Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Third Tier Cesspit Albany Law Sewer Raises Tuition, to Compensate for Lower Enrollment

Booyah!: On February 28, 2017, the Albany Business Review published a piece from the Teutonic Shannon Sweeney, under the headline “Albany Law School raising tuition as enrollment declines.” Check out this sweet-ass opening:

“Albany Law School will increase tuition by 3 percent this fall for incoming and second-year students. 

That increase brings tuition to $45,882 a year — up from $45,546 this year. The private school's board met Friday to set the tuition rates, as first reported by the Times Union. Third-year students will pay $45,436 and fourth-year students will pay $34,007. 

Alicia Ouellette, the dean and president of Albany Law School, announced the increase in an email to students on Saturday morning. 

"The decision to increase tuition is never made lightly," Ouellette said in the email. "The main objective when considering tuition increase is balancing the educational needs of our student body with the school's financial responsibilities." 

Albany Law School's announcement echoes a nationwide trend of increasing tuitions — and declining enrollments — at law schools across the country. Nationally, law school tuition has increased dramatically since 1985, according to the American Bar Association.” [Emphasis mine]

Still want to take the plunge, Stupid?!?! I like how Pig Alicia Ouelette chortled “The decision to increase tuition is never made lightly.” That’s easy for you to say, swine. You aren’t the one who will be saddled with an additional $5,000 or more in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, for a TTT law degree. Did you happen to mention this in your recruiting materials?

Now, scroll down to this concluding paragraph:

“Albany Law School has seen enrollment decline the past few years — in 2013, the school had 600 students enrolled. This fall, the school had 397 students enrolled, according to the Business Review's College and Universities List. Nationwide, law school enrollment has declined since 2010.” [Emphasis mine]

You’re welcome, bitches! By the way, it’s always funny to see local reporters cite to the nationwide drop in law students, as if that lessens one particular trash pit’s falling numbers. Nice try, Shannon.

Other Coverage: On February 27, 2017, the Albany Times Union featured a Bethany Bump article simply entitled “Albany Law tuition climbs.” Take a look at the following portion:

“Tuition at Albany Law School will increase 3 percent this fall to $45,882 for incoming and second-year students, school officials announced in an email to students Saturday. 

The board of trustees met last Friday to set tuition rates. Tuition for third-year students will be $45,436 and tuition for fourth-year students, who pay three-quarters of the full rate, will be $34,007. 

School leaders offered few explanations for the increase beyond the need to balance the school's financial responsibilities with the educational needs of the student body. 

"The decision to increase tuition is never made lightly," said President and Dean Alicia Ouellette in the email. "Recognizing the significant financial stress that students and prospective students are under, the board and administration sought to keep the 2017-2018 increase as small as possible while ensuring that we continue to deliver a first-rate legal education." 

School officials did not respond to a request for comment Monday. According to the email sent Saturday, Ouellette and other deans at the school will be available to answer questions about the increase at an open session in early March. 

"I can assure you that the faculty, staff and administration are working hard to achieve efficiencies and keep costs down for our students without affecting the educational mission of the school and the direct services students receive," Ouellette said.” [Emphasis mine]

How can a festering garbage heap offer a “first-rate legal education,” Alicia?! How does that work exactly? While pompous “professors” at Yale and Harvard also read the same teacher’s education and rehash the same lecture notes for the last 20 years, those students will have a premier name on their diploma and every resume that they send out. Biglaw firms, federal pig “judges” and agencies will continue to hire them. Can you say the same for your cesspool?!?! Also, did you and your “professors” take a pay cut to help defray the cost increase?

The Toilet’s Ranking: According to US”News” & World Report, Albany Law Sewer is rated as the 129th greatest, most remarkable and brilliant law school in the entire goddamn country. What an accomplishment, huh?!?! The fact that it merely shares this distinction with one other commode, $anTTTa Clara Univer$iTTTy, shows that this is such a prestigious honor.

Conclusion: Albany Law Sewer is a GROSSLY OVERPRICED third tier pile of waste. Do you understand that if you attend this dung pit, you will effectively have a permanent stench associated with you?!?! When your cover letters and resumes feature the name “Albany Law School,” hiring partners and their secretaries will laugh until they cry. Your writing sample will serve as a napkin for spilled coffee on oak tables. When decent law firms don’t even bother to send you a one-line email thanking your for your interest in the position, you will understand better. Name brand matters GREATLY in the legal field. Now, you will be required to take on more student loan debt for the “privilege” of working in toiletlaw – or selling insurance policies.


  1. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingMarch 1, 2017 at 5:48 AM

    What's the problem here? Smart, hungry Albany lawyers can generate income and clients to pay for this. All they have to do is adopt the business model of the Chicagoland billboard lawyers shilling Traffic Ticket Defense for $49.00. Be in the money game!!!

    1. Perhaps not every message needs to mention those billboards. The subject grew old some time ago.

    2. I agree with Old Guy. You made your point months ago. Maybe switch your meds?

    3. I'm with Old Guy. The point is valid but it has been made. And from what I could find on line those $49.00 deals are really $49.00 and up. For those not familiar with it there is a chain of stores called Lumber Liquidators which sells hardwood flooring. They advertise, or at least used to, that they sold oak flooring at $0.99/sf. Seemed too-good-to be-true cheap but I was near one of their stores and checked it out. The $0.99 stuff was crap but the slightly pricier grades were actually a pretty decent deal. Never did my project, but friends mentioned that they hadn't been there and wondered about the quality. I told them what I saw and they ended up doing a room. Doubt I'd have gone in had it not been for the super-low price they flaunted, which was prefaced with "from" in very small letters. Works for LL, probably works for the $49.00 billboard guys, too.

    4. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingMarch 3, 2017 at 6:47 PM

      It might be getting old for you, but for any prospective law student it will open their eyes. Who wants to be a part of a profession that advertises flooring in a deceptive manner? It is rich that you would choose Lumber Liquidators. If I recall, they had legal troubles over crappy products.

      The point of these blogs is not to entertain you, but to inform the consumer of what our profession has devolved into....GOTCHA and BAIT and SWITCH, Nobody buys the car for $14,999 w/o AC, Leather and a Nav. That car only draws them in...I became a lawyer, not a car salesman.

    5. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingMarch 3, 2017 at 6:57 PM

      Old Guy,

      I am deeply hurt and offended by you post. Because of you, I am going to wear a Make America Great Again hat to court. Take that Old Guy. I am going to tell my new Orange Buddy about you. Make you show your papers....

  2. This link says it all:

    Simply count how many spaces Albany is from the BOTTOM.

    16th from bottom with 15 schools (only..) below it. Below the bottom, the schools are "unranked". Most of those are in California.

    Look at the names of the schools a few spots above and below. Interesting, isn't it?

    I'm more inclined to go with that list than 129. 129 would merely be a TTTT toilet. Not what Albany is: A bottom-feeding cesspool in Albany, itself a cesspool within a toilet of a state: NY.

    There are 15 law schools in NY. Fif-teen..

    This is, simply, a complete ripoff of student loan dollars from all the "smart" (cough!) Millennials. Hint: Just because you have a "smart" phone, it doesn't make you smart..

    The Dumbest Generation, IMO.

    Yet again, we see that while all schools are priced like Harvard and Yale, all outcomes will assuredly not be the same.

    You're coming out of this trash heap with a minimum of $135k in hard loans (EXCLUDING undergrad) BUT not including ~ 16K living expenses which will run another $45k over 3 years.

    Hey, do what you want to do.. You'll find out the hard way in 3 years and 6 months after Bar Frenzy wears off. Not that passing means anything. It doesn't. No jobs...

    It does mean that NY will ding you for $375 dollars every 2 years - for the privilege of being admitted. And don't forget: You owe 50 hours of pro-bono *prior* to being admitted if you pass/ Thank you, judge Jewman.. And CLE's.. 24 credits every 2 years. And, *of course* they're NOT FREE, etc.

    Fuck you..

    You were warned but didn't listen. Enjoy being broke during the entire rest of your life and on into retirement. You were *smarter* after all, right?

    Not like the entire fucking world is out to beat you today - which it is. But of course, to learn and accept that, you'd have to do something you don't want to do: Grow up.

    Everything is a Rich Man's Trick.

    1. The judge's name is Lippman. Kindly keep your bigotry to yourself.

    2. If it were priced rationally, this sewer or law would be charging no more than $10k per year.

  3. In a normal market, an increase in price leads to a decrease in quantity demanded. Although distorted by the student loan scam, let's hope that this price increase will lead to a decrease in quantity demanded, and further exposure of the scam that law school is.

    1. It depends on price elasticity.

    2. Except that there is no price "signal" since the consumer (student) isn't paying any of the cost.

      The federal GRAD PLUS loan program will cover any tuition amount these dumps pull out of their a$$e$.

  4. This is a common ploy: have a high MSRP and then give discounts. That fools the mark into thinking he got some "great deal" on what is really a worthless Yugo.

    But watch out, Lemmings! This dump also has the common TTT $trategy of conditional scholarships that get taken away later on.

    As if zero job prospects aren't enough for the hapless 3L!

  5. “Tuition at Albany Law [Sewer] will increase 3 percent this fall to $45,882 for incoming and second-year students...”

    Wrong. Tuition is increasing 3% for incoming students without a conditional scholarship (disproportionately minority students) and second year students who had their conditional scholarships eliminated (thanks to section stacking). Last year 18 out of 62 (29%) lemmings had their conditional scholarships reduced or eliminated. Enjoy the tuition hike lemmings!

    Good luck paying back those student loans. 12% of the class of 2015 was unemployed 9 months after graduation. Since these lemmings graduated, the New York unemployment rate has fallen from 5.3% to 4.8%. A degree from Albany makes you more than twice as likely to be unemployed. Only 9.8% of graduates obtained jobs with law firms of 101+ attorneys. Only 65% of graduates obtained full time, long term, bar passage required employment. And if you are a minority student at this dump paying full tuition because law schools discriminate in awarding their garbage conditional scholarships, good luck repaying your loans. According to the salary data Albany reported to NALP, women and minorities had lower mean salaries than nonminority men.

  6. Is a legal education worth $45k a year ? Shame on those law schools that keep raising tuition.

    But on the other hand, I guess it is just aligning tuition prices with the other more than 10 law schools that charge $45k+ for tuition.

    oh well... buyer beware.

  7. Throwaway AttorneyMarch 1, 2017 at 1:49 PM

    There is no rational justification in charging these lemmings $46K a year for an education they could feasibly obtain through the use of Google Hangouts and Google Scholar--all for the cost of a decent laptop and three years of ISP service.

    Law school and the Socratic method is already an archaic way of teaching and learning. Allowing the law school cartel to continue regulating itself like some sort of medieval guild in today's information age just disconnects law professors and Biglaw partners from the ugly realities of life in shitlaw America even further.

    Of course, it's hard to feel sorry for anyone who debt finances their legal education at one of these lower rung schools. Mainstream information regarding the realities of law school has been out there for nearly ten years.

    Kids, if you're not rich and connected, attending a no-name law school like Albany is a one way ticket to a ruined life. Don't find this out the hard way.

  8. High price drives away lemmings so naturally you raise the price. I cut that board three times and it's STILL too short!!!

    On the other hand, I have seen fairly reputable law firms try to pull through tough times by raising the rates they charge the clients they still have. Trouble is, the economy goes up and down but the legal profession is in a consistent death spiral.

    They say there are people in the Scottish Highlands who are still waiting for Bonnie Prince Charlie to return from across the water. Their hope is no more vain than the lawyers and scamsters who have no choice but to tell themselves that this is just temporary.

  9. If $45K a year at a shithole doesn't stop you from going to law school, nothing will.

    1. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingMarch 2, 2017 at 4:36 PM

      Exactly. However, it is funny money. Not real. Not like you have to reach into your wallet and pull out $45K or a new Mercedes or fancy GM truck every year. With IBR ettc, its bullshit money. So what if you end up like a solo shlepper like me competing against Chicago Billboard $49.00 Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyers. It's a heck of a lot better than being a retail monkey assistant manager yelling into a PA system about a nice sale on toilet paper for the next 50 years.

    2. As I mentioned in a previous comment, it seems like IBR/PAYE is the default plan for financing law school for many. They don't care what it costs because they don't plan on paying the loans back anyway. Talk about perverse incentives. I agree with another commenter that this isn't the way aspiring lawyers should look at taking on debt, but they respond to incentives just like anyone else.

  10. We read in one sentence that "Albany Law School will increase tuition by 3 percent this fall for incoming and second-year students" and in the next that "[t]hat increase brings tuition to $45,882 a year — up from $45,546 this year".

    Without performing a calculation, anyone who finished elementary school should be able to see that the cited figures do not represent a 3% increase.

  11. You guys have it wrong. Look at tuition for $45k a year for three years as a lifetime investment. The loan repayment period doesn't have to be for ever also there is relief for fed loans from IBR, debt forgiveness for public service..... etc.

    The ROI will be on the backend, and also the intangible benefit of doing something you love.

    Earning a JD is a game changer for many individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, and has served as the strong stepping stone out of the cycle of poverty and into the middle class.

    Don't let the nay says crush your dream. Think about it.... out of the people who get a JD "some" are living the exact opposite reality of what is depicted on this web site. With decent legal job prospects and loving life.

    Not everyone who gets a JD is doomed to fail! Just try your best to get into a top T1 school like Seton Hall and your set and will be well on your way.

    1. >top T1 school
      >Seton Hall

      pick one

    2. Team AAMPLE / Seton Hall troll,

      You’re not even a good troll. There was a time when trolls would post some entertaining comments on this blog defending their toilet law schools. Your comments are lame. In the future, tell us more about the time you hired an AAMPLE attorney to defend your prostitution case.

      Good luck with the ROI “on the backend.” According to the BEA GDP by industry data, the legal sector has declined by 9.9% since 2000. But during that same period, according to the ABA, the number of active attorneys increased 27.2%. Also, the NALP released the latest stats on law firm summer hiring. Hiring was flat in 2016.

      Lawyers sure gain “the intangible benefit of doing something you love.” According to a study that came out last year, “[l]evels of depression, anxiety, and stress among attorneys reported here are significant, with 28%, 19%, and 23% experiencing mild or higher levels of depression, anxiety, and stress, respectively. In terms of career prevalence, 61% reported concerns with anxiety at some point in their career and 46% reported concerns with depression.”

      By comparison, between 2009 and 2012, 7.6% of persons aged 12 and older experienced depression.

      The study utilized a screening test to identify problematic drinking, and found 20.6% of lawyers screened positive. By comparison, 11.8% of a broad, highly educated workforce screened positive on the same test.

      The article concluded, “[a]ttorneys experience problematic drinking that is hazardous, harmful, or otherwise generally consistent with alcohol use disorders at a rate much higher than other populations...Depression, anxiety, and stress are also significant problems for this population...”

      Krill P., Johnson R., Albert L. The Prevalence of Substance Use and Other Mental Health Concerns Among American Attorneys. J Addict Med Feb 2016; 10(1): 46-52.

      By the way, Seton Hall is not a top T1 school. It is a T2 toilet ass clown.

  12. Tax Prof Blog has a story about the decline in law school applicants from top colleges.
    The number of applicants from top schools increased 1% in 2016. But the number of applicants is still down 48% since 2010.

    Despite the 1% increase this past year, there was still a double digit decline in applicants from Harvard and Stanford.

    If you are considering enrolling in a toilet law school like Albany, ask yourself, why aren’t grads of elite colleges going to law school? Do you think you know something that these grads don’t? When Donald Trump operated Trump University, or when Tom Vu offered get rich quick real estate courses, how many graduates of elite colleges fell for these scams?

    The total cost to attend Albany (tuition plus living expenses) is over $60,000! You will owe over $180,000 when you graduate. To repay that loan in ten years, you would have to make payments of almost $2,100 a month. The total cost of your education will exceed over a quarter million dollars when you include interest, assuming you pay off your loans in ten years. And that is a questionable assumption coming out of a toilet like Albany.

    Why do you think it costs so much to attend Albany? You aren’t paying for a quality education. You are paying the exorbitant six figure salaries of the faculty and staff.

    If you insist on rolling the dice on education and borrowing $100,000+ in student loans, then attend a Caribbean medical school. You actually have better odds of passing your professional exam and getting a job. Better to be a family practice or internal medicine doc making a salary in the upper $100,000s for the rest of your life, than a shit law attorney (if you are lucky enough to get a legal job). Even if you were to end up in the top 10% of your class and get into big law making a six figure salary, you are in an up or out organization that will likely kick you to the curb after a few years. Have you ever heard of hospitals firing doctors who didn’t make it to partner? Even if you are a social justice warrior, who are you going to help as an unemployed indebted law grad? Do you really think the ACLU wants to hire graduates from Albany? If you are a doctor, you can treat the poor, women, minorities, veterans, people in the inner city, people in rural areas, or people with disabilities. Whatever your cause, you can help as a doctor. You are unlikely to make a difference as a toilet law school grad. I do not go to a foreign medical school. But I can tell you, I have been taught by numerous MD graduates of foreign medical schools. Unlike law schools, medical programs hire doctors to teach based on their competence, not on their educational credentials. Do you think Albany would ever give you the opportunity to teach? No, because you didn’t go to an elite law school.

    1. I have made the exact same points a number of posts here, and the poster is absolutely correct.

      "Lawyering is not doctoring."

      My child, at about 32, will start out at about 3 times my current income, and on top of that will have full benefits and typically 8 weeks paid vacation. I have never had any benefits except 2 weeks paid vacation in my 3rd year of practice, 37 years ago. My pay was about $300 a week, then, as an attorney, so about $600-I didn't get more money, just didn't have to work for 2 weeks.

      My child has a friend who went the Caribbean medical school route. Currently in a radiology residency program at a large hospital. Friend will start at about $320,000.00, plus benefits. It should take about 3 to 4 years to pay off all medical school debt, AND STILL have $80,000 to $100,000 disposable income.

      Most lawyers are "solo." This means in a week you may handle a contested probate, an uncontested guardianship, child support modification, bankruptcy, traffic ticket and a commercial litigation matter.

      This is all over the ball park, requires lots of study to be able to handle the matter, much of it unbillable.

      Many doctors have narrow practices and have little down time, and can do high turnover of patients. All of which improves their incomes dramatically.

      I know these numbers to be true.

      I defies belief that anyone applies to the bottom 150 schools.

      My local bar association has almost doubled since I started practicing-the city's population is nearly dead steady. I'd say, there are 125 inhabitants for every lawyer in my city.

    2. Some of the Caribbean medical schools are claiming placement rates over 80% in residencies. That has to be for people who pass all their exams and courses and are recommended by the schools.

      Agree that some Caribbean med schools may be a much better bet than most law schools, even top law schools, because there are relatively fewer jobs for over age 55 lawyers than for first year lawyers by about 40%. So it is very hard to get or retain a full time permanent legal job for lawyers over 50 and surely over age 55.

      It still can be hard with a foreign medical degree. Patients may gravitate towards higher credentialed doctors. One not so old medical specialist I know of at a satellite office of a major medical center, actually a DO, not a foreign med school grad, may have lost their job due to inability to attract enough patients. Don't know for sure, but the doctor is no longer working there.

      Even for specialties like radiology, may be harder for older doctors. Don't know for sure. Just an observation of what may be from the turnover at the major hospital I have observed. They like to hire and retain young doctors. Of course, there may be private radiology jobs to take up the older doctors the major hospital does not want, or the older doctors may have made enough money to voluntarily retire.

    3. In the radiology practice I used to visit, the doctors tended to be very young recent medical school graduates. Very suspicious because I think, what happened to the old doctors?

      That coupled with a job market for radiologists that seems to be getting saturated may spell trouble down the road.

      You are also looking at films of various sorts all day. Into a machine or on a dark screen. If you get to do a biopsy, that is good day.

      I have some doubts about whether radiology may be moving to the point where it is not as desirable as one might think. However, the salary is much higher than many other medical specialties, so doctors may not have to work that many years as a radiologist to retire very comfortably.

    4. With top law schools, you really run the risk of poor outcomes later on, especially for anyone who is not a white male. Poor outcome means not breaking six figures in a high cost city or being unemployed.

      Just looked at my older law school class at a law school in the high ranks of the T8. In terms of non-white males, there are very few people in six figure jobs in private practice, notwithstanding the $180,000 salary for first years at the 25th percentile of pay.

      Young lawyers push most of the older classes out of high paying jobs. Young lawyers make at least double what similarly situated older lawyers make. While there is low unemployment among top law school grads after graduation, the unemployment rate for non-white male graduates of top law schools doubles or triples at the older ages.

      There are many older top law grads in marginal jobs. You would not know from the internet though.

      So most of the top ranked law schools look like Albany looks for first years in terms of employment outcomes for older graduates who are not white males.

    5. The prior poster here.

      Caribbean medical schools DO present their own challenge. My child is a U.S. med school grad. My child's friend is Caribbean grad, yet got a residency in my child's hometown that my child did not get, even though my child personally knows the head of radiology! Weird, but so be it. My child is at a much better residency program.

      I am not talking older anybodies. I am talking students in the ordinary course of their academic career.

      I don't have any statistics on hand about older physicians, but I find it hard to believe that a fully functioning and capable physician of any age can't make a decent living, and miles ahead of a lawyer at the same stage of life.

      I represented a physician who could not manage time with patients and just spent too much time for office visits which was not justified. Employer wanted to dump my client. Client still made $180,000 a year in a town where the average house price was probably $85,000-a small town.

      There is NO equitability (Lawyers are allowed to create words) between doctoring and lawyering. None at all. The average doctor trashes the average income of the average lawyer by 3 to 6.

      I had the ability to be a doctor. Thought that lawyering would be a "challenge." It was.

      The income difference was not apparent to me. So, I figure it has cost me about $3.5 million in retirement savings.

      I have done rather well, in the scheme of things. I am not rich, by my way of thinking. I may have a retirement income of $4,000 a month from all sources, including Social Security. That is really rather pathetic, but that will be OK.

      I have done rather well, in the scheme of things. I am not rich, by my way of thinking. I may have a retirement income of $4,000 a month from all sources, including Social Security. That is really rather pathetic, but that will be OK.

      I have a Public Defender friend whose public defender pension is $4,300 a month, and then ADD Social Security. Having worked 40 years as a solo, a public defender will be much better off than me. I have NO pension-just what income I can make, if I manage it right, off my savings. I don't begrudge my friend, but it makes my life's work look rather pathetic.

    6. Most of the graduates of Harvard and Yale undergrad who go to law school go to T14 law schools. There is a big concentration of Harvard and Yale grads at Harvard, Yale, Columbia and NYU Law. Many fewer Harvard and Yale undergrads numerically to to law school on the west coast or in Chicago than to the T6 law schools on the East Coast.

      The very high GPAs that the top rated west coast and midwest law schools show are partly a reflection of the top students at the top undergrad schools like Harvard and Yale picking NYU and Columbia Law in big numbers over west coast and midwest schools.

      The big concentration of graduates of the top undergrad schools at NYU and Columbia Law simply depresses the median GPAs of accepted students at these schools. A 3.8 undergrad GPA at a moderately competitive school in the west or midwest may be comparatively easier to achieve than a 3.8 from Harvard or Yale. A student from that moderately competitive school will likely score lower than a Harvard or Yale undergrad at the median on the LSAT.

      You need to take the GPAs medians for law schools with a grain of salt because they are not adjusted for the competitiveness or class rank of undergraduate schools.


    On February 25, 2017, Albany NBC affiliate WNYT, Channel 13, featured a staff report entitled “Albany Law School seminar focuses on fighting injustice.” Here is the full text of that excrementitious story:

    “People came together at Albany Law School in the spirit of learning new ways to fight injustice wherever it may be.

    “I went to a symposium like this a month ago in New York City, and I was just moved,” said attorney Samantha Howell.

    Inspired by the discussions about the Trump administration's travel ban, Howell says she wanted to bring that same passion in a similar setting to the Capital Region.

    That's why she brought together a group of activists, lawyers and law students at the law school to figure out how to move forward in what they feel is a changing legal landscape under the Trump administration.

    “Through the course of the day, we'll be sharing information that will in specific ways assist lawyers and activists with the tools to protect their rights,” said attorney Mark Mishler.

    The panel discussions included how lawyers can best protect refugees who are in immediate danger from the travel ban. They also brought up free speech issues and criticism about how the media has been treated by the Trump administration.

    "But also mass incarceration is becoming an issue,” said Howell. “President Obama just moved away from using private prisons in the federal prison industry. We're going back to that.”

    They also shared ways they plan to use the New York state constitution, which they say in many ways provides greater protection of people's rights than the federal one.

    "We need to exercise our skills in learning about that and how to use that most effectively,” said Mishler.

    In addition, the group is concerned about proposed cuts to the Legal Services Corporation. It's a federal funding stream to help provide equal access to justice in civil cases for low income people.

    "It's very dangerous to consider the prospect of defunding civil legal services,” said Howell.”

    Who cares if tuition exceeds $45K per year – for a THIRD TIER “legal education”?!?! After all, you will learn all about “fighting for justice.” Yeah, good luck trying to repay $147,243.81 in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt – while subsisting on an annual salary of $38K, genius!

    Samantha Howell is passionate about fighting inju$tice. That is nice for her and her big-ass earrings. By the way, look at the video and you will see a bunch of graybeards, aging hippies, and academic types in the audience. For $ome rea$on, they don’t raise hell about saddling the next generation of JDs with life-altering levels of student debt. Then again, “Trump evil. Higher education good.”

    1. Come on Nando.... "Third Tier" you say.

      I promise you and all the elitist this:

      Contracts and torts are taught the same from Harvard down to the lowest unranked law school.

      They learn the same thing, so don't paint the third tier grads in a lower light!

      They are the backbone of the legal profession!

      Your better than this and surely they deserve better than the put downs you throw out. A JD is a JD!

    2. If they cared about fighting injustice, they'd start by shutting down their toilet school.

  14. Oh come on Nando, don’t sell this place short. If you’re a hot blond (Megyn Kelly) or the governor’s son (Andrew Cuomo), Albany Law can be your launching pad to a fabulous career! I’m sure the hiring partners at Davis Polk and Sullivan Cromwell will be blown away by the fact that you went to the same school as these distinguished alum.

    1. I was always puzzled as to why Cuomo's last name couldn't get him into a more respectable law school. If a dim bulb like JFK Jr. could get into NYU, you'd think Cuomo could have done the same, or at least Fordham.

    2. Why would an aristocrat go to a toilet like Albany? Couldn't anyone pull strings to get these people Columbia, a few hours to the south?

    3. JFK Jr. had much political potential. He was loved by the public and looked and acted the part of the next president. He could have sailed his way into almost anywhere, if he had just lived. Did not listen to his mother as to the plane, and it killed him.

      His nephew, John Schlossberg, was the valedictorian at Collegiate, one of the most competitive high schools in New York City.

      JFK Jr. just did not work that hard on his studies. He had other interests which would have served him better than studying had he lived.

    4. "JFK Jr. just did not work that hard on his studies."

      And he still managed to get into Brown and NYU Law. It's nice when your last name is Kennedy. He also failed the NY Bar exam twice. And then there was that time he decided, as a non-instrument rated novice pilot, to fly his Piper over open water on a hazy evening. When you're several thousand feet up in the cockpit of an airplane, stupid gets you killed. And in his case, it got his wife and sister-in-law killed too.

      And what the hell does his nephew have to do with anything? My sister went to Yale undergrad and Harvard Business School. So what?


      JFK Jr. like most of the Kennedy clan sailed through life. That motherfucker wouldn't have known a hard day's work in his entire life. I vaguely remember this dude being drunk and on painkillers (Vicodin) at the time he crashed his plane into the ocean. He failed the bar'zam twice for a reason.

    6. He was married and banging out Carolyn Bessette. It's like the Kennedy version of "Wall Street" where Gordon Gekko gives Bud Fox the 5'10 gift of Darien Taylor.

      Dude was handed everything in life on a silver platter - including top-shelf pussy. And still managed to fuck it all up.. As the Kennedys seem wont to do.

  15. Incidentally, the AARP litigation foundation has brought a case challenging experience limits in lawyer hiring based on a theory of disparate impact discrimination.

    There is currently a split as to whether the Age Discrimination in Employment Act allows a claim of disparate impact discrimination in hiring. Many state and local laws would allow such claims.

    If the AARP wins these cases, expect many first year jobs in big firms to go by the wayside and more older lawyers in associate and in house jobs.

    Sort of a death to the law schools.

  16. The disparate impact discrimination case has yet to be brought against a major law firm. Has to be a winner for the plaintiffs in NY and Cali at least.


    On March 2, 2017, the Daily Gazette published a staff report labeled “Sotomayor to visit Albany Law School next month.” The full text is below:

    “U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor will visit Albany Law School on April 3 to meet privately with students, spend time with the faculty, and address the law school community, according to a prepared statement from the school.

    “This will be an historic day for Albany Law School,” said Alicia Ouellette, Albany Law’s president and dean. “We are honored that our students, faculty, and community have the opportunity to meet Justice Sotomayor.”

    Sotomayor will receive the law school’s Kate Stoneman Award, presented annually by the law school to people in the legal profession who have demonstrated a commitment to seeking change and equal opportunities for women. The inaugural honoree was Chief Judge Judith Kaye in 1994.
    The award is named for Kate Stoneman, who in 1898 became the first woman to graduate from Albany Law School. Stoneman was also the first woman to pass the NY bar exam, but her application to become an attorney was denied because of her gender. She campaigned to change the rules and make women eligible for licensure as attorneys; her campaign succeeded, and she then became the first woman admitted to the bar in New York State, according to the school's statement.

    On April 4, Sotomayor will headline the University at Albany’s Speaker Series, discussing her autobiography, “My Beloved World,” which recounts her inspiring journey to the federal bench, the school said. That event is free and open to the UAlbany community.

    Sotomayor is the third woman and the first Latina to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. She was appointed to the position by President Barack Obama in August 2009.”

    Does that make your stupid “invesment” in yourself worth the exorbitant cost of attendance, cretin?!?! As a student at Albany Law Sewer, you will have ZERO CHANCE at becoming a member of the Supremes. Hell, a dog that gets hit by a car and dies in front of Harvard has better odds than you of joining that group.

    1. F*ck them in the A**. If dumb kids want to throw away 3 years and $150,000 in student loans on a fake education at Albany Law so they can pretend to be the next big Progressive savior, even after 8 years of scamblogger crusading, then F*ck them in the A**. No sympathy here.

  18. Advertised age discrimination is pervasive in the legal profession and there is no enforcement. Law firms and in house employers are allowed to prefer lawyers in their 20s and 30s and hire almost exclusively in that age group.

    Age discrimination is the reason for the huge longitudinal attorney oversupply and excess of entry level vs experienced lawyer jobs.

    Illegal ads from just a search of a few pages of labor and employment attorney New York NY on Indeed today:

    Michael Page seeking 2008- 2015 labor and employment law attorney for Am Law 100 firm

    Jasinski- management side law firm seeking two labor and employment law attorneys but only up to 4 and 8 years experience.,-P.C./jobs/Junior-Senior-Labor-Employment-Attorney-a7e04c946c9127b7?sjdu=QwrRXKrqZ3CNX5W-O9jEvaokZOGLHVIo5tHKhzwby2w3Z4oArSpH-dVv_iJThH0yG7ztN1V7F5W3Gi4txJnJ7ujmYspCnaljSZ-5CCyNtG0aVq8UPfh-PfrrbBfSyXLd

    Newell Brands in house position 3-5 years experience in technology transactions even though they say they comply with equal employment opportunity laws

    The advertised jobs without experience limits are mostly low paid government jobs or plaintiffs side contingent fee firms which generally will not break six figures. Labor and employment law is an area that is not suffering as much as other practice areas.

    Just do a search on indeed for any legal specialty in any geographic area and you will see the problem of lawyers in the second half of their careers do meet the qualifications for many or most of the high paying attorney jobs.

    This experience cap or class year hiring is ingrained in the legal profession. You don't see it as much in health care or in other areas like education.

    Really a reason why experienced honors graduates of Harvard and Yale Law Schools cannot get jobs while first years our of Hofstra and Cardozo who do well in law school
    are snapped up into $180,000 full time permanent lawyer jobs.

    1. Law firms discriminate on the basis of age even at the entry level. Despite top grades from an élite law school, I got only a handful of interviews during law school, and no job. People consistently told me that my age was the reason (I was in my forties), and indeed it was. How did the law firms know my age? They always asked for a copy of my transcript from my undergraduate degree, which was roughly twenty years old and, of course, indicated dates.

    2. When I started law school long before you, everyone at my top tier law school got a big law or mid law job unless they went to a federal clerkship or were not planning on either. Even then they walked into the clerkship with an offer that started after the clerkship ended. There was no emphasis on grades unless you were going to Debevoise or Wachtell. Older people did not have trouble getting jobs, although most of the older people were top students. A few very rich people went to non-profits. Different dynamic from today. I spoke to the placement head who told me there are unemployed lawyers graduating from every law school. Of course, our school's class size almost doubled since then.

    3. I got a federal clerkship but had no job lined up afterwards. I got only a handful of interviews, and at most of those I was asked my age.

      As you say, times have changed. Even Harvard and Yale in recent years have warned their students that they may have to scramble for jobs and settle for positions that some years ago the schools' graduates never would have sought. Have a look at this article from six years ago:

      The author has good credentials and a network that includes a justice of the Supreme Court, yet she had been out of work for more than two years.

      See this as well:

    4. They could always go solo.

  19. This is a link to the complaint in the case where a 53 year old lawyer is challenging experience caps that are a requirement for an in house attorney position under the ADEA:

    Only in the legal profession is there this type of squeezing out older lawyers from work based on too much experience.

    Institutionalized age discrimination in the legal profession is a reason why honors graduates of Harvard and Yale Law with Harvard and Princeton undergraduate degrees are unemployed in not small numbers.

    Even Harvard and Yale Law are third tier trashpits for their fallen soldiers who are murdered from working in any type of lucrative lawyer jobs by class year hiring and up or out policies in most higher paying lawyer jobs.

    1. Not true: information technology also drives out old people, and "old" starts before age 35.

    2. Just looked on the internet and the IT jobs seem not to have any ads that have class year or number of year of experience limits.

      The class year/ experience limits on most high paying lawyer jobs coupled with up or out policies in most law firms would really, really discourage top college grads from applying to law school if these facts were widely known. It would be very helpful to the scamblog movement to publicize the advertised age discrimination along with the numbers that clearly demonstrate longitudinal oversupply.

      Many Harvard and Yale undergraduates who are still applying to law school today are not going into law if they know there is serious question as to whether they can hold a job after age 50.

      Just running through a sample of legal jobs tells the sorry story of age discrimination in the legal profession.

    3. They could always go solo.

    4. No one can make money going solo. The average income of about $40,000 a year in a high cost city like NY or LA is financial suicide. That is not to mention the cost of doing business which is a sunk cost for which the attorney needs to make before taking home any net income.

      Sort of like the corner dry cleaners. If they open on every corner they will drive each other out of business. Same with solos. The law of supply and demand in law does not support lots of new solos.

      If a lawyer can do something other than working in retail, they do better than most solos. A teaching job in NYC public schools starts at $54,000 plus health insurance and pension. That is a lot better bet than struggling as a solo for someone with a T14 law degree with years of big law behind them.

  20. Law school is depressing too. The highlight of my three years there was getting a blow job on the top floor of the law library from a cute coed with big tits. She even swallowed. I was depressed two days later from the stress of school and shut job prospects.

  21. Albany Law can host a symposium on "How to use your family name and connections to get ahead (and make a difference)." That's how politics, business, life work. End of story.

  22. In my practice area, in one major city, Glassdoor advertises 7 jobs, six in law firm. Every ad, all put in by BCG attorney search, has a hard cap of less than 6 years of experience.

    So I have much more than 6 years experience in BigLaw and do not meet the qualifications for any legal job in my practice area. So I can't work at all with my law degree because of the experience caps.

    Top schools and grades do not help this situation. There is outright age discrimination not only for people like Old Guy who started law school in middle age, but also for people who start law school young and then want to work as a lawyer through middle age, and need a new job.


    Let’s take a look at the Law School Transparency report for the filthy commode known as Albany Law Sewer. The following figures are for the JD Class of 2015 at this stench pit:

    Employment Score: 63.9%
    Under-Employment Score: 19.7%
    2015 Bar Passage Rate: 67.8%
    Total Graduates: 183
    Large Firm: 9.8%
    Small Firm: 17.5%
    Federal Clerkship: 1.6%
    Public Service: 24%

    Risk Profile at Admission, Fall 2012:

    25th percentile LSAT: 149
    50th percentile LSAT: 152
    75th percentile LSAT: 155
    Percentage of first year students who failed out: 6.1%

    Other numbers to take into account:

    Non-Discounted Debt, starting 2017: $216,632
    Tuition: $44,696
    16.6% pay full price
    1.16% is the average annual increase
    41.7% receive a discount of $18,000 or more

    Still want to take the plunge, Dumbass?!?! If you want to shell out money for no reason, just give me $10,000 to kick you square in the nuts one time. The pain would be a fraction of that associated with obtaining a TTT law degree.

    Here’s a nice chart to see falling admi$$ion$ “standards” at this ABA-accredited diploma mill. Look at the data for Fall 2016:

    25th percentile LSAT: 149
    50th percentile LSAT: 152
    75th percentile LSAT: 154
    25th percentile UGPA: 3.01
    50th percentile LSAT: 3.34
    75th percentile LSAT: 3.55

    See the difference from the incoming first year class in Fall 2010?

    25th percentile LSAT: 152
    50th percentile LSAT: 154
    75th percentile LSAT: 157
    25th percentile UGPA: 3.03
    50th percentile LSAT: 3.27
    75th percentile LSAT: 3.50

  24. In response to Room 378's comments:

    Ha! I was one of those dorky STEM graduates you people all made fun of or ignored. Right after I graduated from medical school, a friend talked me into going out drinking with several of his buddies who were recent law school graduates. They laughed at me, because while I was taking call every 4th night and earning less than a first-year schoolteacher, they were drinking $20 martinis at high-end bars and getting blown in their BMW's in the parking lots. This made me feel resentful and envious.

    But a few years later, after the bottom dropped out of the legal profession, I hooked up with this really attractive nursing student at a party. Strangely, later that night, while she was polishing my knob, my mind drifted back to that party, years prior, when those lawyers laughed at me and wondered, "Who's laughing now, bitches?"

    So, as Nando might put it, lemmings: Still thinking about going to law school? Do you believe that as soon as you get that coveted JD degree, attractive women are going to rip off their clothes, kneel in front of you and service you because you are a lawyer? Still thinking you are going to get a new BMW and/or Mercedes every year and vacation in Tahiti, surrounded by beautiful natives? If you believe all of that, I'd like to hook you up with this Nigerian prince who e-mailed me last week, informing me that if I would just send him the routing number to my bank account, he would give me half of his inheritance!


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