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Dean of Fourth Tier Toilet Florida A&M University College of Law Gets Flushed

Pass the Toilet Paper: On May 3, 2017, the ABA Journal published a Stephanie Francis Ward piece entitled “Law school leader among four deans dismissed from Florida A&M.” Here is the full text of that article:

“The dean of Florida A&M University’s College of Law was dismissed this week after less than 18 months on the job. 

Angela Feleccia Epps was replaced on an interim basis by LeRoy Pernell, a FAMU law professor who previously served as the school’s dean, the Tallahassee Democrat reports. Epps did not respond to ABA Journal’s interview request. 

The law school’s bar passage rate for Florida’s February 2017 exam was 46.2 percent, according to the article. For July 2016, the pass rate was 52.9 percent, the Florida Board of Bar Examiners reported. The school’s median LSAT score is 145, according to its 509 report from 2016. 

“We are taking aggressive steps to improve our bar passage rate and turn things around,” Epps told the newspaper following the February exam results. “Earlier this year, we convened a special group to work on an action plan that includes addressing student learning and preparation for succeeding in law school and passing the Florida bar exam.

Epps was one of four deans recently dismissed by the university. They remain tenured professors, according to a statement by interim provost Rodner Wright. 

“This week, I will continue to meet with faculty as we review our academic programs. Interim deans are also meeting with stakeholders and students to discuss next steps as the University works to ensure that all academic units are aligned with our strategic priorities,” the statement reads. 

The law school opened in 2002. 

Pernell came to FAMU from Northern Illinois University’s College of Law in 2008 and held the position until 2015. The university has credited him with the law school receiving full ABA accreditation in 2009, according to an Orlando Sentinel article. 

He also led the law school in 2014, when what appeared to be a brief attrition spike from the 2011-12 academic year led to the American Bar Association’s accrediting board requesting a hearing. Ultimately it was determined that the law school miscalculated its attrition rate, and the hearing was canceled.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, your fellow cockroaches did take aggressive steps to turn things around. They flushed your ass down the toilet! In terms of improving bar passage rates, this will accomplish nothing. The trash pit first needs to stop admitting waterheads into the program. Then again, if the school had real standards, it would have shut down operations already.

Other Coverage: The Orlando Sentinel featured a Gabrielle Russon story headlined “FAMU law school dean dismissed after 16 months on the job.” Enjoy this opening:

“Florida A&M University’s law school dean is out after 16 months on the job. 

FAMU announced Angela Felecia Epps’ dismissal as leader of the downtown Orlando school this week. 

She is the fourth dean to be removed in two days at the Tallahassee-based university that’s undergone major leadership changes.

The deans of the education, pharmacy and journalism schools also were dismissed, according to a school statement this week. 

Epps and the other deans will return to the ranks of tenured faculty members while their interim replacements have already been chosen, interim provost Rodner Wright said in a statement that did not elaborate on why they were removed. 

LeRoy Pernell, who led the Orlando law school from 2008 to 2015, was named as the temporary law school dean. 

Epps, a former law professor at the University of Arkansas, took over as FAMU law school dean on Jan. 4, 2016, at a starting annual salary of $252,000. 

Epps was hired at a particularly turbulent time at the school, as FAMU trustees feuded with President Elmira Mangum, who eventually stepped down in September 2016. 

Currently, the school is led by interim President Larry Robinson. 

Last month, the latest bar passage results were released that showed FAMU’s law school dipped by 11 percentage points from a year earlier.” [Emphasis mine]

Congratulations on lasting that long as dean of this cesspit, selfish bastard. Now, you can go back to stealing a little less from taxpayers and your debt-strapped, idiotic students. Don’t worry too much: cretins will continue to apply to – and enroll in – your commode. And housecats will still work harder than “law professors” too.

Conclusion: It seems that the university may be losing money on some of their garbage academic programs. When the law schools start taking cash from the central administration, they soon notice that the pigs are paid much more than professors in other departments. Anyone dumb enough to still consider this festering pile of rat feces deserves their fate. I don’t give a damn if the school is located across the street from your home, and you get a full scholarship. DO NOT ENROLL in this fourth tier trash can, under any circumstances.


  1. Off topic. Jack Schlossberg, JFK’s grandson, was on the Today show this morning. He is attending Harvard Law in the fall. Sadly, lemmings will hear that this trust fund baby is going to law school, and then they will try to follow by enrolling in a low ranked cesspit. Knowing the admissions practices of Ivy League schools when it comes to the politically connected and wealthy alumni (e.g., Yale/Harvard alum George W. Bush, a man who managed to lose two wars and cause a financial crisis because of his gross imbecility), I’d bet a lot of money that Schlossberg did not score anywhere near the 99th percentile on the LSAT.

    1. Books on that topic abound. An excellent one, on élite undergraduate institutions, is Golden's The Price of Admission.

      Harvard and Yale are for the Kennedys and the Rockefellers, not for the Nobodys. I know from experience.

    2. Sorry to upset your narrative, 7:02, but the Department of Defense does not allow individuals possessed of gross imbicility to fly fighter planes that cost millions of dollars and could kill lots of people if you crash them. You have to score fairly high on an IQ test before they'll even let you begin training. But the narrative will always be that all Republicans are stupid or they wouldn't be Republicans and all Democrats are so smart they know that telling other people that they are stupid will get them to agree with you.

    3. 6:32, 7:02 simply stated a political truth that W. Bush is an idiot who almost destroyed the country in less than 8 years. It has nothing to do with political affiliation. As a Democrat, I admire Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Teddy Roosevelt who were the greatest Republicans. Ideology is dead.

    4. Baby Bush is an idiot who got that military position through connections, despite an abysmal test score and a pool of hundreds of candidates far more qualified than his aristocratic ass. The facts are readily available to anyone who isn't wearing the blinders of denial.

      It was 6:23 who brought politics into the discussion. The original message by 7:02 mentioned both the Democratic Kennedy dynasty and the Republican Bush dynasty. (Old Guy says that there's no significant difference between the "two" parties. But nobody asked for Old Guy's opinion.)

    5. Almost destroyed the country? Thanks for not resorting to idiotic hyperbole.

    6. Where can I find his test score and that list of far more qualified candidates, they being readily available?

    7. this turd's pharmacy school has a 65 percent pass rate for the license exam.. total failure of a business.

    8. @3:10,

      LOL, OldGuy is curiously silent. You certainly seem to have called his bluff. Maybe he is still tearing his house apart four days later, trying to find those test scores.

      And 6:30 says it is a 'political truth' that Bush is an idiot who almost destroyed the country? What is a 'political' truth? An alternative fact, maybe?

  2. Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

  3. This lol school takes in kids with 139 lsat scores. Time to rename this shithole FACKU.

    1. But the sad part is that these HBCUs were created to serve a real need. Now that the higher ranked schools are skimming off the more able Black students to meet their goals of diversity the HBCUs are paying the price. No doubt they have some good students but to have enough of an enrollment to keep the doors open they bear the burden and consequences of taking <139 applicants.

    2. That's basically right, 4:07. But the main cause isn't an active program of skimming the better Black law students off. Any Black student who is worth a damn can get into a far more respectable school than Florida A&M—and will have the sense to choose the better school over the toilet. And any Black person who cannot get into a substantially better school than Florida A&M should not go to law school at all.

      Thus Florida A&M and other toilet schools have nothing, but nothing, to offer Black students.

    3. 4:07 here, Old Guy. I wasn't suggesting an active program of skimming, just noting the sad reality that sometimes when the world becomes a better place there is collateral damage. Florida A&M's law school served a purpose but, its purpose no longer being useful, you are right that it should close. The same can be said of many, many law schools that were not established to help people who were unfairly denied opportunity.

      In 1995 the smallest of Hartford's three general hospitals, the Jewish Mt. Sinai, was absorbed by the Catholic hospital and ceased to function as a general hospital. It was painful to watch. Younger Jewish physicians correctly saw greater opportunities in the larger hospitals but it was tough on an older generation, which remembered the days when it was hard for Jews to get admitting privileges elsewhere. As I say, progress sometimes results in collateral damage.

  4. FAMU dean is chucked, a professor becomes interim dean.

    The dean at Cincinatti was taken out in a knife fight because she wanted to control spending. Replaced by a prof as interim dean.

    This is the Poison Chalice method. Schools (parent universities) are handing the reigns of their law schools to Law Profs who think they know best and want to maintain status quo at all costs.

    When those costs are rung up, the parent university has cause to shut down their law school.

    1. You may be on to something there.

  5. Throwaway AttorneyMay 5, 2017 at 3:25 PM

    Forget the dean. Flush the school.

  6. Can they rename this piece of shit the Alcee Hastings College of Law? (Google it.)

  7. Florida A&M (Asses & Morons?) is in Tier 6 (the lowest):

    Median LSAT score of 145 (the 26th percentile). That says it all. But anyone who cares to waste time investigating this toilet can also check Law School Transparency for data on jobs (27.2% of graduates are "Non-Employed"; lots of others work in "Business" [probably flipping hamburgers] or on short-term or part-time jobs), costs, discounts, the bar exam, and so on.


    The following drivel is from the new dean, not the one who was just canned:


    Thank you for expressing an interest in attending Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University College of Law. We are a law school with a rich tradition of opening the doors of opportunity to individuals who want to make transformative change in the world.

    We are uniquely located in the heart of downtown Orlando, just steps from the George C. Young United States Courthouse and Federal Building; and mere blocks from governmental offices, major law firms, large corporations, and legal services agencies. Our prime location provides our students with direct access to the area’s largest employers of individuals with law degrees, offering our students and graduates ample avenues to gain practical experience in the legal profession.

    Our state-of-the-art facility boasts a four-story law library with more than 300,000 volumes; a ceremonial moot courtroom for special events such as visits from the Appellate Court; and three practice court rooms to allow future litigators to hone their oratory and writing skills.

    With tuition among the lowest of the 13 law schools in Florida along with a full-time day program and a part-time evening program, we are distinctly positioned to offer the traditional student and the working professional a chance to earn a law degree while accruing minimal debt. In addition, we have been named Number One among the 10 Best Bargain Law Schools by On Being a Black Lawyer.

    Our student body is diverse, 79 percent minority and 54 percent women, helping to enrich a law school community where intellectual freedom and self-discovery are encouraged."

    If you can't pass the damn bar exam, how are you going to engage in "transformative change," chump?!?! Are you going to sell insurance premiums with gusto? Perhaps you will talk to your young customers about current events, when you are pouring their lattes.

    By the way, dolt: those federal buildings, governmental offices, major law firms, large corporations, and legal services agencies wouldn't touch your ass with a 10 foot pole. Remember, Florida AgriculTTTTural and Mechanical Univer$iTTTTy Commode of Law is a FOURTH TIER TRASH PIT!

    1. Only 38% of grads from the class of 2016 obtained FT, LT, bar passage required jobs. 5% of the class obtained jobs with firms of 101+ attorneys/Federal Clerkships. 17% of grads were unemployed 10 months after graduation. 10% of the class was unaccounted for! Those students must have been too busy working as attorneys, raking in six figure salaries, to update their school on their employment.

      Compare those pitiful stats to the rest of the population. As of March 2017, when the school reported the employment stats, the unemployment rate in Florida was 4.8%. Nationally, the April 2017 unemployment rate of African Americans was 7.9% and the white unemployment rate was 3.8%. So even after accounting for the employment discrimination that minorities face, this awful law school churned out grads that were over 2x more likely to be unemployed.

      Despite these pitiful results, the total cost of attendance per year is over $41,000. Lemmings will still attend this fall.

    2. That's the cost of attending for a resident of Florida. Others pay $61k per year.

      Incidentally, 80% of the students pay full price, and most of the rest get only tiny discounts of a few thousand dollars.

  9. There are too many law skools in Florida. And they're all shit.


    On May 2, 2017, the Tallahassee Democrat published a Byron Dobson piece that was entitled "FAMU College of Law dean out." Enjoy this segment below:

    "Angela Feleccia Epps, dean of the FAMU College of Law since January 2016, was relieved of her duties Tuesday, making her the fourth dean replaced in two days.

    LeRoy Pernell, who served as dean of the Orlando-based school from 2008 until stepping down in 2015 to teach, was named interim dean by Provost Rodner Wright.

    Wright met with faculty during an afternoon meeting.

    The university released a statement late Tuesday confirming Wright’s action. Neither Epps or Pernell returned requests for interviews.

    On Monday, Wright removed deans Ann Kimbrough of the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication, Michael Thompson in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Traki L. Taylor, College of Education.

    The former deans will retain their status as tenured professors, according to Wright.

    “This week, I will continue to meet with faculty as we review our academic programs,” he said. “Interim deans are also meeting with stakeholders and students to discuss next steps as the university works to ensure that all academic units are aligned with our strategic priorities.”

    There are 14 deans of colleges or schools at FAMU.

    Epps was named dean by former provost Marcella David, who was forced out of her position last fall after trustees named Robinson to replace Elmira Mangum. David is now on the law school faculty."

    Waterheads will continue to apply to - and enroll in - this pile of excrement. Apparently, they feel that they will do better than those who finish in the bottom half of their class at MUCH higher-ranked schools such as Duke, Cornell, Minnesota, Boston College, etc. Don't feel too bad for these TTTT dunces when they are cleaning up the diaper spill as employees of Costco.

  11. If there's any justice in the universe, then this (now-former) dean will end up right alongside any former students in document review or retail or the like. The last I heard, Biglaw firms weren't exactly ready and waiting to snatch up any law profs.

  12. This school serves no purpose. Most grads end up worse than they were before getting a law degree. Close this shithole.

  13. (To the tune of Mainline Florida, performed by Eric Clapton, written by George Terry)

    My wallet’s empty in the sun;
    My friends all say I’m not the only one.
    Let me get this one thing very clear:
    There ain't enough going on down here.

    Florida A&M – no way.
    Florida A&M – go away!

    Her bank account is open, open wide;
    Her invitation's a changing tide.
    I could remember not long ago;
    I had a future, oh no!

    Florida A&M – no way.
    Florida A&M – go away!

  14. In other news about Law Deans, Cincinnati College of Law Dean Jennifer Bard just won the lottery and settled with the law school. She will resign as dean, go on paid sabbatical for 2 years while earning $300k/year, and return as a tenured professor of law and medicine (she has PhD and an MPH).

    Lemmings take note, Bard is a graduate of an elite law school – Yale. Notice how TT toilet law schools despise their grads and have no interest in hiring them to work as professors or administrators. Take a look at who Bard hired to represent her. The lead attorney on her case was Marjorie Berman, an attorney at New York law firm Krantz & Berman, and a graduate of Brown and Columbia law. Did you really think Bard would put her future in the hands of a Cincinnati grad? Bard did hire a token Cincinnati grad to assist on the case. She hired R. Gary Winters, a 1976 grad.

    This toilet has not published job results for the class of 2016. But the class of 2015 had a 10% unemployment rate 10 months after graduation. Only 61% of grads obtained a FT, LT, bar passage required job. 2 grads (making up just under 2% of grads) worked in nonprofessional jobs.

    To the future unemployed Cincinnati grads and grads who will be serving coffee at Starbucks, enjoy paying Bard’s exorbitant salary to sit on her ass the next two years.

    1. And to think, I was actually cheering for that check-cashing ***** of a dean.... they really are all just scum.


    Let’s check out the toilet’s admi$$ion$ “standards.” Courtesy of Law School Transparency:

    Fall 2016 entering class:

    25th percentile LSAT: 144
    50th percentile LSAT: 145
    75th percentile LSAT: 148
    25th percentile UGPA: 2.76
    50th percentile UGPA: 3.04
    75th percentile UGPA: 3.32

    Keep in mind that you can major in Political “Science,” History, Philosophy and other soft subjects – and bump up your grade point average. Yet, this is still the best that these students can do, prior to coming to FOURTH TIER TRASH CAN Florida AgriculTTTTural and Mechanical Univer$iTTTTy Commode of Law! What a bunch of award winners, huh?!

    Employment Score for 2015 Grads: 34.7%
    Under-Employment Score for 2015 Grads: 27.9%
    2015 Bar Passage Rate: 66.4%
    Non-Discounted Cost, 2017 Start: $147,411

    Still want to take the TTTT plunge, Dumbass?!?! Hell, you would be better off taking or borrowing $147K – and betting it all on red at a roulette table in Vegas. Remember, student debt is NON-DISCHARGEABLE. Even if you foolishly acquired the money from a bookie and you can’t pay him back, at least you will not be trapped in financial hell for the next 25-30 years or longer.

    FAMU Commode of Law is so terrible, it cannot manage to be ranked in the “top 149” schools in the entire damn country! Frankly, a young child who manages to collect the full eight-piece set of Nintendo-themed Happy Meal toys from McDonald’s should consider that a bigger accomplishment than an idiot who obtains a law degree from this cesspit.

    1. A 144 or worse and a B– in underwater basketweaving. Obviously the stuff of which great jurists are made.

    2. I was a political science major... It isn't a real major. It is a shit major that you shouldn't pick, but even ass hat Poli Sci majors can hit 155 without trying. The 140's must be coming from Gender Studies, Education, and Hospitality Studies programs...

  16. The silly Charlotte Law School lemmings who chose to stay at the school this semester are getting crapped on again by the school. The Federal government never dispersed student loans and the end of the semester is fast approaching. Infilaw is offering lemmings a 10 year, interest free loan to cover tuition. If the lemmings take the loan, they get to receive their worthless degree/course credit. Or, the lemmings can withdraw from the school and they will not receive their worthless degree/course credit. The lemmings have until tomorrow at 5 pm to decide. Infilaw is not shutting down the school, so these lemmings can’t have their loans discharged.

    What a prestigious school!

    1. I don't blame InfiLaw for demanding payment before issuing a (worthless) degree. Universities have been known to hold up transcripts because of $0.50 in unpaid fines at the library.

      Do not give the dipshits of Harlotte another goddamn penny in student loans.

  17. HBCUs give their students shit job prospects.


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