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Annals in Idiocy: California State Legislator and Dumbass Sabrina Cervantes Wants to Establish a New Public Law School in Glutted Market

A Special Kind of Stupid: On February 22, 2017, the Recorder published a Cheryl Miller piece that was entitled “California Needs Another Law School, State Legislator Says.” Enjoy this trite opening:

“One week after California’s state bar leader declared a “crisis” in legal education due in part to a decline in student applicants, a first-year lawmaker has introduced legislation endorsing the creation of a new law school at UC Riverside. 

Assemblywoman Sabrina Cervantes, D-Corona, said her bill, AB 951, offers the state a chance to study the possible economic benefits of opening a public law school in one of California’s fastest-growing regions. 

Cervantes said her proposal is about “making sure we can get graduates to establish roots in the Inland Empire and start their careers here.” The bill is co-sponsored by Assemblyman Jose Medina, D-Riverside, chairman of the Higher Education Committee. 

The bill contains a single sentence: “It is the intent of the Legislature to later enact legislation that would provide for the establishment and construction of a school of law at the University of California, Riverside.” The proposal does not include cost or timeline projections—details, Cervantes said, that would be worked out later.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, why worry about such trivial details now, right?!?! After all, it’s only taxpayer money! And you can bet your ass that tuition is not a big priority for these dolts either. Later on, the article notes the following important information:

“Former UC Riverside Chancellor Raymond Orbach campaigned for a law school on his campus in the late 1990s and early 2000s only to be rebuffed by UC regents. Campus leaders again included a “first-tier” law school in its long-range plans in 2006. In the years since, Riverside has opened a medical school and a school of public policy—but no law school. 

Regents have not officially ruled out a law school at Riverside. UC Irvine, the most recent public law school to open, is about 35 miles away. The Inland Empire counties of Riverside and San Bernardino are also home to a few private law schools, including the American Bar Association-approved University of La Verne in Ontario. 

“There is a perception that the law school market is saturated, and there’s some validity to that,” La Verne Dean Gilbert Holmes said. “I’m not sure there’s room for another law school.” [Emphasis mine]

Cockroach Gilbert Holmes, that is not perception. It's called reality, bitch. Hell, why not open a law school on every street corner in the area – as if these things were 7-11s or Arco gas stations?! As you can see, the region is already home to the University of California, Irvine Sewer of Law and the Univer$iTTTTy of La Verne Commode of Law! Does anyone with an IQ above room temperature still think that the “professors” or elected puppets give one damn about the students, the health of the “profession,” or potential clients?

California State Bar Crisis: On February 18, 2017, the Sacramento Bee featured a story by Dan Walters, under the headline "Law school enrollment, bar exam passage rate dropping in California." Take a look at the following portion:

“[A]nother crisis has popped up – a sharply declining rate of passage in the State Bar’s licensing examination. 

California, unusually among the states, allows students of non-accredited law schools to take the test, but also has a relatively high test score passage requirement. 

Even so, passage rates for first-time test takers had been fairly consistent at around 70 percent until three years ago, when they began to drop sharply – down to 56.1 percent in last July’s version of the twice-yearly testing.

The decline hit graduates of both accredited schools and those lacking American Bar Association accreditation, with the accredited schools dropping from a high of 83.2 percent in 2008 to 62.4 percent last July.

The passage rates are particularly low for non-white students and those from poor families, a state Assembly hearing on the issue this month was told. Meanwhile, the Assembly Judiciary Committee was told, low bar exam passage rates are reducing the supply of lawyers and legal interns to handle the needs of consumers, particularly low-income Californians.

Ed Howard of the Center for Public Interest Law said it means “real consequences for real people.” 

The state’s law schools are seeing a very sharp decrease in applications and enrollment, which means less revenue, and could lose their ABA accreditation if their passage rates are persistently low. 

Their deans are calling on the State Bar to lower the acceptable passage score, arguing that it is higher than those of other states and hasn’t been evaluated for validity in three decades.” [Emphasis mine]

You will notice that the law school pigs are primarily concerned with loss of revenue, i.e. federal student loan dollars. Admitting more waterheads and lowering the bar passage score is their garbage solution. You, the student, are a mere mean$ to an end. Once you graduate, you then become an afterthought. They see you as a used condom.

Conclusion: In the final analysis, this is a moronic proposal. California needs a new law school in the same way that you need to be hit by a truck. Try not to be too stupid, lemmings. If this pile of garbage is built on the backs of state taxpayers, don’t even think of enrolling to, or enrolling in, the cesspool. You would be better off working at PetSmart. Get that through your head, Stupid!


  1. "Assemblywoman Sabrina Cervantes, D-Corona, said her bill, AB 951, offers the state a chance to study the possible economic benefits of opening a public law school in one of California’s fastest-growing regions. "

    Hmmm, I think this was also the justification behind Indiana Tech School of Law. We all know how well that worked out...

  2. California has forty-one (41) law schools and is 7th among states in lawyers per-capita. The place is GLUTTED!

    This proposal makes that $200 million Alaska bridge to nowhere seem almost reasonable.

  3. All of 35 miles to the nearest toilet school! What a fucking pity! How can anyone be expected to traverse so great a distance for the sake of a professional degree? There simply must be a law school on every corner.

    1. Half a day's walk for a Philmont Ranger.

    2. I am a "mere" solo.

      And when lawyers from big law firms look down their noses at mere me, I remind them that DaVinci was a "mere" solo, and I taunt them with "Come match wits with me!"


    3. @February 25, 2017 at 3:52 AM
      How is that going for you?

    4. LaVerne is the local law school toilet. It's much closer than 35 miles.

      UC Irvine is at least part of the First-Tier university system.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Tasteless comments such as that discredit this Web site.

  5. This is insane, especially since CA has a lot of non-ABA approved toilets BESIDES the ABA approved shitholes. 41 cesspools in all. All of them should be shut down except Stanford, UC-Berkeley and maybe UCLA.

  6. Law School Is A Total RipoffFebruary 24, 2017 at 2:35 PM

    Hardly anyone can even afford an undergraduate degree at any of California's universities anymore. Grad school tuition is even more ridiculous. Even with a beefy scholarship, it seems highly unlikely that a working-class graduate of any law school in California is going to enter the job market free of debt.

    A new law school will not alter this sad reality.

    Rich and connected kids don't have to worry. They're the ones who will probably end up filling the lion's share of the good paying legal job openings upon graduation. But anyone else entering a glutted job market from anywhere but Stanford is probably playing Russian Roulette with their future. There's already an oversupply of lawyers in California. Hell, there's a good chance that your Uber driver or cocktail waitress is TJ$L, LaVerne or Whittier grad trying to make ends meet by working multiple side jobs. Sallie Mae is a real bitch when she exacts her monthly toll.

    The good news is that it's a lot easier to live a pauper's, excuse me lawyer's, lifestyle in a warmer climate than, say, New York or Chicago. Sleeping on the beach or in a van can probably save an indentured servant with a law license enough to make those student loan payments every month for ten years. And make no mistake, that student loan debt you committed yourself to repaying isn't going away any time soon.

    Take some time to think about the choice you're making, kids. Think Steinbeck and The Grapes of Wrath. You could actually end up worse off than the Joads within a year of graduation. Law is as ruthless and exploitative as any the big corporate farms.

    Law has been a terrible career choice for tens of thousands of miserable people out there, and the profession is only getting tougher and tougher for folks to make a decent living. State bar associations don't give a shit. The American Bar Association doesn't care either. Chances are very good that you're going to end up completely on your own--whether that's because your partner fucked you over or your competitor filed an ethics complaint against you or your clients can't afford to pay you anything--at one point in your illustrious legal career.

    I implore you, kids. Don't find this out the hard way.

    1. I wish I had written this post. Good job!

      For a great commentary on Russian Roulette, Google "Uncle Arnie." Listen to that comedic sketch.

      "Pauper" Great word. I had planned to use that in a post here, but I'll use it in my reply.

      That is, the time is soon coming when law schools will offer free gifts upon matriculating, like banks used to offer toaster ovens, except law schools will offer cardboard pauper's coffins. Most law school graduates these days will die paupers.

      "Law has been a terrible career choice..."

      A local lawyer has said many times, that "there are no bad lawyers, just good people who made a terrible career choice."

      He is right.

      I have been on my own for 38 of 40 years. I have seen it through, but it has been a horror. I am only now recovering from the worst of it.

      Got it?

  7. Well, building a law school is a lot easier than maintaining a dam properly... they're just politicians after all, you can't expect more than they're capable of doing. Andy Dick couldn't fight Mike Tyson....

  8. Miguel Cervantes was the author of Don Quixote.
    If you follow pied piper Sabrina Cervantes to another unneeded California law school in Riverside you will soon live the Don Quixote life; taken in by vague notions of prestige, sallying forth with your resume to apply for imagined jobs in Wind Farm law, getting roundly beaten by reality, and finally realizing yourself to be a fraud.
    Sabrina Cervantes could be said to be the author of your demise.

    1. Her proposal is certainly quixotic. Call that would-be law school the University of Rocinante.

    2. Hail Cervantes!!!

      I "bought in" in 1974.

      Been a nightmare ever since. (Except, met the love of my life during a law firm interview. But that chance is not a particularly good reason to go to law school).

      I would never do it again.

      Got it, N? (GIN)

  9. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingFebruary 24, 2017 at 7:09 PM

    You fellers have it all wrong. In Chicagoland, we have these billboard attorneys advertising $49.00 Traffic Ticket Defense. You Inland Empire California boys could erect your own billboards creating growth and new demand for LAWYERS at $49.00 per.... Think about it.

  10. 41 law schools in California. About 20 of 'em are ABA schools. And only Stanford is worth it. Berkeley is a risk. USC and UCLA are bad risks. All the rest are dogshit.

  11. Sabrina Cervantes wants to use taxpayer funds to build another garbage law school. Meanwhile the state doesn’t want to pay to train physicians. The state ranks #32 for the number of residency spots per capita. The state offers the poor Medi-Cal, but the shortage of physicians has resulted in a low physician to Medi-Cal enrollee ratio.

    When will the social justice warriors stop worrying about ensuring access to $49.00 traffic ticket defense, and spend more time ensuring the people can have their health care problems taken care of?

    One more time, here is the BLS outlook for physicians and attorneys:

    Physician: Employment of physicians and surgeons is projected to grow 14 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. Job growth is projected due to increased demand for healthcare services by the growing and aging population. Job prospects should be good for physicians who are willing to practice in rural and low-income areas, because these areas tend to have difficulty attracting physicians. Job prospects also should be good for physicians in specialties dealing with health issues that largely affect aging baby boomers.

    Attorney: Employment of lawyers is projected to grow 6 percent from 2014 to 2024. Competition for jobs should continue to be strong because more students are graduating from law school each year than there are jobs available. Some recent law school graduates who have been unable to find permanent positions are turning to the growing number of temporary staffing firms that place attorneys in short-term jobs [Or opening up $49.00 traffic ticket defense firms].

    1. Health issues that largely affect baby boomers include several psychiatric disorders: narcissism, sociopathy, and a sense of entitlement the size of Bolivia.

  12. Assemblywoman Sabrina Cervantes
    State Capitol
    Sacramento, CA 94249-0060
    (916) 319-2060
    (916) 319-2160 fax
    Or use the Contact button on the right side of the page

    It's not doxxing because she's an elected official. Go to work troops!

  13. This might be a good place to ask how the fuck UC schools, even the middling ones, get away with charging private school tuition to instate students.

    1. Because they can. Lemmings unwisely see UC Bumblefuck as a prestigious institution and will accept it at damn near any cost. The only law school worth attending in the UC system is Berkeley, and even it is a poor bet without a substantial discount. For that matter, the only law schools worth attending in California are Berkeley and Stanford.

    2. I think that for many, IBR/PAYE has become the default plan for financing law school. Who cares what the tuition is, given that they don't intend to pay it back? After a certain point it doesn't matter--it's all Monopoly money.

    3. Hey BamBam,
      Lawyers should not be getting the idea that it's all Monopoly money. It goes counter to their duties to clients and the public. It seems the law schools are teaching a lot of bad lessons lately to law students.

  14. Cap'n-I think you are full of it-nobody, however greatly credentialed, is making $49 per.....

    1. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingFebruary 26, 2017 at 3:22 PM

      Check it out for yourself. Take a road trip up and down Chicago's Expressways. Several billboards shill Traffic Ticket Lawyers for $49.00. I pass one everyday to court.---Google Chicago Ticket Clinic. It's there.

    2. I was just kidding-$49 seems a bit high.


    • California Western School of Law
    • University of California, Davis School of Law
    • Chapman University Fowler School of Law
    • University of California, Irvine School of Law
    • Golden Gate University School of Law
    • University of California, Los Angeles School of Law
    • Loyola Law School
    • University of California Hastings College of the Law
    • Pepperdine University School of Law
    • University of La Verne College of Law
    • Santa Clara University School of Law
    • University of San Diego School of Law
    • Southwestern Law School
    • University of San Francisco School of Law
    • Stanford Law School
    • University of Southern California Gould School of Law
    • Thomas Jefferson School of Law
    • University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law
    • University of California, Berkeley School of Law
    • Western State University College of Law
    • Whittier Law School

    There are also 20 law schools accredited by the Committee of Bar Examiners (CALS). I will not bother to list them here. If you cannot even get into TJ$L or WhiTTTTier, then you clearly have NO BUSINESS pursuing your dreams of becoming a lawyer. Yes, that is very impressive, huh?!?! Hell, does the state have this many beauty schools within its borders?

    “Registered Unaccredited Correspondence Law Schools in California

    The following institutions are currently registered by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California asunaccredited correspondence law schools. A correspondence law school is a law school that conducts instruction principally by correspondence. A correspondence law school must require at least 864 hours of preparation and study per year for four years.”

    There are yet SEVEN more trash pits under this category. Here are the names of these “schools”:

    • American Institute of Law
    • American International School of Law
    • California Southern University School of Law
    • Central California University School of Law
    • Northwestern California University School of Law
    • Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy
    • Taft Law School

    Yet this Cervantes idiot thinks that the state needs one more law school. When will there ever be enough commodes in California?!

    1. I met a military contractor (this was not in any way a JD advantage job) one time who was telling people he had a law degree from “Northwestern.” Everyone was impressed. My coworkers, knowing I was from Chicago, introduced this guy to me and said he went to Northwestern. I said, “wow, you went to Northwestern. You know, I’m from Chicago.” He never corrected me. Instead he gave vague answers to questions I had. Later someone found out he really went to Northwestern California University School of law. For years when retelling that story, I thought it was another California unaccredited trash pit. I had no idea it was a correspondence law school!

    2. For years I have suspected that New York Law School benefits richly from confusion with NYU and that Samford, a toilet in Alabama, is similarly mistaken for Stanford. The four or five law schools with "Washington" in their names must inspire confusion, too; but all are trap schools, so it doesn't make much of a difference.

      A relative of mine went around telling everyone that his dipshit daughter went to "Oxford". That turned out to be not the world-renowned university in England but a crumby little college in Georgia.

      If you ever suspect someone of lying about a degree, just call the university's registrar and check.

    3. By the way, only well-known universities deserve to be called by an abbreviated name. "NYU" is fine; "CSOL" for "Charlotte School of Law" is not. The acronym lends Harlotte unwarranted respectability by implying that its name is so widely known and commonly used as to deserve a reduced form.

      And obviously a bullshit law skule that operates by mail doesn't should never be called "Northwestern", especially since that name is already taken for a much more respectable (if still overpriced) institution. Call the mail-order diploma mill by its full name.

    4. What's in a name? NYU sucks. I met students from the undergrad and they are snobby rich kids who are not so bright.

    5. Yes, and Harvard and Yale too are peopled with snobbish rich kids.

      Not for nothing do I speak of élite law schools rather than great or excellent or top law schools.

  16. I don't know if Sabrina Cervantes is rich, but she sure is connected, the daughter of a mayor, a graduate of a UC school, and an attendee at an "Executive Education" program at Harvard. Connected folks like her will succeed with or without a J.D. (i.e., a J.D. won't hurt her, except in the pocket book).

    You, however, are not connected. You didn't go to a UC school. You didn't go to Harvard. Your dad was not mayor. No one you know can call the governor or the speaker and get you hired. The JD will be like an albatross, and will haunt you in the job market. The debt will be like a two ton rock, and will sink in you mentally and physically, and will ensure you are a pauper (and single) for life.

    You, as an unconnected person, need to find a job or career where they will hire you even if they don't know you because they need to fill the job and the rich and connected are not applying, e.g., an R.N., or professional engineer, or an FSA, or a teacher in Las Vegas.

    You need to avoid law school at all costs, drop out of law school now if you are in it, and actively campaign for law school reform (i.e., law school closures) if you are already a victim.

    1. Does your advice also apply to Seton hall law school? The grads are finding employment!

    2. An old trope compares the US favorably to the UK in the department of social mobility. Supposedly British society is rigidly stratified but the US offers abundant opportunity for advancement.

      Actually, the US has the lowest social mobility of all countries of the OECD. Whole books have been written on the subject of the US's false "meritocracy".

      Today it is altogether possible for a person of undistinguished background to get a degree from Harvard but still be thwarted professionally. I myself excelled at an élite law school but have struggled even to find employment in law, whereas the scions of privilege down at the bottom of the class found fancy jobs early on.

    3. 3:45 AM is forgetting the importance of opportunity cost. Some kid outta Seton Hall getting a sh!tlaw job may have (and probably would have) done much better in another, more in-demand field, and, while perhaps working, is likely saddled with unconscionable debt by that heap of a school.

      Stay out of law unless properly connected, Ivy, or hitting the top 10% of grades in the First Year. That is all.

  17. Put a law school on every street corner in California, like a fucking food cart.

  18. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingFebruary 25, 2017 at 8:45 PM

    If you are not a shlepper solo like me or a small firm putz competing with the $49.00 Ticket Clinic Billboard lawyers, you are elitist who thinks a law school is prestige. Class. You live in an ivory never practiced a day of law in your have a different world view. Everything is LA Law and The Paper Chase.

    1. Well, Cap'n, no real argument-but still...I have been a grinder for decades-state school, so-so grades, nothing of note. But I used to think it at least meant something-being a lawyer, that is. We weren't Ivy League, but lots of my classmates got good jobs with govt or medium sized firms, or started their own and made a go of it.
      Not anymore; I can hardly wait to get out, but the past decade/15 years or so, fees have dropped, clients ceaselessly lawyer shop for lower's a mess. So many new lawyers, willing to take a DUI for a few hundred, that sort of thing.

      So can't claim any class, but there was pride in the work; that's long gone. I can't believe the things I've seen in court. It's always been tough, but since 1990 or so, it's gotten almost impossible.


    On February 23, 2017, Capitol Weekly published a John Howard article entitled “Bar exam failure rates draw scrutiny.” Check out this opening:

    “California’s law-school students are failing the daunting State Bar exam in surprising numbers — and experts are trying to figure out why.

    “It’s difficult to understand why the pass rate in California is so low,” said Barry Currier, the managing director of the American Bar Association’s legal education and admissions unit.

    Traditionally, California’s grueling, multi-part bar exam has been a three-day test given twice annually in February and July. But this year, for the first time, it will become a two-day exam, starting in July. The shift from a three- to two-day test comes amid heightened concerns about the pass rate.

    Since 1990, passage rates in July have varied widely, spiking as high as 64 percent in 1994. But they have slid steadily in recent years, from 56 percent in 2013, to 49 percent a year after that and 47 percent in 2015. Last year, the passage rate was 44 percent, according to a report by Research Solutions compiled for the Assembly Judiciary Committee, which took testimony on the issue. About 14,000 people take the Bar exam each year. There are about 190,000 practicing attorneys in California.

    “The July 2016 pass rate is the lowest it has been basically in 26 years,” said Roger Bolus, a consultant for Research Solutions.

    “In the last few years, California’s bar passage rate has reached historic lows,” said Assemblyman Brian Maienschein, a San Diego Republican and member of the Judiciary Committee. “This dramatic decline has caused alarm among students and graduate deans … and consumers of legal services.”

    The reasons for the decline are not clear.

    Are incoming law school students less prepared than their earlier counterparts? Is the exam too rigorous, especially in comparison with other states? Are too many subjects covered? Are the law schools providing adequate training? Are the stresses and costs of a legal education itself a factor, with a debt load of $130,000 per student not uncommon? Are the costly bar-review programs doing their job to prepare students for the test?”

    It’s funny to hear the managing director of ABA’s legal educaTTTion and admi$$ion$ unit claim that he has difficulty understanding why California’s bar passage rate is in the toilet. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature can figure it out, cockroach! The commodes continue to lower their “admission” standards to the point that cretins with LSAT scores in the low 140s can get into several schools. What the hell did you expect would happen once the morons graduated from law school and sat for the exam?!?! Then again, Sabrina Cervantes believes that her state - with a total of 48 law schools and 190K practicing attorneys - needs another goddamn cesspit.

    1. It's obvious that California is dumbing down the California State Bar Exam. How sad, especially for law students who understand what they were taught, and are stellar and who can pass the Bar Exam on their first try....those law students don't need a dumbed down version. How unfair to cook the books so substandard students can hang up a shingle.......

  20. If California has 30 million residents and there are 190,000 lawyers that's almost 1 lawyer for every fucking person in the state. That's counting newborns, illegals, 90 year olds in homes.

  21. I want to say thank you to Nando and OldGuy. I have been reading your blog for 2 years now. Even though I made a bad decision to get my undergrad you both have saved my life. In May I will graduate with 23k in loans. This blog saved me from havin 200k in student loans because of law school. I plan on joining the Peace Corp now and working for the federal government after. Even if I do not get a federal job with my NCE I will become a Police Officer. Thank You Nando, OldGuy and everybody who regularly comments on this blog other than AAMPLE guy he is annoying. You really need to keep up this fight and I sincerely thank you.

    1. Good call, and best wishes. Cops can do more for "social justice" and "making a difference" than another law school grad carrying $200K in student loan debt.

    2. Congrats! You are making the right decision. I know far too many people scammed by law school, myself included. A friend of mine salvaged his life by becoming a police officer after law school. He has been told by many lawyers he meets in court that he made the right decision. He has good pay, benefits, and he will get a pension when he retires. The JD did not provide any advantage at getting the police officer job. There were high school grads in his academy class. All that matters is that you do well on the written exam, physical fitness test, and interview. The police academy taught him the criminal law he needed to know without the garbage Socratic method.

      Other friends were not so lucky. One friend recently complained that they wished they could afford new shoes. Another friend works out of a dilapidated professional building as a solo criminal defense attorney. Recently he complained that he has experienced a substantial decline in business. One person I know was spurned by all legal employers and worked in doc review for about a year. They then salvaged their life by getting an MBA and getting a business job. After receiving no job offers after law school, I turned my life around by going to medical school.

      We now know from a recent law review article examining the class of 2010, that many grads ended up in non-legal jobs such as exterminators, lingerie salespeople, and tennis instructors. Others obtained government jobs that did not involve any type of policy making. Rather, they worked as police officers and parole officers. Desperate solos turned to selling insurance to supplement their struggling legal practice. There is no need to enrich lazy law professors when you will most likely never practice law after graduating law school.

      The scam blog community just wants to help people avoid the mistake of going into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt for a worthless degree.

    3. @7:16 pm,

      Thank you for being mature and wise enough to follow sound advice. Sadly, too many let their ego or pride get in the way - and they end up wrecking their lives financially.

      I've seen plenty of young people piss away good jobs and careers for a roll of the dice. I have known men and women who left jobs where they were making $65K per year, in order to enroll in a garbage law school ranked 41st or 63rd "best" in the nation. The reality of the situation is that if your school is not a national brand, then your possible options are narrowed - from day one.

      Best of luck to you. It seems that you may be in your early 20s, so I hope that one day you will remember how your decision today has helped you and your family. An $800 monthly student loan payment represents $800 per month that will not go towards your children’s needs for food, clothing, and heat – or for health insurance and other essentials.

      Your current debt seems manageable. Honestly, people can do well armed with a four year college degree. I often see BA and BS holders land decent jobs, where they are making more than licensed attorneys – and the position is more secure and personally rewarding. You have made a smart choice. In the end, we each have to look out for our own best interests. I am glad that you will not end up joining the legions of JDs in this country who individually owe $200K+ for a middling law degree. Have a good day. You have given yourself a good chance to make a difference, without ruining yourself financially. As a result of your decision, you should be able to sleep well at night and have much less stress in your life.

    4. 7:16 PM. While it is possible to do law, we're here to remind the kids that ALL the parameters must be right to make the journey worthwhile for unconnected kids. Law is a PRESTIGE-based profession, like it or not, and, barring significant contacts and connections in the legal community, one is at a huge disadvantage going to a T3 school.

      Scalia himself made it quite clear he would never hire from a non-Ivy, let alone some t3 crapper.

      If, however, you truly know what sh!tlaw is, what real clients are like, and are prepared to go it alone as an unmentored solo, have at it. Most of the kids don't fit this description; they are in love with the IDEA of being a lawyer, not with the work of a lawyer. Big difference.

  22. I wonder if the pre-law advisors at most undergraduate schools have a clue about the realities of underemployment among law grads. They should be telling anyone with a sub 160 LSAT score to forget law school and consider another career. Further, if your LSAT score is in the 160-165 (trap school eligible range), don’t go unless you have some kind of family connection or something close to a full scholarship.

  23. Now that the politicians are involved-and not in a good way, which would be stopping the federal loan $$$-the scam has its new champions...
    It happened in Texas(see: UNT)
    They're pushing for ANOTHER new ls in south Texas...
    And in Tacoma, too....
    On the one hand, it's been going on for millennia(see: The Parthenon and other contemporary "public works" projects), and in our great democracy it morphed into post offices(and being appointed the local post master), new public schools(during the height of the baby boom), new roads(Ike got us started on that)...
    But the boomers grew up and lost interest in primary schools, and the post office is barely hanging on(again, for purely political reasons thousands of post offices which should have been closed years ago are still open, and the USPS is losing money, by the millions, every single day), and roads cost too much and are subject to a lot of regulatory review and litigation. Who needs that?
    So if you're a politician, what to do? Clean industry-build a law school! Soon law schools will be like post offices used to be-every district will have one.
    But let's be blunt-this is an incredibly stupid idea which reflect either laziness and/or self-deception in failing to recognize the over-supply of lawyers, particularly in California-or it's a vanity project.
    What a waste of taxpayer money; they'd be better off building a new reservoir in each Cali district.
    And remember boys and girls, it's your money that will build this wasteful, needless, and useless law school.


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