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TTTT Turmoil Continues at Charlotte School of Law: Pigs Force Academic Dean to Resign


Fourth Tier Chronicles: On January 9, 2017, the Charlotte Observer extended its series on CharloTTTTe Sewer of Law, in a Michael Gordon piece that was entitled “Top academic dean forced to resign as turmoil at Charlotte School of Law continues.” Check out the following lesson on passing the buck to someone down the line:

“The turmoil at Charlotte School of Law appeared to continue Monday with the dean in charge of curriculum telling students she had been forced out of her job. 

In an email, Camille Davidson said she was asked to resign as the school’s head of academics by Jay Conison, the head dean of the school. Davidson, a Georgetown University law graduate, said she would remain on the CSL faculty. The change comes less than a week before the beleaguered school is scheduled to reopen for classes. 

“It is with much regret that I inform you that Dean Conison has asked me to step down as Academic Dean,” Davidson wrote, according to a copy of her message obtained by the Observer. “As of today, I will no longer serve in such capacity.” 

In her job as dean, Davidson helped plan the school’s curriculum and schedule of classes. She also assigned teachers and addressed academic issues with students, while also teaching classes. 

Davidson is the wife of Trevor Fuller, a Mecklenburg county commissioner who was recently deposed as chairman by his colleagues. She did not respond to an Observer phone call or email seeking comment for this story. 

One of her former colleagues at the school said Davidson regularly served as a shield between faculty and students and InfiLaw, which operates CSL and two other for-profit law schools in Florida and Arizona. 

“Camille had an incredibly hard job. She did it as well as anybody could,” said the former faculty member, who asked to remain anonymous due to the school’s current problems with the federal government and the American Bar Association. 

“She stood up to Infilaw on behalf of students and faculty when it was possible to do so. But she was the person who had to have difficult discussions with students and was often the messenger for things students didn’t like. Honestly, I’m happy for her that she doesn’t have to do it anymore.” [Emphasis mine]

Sadly, you know that mental midgets will continue to apply to, and enroll in, this certified cesspit. After all, “One can do anything with a law degree!” Yeah, make sure to tell that to bill collectors, your landlord, and the utility companies, bitch. In the end, people attend professional school so that they can enter secure, rewarding careers. Going to law school without the intention of becoming an attorney is idiotic. How many of medical or dental students go to school with the idea of doing something else?!?!


But the Trash Pit Will Remain Open: On January 6, 2017, Mark Washburn and Michael Gordon tag-teamed the commode in a Charlotte Observer article, headlined “Charlotte School of Law will reopen, students told.” Take a look at this opening:

“Charlotte School of Law – battling lawsuits from students, a federal cutoff of student loans and financial problems – has notified students that it would reopen for the spring semester. 

“We are very pleased to announce that after extensive discussions with our regulators, we will be starting classes as scheduled,” dean Jay Conison told students in an email. 

Classes are to resume on Jan. 17. 

No further details were provided. 

Spokeswoman Victoria Taylor said officials at the school were not immediately available for comment on the news, which signaled that third-year students would be able to graduate. Students were told earlier that administrators had determined that at least 500 students – about two-thirds of its current enrollment – would need to commit to taking classes this spring for the school to reopen. 

“This is a step in the right direction,” said Margaret Kocaj, a third-year student one semester from graduation. “However, because there is no information about funding, I remain cautiously optimistic.” [Emphasis mine]

The only thing that matters to the law school pigs is getting their hands on tuition dollars, preferably via the federal government. Somehow, misguided Margaret Kocaj does not understand the real purpose of law school: to provide high-paying “jobs” to lazy-ass “professors” and administrators. Heaven forbid these academic thieves have to ever practice law again. By the way, from the picture provided, Kocaj will also be hampered by her looks. Unless you are connected or strikingly pretty, your job prospects as a TTTT grad are weaker than a paper sack filled with piss.

Conclusion: In the final analysis, the scum at InfiLaw – including Jay "Pass the Buck" Conison at Charlotte Sewer of Law – needed a scapegoat. Hence, we see this TTTT action. In most ABA-accredited rat holes, an academic dean has about as much clout as a law librarian. The school figured that they could use the lady’s title to give the impression that they are holding themselves accountable. Does anyone with an IQ above room temperature think – for one goddamn second – that this academic dean was responsible for the toilet being placed on probation by the American Bar Association?!?! Anyone out there believe that the U.S. Department of Education decided to cut off student loan funds to this pile of excrement due to the actions of this academic dean, which is basically a liaison between the students, faculty and InfiLaw? Perhaps, she tried to stand up to the for-profit cockroaches, and this is the end result. What a bastion of integrity, huh?!?! Then again, morons will continue to apply to this garbage heap.


  1. Nando, did you see that Florida Coastal and CSOL failed the gainful employment rules?


    (Apologies for double posting to OTLSS.)

    1. Wow...GREAT find. If you start typing in "Indiana" within the filter, you will see several worthless degree programs from none other than Indiana Tech! Lol.

  2. Even rats are smart enougb to try to escape a sinking ship... do TTTT students not even rise to that level? For god's sake - if you're a 1L here, take the hint and GET THE FUCK OUT.

  3. "Bill Dangler of Long Branch, N.J., said his son, Jason, already has run up $200,000 in school debt at the school and needs 10 more credit hours to graduate. He said he started calling Charlotte School of Law daily before Christmas. Only once did anyone answer, Dangler said. The lone response he received for his questions was I don’t know, “and nobody has picked up since,” he says.

    “This is getting ridiculous ... They have not told the students where the (new) money is supposed to come from,” he said Monday. “I’m glad the school is going to reopen. But in three or four days, where am I supposed to get $30,000?”


    Jesus effing Christ!!

    I have no words. Startclass 195 ranking. Just.. no words for something like this. And this is starting debt. Starting.

    1. Jason should learn to read a map.

      Find Europe, South America, if an Eagle Scout, Africa where his survival skills will help.

      GO THERE.


  4. After the toilet CSL announced Friday it would open for spring semester on January 19, the school backtracked and announced classes will not start until January 27. Unfortunately, the Department of Education is negotiating a plan with CSL that would allow existing students to complete their studies or transfer. The plan calls for no new students at Charlotte.


    Where is the pig Michael Simkovic? Recently, he claimed that the decline in enrollment at law schools was harming the U.S. economy because fewer students were cashing in on the million dollar premium offered by a JD. Remember, his study didn’t claim that JDs had to work as attorneys to earn a million dollar premium. He claimed all JD holders earned a million dollar premium over those with just a BA/BS. Surely if that was the case, it wouldn’t matter that Charlotte graduates can’t pass the bar. Using the pig’s logic, a JD from CLS alone is worth $1 million over a BA/BS. Strange that the DOE seems to disagree with the pig’s “analysis.”

    Where are all the pigs that predicted 2015, er, 2016, make that 2017 will be the year that legal jobs exceed the number of available graduates. Surely if this were true, the nation could not afford to lose CSL. Why aren’t the pigs rallying to save CSL?

  5. This school has tarnished the good AAMPLE name! American greed.

    Since they are going to have another go at it in January I highly suggest that they reach out to the AAMPLE program at Nova in Davie.

    Now they are doing right by AAMPLE. Their grads are still able to get employed and earn a decent living to pay back their student loans.

    Plus their tuition is way cheaper! I had an AAMPLE grad represent me once in a criminal defense case and they got decent results.

    I nor the general public could tell the difference between this guy nor any other lawyer in the court room.

    I guess after a few years out of law school and getting expereince, lsat scores and passing the bar on the first try mean very little if you have the heart of a lion.

    To stand up to injustice, to help those who cant defend themselves, to make a difference in this world even when all others doubt you.

    I "tip my hat" to you AAMPLE grads for never giving up and making this world a better place!

    1. Team AAMPLE troll,

      Nobody cares that an AAMPLE grad represented you and "got decent results" after you were arrested for giving hand jobs in a Walmart bathroom. Frankly, it's not suprising you couldn't tell the difference between your AAMPLE grad attorney and the other attorneys in the court room. You were pleading guilty to prostitution. Any idiot can handle a guilty plea.

    2. You are rather naive.

      Perhaps, bordering on stupid.

      "Dunce" would be a compliment.

      "Sniveling, rat-faced git."

      There you go, perfect.

    3. Since you have never practiced law, I should tell you having the "heart of a lion" means nothing when you can't get clients who can pay you. Since you want to continually tell naïve kids to roll the dice on soloing in law, any advice you can give on getting poors to pay retainers?

    4. @ 2:01am

      (Slow Clap - Standing Ovation).


      Fellow AAMPLE grad here. Don't make the program out to be something it's not.

      AAMPLE alumni are not super heroes, we are just hard working
      legal practitioners that were given an opportunity to practice law, and ran with it.

      But due to the increasing numbers of law schools opening up (there are 2 more in the pipeline to make it 200+) alternative admissions programs are no longer really needed.

      AAMPLE had a good run but lets be honest, at this point its open enrollment and no longer serves a purpose.

      Such a pity the schools take advantage of this and jack up tuition to the point where one has to ask ( is a JD really worth 150K ) especially when there are cheaper options.

      Supply vs Demand, yeah prices for legal services have fallen, but on the other hand this turn of events is good for the "Little Guy" out there looking for legal representation.

      And you will be able to pay it off over a lifetime if your disciplined, but buyer beware.

    5. Do we have to see this same tiresome garbage appended to every posting? It's the same old stuff, never relevant to the topic, posted solely as a provocation, without any attempt to engage with others. We've seen it a hundred times if once. Please block further messages of this kind.

    6. I'm with OG; at best the AAMPLE doofus is a very slow learner. But every post is the same nonsense, relevant to nothing. Time to block his access; he can set up his own "AAMPLE is Great" blog-I'm sure he'll get millions of visitors.

    7. There was also that commenter giving sloppy blowjobs to Seton Hall every post for no reason.

      At this point my brain just automatically ignores the AAMPLE guy comment.

  6. Smoke 'n mirrors. A move designed to take your attention off the fact this place is a shithole badly in need of access to student loans.

  7. There's no call for attacking Kocaj's appearance. Her stupidity, yes.

    A degree from Harlotte will indelibly stain her résumé. She will be associated with a toilet school that made headlines for losing access to federal loans. Who will want her?

    1. Old Guy,

      Thank you for this gem, posted on OTLSS today:


      Everyone, check out this entry labeled "Charlotte and Florida Coastal fail DOE's standards for "gainful employment." It starts off with a bang:

      "The US Department of Education has identified more than 800 programs that fail its "gainful employment" rule by having a typical graduate's annual loan payment exceed 30% of discretionary income or 12% of total earnings:


      Unsurprisingly, the usual suspects are various associate's degrees or "certificates" in fields to do with make-up, hairdressing, drawing, photography, and the performing arts. But the list also includes two professional degrees: the JD programs at the Charlotte School of Law ("Harlotte") and the Florida Coastal School of Law ("Horrida Coastal"). Both of those law schools are owned by the notorious InfiLaw company, which also operates the equally dreadful Arizona Summit Law School ("Arizona Scum Pit").

      Failure to meet the threshold for "gainful employment" can result in loss of eligibility for federally guaranteed student loans. That would sound the knell for institutions that depend on such funds—especially profit-seeking academies, such as Harlotte and Horrida Coastal, most of whose students could not come up with many tens of thousands of dollars per year without a little help from Uncle Sugar. Already Harlotte has been kicked off the student-loan gravy train, for reasons that go well beyond a comparison of debt and earnings. Horrida Coastal may be the next to get the boot.

      That would leave InfiLaw with only one scam school, Arizona Scum Pit. With the dubious distinction of being one of only five out of 200+ schools (excluding the ones in Puerto Rico) to post LSAT scores worse than those of the other InfiLaw toilets, Arizona Scum Pit may not lag far behind. See these data on Arizona Scum Pit from Law School Transparency (LST):


      The InfiLaw commodes are beyond rancid. A certificate or degree in drawing or hairdressing is more prestigious than a JD from CharloTTTTe Sewer of Law or Florida Coa$TTTTal.

    2. Thanks, Nando.

      I misread: it is Charleston, not Charlotte, that stands in breach of the rule on "gainful employment". I've corrected the article.

    3. A certificate or degree in drawing or hairdressing would probably at least come with some useful skills. It's not clear to me that people come out of toilet law schools with a useful knowledge of law or anything else. Well, maybe the valiant centurions of Indiana Tech learn a thing or two about hip-hop. Big fucking deal.

    4. OG-I agree with your posts, but I must take exception to you referring to CSL as "Harlotte".
      A harlot is a member of the oldest profession who renders a valued service in exchange for an agreed remuneration. CSL justs rips people off; no self-respecting harlot would do such that. After all, there are professional standards to maintain, something neither CSL-or the ABA for that matter-can claim.

    5. You do have a point, 6:39. And I offer no comment on the merits or otherwise of prostitution.

      Shakespearean fetishist that I am, I was thinking rather of some words from The Comedy of Errors: "Dissembling harlot, thou art false in all, / And art confederate with a damnèd pack." That quotation describes the Charlotte School of Law to a T.

      The formula for a madam's success in business is "Get 'em in, get 'em up, get 'em off, get 'em out". Mutatis mutandis, that's what the toilet schools are doing to their, er, johns.

  8. ABA is finally cracking down on diploma mills, though. This is one of them. On probation for admitting a high percentage of students not likely to pass the Bar, who of course went on to not pass the Bar. Good news all around.

    1. The ABA will defend the law-school scam even at the cost of sacrificing a few Cooleys. Don't fall for the ABA's righteous posturing.

  9. A new study was published that examined what happened to the class of 2010. Many 2010 graduates still struggled years after graduation. The study found a significant correlation between law school prestige and post graduate employment. Graduates of low ranking schools were more likely to work in jobs that did not require a law license or work as a solo.

    The study had a lot of interesting findings. Scam bloggers have made reference to the number of unemployed grads working as baristas at Starbucks. Turns out all you scam bloggers were wrong because the “lawyer barista” is relatively rare. Many law graduates are pursuing successful business careers in tennis instruction, office management, lingerie sales, and pest control. Great news to all those lemmings wanting to pursue public service. Fewer JDs are getting public interest jobs that require bar passage. And the non-lawyering public service jobs rarely involved policymaking. But there are still great opportunities to work as a police officer, customer service clerk, parole officer, and government auditor. Those are called “JD advantage” jobs! While many of us who graduated from non-elite law schools are not worthy of teaching law, there are still great opportunities to put that JD to use working in higher education. There are great opportunities working as compliance officers or fundraisers!

    And great news for all the solos out there. You can supplement the million dollar premium you are earning from your JD by selling insurance, firefighting, party planning, and substitute teaching. That has to be worth at least an extra couple hundred thousand over a lifetime.

    The study is available here: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2577272

    1. Don't forget Prostitution.


    2. Wasn't there a lawyer in Vermont some years ago who was moonlighting in some such capacity—stripper, "exotic dancer", whatever—because she couldn't pay the bills through her legal practice?

    3. re the Illinois prostitute-lawyer - "The ARDC complaint accuses Bajaj of criminal conduct and making false statements in both a disciplinary matter and on her bar application by not disclosing her work as a call girl."

      hilarious. Imagine putting that on your bar fitness application. Then again she went to a TTT so her desperation is maybe understandable.

  10. Jason graduated from same undergrad as Thurgood Marshall, ’30, the first African American U.S. Supreme Court Justice




  11. It really doesn't inspire confidence when your representing counsel has PURPLE hair highlights.
    Just saying!

  12. ramen noodle lawyerJanuary 11, 2017 at 6:48 PM

    I graduated more than a decade ago from law school. My ex wife makes about $15K more than I do as a retail manager. Judge still ordered me to pay her alimony.

    I last practiced law in 2014. Guess how much I made then? Just a smidge under $47,000. And I fucking hustled. I had been doing this shit for about 8 years by then too. I passed out business cards to everyone I came across. I posted my contact info at laundromats and college dorms (with the permission of the owners of course.) I purchased ads on bus stops. Yep, had to beg my father for $10,000 for that little venture. Guess how much I netted on that? Zip. Nothing. Fuck all. Not a single phone call. That's how much. I worked at a hotel front desk at night for a year to make enough to pay my father back. Didn't see my kids for that whole year basically.

    You want to be a lawyer? Be my fucking guest. There are thousands out there just like me who worked their asses off and didn't get shit. I went to the CDO years later and the people there told me their leads were for current students. I went there asking for help getting a nonlawyer job and they looked at me like I was nobody. You'd be better off paying Mayweather $100,000 to be a sparring partner and let him cave your head in.

    1. I graduated law school 39 years ago this year. I spent 2.5 years looking for a job-big recession then. Finally got a job at a 6 attorney firm-small law. Worked there about 2 years (was offered partnership after 2 years, didn't accept it). Was "solo" in a firm of 4, then entirely on my own ever since.

      It has been incredibly difficult to make a living. I did it, but it is not for the faint of heart. I figure I have worked about 60, 2,000 hour years in 39 years. My angel wife has stayed with me, but she is unique.

      I could have made much more money and benefits, had I a degree in the many other fields I have capacity-my mathematical skills are superb, and my organizational skills beyond that.

      My kids aren't lawyers-I insisted-but they had seen enough growing up, and they knew.

      My oldest two kids, about 3 years out into the workforce are each making more than me. (Work has slowed down some, but I really am tired.) I still have to work another 3 years at a minimum, and 7 to maximize retirement income.

      I can barely get through the day at the office.

      If I wait to retire, I will be 5 years older than the age my dad died at.

      Lovely. Welcome to the practice of law.

  13. Davidson's resignation is an embarrassment to Harlotte and its administrators. Protocol calls for hiding the fact that the resignation was requested. Recall what Alexander did at Indiana Tech: suddenly he left to pursue other opportunities, even though everyone could tell that he had been asked to step down.

    Davidson, however, told the world exactly what happened: Conison asked for her resignation, which she gave "with much regret".

    So it seems that she has become a scapegoat for the Harlotte disaster. If anyone should resign, it is someone higher than Davidson, such as Conison.

  14. It's official-the scam will never die. With CSL at death's door, there are plenty of politicians willing to step up to help the North Carolina taxpayers fund a totally unneeded law school.
    It defies belief, as there are currently SIX other(count 'em, six-UNC Chapel Hill, NC Central, Duke, Wake Forest, Elon, and Campbell-not counting CSL-in North Carolina) law schools in NC. And take a look at the employment figures...unbelievable that this is even being discussed.

    1. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingJanuary 13, 2017 at 12:57 PM

      You guys only have six law schools in North Carolina? You have a law school gap. Illinois has nine. Do you guys have billboards advertising $49.00 traffic ticket defense?

    2. North Carolina has seven, until Charlotte closes.

  15. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/politics-government/article126158169.html

    Damn it, 3:48 pm. You beat me to the punch. I saw this Charlotte Observer article earlier, published today, also from reporter Michael Gordon. It is entitled "Charlotte School of Law crisis resurrects talks of a law school at UNCC." Here is the opening:

    "Long-running problems that may close the Charlotte School of Law have resurrected talks of a public law school at UNC Charlotte.

    Chancellor Phil Dubois told the Observer Thursday that “given the developments” at the law school, he will reopen discussions of a UNCC law program next month during the school’s board of trustees meeting.

    The 29,000-student university in north Charlotte was investigating the addition of a law school in 2008 when the recession savaged university budgets and shrunk law firms. The profession has not fully recovered, and law school applications remain down across the country.

    For years, Charlotte billed itself as the largest city in the country without a law school. The for-profit Charlotte School of Law opened in 2006, but did not derail discussions for a legal facility at UNCC.

    “I think there was a plausible case then to justify the need for an additional public law school in North Carolina. But the Great Recession laid waste to the idea,” Dubois said.

    “Even if we could justify the need and get past the perception in some quarters that the world does not need more lawyers, it is far from clear that the funding case could be made either with the UNC Board of Governors or the General Assembly.”

    The University of North Carolina System has two law schools: at UNC-Chapel Hill and at N.C. Central University in Durham. Four other universities – Duke, Wake Forest, Elon and Campbell – also operate law schools.

    Charlotte School of Law is the state’s only for-profit facility. Its future is in doubt. In November, the school was placed on two-year probation by the American Bar Association, which cited systemic problems with admissions, curriculum, bar examination test scores and job placement. The accrediting group also said school leaders hid the shortcomings from students."

    As you can see from the story above, the State of North Carolina is home to seven damn law schools. How many is enough, people?!

    1. Christ on a fucking cracker! Look at U Mass Dartmouth, which the state took over only to find itself losing money. Look at Indiana Tech, which could not get off the ground. Look at Charlotte. Charleston. Thomas Jefferson. Florida Coastal. Need I go on?

      Dubois is quite right that there's no justification for funding yet another goddamn law school in North Carolina. That state does not need seven law schools. Duke alone would be plenty.

  16. The question to be asked is, "Does North Carolina's legal jobs market need another law school?" To answer it, look at whether recent graduates have been able to get jobs. Ahhhh, I thought not.

  17. Lafayette forgive us.

  18. Q. What's the difference between Charlotte Law and shit on a stick?

    A. The stick!

  19. http://abovethelaw.com/2017/01/guy-tries-fails-to-defend-charlotte-school-of-law/

    On January 13, 2017, Joe Patrice stomped a hole in George Leef's ass, in an ATL entry labeled "Guy Tries, Fails To Defend Charlotte School of Law." Enjoy this flurry of right hooks and stiff jabs:

    "Generally speaking, the Department of Education’s decision to crack down on law schools failing its gainful employment standard has earned hearty support. Certainly here at Above the Law, we’ve welcomed the government stepping up its responsibility to uphold high standards for professional education. Or, failing that, any standards for professional education.

    So obviously this left a wide opening for the contrarian view, and Forbes found it with today’s “We Have Too Many Law Schools, But This Isn’t The Way To Thin The Herd”

    Let’s just say sometimes hot takes are bad takes.

    George Leef of the John W. Pope Center for Higher Education Policy is an evangelist against government involvement in education, and he rides that rickety worldview all the way to a blame-shifting defense of Charlotte’s abysmal performance.

    He opens by correctly diagnosing the law school crisis we’ve talked about for the last several years — quality prospective students have increasingly taken their talents to other professions, and lower-tier law schools have dropped their admission standards and accepted more and more students that they know or should know are unlikely to pass the bar exam and secure legal industry employment. And even more unlikely to secure employment lucrative enough to pay off their loans.

    But from here, Leef parts company with most law school skeptics:

    In his statement on that, Under Secretary of Education Ted Mitchell said, “The ABA repeatedly found that Charlotte School of Law does not prepare students for participation in the legal profession.”

    That’s a wild exaggeration. The ABA declared CSL not to be in compliance with its standards on legal education and student admissions in November, but the difference between being in or out of compliance is marginal. And if it were really true that the school does not prepare students for the legal profession, how could any of them have passed the bar exam and found legal jobs?"

    Because by and large they didn’t? Over half of Charlotte graduates didn’t pass the 2015 bar, and the school has a 23.5 percent employment score as reported by Law School Transparency. And the ABA cleared the school because it’s served as an embarrassing rubber stamp on legal education for years and should be replaced.

    You see, despite understanding that the problem with these schools stems from declining standards, Leef’s philosophy requires proving that the fault doesn’t lie with the school making questionable professional decisions and selling a dream it can’t deliver — something a regulator or a professional organization would police — but with the students coaxed into school by the promise of federal loans.

    Obviously this is all Obama’s fault.

    "As was the case with [now closed for-profit college] ITT, the Department focused only on the bad aspects of CSL and ignored the good. Where the Department saw only the bad side of the coin with low admission standards and weak results, others might view the opposite side and see an institution that gives students who probably couldn’t otherwise get into law school a chance to prove themselves."

    Others might view it that way. They’d be wrong, but they could view it that way. Seriously, this diversity canard needs to end."

    Patrice performed a public service, by wiping the floor with this zealot - and using the moron's own words against him. Sadly, the bastard will continue to spout nonsense when the government actually tries to enforce its own rules to hold pigs accountable for their vile conduct.


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