. Nando and Old guy ....

    I take issue with the tone of your post. Everyone deserver's a bite at the apple.

    I promise you a low LSAT score will not determine the type of lawyer you will become.

    My first year as an 1L ... I met so many pot heads, and guys that did not deserve to be in law school.

    In the big picture, it is shameful that you pretend that high LSAT scores and passing the bar on the first will be the end all.

    Go the HBCU route and you will not regret it !!!

    1. I second that, but you also have to think of it in the context of the profession we're in.

      Law is not a "logical" profession. The only thing they care about is grades, law review, class rank and school rank. Everything else is of no concern to an employer.

      In a more logical profession, nursing for example, they care about if you can do the job. Can the nurse find a vein? If yes, she's a good nurse.

      With law, save for a tiny handful of specialties, everything is just going through motions. It's all "cookie cutter" and pre-determined. That's how it is with all or most of the insurance defense specialties, real estate, bankruptcy, etc. You can get through your whole career and never read a single opinion.

      Thus, test scores and numbers become the important factor.

    2. Sure. You can most certainly become an attorney with poor LSAT numbers and multiple bar tries. You might also be successful in a relative sense.

      But probably not.

      Law is a PRESTIGE-based profession, and, barring connections or attendance at an elite school, you are probably not going to get the types of initial experiences that will give you a good career trajectory. That's just how it works. How many attorney from terlet schools do you see clerking for a federal judge or making it to at least middling echelons over at Justice? Not too damn many. Remember kids, those first 9 months after lol school graduation mean everything, and where you go to school, while not a bar to success, nevertheless means a whole lot in this profession. A whole lot.

    3. All professions are prestige-based.

      However, with law, prestige is the ONLY thing that matters.

    4. Work areas with actual shortages are not really prestige based. At least, not to the same extent. Law is so saturated that prestige really is ALL that matters.

    5. In law, there are no shortages. Every specialty is saturated.

      The other problem with law is that we have many lawyers doing secretarial work, and they pretend it's "practicing law" as a total scam so as to bill the client at an attorney's rate (rather than the paralegal rate).


    On January 4, 2016, the Charlotte Observer published reporter Dedrick Russell’s piece, “Charlotte School of Law students want change and terminations.” Take a look at this opening:

    “A handful of Charlotte School of Law students showed up outside the law school Wednesday looking for clarity and some accountability.

    The law school is currently on probation and federal funding has been yanked so students can no longer receive financial aid to attend.

    Students have also filed lawsuits against the Charlotte School of Law. The federal government found the school lacking in several areas and put the school in its current uncertain status.

    Students say they are cautiously optimistic things will work out.

    "It seems like we're getting a little more indication that the school will be open in the spring," student Margaret Kocaj said, "but classes start on Monday and they are not sure how it will be funded."

    Kocaj said she is one semester away from graduating from the law school. She believes the school should use its reserves to help students complete their law degree since financial aid is no longer available to them.

    "We're simply asking that they dig into those pockets and help pay for that so that we can at least get one more semester to get us - people in my position - to graduate and to give the other students a chance to transfer," Kocaj said.

    In addition to the law school helping students out financially, some believe school leadership must be terminated.

    Kocaj said President Chidi Ogene and Dean Jay Conison of the Law School are responsible for the troubled school's condition and should be off the job. She believes if those departures happen, it will be a step in the right direction and a right signal to students.

    "It's what happens in business when you make a bad decision - you gotta go," Kocaj said. "And when things are hanging in the balance like this, many people's lives and education - you gotta go."

    While Jay Conison and Idi Amin doppelganger Chidi Ogene are law school pigs, you morons made the moronic business decision to attend a FOR-PROFIT, FOURT TIER TRASH CAN! That is the equivalent of shelling out $50K for a 1993 Chevy Lumina, with 300,000 miles on the odometer.

    Anyway, since you fools chose to enroll in this cesspool, YOU will pay the consequences – in terms of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, weak-ass job prospects, and the stench of having Charlotte School of Law on your degree and resume. Did that thought ever enter your little mind, when you accepted the commode’s offer and then sent in your seat deposit?!?! You gladly propped up InfiLaw – including Conison and Ogene - with your tuition dollars, before the Department of Education sandblasted this toilet. Now, you dolts take a TTTT stand.

    1. Kocaj, what about your "bad decision" to enroll at Harlotte? Time for you to accept responsibility for that.

      Ogene and Conison primarily serve the corporate interests of InfiLaw, not "many people's lives and education". Whether they have "gotta go" or not depends on InfiLaw's needs, not yours. Grow the hell up.

  11. That is one nasty looking shit.


    Staci Zaretsky posted an ATL entry labeled “Charlotte Law Is Trying To Bleed Every Last Penny Out Of Its Remaining Students.” Check out the following excerpt:

    “We’ve recently learned from tipsters that those who have attempted to transfer have their own horror stories to share. A source contacted us earlier this week to let us know that Charlotte Law, a school that has shoved its students between a rock and a hard place thanks to their newfound inability to finance their legal educations, has the extreme gall to charge students for transfer packages and transcripts. This is truly shameless.

    Here’s a message we received from a very angry Charlotte Law student about this issue:

    Charlotte School of Law is still charging students for transfer packages ($25/a piece) and for transcripts ($10/a piece). So all the students who are scrambling to take control of their futures and trying to weave through the lies and half truths that CSL and Infilaw are throwing at us are stuck with the bill! How ridiculous is that? The school administration and its parent company, Infilaw, is withholding information and misleading students. Their terrible decisions put the school in the position it is currently in, and now for the students to get out and try to take control, if they can — and that’s a big if — they must pay these fees?

    Moreover, the processing time for the transfer requests is apparently quite long. I heard that President Chidi didn’t know how many students have asked for these transfer packets when he was asked in the student meeting on Wednesday. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if your school needs students in order to remain open, then you, as the president of the school, should be on top of the number requesting to leave. Yet in our meeting he said he didn’t know how many had requested to transfer!!!

    We’re beginning to wonder if the administration is purposefully drawing out their closing announcement to try and blame it on the number of students who are leaving. This benefits them as it would lower the number of students they have to teach-out. Fewer students lessens their responsibility. They can shift blame to the students, as they did with bar passage (apparently people didn’t pass the bar because they didn’t put in the work… not because the administration admitted people that had lower likelihood to pass the test).

    It becomes more and more clear to us that the members of the administration do not understand their job. Our job as students is to pay for tuition and to come to class prepared to learn. The faculty’s job is to teach us the law and legal principles that develop it to the best of their ability. The administration’s job is to KEEP THE DAMN SCHOOL OPEN! It is their job to make sure that paperwork is timely filed and processed. They haven’t even written a teach-out program, as required by the ABA. In the face of the school closing it seems a good idea to have a contingency plan for your students, just as it seems a good idea to keep on top of the number of students requesting transfer information. The administration OWES us that duty. But instead, it appears they are dragging their feet with an announcement that would allow students to once again take control of their own legal education and futures.

    So, either the administration is completely inept or they are continuing their misrepresentations and lies by omission.

    Haven’t Charlotte Law students already been put through enough? Their holidays were ruined, and they had nothing to celebrate as the world rang in the new year because their futures were imperiled. If they want to escape from this mess, allow them to do so free of charge — after all, they’re not the ones who are at fault here. Stop trying to bleed every last penny out of students who have already been damned to a lifetime of debt.”

  13. These CharloTTTTe Sewer of Law students truly are moronic. To wit:

    "Our job as students is to pay for tuition and to come to class prepared to learn. The faculty’s job is to teach us the law and legal principles that develop it to the best of their ability. The administration’s job is to KEEP THE DAMN SCHOOL OPEN! It is their job to make sure that paperwork is timely filed and processed."

    Wrong, Stupid! InfiLaw owns and operate three trash pits - all of them are FOURTH TIER TRASH HEAPS. You, the student, are a mere mean$ to an end. They need your idiotic ass in a seat, so that they - the "professors" and deans - can get their pig hooves on bags of federal student loan money. Got that, Bitch?!?!

    InfiLaw, in turn, is owned by Sterling Partners, a Chicago-based private-equity firm. They have shareholders, ass-wipe. You truly are at the bottom of the toilet, dumbass. But go on believing your juvenile nonsense about the commode's purpose. When you make $38K per year in non-legal work, while owing $145K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, then you will realize your role in the law school scam.

  14. Crazy Jay Conison here. Charlotte law school is having a January blowout sale. Oh do we have a deal for you. We’ll match any competitor law school’s tuition or scholarship and offer you $1000 cash back!* We offer the best selection of JDs, LLMs, and certificates. Do you have a prior felony, were you previously dismissed from law school for academic reasons, poor LSAT score? You will not be rejected. We have guaranteed financing available.** Good credit, bad credit, no credit, bankruptcy, no worries, everyone will be approved! My lenders look at you, not your credit score. Last year, 100% of our graduates who pursued solo practice were employed. Some of our graduates are working on discovery matters in major cases. Many of our graduates go on to work for Fortune 500 companies like Walmart and Starbucks. Apply now before our sale ends!

    *Maintaining scholarship and/or tuition discount contingent on maintaining a 3.5 GPA every semester. Median grade curve set at 2.5 GPA.
    **Loans financed at 30% APR.

    1. ^Comment of the year.

    2. Forgot "I'm a non-attorney spokesperson, results may very."

    3. Forgot the standard SEC prospectus warning:

      "Prior law school treatment of law students is a guarantee of what they will do to you."

  15. ramen noodle lawyerJanuary 9, 2017 at 11:23 AM

    My father (a non-lawyer) told me 15 years ago not to go into such a glutted field. Especially one with such an expensive buy in.

    But I figured I knew better. Now here I am 11 years after graduating from law school. Just got divorced. I had to represent myself, since I couldn't afford a decent lawyer. The judge just smirked when I made my first appearance. Long story short, working long long hours for shit pay took a toll on my marriage. She got tired of having to work as a retail store manager (and making more than me, a fucking lawyer).

    So there you go. Oh and before anyone asks, I went to a top 20 law school. And back when that kind of meant something. If you're going to a school outside the top 10 today, you have to be crazy. If it's third or fourth tier, you must be clinically insane.

    That's enough from me. I'll return to my Ramen noodle lunch. Child support for two daughters and a small alimony will do that to you.

    1. 11:23 AM best regards to you. As a recovering sh!tlawyer, I can relate. The kids need to hear the unvarnished truth, which is what they will get here.

    2. I hear you. I am out almost 30 years and my dad told me be a lawyer, you can do anything. Little did both of us foresee in 2017 that my blue collar dad took home more money in 1983 than his son THE LAWYER did in the last two years of Solo Practice and I busted my ass....

    3. The learning curve is ridiculously steep if you have no mentoring and you're learning it all on your own. Damn near impossible. On top of that, you have to worry about the liability aspect. This is what civilians (non-lawyers) don't tell you when they say to "wing it" or just "hang a shingle". They have no idea how inefficient a way to earn money that law practice for a typical solo is. There are exceptions, but they are indeed exceptional.

  16. Chidi Ogene and Jay Conison have chosen their sacrificial lamb – Academic Dean Camille Davidson. Davidson has been forced to resign as Academic Dean and will return to her role as a “professor” at the school. A former faculty member at Charlotte Law Sewer said that she “had an incredibly hard job…She stood up to Infilaw on behalf of students and faculty when it was possible to do so. But she was the person who had to have difficult discussions with students and was often the messenger for things students didn’t like.”

    Funny, when law “professors” and faculty work for scam law schools, they have no qualms about collecting fat six figure salaries and telling lemmings to go to law school. When the scam law school runs into trouble like Indiana Tech or Charlotte, then they run to the media to claim the administration was evil and they did their best to protect the students!

    1. —— But she was the person who had to have difficult discussions with students and was often the messenger for things students didn’t like.

      As "Academic Dean", she would have been the one who dismissed more than a third of the first-year class for "academic" reasons (in other words, failing out). That is what is meant by "difficult discussions with students" and "things students didn't like".


    On January 6, 2017, Mark Washburn and Michael Gordon reported that the ABA-accredited toilet will remain open for Spring 2017. That Charlotte Observer article was entitled “Charlotte School of Law will reopen, students told.” Look at this opening:

    “Charlotte School of Law – battling lawsuits from students, a federal cutoff of student loans and financial problems – has notified students that it would reopen for the spring semester.

    “We are very pleased to announce that after extensive discussions with our regulators, we will be starting classes as scheduled,” dean Jay Conison told students in an email.

    Classes are to resume on Jan. 17.

    No further details were provided.

    Spokeswoman Victoria Taylor said officials at the school were not immediately available for comment on the news, which signaled that third-year students would be able to graduate. Students were told earlier that administrators had determined that at least 500 students – about two-thirds of its current enrollment – would need to commit to taking classes this spring for the school to reopen.

    “This is a step in the right direction,” said Margaret Kocaj, a third-year student one semester from graduation. “However, because there is no information about funding, I remain cautiously optimistic.” [Emphasis mine]

    The law school pigs have apparently worked something out, so that their third year morons/students can graduate. I wonder how much money InfiLaw will have to sink into this commode. The fact remains that the swine quickly will need to figure out a long-term solution, in order to regain access to Department of Education loans - so that they can continue their participation in the law school scam.

    1. It may be that InfiLaw was forced to keep the thing going for one more semester, even at a big loss.

      Kocaj can now go right ahead and graduate, if she can come up with the money for her last semester. Then we shall see whether she passes the bar and finds employment that will cover the payments on her loans.


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