Saturday, April 1, 2017

No April Fool’s Joke: Arizona Summit Law Sewer Placed on Probation by ABA for Pathetic Bar Passage Rates

The Beautiful News: On March 30, 2017, the New York Times DealBook section featured an article from Elizabeth Olson, under the banner headline “For-Profit Law School in Arizona Is Put on Probation.” Check out this opening:

“Arizona Summit Law school, a troubled for-profit institution owned by the InfiLaw System, has been placed on probation by its accrediting body, the American Bar Association. 

The association’s move was announced on Monday and followed Arizona Summit’s affiliation with Bethune-Cookman University, a nonprofit historically black college in Daytona Beach, Fla. 

Arizona Summit Law in Phoenix is the second school owned by InfiLaw to be placed on probation for failing to meet A.B.A. accreditation standards. Sterling Partners, a private equity firm in Chicago and Baltimore, is an investor.

The first, Charlotte School of Law in Charlotte, N.C., lost its eligibility for federal student aid in January as a result of the probation. Its enrollment has declined sharply, and the school has said it is trying to restart federal aid and is exploring affiliation with a nonprofit college in a Northeastern state.

At Arizona Summit, the bar association found that admissions practices, academic programs, and graduation and bar exam passage rates were below par. 

These deficiencies, according to a statement by the A.B.A. Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, “have resulted in the law school now being in a position where only immediate and substantial action can bring about a sufficient change to put the law school on a realistic path to being in compliance within the time allowed” by the bar association’s rules. 

Only 24.6 percent of Arizona Summit graduates who took the Arizona state bar exam for the first time in July 2016 passed, an exceptionally low rate. Charlotte School of Law reported nearly the same passage rate for its graduates who took the North Carolina bar exam last month.” [Emphasis mine]

What a brilliant and amazing in$TTTTiTTTTuTTTTion of “higher learning,” huh?!?! Sadly, waterheads and hopeless twats will continue to apply to – and enroll in – this festering pile of excrement. After all, some cretins still “dream of being a lawyer.” One wonders how many of these special snowflake idiots have ACTUALLY WORKED in a law firm, prior to reaching this realization.

Other Coverage: On March 28, 2017, Staci Zaretsky posted an ATL entry labeled “ABA Finally Puts Law School On Probation For Horrendous Bar Passage Rates.” Read the following segment:

“Arizona Summit Law School’s numerous weaknesses and failures have been documented in these pages for years. From its dubious admissions practices to its repeated bar-exam embarrassmentsto its depressing employment statistics, this for-profit InfiLaw institution has been maligned in the press for good reason. 

One would think there wasn’t enough lipstick in the world to be put on this pig to make it look enticing, but the school recently entered into a questionable affiliation with Bethune-Cookman University, a historically black college.

People have wondered for quite some time when the American Bar Association would step in and take action to discipline this school for the good of its students and those who would dare to attend in the future. At long last, after years of poor results for Arizona Summit graduates, the ABA finally decided to do something about it.

Yesterday afternoon, after finding the school to be out of compliance with numerous standards required for it to maintain its accreditation, the ABA put Arizona Summit Law School on probation. Here’s a relevant excerpt from the ABA’s public memorandum to the school[:]

“The council determined that the law school’s admissions practices, academic program (including its academic standards and academic support) and outcomes (graduation and bar passage) have resulted in the law school now being in a position where only immediate and substantial action can bring about sufficient change to put the law school on a realistic path back to being in compliance within the time allowed by the Standards and Rules of Procedure.”

The memorandum, sent from Barry Currier, the ABA’s managing director of accreditation and legal education, goes on to note that due to the “critical nature and urgency of this matter,” the law school must attend additional hearings before the Accreditation Committee in September and the Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar in November to review its progress with the remedial action recommended by the Council, and to consider whether additional remedial actions must be taken or additional sanctions must be levied, up to and including stripping Arizona Summit of its accreditation.” [Emphasis mine]

In a just world, the city would take a wrecking ball to this toilet. Anyone still dumb enough to even consider this school deserves their fate. It would actually be more humane to leave them in the woods alone. At least then they wouldn’t be FINANCIALLY RUINED FOR LIFE, by obtaining a worthless-ass TTTT law degree!

Conclusion: In the final analysis, Arizona $ummiTTTT Law Sewer is a true cesspit. If your “dream” is to be an attorney, you may need a psych eval. Does representing broke bastards in custody hearings sound appealing to you? Perhaps, you want to help dirt poor tenants in disuptes with their landlords. Here’s a hint that will potentially save you three years of your life, and $140K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt: if they don’t pay the full rent on time, they are going to be evicted. Do you like fighting losing battles for a living, Bitch?!?! If you feel the need to “prove yourself” in the world, because you have little to no self-worth, then go into a gym and walk up to an experienced boxer or MMA guy – and slap him across the mouth. When he puts your face and ass in the dirt, just realize that at least he didn’t bury you financially for the next 30 years of your pathetic life.


  1. Captain Hurska Carswell, Continuance KingApril 1, 2017 at 12:27 PM

    Billboards around Chicagoland advertise Traffic Ticket Defense lawyers for $49.00. Math Problem: How many new traffic ticket clients does one need to cover $149K plus compounded, not SIMPLE interest? Figure in that you are competing with approximate 15,000 of your best Solo Attorney buddies for work.

  2. Garbage in = garbage out

    You take in retards, you're gonna have low bar pass rates. Any questions?

  3. Judge Hubert Grimes (Retired), who serves as University Counsel for Bethune-Cookman University stated that he believes, “Every citizen should have access to quality legal counsel. The joint partnership between Bethune-Cookman and Arizona Summit is an excellent opportunity for our students to obtain a meaningful legal education in a cutting edge law school environment. And for those students who are truly dedicated to their studies, and meet the qualifications, they can qualify for a full scholarship. What a blessing.”

    1. This is actually malfeasance by Bethune-C. Commiting 13 million to a failed TTT law joke when your endowment is only about 40!?!

      Here's a big hint: DO something about your 62% undergrad failout rate before wasting $ feeding the lawyer glut.

    2. What? That university is going to throw a third of its endowment down InfiLaw's rathole?

      I had assumed that the "agreement" would be a bullshit kum-ba-ya thing with no practical consequences beyond a ribbon-cutting ceremony or two. But it actually requires Bethune-Cookman to spend $13 million? To what end?

      As 1:14 said, this is malfeasance.

      And 62% of their undergraduates fail out? Christ on a cracker!

    3. Grimes is off the fucking beam. The only cutting edge to be found at Arizona Scum Pit is that of the guillotine that disposes of all hopes of a legal career or even of financial solvency.

      "Every citizen should have access to quality legal counsel" is a proposition that I'm willing to entertain, but it has nothing to do with the rest of his comment.

      The dolts coming out of Bethune-Cookman could have gone to Arizona Scum Pit even without this "joint partnership", so Grimes's argument doesn't follow at all.


      Literally ANY other use of these funds would be a 1000% better than giving it to Infilaw.

  4. Arizona Summit is a joke.

  5. Well, I never been to Harvard
    But I kinda like their muse, it
    Say the Professors are insane there
    And they sure know how to use it
    They don't abuse it
    Never gonna lose it
    I can't refuse it

    Well, I never been a Lawyer
    And I’m built like a destroyer
    Well, I headed for ol’ Yale there
    Only made it to Arizona Summit
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    What does it matter
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    Well I never been to Harvard
    But I kinda like the muse it

  6. Over on the Faculty Lounge, under the post "Arizona Summit Placed on Probation by the ABA," a Arizona Summit student made a comment. A commenter going by the name Elizabeth K. wrote:

    "Can someone out there tell us 2L and 3L students are going to do? Summit itself won't tell us jack. Unlike many of my classmates, I had an 160 on my LSAT and a 3.2 from a respected undergraduate university, and multiple other scholarship opportunities from real schools such as Santa Clara (I picked Summit because I own my home in AZ, I was offered a full ride and did not want to move...dumb, I know). I am planning to graduate in May 2018, but what happens if they lose accreditation? I am too far along to transfer to ASU or UA. Any help would be appreciated."

    Off topic, David Frakt at the Faculty Lounge also had a post on the new Charlotte dean admitting the school lowered admission standards and accepted unqualified students. The comments are hilarious. The law professor reading the blog are tired of hearing about Infilaw and others are tired of hearing from our good friend Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance King. They want the Captain banned from the Faculty Lounge.

    1. Whait, what?? They don't want to hear about the $49.00 traffic ticket defense billboards? I'll have to check that thread out.

    2. Someone with a 160 on the LSAT enrolled at Arizona Scum Pit? Really?

    3. Yes, enrolling at Arizona Scum Pit was indeed dumb, although at least you are not paying for tuition (that really would have been dumb).

      Santa Clara is not a real school. If you can't do better than UCLA, don't attend law school at all.

      The ABA will make them cobble together a "teach-out" plan whereby fools like you can complete your degrees even though your alma mater loses accreditation or shuts its doors. Your résumé will stink forever, or at least until you can acquire ten years or so of experience in some field (don't expect it to be law) and quietly drop all mention of your law-skule years.

    4. I too am tired of reading that $49-for-a-trial lie a thousand times over.

    5. It might be folks from the Sterling Partners who are attempting to upset the apple cart on these blogs. It may not be the regular posters or professors...

    6. Could you post a link to that thread? I would like to read it.

    7. Here is the link to the faculty lounge thread:

  7. This law skool is piece of motherfucking shit.


    On March 27, 2017, the ABA Journal published a Stephanie Francis Ward article that was entitled “ABA puts Arizona Summit School of Law on probation.” Check out this opening:

    “Corrected: Arizona Summit School of Law, which is part of the for-profit InfiLaw System, received notification Monday that it has been put on probation by the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar. It follows a November 2016 ABA decision that put Charlotte School of Law, another InfiLaw school, on probation.

    Arizona Summit was found to be out of compliance with ABA Standards and Rules of Procedure for Approval of Law Schools (PDF) 301(a), 308(a) and 309(b), as well as various sections of Standard 501(PDF), according to the council decision (PDF).

    “The council determined that the law school’s admissions practices, academic program…and outcomes…have resulted in the law school now being in a position where only immediate and substantial action can bring about sufficient change to put the law school on a realistic path back to being in compliance within the time allowed by the Standards and Rules of Procedure,” the document reads.

    Among its graduates who took the Arizona state bar for the first time in July 2016, there was a 24.6 percent pass rate, according to information (PDF) released by the state supreme court.
    Required remedial actions listed in the document include the law school providing the section admissions data and methodology for the spring and summer 2017 classes, and reporting Arizona bar exam results within five days of receiving them. Further hearings with the section’s accreditation committee will take place in September 2017, according to the document, and with its council in November 2017, to review the law school’s progress.

    In March, the law school announced that it would sign an affiliation agreement with Bethune-Cookman University, a nonprofit, historically black college in Florida. Donald Lively, the president of Arizona Summit, was not available for comment at press time. Bethune-Cookman told the ABA Journal that the school had no comment on the matter.

    Also, the section announced Monday that a teach-out plan for Charlotte School of Law, which is currently on probation for not meeting various standards, has been deferred. The school remains on probation.”

    Of course, this will not stop cretins and ass-wipes from signing on the dotted line. Anyone who takes this route deserves their fate. Unfortunately, non-traditional students will end up dragging their spouse and children down with them. All for the selfish, stupid pursuit of a TTTT law degree!

  9. Can South Dakota be far behind....

  10. "Professor" Steve Diamond just wrote a piece on his blog titled "Another banner year for lawyers, BLS reports." He wrote, "the total number of lawyers employed as of May 2016 was 619,530 compared with 609,930 the year before. Lawyers’ mean income was $118,160 compared to last year’s wage of $115,820."

    As for California, Diamond writes, "The outlook here in California continues to be strong with 76,840 lawyers earning a mean annual wage of $162,010. This compares to 72,790 lawyers the year before who earned a slightly higher mean wage of $163,020."

    Diamond conceded that the salary data did not include solos. He noted that the salaries of solos "MAY fall below the means reported." While celebrating the increase in the number of lawyers, he also ignored that the number of attorneys only increased by about 10,000. Yet ABA law schools churned out almost 40,000 law grads in 2015. He also conveniently left out this line from the BLS data: "Competition for jobs should continue to be strong because more students graduate from law school each year than there are jobs available."

    This kind of "analysis" from an academic is disgraceful. When you come to an opinion, and cherry pick data to support that opinion, you are not an academic. You are a hack. Liberal law "professors" attack conservatives for climate change denial and ignoring data. Yet they themselves engage in this same behavior when it comes to the legal profession.

    1. A solo does not have a salary at all.

  11. Throwaway AttorneyApril 3, 2017 at 8:57 AM

    This place, along with about 100 other garbage law schools, should have had their credentials yanked along with whatever eligibility to receive tuition dollars through federally-backed student loans a long time ago.

    It's almost laughable at this point that the ABA finally decided to intervene.


    On March 27, 2017, the Arizona Republic featured an Anne Ryman piece that was headlined “Arizona Summit Law School in Phoenix put on probation for low bar-passage rates.” Read the following excerpt:

    “The American Bar Association put Arizona Summit Law School on probation Monday for a variety of issues, including low passage rates on the bar exam and the school's admission policies.

    The private law school, founded in 2004, once boasted bar-passage rates as high as 97 percent but has seen its percentages drop to 25 percent for those taking the test for the first time.

    The ABA is one of several agencies that accredit or regulate Arizona Summit, which is owned by a for-profit company, InfiLaw Corp. InfiLaw also owns law schools in North Carolina and Florida.

    ABA has directed the school to develop an improvement plan by May 15. The ABA also will send a representative to review the school's admissions data and methodology and the overall rigor of the program.

    The bar, in a letter on Monday, said that Arizona Summit is out of compliance regarding admission practices, academic standards, and support and bar passage.

    The letter says the law school is now in a position where "only immediate and substantial action can bring about sufficient change to put the Law School on a realistic path back to being in compliance within the time allowed."

    The ABA expects to review the school's progress in November.”

    Here’s a not so bold prediction: the American Bar Association pigs will not do a damn thing, after their perfunctory review. Nothing of substance will be done, as long as the cockroaches at Arizona $ummiTTTT list a few areas that they plan to improve. That is all that will be “required” of the bitches and hags.

    Remember, law schools are run for the benefit of “professors” and administrators, not the students, future clients, “profession,” or the public. Anyone with a functioning brain stem knows this for a fact. The pupils are a mean$ to an end, i.e. big-ass bags of federal student loan money! Once enrolled, the swine look for the next batch of lemmings to consume. When you are nearing graduation, the law schools view you as a used condom. They need you, and they had a great time at your expense. However, at that point, you are considered useless to the rats. If you can’t pass the bar exam – or cannot land a job – then they will simply dismiss you as a lazy bastard or a loser. Still want to take the plunge, Stupid?!?!

  13. Several years ago, a lead tech in a sister department to mine at Too Big To Fail Financial Corp. decided to go to law school. I thought she'd been accepted to Arizona State. Since I didn't work with her (she was on a nights/weekend shift) I didn't have the opportunity to share my observation that unless she was getting a full ride and had three years to spare, law school was not in her best interest.

    Come to find out that she went to Arizona Summit, has passed the bar and is trying to solo practice without malpractice insurance. The person telling me this used it as a lead-up to telling me that Arizona Summit is now on probation.

    I'm thinking that if she'd stayed in her lead position at TBTF Financial Corp., she'd be making over $100K without the agita of being a solo practitioner from a TTTT.

    1. She deserves whatever she gets. Women as "lead" anything are laughable. Especially in tech. I've never met one yet that knew much of anything.. Which brings me to my main points: She was pampered at TBTF Financial, likely benefitted greatly from AA/EoE in her hiring and promotions and would've continued to do so.

      Law - doesn't work like that. Women aren't given a pass. Law will always be male-dominated because it demands productivity. Women are not about that. Their partner is life is the gov't and direct / indirect handouts. She was on the "right side" of that at TBTF Financial Corp which must, as mandated by law hire and promote a certain quota of minorities, of which the 51% sex has managed to claim that status, otherwise they face fines and lawsuits, etc.

      Once she went to law school and got on the "wrong side" of Sugar Daddy G., she now faces what most outside the Preferred, Protected, and Connected face in law: She will service her student loan debt, again now being on the "wrong side" of gov't - paying in instead of Daddy G. paying out, etc.

      Also, with a TTTT(T) degree from a school like Arizona Summit, she will have what law values most: Absolutely no pedigree which is what sells every law degree.

      Lastly, she is beyond crazy to try and fly "wingless" with no malpractice insurance. There is a subset of lawyers who make preying on their own their livelihood. She is now completely open to them.

      Law is dog eat dog, not being pampered in the safe, secure office walls of Corporate America.

      She drank the Kool-Aid, thought the grass was going to be greener on the other side, and believed the hype. You can't save these people. From this point on, her life will be a never-ending train-wreck. She brought it on herself.

    2. Disappointing to see that misogyny is still so evident.
      The scam doesn't know gender; it just knows money. Plenty of lemmings are male.

    3. Dear Virtue-Signaling Simp @ 5:58 PM:

      I have a simple test for you: Go tell your wife/girlfriend that you are completely broke and have lost your job. Count to (3). She'll be gone in less time than that.

      Fine, label me a misogynist because you feel the need to White Knight. However, it doesn't change the facts.

      If you care about men (and you don't, you're just virtue-signaling..) you might want to relay to them how they can expect no quarter in the workplace because everything today is based on identity politics.

      Tell every male Lemming you can that he has no social safety nets waiting for him, women will not date or marry a broke guy in his 30's with six-figures of debt, and that he should be prepared to work, toil, and slave until he dies.

      Tell him he should be prepared to start his own business but remind him that he must hire a certain quota of women and promote them, otherwise he will be fined or sued.

      And, oh yes, tell him that he can't get WMBE status and get preferential treatment and tax breaks for his business because of having male genitals - something you don't. And that's just the way it is..

      Bullshit Artist.


    On March 28, 2017, the Law School Truth Center posted an epic blog entry entitled "The Bad Boy Law School of Arizona." Check out this hilarious segment:

    "I want not to criticize a law school that obviously knows what it's doing. Staying in business at least thirteen years is a proud achievement for a small business, buoyed by delusions of greatness and scandalous federal loan programs or not.

    But sometimes I think law school marketing has got it partially wrong. Maybe, instead of everyone trying to be Harvard, we need a mix of law schools, diversifying the types of legal education available to America's future Justice League.

    Just as any public high school worth its cheap tile flooring and rotating staff of soon-deflated freshmen English teachers has social cliques, maybe the law school community should have cliques of its own.

    Just as Harvard and Yale are the snooty rich kids, schools like Arizona Summit and Charlotte can be the bad boy rebels...Perhaps one of the problems with such "toilet schools" is that they pretend to be something they're not, namely honor roll students with still-marrired parents and functional health insurance.

    But law school needs diversity. If aspiring lawyers want to go to a law school that smokes at lunch and has taken up armchair nihilism with a wardrobe of black clothes, they should be allowed to enroll enroll enroll For such schools, probation would not be a mark of shame, but a worthy accomplishment.

    For bottom-rung law schools feeling an enrollment pinch, it's hard to see the downside. Stop merely being bad, and start acting bad. Own it, fifth tier. Be bold. Be true to yourself. Drop out and get an 8th-grader pregnant. Many kids no doubt want to go to Harvard and Yale and, like, make money for the corporate-government meritocratic-o-matic. But others obviously are willing to take on unpayable debts and tattoo their resumes with bad-assery.

    They should have a law school, too, and you can sell to them. Instead of saying "probation, oh no!" spit in the ABA's face, grow your hair out, and give the proverbial middle finger of admitting a thousand more underqualified prospects to have window seats on the Million Dollar Express."

    Sadly, waterheads who enroll in these dumps actually think that they can "make a difference" in the world. Good luck representing broke bastards in legal matters - with your TTTT law degree. And have fun repaying $150K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, on your $39K annual salary.

    1. That really was a hilarious post. Possibly the best ever by LSTC.

  15. T4 law degree still worth it... also repayment is not so bad as there programs to reduce the Burdon:

    - IBR
    - Federal Loan forgiveness after 10 years of public service
    - Loan consolidation programs to reduce
    interest rates
    - TOTAL loan forgiveness after 20 to 25 years

    Do not let money stand in the way of your dreams. You will always regret not going to law school. The fear mongers that post here are only painting a one sided view.

    Not every law grad ends up as a statistic.

    1. AAMPLE troll is making a good point here. Similarly, smoking cigarettes still worth it... also the diseases are not so bad as there are treatments to reduce the Burdon:

      -Albuterol, salmeterol, ipratropium, and tiotropium for COPD
      -Bevacizumab, topotecan, and etoposide for lung cancer
      -Thiazide diuretics and ACE inhibitors for hypertension
      -NEPHRECTOMY for renal cell carcinoma

      Do not let health problems stand in the way of your dreams. The fear mongers at the CDC and the doctors are only painting a one sided view. 100% of the people who don’t get lung cancer, emphysema, bronchitis, bladder cancer, renal cancer, or esophageal cancer go onto live just as long as the average person, maybe even longer.

      Not every smoker ends up as a statistic.

      Yours truly,

      The Tobacco Industry

    2. For many, if not most, law school is bad idea. I couldn't disagree more. As a recovering sh!tlawyer, I can truly advise the kids to go into this with eyes open. Dreams can be deceiving when you wake up to reality!

      The only conscientious advice is to tell prospective students to work in a law firm in ANY capacity to see what paw practice really looks and feels like. Many pre-laws are in love with the IDEA of being an attorney vs. the reality of practicing law.

      Hollywood, television, the media generally are mostly at fault for this. Relatively few persons are really cut out for the solo practice of law, which is most likely where one ends up attending one of these lower-tiered skools.

    3. Throwaway AttorneyApril 5, 2017 at 5:30 PM

      Looks like Team AAMPLE picked one hell of a week to quit sniffing glue....

    4. What's the big deal? Just another shittier than shit law skool.

    5. So for a moment, let's forget the 75% flunk rate-instead let's focus on the 25% who do pass-and enter a field that is so GLUTTED that they will forever be indebted, with the reality being they'll never find work as a lawyer, period. Of a class of 334, 68 were flat out unemployed per the ABA numbers for class of 2015.

    6. I wouldn't count on student loan forgiveness if I were you.

      Student Loan Forgiveness Program Approval Letters May Be Invalid, Education Dept. Says

  16. @ 11:31

    Your on to something. Having a T4 law degree is better than retail any day of the week.

    Come on worthless undergrad degree no job prospects vs a little more debt, JD and access and qualified to get MORE jobs than you could before.

    Some say you cannot take prestige to the bank. But at least the ladies and non JD's still see it this way.

    The good thing is the general public doesn't know the difference between a T1 grad and a T4 grad (they usually don't even ask you which law school you went to). So prestige all the way around for all 200+ ABA schools!!!!

    To the average layman you will still be a winner (no matter what lsat you had, nor which school you went to) because you know more law than him, and you can deliver results to solve his problem.

    GDL... out...

    1. You have never practiced law, I can certainly see that! Where you go to law school means a whole lot. How many recent appointees to the federal bench can you name who went to TTT's? How about the upper echelons over at Justice? You are a troll, sir, and not a very good one.

      ...out (drops mic)

    2. 1:41 AM, what is your msjor practice area? In which States are you barred?


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