Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Transcontinental TTTT Partnership: Arizona Summit Law Sewer Has Affiliated With HBCU Bethune-Cookman University


Desperation at Arizona Summit Continues: On March 10, 2017, Elie Mystal covered this silly nonsense in an ATL entry labeled “Arizona Summit: Now Counting On Black People Not Knowing How To Use Google.” He comes out swinging:

“As we mentioned in Morning Docket, legal diploma mill Arizona Summit Law School has entered into an affiliation agreement with Bethune-Cookman University, a historically black college. 

This seems like a good time to mention that Bethune-Cookman is in Florida while Arizona Summit is in… Arizona. I want this point to be clear. 

Officials from Bethune-Cookman and Arizona Summit say that they’ve entered into this transcontinental arrangement to further their mutual goals of increasing diversity in the legal profession. Here are some quotes:

“This enables us to take it to a much higher level sooner, swifter and with greater impact,” Arizona Summit President Donald Lively said. 

Bethune-Cookman President Edison Jackson said in a statement, “Together, we aim to be a leading force in disrupting a legacy of exclusion that has persisted into the 21st century.” 

With all due respect to Mr. Lively and Mr. Jackson, these quotes represent some of the dumbest takes on legal education available in the English language. NOTHING THAT THEY ARE SAYING MAKES ANY SENSE. 

To Edison Jackson, I’d ask: How, how in the ACTUAL F**K, does sending students to a law school that boasts a 25% first-time bar passage rate disrupt “a legacy of exclusion that has persisted into the 21st century”? NEWS FLASH: Black people who have been to law school but don’t pass the bar ARE STILL EXCLUDED FROM THE LEGAL INDUSTRY. This is like saying that we’re going to increase diversity in the medical profession by giving every black child a free game of Operation.

Sorry, my analogy fails because Arizona Summit is NOT FREE. The school charges $45,424, for its for-profit education, and then there’s another $22,100 to live in Phoenix for a year. 

Going to a law school like Arizona Summit doesn’t help black people, it hobbles them. Economically disadvantaged minorities are in a terrible position to shoulder the (LST-estimated) $249,469 cost of three years of attendance, only to graduate with an education that doesn’t prepare them to pass the bar and a degree that is practically worthless. I mean, my God, the Arizona Summit bar passage rate is their rate in Arizona. CAN YOU IMAGINE what the pass rate is for Arizona Summit grads who try to pass the Florida bar? Bethune-Cookman grads who go out to Arizona Summit are likely leaving behind family, friends, their entire community network (see MAP, above). THEY’LL NEVER RETURN, not as employed lawyers at least. I don’t know the employment rate for Arizona Summit grads in any Southeastern legal market, but if I put the over/under at 2%, would you really feel great about taking the over?” [Emphasis mine]

This man speaks the truth about the law school scam, and he roasted the pigs at Arizona $ummiTTTT Law Sewer accordingly. This is a FOR-PROFIT, FOURTH TIER TRASH CAN in the InfiLaw system – which is owned and operated by Chicago-based, private equity firm Sterling Partners. Do you think – for one millisecond – that the “professors” and shareholders give one goddamn about black students from Bethune-Cookman?!?! They just see them as dollar signs/marks.


Other Coverage: Also on March 10, 2017, the Arizona Republic published an Anne Ryman piece that was entitled “Arizona Summit Law School moves to affiliate with a private, nonprofit university.” Check out this excerpt:

“Arizona Summit has won awards for its diverse student population, which is about 43 percent minority students.

Many of the Summit’s students come to law school in a “catch-up mode,” Interim Dean Penny Willrich said in a recent interview with The Arizona Republic. Some are from poor families. They are astute, bright and want to become attorneys, she said.

“What we try to do is meet our students where they are when they come in the door,” she said. 

But legal experts and law-school watchdogs question whether Arizona Summit admitted too many students. The school, formerly known as the Phoenix School of Law, once had as many as 1,000 students as it admitted more students with lower Law School Admission Test scores. 

That, combined with a change in curriculum, resulted in fewer students passing the bar on the first try, officials said.” [Emphasis mine]

Who gives a damn about the toilet’s awards for diversity in enrollment?!?! If their goal is to increase the number of minority lawyers, they are failing miserably. Furthermore, how many black and brown students at Arizona $ummiTTTT Law Sewer have been financially ruined/ass-raped by attending this cesspit?!

Conclusion: If you’re a moron still considering law school, don’t even contemplate attending a FOURTH TIER TRASH CAN, let alone a for-profit one. Furthermore, do not enroll in a pile of excrement with a first-time Arizona bar passage rate of 24.7 percent! In fact, it’s a good idea to forget about going to a commode that pays its recent graduates - on separate occasions, $5,000 to as much as $36,000 in stipends per student - to NOT take the bar exam. This rancid garbage heap is partnering with a historically black college or university that is more than 2,100 miles away. That is the essence of desperation, people. When these young men and women are unable to get licensed, the swine will blame it on the state board of examiners or “institutional racism.” But that is a ruse, as the cockroaches will have cashed dozens more federal student loan checks. And that is the name of the game!


  1. Disgusting behavior on the part of craven law schools. "Jim Crow Student Loan Program," indeed.

    So long as a bunch of fat-ass Deans and Profs keep their gravy train rolling by selling pipe dreams and punching the "diversity" card, then that is all that matters, I guess.

    The cake is a lie, folks. But don't tell the students, that cuts into income.

  2. Wow, a Kollege with a 32% six-year graduation rate teaming up with a Law Skool boasting a 24% bar passage rate.

    Sounds like a match made in Commode heaven!

    This brilliant light bulb, Dean Edison, has surely put himself in the running for the Team AAMPLE award for biggest waste of time and money by a scamdean in 2017.

  3. Throwaway AttorneyMarch 14, 2017 at 10:06 AM

    Kids, if this is the best law school in which you can gain acceptance, then you seriously need to consider another another career. Even third tier toilets are pretty much letting anyone in with an undergrad degree and good enough credit to take out student loans. There's no need to even think about attending fourth tier law schools anymore.

    A JD from somewhere like Arizona Summit will be laughed at by almost everyone in the legal profession. You will have few, if any, real job opportunities waiting for you upon graduation. Practicing attorneys will actually end up asking you how you could be so stupid as to attend this place.

    All your hustle and drive won't get your legal career off the ground if you can't gain any sort of training and mentoring necessary to start your own practice, which will pretty much be your fate coming out of a place like Arizona Summit.

    Law schools do not teach you how to get clients. They don't teach you how to perform basic tasks like filing motions at your local courthouse, and they certainly don't teach you how to competently try a case. You will be on your own to learn how the legal system in the real world works.

    Worse still is that no one outside the legal profession is going to want to hire you either. You'll be either thought of as some sort of risk or you'll be considered overqualified for most positions.

    A fourth tier legal education is not worth it. Don't find this out the hard way.

    1. When do they remove the requirement of an undergraduate degree?

    2. Overqualified? For what, exactly, is a graduate of Arizona Summit overqualified?

    3. When you graduate from this shithole people will as k you if you got your law degree from a Cracker Jack box. I had people ask me if it was part of University of Phoenix. How I wish.

    4. Anything below the T8 isn't worth it.. Honestly, if you aren't connected, you won't make it past a decade in law unless you get into a government job.

    5. Throwaway AttorneyMarch 15, 2017 at 12:45 PM

      It's a real issue, Old Guy. A JD is a giant stain on an otherwise decent resume. Most admin type jobs don't want JDs--even from joke schools. Employers are too afraid that a JD will end up suing them for one reason or another, or they think a law degree is just too much education for a typical nine to fiver.

      And yes, 4:30 AM, anything below T8 is just not worth it unless you come from money and influence. But if you just have to change the world and be the next champion for equality and justice, then there are far better options than attending a fourth tier shit pile when higher ranked institutions are basically letting anyone in now.

  4. This trash pit needs to be shut down now. Period. The ABA is essentially a front for criminal activity at this point.

    1. Throwaway AttorneyMarch 15, 2017 at 1:05 PM

      "The ABA is essentially a front for criminal activity at this point."

      Absolutely goddamned right.

      The ABA knows good and well that schools like Arizona Summit are little more than funnels for federally-backed student loan money.

      They know good and well that the legal profession has become nothing more than an overglorified pyramid scheme.

      And most damning of all, the ABA knows good and well that schools like Arizona Summit offer their graduates few if any real career opportunities in the legal sector.

      The ABA knows good and f___ing well what they're accrediting and enabling.

      They know...

    2. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingMarch 17, 2017 at 12:02 PM

      Agree as to the ABA. Thieves. President George Bush knew it when he removed their authority or ability to recommend or vet Supreme Court nominees.

  5. It would be easy to call this a marriage of convenience-Bethune-Cookman gets a law school w/o having to actually build/fund/accredit, etc., and AS gets a pipeline of minority students-but as Nando points out, there's the small problem of AS students not passing the bar exam and its students being buried in debt.
    This union is nothing but a combination of greed and arrogance-and let's put one thing to rest, once and for all.
    There is a shortage of licensed minority attorneys; there is NOT a shortage of minority law students. There is no need, at all, for this transcontinental union; it's patently absurd.
    Per the ABA's own (most recent) numbers published, as of 2010 black/hispanic/asian attorneys comprised 11% of all licensed attorneys, a number well below total US population percentages.
    HOWEVER, minority enrollment for 2011-2 school year: 26.2%; for 2012-3: 27.4%; for 2013-4: 28.5%. These numbers are at or above total population percentages.
    So the clear problem is that there are plenty of minority students-but nowhere near the number of minority attorneys. Part of this is institutional bias from years past(my guess is that 50 and up is skewed heavily toward white and male), but the rest of the story is that schools such as AS are accepting students who shouldn't be in law school at all. Keep in mind that virtually 100% of law school grads take some sort of bar review course, since no law school really prepares its graduates for the bar. And yet AS, offering its own sort of bar prep, still can't get its grads to pass.
    The only conclusion is that these TTTs-especially the for-profit ones-are selling a lie to the gullible that everybody can and should be a lawyer.
    And why Bethune-Cookman would want to be part of this charade is inexplicable. 73% of its students are from Florida, which has, per the Florida Bar Association, a full DOZEN(yep, 12) ABA accredited law schools, all of which would be very happy to take anyone's money.
    I've got to give Nando and the other bloggers a lot of credit to continue the fight.
    Charlotte is still open-in fact, other than Indiana Tech and the one merger, the TTTs have been doing just fine. There just seems to be no way to defeat this monster...the scammers just adapt and adjust and keep reeling in new victims. The only solution is the elimination of the federal $$$ which does not appear likely.

    1. It's true that law school does not prepare a person for the bar exams. The Harvards and the Yales used to leave that preparation to the several students, ostensibly because law school focused on Thinking Like a Lawyer™ rather than the rudiments of statutes and such.

      Nowadays, however, many law skules include a bar-review course or even incorporate it into the curriculum, sometimes in every semester. Oddly enough, those tend to be the law schools whose students overwhelmingly fail the bar exams. Even with three years of bar review, toileteers greatly underperform the graduates of schools that don't offer this preparation.

      Thanks for showing appreciation to those of us who carry on the anti-scam movement. I'm becoming tired, I must say. There's not much that hasn't been said fifty times over. And I'm less and less inclined to try to save lemmings from their own folly. People who go to law school today no longer have an excuse; they deserve the disastrous outcome that awaits them.

    2. You've been doing noble work, but it does appear that anyone willing to listen has listened, and the others...well, just take a look at Arizona Summit. No one should be attending that educational calamity, but apply and enroll they do.
      It's become apparent that while there are the gullible and the special snowflakes, there's a third category, larger than the other two combined: those who will attend b/c they've got nothing better to do. To borrow a line from a mediocre movie-they attend law school "Because I got nowhere else to go"-and that's the truth. They've got a BA in English or History or Poli Sc, but no teaching credential so they can't teach. The only job they can get is retail, and working at the GAP pays only slightly more than minimum wage...so it's either four roommates or living in your parents' basement-either way, it's miserable having to explain to everyone who asks why, with your fancy college degree, you're working retail. So law school is the answer; I'll save the whales or the children or the whales' children, or something, but I'll be a LAWYER and everybody knows lawyers are rich...and even if they're not, going to ls for three years beats standing on my feet all day long. And the money? Well, I've got none now, so what's the difference?
      Nothing is going to get through to people who attend the Infilaw schools or any of the TTTTs. They just don't care. 75% of AS's graduating class FLUNKED the bar-and if that doesn't scare prospective students away(and it hasn't) nothing will.
      And the reality is that it's now a government problem. The govt is making these thieves rich, and until the $$$ is cut off, they'll simply adapt and adjust. Make note: in a few weeks, after this unholy alliance is finalized, AS will offer certain(as in almost all) students at B-C guaranteed admission. The long term result? More young lives ruined. The short term? AS stays flush-after all, it would be terrible if the deans/profs had to actually practice law.
      No, until the money is cut off, the scam will continue; there are just too many college grads with nothing else to do.
      So you've done noble work, and I'm sure that a 10th circle in Hell is being prepared for the scammers, but it does appear that the scamblogger movement has done all it can.

  6. This is almost like the old slave trade all over again... no, this would be more like if the white slavers showed up on the black tribes' coasts, offered them extravagant jobs on the other side of the ocean, and then trapped them in lifelong debt and slavery. Trickery tends to be so much more effective than force...

  7. "Many of the Summit’s students come to law school in a 'catch-up mode,' Interim Dean Penny Willrich said in a recent interview with The Arizona Republic. Some are from poor families. They are astute, bright and want to become attorneys, she said."

    Being in "catch-up mode" is the perfect reason to take time after college to figure out what you really want to do. If a student didn't get stellar grades in undergad, and an outstanding LSAT score, there's no reason to think they're going to excel in law school, much less land a job at a white shoe firm that'll pay them the salary they'll need to pay off six-figure debt. Apparently, this school has scraped the bottom of the barrel when it comes to how low they'll go to get those federal student loan checks. And now they're going looking under the barrel.

    1. If they were as astute and bright as a clever gerbil, they would not have enrolled at Arizona Scum Pit.

  8. Nothing illustrates the incompetence and indifference of the ABA than the story of Arizona Summit. 25% bar passage rate, massive transfers, drop-out and flunk-out rates, and then the "baby bar" graduation test so they can flunk out more people after milking them for 3 years of tuition and keep them out of the real bar exam, and the ABA does absolutely nothing.

  9. Preying on minorities but trying to spin it as a good thing. These scum bags ruin lives to keep the tuition money rolling in. How do they sleep at night? Fucking reptiles.

  10. I am thoroughly disgusted to see the noble cause of equality perverted into a cover for the enrichment of honky scamsters at the expense of Black people.

    Old Guy urges Black readers to trust their instincts. Just as you suspect, Mr. Charlie is up to no good. Law school these days is a jive-ass cracker scam that preys upon racialized people, particularly Blacks (but also Latinos). Don't let an ofay or an Uncle Tom talk you into being used. Stay away from law school.

  11. http://lawschooltruthcenter.blogspot.com/2017/03/the-summit-spreads-2100-miles.html

    For a hilarious take on this affiliaTTTTion agreemenTTTT, look no further than the March 11, 2017 Law School Truth Center post "The Summit Spreads 2100 Miles." Enjoy the full text of that article below:

    "Back in August, I wrote on Arizona Summit (in Arizona - I know it's odd, but the name is not misleading...at least that part) and Bethune-Cookman (Florida) entering into a $12.5 million dollar partnership.

    Now they've signed an affiliation agreement.

    Arizona Summit Law School has signed an affiliation agreement with the private, nonprofit Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida....

    Bethune-Cookman President Edison Jackson said in a statement, “Together, we aim to be a leading force in disrupting a legacy of exclusion that has persisted into the 21st century.”

    Details are imprecise, but one thing's for certain: dynamic synergy will commence.

    When looking at a school like Arizona Summit, it's hard to not see the truth in President Jackson's words. For years, Arizona Summit has put out a fine crop of good young lawyers. Yet they find it unduly difficult to land long-term positions in the legal sector, and most recently a disproportionate amount of them have been barred from being barred altogether by the elitist, anti-competitive bar examination.

    If Bethune-Cookman can help Arizona Summit break that pernicious legacy of exclusion, the only regret is not signing this agreement years ago.

    Plus, getting married to this fine Floridian institution is changing Arizona Summit for the better.

    The agreement doesn't make Arizona Summit a nonprofit school. However, Lively said the school is working toward nonprofit status.

    See? You complain enough about for-profit education, the for-profits affiliate with a school on the other side of the country and look for ways to change their status.

    Can we get federal loan money back to Charlotte now? Please?

    Please? They're doing good work here! They can speak in euphemism!

    We bring in students who are in catch-up mode.

    Shouldn't every law school?"

    Sadly, this program will attract HBCU graduates. This school has a PUTRID bar passage rate, and annual tuition stands at $45,424. Also, leaving behind Florida and moving to another state is a bad idea. This is not a recipe for success for the students. Then again, law school is set up for the benefit of the overpaid, severely under-worked "professors" and deans.

  12. Wow, haven't blacks been treated badly enough in our country?

  13. A perfect match.

    Arizona Summit Law School=shit

  14. The scamblog movement is a lot like the CDC and the American Lung Association. Despite all the information that smoking causes lung cancer, bladder cancer, head and neck cancer, esophageal cancer, COPD, or heart disease, 15% of the people in this country still smoke. The prevalence is much higher among the poor and those with a GED or those who did not complete high school. The CDC and American Lung Association continue to fight and publish facts about cigarette smoking because even though they don’t reach everyone, they still reach a substantial number of people. Plus, there are younger generations of people that the tobacco companies want to get hooked. The tobacco companies are billion dollar businesses. They aren’t going to give up all that cash. So they made their products look safer by using terms such as “light.” They also changed their marketing strategy to appeal to minorities to keep the cash rolling in.

    Likewise, the scamblog movement is not going to prevent all lemmings from attending these toilet law schools. But the movement has saved a lot of people. Each law school is hauling in tens of millions of dollars in student loans a year. They aren’t about to give up all that money just because their grads end up unemployed and heavily indebted for the rest of their life. We’ve seen the law schools use the same marketing strategies as the tobacco companies. They try to make law school sound like a safer investment by claiming they will make you “practice ready” or they tout the “JD advantage” job. And now they use buzz words like “diversity” and heavily market to minorities.

    Unfortunately, the law schools will probably be successful in recruiting more minority students. The law schools can use the justifiable anger generated in cases such as the Walter Scott police shooting, and convince people that a toilet law degree will help them to bring about social change. Exploiting anger is a good way to get people to overlook the exorbitant cost, the low bar passage rates, and the abysmal job prospects.

  15. The truth is there are some success stories out there. Not everyone who graduate from a T4 is doomed to failure.

    A JD is a JD, passing the bar only requires Bar/Bri and a lot of practice questions.

    Every professional education at a Doctorate level requires investment (Doctors, lawyers, Pharmacist, PHD professors etc..).

    This is a "pay to play" system. Trust me if you do not make the investment in yourself now by taking out the student loans, you will always regret it!

    Most professionals at the doctorate level (only 10 percent of the population in the USA) will start out with debt, its a fact of life. But to sit down on the sidelines and let life pass you by, as you watch other people grow and advance in their lives is a sad existence!

    The purpose of schools like AS is to expand and provide the same opportunity to everyone. A JD is still a solid degree and a marketable value based education. But just remember:

    - network - connections mean more than which school you attended

    - minimize your debt - live like a lawyer during law school, you will live like a law student when you graduate

    - take time to study bar/bri early

    - make connections early

    - research your payback options, IBR will be your best friend, plus dump the loans after about

    - out hustle the compaction, those that complain of not getting legal jobs, are not trying hard enough, or are just lazy, especially in todays legal climate! (you have to be kidding if your 1099 is below 40k annually??? )

    I will leave you on this note... COME ON!

    California allowed an illegal immigrant to stay in America, graduate from 3 years of law school and take the bar, which he passed, swear in as an attorney and now he is gainfully employed.

    If he can do it... your telling me you without all of the barrier he had to overcome cant make a decent career in Law???????

    Look into the mirror and make a change. Stop blaming everything else, because when you point the finger you have three pointing back at yourself!

    1. Ah, Team AAMPLE, was wondering where you were hiding.
      Again, how long have you been practicing law? Again, will you be co-signing the students loans?
      You've been asked before and you never answer, because you have no idea what you're talking about. Your posts are fully fact-free, blissfully ignoring facts like AS's 25% bar pass rate. All the "hustling" and "networking" in the world won't make any difference if you don't pass the bar.
      And what of AS's exorbitant tuition? No comment from you, as very large numbers clearly confuse you.
      But even you don't believe your drivel; your own post reveals your many, and risible, Freudian slips, specifically
      "The truth is there are some success stories out there." Yes-for the graduates of HLS, not AS, and clearly you know that most AS grads fail miserably.
      "Not everyone who graduates from a T4 is doomed to failure." Of course not-only the 75% who flunk the bar, for starters.
      So publish a rebuttal, please-and use some facts for once, if you can.

    2. Throwaway AttorneyMarch 17, 2017 at 9:44 AM

      This school is a straight-up joke that shouldn't even be in business.

      If you're all about the drive and the hustle, then put that energy into an outstanding undergraduate GPA and an LSAT score above 170. Anything less, and the odds of a successful career in law drop with every no-name and joke law school you may consider attending.

      If your numbers can only get you into Arizona Summit on some sort of alternative admission program like AAMPLE, then you're being played for a sucker.

      It doesn't matter how much raw energy, dedication and drive you have. Don't waste your time and money on a fourth-tier law school. These places are only in it for the money, and they couldn't give two shits about your non-existent future in the legal profession.

  16. Prison is "diverse," too, but that doesn't necessarily make it a good thing. How do young African American, Latino, and Native American people benefit from crippling student debt and abysmal job prospects, again? And how do marginalized communities benefit from representation by underqualified law school graduates who barely pass the bar?

    This new propaganda really takes the cake when it comes to using race-baiting to justify these law schools' unconscionable practices.

    1. Prison is anything but diverse: Black people, Latinos, and Indigenous people are obscenely overrepresented. The US quite correctly attracts international condemnation for its racist system of "justice".

      You're quite right about race-baiting. "Diversity" has become the fig leaf for a flim-flam operation directed at exploiting racialized people.

    2. Actually, Old Guy, the prison thing has to do with who is committing which crimes. If minorities commit a lot more than their fair share of crimes that lead to incarceration then all you can maybe blame the system for is disparity in sentencing, which would bear a lot of analysis including the prior records of those being sentenced.

      What is bad about the flim-flam is this: In 1991 a student at Georgetown Law noticed that the confidentiality agreement he signed as a file clerk in admissions only said he couldn't disclose individual records, but was silent on gathering and publishing statistics, which he did, causing an uproar including calls for his resignation and destruction of the edition of the school paper that contained his results.

      What his work showed was that many minority applicants were admitted with far lower qualifications than many white applicants.

      Assuming not much has changed, even at the bottom of the T-14 minorities are getting a significant leg up, so claiming you are helping minorities by giving them a leg up at a sewer with a >25% bar passage rate even after bribing some people to not take the bar exam goes far beyond exploitation. The word larceny comes to mind.

  17. http://abovethelaw.com/2015/07/law-school-dean-allegedly-begged-graduates-not-to-take-the-bar-exam-on-the-day-before-the-test/

    On June 28, 2015, Staci Zaretsky authored an ATL piece that was entitled "Law School Dean Allegedly Begged Graduates Not To Take The Bar Exam — On The Day Before The Test." Take a look at this grotesque conduct from the law school pigs:

    "Back in June, we spoke at length about what happens when bar exam time rolls around at law schools where passage rates for first-time takers have been notoriously low. At the time, we wondered: “[W]hat if there were a way to ensure that students who were struggling academically would stay far, far away from the bar exam, thus enhancing your law school’s chances of posting less embarrassing passage statistics?”

    Pleadings in Lorona v. Arizona Summit Law School suggest that while there is a way to keep law school graduates away from the bar exam, not everyone is happy about it. In that suit, plaintiff Paula Lorona, an alumnus and former assistant director of financial aid at Arizona Summit Law, alleges that out of fear of losing accreditation, deans at all three of InfiLaw’s schools — Arizona Summit, Charlotte, and Florida Coastal — began offering $5,000 payoffs to students who were unlikely to pass the bar exam.

    Dean Shirley Mays of Arizona Summit Law later defended those payoffs as stipends that were part of the school’s Unlock Potential (U.P.) program, which “extends the bar preparation from the usual 10-week program to more of a four-month program.”

    How has the Unlock Potential program been working out for Arizona Summit? Not well:

    Since February 2014, 95 Arizona Summit graduates have participated in the program, Mays said. That constitutes more than 14 percent of the school’s graduates during that time.

    According to a memo Mays sent to Arizona Summit employees last week, the initial cohort of U.P. graduates scored a 56 percent first-time pass rate, while the second had a 50 percent pass rate.

    “Looking at these pass rates, they are not stellar. I have to acknowledge that,” Mays said in an interview with Karen Sloan of the National Law Journal. “However, to the extent that these students have enhanced their bar pass opportunity by participating in the U.P. program, then the program has assisted them in becoming attorneys.”

    Hardly improved pass rates aside, it looks like Dean Mays wanted to “enhance” other graduates’ “bar pass opportunity,” because yesterday, the day before the July 2015 administration of the bar exam, she was busy calling Arizona Summit Law alumni at the eleventh hour and trying to convince them to defer their taking of the test.

    If a law school has that little faith in its graduates’ abilities, doesn’t that speak more to the quality of the education received (or lack thereof) than the graduates’ test-taking abilities?

    There’s nothing like a last-second call from the dean of your law school telling you that you’re about to fail the bar exam to boost your confidence."


    As you can see, Shirley Mays of Arizona $ummiTTTT Law Sewer is black. Now, she wants to help put young black men and women in the bondage of outrageous NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. That is house slave behavior! How “honorable,” huh?!?!

  18. There's another big stinking pile of poo in the room that you are all ignoring. Some of these people from these TTTT $chool$ DO barely pass the bar after several tries and become lawyers. But the law, like medicine, is a profession into which we cannot afford to let unqualified or poorly trained practitioners enter just in the name of "diversity." Think about it: When you hire a lawyer, it is usually because your financial well-being, ability to earn a living, freedom, or even your life (in the case of a capital criminal trial) is at risk. The state therefore has a bona fide interest in keeping unqualified law school graduates out of the profession, regardless of their ethnicity. One way to accomplish that is to close down the diploma mills that are admitting these kinds of applicants in the first place.

    Getting more "diversity" in the legal profession while protecting the interests of the public is going to require something other than opening more low-quality law schools throwing loans and grants at applicants who are in "catch-up mode."

  19. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingMarch 17, 2017 at 11:59 AM

    What's the problem here? Can't get a law job because a thousand of your best buddy law colleagues also applied? Just hang a shingle slap up a billboard advertising $49.00 Traffic Ticket defense and the cash will just roll in.

  20. It's the Reverse Underground Railroad.

    Taking you back to slavery (at least financially).

  21. The AMA supports MORE residency slots. It is the Republican members of Congress that is helping doctors keep their monopoly. The federal government funds most of the slots and the Republicans don't want to pay any more. Lucky break for all doctors because it keeps them all in demand.


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