Sunday, February 19, 2017

TTT Smells of Desperation: ABA Commodes at University of North Dakota and Syracuse University Take Drastic Measures

UND Flushes Its Pro Bono Clinic: On February 9, 2017, the Grand Forks Herald published an Andrew Hazzard piece that was entitled “UND School of Law looks at tuition increase, puts pro bono clinic on hiatus.” Enjoy this opening:

“The UND School of Law will put its student law clinic on hiatus for at least two years and is beginning to discuss tuition increases because of higher education budget cuts proposed by North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum. 

In a meeting with about 80 law students Thursday afternoon, UND School of Law Dean Kathryn Rand told students the program would need to begin making hard cuts. Those cuts will include no longer operating the law clinic, which provides pro bono legal service primarily in immigration and employment law fields. The clinic allows law students to get some of the hands-on credits they need to earn their juris doctorates.

Rand said the law school also has decided to eliminate the summer term, which she said was well-liked by students but was not cost-effective for the university. 

The law school and other graduate programs also have been asked by UND President Mark Kennedy to eliminate courses with fewer than eight students, Rand said. 

“The president will no longer allow us to continue courses with low-enrollment numbers,” she said.” [Emphasis mine]

Later on, the author noted that staff has been asked to make further concessions and sacrifices in salary. For $ome rea$on, there is no mention of the dean of tenured “professors” offering to take a pay cut. Perhaps this is a mere oversight.

Frigid Northeast Toilet Slashes Tuition: On February 15, 2017, the Syracuse Post Standard featured a story from contributor Katie Shafsky, under the headline “New law school grant will make Syracuse University NY's cheapest private option.” Here is the full text of that article below:

“Syracuse University's College of Law will offer new tuition grants to New York state residents starting with the upcoming school year. 

The Empire State Scholars Grant will offer $20,000 of tuition assistance to all admitted state residents. Qualified students in good standing will receive the grant for all three years of their program. 

The College of Law's tuition cost is $46,460 this year, and the grant will make tuition comparable to law schools in the SUNY system for residents. Currently, tuition at the law school at SUNY Buffalo is $26,997 for in-state residents. 

The grant will also make Syracuse the least-expensive private law school in New York States for in-state residents. 

In an announcement from the university, Dean Craig Boise cited the College of Law's long history of quality education and a strong passing rate on the New York State Bar Exam. SU has an 89.5 percent passing rate for first-time test takers, which is over six percent higher than the average for other state ABA accredited law schools. 

Boise also said that the grant is intended to give residents who want to stay in the state the chance to attend law school without the high costs. 

"With over 5,000 New York state residents applying to law schools each year, this innovative program has the potential to positively impact a great number of students interested in attending Syracuse Law," Boise said in the statement.” [Emphasis mine]

Keep in mind that cretins and poor white trash from Montana and other parts of the country are dumb enough to apply to, and enroll in, New York law schools. This grant will not be available to those waterheads.

Rankings: As you can see, $yracu$e Univer$iTTTy Commode of Law is rated as the 86th greatest, most remarkable and incredible law school in the entire damn country – by US “News” & World Report! Hell, it only shares this distinction with the following five toilets: Chicago-Kent, both Penn State campuses, Arkansas, and the University of Tulsa.

In comparison, the same defunct magazine lists the Univer$iTTTy of NorTTTh DakoTTTa Sewer of Law as the co-144th “best” law school in the United States. In fact, only five other ABA cesspits can stake claim this honor: Campbell “University,” Northern Illinois, Oklahoma City University, Pacific, and the University of TTToledo. How prestigious, huh?!?! If we were talking about wristwatches, this school would be a Timex with a nylon strap.

Conclusion: Avoid both of these piles of excrement at all costs. Syracuse will still be an expensive venture – and the in-state recipients are required to keep solid grade in order to maintain those grants/scholarship discounts. New York is home to 15 ABA law schools, including real ones such as NYU, Columbia, and Cornell. The rest are trash. North Dakota appears to be cutting the fat, due to government leadership. Do the math, simpleton. See if pissing away three years of your life – and incurring significant NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt – for a chance to make $40K per year is a good idea.


  1. Syracuse still can't compete with "PUNY Law" in NYC. Tuition and fees are $14,600 for in-state. But the housing costs, oy vey!

  2. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingFebruary 19, 2017 at 10:44 AM

    Who wants to enter a profession that shills $49.00 Traffic Ticket Lawyers on billboards across Chicagoland. Scammy. Try paying a Student Loan and a mortgage on that. These schools are witnesseing the effects of these billboards and employment outcomes....the "invisible hand of the market." This is what the profession is like. REALITY BITES!!!

    1. Well that is Chicago. What is the rate in DC where fully 8% of the city's population are lawyers?

    2. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingFebruary 19, 2017 at 7:06 PM

      I will come in Pro Hoc Vice for $24.95 if I can find cheap parking for my LeSabre. Market is glutted in Illinois. Need the cash.

  3. Syracuse is a shithole from undergrad all the way up to grad programs and law school. They could slash tuition down to $1,000 a semester and it would still be a big mistake to go.

  4. $20K scholarships to all in state students. And here's the fine print: they're renewable. It means the students have to have good enough grades to keep them.

  5. A great catch by 4:44 PM.

    I knew there had to be something..

    This is a cynical gimmick to grab students from other NY schools, primarily upstate, as well as nationwide by advertising this garbage.

    Take a look at this:

    The program is expected to launch in 2018.

    I remember reading somewhere that these online programs will have the same cost as the regular degree. In an age where this type of distance learning should have a very minimal cost.. it doesn't.

    BarBri should too. It doesn't..

    Tells me everything.

    The objectives of Syracuse are obvious: Get 'em in on the front end, section-stack, set low 1L curve, which is what toilet schools do, 95% of these people are blown out of their grants so 'Cuse gets the full amount for years 2L and 3L and 1L, 2S, etc.

    The distance people pay full fare, etc.

    Both groups become trapped by the low 1L curve. GPA thus bars xfers out, etc.\

    Get 'em in. Get 'em hooked. Churn them out.


    And Nando said it: These schools don't give a rat's ass about what happens to any of their students once it's 3L, 2S and they're headed towards the door.

    "We got 'em!".

    It's like listening to the audio tapes of Russ Hamilton admitting cheating users out of $20 million dollars and then saying he had no plans to make it right.

    Top pros like Matusow got cheated, Prahlad Friedman, etc. No way to get that money back. Hamilton would call up pros and invite them to nosebleed games on UB (UltimateBet) and then, using "God Mode" software (see the hole cards) he just raped them.

    Well guess what.. It's the same principle here. You're being invited in to get fucked, kiddies..

    And, btw, Nando covered this shithole previously in 2010:

    This is all front-end boosting tactics and it's deplorable.

    1. Yep. I had a renewable scholarship for 1/3 of what Syracuse is offering. Back in early 2000s, before the Scam really hit the skids (another state, a different private school, but still).

      After my 1L year...wait for it...I lost my renewable scholarship. Part of that is me, certainly, but some of it section-stacking. If my private law school was tight-fisted with $7k per year some fifteen years ago, in order to bait and switch, do you think schools like Syracuse will lovingly grace $21k per year on students with no strings attached?

      God* help you if you think so. This is an advertisement scheme, nothing more, in order to get asses in seats. The true cost is still TBD...

  6. $46,460 in tuition and this fucking place is ranked 86th?

    To quote the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket:

    Holy Jesus! What is that? What the fuck is that?

  7. This is all about smoke and mirrors.

    NYLS stands out and above most NY law schools. Boasting such features to provides the NY grads with a running head start above the other schools:

    - Above 90% grad placement rate

    - Established 2 year program (save some money !!!)

    - In the heart of NYC (easy walk to most top law firms in the heart of NYC, (as you attend those big law interviews) and also a quick walk to the court house.... great way to make connections).

    - Strong alumni network

    - Plenty of merit based scholarship money to go around

    *** Bonus: they have an established AAMPLE program that allows opportunity for all !

    So if your looking for a school that will provide the best bang for your buck, that doesn't deal in smoke and mirrors, then look no further than NYLS!

    1. NYLS is a leaky bag of shit. 50K per year tuition for a school ranked #111 that doesn't place in NY biglaw. It's better to join a crabbing crew in the Pacific. You'll actually make good money. Sure you might fall into the ocean and die, but that's arguably a better fate than what awaits most TTT grads.

    2. NYLS is a piece of shit. I wouldn't wish that fate on my ex wife.

    3. Re NYLS, the only thing I can think of is maybe students thinking they can fool potential employers into confusing it with NYU? I mean, it has "New York" in the name, right?

    4. -“Above 90% grade placement rate.” Pig, that number includes school funded jobs, non-professional jobs, a substantial number of “professional” jobs, part time, and short term jobs. 49% of the class of 2015 obtained full time, long term, bar passage required employment.

      -“easy walk to most top law firms in the heart of NYC (as you attend those big law interviews)” Fool, in your previous posts you said lemmings should avoid big law and become criminal defense lawyers. Maybe you should stick with that nonsense because only 8.8% of grads obtained a job with a law firm of 101+ attorneys last year.

      -“Strong alumni network.” Do you need to network to get a non-professional job?

      -“Plenty of merit based scholarship money to go around.” Last year, 37% of lemmings with conditional scholarships had their scholarship reduced or eliminated.

      “So if your [sic] looking for a school that will provide the best bang for your buck, that doesn’t deal in smoke and mirrors...”

      Last July, 70.3% of first time test takers from NYLS passed the NY bar exam. That performance is well below the 83% state average. With tuition at $47,600, that is not much bang for the buck. As mentioned above, there is a lot of smoke and mirrors. The school hires their own students to boost employment statistics and entices lemmings with conditional scholarships.

      Team AAMPLE / Seton Hall / NYLS troll, your comments are silly. At least you didn’t bring up that time you had to hire an AAMPLE lawyer because you were pinched for prostitution in the Walmart bathroom.

    5. I take issue with the tone of the posters above!

      NYLS class of 2012 here. We maybe "misunderstood" by the US News Rankings...... and be mis ranked!

      Our Law school which is located in the heart of NYC.... you don't think networking is going on????

      Ok the critics will point to tuition price point but we beat out

      - Seton Hall + the other state funded schools that are located in the Arm Pit of America".....

      NYLS places big Law, even if you do not make law review, nor top 10% of the class....

      You have one advantage that every law school in the state of NY + NJ could wish for ....

      walking distance to the largest legal market in America.... with this advantage, and OCI from NYLS ... If you cannot land a well paying gig in NYC... well then...

      DEFAULT: (Per the NY Bar requirements) - to just taking one year of law school, take bar/bri and just "roll" the dice of taking/passing the NY bar and go into to practice.


      Because either way, it is all a gamble. Ladies and gentleman Please take calculated risk!

    6. 6:17 is a fucking idiot.

      NYLS is, was, and always will be an overpriced shit stain. So what if it's within walking distance of huge firms? None of them will touch any of you with a 40 foot pole.

    7. If anyone reads this comments section in the future seeking advice/opinions on schools, just look at and make your own considered judgment.

    8. @6:17 -- NYLS is too great a gamble.

      I live in the NY area, and I know two recent NYLS graduates that are doing really well. I know another three that work for the City of New York in relatively secure positions.

      Unfortunately, every other NYLS graduate I know is in real trouble. This later status seems to be the norm for NYLS graduates.

      Bottom line: every TTTT school has at least a handful of success stories, but they do not represent what most graduates achieve.

  8. This comment is directed at lemmings who are still considering law school. Take note.

    Do you think - for one goddamn second - that you will be hired by a Biglaw firm, coming out of a toilet such as Florida Coa$TTTTal, NYL$, or the "University" of La Verne? If not, then why in the hell are you willing to take on an additional $140K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt?!?! Do you believe that you can reasonably repay that amount, and pay for essentials, while earning $38K or $45K per year?

    If that is not your plan, then what is your end goal? Do you think that you are going to roll up in a brand new Maserati GranTurismo, dressed in a Brooks Brothers suit and sporting a $50,000 Patek Philippe watch, on some street thugs who need legal representation and score a big case? Perhaps, you feel that you will unexpectedly land a huge civil case, as some scientist will send you an encrypted email about unknown toxicity levels in the local bay that can be directly connected to some gigantic, evil corporation. Quit reading Grisham novels. Otherwise, you might end up employing a large black bodyguard with a shaved head, a criminal record, and black belts in three different martial arts disciplines.

    Representing the downtrodden is not a feasible way to pay off your student loans, and lead even a middle class lifestyle. Broke-asses cannot afford large legal bills, and they have just as many – if not more – legal problems than the typical person. If some drug-addled welfare bum with five kids from four different men cannot pay her monthly rent, then how do you figure she will be able to pay your ass for legal services?!?!

    Maybe you believe that you will be able to change or challenge the $y$tem. Yeah, good luck with that, genius. You aren’t the first person to think of that – and fail miserably. If you are able to land a legal aid position, then you will figure out quickly that you can’t do a damn thing when you are making $35K per year.

    In the final analysis, if you are not ridiculously connected, wealthy, or otherwise protected, you are not getting a Biglaw job coming out of a law school outside the top dozen. If your commode is not in the top 50, then you have a higher likelihood of the beautiful brunette waitress at your favorite restaurant coming over to you and serving you dessert under the table. Get the picture, Dumbass?!?!

    If your backup “plan” is to work in product liability or medical malpractice, do yourself a favor and perform a Google search on tort reform. Congress and state legislatures have aggressively placed limits on such awards. Also, as a solo “warrior,” you will be competing against well-heeled law firms and corporate entities that can bleed you dry, if they so choose. Also, why would clients hire you, Stupid, when they can hire well-established plaintiffs firms on a contingency basis?!?!

    Do you see yourself doing wills or estates and trusts? Look up LegalZoom and other forms providers. Plus, much of that is boilerplate anyway. Furthermore, most Americans don’t have much to leave to their family, other than maybe a home and a couple of nice items such as a family heirloom necklace or decent furniture.

    Lastly, if you go the route of DUI and traffic ticket defense, just realize that you will be one insignificant ant in a GLUTTED field. You will be required to “compete” against well known local law firms who have done this work for decades. They make money representing DUIs for $500, because they deal in volume. These firms take tons of cases, and make quick plea deals with the prosecution. You, moron, will NOT be able to represent individual clients, file numerous motions, make several appearances in court – and fight the charge all the way in front of a jury – for that tiny amount!

    1. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingFebruary 20, 2017 at 1:33 PM

      DUI's for 5 bills? Even those are drying up. Those firms are struggling too. The pie is not big enough for all lawyers recent grads and experienced. I know guys with more experience, more smarts and better schools whose practices are have nose dived. It is across the board.

    2. Don’t forget, most corporations now require customers and employees to agree to arbitration clauses. These clauses prevent customers and employees from suing the corporation. Instead, the customers and employees have to resolve their complaint through an “independent” arbitrator. An arbitrator that relies on the corporation for business. After the Wells Fargo scandal, the CEO told Congress that the company would not waive the arbitration clauses for customers who had been scammed by the company. Just another reason why the demand for legal services has declined substantially over the last decade.

      Also, medical research has found that lawyers suffer some of the highest rates of depression, alcohol, and drug abuse.

      Lemmings, don’t ruin your life and sign over $150k to the pig law professors. Ask yourself, why are law schools filled with pig law “professors” who no longer practice law, raking in six figure salaries to teach one class a semester. But at other professional schools, like medical schools, the professors still see patients and practice medicine. The reason the law “professors” pursued “teaching” rather than working in the garbage legal profession, is that they know the profession is crap and that it is far easier to make money charging lemmings exorbitant tuition rates.

      If you just want to get rich, then get an MBA or get a tech job. If you want to help the downtrodden, then become a doctor. Family practice and internal medicine physicians earn on average about $200k, working about 50-55 hours per week. There is a doctor shortage and you can make a difference in an urban or rural setting.

      While technology eliminates the need for lawyers to do tasks like document review, technology puts doctors to work. If you have a heart attack, you will be rushed to the hospital cath lab so a cardiologist can open up your blocked coronary artery and save heart tissue from dying. New monoclonal antibody treatments are helping oncologists treat cancer patients and rheumatologists treat autoimmune diseases. Or you can ignore me lemmings, and defend traffic tickets for $49.00.

    3. Nando,

      You mentioned the "beautiful brunette" giving desert at the table? Why not just act like So Called President Orange Foolius and "grab her by the *&^%$?"

  9. First of all, the degree is not "juris doctorate" but "juris doctor". "Juris doctorate" (the second word has four syllables) would mean 'O thou who hast become a teacher of law'.

  10. At the U of North Dakota, "Assistant Dean Bradley Parrish told the students they might be able to work with other regional law schools to get students clinic experience".

    Which "other regional law schools", pray tell? The nearest law school is at the U of Manitoba, 2½ hours away (not counting the delay at the border). After that, it's almost five hours' drive to the law schools in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, and an even greater distance to the one at the U of South Dakota. How exactly are students supposed "to get clinic experience" with these "regional law schools"?

  11. You will bust your ass in the average sh!tlaw shop just learning how to practice, let alone making a killing at it. It happens, but probably won't.

    Kids, keep this at least in mind if considering a crap school, or, for that matter, a trap school, these days: ask yourself if you really, truly could handle soloing, and whether you would really like it out there on your own, unmentored and at risk. Do yourself a favor. Before law school, even if you do so for free, spend some time in a sh1tlaw shop and see if it is for you. It may be your future.

    1. Fuck these idiots. You can't tell them anything..


      This is the classic JD student/graduate today. Useless Lib. Arts undergrad. Nothing to fall back on. No skills, etc.

      I don't give a shit about this clown. I checked the Wayback Machine for TTR. Nando's words haven't changed since 2011:


      Dude couldn't do that. Couldn't search Google for "law school scam", etc. You think these idiots are going to actually go and talk to actual practitioners? No they won't. Dream-Killer, etc.

      Yet asshole judges - pigs in black robes - treat these idiots as "sophisticated consumers" and seemingly apply a "knew or should've known" negligence standard to an industry where law schools control all and blatantly falsify their employment data.

      Dude couldn't take 5 mins. in, say, 2011 to research an internet where the Amir Efrati article was out there (2007):

      Campos (unknown at the time) came out in 2011:

      Where was this guy - and countless others. With his head buried deep in his rectum? Maybe?

      Bullock was active, etc.

      So, fuck it.. You can't save people that don't want to be saved. Now, fully compounding the mistake, he asks for advice from a bunch of sub-grade morons.

      4 years of college. 3 years of law school + 6 mos. unemployment. 20's gone. And no skills to work at any sort of non-manual labor job.

      The only thing separating this fine example of the average law lemming is no debt. Now, imagine dude *with* the debt and you have the Classic Lemming.

      Fuck it..

      No sympathy. All the data was out there for the searching and yet - you know - "Follow your Dreams!"

    2. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingFebruary 20, 2017 at 6:05 PM

      I wonder if those $49.00 Chicagoland billboard Traffic Ticket Lawyers dreamed of a career shilling like that? "When I grow up, I want to be a $49.00 Traffic Ticket Lawyer!!!" 3:02 is spot on. Solo Practice is no longer a sustainable path to a middle class lifestyle. There is not enough work...

  12. Eat the Prestige. Live off the Prestige. Bask in the glow of your JD and enjoy the limelight of your parents' pride. Tell all your friends and neighbors about your degree and fancy-schmansy title. Lord it over them.

  13. I have to wonder if eliminating clinics is also about not having clients to take care of if they close the school


    On February 10, 2017, Paul Caron wrote a blog entry entitled “North Dakota Law School Eliminates Its Only Clinic In Face Of Possible 15% Budget Cut; Faculty, Staff Offer Voluntary Pay Cuts To Stem 11% Tuition Increase.” Look at these gems from the Comments section. The first one is from poster “Unemployed Northeastern” - on February 10, 2017 10:31:34 am:

    “Occasional pizza parties? Man, I went to a bleedingly expensive private law school and a pizza party would have been an unimaginable perk to us. Also, wasn't it just a few years ago that some law prof commencement speaker exhorted everyone to flock to North Dakota because that's where all the legal jobs supposedly are?”

    Now from “PaulB” on February 10, 2017 at 5:40:25 pm:

    “ND and SD combined have less than 1.5 MM people. In a time when public employee retirement benefits and Medicaid expenses are taking a growing share of all state budgets, why don't those two states save some money by having a single law school and shutting down the other?”

    Via “oldgeezer,” on February 10, 2017 6:30:51 pm:

    “Welcome to the real world snowflakes. We are experiencing a significant budget shortfall in ND and need to make adjustments. Wait until they get out into the real world and have to make decisions just like this. It isn't fun to have to lay off employees or tell your kids no to just about everything. It happens - grow up.”

    Check out this comment from “30yearProf” – on February 10, 2017 7:49:26 pm:

    “It would be best for both N.D. and S. D. to close their law schools (Alaska has never had one) and look to the 3 in Minnespolis which have enty of room for all comers. The jobs lost to Technology are NEVER coming back and neither are the students.”

    Finally, some snarky remarks from “tim johnson” on February 11, 2017 12:12:52 am:

    “Paul B: You wrote: "ND and SD combined have less than 1.5 MM people."

    That's a filthy LIE!.

    Together, they have more than 1.6 million people, all of them stronger, smarter and more handsome than YOU!

    I demand a retraction.”

    Still want to take the TTT plunge, Lemming?!?! Do you have some strong political, business or family connections in North Dakota? If not, are you okay with practicing toiletlaw in a rural area? Perhaps if you can live at home for three years, and keep your student loan debt to an absolute minimum, then this may not be a complete personal disaster. Think of this as going to Vegas with a firm commitment to walk away from the tables when you lose a few hundred bucks – only on a MUCH bigger scale. After all, there is no sense in accumulating large amounts of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for a chance to engage in small law practice.

  15. Neither North Dakota nor South Dakota needs a law school. The U of Minnesota could adequately cover Minnesota and the Dakotas combined, and for that matter Iowa and Nebraska.

    Two dozen law schools for the whole US would be more than enough.

    1. NYLS is a great school. It has a strong AAMPLE program. I also like the smell of my own farts. They are pleasant to me.

  16. I hear people harping about the need for attorneys in rundown backwoods shitholes. Maybe you shouldn't charge 15k to 50k in tuition a year then, assholes? If there were some kind of extremely cheap "public interest only" law program, then maybe we'd have a solution. But no, we can't stop lining the pockets of the deans and professors, and everyone else gets to suffer - including the taxpayer.

    1. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingFebruary 22, 2017 at 9:26 PM

      Euphemistic for unable or more likely UNWILLING to pay. We live in a Walmart world---folks want it nearly free. It's even worse for lawyers. Folks expect your services for FREE. Try paying a student loan and getting into something better than grandma's hand me down LeSabre,,,

  17. Apparent big news from Dept. of Education on recalculation of student loan repayment rates. Repayment rates recalculated and about a 20% drop in number of students who are paying back their student loans. Apparently, those graduating in last 3 years much worse off than those graduating 7 years ago. It is getting worse.

    1. It's obvious that the entire student loan program is a Ponzi scheme that is going to collapse eventually as prices for tuition are skyrocketing and the amount borrowed is also. It's going to blow up eventually and I hope it does. I would love to pay back the 130k I owe now almost four years out of law school but I'm making 12k a year as a substitute teacher.

  18. Idiot clown law students want to go into politics!

    1. Hell, if you have charisma and can vomit up the right words to say and you're physically attractive - sure, why not. Even if you went to Shitbag College of Law. But these are three big ifs.

  19. Here is a link regarding the recalculation by the Dept. of Ed.:

    This isn't tracking law schools. It's tracking colleges and trade schools.

    So, combined with 2-21-17 4:58 AM LST link on, say, NYLS - Big, *Big* number btw that hits you right away.. That's $257,349 PLUS the cost of a 4-year UG college program. I'll be conservative and add another $100,000 here PLUS $10k living expenses so $140 (again, conservative) you have now hit roughly $400,000 after undergrad and law school.

    Now, tell me: Starting at $40K/yr. HOW do you pay that down, let alone off. The answer is: YOU DON'T. You can't even touch the principal let alone cover the interest on ANY repayment plan.

    Oh, and I forgot: 7 years of opportunity costs. Not even worth going into that b/c I think $400G's is enough of an analysis.

    And, Lol! @ these idiots and political aspirations. That is truly the playground of the wealthy and connected and most definitely Pay to Play. The top of the class might have 1 or 2 sneak in but that's about it.


    Back on September 11, 2014, the Syracuse Post Standard published a Dave Tobin article labeled "See Syracuse University's new, $90 million law school building, Dineen Hall." Take a look at this portion:

    "Friday's dedication events will include an 11 a.m. panel of circuit judges discussing the state of judicial independence and judicial legitimacy in an age of partisan gridlock and political polarization. The panel will be moderated by College of Law Professor Keith Bybee.

    Participating will be Theodore McKee, chief judge of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, who will be joined by fellow judges James E. Graves Jr., of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Carolyn Dineen King, Rosemary S. Pooler, of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and Thomas M. Reavley, senior judgeof the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

    The building's opening ceremony will be held at 1:30 p.m.

    Dineen King said that based on her experience she expects the ribbon-cutting to be an upbeat event.

    "As a chief judge of my circuit, I've cut the ribbon on ten or 12 courthouses along the southwest border," she said. "Ribbon cuttings are a very special event. Everybody in the room is happy and looking to the future. I know that's what it will be like Friday."

    Wealthy pigs, especially those who come from family money, always look forward to meaningless ribbon-cutting events. Let's see if the students who attended the ceremony will be happy and looking forward to the future now that they owe $145K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt - for a law degree from a middling toilet.

  21. Neither North Dakota nor South Dakota need a law school. The U of Minnesota could adequately cover Minnesota and the Dakota combined, and for that matter Iowa and Nebraska.
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