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Fifth Tier Trash Pit Charlotte School of Law May Lose License to Operate Within North Carolina

Beautiful News!: On June 21, 2017, the News & Observer published a Jane Stancill article, entitled “The clock is ticking for Charlotte School of Law to prove it’s financially stable.” This excerpt should make your day a little brighter, your morning commute smoother, and your breakfast a bit more savory:

“The Charlotte School of Law has until early August to prove its financial stability or face revocation of its license to operate in North Carolina. 

A committee of the UNC Board of Governors, acting on behalf of the full board, voted Wednesday to severely restrict the school’s activities as it seeks to survive long enough to graduate its remaining 100 students.

The action Wednesday gives the for-profit school a limited amount of time to prove that it’s stable. The conditions must be met or Charlotte School of Law’s license would automatically be revoked, and it would cease operations in the state. 

The law school, already on probation by the American Bar Association, cannot admit new students and must present evidence to UNC by Aug. 1 that it is in compliance with state licensure standards. It must have a sufficient tuition guaranty bond, which would refund students’ prepaid tuition if the school went out of business. And by Aug. 10, the school must obtain permission from the ABA to “teach out” its remaining students and a decision by the U.S. Department of Education to allow the students access to financial aid.

The school’s president, Chidi Ogene, who was present at the committee’s meeting in Chapel Hill on Wednesday, declined to comment. 

The school’s officials have told UNC’s General Administration that it has a remedial plan to continue operations and restructure its debt. They are seeking re-certification from the Department of Education so that the school’s students can participate in the federal loan program. The school has 11 first-year students, 55 second-year students and 34 third-year students. In addition, 73 students have taken a leave of absence, meaning they are no longer enrolled but haven’t officially withdrawn.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, that is a truly vibrant law school, huh?!?! Simply put, if the commode cannot admit new idiots, then it is in serious trouble. Also, notice that the cockroaches must get the ABA’s permission to teach out the remaining simpletons.

Other Coverage: On June 22, 2017, Staci Zaretski posted an ATL entry labeled “Much Maligned Law School In Very Serious Danger Of Losing Its License To Operate.” Enjoy this stellar opening sequence:

“Last month, we reported that the University of North Carolina’s Board of Governors had decided to review whether or not the Charlotte School of Law would be able to retain its license to operate within the state. Earlier this week, the Board of Governors met to determine the law school’s fate, and the result may sound the death knell for the embattled school. 

The school, which is already on probation with the American Bar Association, must now deal with severe restrictions as it attempts to prove that it’s stable enough to continue operations. The News & Observer has additional details: 

The law school … cannot admit new students and must present evidence to UNC by Aug. 1 that it is in compliance with state licensure standards. It must have a sufficient tuition guaranty bond, which would refund students’ prepaid tuition if the school went out of business. And by Aug. 10, the school must obtain permission from the ABA to “teach out” its remaining students and a decision by the U.S. Department of Education to allow the students access to financial aid. 

If Charlotte Law does not meet these conditions, its license to operate will automatically be revoked. (For what it’s worth, Charlotte isn’t the only InfiLaw school that’s been ordered to post a surety bond for its students financial safety. Last month, the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education required Arizona Summit Law to do the same, to the tune of $1.5 million.) 

Charlotte Law currently has 100 students — 11 1Ls, 55 2Ls, and 34 3Ls — who currently do not have access to the federal loan program. As noted in the News & Observer, many of those students want to complete their degrees at the school because they “don’t have other options.” 

Joe Knott, a UNC board member who had reservations about the school’s continued operation, said what is perhaps the most appropriate thing that’s ever been said about a law school that’s in such big trouble: “I’m wondering, from all that I’ve heard about this school, is allowing the students to remain in such a school actually doing them any favors? Would it not be better for them to stop this endeavor and find an educational opportunity at a better school?” [Emphasis mine]

Anyone dumb enough to even consider this dung pile – let alone submit an application to it – ought to be stomped in the nuts until they puke. This is the worse than borrowing an ass-load of money, and wasting it on things you don’t need. Hell, at least in that scenario, you can walk away from the loan. Plus, you would not be pissing away three of your income-earning years, sitting in a classroom learning mindless junk

Conclusion: In the last analysis, CharloTTTTTe Sewer of Law is a rancid, vile, filthy garbage pit that preys on the mentally weak fools who enroll there. It is operated by sick academic pigs, and owned by a Chicago private equity firm, Sterling Partners. Why in the hell would anyone choose to apply to such a stink pit?! Does it make sense to pay $42,320 in annual tuition to attend this FIFTH TIER PILE OF EXCREMENT? Do you think – for one microsecond - that law firms, government agencies, or non-law employers will want to hire you, Stupid?!?! With that in mind, how do you plan to repay $160K+ in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt, waterhead?!


  1. Why don't the rest of State govts wise up and realize that these dump law schools are about as useful to have as melanoma!

    1. If you had a choice between melanoma and borrowing $200k+ to attend a toilet law school, melanoma may be the better option.

      Among all people with melanoma, the 5-year survival is 92%. When melanoma is surgically excised before any metastases spread to the lymph nodes or other sites, the 5 year survival is over 98%. Even in patients with metastatic melanoma, the drug vemurafenib has been shown to be effective in treating tumors with a common mutation.

      Compare that to the risks of becoming a toilet law grad. Remember, you don’t just destroy your fiscal health by going into $200k+ debt. You are also at significant risk of mental health problems. According to the study by Krill and Johnson, The Prevalence of Substance Use and Other Mental Health Concerns Among American Attorneys, published in the Journal of Addition Medicine last February, lawyers were significantly more likely to abuse alcohol and suffer mental health distress. 20.6% of lawyers have a drinking problem, compared to 11.8% of other highly educated workers. The highest rates of problematic drinking were found in attorneys with less than 10 years of practice (28.9%). That number is not surprising given the poor job prospects for lawyers, poor pay, and exorbitant cost of law school. 28% of attorneys reported depression, 19% reported anxiety, and 23% reported significant stress. CNN had an article a few years ago about the high rates of suicide in the legal profession.

      A doctor can excise melanoma, but they can’t eliminate non-dischargeable student loan debt and quickly treat your addiction and depression. Sadly, tens of thousands of lemmings will ignore all of the warnings and enroll at toilet law schools this fall.

  2. The $160k figure is much too low.

    According to Charlotte Law School, FT cost of attendance is:
    Tuition $42,320
    Fees $1,880
    SBA Dues $84
    Matriculation Fee $88
    Room and Board $12,150
    Travel $4,320
    Books/Supplies $2,400
    Miscellaneous $6,400
    TOTAL $69,642

    Continuing students do not have to pay the matriculation fee. Their total yearly cost is $69,554. So the total 3 year cost of attendance is $208,750.

    According to the student loan calculator, using the default settings, a graduate would have to pay $2,402 per month to repay the loan in 10 years. The graduate would need an annual salary of $288,276 to be able to afford to repay this loan.

    Under a 20 year payment plan, the graduate would owe $1,593 per month. The graduate would need an annual salary of $191,216 to be able to afford to repay this loan.

    Most Charlotte grads failed to obtain any type of meaningful employment. According to the Charlotte Law School ABA required disclosures, 121 out of 340 grads (36%) from the class of 2016 were unemployed as of March. 92 out of 340 grads (27%) only managed to obtain a short term or part time job. Most of these grads will never repay their student loan debt, which will result in a loss to the Federal government.

    1. Thanks for the calculations and analysis. Those salaries are unrealistic for fresh graduates of Harvard and Yale, let alone Harlotte.

      When Harvard and Yale are unaffordable, Harlotte and its ilk cannot make a damn bit of sense.

  3. States probably like having these schools thinking it provides income to the local area. Problem is most of the student loan monies not going to school goes to rent. And a few bucks go to local cheap sandwich and Chinese takeout places. Maybe an occasional matinee. Or more likely a Redbox rental. Big whoop. And when the JDs can't find paid work, how does that help the local economy?

  4. No, allowing students to stay there isn't doing them any favors. I'm glad some states are taking a paternalistic approach rather than let the snowflakes throw their life away. Eff the ABA.

  5. Some of these schools are just shit. It wouldn't be worth one dollar of debt to attend dozens of these mills.

  6. In a sane world, news like this would have effectively closed this crap law school. But no, Charlotte Law is providing American society a huge service in achieving a diverse graduate school experience. Without the state's blessing, and generous federally backed student loan money, johnny snowflake would never be able to get to be a famous lawyer like those guys on TV.

    Wouldn't surprise me if they could get 100 snowflakes enrolled in spite of this kind of news.

    1. A few months ago the Scam-Dean stated they were still receiving plenty of applications to the school. This was after the ABA probation and the Dept of Ed pulled funding. 100 is low-balling enrollment.

  7. I love this blog even though I didn't go to law school. But--no fault of yours, Nando--it's getting to be the same story over and over again: Too many law schools; too many idiots attending crappy law schools; too few bad law schools getting closed down; even more crappy law schools get built...

    An analogy to this situation that comes to mind is telemarketing. Have you ever wondered why telemarketers even exist? They exist because for every thousand hang-ups, there is some idiot who whips out a credit card or bank account routing number and hands over money to these people.

    So it is with these law schools. These organizations are a menace to American society. Nobody with any intelligence would waste 3 years and incur $150K in debt for a worthless degree. But maybe for every ten thousand college students who look into going to law school and decide otherwise, a handful will be drawn in by a flashy website or a glossy brochure, and decide that attending one of these cesspits is an avenue to wealth and prestige.

    I thought of another analogy to the legal profession in general: Cheerleading. At the high school I attended we had maybe eight varsity cheerleaders. They had tryouts to weed out the ones who were not athletic enough, then the eight were selected by a vote of the student body. So, if you met a person in college and she/he said, "I was a cheerleader in high school," it meant that person was probably popular, athletic, and attractive.

    No longer. Go to a high school football game in the south and each school will have like, twenty cheerleaders on the sidelines: fat ones, clumsy ones, ugly ones. Overweight? You can be a cheerleader. mentally challenged? You can be a cheerleader, too. Ugly? Yup. After all, we need for cheerleading to be more "diverse" and the cheerleading squad should reflect the makeup of the whole student body. Everybody gets to be a cheerleader now. It's a product of the "everybody gets a trophy" mentality of the past 1-2 generations.

    Likewise, it used to be that if you said "I've been accepted to law school" at a college party, there was a good chance you'd be getting your knob polished by some attractive sorority chick that very night. Not anymore. Whenever I hear a coworker or an acquaintance proudly pronounce that his or her son or daughter plans to go to law school, I cringe.

    1. Yes, it's the same old story. I agree. I've been writing less on the subject because there's just not much more to say.

  8. Even if this place closes up shop, won't another shithole just takes its place?

    1. Maybe, but hopefully it will be harder, and there will fewer investors wanting to take the plunge. They want easy money, not losing propositions...

  9. Chidi Ogene,

    Looks like the $50,000 you spent on lobbyists from the Podesta group to convince Trump to let you back into the student loan program is not working out too well. Chidi, Chidi, Chidi, you fool. That is chump change in politics. Politicians are paid millions to deregulate Wall Street and allow them to defraud investors. They are paid millions by oil companies to deny climate change. Politicians are paid millions by the defense industry, so the government will spend billions on more Abrams tanks and F-22 stealth fighters, even though those weapons systems are worthless against the Taliban and other insurgent forces.

    It is obvious your broke ass school doesn’t have the kind of cash needed to convince the politicians to let you back into the student loan program and let you keep your license. If you want the Trump administration and the North Carolina tea baggers to save Charlotte Law Sewer, it’s time to sell out worse than Fox News’ Sean Vannity. As the worst toilet law school in the country, what do you have to lose?

    It’s time to shamelessly host an extravagant faculty and staff event at a Trump Hotel. Adopt Pepe the Frog as the official mascot of Charlotte Law Sewer. Make the school law review the official law review of the Alt Right. The tea bag North Carolina legislators have Larry Craig - Dennis Hastert bathroom fantasies. So they have to project their shameful fantasies on transgendered people. Charlotte could get noticed by these tea baggers with an Alt Right symposium on bathroom bans. Hell, maybe when a North Carolina tea bag legislator taps your foot in the bathroom, you just might have to let them break your behymen.


    Back on May 12, 2017, the New York Times DealBook published an Elizabeth Olson piece that was entitled "For-Profit Charlotte Law School Is Subject of North Carolina Inquiry." Enjoy the excerpt below:

    "As it battles to stay open, Charlotte School of Law is blaming its problems on the federal government, the law school accreditation body and disgruntled former students who have sued the school.

    Now, the for-profit school in North Carolina faces a fresh challenge in the form of a civil investigation opened by the state attorney general’s office.

    “We are looking into whether students were able to make decisions about attending the school with the full information they needed,” Josh Stein, the attorney general, said in a phone interview. “This affects a lot of students and involves a lot of money. Students had an average of $50,000 in loans a year.”

    About 700 students were enrolled at the law school as of last fall, and from the fall of 2010 to the spring of 2016, the school received $337.1 million in federal student loans for tuition and student living expenses, according to Law School Transparency, a nonprofit that tracks data about the nation’s law schools.

    Enrollment plunged, however, after the American Bar Association’s accreditors placed the school on probation in November. A short time later, the federal Education Department cut off loans to current students because, it said, the school had made “substantial misrepresentations” to students about its compliance with accreditation standards."

    Look at the total enrollment of the commode now. I wonder how many "law professors" have been bought out or moved onto other schools since their problems began. Keep in mind that the pigs never concern themselves with the fact that MANY of their graduates - each year - end up unemployed or taking garbage positions. After all, "All we do is provide an education." Good luck doing so now, bitches.

    1. Of course. It has nothing to do with scalping naïve students for federal loan dollars and selling them down the river.

      It's the gubmint's fault...! Wait, it's the ABA's fault...! No, it's our crappy alumni's fault...! Uh, it's the bar exam's fault...! Er, it's the diversity-hater's fault...!

  11. Whether or not to attend lol school is simply a question of cost-benefit analysis now. A T-6? Sure. A T-14 without excessive debt? Sure. Anything below that for free? OK.

    Other than that, and barring quality contacts and connections, get the hell out if your First Year grades fall outside the top 10%. You will be stuck in sh!tlaw with few other options if you continue with sub-par grades, likely soloing. Beware. It's a big decision nowadays, and old Boomers who still push this option to Loser Liberal Artists with no sense of direction do them no service! Think hard kids whether you really can tolerate being a solo attorney.

  12. All of the Infilaw schools are shit. Thing is they were considering buying up Charleston Law School just a couple years ago. How times have changed.

  13. Another non for profit Law School disgracing the good AAMPLE name.

    Reminisce with me for a minute:

    Remember the good old days, its summer time, and have to wake up to catch the 8am class for negotiable instruments. Then after lunch time have to catch Crim Pro. class, making sure not to be late.

    True story ( there was this blond chick with huge boobs that always arrived late to crim pro. She entered the room and all the heads would turn (show time)... She did this so often she earned the nickname "boobs". Who said law school was boring?????

    Then 3 years fly by graduate with JD pass the bar (thanks to Bar/Bri) and career services actually helped you find a job.

    In all fairness, my bar passage stat and a couple of other AAMPLE associates helped push up the schools bar pass rate... First time pass!

    Played the field a little and then settled down and started a family all while never having to worry about loan repayments.

    Moral of the story..... do not let student loans stand in the way of your dreams.

    If the market conditions change you must be flexible and change with it.

    - out hustle the competition
    - make connections
    - use carrier services / oci

    Aim high!

    1. You go, team AAMPLE!!! $50 court appearances and $200 DWI defense....yep. Out hustle the competition and be a debt peon the rest of your adult life.

    2. * Make the Smart Moves, not the Dumb Moves
      * Do not Think Negative Thoughts, You will kill the Success Fairy
      * Decide to be a Winner, not a Loser

      I have a three part plan for success.

      1. Wish It
      2. Plan it
      3. Get of your Ass and Just Do It

    3. I give AAMPLE troll credit – their inane comments are a good caricature of the modern toilet law school student.

      Read what former Charlotte Law School student Talece Hunter told Fox News Charlotte. Hunter said, “I always wanted to go to law school, it’s been a goal all of my life.” Hunter has spent $76,000 pursuing her goal so far. Hunter even knows about the struggles toilet law school students face when looking for work. Hunter said, “there are some firms that don’t want to work with Charlotte School of Law students, which they have an image and reputation, so it’s unfair but it’s what they have to do.” Hunter even recognizes the challenges of continuing law school at another school. She said, “because of their accreditation issues, most credits are not going to transfer. I will be a one out all over again, which means another year of school, another year of tuition.” Nevertheless, Hunter is undeterred! “I am not going to let me dream die, I am going to do whatever I have to do, but paying double rent and all is not financially sound.”

      The message from the law school scamblog movement has gotten out there. Fools like Hunter know all of the facts. But hey, they can’t let the dream die!

    4. Hunter, your goddamn life is not financially sound.


    Look at this commode's profile, from Law School Transparency:

    2016 Grads

    2016 Grads


    2012 1Ls
    LSAT 25th
    Very High
    LSAT 50th
    LSAT 75th
    10.5% of 2012 1Ls failed out


    Only a moron would even consider attending this dump. Fortunately for the law school pigs, there are plenty of waterheads in this country who feel that they will make it coming out of a TTTTT.

  15. Come on ....

    the LSAT does not make the lawyer!
    When was the last time you asked your lawyer his lsat score???

    Truth: LSAT, Grades, School, doesn't matter 10 years later....

    1. Might've been the case 20 years ago. But when 1/3 of JDs never broke into the field (and not just the dumbshits who failed the bar'zam) it does matter where they went to law school.

    2. It does in the sense that that LSAT determines where you go to school and what those crucial first experiences will be.

      Tell Sotomayor, Alito, those scores don't matter. Scalia made his views well known about hiring from crap schools.

      Sure, YOUR clients won't ask...but then, you'll be working in sh!tlaw!

  16. @ June 30, 2017 at 3:59 pm:

    Thanks for finding that report! Lemmings have the mental capacity of a dog that spends it days running into park cars with its face.

    On June 21, 2017, Charlotte Fox affiliate Channel 46 published a story from Brett Baldeck, under the headline "Future of Charlotte School of Law remains unclear, problems continue." Enjoy this comical opening:

    "The Charlotte School of Law campus in Uptown Charlotte is still operating under business as usual. In fact, school officials announced a new interim dean on Monday.

    A visit to the [school's] website shows a different story. As of now, [they] aren't accepting new students for the summer or fall semester.

    This comes after the school was placed on probation by the American Bar Association last year for reportedly not preparing students well enough to become lawyers.

    There are some firms that don't want to work with Charlotte School of Law students, which they have an image and reputation, so it's unfair but it's what they have to do," said Talece Hunter, a former student.

    For Talece Hunter, the Charlotte School of Law was her dream, because it was the only law school within the Queen City. That was especially important considering she had already purchased a home in this area.

    "I always wanted to go to law school, it's been a goal all of my life," said Hunter.

    But her dream, turned into a nightmare. The probation from the ABA and a loss of federal student aid forced her to leave.

    "I am very upset and frustrated mainly because financially it's killing me now." Hunter said. "I am $76,000 in the hole and because of their accreditation issues, most credits are not going to transfer. I will be a one out all over again, which means another year of school, another year of tuition," said Hunter.”

    In the final analysis, ABA diploma mills will continue to fleece the public – because there are PLENTY of cretins such as Talece Hunter. Lady, the reason “some law firms” don’t want to hire CharloTTTTTe Sewer of Law students is because the school’s reputation is lower than alligator piss. This was the case BEFORE the recent problems with the ABA and losing access to federal student loans.

    Old Guy recently reminded me of the housecat that obtained an MBA through something called Trinity Southern University. Hell, that cat would have been embarrassed to be enrolled at CharloTTTTe SOL. Yet, Talece Hunter is willing to start law school all over again at another trash pit. Fool, you already owe $76K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt for your “legal education.” Hell, you admit that your choice is financially killing you already, Stupid! You already achieved your “lifelong goal” of going to law school. Apparently, that is more important to you than actually becoming an attorney with a paying clientele.

    1. —— There are some firms that don't want to work with Charlotte School of Law students, which they have an image and reputation, so it's unfair but it's what they have to do.

      Talece Hunter should study English before studying law. Her "sentence" makes no sense.

      Face it, Ms. Hunter: you're an idiot. Where is your jive ass going to enroll? At Valpo? Thomas Jefferson? Cooley?

      Someone from Indiana Tech has transferred to Valpo but will have to start from scratch. This may be the first time that a "transfer" student has received no academic credit at all. In this case, the Indiana Techoid must have stacked up some horrible grades. But of course his borrowed money was as good as any at Valpo Law $kule and Snake-Oil Emporium.


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