Tuesday, May 23, 2017

University of South Carolina Opens New $80 Million Law School Building; Dung Heap Still Ranked 88th Best by US “News” & World Report


Bottoms Up!: On May 20, 2017, the Charleston Post and Courier published a Mike Fitts article, entitled “University of South Carolina hopes new law school building woos students, boosts rankings.” Take a look at this opening:

“After almost two decades of waiting, the University of South Carolina School of Law is moving into an elegant new $80 million building that its dean hopes will be a boost in the competition to land the best and brightest. 

“We know it’s had an impact on faculty recruiting already,” Dean Robert Wilcox said last week. “We hope it will have a similar impact on recruiting students.”

Students will begin taking classes on the top floor of the three-story building this summer as the school moves out of its 1970s-era structure, which has only small windows and few spaces for the kind of collaborative learning that is a part of legal education today, Wilcox said.

How outdated was the old building? When originally built, it had no women’s bathrooms. 

The former law school, which will become undergraduate classrooms, likely was a hindrance in attracting top-quality students and likely hurt the college in nationally published rankings, Wilcox said. USC's law school is tied for 88th in U.S. News & World Report rankings and stands ninth out of the 12 Southeastern Conference colleges with law schools. 

“I’ve never known how many students didn’t come because of the old building. I’m quite certain that none came because of the old building,” said Wilcox, a Charleston native who graduated from the law school in 1981. “We have really sent the message that the school has arrived.” 

That arrival has taken years of fundraising and a long march to get the project launched. Planning began before the year 2000, but the money required to start construction was slow to come in, prompting some in the state’s legal community to worry about the school’s success and focus. 

“There was a concern that the building had become the mission of the school, which is not what you want,” Wilcox said.” [Emphasis mine]

What a pre$TTigiou$ “institution of higher education,” huh?!?! Wow, 88th greatest, most phenomenal law school in the entire damn country! What a remarkable accomplishment!! This tidy sum should surely boost the commode into the stratosphere of “legal education.” Hell, it could even end up as “high” as 69th or 73rd “best” law school in the country someday. 


Other Coverage: On May 16, 2017, The State featured an article from Avery G. Wilks, under the headline “USC unveils new $80 million law school.” Here is the full text of that piece:

“The University of South Carolina Tuesday unveiled its new, $80 million law school building – a swanky, 187,500-square-foot facility that occupies nearly an entire city block at Bull and Gervais streets.

The building is expected to help the USC School of Law recruit “top-flight” students and faculty, dean Robert Wilcox said. Wilcox also expects it to help with the law school’s No. 88 national ranking in the widely watched U.S. News and World Report rankings. 

“You don’t go up in a ranking just because you have a new building,” Wilcox said. “But you go up in a ranking if you can bring in the students you need and if you can do the research you need and if your academic program is good enough to really raise your reputation. 

“We have a feeling that as people come into the school – we host some conferences here and things – while the building doesn’t count directly into the numbers, it will have an impact on the reputation.” 

A few things to know about the law school’s new digs:

▪ The building features 17 classrooms, ranging in size from 20 to 95 seats, and two realistic courtrooms, including one that also can be used as a 300-seat auditorium. 
▪ The judge’s bench in the larger courtroom is the original heart-pine S.C. Supreme Court bench from the 1870s. 
▪ USC paid for the building with $20 million from the Legislature, $18 million in private donations and borrowing. 
▪ New students will begin to use the building for summer classes starting June 1.” [Emphasis mine]

Don’t confuse this cesspit with the 19th rated USC Gould College of Law, i.e. the one located in Los Angeles. And many of those grads go onto teach grade school! Anyone who thinks or believes that a shiny new law school building is going to attract “top flight” law students is a damn fool. If some college student in Columbia, South Carolina scores a 175 on the LSAT, he is going to attend a real law school – not the local toilet. Also, I don't care if that bench was hand crafted by Roger B. Taney - and used by Jefferson Davis!

By the way, how many new urinals and commodes does the new building contain? That is important since that will give the best reflection of the prevailing job market for University of South Carolina JDs. Also, it is sickening that the bitches and hags had to get $20 million of the loot from state taxpayers. Then again, politicians and “educators” have never lost a wink of sleep spending an ass-load of other people’s money – on stupid projects!

Conclusion: The Univer$iTTy of SouTTh Carolina Sewer of Law is still a middling trash pit. Being rated as the co-88th best law school is the equivalent of being a beauty show contestant with the most feminine hands. No one gives a damn. You are dealing with college graduates, i.e. people who should have a modicum of intelligence. Yet, the dean of this pile of manure, Cockroach Robert Wilcox, is acting as though he is trying to recruit to high school football players who want to don 13 different uniforms during the course of the season. In the end, pretty much all schools are engaged in the “higher education” arms race. You dolts put $80 million into a new building, as opposed to a significant scholarship fund for students. Other schools are doing the same thing. But you anticipate an influx of pupils who are smart enough to get into Ivy League law schools, right?!?!


  1. "The building features 17 classrooms, ranging in size from 20 to 95 seats, and two realistic courtrooms, including one that also can be used as a 300-seat auditorium."

    Where the hell is the lazy river? If you want to attack the cream of the lemming crop, you need a god damned lazy river!

  2. Confederate-flag-humping dipshit state South Carolina doesn't need a law school at all, still less one with a new $80M monument to vanity. The U of Virginia and Duke are quite enough law schools for the entire Southeast. At the most, maybe keep Vanderbilt and one each in Florida and Texas. That's it. None in South Caro-fucking-lina. None in Mississippi. None in Arkansas. And certainly don't pour public funds down the rathole of maintaining or expanding a Tier 5 law school in one of those places.

  3. It's telling that businesses are moving away from brick and mortar, yet colleges still push these expensive Taj Mahal projects as desirable.

    No wonder tuition grows at double the rate of inflation!

    1. The emperor has no clothes, but he has a fancy palace to pretend that he merits the slightest bit of respect.

  4. Throwaway AttorneyMay 23, 2017 at 6:01 PM

    Yep. Nothing polishes a turd quite like a brand new facility to teach methods and subject matter the same way they taught it 100 years ago.

  5. Come on !!!

    Top 100 law school... need I say more ???

    Nando ... in all fairness ????

    1. Hey troll at 6:16, we've missed you the last couple weeks. Now that finals are over and you have the summer off, you can enlighten us with more of your silly comments.

    2. Unless the shitling is busy studying for the bar'zam.

  6. 88th best=shit

  7. Trumps budget will drastically limit income based payments and public service forgiveness. One more year to get into law school, then enrollments will further plumet

  8. http://www.nationaljurist.com/prelaw/new-law-school-building-opens-u-south-carolina

    On May 17, 2017, the NaTTTional Juri$TTT published a Katie Thisdell piece entitled “New law school building opens at U. of South Carolina.” Here is the full text:

    “The University of South Carolina School of Law is closing out the academic year by moving into a new $80 million building.

    The 187,500-square-foot building will open for summer classes on May 30, and it will be dedicated in September — just in time for the school’s 150th anniversary.

    The three-story building features 17 classrooms that range in size from 20 to 95 seats. Tiered classrooms feature two rows on each level so that student can collaborate on class projects. There are two dedicated courtrooms, and the 300-seat Karen J. Williams Courtroom serves as a large classroom and an auditorium for law school and university events.

    Student service offices, a bookstore, a cafe and a student commons area for conversation and collaboration are located on the first level, adjacent to the courtyard.

    Classrooms are all located in one wing, while another wing you’ll find the law library, which features modern compact shelving in a partial basement to maximize upstairs space for quiet study. A large reading room with adjacent patio overlooks a large central courtyard.

    The building is projected to earn Silver LEED certification for its design, construction, operations and maintenance. There’s widespread natural light throughout the building and design features that limit unwanted solar heating. All classrooms have translucent and blackout shades, and LED lights adjust automatically as natural light changes.

    Classrooms range in size and configuration, providing lots of flexibility for different styles of teaching and group study needs. Classrooms and courtrooms are outfitted with sophisticated technology for instruction and student use, and video display boards are located throughout the building.”

    Cool summary, dumbass. Now, the ABA-accredited commode can hire many of its recent grads as baristas in the campus café. Also, who cares if the new building wins some meaningless certification? You can pack those accolades up your ass, pigs. Will that lead to more of your students and JDs landing decent legal jobs upon earning their TT law degree?! When these debt-strapped dolts apply for jobs, hiring managers are NOT going to ask you about the new building or LED lighting. Hell, if they do, then that is a bad sign. After all, that would mean they are just trying to make conversation.

  9. $80 million buys a lot of turd polish.

  10. Top flight law students? What, is Maverick or Goose gonna sign up to this skool?

    1. Highway to the Danger Zone!

  11. Fuck you motherfuckers. I'm starting here in the Fall. And I'm gonna knock it out of the park. I don't care if I have to take out $200k to be a lawyer. I'll be driving a Benz and wearing Armani while you guys are just blogging. Fuck y'all.

    1. You are probably a troll. But if not, congrats on getting into USC law (the other USC, not the higher ranked school in California). You are part of the elite 58% of applicants who were able to get accepted into that “prestigious” school.

      Judging from the statistics, you made a poor decision to enter an elitist profession in decline, glutted with toilet law grads desperate for work. According to the BEA, the real GDP of the legal services industry has declined 1.2% since 1998. But between 1998 and 2016, according to the ABA, the number of active attorneys increased 33%. Good luck competing with a lot more attorneys in the face of declining demand for your services.

      Don’t believe that the problems in the legal industry are simply do to globalization, or are due to some type of broader macroeconomic trend impacting all workers. Since 1998, the U.S. economy grew 44.6%. There are plenty of industries that are growing and paying good salaries. If you are looking to get rich, you probably should have gone into computer programing. That industry grew 221.4% since 1998. Computer engineers are making six figure salaries. Or you should have become a doctor, PA, nurse practitioner, or pharmacist. The healthcare industry grew 61.2% since 1998. Family practice doctors and internists, some of the lowest paid physicians, earn more than big law associates. And those doctors are working far less hours and don’t have to worry about the up or out system of big law firms.

      The problem you face with your toilet law degree, is that you don’t have the skills that consumers and employers are looking for in this growing economy. Your fellow South Carolina law students aren’t exactly in demand right now. 8.3% of South Carolina law grads from the class of 2016 were unemployed as of March. One grad was working in a non-professional job, probably at Starbucks. Only 68.4% of grads managed to get FT, LT, bar passage required jobs. Many of those jobs were in shit law (where you are most likely headed coming out of a low ranked toilet like South Carolina).

      If you think you are different, PLEASE tell us how you are better than everyone else. Writing a comment on this blog takes 5 minutes. During law school, come back each week and tell us how your first year is going. In three years, come back and tell us about the amazing legal job you get. My guess is we will never hear from you when you end up without a legal job like many of the other toilet law grads. I would love to hear from you.

    2. This troll has great timing! 88% of law firm leaders report their firms have chronically underperforming lawyers. When asked why, they responded "decreasing demand for legal services is endemic in the profession." This troll bragging about attending a toilet law school is like that loser still all decked out in Abercrombie and Fitch clothes. Both were cool 15 years ago. Now they are ridiculed and going out of business.


    3. Keep allied health care jobs, particularly pharmacy, off teh list. Pharmacy and NP, PA have seen a 100 percent increase in school openings. We are only a few years behind lawyers.

  12. http://www.thestate.com/news/local/education/article13890575.html

    “Back on September 26, 2014, The State featured an article from Andrew Shain, under the headline "New law school signals shift in USC’s construction plans." Enjoy this opening:

    "The University of South Carolina broke ground Friday on a new $80 million law school building, a move that will clear the way for a cascade of renovation projects at the state’s flagship university.

    The new building also will mark the end of an era. After spending more than $600 million on new construction, USC now plans to focus on renovations, rather than new buildings.

    The start of the law school’s construction comes on the heels of the opening of the $106.5 million Darla Moore School of Business building, the most expensive construction project in the university’s history.

    Those two new projects signal “we require quality in all that we do,” said USC president Harris Pastides, who has overseen a boom in academic, housing and athletics construction since becoming the school’s leader in 2008.

    The new buildings are showpieces on Columbia’s two main thoroughfares, Assembly and Gervais streets, on the western and northern edges of USC’s campus.

    But now, USC will shift to renovations, instead of new buildings. “We’re probably going to focus on taking care of what we have for awhile,” Pastides said after the law school ground-breaking.

    ‘Done in my lifetime’

    Influential alums were relieved the law school finally got its turn in the campus makeover.

    Efforts to raise money for a new USC law school started in 1998, and continued through four deans and three university presidents.

    “I want to get this thing done in my lifetime,” U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, a USC law school alum, joked during his speech at Friday’s ceremony.

    The building will be worth the wait when it opens in 2017, Pastides and USC law school dean Robert Wilcox said."

    Isn't it nice that this public univer$ity had $600 million to spend on construction and renovations? But the "higher education" pigs care about their students, right?!?! In the end, enrolling asses in college is BIG business in this country – for the schools. They could care less whether large portions of their graduating classes end up punching movie tickets, pumping gas, or working in call centers for a living.

  13. Just graduated from this school. Chose it because of scholarship and proximity to family. Top 20-30% of class ended up with good jobs - myself included (700 + firm). The rest have a mix of state clerkships and local government/smaller law positions. If you want to practice in south carolina, it is a pretty decent option. Should I have tried to raise the lsat a few points and tried for Duke/vandy? Maybe. But hey, I was pleasantly surprised with employment and I have little debt.

    1. Good for you, but you are the exception to the rule. Then again, perhaps you are a senator's nephew - or you have some family money.


      "2016 GRADUATES: 193

      Large Firm 7.8%
      Small Firm 16.1%
      Federal Clerkship 3.6%
      Public Service 15%"

      Also, according to Law School Transparency, the commode had a 68.4% employment score for the Class of 2016 - and the under-employment score was 20.7% for 2015 grads.

      If you just graduated from this public toilet, then here are the incoming numbers for your cohort:

      Fall 2014

      25th percentile LSAT: 152
      50th percentile LSAT: 155
      75th percentile LSAT: 157
      25th percentile UGPA: 2.95
      25th percentile UGPA: 3.23 75th percentile UGPA: 3.54


      Those numbers are weak. So you can see why Biglaw firms are not too keen on hiring from such a group. If you did land such a job, then that is great. But don't act as if the top 20% or 30% of your class landed similar positions. The facts I cited above do not support your claim.


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